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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 23, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EST

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w. points with the whole impeachment thing but if you look at the whole rest of the united states everything else i think people are absolutely obsessed with it i think it's going to harden trump space that's that's without a doubt it's going to hard to trust base we saw that when you went to battle creek and did the rally. trying to even care about peace we talked a total of about 45 seconds about impeachment and the rest of the time he was typical trump and i think you're going to look at the independents who are going to say what is going on and he was in a rush to get this out and now she wants to stall and delay it. you know diminish the very interesting thing is here is that i mean from my perspective my opinion every single stratagem they've tried to use against this president and i'm not i'm not carrying water for trump here but every single stratagem they've used to tear this presidency down is only made him stronger now as alex christopher just said you know this rush to impeachment and. right there the line you back off i mean
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there is a possibility that those articles of impeachment may never be delivered to the senate and on top of that nancy pelosi watching the process in congress after all she's the speaker with jerry nadler and adam schiff how they played. their own very biased game nancy pelosi now wants to control the game in the senate that is that is unheard of and of course the senate isn't going to react well i think they're drunk himself also made mistakes which made these pathetic situation possible you know i tend to agree with stephanie cohen steven cohen who basically said they have . felt you know these russia gay do you agree again things directed against him see strategy was to appease them he surrounded himself by rules for forbes. sure you know vain hope that that will be there. when the democrats we know that there is
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a huge oh true liberal i do or we just standing behind it it's not just the us democrats it's by our to say it's my being and it's a lot of republicans these are people who basically do not believe in the united states as a separate country who believe in their you may get all the whole world on very very dangerous grounds but i think trump is right when he is saying this you know in his letter to pelosi 19 minutes after i took all of office the washington post said that i would be under investigation no after 3 years of unfair and warranted investigations 45 $1000000.00 spent 18 angry democrat prosecutors the entire force of the f.b.i. you can follow nothing nothing if they go back to alex and these men didn't. for years and this entire presidency the interesting thing here is that the
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articles themselves are very unclear they're very murky and they were get were given the situation where palosi and company want more after they've gone to impeaching him with articles now they want more time to investigate i mean this is completely upside down this is an investigation in search of a crime when it should have been a crime has been established and the trial should go forward i mean the american people aren't dumbfounded by this and i have to agree with you are very frustrated either you impeach or you don't but you can't do anything you can't do in what they're doing in between go ahead alex. yeah i mean the whole process was based on feelings wasn't it pierre i mean even the main witness sunderland the only evidence that you had in the whole process was trump telling him no quid pro quo that's a fact everything else was just based on feelings on assumptions and things like that ed now you have palosi saying ok based on these feelings we find you guilty
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but now we need to wait a little bit to find the evidence in order to justify our claim of guilt they are playing games no one likes games in any relationship nobody likes it when the other party plays games and nancy pelosi has taken this thing way too far and people are going to be very very upset and frustrated by it because she's simply playing games with the american public it's an except alex it's actually even worse because if you delve deeper into it not just the simple minded mainstream media it is it's it's unclear if trump actually is in p.h.p. cuz it hasn't moved to the senate i mean we really are in this never neverland right now and you can't that is a status quo that cannot remain i mean either you move forward or not this is what the mainstream media and therefore their democratic friends have told us you can't
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stop at the goal post even one of the lawyers that testified i forgot his name no i forgot the guy's name but he even said he even penned an op ed that said trump is not impeached until those articles are delivered to the senate and this guy was was testifying against trump you actually wanted trump impeached from the very beginning of his presidency so even he's saying nancy pelosi you gotta get the articles to the senate in order for this impeachment to stand but nancy pelosi is hinting that she's not going to do that she wants to keep this thing hanging over the head of trump the only thing that i can think of peter is the cherry on the cake for this complete clown. show is hillary clinton coming out and saying you know what i'm going to run for presidency that's going to be the cherry on top of this in a year 3 years ok i said in my introduction davis it would any other gee i think we just got the answer go ahead well i think that the most pathetic thing would be hillary clinton saying since draw is not
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a legitimate president and that's what he said no no no he's not not only is he not a legitimate president he's not legitimately put in p.j. ok. and consciously again make this out we're going to after 3 years of his rule she's suddenly found out that she were that he was not legitimate but this is all lawful you know and again i'm coming back to mistakes you know their year they have these people would somehow be pieced by forbes like the only heel james majors and john bolton their idea that they would be a beast was simply wrong because there is no limit there is absolutely no limit to their actions you know they can go to great lengths in making their i think your reality well i mean i mean the fact of the matter is if you look at the facts trump has been far more hard on russia than obama ever was. on ukraine than
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obama ever was let the weapons for their ukrainian regime something that i still didn't dare to do then just recently you know trump simply. sweeps company all seas to proceed with the north korean to project and this is against all rules because the united states could not order a swedish company and to cooperate on all corporate with a perfectly legitimate project and you know the americans have been saying that this is against ukraine russia has just signed an agreement we're hearing so it can no longer used as an excuse but these people they don't need excuses listen again trump is right in his letter. and he is 100 percent right here president's alaska is going to be that he declared that they did nothing wrong that it was a good forum call that nobody pushed me but they don't believe zelinsky their own man they believe they were all even a feeling that someone is growing intimidated to try to intimidate everyone alex
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let me go back to you nicosia at the end of the day this whole stratagem helps trump it helps him ok really what it does it closes the ranks of his base we have said on another venue on the on the duran then you know it brought out the best however you want to look at it the best of the g.o.p. and it's brought out the worst of the democrats and the media go ahead. yeah you saw that in the vote ok that the house stuck with trump 100 percent the senate's going to do the same maybe just maybe you have a romney type of situation one guy but i even doubt that's going to happen peter nancy pelosi wants bolton she wants more they need to be witnesses and all the stuff she thinks she did is just a try she doesn't run the try she has no right to do that let's let's see steel let's see chalupa hunter let's see hunter biden let's see brennan let's see clabber let's see hillary clinton let's see you debbie wassermann schultz let's see
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them all take take paul to you know what has people i want to see them maybe maybe you're you and i'll be the only one that would agree on this maybe nancy should hold on to those articles let's wait for the durham report to come out let's wait for that ok that would be a nice. ok because the way the pliant media is in backing the democrats they are only pushing one narrative the other narrative is the obama administration was deeply deeply corrupt and used the levers of power as political blackmail and smearing 40 seconds this was the 1st time for that 25 years i think that i felt myself a soviet person i was trying to find the text of. the american media and they couldn't i wanted to find a big article in the new york times which. like to hear a little bit more
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a lady in the hall is the only thing you need to know ok 22nd statement and so i think that shows you know you know when people have no access to information when the media dominated by the liberals is not providing even facts that people can use that smacks of the soviet union much more than russia today. in this day and age facts are not important it's how you feel and it's something. me here alex thank you for joining us on this part of the program very merry christmas and i'll be in touch if we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news stay with r.t. . seems wrong but. just don't. get to shape
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out to stay active. and engaged because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. brothers see below i believe the room light up and the sound
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a little. my name is drawn more than i was for this to die in prison by the exploration of love my life. take a stick grab some media attention and it's a shooting in a 16 year old's 16 birthday party so exciting the place is telling a lot of pressure channel close to kids. 40 is. just bunk it's like i couldn't believe those. me out so far they are all more than the sure don't want basically with the stench of all of this universe cuz i was standing right next to. me for is the sun you gotta keep in mind one thing doing this 1617 zone so. this could lose monday night was just plundering his fear them both of them tonight will pull
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through really. one more this close to. you gotta go slow know the truth. welcome back to cross talk we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle term. you were discussing some real news. and now to london where we're joined by marcus papadopoulos he's the editor of politics 1st magazine or idema let's talk about historical revisionism because it's something that's very very important to this country where we reside in russia here a lot of here putin had an informal gathering with members of the c.i.s. the eurasian touring you know they talked about he talked about historical revisionism particularly about how the west is changing the interpretation of the
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origins of the 2nd world war that's not a monday in topic it's very important to go ahead well i think there. of course the reaction to this speech by putin which continued for more than an hour the reaction will be negative in the well what did he say. well 1st i would say that they will say that he is course to starlin that he's interpretation is very much like the one that we've had in the soviet union and that simply is not true because fortune made every effort to rican sile. russia and the rest of europe he went to cutting it meeting you know the polish office where indeed the executive there on starting told us he went to investors. in 2000 night and 9 even though he knew the attitude of point to russia but he has lost patience in this situation because these resolutions by the european parliament on their need of preservation
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of historical memory for the future of europe which in fact which in fact puts on equal footing right now to germany and the soviet union and when these people talk about the soviet union they talk about russia they never say. it but they don't talk about other countries other than koreans and you know it's only a russian you wouldn't wouldn't would not. yes but if we go to market here i mean it's very very interesting. i look at the origins of the 2nd world war in europe as a failure of the western designed system security system collapsed in the most glaring example of that is munich but if you look at the historical record it wasn't just the soviet union and nazi germany that side to agreements we go back to 1934 germany in poland the u.k. in 1935 with the of the anglo german maritime agreement then we have munich itself then you have the franco german declaration. in 1938 i mean and it goes on a lot be it is well and then when we had munich when we saw czechoslovakia being
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carved up poland was a part of that partition as well and it's a very hungry as well this is such a myopic self-serving view of history instead of trying to understand why the system failed what they want to do is legitimize not taking responsibility for what happened go ahead marcus. peter let me clarify something 1st of all the commonwealth of independent states is a family all sorts are no peoples peoples who live in the same country so many centuries 1st of all the russian empire and then the soviet union and let's not forget that in march 90 knots you want a national referendum that's right now it is you in which 77 percent of the soviet people voted to preserve the union of soviet socialist republics and in the ukraine the figure was about 80 percent now it's turned into the historical revisionism in the west regarding the origins of quote will to what happens following will it will
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suit in my opinion page this is the most offensive aspects of the west's attack demonization of russia because as we know as any what less hostile brain notes on outsourced and lights an noticed it was the soviet union sacrifices that ensured guaranteed the defeat of nazi germany for at a fire german soldiers died fighting the red army 88 percent of total wartime casualties were incurred on the eastern front against the red army and the guard in the origins of while it was able peter you've already cited many references to to demonstrate very closely but there are other countries that play their very important go ned who got in the account in the non-aggression treaty between the soviet union in nazi germany well that was not
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a genuine pats of friendship and now there are signs yet col so i have a lot to give him to give him a free hand to deal with frost that was signed by starling to buy more time for the soviet union to prepare for an inevitable conflict with nazi germany now that is something that is not going to be told in the west and we have to remember it's a day. because to me it is again a superpower and this all has to be taken down by any means necessary it's not means holding it was. so big that means include sanctions on the roster economy sort of big but i can only say this is the greatest affronts of the soviet people well the west is doing at the moment well of course food you know you know came of the thing is that the way to the reason they can get away with this because you have the political leader stalin and you have an ideology communism
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easy from that for the west to demonize but if you step takes take a step back and look at the geopolitics of it all any entity at that time whatever political regime was in russia would have done more or less the same thing this is what states do to protect themselves ok it's not that you don't look at an interlocutor as a person as a country with virtue it's all about your own security here and this is why the west is romanticizing it and itself exactly it will matter size itself but it is a little bit when they do is they go through this process of dehumanization because of a system that they created with the soviet union was not allowed to be a participant of and it's their system that collapse they're the ones that destroyed czechoslovakia not the soviet union and not stone well there is a moral aspect to it all. i would remind our viewers that the soviet union itself
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in $1809.00 there was a special decision by the soviet bottom if we declare. it back to morrow and we deny the secret protocols to it so the soviet union had the moral and that raises that was in the new russia that was the soviet union under gorbachev you know but this was never to see progress. that unfortunately all of gorbachev concessions you know meeting there in. fact they were all view by the european union by the united states especially by war and ass science a weakness that needs to be used you know the all sort the pressure became greater with the russian concessions so in these talks you know basically all the cards on the table he's talking absolute is in syria he said what would happen to the jews in the east important if the soviet union did not take that part of the country in
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september 1031 they would share the fate of jules who stayed in warsaw that he said absolutely clear and putin said in his speech. you know when i see what is going on in certain countries of europe with 4 bit within a segment and other things that reminds me of something and he is right you know if you think these not only writing let me go back to marcus i mean i find this. so bizarre marcus because when you look at the you know it's go past the 2nd world war and the behavior of essentially nato member countries going traipsing around the world forcing regime change against international law illegal occupation illegal bombing and they want to go back to 939 and to make themselves look virtuous maybe that's exactly why they're doing it because they lack so much virtue on the international stage since then go ahead mark. and let us not forget as well
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pace us that in nearly 950 days following the creation of nato or this soviet union asked to be a member of nato and nato said or america said no now if we have a look in the mid 19th threats he's right up until the son of 19 for tonight is soviet leadership stalin so collect social security or france and britain but paris and london dismissed stalin's play for collective security why because they felt the red army was offensively in nets they also had this fear it's hysterical fear of communism it's firstly there are some sympathy specially within the british establishment towards nazi germany yep absolutely there is this this story created at last can barbarism could frighten western europe and let me say also peter and i can hear hysteria in our west minutes that we've all i'm about
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to say was the cardinal factor in the soviet union spicher of nazi germany it was the stalinist system why did the russian imperial army collapse in world to one because it did not have an industrial base capable of supporting it in world war 2 the red army had a massive industrial base that was able to sustain it and especially outstripped the output or to the german industrial ownership so that stalin ism which we can never forget the state since the start when he's in the early 19 thirties but the greatest test that some innocent was faced leave it at his it well i am god i'm glad you brought that up marcus because that's why we need to study history because it's far more complicated than most people want to admit or even understand that is a very interesting and very difficult not to untie but you're absolutely right you know demon i'm glad marcus brought up the summer. 939 because when you had the
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soviet union sending out feelers for some kind of. collective security with the west. you have a juxtaposition you have a have a british delegation they set off to go to moscow but they take a slow ship and they go through the baltic and the but the nazis were picked up he got on a plane and he flew there immediately stalin knew the soviets knew that they were no goodwill from the west and at the last 2nd they made a decision you could talk about the morality of it that's fine but the geo political political aspects of this very make sense well seconds from a moral point of view it should be admitted that almost all european countries between 10331941 corporator with nazi germany. was one of them one fortunately but it was not the one that won and the big lie now is that in the west
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we hear that it was all of the soviet union the ones who were clean no almost everyone with the exception possible exception of czechoslovakia and that's a huge lesson. because the western powers allowed it to be broken up against international law they were not supported sovereignty and that is the crisis of the interim national system that they bear responsibility for their demands all the time we have marcus thank you very much merry christmas to you we'll see you in the new year many thanks to my guests here in moscow and in london and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t.c. next time remember. the world is driven by.
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moderne thinks. we dare to ask. for the seal i do in the room light of. my limited role more than i was for it is to die in prison by the explosion love my life. take a stick grab some media attention i mean it's a shooting in a 16 year old's 16 birthday party. so i think the place to tell
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a lot of pressure channel close to kids. for me is i think just bunk it's like i couldn't believe those. me out so far they are all for them to sure don't want to speak with the stench of all of the issues because i will stay right next to. me for is the fun you got to keep in mind for the doings 1617 is old so. this could lose one to their lives as clung to his fear of them both the true noble who flew the loot. one loses close to. the other goldstone know the truth. welcome to max kaiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your pension
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account. yonks this is what happens to pensions in britain don't want to see you watch kaiser report. my name is suck. on the world social media office jack see what i don't see it's a. bit over there you know if you open up when you know we've got to get up and down 2 cars and you don't need to move because you don't know the speech and i use that down 6 to make it very very easy and also to make school on drugs used to people. who. know. who to call people who close because clubs do really he's trying to fit life a music that. i love to jazz because he makes me copy i
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love he does because he makes me and stopped playing with him for. and when you go to church. even beyond i said because the cost is spot on fox who loves you daryn. i think. that i doubt. that we'll see us until. she was. able to get. this was.
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a and. russia says the new swathes of u.s. sanctions targeting the north pipeline to germany is humiliating thing but adds there's no doubt the project will be completed. woman dies waiting hours for an ambulance the state of britain's national health service is brought into sharp focus. about the crisis in the n.h.s. . it's. too much people. this is not true fielding. your no doctor for greece. for the u.k.'s domestic counter-intelligence service m i 5 now have the right to kill torture and kidnap.


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