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tv   Interview  RT  December 26, 2019 8:30am-9:01am EST

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tradition just before new year's eve to talk to someone who is in charge of where the russian economy is go and we're here in the russian ministry of economic development once again the christmas trees right here to talk with minister but he might have been good morning at any rate to do that one more time let's begin with the news from the last few days and focus on the nord stream 2 pipeline project in the baltic sea for muds the message from russian officials has been that pretty much nothing can stop a project that is almost all but complete many experts were saying that these sanctions are only aimed at the domestic audience it's just a trick before the elections to show that pressure is being put on russia but now the measures are in place and russia finds itself in a position a very tricky one that technically it doesn't have the capabilities to finish
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the pipeline project so what does that say about how much moscow is able to come up with a plan b. plan c. etc well there was there was already extensive comments there that coming from president bush him is to cause a mutual friend in jail and what i would like to attract your attention to is the problem of the. sanctions coming from the united states and its you know it big program for the water as a whole it's being named as a problem not only from own slaves but the review from the review and say it just recently for example we can't go into commission was friends who were discussing the new mode of the amused when the me in france so and friends of friends the issue and he was telling me he was putting this publicly that these type of. from the united states. and acceptable so maybe that. we should talk more about that
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story which is you know supporting the overall global treaty sion and you know well that the global battles these here we can see i'm still in line and this is one of the reasons one of the key deals behind that is that you know your little actions which are heating the global trade. and in this particular case are you saying that russia does have let's put it this way friends in europe that can become in some way mediators or those who can send a message across the atlantic for them to a lot of messages were already sent by the way or european friends of united states in the recent months so there is nothing to it so once again it is december 29th inning and economic punishment against russia is back in the headlines so this time around what is the biggest threat for the russian economy is it once again sanctions or uncertainty or volatility in the commodity market what can you say
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well of course there is a number of negative trends that are coming from the global economy which ain't impacting russian economy as i've said through these here is the weakest here in terms of economy still night is of course impacting the piece of good also for our exports in real terms in them in the terms of those who are being hit by the lower commodity prices some on the different come what is starting from oil metals call and so on so force of course this impacts those fish and the good thing is that because of the introduction of a few school rule for inflation targeting flexible exchange rate we're much more protected from these but of course who is having a negative impact on the us mr rushton let me bring up something else the interim trade agreement between washington and beijing how much of a sigh of relief is it really for russia and the rest of the world full of course
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if it were just a little bit and they could see if. trends that we during the whole year you can see it once again in commodity prices more chance of global trade will show where the performance going forward but you're clearly when the naming the. because what we believe in that the problems with him united states and shane that are very long term in the church so we see more conflicts not only in treaty a but they can happen in many other areas within the next several years maybe the next year especially the 1st gulf war with movie. we should be of course positive for the global economy and for russia as the particle of the global economy but once again this is more a longer term story and we see more disputes coming from those 2 countries and impacting the global story in the coming years can we talk about a long term story when we do realize that once again we are coming into the new
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election cycle in the us well of course the elections they are forcing the kind of the means thracian to find solutions in different areas because what kind of the station one sees economy to continue to grow what kind of mutation once the stock market you know will that. place we think about with the new highs that we have we can see when the u.s. market of course he wants this trend to continue it will into the next year so different that these will be good to reminding the parties in different areas of the actions of the. administration and of course on the other say that the congress which is controlled by the democratic party will be using all the parties to spoil that game because you know they competing they would be competing me they said trump in the elections in november of next year so they're still fighting forces who visited my home of the u.s.
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will be actually in and he has one of the 2 largest to call them as global youth those this will be impacting the overall picture in the global economy sharp. let me bring you up to the loan that russia received earlier this month the $500000000.00 loan for. based asian infrastructure investment bank what kind of signal is that and why is russia getting this low will this is totally links to infrastructure projects that are being realized. in russia you know we'll that russia is number 3 shareholder in the. bank for infrastructure development so it means that we are playing is all other partner in the bank you know the story of developing the infrastructure will that there is little free sources local for the vestments infrastructure globally and this bank was created to trade to at least partly to close that gap so we're working with the bank it's
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a normal project for the bank it's the deal in the russian so you know part of the global story here but if we take. in particular we do remember that during the russia africa summit billions of dollars worth of debt have been written off for african countries and here we have a sum of $500000000.00 so what is this just a matter of prestige a matter of testing boilers it will be a deal in the least and so we are working so this is the deal that is using this over embellish it but we will be working with company a slave question of always other companies to find more. interesting story to finance them finding coming from the asian bank who put infrastructure development so once again it's only the beginning of a long term work to finance more infrastructure projects and rush the many trips
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that you completed in 2019 we saw you together with president vladimir putin in different corners of the world in terms of fruits that russia could bear from all these trips and when we talk specifically of what you are in charge which ones were the most important ones and what did you take away from them will each prepares were important because you know that like i said russia's pick a few though russia is the part of the global economy so join porches. it was different. countries across the globe. explaining trade trade in goods trade in services investments train technological approaches so in every country we can find what is russia can do together with that country and of course among the most important i would say the brics i mean that the recently happened in brazil
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the receipts to. arab emirates divisions to china so you know japan all major markets are definitely important and you know having proper discussion of the economic agenda is the way to look for but the success of the russian economy when we take breaks in the shanghai cooperation organization we know that russia's taken over in terms of hosting the summits. what will russia bring in this time around if we take cooperation with these groups well in the breaks for example next year we will have a break segment happening in sync because a book in the middle of summer and we will be proposing we have already proposed to have a new economic strategy for the next 5 years we were conducting this same story 5 years ago in this summit that was happening in russia 5 years ago so we want to do
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you know the 6 of them instead of course there is the full support of all the brakes. members on the global trade city on the joint development of the project so we want to highlight those areas and do. even more deep work but it was what was already achieved. in the last 5 years cycle for example one of the stories that was achieved it's of course creating with the brics development bank that is already finding the projects all the girls. the brics countries including russia so those instruments that create that during the bust cycle they already a patient so we need to make a step forward so this is what will be discussed in st petersburg to highlight those areas and they know push them to bring. results.
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but. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to be. that you'd like to be 1st which is what the books all 3 of them all can't be good. interested always in the water. there should be. i'm not one who will ever argue that there are worthy and unworthy victims it's also important to also distinguish the fact that whenever we have a crime scene or. mean genocide and other cases of genocide that's that we're talking about the issues confronting it and injustice and reparations for it are
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important it is important to confront the crimes wherever they happen but it shouldn't be means to dilute you know the experience of. it in this particular case of the i think it's. my name is 2nd. jackson. said. it was a run that was. going to win enough we've got to get it up and down to cause and prove to me nothing moving out you know and i feel good and i use that down to make it very very easy and also to explore on drug use to people. who. you know. who. are forced to
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close because who comes during his child to feel the life in music that. i love to dance because he makes me happy i love to dance because he makes me unhappy playing moved from we had our sins. and when you go to church we had nothing. to do beyond us and because it's backed up my ass to love the gun was always. here no. no no i don't think. i doubt. mr rush let me stick to integration but
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a very different one between russia and belarus and can you please help explain our western audience mainly because they don't know much about it what is going on why do high profile officials from both countries meet so often right now what's going on in general will the goal of all questions is pretty simple they want to have 2 so we're in the countries in the one single market with them so what we're discussing we have. in the some quarters away extensive work in the lazing the difference in approach is from different markets different regulation so we were highlighting what can be changed what can be adjusted and actually the stories that we're trying to take the best from the belorussian experience they are trying to take best from all experience through these discussions that through these you know grecian of single market to become stronger together and. stronger each country on its own does the west have to watch out for anything that's going on
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between moscow and minsk there's not discussions again some someone this is the this is discussion helping both candidates. to become stronger so there's nothing to be afraid of here now moving on from to europe we keep coming back to a comment by yourself when you bring up the you were in a silence in terms of how russia's again trying to get along with europe and vice versa this year how far have we gotten will as you may see that in this year with sore more extensive contacts between russia and europe not to me on the business 8 which was at the high level of this is becoming even stronger but those on the political level there is one this thing with europeans say the problems that were brought. externally to europe from the united states with the sanctions story now
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with the trade wars and so on so force so having more closer contact having discussions finding joint solutions we're much more close to that happening was where we were standing a year ago. we understand after the elections in the u.k. that brights it will finally happen. you never know but at least as boris johnson put it said he's got to go and he was already seeing you know some of the broken so. just offer you the seat in the chair relax and watch. so have you been watching has russia been watching does this send any message to moscow are you looking for if you know other problems the mystically you know or international clinic relations which were concentrating on trying to find solutions and is a very good story you know already it kind of you know serial which lists for rebels
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so we're just wishing you know just checking the headlines which is what has happened these things on their own so that's that's that's about it let me bring up what's going on with the world trade organization we learned that the w t o appellate body stopped functioning what's going on with the reforms there and also how will trade disputes the result from now on will 1st of all what i would like to lay that is a very important institute for the global economy and actually for russia because. being part of w. to help russia to access a little markets. on the producer mind terms it helped us to protect our rights we will bill you are you witnessed weaning one by another because that we're having a w 2 and. the point of course which is very important that russia is now playing one
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of the important roles in terms of theatre of mining coal the global trade systems will be breaking for the use took up the problem that you mentioned was a playboy you of course you know it's a way big problem for the functioning of the w.'s ation the position that is being taken by the united states in my opinion is definitely in the proper rate expose the overall situation so it means that within the next at least one the year i believe what exactly are you talking about just because they are blocking. the actually the decisions that they're made in the. heading as the direct result of the work getting not functioning epilate body and you know having a body is the crucial part of all the process of settlement within the charities ation and of course this doesn't help us because this doesn't help because you know that. once again. always all those problems because you know finding solutions in
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the disputes about taking years and this is also not acceptable we should change proceed us you know too fast from them and so on so forth but you know blocking it doesn't help build the whole picture and once again we were discussing already today the problems that we're facing which the global trade was the global economy and one of the one of the reasons behind it it's. not functioning properly. so is it going to resemble bragg's it anyhow pace will of the w t o to some extent it's the same story but like with great sit here we're trying to play a more important role we are trying to help to find a solution which will be you differently not easy but you know pushing towards a solution of this so it will be working on the needing next year let's move on. what's happening in russia we've seen an inflation slowdown interest rates are
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steadily being cut last year you promise me that the ruble will get stronger and it is getting stronger in detail how much more room for optimism is still there well i wouldn't say that such as thing seen ruble is an optimism because because it's a sign of the weak you money in the domestic economy along with the way low inflation brings that we're witnessing. because you know. the ruble is where the goods when it comes from the growing productivity fund and put the key but when it comes from the weak demand it shows that we achieving results weaker that we can achieve just simply having a strong did you hear them if you could so. that's at their bank like you've mentioned is already cutting rates this will be eventually translating in some voices to. the. i hope so the government is also working with some solutions
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to help to boost demand next year so taking together all those measures should allow us to get back to a beam. 4 percent thought it gets on the inflation say it strong demand stronger girls you know most people will. the world bank kids predicting a 1.6 percent of g.d.p. growth for russia next year does that tie with the expectations that you have will have the forecast of $1.00 so all the market expects softly from the same girls figures because there are some. that might bring these figures are lower and a little bit trying to do is to have a few good strong for them. so it's always happening like that how much are you satisfied with your old predictions that you once came up with for 2019 well you should tell me because it's not me who should lead the way how we're forecasting but you know the good thing is that the forecasts for example in goals
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that we've published a belief in the ghost of next year we were changing and throughout the year there were criticisms that it's too high and it was too little when so and so forth during the whole year the critics who own the board say it's but eventually we're getting to the figures we should close to what we are forecasting the good sign that we have a proper in this painting of what is happening within the quantum indeed this year there have been good signs in many aspects but let me just talk about how much foreign investors should be keen to invest in this country because there were bad signs well including the well known calvery case so what about the investment climate and investment figures this year is growing you know will this $36.00 but like always telling you in the asking that question that for us it's more important not the quantity of info but quality of hitting the floor and some of the cases might be not to be. coming to russia's economy but when you took military
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war human jail approaches so that. he is of much more importance competing with just simple money we've just discussed strengthening so it means that its weight is thrown balance of payments which we are facing these here and was thrown by the payments we do not need to cover a new gaps on the balance of payments say so it means in terms of. having acknowledges smith in jail approaches all these stuff it's much more important than just simply having a stronger in full in terms of quantity over the falls. but like i said this year we're getting more if india is the total sum is increasing but i would just pay less attention on that and more attention on the quality sorry but just to finish up my question has russia a better place to invest this year will the logic stand yes we are not getting
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the final figures and that also from this month but we expect that it will be a multi-year high and that was up in the basement to g.d.p. ratio in russia if you look at the ratings. you will find that russia is steadily progressing in the. global business of doing business by the world and so on so forth of course that has a lot of problems you know a number of big reforms that are underway these days for example the forms in the supervisory and the which is getting the regulations all that are good lucian's that we still have and so on so course we're trying to do. you know a lot of stuff which will be making the environment even better mr ashton we know that you are a keen sports fan given all the latest headlines that have to do with the russian sport in the recent past how much are you worried about russian athletes will you
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know will that the you know active life time that it's. the heading on the global scene is way short so having such as toys of course may be painful for you to particular person because you know that cleaning car at getting your child so you can your use here is and then you have to wait it short period of time like any show way to hide is also on the global agenda on the on the on the global every minute and of course. really cept for those people which will not be able to do so so my view is that the clean athletes should be able to be present on the global audience because it will be fair for them. mr thank you for covering so many stories for us and happy new year thank you happy new year.
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is this is a sticker from the water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has promised to reuse the plastic. that's. special projects funded. on the disease. from now the mountains of waste only grow higher. bar there's. no room lighted up and.
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my name is drawn more than i was for it is to die in prison by the expiration of my life. case to grab some media attention and it's a shooting in a 16 year old's 16 birthday party. so i think the police tell a lot of pressure channel closed the case. for me is. just wrong it's like i combine the bellows. yeah so it's a fine day for all for them to shoot in one piece with us along with his shoes because i was standing right next to. me for is the son you got to keep in mind he wanted you 1617 years old. blue monday night just plunder to spears. who flew. for more than just close. to truth.
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i'm going to fulfill the repeated promises ok probably to the people i promise to be you know it's all pots to. be a. pretty. much. pretty good burka now you want to 1st. know.
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all. coming coming coming. next and stacy are continuing on our south american tour and as you can see behind me we are in rio de janeiro oh my god so beautiful so much going on this is a country again trends. it should. run for. those little house.
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close. to. the wealthiest us presidential candidate multi-billionaire michael bloomberg and miss his team use prison labor to make campaign calls. also this hour here wedding and protest ballet dancers in paris join the demonstrations against proposed pension reforms which could see their retirement age from 42 to 64. and while the united states is in the throes of an opioid epidemic many african states have been suffering from chronic shortages a prescription pain killers look at how ambitious project a new one that is turning the situation around.


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