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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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leaks files from the global chemical weapons watchdog cast further doubt on an alleged attack in the syrian city of doing well last year. yellow vest activists rally in paris for a 59th weekend alongside a protest against pension reforms. and families of americans killed in afghanistan by the taliban soon u.s. contractors for allegedly funding the territory. all those are the headlines and that's it for me for now and your father will be here with you next hour to take you through all the latest news from around the world right here on r.t. international.
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welcome to going on the road we will be back with a brand new seasons arriving on january the 8th but until then we will be showing some of your favorite shows from the last season of the decade plummet she returns to work and you're going underground special from the german capital burley and joining me is when you bring him from the libyan green resistance movement he's director of the center for african unity studies and he's known all around as well for his spokesperson the late gadhafi thanks for going on and going underground 1st of all i think you should have to remind us in what capacity you were the spokesperson for the late. has right now we hear of continued warfare in what was once africa's richest pick up the country. well in 2011 my country was under attack by the global. of imperialist capitalism.
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aiming to stop the libyan project for african unity and african independence and i had the brevity and the honor to stand tall with thousands and thousands of young libyan men and women to defend our country against this western attack and i was appointed the spokesperson of the libyan government i was the voice for the libyan resistance movement that time and i walked close early with my colleagues and commemorates to represent the libyan point of view to the world i dealt with the international media for more than 8 months i held 3 press conferences every day under bombardment but i wasn't alone i had the support the love and the expertise of thousands of
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young libyan graduates and media personalities and intellectuals who still after 8 years of the war was very hard to fight for the liberation of the country for the freedom and independence of the libyan people well mainstream media around the world called you a liar a mouthpiece for a regime that far from this well being about imperialism this was a regime that was organizing mass rape has a policy using vi agra chemicals to complete mess rate policy is the massacring of unarmed protesters and you are basically a mouthpiece for a moment of civilians well in any position you take there are 2 powers if you have on your side then you are proven as an honest party the power of except limitation and the power. of prophecy and we had both
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after 8 years everything we said to explain what was happening in libya proved to be right we talked about terrorism extremism tribal conflict western imperialist project in the country to rob libya of it's well how does this excuse all these powerful off we see because we talked about what things would happen afterwards the division of the country the continuous conflict and we have proven right on this front as well as for the charges which made it 3 main charges the air bombardment of libyan cities which were which was brutal and false almost immediately and the international media had to admit because they came to libya and . is not something you can hide secondly the mass rape of
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8000 plebian women the country has been under control of our enemies and the west for a chair where are the victims and where are the convictions and where are the trials after 8 years they haven't been able to prove any systemic rape of women during that time and then you have the charge of killing $10000.00 innocent protesters and the 1st 3 days where are the names where are the bodies of the most they have been able to come up with 25 people who were killed in the 1st few days we say they were aren't some people say they were not armed but 25 people killed is not 10000 it's very rare to be able to speak to someone who interacted with western mainstream media jury what you call an imperial call flick what was it like being a spokesperson for the government talking to journalists who see themselves. simple
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as who complained you were raining in on the press censoring the war well we all been libya or the good part we controlled of the country at that time we were very transparent we allowed all hard questions to be asked i was a variable and the government officials were available 24 hours a day and we laid out lied to them no we never lied we always told the truth as of course we believed as we saw it and we responded in a very transparent way and as i said the power of explanation and the power of prophecy are both on our side everything our enemy is proven false everything we look at libya now 8 years under the west's control and the west's asians control what is happening in libya libya was one of the richest countries in africa one of the most stable countries in africa for decades leading africa's liberation
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libya was the head of the african union the head of the african european summit one of the most important countries and developing african economic projects such as the african central bank the african organization for natural resources the african unified army the african gold based currency and look at libya now it's a battle field for extremism for tribal conflict for western asians fighting for robbing libya of its wealth ideas of freedom and liberation and sovereignty well if these allegations that were presented to populations in nato countries as the reason for war were indeed false and you know the u.k. parliamentary foreign select committee in 2016 the very high and we'll researched and well funded parliamentary called. miti and britain came up with many
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conclusions but the main ones relevant to our discussion they said 1st of all the accusations against the libyan regime were either completely invented or at least exaggerated and they said there were many chances to avoid the war and to reach a peaceful settlement for which we called from the very beginning 3 main chances opportunities were available to avoid the destruction of libya the 1st one was sending in an international fact finding mission for which we called from the very beginning i mean i repeated their request for this every single day for months we even offered to pay for the costs of this fact finding mission though the cost of one party or 2 rocket that came upon the heads of libyan children could have paid for the mission so easily no one listened to us we also offered to have an african
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peacekeeping mission to stop the fighting immediately and then lay the way for a national conference inclusive of all libyan parties the libyan government and the so-called rebels no one wanted to listen the libyan tribes met in the biggest national tribal conference in the history of the country attended by thousands of delegates and they all supported the government initiatives even those who were on the side of the rebels but the west was determined to go along with the destruction of libya because this is what they planned from the beginning the request your what's your new you tube from those years ago but of course we're also 10 years since gadhafi gave his famous speech at the u.n. a little. verse 3 on the 23rd of september. so what are the real reasons for as
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you see it of the war usually imperialism what was happening. according to you and supporters of the greek resistance movement it inevitable that nato nations are trying to destroy a country afshin there is no doubt that there were internal weaknesses in libya there where internal failures of the system we needed to develop our political system our economic system to be more inclusive less centralized we succeeded with this in the seventy's eighty's and ninety's but in the war in the years leading through the war we made some mistakes we centralized the economic power we centralized some of the comic power because we were pursuing a developmental program that was different to the years before but there is no
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doubt that this was not the real factor leading to the 2011 disaster in libya there had been a bra ject pan african project of liberation political liberation economic independence and cultural resistance not just an idea or a dream it is informed by the continuous struggle of african nations throughout the decades and by the great experiences of great african leaders such as patrick lumumba. and then some and then very different to the ones but i was told by the world well how our plan was real not just dreams because gaddafi was laying down plans and real project for the control of african natural resources through the african organize. nation
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for natural resources unifying african armies into one army called the unit the unified african army and the central africa bank for which gaddafi was raising funds discussing with other african leaders the term tell me about the gold will libya libya itself is a small country 6000000 people but we had 100 than 80 tons of gold which is quite a great amount for a small country but to achieve african indie band economic independence gadhafi it was hoping for $4000.00 tons of gold to be accumulated for the gold reserves of africa and our pond that he wanted to build the african central bank to replace the french central bank controlling economies and to build up the african unified currency gold base to play with to replace the dollar
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and to build the internal organic. african economy and he wasn't just dreaming these things up he was hard working on them and the agreement of many would african leaders and he was in the process of actually achieving these goals like for example the 1st african satellite was launched in 2008 and the 1st stages of the african central bank were initiated the african union itself was founded in the very city of sirte in september of 1999 in the same city that khadafi had to lead his last battle against the very forces that hated the establishment of the african union was a very well stop you there was almost of this break. brothers
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see you i believe in the room light of them so little. my limited role more than i was for it is to die in prison by the exposure love my life. take a stick grab some media attention i mean it's a shooting in a 16 year old's 16 birthday party found something the police are telling a lot of pressure chill close to kids. for years i mean just bunk it's like i couldn't believe those around. me out of the 5 that are all for the sure don't want peace be with us that's all of
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the issues because i was standing right next to. me for years before you got even mining for the g.o.p. was 16170 so. this could lose one to their lives just wondering does fear of both of them tonight more fool food relief. for more than just cause through. the other groups don't know the truth. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. somehow want. to go right to the press this is like the before 3 in the morning can't be good for . the industry always in the waters in the fall. there should be.
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welcome back i'm still with was abraham former spokesperson. you see the british government the international trade department the british government and simulate about words and later nations say they share the goals of how you articulated the. scribing them to get a free they're interested in the you you claim actually they're more interested in the fact in helping al qaeda and isis on the shores of the mediterranean well this is an old british strategy i have to admit it has been successful the british used it in their empire from the 19th century and then other imperialist nations
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got the lesson they have been utilizing it very well it's the management of crisis what you do is you come to a context of a country and you introduce chaos through war through internal conflict religious division i.q. patient whatever means you have and then you keep the chaos going you manage the crisis because through the management of chaos you are able to make sure that this context is weak it's sub or donated to you you can rob the wealth of this context and then you can play the different factor and against each other and make sure that when the game changes it changes in your favor so sometimes you support liberals because they are your agents and because they belong to a certain set of values you want to breathe very well but i. other times you think
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ok now we support islam ists like what the west did in afghanistan and what they did in iraq for a while to get rid of saddam hussein and then when the game changes they go ok now we stop supporting islam ists and we will manage the crisis in a different way we support an army general or it's a game that has been perfected in the war rooms of the western imperialist centers and they do it almost like. second nature now libya has been under attack of the west for 8 years its supposed to be a democracy now have become tree held and saved by the west look at libya now killing. civil conflict tribal war murder terrorism rubbing off national wealth what does their mind you remind you of iraq syria afghanistan yemen it's the same story had billing every time and some people still don't see it
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for me this is absurd the truth is our there and it really pains me that people choose their hatred against someone like me or saddam hussein over the truth over what is had been in every single day for years and years and years but was it taken you show a lot of talk to the media since the death of gadhafi well after the collapse of the country as leaders of the political military and culture of resistance against the western project in libya we have been politically persecuted continuous attempts to silence us and to marginalize our spirit did you survive even because there are reports that you were captured. loads of reports . look there were $211.00 generated it will. lead to tila's
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no no i mean we have always been in the middle in the heart of it. but we have been working underground inside libya and outside libya with many thousands of our leaders from all contexts and we have been leading the alternative for libya and we have been talking to our people our tribes our cities and we have been very successful only recently in the last year or 2 the political scene have changed positively namely the whole conspiracy against libya has been exposed and many of the really from your perspective as we have a british diplomat. he still had absolute faith in the un wrecking the government or accord of course we have a lot of a series of this is this is generally of what exactly this is for music where you
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position the green resistance movement sometimes when i listen to european diplomats and american i think ok maybe some of them are genuine people and they don't understand what is happening but sometimes you just have to say it out loud this is a lack of more ality these people lack any decency when they say that how could you describe a country completely in chaos in crisis with killings murders and bombardments every day with tribal fighting with militias with terrorism everywhere a country that lived peacefully for decades and decades was one of the richest most stable countries of africa and the mediterranean and you come and you say you have faith in the national government or you have faith in the future of the here we enter into the realm of immorality of just plain indecency. you know that
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people are dying every day but it's un mandated the government is controlled by a super powers the un is controlled and what they do is they are part of the game. of the destruction of libya there are things that i say you might debate but no one can debate that libya is a disaster and when you look at the numbers of refugees tens of thousands of refugees drowning in the mediterranean since the death of good free what have you felt watching that all the news yes of course we are very saddened by the situation in north africa and the african side you see we had genuine projects for the african nations around the north african region and the saddle area to actually contain illegal migration and to build national industries and national economies so the african people do not have to risk their
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lives and die in the middle of the mediterranean sea but for all of the alternative liberation projects that we had look what exists now complete destruction of the internal structures of african countries of libya especially education system hospitals health everything and instead of the unified african army you have the africom the african american command in africa you have the french force the g 5 s. and western africa in a stage of the african central bank which would have the refugees and the african nations you have the french central bank and a state of the gold based economy you have the sub or the nation of african economies to the global capitalist machine it's all part of the same story.
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even the internal problems that existed in libya beforehand they were exploited because this what impact does tragic irony that in death. be in destabilizing european union countries because of immigration in the rows of the far right people have said that duffy was also not just a plan after africanist he was an internationalist he really did want peace and tranquility and development and called core cooperation that's why he hosted and he was the head of the european african summit in 2009 and libya he wanted to build up africa but he wanted good relations with europe he wanted to create a new world order of justice of peace of collaboration but this was so hard for the imperialist capitalist system to digest
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a lot of has been written about the racism involved in the nato mission in libya when you knew. you and other ministers in the libyan government what it is say about why he supported nelson mandela well mandela was called a terrorist by the british government declared as such by margaret thatcher ministers was declared a criminal by many western diplomats and even intellectuals video has turned his support for his support for mandela who defected libya oh of course of course khadafi was very honest and transparent with us people who worked closely with him and he said this he said to us make no mistake we are being punished for what we did not just for libya but for what we did for africa. and many other developing
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countries and around that we are paying the price for supporting nansen mandela for supporting the black race for supporting real politics of evolution could definitely was happy to fight until his death he knew he had many ways out he chose not to go out he was offered ways out even by african leaders who visited him during the war but he said if he goes out the very ideas he fought for will die in his death his ideas will live and i believe. the ideas and the principles and the broad jackets he lead will live on and we'll come back with such power in the future if you say that but joe biden of course is going for the presidency next year leaving democrat friends of hillary clinton what did you feel when you saw hillary clinton talk about gadhafi far from in those terms
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but the fact that basically. the real hillary clinton is a war criminal she knew what was happening in libya she understood and this was revealed in her e-mails that were leaked by wiki leaks she said very clearly that the charges against gaddafi where at least exaggerated and that the french were into this because of the libyan gold and because of their objection to what she was doing in africa but she went along with it because she knew that with the collapse of libya they will have the states and europe a greater chance of controlling africa which they did. the americans now have many many military bases and they have increased and intensified their dig for gold for you rainy i'm in asia for example for gold in birkenau fassel and for other natural
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resources the libyan oil and gas. and so the politicians they are nothing but servants for the machine. and they would deny being a war criminal and probably say she's being accused from the right of not protecting u.s. diplomats in benghazi but i have to tell you libya is synonymous with terrorism arguably to many ordinary people in nato nations let's go to the area on the ground a concert in manchester what did it feel like for you when you watch the coalition on television. well of course extremely sad and it pains us that ordinary people in the west have to pay for the crimes and mistakes and blunders of their government you see when you try to manage a crisis a crisis is by nature a crisis you can manage it but you cannot control it 100 percent sometimes it hits
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you back as a system because you are achieving your main. goals you have to bear these consequences and take them in as they come the british and the americans can very easily get rid of terrorism simply by just not supporting it not funding it not 28 ing it but they choose to go on these are not secrets revealed to you in this interview this is known and agreed upon by owen factors but the west is aware that this is their game they're out of playing and they have to pay the price for it that's it your favorite shows of the last season we will be back with a brand new cd getting on the ground want to be a central bank is your new compositional social media and your get your life going on the grounds your child will have a good you'll try. to
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be a good terrorists and bad at it it's the bad news in the end when the united states deems to be a threat the good of those who work in syria the cia and the u.s. military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up right wing military juntas funding an army of death squads there's no end because there's always a small call for a really good. profit. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person if there is great.


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