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tv   News  RT  February 6, 2020 8:00am-8:30am EST

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german chancellor angela merkel condemns regional union struck between her party and the right wing alternative to germany in a move that sparked protests across the country. also as the u.s. election primaries begin twitter follows you tube in changing policy on altered videos and images but the vague wording of the new rule spots concern the tech giants could use it to censor supporters of politicians they dislike. want to moscow of course gives custody to social services of a completely healthy child left by parents in hospital for 5 years.
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thanks for joining us this is r.t. international. german chancellor angela merkel's refusing to accept an election result in the key states a sitting here that's after her party for an unprecedented alliance with the rightwing alternative for germany party let's go to a correspondent based in peter oliver welcome. to this fascinating story. well high drama in german politics it started on wednesday it's continued through thursday chancellor angela merkel weighing into the mix describing it as a bad day for democracy after regional representatives of her c.d.u. party aligned themselves with the right wing alternative for germany party in order to build outs a left wing prime minister in the state attorney india. and this is unforgivable and that's why the result must be reversed the election of this prime minister was a unique process that broke with the basic conviction of the c.d.u.
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and also of mine namely that no majorities should be won with the help of the f.t. this is a ban today for democracy. so a lot of anger here in germany really counts over the state not enough this is because working with alternative for germany the f.d.a. is seen as one of the well the big to boost in or perhaps even the biggest in german politics and not only that working with them was something that anglo merkel c.d.u. party as well as others including well the chancellor herself had said they would never do.
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so if they have been labeled the king makers in the states of today and you know but the man who would be king at least thomas kennedy from the free democrats i say would be king he may not be in the position of prime minister of that state very much longer he won by just one vote in the parliament as they put it to a 3rd round of voting there the public actually went to the polls in this election back in october of last year but it's been locked in a stalemate since as they tried to form a regional coalition government in the parts of the country the fact that they've been backed by the f.d.a. is only well it's bait increasingly worse in the eyes of those that don't approve
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of alternative for germany by who their representative is in the state of today. is seen as one of the most extreme of the f.d.a. leadership in fact the courts here in germany. his critics were well within their rights to refer to him as a fascist when talking about him so that is who the free democrats on the christian democratic union of essentially got into bed with in the states of today and yes they try and form a government there what we have heard from the christian democratic union chiefs though they've been very quick to say their local representatives went against the wishes of central office and from the free democrats well they've been doing everything within their power to distance themselves from both thomas kennedy who was their representative there on from this alliance with the f.d.a. the. eve does support comes as
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a surprise because it is not motivated by an agreement on substance but purely tactical the f.t.p. does not negotiate or cooperate with the d. there is no basis for cooperation we do not support the goals and values of that party. in all honesty this is a massive p.r. disaster particularly for the free democrats but also for the christian democratic union is well we understand that thomas kennedy will be stepping down from his role as prime minister perhaps as early as later on thursday on friday there set to be a major meeting of the f.b.i. the f.b.i. pair. party head holding shows in order to discuss the situation. well what we were hearing is that the expulsion of mr kennedy from the party was on the table those talks of the said it looks like he will step down what they sold to mclean means though is the voters of the state of today most likely going to be
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going back to the polls as i have another go at trying to elect a state government more drama to look forward to it sounds like many thanks reporting from berlin for peter all about. politics and in a blow to the democrats caucus votes from the u.s. state of iowa are still being calculated 2 days on to an error in an application recording election day to stop publication of the results and just as key primaries come up twitter and youtube of announced changes to the way they find doctored materials auntie's double quarter looks at the tech giant's vague wording in the new rules. we all like a good me i know i do and that's why i'm here to warn you that there are potentially in danger because of twitter's new war on altered images and videos that might mislead voters we know that some tweets include many pleated photos or videos that can cause people harm today we're introducing a new rule and a label that will address and give people more context around this one man satire
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is another man's trigger there's bound to be those who find hilarious songs like this one unhealthy for political discourse. actually. what has boiled its definition of so-called dr damages down to a few criteria editing of the contents composition changes in its visual or auditory information and anything that simulates real people but who actually gets to make the call on what does or doesn't harm is anyone's guess are these trump dog and rocky memes politically misleading maybe this one with bernie sanders is harmful a political satire well it's always bound to hurt someone's feelings but if you're not on twitter don't think this isn't going to step on your toes you tube's got its own version of this new policy of the 2020 lection season kicks into high gear in
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the united states people who visit you tube to learn about the candidates and watch the election season unfolds over the last few years we've increased or if it's to make. news and information as well as an open platform for healthy political discourse you remember that video trump supporters made portraying their president massacring the mainstream media and the church it was funny to them to the mainstream media while they were a bit offended the white house correspondents association says it is horrified by this and is calling on president trump to denounce the video c.b.s. has decided not to show that video we can't show this video because it's so disgusting it's extremely violent it is disturbing and those bad liberating videos could also be interpreted as politically misleading you're probably a little they think a bug just quit right here. we need new babies out there think we need time to make new ones because the old ones just become so big twitters netizens have already
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picked up on the controversy because people were kind of instances this i love how you used the word doctored because that's the and he said tucker means the left commie twitter oh yeah well now no one can. your batting leans which may cause harm to the left we can read between the lines there will be no unapproved thought in the people's republic of twitter coverage it seems that without any ultimate authority to make the call on what is and isn't a violation so many decisions will be left to the rules vague wording who knows how internet freedom will fare as a result. has come for you the u.s. senate finds donald trump not guilty on abuse of power and obstruction of congress charges. but 1st a healthy girl who's been living in a moscow hospital her whole life is being handed over to social services the decision has been made by a court after her parents failed to take
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a home for 5 years. this girl is 5 years old and she's had a bizarre sheltered life. this is the room where she lives it's not in a house or apartment and her relatives are not by her side it's an elite private hospital in central moscow and for our entire life she has never left his grounds for the wrestling machine or stress me or her captain washington's embrace. you. can be. the voice or sharing is not her mother it's her nanny the mother has decided that her daughter is hopelessly ill and must be confined to a hospital. however
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doctors say that the girl is perfectly healthy and there is no medical reason to keep her in the clinic although they have been unable to discharge her without parental consent known then isn't it she doesn't know and yet in life but she's a good normal girl the girl's parents have paid the hospital huge sums of money almost $200000.00 a year to keep her there in the company of private nannies almost a year ago the parents stopped sending their payments but they still refused to take her home and a legal battle has been raging so the hospital convinced the parents to leave their child in the hospital all this time i guess the logical conclusion if the child has been hospital for 5 years and the parents are not doctors they just paid the bills how reliable is information the child is healthy and there is no need for her to stay in hospital. on monday the corps delivered its verdict. for injuries in the parents are to be stripped of parental rights to the girl and she will be
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placed in the custody of child welfare services perhaps soon she will finally leave the confines of the hospital and see the world she has been drawing for all these years. all the parents can appeal the decision but officials hope to eventually give the girl to her grandparents. more riot police have been dispatched to the greek island of lost books amid growing protests by refugees this week offices find tear gas as hundreds of migrants demanded better living conditions in camps migrants in the overcrowded camps on the island of complained of appalling conditions 3000 person facility currently houses more than 6 times the number of asylum seekers residents also say that there's been a lack of electricity and water. heaters and letting. people into. their own. bill is this more and more you will get big problems in jungle the garbage rubbish. all of the chilling the sick now.
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i live in libya and in the years very much. has been struggling to contain a growing number of refugee applications it's committed to relocate migrants from islands to the mainland and to speed up processing asylum claims but just a few 100 relocated to date is migration minister is vowing to step up the response to me peacefully or skill ugly says other e.u. member states had promised to do far more to help. unfortunately this behavior of the european union that bad loans greece and the italy with his government. is acceptable because according to previous agreements so the the those. in the richest blokes in groups should be. did too to the other member states of the european if you don't according to vocalisations but there are
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some there is mainly the kind of research governed by the right wing governments they're not accepted even one refugee you know is very simple when it comes to financial question is whether tory pay your debts etc there are very strict but even just to come to the political questions are these sure they're human values the foundations of the european union they're doing nothing. still to come this hour anger in portugal over e.u. waste being dumped in the country will be back with the towns after this break. when else chooks seem wrong but all. just don't all.
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get to shape out just to become educated and indeed trade equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart weak just to look for common ground. china chose to build their economy in such a way. that spawn the crisis of the problem virus and for that there is an economic i don't think. the us could inherit a benefit of that economic penalty similarly the us build its economy in a way that causes other kind of extra analogies that are highly detrimental to the us economy.
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and wait for the democrats in the united states both of their impeachment articles against donald trump came crashing down in the senate well voting out went embarrassingly wrong at the caucuses in iowa nevertheless house democrats are refusing to accept the impeachment defeat ordered and adjudged that the said donald trump be and he is here by acquitted of the charges in said articles he was acquitted without facts he was acquitted without a fair trial and it means that his acquittal is virtually valueless because of the republican students betrayal of the constitution the president remains and growing threat to american democracy with his insistence that he's above the law and that you can corrupt elections if you wants to. verdict from a fight trial with no witnesses will change the fact that's a majority of americans know that trump is guilty trump is impeached and was not
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exonerated that same will last forever. little to him face to challenges abuse of power claim trump with held military aid in the bid to pressure ukraine to investigate the dealings of one of his potential presidential rivals joe biden. biden tried to quash investigation into a gas company which is biden some of the charges obstruction of congress of the president instructed white house aides to defy congressional subpoenas more details he's on the scale of. well the impeachment proceedings have come to their ultimate conclusion donald trump was acquitted on both charges abuse of power and obstruction of congress however even though it was a quick vote with very little unexpected activities there was certainly plenty of debate in the lead up to the ultimate vote and conclusion the proceedings your hatred of donald trump has blinded you to the obvious. this is not about protecting the country this is about destroying the president
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a great miscarriage of justice in the trial of president trump as a result the verdict of this kangaroo poor will be meaningless they're going to refuse to accept this acquittal perhaps you will tear up the vertical state of the union address now at this point the result was one that was not really surprising the republicans have a very solid majority in the u.s. senate and it requires 2 thirds 67 votes to remove a sitting u.s. president so clearly the democrats had nothing near that there was one interesting surprise which was that mitt romney who was a long time senator from the u.s. state of utah as was the republican presidential candidate in 2012 against barack obama he voted to convict donald trump on the charge of abuse of power he voted against party lines making him now the only u.s.
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senator in all of us history to vote to remove from office a member of his own party a president from his own party now it's also important to note that this has not been a good week for the democratic party in addition to their failed impeachment proceedings there was an increase in popularity for u.s. president donald trump he has now got a 49 percent approval rating the highest approval rating he's had since taking office and the iowa caucuses in which the democrats took their 1st step toward picking their nominee to run against donald trump in the 2020 fall elections did not go so well quite a debacle so not a good week for the democratic party donald trump will be speaking in response to his acquittal on the end of the impeachment process very soon and it appears that this entire impeachment situation is now past and the country is figuring out what will happen next as they move on. how in the name of god when do people proceed
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with some take chiller theoretically only impeachment which is just to charge when they know under no mathematical model is it possible to gain $67.00 votes to remove this president it is the if everything's unconstitutional and if anything subject to impeachment removal it's the impeachment trial nobody understood what this president did nobody could understand it nobody what did he do he abused power what does that mean is it a crime no he obstructed congress here is the 1st part he obstructed congress by implementing by using affirmatively using a constitutional provision called executive privilege it defies logic the payback is going to be severe and it's going to be serious in november when he wins
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reelection perhaps and a landslide then hell will pay. thousands of tons of european waste in landfills across portugal is provoking a massive public outcry and rage residents have been staging protests for some even taking the issue to court. because they are showing you the smile is the worst thing we can smell it a kilometer away because landfill i have a daughter who lives close by it's unbearable to give us it's impossible to be outside it's awful we can't even drink the water it's contaminated. that's when it came to we found out that in portugal the waste management fee for landfills was set at $10.00 euros per term one of the nearer the average is 80
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euros you don't have to be an expert to understand that there's a huge economic opportunity to attract rubbish to portugal transforming our country into a kind of dusted for industrial waste. stream and survive we're asking for the closure of the landfill because it is located 100 meters from a vocational college it is too close to the houses to therefore it does not respect legal limits and it is impossible to live like this. the u.s. navy has expanded its nuclear arsenal by deploying new low power warheads on submarines capable of launching ballistic missiles commonly on patrol in the atlantic they say the decision was made in an attempt to contain russia while the pentagon claims it will lower the chances of a nuclear war russia says it's a dangerously. the department identified the requirement to modify
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a small number of submarine launch ballistic missile warheads to address the conclusion that potential adversaries like russia believe that employment of low yield nuclear weapons will give them an advantage over the united states and its allies and partners this reflects the fact that the united states is lowering the nuclear threshold thereby allowing itself to conduct a limited nuclear war and ensuring its victory in any such conflict the new weapons called the w $76.00 model 2 it's a low yield thermonuclear war heard it said to be about 20 times less powerful than the earlier versions of the w $76.00 which have been in service on u.s. submarines since the cold war in terms of illustration requested the new tactical nuke in the 28000 nuclear posture review we discussed the issue with security analyst and former u.k. army officer chelsea bridge. it has absolutely high risk i mean on the face of it reducing the size of a nuclear weapon sounds an attractive option and it should surely be welcomed by everybody the problem is this is more tempting it may be for commanders for the
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united states for example in this case deploying this weapon system used in circumstances which wouldn't have merited the deployment and use of the massively powerful systems that they currently have thinking perhaps that they might reduce civilian casualties and so on you can well imagine a situation where if for example president trump feels that international tension is rising that he could delegate for example the use of these so-called you lower yield weapons to commanders in the field and therefore you've lost political control or together russia doesn't need to worry because we're only deploying a weapon against you that's low yield the whole theory appears to be flawed in this case even before that landed on enemy let's say russian or chinese target you would expect russia or china to have launched its own missile as a gets to us or its facilities in response. israeli officials are searching for the person who carried out
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a terror attack in central jerusalem on thursday morning that injured 12 israeli soldiers one of the victims of the car ramming remains in critical condition the driver fled the scene a massive search operation is underway for the suspect the attack comes amid anger over donald trump's peace plan for the region the proposal would leave jerusalem as israel's undivided capital palestine would be demilitarized and its capital placed behind a security barrier on the outskirts of east jerusalem the deal has sparked furious claims across the middle east the pro israeli bias newsweek columnist marshall moon warns that trumps plan will not help the region. you cannot expect the peace plan which was very negative in the palestinian view not to result in some attacks the reality is most palestinians are tired at this point the previous attacks didn't bring about anything but you have a lot of young men who are angry and just what you could expect from peace plan a plan that whatever else one can say about it was unveiled right now for 2 reasons
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one to try to help prime minister netanyahu in his own lection campaign and b. to collect some of the issues of impeachment from the president so it was a plan that was there was brought out for one purpose only and i was political both leaders from planned will certainly bring more violence in the coming weeks long term you know the 3 percent to 5 percent chance i give it to succeed that of course will end the violence but like i said it's 5 percent which is not a very high odds. ok watching all things and i still prefer you staying with me for a place in half an hour.
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or. so the politicians have basically stuck the american public with the public paid to negotiate for drugs and both parties who are financed very heavily by the pharmaceutical industry have done the so when your own people vote they should look at how much does this politician get from the power pharmaceutical industry.
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welcome to the alex salmond she will return to the future of the labor party the christmas election was a crushing blow to corcoran led labor instead of the hope for elections such as in 2017 borders johnson quest it's 10 year long fight when and labor we're left. this is how the labor leader conceded defeat on election night and set the scene for the current contest or to also make it clear that i will not lead the party in any future general election campaign i will discuss with our party. to ensure there is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party will take going forward now to take part in the race for labor leader each trying to have a number of hurdles to jump m.p.
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support constituency party support i'm trade union support before they get to the opening of the ballot in 2 weeks' time a number of potential candidates have already fallen at the 1st hurdle leaving just 4 hopefuls with their eyes still on this special conference just out on saturday the 4th of april we assess their prospects and thus a future for british labor with 2 key commentators steve richards and professor richard murphy if johnson is a disaster the question is is kier starmer the man who could replace him if could johnson is excessive doesn't matter what kid stallman does because johnson is going to be in power for 10 years so the question is can he actually know johnsen down i can see legally potential lisa nandi. in a way that i didn't expect to you know a few months ago i can see why she is doing as well as she is she started as the
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least well. but has forced her much the most impressive and interesting of the campaigns the new labor leader will face the change political landscape a brick that britain and on that point this is how you reacted to our program on bt james says great show again but that welsh led dave lambert it should join the tories well at lambeth nor james stephen beat says we are not utopian because a bunch of backwards and a forbes dictate whether we are or aren't we are europeans because that is where our heart slowly we will still be europeans after 31st what ever westminster city after all we still call ourselves scots despite over 300 years of attempted assimilation patricia said the country did not vote for brics it only england did and then put us into a tortie dictatorship why roberson says it's a withdrawal agreement nothing's going to change.


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