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tv   News  RT  February 6, 2020 11:00am-11:31am EST

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leon arctic. an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council will convene in just a few hours from now it was called by the u.s. u.k. and france following escalation in syria's province between government forces and turkey. regional prime minister steps down in germany right after being elected made a huge fallout over a union strike between the german chancellor's party and the right wing alternative for germany. also the us election primaries begin twitter follows you chub in changing policy on altered videos and images but the very good thing of the new rules spartan certain the tech giants might use it the sense of supporters of politicians that they dislike. out of moscow
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a call gives custody to social services of a completely healthy child left by parents in hospital for 5 years. are you watching r t international thanks for joining us. and emergency meeting of the un security council is to convene in the next few hours in new york the session is being requested by the u.s. u.k. and france that follows an escalation between syrian government forces and turkey. i just session starts us go live to our correspondent. in the big apple just take us through the more we anticipating on the agenda today. well the meeting is expected to take place very shortly it was called by france the united kingdom and the united states and the meeting will be focused on the syrian city of it live and
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the fighting that's going on there the white house is calling for russia to stop its activities in the ad libbed take a listen. within the last 2 weeks of january alone egypt faced over 1000 to tuck's the death toll a number of injured among syrian troops and civilians outside the deescalation zone has already passed hundreds of people russian and turkish specialists are also among those tragically killed. whether a new defensive back by russia is aimed at the remaining g. hottest terrorists that are in the city now a group considered by moscow to be a major threat is the. organization which is designated very widely as a terrorist group the group carried out 1400 attacks with tanks machine guns and having machinery it's been countering civilian protests against the ongoing presence of the militant group in the province it's attacked humanitarian corridors
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and it's been using civilians as human shields and the the russian foreign ministry has emphasized at this point the recent death of not just syrian soldiers but russian and turkish military personnel as well take a listen. we would like to highlight several statements made by western countries 1st of all by the u.s. in which the terrorists. are being painted as an opposition force and protected under the pretext of establishing a ceasefire but we've been saying no to a ceasefire with terrorists so this will never happen. now moscow sees these statements coming out of washington d.c. at tempting to presenting the tier al shaab terrorists as if they are somehow a legitimate opposition group take a listen. you are sent home and the d i a both assessed that the october death of al baghdadi did not result in any immediate
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degradation to isis's capabilities following the death of isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi the group's capabilities in syria remain the same now washington seems to be contradicting itself in its statement as you just heard from the u.s. central command. the russian foreign ministry argues that while the united states has carried out airstrikes and al baghdadi has basically declared that after his death icily is defeated the region continues to be unstable and there continues to be ongoing tension jihadism terrorist groups continue to be stronger there so all eyes will be on the u.n. security council as there are pretty clear differences in the international community when it comes to the fighting now taking place in the offensive against terrorism taking place in the it live city and it live province in syria and everything is a life is a lie from new york our correspondent killable thank you. now on
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a major shake up in german politics a key regional prime minister quits just hours after taking up the post of a huge backlash over a political union that brought him to. the all flues all this just resignation was inevitable the dissolution of the parliament is inevitable if detroit yesterday with a perilous trick for damage democracy there was no cooperation with the f.t. there is no such cooperation and will never be taught us carrick they're quick to say that he had nothing to do with a deal with alternative for germany but well how long he sticks around at the higher levels of the free democratic party with that may be measured in hours similar to his reign as prime minister of the state of to ensure he's fairly much in the firing line at the moment and it's been huge backlash to this situation it's unfolded into india backlash from politicians also from the public as well it
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follows this union basically this alliance between the c.d.u. which is angular merkel's party on the right wing alternative to germany part of the f.d.a. to support and back thomas kennedy to be the prime minister of the state of to even get that resulted in condemnation condemnation from all the high angle of merkel herself having something to say about it and this is unforgivable and that's why the results must be reversed the election of the prime minister was a unique process that broke with the basic conviction of the c.d.u. and also of mine namely that no majority should be one with the help of the f.t. this is a ban today for democracy. chancellor merkel have to say something because she often repeated that promise that there would be no alliance between alternative for germany and her persistent democratic union it's really seen as the big to boo in
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german politics to have anything to do with a half day to try and gears them to gain power in fact you saw large demonstrations across germany on wednesday evening against what we've seen happening today nya. is one of the smallest states in the german federal republic but the rock that's been thrown in there and not pool has certainly cast ripples far afield christian
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linda who's the head of the free democratic party that thomas kennedy belongs to least for now in fact he's called for votes of confidence while speaking to party leadership when it comes to the cd themselves local representatives in the states of today just saying they don't want to see new elections in the state it does look like that's the direction we're heading in at the moment when you look at that it's hard to think that would have been possible just a short while ago while angle a miracle was hades of the christian democratic union that there would be a local faction of the policy that would be so publicly. against what head office is saying there will be a meeting of christian democratic union top brass here in berlin on friday as they continue to discuss the fallout from what's going on in the states elections. we got reaction to the story from both sides of germany's political spectrum
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parliament voted with this majority for this liberal and it is clear that our problem deputies from f.t. also supported this liberal candidate but it's completely constitutional completely democrat democratic the political left wing a lead to centrist elite and bowlen is not a willing to accept that in a federal state the parliament elects a liberal to be prime minister because to say he has the support of the wrong after wrong party f.t. into renia as the 2nd largest force and people voted for it chose and which state democracy in germany is an hour after government of i get our merkel to lead the regional federal government and you let it through fascist this is the group of a child who's it's not a question of legal it's
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a quest question of politics and this you of course in the professional political. system on the federal level you are professional you move all and you think forward rich scenarios. and if you know that sooner you can happen the year for the. trick tries to bring in. government religion to meet it it's all just politics you should do anything to him. and a blow to the democrats caucus fades from the us state of i were still being calculated 2 days on after an air of an application recording election day to stop the publication of results just to ski primaries come up twitter and you tube announced changes to the way that they fight ducted materials and he's done a quarter looks at the tech giant's vague wording in the new rules. we all like a good many i know i do and that's why i'm here to warn you that they're
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potentially in danger because of twitter's new war on altered images and videos that might mislead voters we know that some tweets include many plated photos or videos that can cost people harm today we're introducing a new rule and a label that will address and give people more context around this tweets one man's satire is another man's trigger there's bound to be those who will find hilarious songs like this one unhealthy for political discourse i love it when you told. me. what it is boiled its definition of so-called doctored images down to a few criteria editing of the contents composition changes in its visual or auditory information and anything that simulates real people but who actually gets to make the call on what does or doesn't harm is anyone's guess are these trump dog
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and rocky memes politically misleading maybe this one with bernie sanders is harmful a political satire well it's always bound to hurt someone's feelings but if you're not on twitter don't think this isn't going to step on your toes you tube's got its own version of this new policy of the 2020 lection season kicks into high gear in the united states people who visit you tube to learn about the candidates and watch the election season. over the last few years we've increased or if it's to make. news and information as well as an open platform for who flee political discourse remember that video trumps supporters made portraying their president massacring the mainstream media and the church it was funny to them to the mainstream media while they were a bit offended the white house correspondents association says it is horrified by this and is calling on president trump to denounce the video c.b.s. has decided. not to show that video we can't show this video because it's so
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disgusting is extremely violent it is disturbing and those bad liberating videos could also be interpreted as politically misleading or probably every day think a bug just quit right here. we need new babies out there think we need time to make new ones because the old ones just become so big twitter's netizens have already picked up on the controversy cause people harm what kind of insanity is this i love how you use the word doctored because that's the elites attack on memes the left caught me on twitter oh yeah well now no one can make your bed in the names which may cause harm to the left we can read between the lines there will be no unapproved thought in the people's republic of twitter coverage it seems that without any ultimate authority to make the call on what is and isn't a violation so many decisions will be left to the rules vague wording who knows how internet freedom will fare as a result. healthy girl who's been living in
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a moscow hospital her entire life is being handed over to social services that decision was made by a court after her parents failed to take her home for 5 years. this girl is 5 years old and she's had a bizarre sheltered life this is the room where she lives it's not in a house or apartment and her relatives are not by her side it's an elite private hospital in central moscow and for entire life she has never left his grounds for the wrestling marcion or stressing me or her up in washington. you. don't have to be here to accomplish. the voice or sharing is not her mother it's her nanny the mother has decided that her daughter is hopelessly ill and must be confined to a hospital. however
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doctors say that the girl is perfectly healthy and there is no medical reason to keep her in the clinic although they have been unable to discharge or without parental consent know the reason i don't wish she doesn't know and yet in life but she's a good normal girl. the girl's parents have paid the hospital huge sums of money almost $200000.00 a year to keep her there in the company of private nannies almost a year ago the parents stopped sending their payments but they still refused to take her home and a legal battle has been raging so the hospital convinced the parents to leave their child in the hospital all this time that's the logical conclusion the child has been hospital for 5 years and the parents are not doctors they just pay the bills how reliable is the information the child is healthy and there is no need for her
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to stay in the hospital. on monday the core delivered its verdict that c.n.n. and your resume can the parents are to be stripped of parental rights to the girl and she will be placed in the custody of child welfare services perhaps soon she will finally leave the confines of the hospital and see the world she has been drawing for all these years. the parents can appeal that decision but officials hope to eventually give the girl to her grandparents. more riot police have been dispatched to the greek island of los boss starts amid growing protests by refugees this week officers fired tear gas as hundreds of migrants demanded better living conditions in camps migrants of the overcrowded maurya camp on the island have complained of appalling conditions 3000 person facility currently houses more than 6 times that number of asylum seekers residents also say there's a lack of electricity and water. does nothing for the people you have
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wanted to do and the more you are very ill is this more you will get big problems in the jungle girl rubbish. all of the chilling sick now. i live in libya and in the years very well athens has been struggling to contain a growing number of refugee applications it is committed to relocate migrants from islands to the mainland and to speed up processing asylum claims but we just a few 100 relocated so far greece's migration minister is trying to step up its response and he stole your school locally says that other e.u. member states had promised to do far more to help. unfortunately the behavior of the european union that abundance greece and italy with their fish is common. is unacceptable because according to previous agreements the the those emigrants and the richest blokes in greece should be kidded to to the other
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member states of the european union according to the pope listens but there are some countries mainly the kind that he said governed by the right wing governments they're not accepting even one refugee you know it's very simple when it comes to fight no sort of question is whether tory pay your debts that said that there are very strict but even just to come to the political questions to the show their human values their phone days or they go to fear of their doing nothing. filling up anger in political a very you waste being dumped in the country details on a story after this.
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you know world's big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. so the politicians. basically stock the american public with. in the bellotti to negotiate for drugs and both parties who are financed very heavily by the pharmaceutical industry have done this so when your own people vote they should look at how much does this politician get from the power pharmaceutical industry.
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welcome back thousands of tons of european way across portugal is provoking a massive public outcry and rage presidents have been staging protests some of even taken the issue to court. because they are showing you the smile is the worst thing we can smell it a kilometer away because landfill i have a daughter who lives close by it's unbearable to give us it's impossible to be outside it's awful we can't even drink the water it's contaminated.
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that's when it came to we found out that in portugal the waste management fee for landfills was set at $10.00 euros per term one of the nur of the average is 80 euros you don't have to be an expert to understand that there's a huge economic opportunity to attract rubbish to portugal transforming our country into a kind of dusted for industrial waste. stream insofar as we're asking for the closure of the landfill because it is located 100 meters from a vocational college it is too close to the houses to therefore it does not respect legal limits and it is impossible to live like this. in response to a public outcry the portuguese environment minister says that oversees waste contracts will undergo a thorough review the soon as the current licenses expire in may.
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the us navy has expanded its nuclear arsenal by deploying new low power warheads on submarines capable of launching ballistic missiles currently on patrol in the atlantic they say the decision was made in an attempt to contain russia the pentagon claims it will lower the chances of a nuclear war russia says it's a dangerous mix. the department identified the requirement to modify a small number of submarine launch ballistic missile warheads to address the conclusion that potential adversaries like russia believe that employment of low yield nuclear weapons will give them an advantage over the united states and its allies and partners this reflects the fact that the united states is lowering the nuclear threshold thereby allowing itself to conduct a limited nuclear war and ensuring its victory in any such conflict and this new weapon is called the w $76.00 mob to you it's a low yield thermonuclear war had hits about 20 times less powerful than the earlier versions of the w $76.00 which had been in service on u.s.
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submarines since the cold war the top administration requested the new tactical nuke in the $28000.00 nuclear posture review we discussed the issue with security analyst and former u.k. army officer chelsea bridge. it is absolutely high risk i mean on the face of it reducing the size of nuclear weapons sounds an attractive option and it should surely be welcomed by everybody the problem is this is more tempting it may be for commanders for the united states for example in this case to point us weapon system . in circumstances which wouldn't have merited the deployment and use of the massively powerful systems that i currently have thinking perhaps that i might reduce civilian casualties and so on you can well imagine a situation where if for example president trump feels that international tension is rising that he could delegate for example the use of the so-called you know wield weapons to come out as in the field and therefore you've lost political control or to get russia doesn't need to worry because when he deploying
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a weapon against you that's low you know the whole theory appears to be flawed in this case even before that missile landed on enemy let's say russian or chinese target you would expect russia or china to have launched its own missile i was against the u.s. or its facilities in response you're watching us internationally thanks to our news coverage throughout this evening and don't forget we do have plenty more stories available head to our web site lots more there at r.t. dot com. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy people in front a shouldn't let it be an arms race is on offer and spearing dramatic development the only really going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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i walk through the streets of moscow now blood on $100.00 people i would pound each of them would have the changes of leukemia in the blood that they don't have to keep because in order for them that leukemia they need a demon. changes but they also need an environment that's receptive and one of the biggest areas of growth medicine in the future is be targeting virus changing new so the cancer doesn't want to. anscombe unity there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with arguments and there's a lot of conflict within the game and between the teams most of the conflicts i would say are over balls around money and most of them money is made. close one on
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the children's cosimo each other is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of the prison complex just to get some point to a life where. you don't care anymore nobody cares about your so your care might anything. and i mean another one of the highest in accounts when you're both a suit because the ballot itself mukti about. 2 hours in this way got to go out so hard not to think of the mother disappeared this moment the work of 8 hours and i don't mean to start then if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights his way. to. the floor and you can thank the fee on this bill
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frist woody allen you have called the ability to put a hold on the. what i think is this is the funds that is a constant. a q c of its revenue model registers dogs and registers litters so it's involved transactional relationship with those breeders and obviously the ones producing the most dogs are the largest still breeders so
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why is it going to crack down on those large scale breeders and sacrifice the revenue from a rigorous program that stops people from confining animals to care exposé them to extremes of even told they're going to lose revenue the american kennel club prides itself on being the only purebred registry in the united states with an ongoing routine kennel inspection program with a dedicated team of field inspectors casey says that it inspects kennels but they don't make any of those inspection records available. they say that they've got rigorous standards but they really don't what those standards are real terms they say that they kick people out we don't really have a comprehensive record of when they're doing that or what the consequences are even if they can still keep breathing and they can still keep operating so what's the
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value of their inspections program there in force and efforts for all we know are completely meaningless we don't know what they even inspect for when they go into these facilities because they don't make their inspection records public quite frankly if. they were meaningful inspections there would be no reason not to make them public. while the a k c boasts of a rigorous inspection program in 2011 only $1500000.00 of their $59000000.00 in revenue was spent to employ just 9 inspectors across the entire united states. big you see is a group that says it's the dogs champion but in practical terms is consistently leading the fight against efforts to establish humane dog breeding standards in the states of the federal level. over $5000.00 kennel inspections last
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year. the american kennel club. we make all this possible because you make us possible. just or your dog the only us registry that matters isn't a casey dot org and we're ever we advance that sort of legislation not radical not far reaching just basic fundamental anything that a pet owner would think is a minimal standard of care the casey opposes that since 2009 the a k c as opposed over 100 different bills regulations or ordinances that protect dogs in 2012 alone the a k c opposed to nebraska state bill that would require commercial breeders to have regular on site visits by a veterinarian a louisiana state bill that would prohibit all dog owners from stacking crates.


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