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tv   News  RT  February 6, 2020 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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an emergency meeting at the u.n. security council over an escalation in series italy province will convene in about an hour from now with us calling on russia to stop its military activities while moscow claims washington is protecting the last remaining had its. continuing chaos of the caucus as the chair of the democratic national committee calls for the heavily delayed results in iowa are to be reassessed amid concerns of irregularities and the key regional prime minister steps down in germany right after being elected in the middle huge fallout over a union struck between the german chancellor party and the right wing alternative for germany.
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hello good evening it's certain o'clock here in moscow you're watching r.t. international an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council is to convey new york in the next hour or so the session has been called by the u.k. u.s. and france and it follows an escalation between syrian government forces and turkey in italy. as more details. the u.n. security council is set to meet regarding the issue of ongoing fighting in the syrian city of lip the white house is calling for russia to end its efforts to back the ongoing offensive in the city against terrorists this is a dangerous conflict it needs to be brought to an end russia needs to change its policies now russia recently renewed its offensive against the terrorist forces in it live it is supporting efforts to take back the city from terrorists and jihad is forces now one particular group that the russian foreign ministry has pointed to as
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being very dangerous is called a yacht terrier al shaab and this is a terrorist group that is widely known around the world for its atrocities for example there are over 1400 attacks with tanks machine guns that have been heavy weaponry that have taken place recently in addition they have been countering civilian protest and ad lib against their ongoing presence in the presence of other militants that there have been attacks on humanitarian corridors which is a violation of international law in addition they have been using civilians as human shields now russia has also emphasized the recent deaths not just of syrian military personnel but specialists from both russia and turkey within the last 2 weeks of january a load it could have faced over 1000 to tug's the death toll a number of injured among syrian troops and civilians outside the deescalation zone has already passed hundreds of people russian in turkish special this also among those tragically killed now moscow has pointed to recent statements from the u.s.
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government that seem to indicate that the usa views the to rear terrorists as if they are somehow a legitimate opposition group. we would like to highlight several statements made by western countries 1st of all by the u.s. in which the terrorist so high out to real shum are being painted as an opposition force and protected under the pretext of establishing a ceasefire but we've been saying no to a ceasefire with terrorists so this will never happen now the russian foreign ministry has pointed to some inconsistency is in statements from u.s. leaders the usa pointed to the killing of al baghdadi as the end of isis and saying that a high isis was 100 percent wiped out the eisel terrorist were no more however there has been continued instability and terrorist groups continue to have strength in other parts of syria u.s. sent home and the d i a both assess that the october death of al baghdadi did not result in any immediate
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degradation to isis's capabilities following the death of isis leader abu bakar al baghdadi the group's capabilities in syria remain the same so there are clearly differences among the international community when it comes to the ongoing offensive against terrorism in the syrian province of ellipse so all eyes will be on the security council as the emergency meeting is scheduled to begin well since 2001 when the us declared a war on terror terrorism and adopted the you know this militarized approach to terrorism you know what the world has seen has been an absolute it's explosion of terrorism you know into areas where it never even existed before and of course this this was really entirely predictable there is no military solution to terrorism there's a very simple solution to terrorism which is to stop doing it and what we're seeing
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in syria is the result of the u.s. supporting these. islamised extremist groups in syria to. try and overthrow the government. now the chair of the democratic national committee has called for a reassessment of the results much maligned. soft diets were raised whether they were functionally correct so let's get the latest live the ceremony to orca from the americas she's with us good evening she said a cool them for a recount of the results just run through exactly what this means and perhaps this could change things. that's right so let me break it down the iowa caucus the democratic caucus still missing a whopping 3 percent of the results the race is very very close extremely close to judge is in the lead with 26.2 percent bernie sanders right behind with only 26 point one percent then we have warren with 18.2 percent and of course joe biden
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with 15.8 percent but what a judge and sanders do have each 11 delegates basically whoever gets the 1st primary amount of delegates and reaches the $1191.00 before the primaries gets the election but it's clearly too close to call even with 3 percent still missing but in the last hour like you mentioned d.n.c. chairman took to twitter to announce this campus. enough is enough in light of the problems that have emerged in the implementation of the delegate selection plan and in order to assure public confidence in the results i am calling on the i would democratic party to immediately begin a recount this. so. tweet really came unexpected for the democrats who have already seen a lot of how it came as a surprise to them so at this rate canvas means it's similar to recount but not quite we may be seeing another caucus of sorts to go back and seeing
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a recount of sorts rather to see who will win and it looks like sanders is very close to to judge but both have been pretty quick to to welcome that leave sanders did. welcome that leader earlier today and booted judge on tuesday night also welcoming that lead even before they had the majority of the result and it's all been caused by this error called from the application called shadow the air and coding that could not delay that these are important results and it's also important to note that this these are these primaries the caucus in iowa the new next one in new hampshire and then south carolina and nevada they really are important to kind of give these candidates the 1st momentum in this race but without the iowa results they could be moving to the now new hampshire were only days away from that but it's also interesting to point out that earlier this week president trump held a campaign rally in des moines iowa and earlier this week where he showed
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apparently record numbers of reports note the huge or a larger crowd than any other democrat had in the year of the campaign events but we will keep monitoring the results of the iowa caucus and what this really canvas means for the democrats who are right now clearly in having we'll be monitoring that for you too ok thanks for the latest thought was this are known to stoke some aussie america thank you. human labor ron schiller done koblick disbelieve the whole mess the other cool this was no accident. the truth is that the damage has already been done i mean i was a small state it doesn't end that many delegates what i were present is the chance for the front runner who appears to be bernie sanders to be able to come in and have a strong showing and to gloat and say look on the front runner i'm going to win this thing and that's been taken away from bernie sanders by what has happened in our
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nuclear they're not going to use this a out the shadow app. in other primaries but i fear there is going to be more trouble me a lot of us believe this is not accidental the powers that be at the democratic party do not want bernie to be their candidate they appear to be willing to burn the whole house down and to lose to trump rather than have a fairly moderate social democrat be their candidate and so i think you will see more problems. twitter and you tube have been changes to the way they fight doctored materials but the vague wording in the new rules is now raising questions one quarter is that in terms we all like a good me i know i do and that's why i'm here to warn you that there are potentially in danger because of twitter's new war on altered images and videos
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that might mislead voters we know that some tweets include many plaited photos or videos that can cost people harm today we're introducing a new rule and a label that will address and give people more context around this tweets one man satire is another man's trigger there's bound to be those who will find hilarious songs like this one unhealthy for a political discourse i love it when you told me. you did. every song. what is boiled its definition of so-called doctored images down to a few cry. tyria editing of the contents composition changes in its visual or auditory information and anything that simulates real people but who actually gets to make the call on what does or doesn't harm is anyone's guess are these trump dog and rocky memes politically misleading maybe this one with bernie sanders is harmful a political satire well it's always bound to hurt someone's feelings but if you're
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not on twitter don't think this isn't going to step on your toes you tube's got its own version of this new policy of the 2020 lection season kicks into high gear in the united states people who visit you tube to learn about the candidates and watch the election season. over the last few years we've increased or if it's to make. news and information as well as an open platform for healthy political discourse you remember that video trump supporters made portraying their president massacring the mainstream media and the church it was funny to them to the mainstream media well they were a bit offended the white house correspondents association says it is horrified by this and is calling on president trump to denounce the video c.b.s. has decided not to show that video we can't show this video because it's so disgusting it's extremely violent it is disturbing and those bad liberating videos could also be interpreted as politically misleading or probably every day like
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a bug just quit right here. we need new babies out there think we need time to make new ones because the old ones just become so big twitters netizens have already picked up on the controversy because people were kind of these funny as he is this i love how you used the word doctored because that's the and he said tucker means the left caught me on twitter oh yeah well now no one can make your bed in the games which may cause harm to the draft we can read between the lines there will be no unimproved in the people's republic of twitter come. it seems that without any ultimate authority to make the call on what is and isn't a violation so many decisions will be left to the rules vague wording who knows how internet freedom will fare as a result. in a major shake up in german politics a key regional prime minister has quit just hours after taking up the post amid
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a huge backlash over a political union that brought him to power the all flues all this just resignation was inevitable the dissolution of the parliament is inevitable if detroit yesterday with a perilous trick of damage democracy there was no cooperation with the f.t. there is no such cooperation and will never be told us carrick they're quick to say that he had nothing to do with the deal with alternative for germany well how long he sticks around at the higher levels of the free democratic party with that may be measured in hours similar to his reign as prime minister of the state of to ensure he's fairly much in the firing line at the moment and has been a huge backlash to this situation it's unfolded in to india backlash from politicians also from the public is well it follows this union basically this alliance between the c.d.u. which is angular merkel's party on the right wing alternative for germany party the
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f.d.a. to support and back thomas kennedy to be the prime minister of the state of 2 of india that resulted in condemnation condemnation from all the high angle of merkel herself having something to say about it and this is unforgivable and that's why the result must be reversed the election of this prime minister was a unique process that broke with the basic conviction of the c.d.u. and also of mine namely that no majorities should be won with the help of the f.t. this is a ban today for democracy. chancellor merkel have to say something because she often repeated that promise that there would be no alliance between alternative for germany and her pristine democratic union it's really seen as the big to boo in german politics to have anything to do with a half day to try and gears them to gain power in fact you saw large demonstrations
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across germany on wednesday evening against what we've seen happening today nya. is one of the smallest states in the german federal republic but the rock that's been thrown in there and not pool has certainly cast ripples far afield christian linda who's the head of the free democratic party that thomas kennedy belongs to
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least for now in fact he's called for votes of confidence while speaking to party leadership when it comes to the cd themselves local representatives in the states of today just saying they don't want to see new elections in the state it does look like that's the direction we're heading in at the moment when you look at that it's hard to think that would have been possible just a short while ago while angle a miracle was hades of the christian democratic union that there would be a local faction of the policy that would be so publicly. against what head office is saying. there will be a meeting of christian democratic union top brass here in berlin on friday as they continue to discuss the fallout from what's going on in the state elections we've got reaction to the story from both sides of germany's political spectrum. parliament voted with this majority for those liberal and it is clear that our
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problem deputies from f.t. also supported this liberal candidate but it's completely constitutional completely democrat democratic the political left wing a leader and a centrist a leader bolen is not a willing to accept that in a federal state the parliament elects a liberal to be prime minister because to say he has the support of the wrong after wrong party f.t. into renia as the 2nd largest force and people voted for them it shows in which state democracy in germany is an hour after government of i get our merkel to lead the. regional federal government and you let it through fascist this is. a group of a child who's it's not a question of legal it's a quest question of politics in this year. of course in the professional political. system on the federal level you are professional you move all and you
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think forward rich scenarios. and if you know that sooner you can happen the year for the. kind of trick tries to bring in. government religion to meet it it's all just politics you should do anything to him. now a healthy girl has been living in a moscow hospital her whole life is being handed to social services that decision has been made by a court after her parents failed to take her home for 5 years. this girl is 5 years old and she's had a bizarre sheltered life this is the room where she lives it's not in a house or apartment and her relatives are not by her side it's an elite private hospital in central moscow and for entire life she has never left his grounds for the wrestling machine or stressing me or her up in washington.
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equal. to be here with him but. the voice or sharing is not her mother it's her nanny the mother has decided that her daughter is hopelessly ill and must be confined to a hospital. however doctors say that the girl is perfectly healthy and there is no medical reason to keep her in the clinic although they have been unable to discharge or without parental consent nor the reason i don't wish she doesn't know and yet in life but she's a good normal girl the girl's parents have paid the hospital huge sums of money almost $200000.00 a year to keep her there in the company of private nannies almost
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a year ago the parents stop sending their payments but they still refused to take her home and a legal battle has been raging so the hospital convinced the parents to leave their child in the hospital all this time i think that's the logical conclusion if the child has been hospital for 5 years and the parents are not doctors they just pay the bills how reliable is information the child is healthy there is no need for her to stay in hospital. on monday the court delivered its verdict that over and your resume can the parents are to be stripped of parental rights to the girl and she will be placed in the custody of child welfare services perhaps soon she will finally leave the confines of the hospital and see the world she has been drawing for all these years while the parents can appeal that decision but russian officials have said that the you hope to eventually give the girl to her grandparents. as a tons of european waste in landfills across portugal is provoking
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a massive public outcry and rage residents have been staging protests some even taking the issue to court. the smell is the worst thing we can smell it a kilometer away because landfill i have a daughter who is caused by it's unbearable to give us it's impossible to be outside it's awful we can't even drink the water it's contaminated. we found out that in portugal the waste management fee for landfills was set at $10.00 euros per term one of the nur of the average is 80 euros you don't have to be an expert join to stand with those huge economic opportunity to attract rubbish
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to portugal transforming our country into a kind of dusted for industrial waste. stream and survive we're asking for the closure of the landfill because it is located 100 meters from a vocational college it is too close to the houses to therefore it does not respect legal limits and it is impossible to live like this. in response to a public outcry the portuguese environment minister says that oversees waste contracts will now undergo a thorough review as soon as the current licenses do expire in may. more i place have been dispatched to the greek island of less boss amid growing protests by refugees there this week officers fired tear gas as hundreds of migrants demanded better living conditions in camps migrants at the overcrowded morea camp on the island have complained of appalling conditions the 3000 person
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facility currently has is more than 6 times that number of asylum seekers residents also say there's been a lack of a leg. tricity and also water. for people who do have. them already are very pollutes the small you will get big probably the jungle the gerbil rubbish. all of chilling sick. warm are a must and i live in libya and i'm really is very much since has been struggling to contain a growing number of refugee applications it has committed to relocate migrants marlon's to the mainland and to speed up processing asylum claims but with just a few 100 relocated so far greece's migration minister is vowing to step up its response. to those says other e.u. member states have promised to do far more to help. unfortunately this
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behavior of the european union that abundance greece and italy with which is coming. is unacceptable because according to previous agreements the the those. in the richest bloke in greece should be relocated to to the other member states of the european union according the verbal belligerence but there are some risks mainly because there is governed by the right wing governments they're not accepted even one refugee you know is very simple when it comes to financial questions whether to repair your bed etc there are very strict but even just to come to the political questions. of the show the human values the foundations of the european europe they're doing nothing. clashes have erupted in bethlehem between palestinians and israeli forces he was searching for
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a running attack. dozens of palestinians holed rocks and projectiles at least rain soldiers israeli forces responded take gas but the county police and also sang bones brains were all safe and it is not the neighboring towns like i challenge where the vehicle involved any attack is reportedly spotting an israeli army 12 soldiers were injured in central jerusalem on thursday morning when they when they were banned by tank comes amid continuing fallout over trump's peace plan. so i bring you updates as i things looking here so far today on our table back again at the top of the.
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imagine anyone knowing. that i will not or. there's none she knew not. can if you could quote was more greek if the book was anonymous than any it will be like the battle they are made for the r.c. of a garage that allowed that to be. the one that are being. given to people. who give the newly married. what the how do we are all our d. s. when i last are shown in our inner door jane me behold. why do men not well known asia was so on are just. so the politicians are of the basically stock the american public with the ability
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to negotiate for drugs and. both parties who are very heavily by the pharmaceutical industry have done this so people vote how much does this. pharmaceutical industry. there are a lot of lawmakers in the state of missouri that we know huge financial contributions from agricultural industry groups those are the groups that oppose proposition be and there is no doubt in our minds same groups pressured lawmakers to overturn proposition and before the session even started there were bills that were.
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just that you feel bad because he was repealed but you know all of your work. has made a dramatic difference for this i mean just the fact that almost half these facilities are out of business who could have envisioned that things are definitely much improved with many of the worst operations but you still have chronic while leaders who are operating you still have. you still have. some folks believe they can do whatever they want there are so many issues. everybody is struggling in their own way that we don't necessarily want to pick up the other guy struggle eventually i have to go back. and face this neighbor the other neighbors and i will meet them a church at the grocery store a meeting at the restaurant at the sale barn and i'm responsible. and i think this is where the buck ends we really have to take responsibility.
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as producers and as consumers i think for the public very clearly you know you have a choice in the. at the store. to try to fix it. if you can't. ignore the problem down the street. at 1st it was i wanted to educate people who had no idea.


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