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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  February 29, 2020 4:30pm-5:01pm EST

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our crap task to corporate media is furious bernie sanders is winning. i think we all know what happens next i think we all know what time it is we're joined by this incredible new york times story breaking tomorrow morning we got to tonight which is the russians are coming again the russians are in the ring in this election we're right now yeah. they're already in their dog sleds bearing down on us right now whatever it is they used to commute i don't know i don't know maybe maybe they reanimated those woolly mammoth to keep frozen in siberia and now they're riding on their backs we don't know how we got out whatever it is horrifying. you probably recall last week every outlet was running around trying to get sanders elected but also trying to get trouble like they're trying to get everyone to lack a. show of democracy. but then.
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they threw days later what did we find out the u.s. doesn't yet have the evidence actually concludes that russia is interfering in the election was you know you're so quick in a long rope or could you speak up the u.s. doesn't yet have the evidence actually concludes that russia is interfering in the election doesn't yet have the evidence that even and now they're going to find the evidence but in the meantime we'll keep spraying toxic sludge out of our face holes so c.n.n. and the other outlets basically came out and said they've been logging for 2 straight days but have no fear no one expects anything less. and that video we just saw was embedded in an article what did the headline of that article say to us intelligence really for ok years have overstated assessments of 2020 russian interference. peers to have overstated. yes when you spend 2 days claiming that
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russia is trying to get sanders and trouble like dead and then you spend 6 seconds saying nevermind we have no evidence of that so that does appear to be overstating . well i'll say right now that everyone working at c.n.n. is actually a skin suit tied around a hive of dung beetles. and balled up cold war propaganda posters that are drenched in the urine of our corporate masters. oh wait. i don't yet have as a didn't have any and. i appear to have overstated my. eyes as jim director fairness and accuracy in reporting stated this week corporate media almost seem to be in panic mode there used to paternalistically saying oh you might
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like this idea medicare for all but it's not possible and they're used to defining what is possible i think it's the breaking apart from their conventional wisdom and what large numbers of people are coming to accept as the possible yes but what the paternalistic corporate media doesn't realize is my dad was an abusive drunk are i not are listening to a word you say and i think. that you like the way you got started again ray for 4 hours there's a brain because you were too busy talking that fellow sex worker peggy get back ha a new mom that you got even you know like a cookie with the phrase goes autumn. i may have made that your personal. but i imagine the story is the same for only 70 percent of america you remember dumas right anyway to make a long story short our corporate media is horrified that they are unable to tell us
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what to do anymore it used to be that they could snap their fingers and say sorry health care isn't feasible sorry regulating wall street isn't feasible shari war in iraq is a must sorry big bank there is quality television and we just all sat there going. but now we're telling them to eat a mangy. in a more absurdly acceptable way i'm not capable and in return they are comparing us to nazis. but it's too late the gate keepers are no more coming to you from washington d.c. to build a base. while
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trying to make a valid picture news from behind it president trump is supporting mike pence in charge of the coronavirus response the right we're putting our hope of stopping a pandemic in the hands of the guy who believes herpes is the lord's punishment for truckstop glory holes this is gonna go awesome i know off ladder earth or we can make the head of nasa to turn down we can get to the moon from by just jumping really hard. moving on to harvey weinstein the movie mogul and source material for the title of inglorious basterds was convicted of 2 of the 5 counts of sexual assault in new york city this week his career is now dead and his reputation is survived by no one. but even when in custody and convicted he's still getting privileged treatment the 67 year old was handcuffed and was set to be taken to the infirmary at rikers island
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but was rerouted along the way to bellevue hospital for high blood pressure if he weren't movie mogul harvey weinstein do you think they would have taken him to the hospital no non rick's non-famous nonwhite guys would be taken straight to prison hell none rich non white guys can't even get into hospitals when they aren't under arrest they walked out the window with. me while weinstein comes in with 2 armed guards. shackles around his neck and they go right there's ways we have an executive hospital so we just know i love good will hunting. but don't worry despite allegedly raping multiple women harvey weinstein still has fans out there still caused publicist all the. you heard a sad day for the judicial system.
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did they think this statement would help cause to be or. who came up with this came planned like. mr cosby we think the best way to refurbish your image is to show your allegiance to other rapists you know so there's a real a real solid community of kinship if you will and it doesn't matter whether the other people want to be in your rapist club because consent is not required. i mean a lower form of life than bill cosby's publicist. could cut i think i think of every publicist as pretty damn gross to begin with i think of the publicist for an adorable amish apple butter company as just above an ingrown hair . so imagine being cause to be homeless and
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moving on to another club of awful human beings so un has released a list of $112.00 companies with ties to the evil legal israeli settlements they include air b.n. b. general mills trip advisor dot com motorola. expedient. dot org and amazon. also amazon. and only 5 of those are actually true. i just get bored. with lists to spice it up a little amazon is not actually on the un's list but it came out just recently that they were delivering to israeli settlements for free while charging a great deal for deliveries in palestinian areas so the point is every time you think of one of those companies. moving on to the world's most famous political prisoner julian assange extradition trial began this week lissa johnson one of the doctors who wrote an open letter in the lamp that
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medical journal demanding the end of torture and neglect for julian a songe has been reporting on his trial she said that in day one they learned he's kept in a bulletproof glass box making it hard to hear or see his own trial and in day 2 they learned he was handcuffed 11 times the night before stripped naked twice and changed to cells 5 times which is essentially the definition of psychological torture designed to make it impossible for him to defend himself meanwhile harvie wife stays in a comfy hospital bed. right now. granted it's a hospital room which is you know probably a little under cooked in the shell doesn't have that satisfactory little crack you know a little crack when you tackle used by clever light of the. point is to call a songes trial like a court would be an insult to kangaroo. thank
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you thank god thank you thank you ruth spend their formative months living inside. that feels like a snob sandwich. and that is less grotesque then what is happening to julian assange. furthermore while our united states crime family is insisting on extraditing assan from britain they're refusing to give up a cia agent who killed a british team in the high ranking cia agent has been charged with striking and killing a british teen while she was driving on the wrong side of the road in the u.k. near a u.s. air force listening post however now that she's back here our government is refusing to extradite her so apparently publishing information our government doesn't want people to see not only actually diable but they believe punishable by
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over a 100 years in prison however a kettle killing british teenagers not a crime i mean it does make a little sense from does that kind of thing all the time in the park air force one on one of those british preschools last time i was there that killed 32 children yes but boris johnson was willing to overlook it because that's what friends are for we have a special relationship with the brits we murder people and they don't do anything about it. if that's our special i don't know what is. kind of like bill cosby and everyone's. thinking of getting away with murder this past week was the 55th anniversary of malcolm x.'s assassination one of the most most influential black leaders in american history and if he were alive today i think he'd view everything is going great. think about it 3 out of the 8 main contenders for president are billionaires and all our white i'm sure he'd love it as you may know 3 men were
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convicted for gunning down malcolm x. in 1965 he gave a speech in new york city but a new netflix series has prompted the new york city district attorney's office to review those convictions and reinvestigate who's actually responsible for killing malcolm x. one of those convicted thomas hagan was caught and confessed but he said the. other 2 had nothing to do with it in fact the other 2 work even after the event that day and the series who killed malcolm x. shows via freedom of information act request that the f.b.i. knew the shooter who actually fired the deadly shot was a man named william bradley and he was never arrested for it in fact he went on to become a respected member of the community in newark new jersey and the f.b.i. never told the n.y.p.d. and never told the american public they just they just lent 2 innocent men run in prison for a crime they didn't commit it's simply disgusting someone should look in to this
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organization this f.b.i. . i mean this is they sound like they are not good people. we should we should take thanks we should take one of our crime fighting outfits maybe the federal bureau of investigation and have them dig into this f.b.i. because this is not call. anywhere well done netflix series this is the biggest real world results of a netflix original show since stranger things caused many americans to piss themselves whatever they saw a ball a little girl. not me though i've been pissing myself since way before was told where to go to a short break but i'm coming for live in austin texas flagstaff and tucson arizona and new york city tickets and details of redacted tour dot com and part of my tour for my new book bullet points and punch lines grab
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a copy and leave camp book dot com i'll be right back a lot lower. if you know you don't put it do 50 noise good number 2 number one when you have no kids you didn't go to sleep home and phone and don't going to. see
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you did all the good that you did and that of all who said the. culture was in the market for trick our young. people. and i didn't misunderstand i don't have an opinion on that he would love. to find out to find his or. something to motivate to you to be overseeing your son some of it to. go to shows. locals to the world put him in this little unusual usual usenet group with the most from. the new. to the supreme true will mean are just. joined me every thursday on the elec simon chill and i'll be speaking to us of the
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world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that. the republicans have a reputation as knowing more about money than the democrats but the democrats are always very confusing and so bernie sanders is just out of a tradition he's talking about socialism which again is a the. it's a it's a model based on a comprehensible. non existent sciri about money. right but. this week attorney general and adorable ogre muppet william barton announced sanctions on so-called sanctuary cities and states where local law enforcement don't know why operate with ice to deport undocumented immigrants or whatever.
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it is why it is an abrasive native new yorker naomi go about it. very. very soon ok. what are you looking for the interview post look at. our sanctions something we do against enemy countries that's exactly sanctions on iran and china were such a success on so trump is bringing them home to sanction ourselves 1st new york city but let's be honest we had it coming it's too diverse and the public transit functions way too well to be part of the u.s. . but what is the country going to do without new york city get bagels from put naira. people will be dead by noon. nearly the sanctions are not regular or goes oh so you're now an expert on this story you know what you do it.
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it's your job. oh local came crawling back. so local police in sanctuary cities were fumes to work with ice because undocumented immigrants are less likely to report crimes making the city more unsafe so trump decided to sanction the police a federal court has ruled that he can withhold millions in law enforcement grants to 4 states. cooperate with immigration enforcement. i can't believe he's taking money from the police that's ridiculous i thought he loved racists fascists. even know him and i are. good so i don't like the police having less money to buy fewer military grade weapons oh yeah community crime branch drug treatment programs are also getting sanctions so there will be more crime for the police to handle and then voila they'll be forced to allow ice to come into their jails or the sanctuary of california will be run by a drug cartel i mean
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a different drug cartel than the workers who run the same state now so we are you ready for the civil war coming up mark this is not a war it's a war you think the feds are sending in swat teams to make friends there swat teams involved yet washington is sending specially trained officers in the border patrol tactical unit or board tac that are morally involved in high risk and potentially violent operations to sanctuary cities such as chicago new york san francisco and l.a. and they're sending their best. this video was taken recently at a border patrol tactical unit training which offers agents a chance to prepare for high risk operations becoming a member is no easy feat candidates undergo weeks of intense exercises in small unit and defensive tactics operation planning and vance weapon skills and air mobile operations you know i like how they jump in the water. public pools should
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have swat team hours so it's only fair for the word. this is a war why are you panicking lee sure it's a war against america's most liberal cities go we have hundreds of freelance graphic designers slash d.j. slash nannies on our side. every we work is a situation room. we're really waging war and sanctioning our own cities. and i mean these want teams won't necessarily round up more undocumented immigrants were to patrol can't search or arrest anyone without a warrant or reasonable suspicion but they can scare the shit out of everyone i mean imagine seeing a guy carrying a gay grenades an arm or just walking on the sidewalk and imagine how slow that guy will walk way down by all the gear. you know i better practice getting stuck behind one hey hey i walk in here you are then my grandmother and she's
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dead. ok. these are very real mainstream media mouthpieces have found another revenue stream the. quality biased reporting for more we go to war truth barbara gag orders bought it. as media companies consolidate and journalists are tasked with 3 jobs at once it only makes sense that they would need a side hustle to make extra money like bartending waitressing selling vital organs letting men photograph your feet and in my case renting my place out on air b.n. b. . so you're not working i don't have a hot tub. in that case i wouldn't go in the kitchen for like an hour.
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but. should be just as cautious about their side hustle being a conflict of interest as they would be about giving total strangers their address to wreck their kitchens and ethically questionable side hustles don't seem to be a concern for many washington journalists who are in tens of thousands of dollars. as the top of lobbying groups prepping fossil fuel interests the health care industry and big pharma. thanks to organizations like washington speakers bureau all american speakers bureau and kepler speakers journalists and t.v. pundits are hopping on a gravy train that retired politicians and strategists have been writing for a while such as donna brazil and michael steele who apparently thomas some 2 for one prepackaged black history month deal today dozens of mainstream journalists are at a lobbying groups the supposal to give a washington perspective on hot button issues for the price of
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a poor americans catastrophic medical bill lobbyist can access andrea mitchell carl bernstein the devil and p.b.s. news judy woodruff who hosted 821000 leadership award ceremony for the american hospital association an organization which is anti medicare for all though i guess i can't blame judy woodruff for needing the extra cash she works for a network that tries to bribe americans with d.v.d.'s of woody allen documentaries and his movies in order to get regular funding each year but of course it doesn't help that n.b.c.'s meet the press moderator chuck todd is also host of the american hospital association health care leadership breakfast with a preview of how the 116th congress will impact politics and policy or about fox news as chris wallace spoke at the american fuel and petrochemical manufacturers meeting in san antonio last year despite the fact that this lobbying group in
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question was one of several that lobbied for bills nationwide that would criminalize the protest of oil pipelines of course if you're a fossil fuel lobbying group your 1st choice would be as someone from a network news anchors are constantly full of hot toxic gas but the hot gas from the mouths of shonn here. tucker carlson and others have now combined with the greenhouse gases that warmed the earth and when the journalists and anchors who are supposed to cover issues like climate change get paid to hobnob with the very people who caused them then it's no surprise that in 20 teens the major nightly news and sunday morning political shows on the national broadcast networks spent a combined total of just 142 minutes on climate change and almost a 3rd of that came from a single climate focused episode of meet the press on december 30th. it's bad
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enough that we know our mainstream media networks are funded by weapons contractors fossil fuel companies and other industries that would make impartiality impossible but refusing to accept anything from interest groups is basic journalism one o one and if more mainstream media reporters did this then maybe we'd see more stories about why we live in a society where a side hustle is even necessary to survive from reporters who are too rich to even need one so the t.v. in my room isn't getting fox news ok if you read your air b.n. b. agreement it says we don't have any trash receptacles in my rooms. reporting from my house natalie mcgill redacted tonight. the intergovernmental panel on climate change says humanity has less than 3591 days until the point of no return for a climate change about
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a 100 bucks to help that go down a little easier here's your tracer. yesterday i almost stepped in a pile of dog. but then i changed my mind. that just shows what you get every average joe you do god does your dad through the night and all the bread. new app called portable t.v. it's a portable got t.v. flash down your load and get appropriate until next time. 2 play.
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look. and very well might continue watching on since last. nuclear become a battleground in the u.s. . and people lived a month in the shutdown of a local plant for my yankee is right now my focus because it's a very dangerous oh no claire power plant the owner is attempting to run the reactor beyond its operational limits this case just sort of puts a magnifying glass on where's the power in this country where's it going is it moving more towards corporate interests or is it more in the idea of a traditional participatory democracy as are power lie with the people this case
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demonstrates that struggle in the very real ways. a struggle. the point is should we actually be charging for it because this is when we charge for things it's because it's been a benefit to the person who's bought it and that's the audiology took over education about 30 or 40 years ago but the perspective of education was originally that education is a benefit for saudi in general i wouldn't want to live in a society without doctors or engineers all saw it as what happened without economists. saying it of being a profit benefit ignoring the public means that we're ignoring that the skill bias we need for a sophisticated society and putting the burden of that school biases on the individuals and what we've turned it into is just now the trying institution of higher education become a form a version of a real estate scam that is not devices for a functional saudi. your
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. hopes for peace in afghanistan is the u.s. and the taliban sign a deal to end america's longest war washington expects for a move. all of its troops from the country in the next 14 months after almost 2 decades of conflict and thousands of lives drugs also the migrants cache creek police only country's border with turkey that after anchor announced it would no longer prevent refugees from heading to europe and researches it knits universalise a report alleging for ordering the bolivian election does fulfill on evidence president evo morales left his post amid mass protest over supposed irregularities .


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