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a new front runner in the u.s. democrats raise take on the donald trump joe biden sweeps in super tuesday but facing a backlash well over his iraq war policies. are . days after a peace deal with washington the taliban kills over 20 soldiers and police in afghanistan while the u.s. responds with airstrikes. and a greek police clash with asylum seekers. over refugees deepens. thousands of people. trying to watch the from the whole.
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thing as we were trying to film we were still. being schooled. by looks like. they're broadcasting live. this is our chief international and sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us now former u.s. vice president joe biden has taken the reins of the democratic candidate race for the 2020 election he is now the front runner after a stunning comeback on so-called super tuesday biden won 10 percent 10 of the 14 states up for grabs while progressive senator bernie sanders claimed 4 including california the state with the most delegates following super tuesday as the polls have biden is now the clear leader in what is fast becoming a 2 man race but some. of his earlier decisions could be coming back to haunt him
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after 2 u.s. veterans confronted by over his support of the iraq war. i wondered why he. didn't really. rocking. the pipelines that was. going to happen. oh yes we are and. you didn't do it meanwhile michael bloomberg has announced he is ending his run for the democratic 2020 presidential nomination after suffering a wipeout in super tuesday voting the billionaire and former new york mayor has now thrown his support behind joe biden breaking down developments here's artie's came up. after a poor showing on super tuesday when 14 different us states voted in the presidential primary michael bloomberg seems to be ending his campaign now this is
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after spending roughly half a $1000000000.00 on his presidential campaign the most expensive primary campaign in the history of the united states and many looked on and saw the amount of money bloomberg was spending the fact that he had advertisements on the super bowl and on many different places just the ads were popping up all over social media etc then joked about it but many also worry that it appeared almost that michael bloomberg was attempting to buy the democratic nomination let's take a listen. to mayor bloomberg. we. see and i look your docket up gardner selected bloomberg certainly had his detractors donald trump was known for criticizing bloomberg for his height calling him many mike many others some in the
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democratic camp were critical of his policies when he was the new york city mayor they pointed out issues like police brutality stop and frisk that took place under his administration furthermore revelations about sexism and activities in his businesses and some of the culture of sexual harassment when he worked in the business sector in the private sector out of that was pointed out as well and at this point as he's dropped out it seems like he's giving his supporters a message this is what he had to say 3 months ago on into the race for president to do if you don't know trump today i'm leaving the race for the same reason to defeat donald trump because it is clear to me that staying in would make it shooting that go more difficult mike bloomberg followed the pattern of other recent drop outs of the democratic primary putting all his weight by. joe biden take a listen i am ending my campaign and endorsing joe biden i.
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i am looking for a president who will draw out what is best in each of us and i'm encouraging everybody who's part of my campaign to join me because we have found a leader in vice president soon to be president joe biden now at this point we've got many figures in the democratic establishment or lining up behind jill biden many observers are viewing this as a sensually an effort to defeat and stop bernie sanders the upsurge of support for bernie sanders is seen as a threat to the democratic party establishment i think there was there's certainly been a concerted effort as far as i can tell by what we could call moderates in the democratic party to try to find a candidate behind whom they can unite and that was the i would be vice president biden's so i would be very surprised if pressure had not been brought to bear on on both the jazz club char and bloomberg to get out of the race i think most
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democratic party officials so quickly those elected officials their biggest concern is not actually defeating donald trump it's making sure that they stay reelected this is why i think so many people in the democratic party were really concerned about senator sanders being the nominee it's it's not just that he would not be able to defeat donald trump but that he might cause severe reaction among voters 'd with many of the down ticket democratic candidates while joe biden was propelled into pole position on super tuesday senator elizabeth warren's campaign was dealt a crippling blow she failed to place in the top 2 in any of the 14 voting states and is under pressure from bernie sanders supporters to drop out of the competition to avoid splitting the progressive vote president trump well he just couldn't resist taking a dig either. so selfish. elizabeth warren to stay in the race she has 0 chance of even coming close to winning but her husband badly so much for that wonderful liberal friendship will he ever speak to her again she cost him massachusetts and
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came in 3rd he shouldn't. more and disappointment will likely be compounded by the fact that she finished a distant 3rd in her home state of massachusetts and supporters of bernie sanders claim that her decision to stay in the race cost the self-styled democratic socialist victories in 3 states and a bigger wins in several others they have also pointed out parallels with the 2016 race in which warren accused of the green party's jill stein of helping to sway the election in donald trump's favor anything you do that helps donald trump get one inch closer to the white house is a danger to all of us vote 1st time moves donald trump closer to the white house would love to see the venn diagram of people who are still mad at jill stein for being a spoiler in 2016 and those now insisting the war and won't be helping by the name she stays in the race for the record if you're blaming warren for tonight's results
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maybe you should reconsider your defense of voting for joe stein if a vote for jewel stein in 2016 was a vote for trump then a vote for war and today is a vote for joe biden sorry i didn't make the rules we spoke to political analyst. about the democratic battle who described elizabeth warren's fall from grace as karma for her earlier comments about the green party. i guess for elizabeth warren this is kind of karma but what we see that is the general chaos in the in the democratic party is quite clear that the democratic establishment they have a plan is their plan is to is to is to advance a so-called centrist and that's exactly what they did coming out of south carolina the use of biden's win to south carolina to to create momentum and to encourage that and i think colin and amy 2 from
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minnesota to drop out so that all of the far it can be directed toward bernie sanders and a little bit want to play the role in that by staying in the race completely devastated michael bloomberg but she also undermined bernie sanders but the 4 of the focus really should just be on elizabeth warren the focus should be on the kind of machinations coming from the democratic party to try to. undermine bernie sanders because we all know is anybody but bernie. there is supposed to be a path towards peace between the u.s. and the taliban right now but that appears to be unraveling this wednesday washington has conducted an airstrike against the islamist group in afghanistan's helmand province after a series of deadly taliban attacks overnight which killed more than 20 afghan soldiers and police officers and all with the ink barely dry on
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a peace accord he's my financial and the cost of elements for. a historic peace deal we heard that will pave the way to peace and prosperity in afghanistan we heard it took 19 years to come to this point and of course needless to say the world expected a lot plus just hours before donald trump was on the phone call with the taliban's leader and the group's chief negotiator but a 35 minute conversation and here i can agree of truly historic moment a direct contact between a u.s. leader and its senior taliban official here's donald trump talking about we had a very good conversation with the leader of the taliban today. they're looking to get this and we're looking to get it and we had a good long conversation today and. they want to seize the violence and now we see the u.s. responding with an airstrike that they present as a move of self defense unclear why since the taliban never attacked the americans
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that it is agreement include they will draw all of u.s. troops and its nato allies from afghanistan there are still 12000 around 12000 soldiers and officers stationed in afghanistan and that is seen as a positive move by so many as a trust building measure as they said the taliban was promised to see $5000.00 common political prisoners released promised by who by washington so what basically happened is that washington promised something it cannot guarantee and plus it has 0 soroti to do the result if get a government does not seem to agree. there is no commitment to release $5000.00 prisoners i have shared this with dr colleagues this is the right and the decision of the people of afghanistan that they have requested it so it could be included in the agenda of the interim afghan talks but it cannot be a prerequisite for talks. it sounds like a person for
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a parallel reality you know another one. world then you have to remember that there ghana crisis is a very complex one there are many sides involved and what is desperately needed for peace and prosperity is to see all these parties involved on the same page and this is by the way something that has been trying to do so many times bringing all these parties including the government the taleban to more to seat and talk and discuss you know the agreement so most group also was very happy to see this you know finally historic peace deal and don't trump was not the only one this peace deal was praised as a victorious one this is really. really really really. really really mean this is are we this is for. you. so what we can see is that the situation on the ground in afghanistan is get more and more dramatic it's a skill late in the violence is escalating and if this is
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a victory i don't know what a defeat should look like. middle east expert and a journalist ali risk thinks the afghan government might leverage the attacks to its advantage. i think it is very home to my nic i think that this adds to the final recall if you would lawyer when it comes to deal making president trying trying to strew party being a deal breaker but actually i think that he has attempted to make up a lot it just might be that there are divisions within the taliban and those who are against just agreement went there with these attacks in order to sabotage it and he possible progress which could have been made up until now the talks have been forecast on america with the taliban extruding are going to go up and then they're very much anger at the up not in government so i think that they are learning government now oh we'll also take the opportunity to criticize them to say
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we. can not be trusted and also the uk many government will look elsewhere for others maybe to play a more important role in the art that it produces be it russia be a china beauty iran because that's what i said the american the trumpeter strange and has proven that it. would be should while in going there are any progress the situation. clashes have broken out add to the border between greece and turkey with greek police using tear gas and stun grenades to drive back asylum seekers attempting to cross into the e.u. according to turkish officials one person was killed and 5 others wounded by live fire from the greek side a claim of athens has fiercely to. the thousands of displaced people have been massing along the border after tricky said it would no longer prevent refugees from attempting to head to europe greece has said it will turn back migrants attempting to cross its borders illegally and has a suspended asylum applications for
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a month or to show the busy drove along the border on tuesday night to see the impact the crisis is have. come further down south was still on the greek so i did the border with turkey when a town called ferries and i just want you to. a sense of the action that's happening all around us we're just outside the town hall the local mayor's office and it looks like people are gathering here in the anticipation of going to war to the turkish border and forming some kind of human chain tonight to ensure that there are no illegal crossings from turkey we know that since saturday more than 24000 people have attempted to cross the border so we didn't get to speak to them he wasn't hit tonight but we did get to speak to many of the people who were taking part in the sachin and they all seem to be pretty tense knew the mood was full of tension in fact one guy said to me you can feel it. everybody is here tonight
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because we want to help greece protect its borders from any kind of illegal migration we see people from bangladesh afghanistan anywhere from places that have nothing to do with war and they come to our country essentially the e.u. we think europe should change its stance and contribute to send a strong message to turkey the largest political policies of previous years that these people to enter a country without carrying any permanent documents would have a very big mistake and created issues of inequality greece is not alone it is european country but europe should support it because until now greece has not been supported we've left the town the whole now we're driving out towards the front here in the hope of getting a sense of what's going to happen. overnight to get a sense of what this human chain to protect the greek borders from anybody trying to cross illegally it's going to be a line so we're just coming up to a checkpoint now where they're stopping us. yes.
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but no you just official we have to turn around ok so we're being told we have to turn around we can't go. any further. not far out from ferris we spoke the greek on me in what looks like illegal migrants on this side of the road. we've had a chat with the offices they said we can't film but they have confirmed that they found the 2 illegal immigrants trying to cross the software we are in the square planned behind and they told just 2 individuals from afghanistan to receive an update from the volunteers who are not securing the greek food and the affair is a video showing the migrants camped out on the border.
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as we were trying to film. we were stopped this my cameraman being scooped it up by were like a military personnel tool to the border. so just an update on that situation all that's been smooth but we have moved away from the border because we don't want to create more tension with the security personnel that are there but it gives you a sense of how much tension there is here given the fact that the volunteers are out willing to be in the middle of nowhere in the way to secure their borders the fact that we were told not to come anywhere near the border that the greek prime minister said this week that his country wouldn't be blackmailed by turkey and he said that they would do everything possible to stop an invasion of migrants
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crossing the border illegally and that is exactly what we're seeing in towns like this that ability for people to take up their own norms. to go to the ball which is to push greece for anybody trying to cross. ot see if there is. as nations scramble to stem the spread of corona virus and hit home the hygiene message here in russia there are so far 6 confirmed cases dozens are in quarantine and under observation our senior correspondent murat gaza has just completed 2 weeks of self isolation at home following a trip to hong kong he told us what the experience was like and about the other measures russia is taking to keep infections that. one of the things you could do you realize as a bearded man is you just look silly in the face mask but this is my only 7 year from hong kong my trip to hong kong and i was only there for
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a few days while i was there there were hardly any infections or in the weeks since but coming back to moscow the medics here really didn't care so you were treated like anyone else and our 1st taste of what was the card was still in the play when a lady came aboard and this is while we were still in the plane having landed she took all our measurements are temperatures and she was in full has mackin so we walked past passport control into the baggage area and that is where the real party started i mean there were dozens and dozens of medics in full hazmat get covered head to toe taking down everything about us what we did who we were with where we were this is all part of a huge russian effort to make sure that the 1000 virus didn't gain a foothold here the monitoring of the epidemiological situation was organized from the initial days of this complex situation additional measures were taken to strengthen sanitary and quarantine control at checkpoints across the russian border
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6 new cases of corona virus infections were recorded join the monitoring period in all cases a full range of necessary and see epidemic measures was organized which prevented the subsequent spread of the infection. when they 1st mentioned quarantine i thought would be like a mini vacation you get to sit at home and as it turns out it isn't after all so he calls throughout the day starting in the morning for medics asking how you're feeling whether any symptoms cough or whatever you also had visited by police and medics just to check up on you to make sure that you were still at home i mean eventually out of sheer boredom with the terms of the quarantine agreement that i signed at the airport and the penalties are pretty severe so for example if if you leave the house to go to the shop which you can and you just leave and
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nothing nothing happens well that's that's a fine potentially community service but if you leave the house or apartment the quarantine zone and you infect someone adds up to a year in jail a year in jail if you infect someone and they go on to die that is up to 5 years in prison which is a pretty severe punishment. a lot of fear i would say panic would around the world and in russia as well which is which isn't being helped by the fact that there's a lot of misinformation misleading information on the internet for example one russian sub security company for example as identified a message being repeated online that is spreading misinformation and there are people out there that are you know enjoying this. good evening i have some bad news there really want to save the people i care about i beg you to spread this
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information as much as possible if our thora g.'s do not want to inform us about this we'll have to inform each other about this leaked information there are 20000 patients with corona virus in moscow walk with masks don't go to crowded places take care of each other and stock up on food i fortunately it's sad that shops will be empty this information is more than reliable. into the day it's just common sense to follow advice that you read on the internet and read it for example followed vies that you hear from doctors wash your hands don't touch your face. as a bit of personal advice that i can give you if you've got a trip lined up in the immediate future to a place where this break don't go the quarantine isn't worth it.
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meanwhile italy is covered $1000.00 death toll has now overtaken iran's giving it to the highest number of fatalities outside china italian government has said it is closing schools and universities nationwide for 10 days in an attempt to contain the virus the world health organization says that more than 90000 people have been infected in 80 countries worldwide health officials added the w.h.o. are also encouraging the public to avoid excessive personal contact including handshakes and kisses on the cheek it is its republic advice illustrating that a foot shake or elbow bump could perhaps replace more traditional greetings here are some u.s. senators testing out the elbow alternative as they met 2 women who had been cleared to leave quarantine while this measure may be effective there are some other suggestions doing the rounds which should be well avoided.
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it's understandable that you may feel anxious about the outbreak to get the facts from reliable sources to help you christy determine your risk so that you can take reasonable precautions. with misinformation and advice overload and no shortage of anxiety in the mix as
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well we brought together technology consultant norman lewis and microbiology researcher. to share their expertise. compared to other respiratory viruses such as influenza this is relatively novel and new to us they're related coronaviruses such as sars and murderers. do you. prevalence i think many countries have been caught off guard i don't think this was an expected thing that a lot of people were predicting i think you need balance if you take something out to colossus' which is a very very low and dangerous virus illness last year there were $1200000.00 deaths from tuberculosis cheaper close is right for example in the u.k. are going up i don't see anybody wearing masks about she says i don't see trains being stopped eventually cities being locked down in the world that we live in right now especially with their travel patterns that most people follow it becomes
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extremely difficult to contain. such a virus especially one that transmitted respiratory really i think a lot of ordinary people are concerned about this and should be concerned i mean it is a very real and disease but it's not and it's not on the scale of some of the things that already exist i think of the overreaction to this and if you want to see an overreaction just look at the stock markets 6 trillion dollars lost last year rights of selling of stock markets at the level of the great depression almost a century ago and the real impact of that is going to be far greater than anything this virus is going to do if your state stared home or intervening. and i realize a lot of people are busy and some people cannot afford to stay home and they're sick. i think some of the choices that some of these decisions that we have to make
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as a society come down to individual households. on the verge of march. all being in the lead as a way of contacting this is if 500000 people are going to die from this in the u.k. in the next couple of months this is not based on anything. slamming you efforts over a new law to cut carbon emissions teenage activists credit and bird has been in brussels despite a ban on visits to the european parliament in an attempt to control the spread of crown of our us when the e.u. presents this climate law and net 0 by 2050. indirectly as me surrender when your house has some guy you don't wait a few more years to start putting it out. and yet this is what the commission are proposing today sessional it sends a strong signal that real sufficient action is taking place when in fact it is not
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. a ban on visitors to the european parliament came into force on monday over virus fears several lawmakers were angered questioning why grettir was allowed to make her speech everyone should be treated equally if the european parliament grants an exception to granted to invoke this house rule not to be taken seriously my assistant is not allowed to come to the plenary session in strongs group next week but rather to look real busy tomorrow i deserted looking european parliament has man all visitors due to the qana virus their only exception grow to somebody who will be here to their press conference tomorrow on her own after her fair fridays for future computers won't be allowed in in light of the criticism of the e.u. spokesperson denied any specific exceptions were made we spoke to new no mello who was one of the lawmakers who questioned the decision to allow gratis appearance. i
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have nothing against greg but i just do not accept a exception rejean is she more. who released been any other person who has been wearing from 'd the fall into in the parliament well i suppose not there are many credible scientists there will be here speaking about climate change so why greg. just because he is she is more of question of all just because some people still think of literally her just because she has more threats with her level talk about climate change i prefer to listen to the scientists because the lot of what they say when i listen pool objected to where i listen to and see you know to running around the world with her political agenda obviously but saying generally please.


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