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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  March 14, 2020 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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it's and everyone is afraid of the hospital bills that come from going to our hospital so we don't go we could break our leg we wouldn't go if we have builders like joey down the street is he fixes the legs got him business insider published a nifty chart of the char this shows how many tests have been done per 1000000 people or in various countries around the world you've got it all you got south korea and south korea it's $3692.00 tests per 1000000 in the us 5 * not $505.00 per 1000000 there are more people in this country tested to see if they're one of the alien gods of scientology so our health care is making this pandemic worse another factor of this which is receiving a mainstream media blackout is that everything we are doing to fight against this crisis is basically trying to stop how horrible capitalism is for example the
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authorities have been saying stay home if you're sick don't go to work but more than a 3rd of american workers don't get paid sick leave or maybe even an essentially so they can't afford to stay home when they're sick and they don't have the savings to deal with taking time off 60 percent of americans could not handle a $1000.00 dollars 7 emergency without going into debt everything we need to do to deal with this crisis goes against our monster capitalism system it is another example the president and the authorities have told manufacturers not to price gouge on things like face masks and hand sanitizers you know our price gouging gouging is the natural behavior of the capitalist market trying to stop it is like telling a lie in not to be so by. you know our system every time someone can grab
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a few extra bucks they do it greed is good right you desperately need a hand sanitizer i have hand sanitizer i'll sell you a bottle for $900.00 or better yet change the label on some astroglide and tell you it's pure. you see the poor is not an accidental side effect of capitalism the poor is the model of capitalism that's how would designed from the beginning so yet again the authorities are telling us hey in this moment of large scale crisis don't behave the way capitalism would have you behave fight against the gravity of our economic system that exploits 90 percent of the population but then why wouldn't we also do that when there's not a crisis perhaps the biggest example of how woefully inept capitalism is dealing with a crisis or even just
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a. healthy society president. made a big show this week of getting the heads of the big pharma companies together to work on vaccines and therapies for a corona virus. from glaxo smith kline our priority is to make sure we make available as possible this one team pandemic of the new technology to take more people that we've already announced 2 collaboration's and hope to announce more basically she said working together is the best way to save the most people sharing technology sharing ideas sharing proprietary data which is the opposite of how it normally works these companies do everything they can to hide their info hide their technology hide your advancements because that's how they make the most money they hoarded cures like joe biden or did barbie dolls so we can smell their hair. this presidential panel is in the admission that working together and sharing ideas
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between companies saves lives but that's not at all what they normally do if there wasn't a global pandemic big pharma companies wouldn't 'd ever help each other create a vaccine or a therapy not to mention we've now been told the vaccine when available a year from now will be free or affordable to everyone that never normally happens in america most cures for most things cost an insane amount of money a couple of years ago on a cure for a type of blindness came out that cost $850000.00 per eye but it gets even worse because unfettered capitalism doesn't even want to create cures cures are bad for business in fact goldman sachs they said it in the 2018 analyst reports the potential to deliver one shot cures is one of the most
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attractive aspects of gene therapy however such treatments offer a very different outlook with regard to recurring revenue versus chronic therapies while this proposition carries fermented value for patients and society it could represent a challenge for says stained cash flow in that same note they literally go on to lament the fact that curing existing patients also decreases the number of carriers able to transmit the virus to new patients they are upset people are transmitting the new revenue streams. like transmitting 2 new rabbit goldman sachs. but profitable partnership with contagious disease this. think about it this way if someone who wanted people to be sick with a deadly virus and they would is walking around stabbing people in the neck with tainted needle we would call them a sociopath or
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a psychopath we wouldn't arrest them maybe shoot them in fact that's the plot of one of those bad venture called movies guy wants population to get sick guy is shot dead for being crazy well guess what that's what our investment banks want that's what big pharma wants that's what our entire economic system wants say with me our market economy is a sociopath it has the opposite qualities of anything you would want in a good human being so why do we have our entire earth system under a sociopathic model no i was literally asking i have no idea i was hoping you might have the answer go to washington d.c. the bell on the basis is redacted and i.
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welcome welcome i'm luke camp i'm currently doing this from inside a pure real bubble. now a 2nd who survived a website called t v m s research has gotten a hold of the pre adjusted exit polls in the democratic primary election elections pretty adjusted means before the research company alters the exit polls to fit the unaccountable voting machine results and in california the exit polls showed something interesting they showed bernie sanders should have done much better than the voting machines showed in texas the exit polls showed something interesting they showed bernie sanders should have done much better than the voting machines show sussed in massachusetts the exit polls showed something interesting they
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showed bernie sanders should have done much better than the voting machines showed however in new hampshire the active poll showed something interesting they showed bernie sanders should have done much better than the voting machines showed i wonder if you notice they got dragged in so i vote that now i've been warned by some in the election integrity community that i should not make too big a deal out of this the exit polls are just and just an educated guess using a sample of the voters and that makes total sense addison research the company that does these acts of polls and has been doing as a boeing for a few years has it totally sucks it actually there just like man don't even care. except in the republican primary where in 2016
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the exit polls matched the machine results almost completely yes actually polls are only incorrect on the democratic side of the ballot i see nothing wrong with that. and exit polls are only wrong in favor of bernie sanders meaning in both 20162020 the exit polls always make it look like bernie sanders is going to do better than he ends up doing with the unaccountable voting machine results i don't think rod what that. this means the agile human beings who walk out of the polling places like flesh and blood people like you and me those people have a tendency of saying i voted for bernie sanders but the machines that have a highly secretive code that only their corporate owners are ever allowed to see those machines have a tendency of siding with joe biden or hillary clinton i see nothing to
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that and sure enough this accident poll evidence is ball stirred by a lot of other evidence of election manipulation for example i covered the system california has in place an order to stop independents from from being able to vote covered if you have to go investigative journalist greg palast has actually just revealed that bernie sanders lost 553000 votes this time around 2020 to california demo party rules in which they tricked independents into not voting or into taking a provisional ballot which is similar to casting your vote on one of those windy boards made of cotton candy in the rain but. i see nothing wrong with that. and sure dallas county has asked to recount super tuesday
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election results after 44000 drives full of votes were discovered uncounted and those drives had 10 percent of the entire dallas vote on them by ants i said i there are more data. this seemingly endless already. which almost definitely points toward election fraud problems of the grays own and code pink to demand that emergency international election observers be dispatched to the united states because we are open and around public and i don't just mean affected boxing i mean the store to were boring and stupid and most of our success is based on child labor just like a story but and i cannot stress this enough really i of course nothing wrong. so when someone tells me they'll worry about the ads in both their
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yes dagestan asian even though our own government points to exit poll discrepancies in other countries as proof of fraud my response to those people is. let me let me let me think of a think about it. you show me the hidden computer code and then i'll stop talking about exit polls you saw me the wrong data and then i'll stop talking about exit polls when they stop closing polling places in minority neighborhoods stop purging minority and young people from the roth stop pushing provisional ballots on people stop creating mystery absolute rule when you are done work stop saying in court that the d.n.c. has to rig has a so i has a right to rig a primary and then when you do that then i'll stop talking about x. or both but until that time. i see a lot wrong with this but if you go to a short break but since you might be sitting at home right now with everything
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intertainment why is canceled this means you have time to watch my free standup comedy special free for the 1st time at least camp american dot com that's right my standup comedy special will be free for the 1st time ever premiering immediately after this episode of redacted tonight also you can grab the new r t america app portable t.v. which is also free portable dot tv slash download all right i'll be right back a lot more. good food descriptions. even for the owners so how to choose the pet food
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industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us and what's necessarily good for the pet turns out may not be as people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders they've got allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to fairy simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets streets a larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. not lines up. somehow flus off. the definitions and.
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time after time corporations repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport sustainability and more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely hama's. because. companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away this is something else this is deep into any minute i mean look . this is news to me didn't. seem to. underscore that looks so good. priests.
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welcome back welcome back i'm still a camp after witnessing the inhumane treatment of immigrants detained at the us mexico border activist encouraged multiple big banks such as j.p. morgan chase and wells fargo to stop financing private prison companies that run detention centers but private private prison juggernauts like core civic and geo group responded by forming the day one alliance to push private prison industry talking points for more on this i want to bring in our senior person who wants to be the center of attention not only miguel natalie. i'm happy to not be alone here anymore i think this is an obvious attempt on the part of private prison companies to rehabilitate their image nothing was wrong with their image and they think they're the ones who had the rug pulled out from under them the 8 banks that the vested from private prisons accounted for 87 percent of lines of credit and loans
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available to core civic and geo group imagine throwing a party were all of your friends suddenly pulled out at the last minute then we finally know how jobs rule felt after fire fast. as the world renowned man of the people ok all right fine job role is it your musical taste and think of this is the break up of the beatles the day what alliance just wants to get the band back together and these activists are a bunch of yoko ono's and everything up with a bunch of chance that are almost as bad as yoko's singing voice no go is very talented we'll see about that but let's since given that 75 percent of private prison cash in the past 30 years went to republican political candidates and causes this is also a way for a day want to lie and spokeswoman alexandra wilkes to show party loyalty especially since she was the 1st woman to chair the college republican national committee and
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in 2014 was named a rising star by the are in c. the r. and c. called 'd her a rising star. shooting star would have sounded way better but that name was already taken by the n.r.a. which kind of sucks because i think it be easier to break through the glass ceiling with bullets to for points for points over loyalty to party girlie supersedes the free will of activists who expose the big banks role in detaining him of the only thing being expose this misinformation about private prisons especially about their role in family separation that's why the day one alliance is a resource of fact sheets articles and. abolition opinion pieces the sort out myths from facts such as their fact that private prisons don't separate and detain unaccompanied children when they detain families together or. as hillary clinton said it takes a village to raise a child and as someone who used to receive private prison cash finally got that
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village no families village should be in a detention center in adelaide especially when it is run by private prisons whose only interest is profit even the department of justice found higher rates of assault in private facilities versus government run prisons plus immigrants in adult only detention centers still have spouses and kids isn't that family separation too. all right fine i'm thinking really jesus what he what do you think it's called the day one alliance no one has the answers to everything on day one of anything look at the white house coronavirus press conferences since the 1st outbreak no one has had all the answers on day 12345 ok ok we get it ok because i was going to need your fingers and toes to keep going and that would have gotten really weird. then i mean you know thank you for being there moving on
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even though the world's focus is on coronavirus let's not forget about the corporate crimes that continue for instance child labor to get to the bottom of this raging controversy here is redacted correspondent naomi kiribati. no one talked to one. ethically sourced coffee from a village co-op staffed by refugees which gives some of its proceeds to helping disabled trans athletes in kenya. how am i going to get through this. human interaction sure i have my coffee if i step the cashier in a row it's not my fault i haven't spoken to a person face to face in days. card
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of course they spelled my name wrong again. it turns out starbucks that staple of many workers days that corporation that owns a portion of every american city and a portion of every american paycheck has been lying to us not every cup of coffee is ethically sourced from a sustainable tiny farm or own farm and some of rosie's won't go to helping blind dogs find seeing eye humans though the cup may now be composed of all the guardian reported there i think fleas source have been picked by children as young as 8 on no not starbucks i really loved their bathrooms i know this is hard news for everyone who needs to be right now while there is always. dunkin donuts no you're right that's not worthy of your urine over the course of the investigation
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dispatches a u.k. investigative news television show visited 7 farms linked in this press so and 5 linked to starbucks child labor was found on over farms well there you go they couldn't have known there was trial labor on these farms because it was such a secret they didn't know until they saw it on t.v. maybe it slipped their minds to check on the farms of plying their corporations simply because they were too busy making and selling their beans were ethically sourced with smiling fully grown farmers. are the farmers. victor never mind victor is actually 3 toddlers on top of each other's shoulders with a hat. the dispatches team says some of the children worked around 8 hours a day 6 days a week and looked as young as 8 they were paid depending on the weight of the beans that they picked with sacks weighing up to $100.00 pounds for a daily wage little more than the price of
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a latte well let's not so bad if they save it up in about 7 months but have enough money for a venti frappuccino starbucks was shocked at the secret of children picking coffee when it came out on t.v. the coffee empire says they have 0 tolerance for child labor anywhere in our supply chain and they will end the relationships with these farms but that's not enough why were children working there in the 1st place *. that is a facade they could have a home sylvia says they set us on the. bus to see that even. the children were not volunteering to carry 100 pound bags and that just makes everyone holding a drawing cup of coffee in their ads look like assholes if you thought starbucks was bad so was like hold my monkey child slavery is routine for nestle the company that owned so and it's gone so bad the supreme court allowed a lawsuit to proceed which was brought by 6 former slaves accusing nestle of aiding
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and abetting slave labor by giving ivory coast farmers financial assistance in the expectation that cocoa prices would stay low this case might change accountability for trans national corporations overseas nestle has been caught so many times with questionable labor practices that they make willy wonka in the factory look like a documentary in. the face of this george clooney said he was saddened by the alleged child labor on the farms he hasn't quit as a brand ambassador but he promised he would slightly frown while doing any future commercials with him. somehow i think in this bresso which has the money to buy george clooney and starbucks which has a yearly profit in the neighborhood of $26500000000.00 can't afford to pay adults a living wage so their children aren't forced to work it's not enough that these
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companies stop buying from these farms because that will just damage these communities even more they should be held accountable for those lost wages that families in a desperate position until then the company will have to be transparent that starbucks consumers are drinking an ethically sourced beans from plantations where pre-teens work for slave wages but some of the proceeds do go to the needy plastic surgeon of starbucks c.e.o. howard schultz so his corpse like form can smile with how not having any real emotions reporting from a starbucks is named we care of redacted tonight that's our show but go check out my standup comedy special free for the 1st time ever at least american dot com go there now it's premiering any minute you can also grab my new book bullet points and punchlines league camp book dot com it til next year i'm goodnight
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keep biting. i'm going to fulfill the repeated promises apologise to the people and promise to be you know we've all pots the 1st. place you break free from.
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now you want to 1st crack that. no. balls 5 being cut. coming. down not once out. on the fleas off let down one might have snakes on the definitions you know i'm by any. one seeking any south. take in the city. into the good doctor to give them an onion when you're playing. how we think i'm. moving might not be a lawyer even though i'm going to the long beach. south. to
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the next guest feeling if one means a leftist i know be deep but not on this one tokyo find it he's going to keep going .
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so. to unleash the full power of the federal government to separate today i am officially declaring a national emergency. the u.s. steps up its response to the spread of. countries across europe and asia. ministration also seeks to restrict medical imports from china which could cause prices to surge. u.s. and other coalition forces near baghdad is struck for the 2nd time in a week leaving 5 people injured. and head over to our dot com for more on those and other stories but the kaiser report is next with us.


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