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tv   News  RT  March 16, 2020 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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number of coronavirus fatalities shoots up in the wrong the country's leadership claims the crisis is being exacerbated by the west bank. with infection rates increasing dramatically and other countries to politicians are being hit hard as well but the outbreak has in ministers' into quarantine we asked the announced a video philosopher always jack how he sees the crisis affecting every day life. not. good excuse the u.k. governments are pursuing a high risk strategy for battling covert 19 artificial suggested allowing the disease to tweak through the population to create herd immunity to people in london
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how they feel about the idea of what you said we would have to say we're going to. get over it we've got partners which were great. and independent inquiry into child sex abuse in the u.k. finds that the internet is facilitating a shopping rise in predatory behavior with police struggling to respond to the growing threat. of. a very well local to you watching r.t. international with me. now with scientists around the world racing to find ways of combating covert 19 reports of claim that the trumpet ministration offered a german company quote large sums of money for exclusive access to any vaccine it develops now berlin has said however that any such deal is off the table the country's ministers all set to discuss the development in talks this monday morning
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as you have takes a look now at the alleged efforts to cash in on the crisis. in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king similarly in the land of the infected the man with the vaccine becomes a god the tubing in based company is researching a corona vaccine and the high pressure the government wants to secure the rights to it exclusively the german government is trying to prevent this there are only 2 reasons why anyone would want a monopoly on a vaccine the 1st is money it would take a truly miserable creature to try and profit from a cure that could save millions of lives would have a capitalism to control over who gets vaccinated and if trump does get exclusive rights to a vaccine guess who'll be lost in the least for an injection harsh economic sanctions imposed by the trumpet ministration have contributed to
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a shortage of test kits and medical supplies in iran school smocks and does affect ins are not easy to get at pharmacies they're all out of stock the situation is really a burden my family and i could be infected. in effect american sanctions against iran is by listing missile program also includes things must send coronavirus test kits heck even an iranian app to help people identify the symptoms of a corona virus infection was banned by google because sanctions would take venezuela and miserable playground for american foreign policy. this is a time to demand that president donald trump criminal sanctions against venezuela so that venezuela can go into the market to buy everything it needs on a medical level to face this situation. if anyone ever tells you that the purpose of sanctions is to change
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a government space here you go ahead and laugh in their face long and loud mass sanctions have one purpose to make life miserable for the entire population to make the public hurt and suffer to make them do anything to make the pain stop including overthrow their government of. patients in hospitals don't even have water now imagine with the this that reaches us the come for is going to be left alone we have to be quick in the plague has arrived here and the rules don't have any problems because they have the bunkers they have the clinics they have everything cubans most of whom have never known life without us sanctions being urged to make their own face masks so how do you get mosques when there is a lack of medical supplies very easy we can make them at home from materials such as cotton cloth linen their washable and we can carry several depending on the
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hours that we will be in public places the end result has been the near collapse of health care systems in numerous countries tens of millions of people limited in the health care in medicine in essential it's basically tied hands and feet on the sacrificial altar of the coronavirus pandemic and if god forbid trump does get exclusive rights to the vaccine you can bet your life savings it will come with strings attached and situation is taking its toll on politicians with the sickness striking down many in the corridors of power the growing number of lawmakers falling ill is causing concern over how effectively governments will be able to coordinate their responses to the outbreak.
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there are far more politicians who have been infected than you would have by statistical chance politicians are overrepresented in the number of people being diagnosed.
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we spoke to the celebrated 70 and philosopher about the pandemic he likens the crisis to a wartime sonority island emphasize the need for meaningful international solidarity . in previous cases people were thinking just about isolation and killing and care
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well and today i hope we are becoming a rat that we kept to. unite that coordinate that way we are all being tied to humanity. in the same boat the big loser i think will be precisely a nationality. and she won't be in our country to isolate itself until of course we need to get an engine and all that but for example take europe we should act in the united way shall think it's odd that we can break that streak mosques whatever whatever is needed and to want and i think that. in this sense we would be straight if reality in the middle of the military operation we should be i'm not here appealing to some kind of abstract sensuously you keep winning out in it your money
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now to kill they will get an even stronger probably epidemic and kill him and so it shall think obviously that it is something that is demand there for a mass but he decides if we think as a national it. will get better recruits step back and reflect what this our mobile go through life how should we change it because we should be aware of why i don't think it cannot grasp let me just go on galilee and into 3 months it will be over baby. in the fall that are dead if the day me get out identical article about what it was i think that even when i think we'll go but it doesn't. it will not be the same lot of molly. we leave now we will have to change over mode of life. while many countries are
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implementing aggressive measures to contain the coronavirus thing which is government has been shopping criticized i 1st perceived lack of action a particular concern to many people has been the suggestion that authorities will attempt to control the rate at which 1000 spreads with a view to developing widespread immunity among the population in terms of building up a unity within the u.k. i mean what sort of percentage of people need to have contracted the virus probably about 60 percent or so and britain the number of cases has exceeded 1300 with 35 people dead as a result a petition has been launched calling for schools to be closed across the country the government has also stated it plans to ban large events after the laying on the decision addition. only the ukase health secretary has said that people aged 7070 could be isolated for up to 4 months well we asked people in london what they think about the government's high risk approach to tackling the pandemic but it's
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probably true if you take your view i don't really describes how he does protect most vulnerable populations you really can't afford to be nobody knew so we put at risk for a situation like this i can see the argument doing that but it's really i can also see the intake say we're going to you know a cost of people to get that artists if you want to speak with make that which sounds we've come down to date. which is defy this but we've got to carry on living . overseas i don't say to far this is a huge peak until about 10 weeks time so that's when i will get really concerned because what we don't know yet is full range of data and evidence that we would need to know whether or not we do become immune to this virus was simply we use the right strategy or simply wrong so much we don't know but nobody seems to be giving us old the range of thinking so one year mike told us leigh is an associate
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professor of infectious disease modeling at the university of warwick in the u.k. he explains the thinking behind the government's approach your 3rd immunity is that when enough people have been in fact to find the virus then. the epidemic will eventually die out i'm so essentially what we're still trying to do is we're trying to control the outbreak so we're trying to put in interventions that will delay the peak of the epidemic and also reduce the size reduce the height of the epidemic at the point which the certain number of people would be infected then they could no longer effectively will people because the sensually people had all their contacts and been infected and so in reduced to a low enough. level that the epidemic would die out there is a risk to we know that the over seventy's and particularly the oh the eighty's. because they may have underlying health conditions are more risk some obviously you
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want to protect those. those people in the population which is why these sorts of measures are being considered it's really important now that we keep up these good hygiene practices that have been recommended we keep necessary isolation and quarantine policies. and the crucial thing here is to reduce the demands on the health service to make sure that those people that really do need hospital care have access to it. the leader of israel's blue and white party benny gantz has accepted an official request from the president to try to form a coalition government comes after the longtime rival of benjamin netanyahu was endorsed by a majority of lawmakers in the knesset for the 3rd inconclusive election in under a year we're joined now by our middle east correspondent paula paula good to see you could you talk us through the developments and and what this means for israel. well as you say israeli political parties have not given their backing to the main
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contender to the incumbent prime minister benjamin netanyahu for the top position in this country and that is benny guns a former army chief now he at the moment has a slim majority 61 out of 120 parliamentary seats what this does not mean is that he is guaranteed the position of being the next prime minister it also doesn't mean that netanyahu is automatically out of a job but it does mean that the next 6 weeks will see political wrangling quite intense as guns puts together or at least tries to put together this majority coalition government. the law gives you 28 days beginning tomorrow to form a government this is a short amount of time but given the current circumstances of national and international crisis even this is too long. i will do whatever it takes to form within a few days as possible national petri arctic and broad government. now it's not going to be easy for guns some of the politicians who today are saying
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that they supported might not do so in the future for example there are 15 arab lawmakers that guns needs to be part of his coalition they have huge ideological differences with him and they might at this stage be supporting him simply because they were against netanyahu he also needs the mandates of a right wing political party that is headed by a former defense minister avigdor lieberman and lieberman has repeatedly said that he'll never sit in a government with ever but all makers so it remains to be seen how exactly guns is going to overcome these obstacles and at the same time a corruption trial that was due to get underway tomorrow for the country's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been extended and postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic so we're keeping an eye on both those stories. thank you for the update. i'll agree kind of les pauls is sliding deeper into crisis with a number of asylum seekers there swelling and opposition towards them growing the prospect of coronavirus tearing through their overcrowded morea camp is also
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causing tensions to flare with even aid organizations facing hostility evangelise its us reports. the greek island of less full size a 3 week conflict on its hands as europe's front line to the migrant crisis some locals are taking more of a stance against the swelling numbers of refugees held up on the island and the ngos have been drawn into battle 2 reviews before people but not small couple of 100 they start blocking the streets because stopping cars that many n.g.o.s a bunch so there was stuff in the vans or they were stuffing their rental cars and there was just much in them between them throwing stones at them they can be put out between people we've been doing in this hunt chasing also. india's so they said a big thing with the station now of people that works and you know this is because they they. want to bust the message that n.g.o.s profit from human suffering
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finally we got the commission to dock in this part in a t.v. need we think it's a very good sign from the authorities that they made it possible to sign also to say that it's not just a group of pressures that are going to take over. how things work on this island the migrants remain in overcrowded facilities with lack of hygiene it's frankly living in terrible conditions in a desperate move to try to pursue some of them to go back home the e.u. is offering 2000 euros as bait but some of them have traveled so far is that money really enough to make them go back if i go back tonight yeah. so to me $2.00 euro would not take me back to 90 so that would be. my. 2000 euros is not to not come and love my country for money i love because it wasn't safe there now if you protect it's. the 3rd front is the one created by your
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right wing groups we do not appreciate your picture a sick island turning into a giant migrant camp sucking more getting up us as if every day these people pass through our town without asking anyone they come and steal from us people here are fed up that's why we decided to make these barricades we gather here as often as we can to prevent the refugees from entering the town and force them to take another route we have never been aggressive towards them and we have never clashed with them on the contrary they come in gangs and try to argue with those principles on it but at the numbers a main goal is to protect the village the soaps and banks and need to linny where do they want to pass through here and since the growth of virus has been confirmed to mid to linny that's another reason to prevent them from entering here this additional struggle you are seeing local speed very big price tourist season has become something of the past and businesses have even been forced to put them shutters for good and there is very much in our life here is horrible we were
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happier in the past they robbed us destroying our properties they even break into our houses most of the shops are closed and the refugees are the reason there are $25000.00 of them and only a 1000 of us. lesbo says the island that has been suffering the most the morea camp is overcrowded with refugees i believe we all have to sit down and find a solution because we can't live like this anymore our town can't survive like this we are fed up. this i live might be a tiny greek period is that the sun shines on your realm but down here on the ground it's clouded over fear uncertainty and anger vengeful subsides from lesbos greece. independent inquiry into chan sex abuse in the u.k. has found that the internet is facilitating a shot rise in predatory behavior and the police are struggling to respond to the growing threats according to the report's findings 11 to 13 year olds are most at
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risk he says as many as $450.00 suspected paedophiles are arrested each month and distresses that there's been a scale of abuse is likely to be considerably higher than the official figures show the inquiry also notes that many internet companies are failing to provide adequate protection for youngsters using their services.
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you don't know where this images will end up and that is an awful thing thinking that peter foss can just look at a line and get whatever they want is scary. you know the media now is bomb or accessible i feel that we are just now aware of that not that it's changed the protocol outraged. i feel that we need really radical changes to our whole criminal justice system we need a law that the police themselves are not equipped 1st of all to deal with the. methods that abuses use there of course lays the british government needs to work with tech companies to counter online abuse it also says that new tolls are needed
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to prevent the posting of indecent images online as well as algorithms to detect illegal content and also one school so often better guidance about how to stay safe on line furthermore legislation may be proposed which would enable nor enforcement to tackle the problem more effectively. we can arrest our way out of the problem we have to look at a far more holistic approach we are a saturation point margaret all of a her expose the poor handling of the rushed out child abuse ring in 2012 agrees that the government needs to be working more closely with tech companies even with the right training in the u.k. we've got a massive. deficit of police officers individual police officers are overwhelmed there are not see north of the and it's down to the government invest in the criminal justice system we need to address this cause we need more police officers we need a real commitment to invest in dealing with this kind of crime but alongside.
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the giants like google like microsoft like imus and they have billions of pounds and legislation should make them culture if you are going to and she will that investment does the incentives to prevent the deferrals from destroying in children's lives because that is not what is happening on a daily basis. something i thought the 1st one on one debate in the race for the u.s. democratic party's presidential nomination held in washington d.c. much of the discussion between the front runner joe biden and the self-styled democratic socialist bernie sanders revolved around the question of health care and whether the u.s. system is well placed to handle the covert 19 crisis with all due respect to medicare for all you have a single payer system in italy it doesn't work there we've got thousands of private
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insurance plans that is not a system that is prepared to provide health care to all people. senator sanders came to the coronavirus threat highlights the country's need for universal health care system joe biden for the most part focused his far on the trump administration accusing it of badly mishandling the pandemic the president was quick to hit back posting this on twitter i must say there was a very boring debate biden lied when he said i want to counsel shal security and medicare that's what the all said 4 years ago and nothing happened in fact i save social security and medicare i will not be cutting but they will be careful the number of coronavirus cases has spiked dramatically in the us with 3800 infections recorded in 49 states on saturday the house of representatives passed an emergency bill to tackle the crisis and mitigate its economic impact the legislation which still has to be approved by the senate would make her own a virus testing free for all citizens suspected of having the illness it also
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provides 2 weeks of paid sick leave as well as up to 3 months of family all medically if the measure however only applies to businesses with fewer than $500.00 employees caleb maupin explores the predicament currently faced by many american workers is that. authorities here in the united states are emphasizing the importance of self isolation as coronavirus cases continue to rise however one problem facing american citizens is a lack of sick leave legislation only 12 of the 50 us states actually mandate that employers give paid sick leave other states have various regulations now amid the crisis some corporations have adjusted their policies for their own employees only of course and in addition to that many americans are just facing the choice of risk health or lose money think about the restaurant workers the people who prepare our food think about what you do if your child's school closes down for a week for so many people taking
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a sick day means going without pay and even in some cases potentially losing your job but not everyone agrees this is unreasonable employees are struggling our employers are struggling and it's not a cure for covert $19.00 to put a big new expensive federal mandate on employers who are struggling in the middle of this matter u.s. politicians are now rushing to change laws but some see this not as a public health necessity but as the unrolling of a far left agenda unfortunately it appears at this hour that the speaker and house democrats and shows should produce an idiot logical wish list that was not covert closely. now the democrats are quick to present themselves as the good guys in this scenario but they haven't always been on the same page for years bernie sanders has pushed for paid sick leave and other benefits for workers and been castigated as a socialist only under the current circumstances have democrats fully jumped on board the debate about paid sick leave goes on but the clock is ticking along with
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the debate goes on the more people will be affected. r.t. new york we spoke to new york based in the way of money she believes the new bill doesn't go far enough and that people need financial assistance interesting enough . i've been hearing not just really but people are really talking about other points are correct pretty. big sions and also something called universal basic in council i think what i see is that people are looking not just for me but for real transformative change because i think with this that everybody should have roots has the everybody's been there through how their healthcare if you be here in iran . and you know there is a plan to me or it's and it's something that i think now we're all seeing that something one universe will help poor and medicare far faster has to be implemented right moral you know you'll see that people who do have money and are wealthy will
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be a car that ran a record store i can go that are more income are going to help a lot lot you know what we're problems so it's good to hear your thoughts on our stories terry started to get in touch by following us on social media but back to the latest headlines in 30 minutes if. you. just don't call. anyone yet to shape it just in time to answer. and in again 3 o'clock train and. when so many find themselves worlds
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apart we choose to look for common ground. after a dance they were going on the ground a bit coronavirus just hours before another super tuesday to determine who might beat us president trump in november coming out of the show following in the footsteps of the american who arguably saved more lives than any other ralph nader we talked to green party co-founder and 2020 presidential candidate how he hawkins fighting for a $20.00 minimum wage and nuclear disarmament and with
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a vaccine for covert $1000.00 apparently over a year away we are the c.e.o. of a company at the forefront of the fight against the virus if big pharma as profit driven approach is obsolete when it comes to a global pandemic bus how are capitalists set to make a killing out of coronavirus all the small can we have a days going underground for us to morrissey's florida ohio illinois and there isn't a vote in u.s. presidential primaries but how much scope for change does saunders all biden really offer the people of the united states especially as the world faces a climate change emergency co-founder of the us green party and count these bodies front runner to be the green party presidential candidate in november how hawkins joins me now via skype from madison in wisconsin thank you so much howie for joining us before we even get to the presidential campaign your thoughts on the reported attempted suicide of where we gave the x. whistleblower chelsea manning refusing to.


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