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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  March 17, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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of a father and son during a raid as well as the killing of an afghan detainees and the mistreatment of others brian becker from the anti-war answer coalition says claims of war crimes are becoming a daily occurrence for the australian special forces there's no doubt that this is a demonstration of work rights there's no doubt about that whatsoever the australian military again is is involved in a criminal cover up the fact that they're shooting people while they're lying still on the ground and they recognise that a camera may be capturing these war crimes and they do it anyway shows how absolutely routine killings like this are in the field they are gauged in routine i believe routine war crimes and crimes against humanity and they know that their bosses their superiors in the chain of command are perfectly ok with it they appear to still be ok with it even though the video completely contradicts the
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assertion that this was in self-defense that's a bonus update for this hour but don't forget you can always head to our website are to dot com for the details on all of those stories and many more. what else so seems wrong. but don't roll just don't hold. any knowledge yet to see how out is the. attic. and in detroit. the trail. went on to find themselves worlds apart wait just a little common ground. if you want to know who's still with the old you see the angel series the bank fails or the truth is what you need to analyze it to get to the bottom to see if you
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speak to my last job or that they like it or not i got past this foley with the belief that the creative and this still going on the world people for no good and opened a new job would be open. to start to push. greetings and salutations music my friends can change the world and most importantly it can give voice to the voiceless which is why it's our pleasure to present to you the seattle new mexico d 5 is watching the hawks strikes a chord. 2 sense you pretend that was meant to be destiny and this last minute sassed attacks the fleet street my specialty my special seems to manifest my sleep stress those wings
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sprouting up last month. and remain in my memories a chance to preach against the trees from atlanta this lead to catch my sleeve but if that's the chiang mai speak the legend that may still be out and the tantrums he then on the accent will be on the great man. yeah i know my sound the sound of a smack on the thing i'm a profound time of the sound i just fail time i'm on a side and i just michael cheika help us find a way to sell this promise now the spammers have. to get it up my side of my stamp i'm going to go buy my bike with a tramp myself to send it to me then i go about this i'll be treating someone else on that same day about. headed to the sound that's going to get a credit i'm certain that it comes in st paul that my head here comes to my feet so big i say that would help with. that michael told me to play the puppet make it up
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and pull the leaves with the breeze comes with. the cup that have come to defeat us i'll close the shelf of the sweet. song that i was in this think of something but don't believe we cut the punches really. help me. sat outside watching the hostile. sides of my circle of light and the terrible size and time of my hardest and mighty offenses fighting back to the heights the sergeants the parents tired of my years has it's hard to use any one less could be about to create a home from a good car seat among cars to recite in the car some hard times to pick up the idea
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how to play hard ball seems our souls turning through weeds trying to outrun a terrible darby's to keep our bones merging word exudes farmhouse this is set me free on a house with a head to ask how to pronounce it a pack i'm happy i was down and out of what you back now with the mad dash but up a casket a 2nd that we decided to pass the typical top of that it's now going to cash out of my face i stand down on the interstate the top of the house in the straight of my panties now but it's a snowplow by the shrub and away from the case i joined in the race but how about for a place open space for the case of the big case concept of. so
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i want to sort this all 1st of all. you've got an incredible amount of passion and energy in your music and in your art and that really comes through and someone watches you perform like we just did i mean truly an inspirational so i really want to start with asking you who is the 5 defy is and see music producer artist educator from albuquerque new mexico representing the dinette nation defies also if you broke it break it down into acronym could be definitely eternal or deaf eternal forever inferno are definitely eternal forever internal short for definition rare. if you look at a sonic leaking hi fi lo fi and somewhere in there is deaf eyes or to defy the 5 began probably in my middle school time and i've stuck with the name ever since so what like what was your inspiration and experience that. led you to bring you
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know hip hop spoken word hip hop and traditional native american culture together in your are like what brought those 2 forces together. i think it would be a combination of livin in a urban and rural area and environments as a youth wasn't raised primarily on from a traditional side nor. you know the other side of things so basically. as i used my grandparents on my maternal side they really instilled a lot of wisdom when i was at a lesson my mother also taught me how to read and write before i could walk so they gave me a good leading start to begin with in middle school i'd say about that time i got introduced to hip hop culture as far as like to be boys be gross i 1st started i seen a direct similarities and connection between hip hop culture and my traditional culture as a dinette person and that both of those connections led me to kind of combine both together what were the real errors of value. for instance as
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a dinette person we have for clients were very matrilineal culture and our reservation this around about 4 sacred mountains for sacred directions a lot of these numbers stood out to me and for the hip-hop 4 main elements to it. one of the main connections that really led me to become connected we have is. the philosophies too as well like our people we're not very judgment on this much for the most part in hip hop kind of is and is a universal culture to me so without having to look at someone's skin tones practitioner can practice the ceremonies and feel like that was inviting for me a lot of times it was hard to find acceptance growing up there in new mexico where i'm from so hip hop was there so i always carry my cultural heritage with me. it's interesting you you raised over a 1000000 dollars a big number you raised the room 1000000 dollars to help the water protectors of
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standing rock when that went down what was your inspiration for stepping forward and saying you know what i'm going to use my are going to use who i am and what i do to raise money for those people out there putting you know putting their lives on the line and standing. you know i was a part of the fund raising i didn't do it entirely myself i've got to give credit to the collective crew family which you say of. hip hop practitioners people who are just there to help and we all together fundraise over a 1000000 dollars in one night hip hop concert by texting water at this certain number you able to leave a monetary donation just a little back story with that but i started out as a battle rapper 1st and i've seen the entertainment value side of that but after a while i realized that i could apply myself in much more useful ways or much more impactful ways rather than battling someone's head to head why not try to go towards a system instead and try to wake up and defy the system sort of speak and. that's kind of how defy started i did
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a song when i 1st was inspired as these hydraulic fracturing zones were getting closer and closer to my homeland where my grandparents are from and some nasty new mexico it's very rural at that point in time i realized that i needed to apply myself as an mc a music producer towards a much larger issues at hand then just battle rap so i stepped outside of the box and wrote this song called the land of in fact me and that's kind of a flip on the on the slogan of our stay and just to expose and also raise awareness of all these atrocities that are happening through hydraulic fracturing zones in our areas and from that point on i've just been helping hand as part of the many different movements for the indigenous peoples movement and many others as well as probably the most that was a that was a beginning you know after hearing your music and like i mentioned earlier that passion that you have that might just bleeds out of every every verse every bar
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every word i really what it was like how do you sit down when you sit down the writers write a song you know like what is that process for you when you sit down and say ok you know i'm going to write about this issue of fracking or i'm just going to you know write some fire to get people jumping up and down like what how do you tackle that how do you approach each song. each songs kind of approach very differently but for the most part i'm writing my lyrics behind the driver's seat i know it's a little risky but when i'm mad it's very rural areas i can drive out and enjoy the scenery. and be out of the city put on a instrumental usually the beep guides 1st take out my beats through different producers go from there and so you're literally like right behind the wheel of a car and that beautiful directs the co. painted painted sky landscape it is merely listening to examine and write them out yeah exactly a lot of times all 3 start to think of the ideas and then put it down on paper. who are some of your inspirations and have. many inspirations i guess from my youth the
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1st hip hop song i heard was probably run d.m.c. or chill raji tracks and as far as end seeing goes there's so many different amazing talented emcee that have inspired me to name a few. big pine big arrow care as one person. micah 9 and freestyle fellowship evidence the dilated peoples of those are very influential artists of good variety and you can see that not reflected in your work and sense of like you don't feel bad but you can definitely feel that style and. one of the things that's interesting too is your work you work a lot with young people and. you know how has your work with those young people how was that inspired the music and the art that you create. have always inspired me since the beginning in especially when times when i guess an artist may get
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tired of worn out from trying to continue working with the youth has been very inspirational because they provide so much support 1st of all and they keep things brand new and fresh for me i don't get worn out or i don't complain a lot of. people say like how do you keep going and not complaining about being on the road all the time. just going back home and doing youth outreach it just makes me i guess happy true happiness by working with youth i was always raised in a classroom setting i come from a family of educators and healers so i've always been in the classroom since i was a kid my mom has been a teacher in a big inspiration for that so when people ask why are you so connected to that of others it's just kind of just who i am and was brought up that way and raised that way. working with the youth also gives me a sense of purpose that's much deeper than. working for just myself for what would you say monetary gain or certain things like that or some artist going for the fame
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like that's never really been a focus of mine but. hip-hop practitioners and feel like i have a responsibility to give back and that's what i really focus on that it's a big focus of part of my mission couldn't afford the jaw a magazine 44 and a 4th that john ordered schoolboy in a boarding school forced the move got chores and more sports in a dorm but only one course of fire chief kept the wood burning before morning outside the outhouse early at 440 past the sheep rug on the floor by the door in the dormitory escaped out of corporate doors and explored my boar pony here to take it back home because ya not the presents do scrub the present not your face and scrape the white the residue resume like beams of people resonate with resolute. able to cope with all the pain that we saw in the next generations of welcome but before the preservation was a home you know the nation was stolen but i'm in a sweat lodge see in a vision it's like i'm back out the dream in the grand mother moon in the fetal
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position. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and talk. seemed wrong. rules just don't call. me you get to shape out these days become educated and engage with equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. yes.
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this is.
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ready. to head it. frankly.
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and. it's still. a lot of people. who are part of the population. part of the native american tribes. there's a lot of. you know. your culture and.
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certain. kind of people. i've been over like 6 years alcohol free in my there's many of us who never even drank or did drugs before so that's another misconception people believe that we're all poor but we're really we're very rich in culture tradition cultural heritage a lot of people also believe that. every tribe gets per capita or like we we're
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helped out are like where we get a helping hand no matter what was really not the case sometimes when you come to the deep parts of the reservations or the most rural areas i think a lot of people in music they only see the big names in the big lights right like they're only used to seeing the cat on m.t.v. or the cat on the cover of a magazine things like that but that it's a bigger world than that i've heard it described sort of like you know if you become in a if i don't artist at a certain time you can you know either be in it for monetary gain and be like this was to be considered as a rapper but i consider myself more as and see and i think that allows myself to be more community based and not a self-serving entrepreneur more like you know i'm here of service as well for. representing myself my family my friends but also the culture of hip hop and that sense of pride in me being proud of who i am as an as it in that manner and also as and see it gives me strength but also gives me direction to what i'm actually doing
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here with the music hip hop is. save my life so. me being me being part of the culture is like just i mean i want to contribute just as much as i can chip papa's help to mean so when they sort of save your life how did hip hop save your life. hip hop save my life. through the friendships and bonds and through the practice of itself i feel like as i was working on these skills the skills were also working on me to become a better person and started out as a homeless artist and if it was. for the hip hop community or the hip hop scene at that time i wouldn't have had a place to stay i wouldn't have had. food and just basic survival needs so the hip hop community has been there for me since day one and what advice would you give you know or a younger person in similar shoes to you who phys finds that spirit finds that
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voice you know through music. for myself i mean why are ard. intergenerational.
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the tracks just took straights this was they construct that to be torn up on the bed just just just water freezes testy water but that's because it's not something i tried it's just sort of the magic box that's like to make these plastic ones looks like celtic might think you want to present the street i'll head up but don't get caught up in its tracks as i sped up somewhat upset because our style they've been basically needs at the foot of the truck to deal with the baba genocidal caucus because they don't the profit is the deal is still spinning in his pocket it's a box they could give up in a bid to distract if they don't have a very hysterical types of paper comparable to nights here but think that you might say never your flight back to the docks the same rapid pull back from the signal by deciding on him you do have the. you know political nature of what you're talking about because i think a lot of what you rub about a lot of what you or your songs are about you know they like to mention with
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fracking and things like that you know you put those those flavors in there how important is music to changing. politics or changing in issue or attacking an issue or making people aware of an issue like how important is music to. feel like music can inspire and empower many people and i feel like it the messages there that. or you look at it like the last song that you did for like the last song that you did for us that's such an enlightening song and it's such a powerful song using the mix of you know your heritage and your people as well as the drum beat and then the hip hop flavor in the archipelago you know you know that song has about that song teaches as a tribal person you kind of grow up loving the environment and that's it and that's inside you already instilled so. doesn't make you a politician sort of speak but the issues the politics that you know surround and
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they directly relate to our lives and way to live so. it's a responsibility for me to create music that. inspires and helps empower others because i was just inspired and empowered from hearing music from a lot of the greats and legends of the hip-hop pioneers is that it's a continuation is your right you know it's a beautiful continuation. i want to finish up and ask you you know when you look at your career and you look at where you're going you know you're only 33 years old you've got a long career in front of you got a lot more music to write a lot more beauty to produce on this world what do you what do you imagine or what do you hope your legacy years with your music and who you are. and i got it's fired from reading something i think from kara's warner somewhere where he's making music for the future generations creating a catalog that can last and also transcend generations i would like for my music to help inspire future generations and also help anybody in need
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who. who feels alone or phil's. depressed i mean. i make music just to help a lot and i do make music just likes i do have track i just befire not really. just focus on a specific concept but it's hard to see the ripple effects of us sometimes because we're just moving and moving and moving and moving and i hope to look back one day and be able to. thrive with my music career but also really it's a money give back tenfold as much as i received i mean i've seen my hip hop has been there since the beginning so it's hard for me to say what i really want out of it it's hard to describe man i just sometimes that the music speaks for itself. and that ladies and gentlemen is our show for you to day thank you all very much for watching and remember in this world we are not told that we are loved enough so i tell you all i love you i am tyrrel but keep on watching those hawks and have
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a great day and night everybody. the presence of the force will put a little. was. trying to stumble and sure. you are feeling a little stressful well for your clothes or not oh my dear it is me but i will. surely be no. restrictions.
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in today's headlines of the ceiling shot a continent announces the pleasure of its external borders for the next 30 days as europe tries to turn the tide against the spread of the coronavirus. meanwhile the white house scrambles to shield the u.s. economy from a further stock market battering over coronavirus fears unveiling a huge stimulus package. and the australian special forces a face a backlash after graphic video emerges online showing a soldier shooting dead an unarmed afghan man at close range.


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