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no dares thinks. we dare to ask. this is a story of women and women with troubled histories and complex court cases you know some of those deadly leave awful lives out there. where not. the person that is a cheesiness and b. they are considered the most dangerous of criminals she's in a still. body off 23 hours of the day tell me that is not enough punishment in the world of women on death row on our team do.
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i love mr al pastor. i met mr oppenheimer.
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too many people and too many little government people for them to tell you that oh come on you can come we're going to protect you in your you're not going to do that . cold i think if people realize that the government is not going to protect you is not going this the view if something were to happen kind of like changes you or your mindset you're like only because i was in the ferry i know how the government works and i don't want to put money into that and i don't believe they're going to protect me when the time comes so the only way you can protect yourself is by protecting yourself.
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here sitting in front of a blast proof bunker made by the u.s. army during world war 2 it is 2200 square feet. it's very large but it's not the only one. there's $575.00 of them around me. stretching out 6 miles it leaves directions 3 miles in these directions. nobody was able to figure out what to do with the ones empty bunkers. but finally one of the ranchers that owned this section called me and said would you be interested i have 575 bunkers we are now building this into the world's largest survival community with as many bunkers as we have we will eventually have 5 to
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10000 people here ringback ringback. that's all through the park i think beyond us and link up where the guy flow could both man. and run out of on something happened to the generator. you know. so i'm running off in my solar think oh there's a lot of sun today so everything is sort of light some fine i've got a food. and i also have my maybe in chicago that really helps me out she works and iraq iran member struggling she will help me on and she's going on incredible to me
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because i met her when i moved here before like. 3 or 4 months before i moved here and i told her i said look i'm not here i quit my job i'm leaving you know we can start this then one thing led to another and we start going strong and i love her and she's eventually going to get here. did you like. ok this is both ages ago. there you go with his foot you look. this is all kim's lust for each other stuff you're doing good at it it gets elaine to do a gasoline you have to do it all. the salt in the drink
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a little bit here we got some good water here and. look and good let me check the temperature on this again shut it. like you can't go for a little bit keep your freezer gone. house. shadow where you shadows she's busy you want to sit down look at the t.v. here for a little bit oh well yeah we get some news here i did put a camera and put the antenna on top there's a bunker when i've 1st cancer here. i have to look and look at i painted the inside but i lost a gallon of paint i don't know why i lost a gallon of paint and it's all over me and my great grandfather's colt. there were officers special of our name off the official who are a constable before world war one when name
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a gun right afterwards they start stamp and i'm out there's what the hell. your government and our government and all the other major governments of the world know what's going to happen and when it's going to. but they haven't told you and they haven't told me they haven't announced it because if they were to announce it right now and tell you that in one year on a certain date the catastrophe is going to happen. the world would suddenly stop people would panic society would break down and nobody would go to work nobody would care about the law or prison so you'd have lawlessness should have. a terrible life between the and.
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a lot of the pictures here are original so you can see all these pictures are were drawn here and the 5543. and i came to my bunker and i told the thing credible pictures storm window frame everything after enslaved everything on a cut off here for every picture i have now. and frame it out so i can kind of show the artwork that was done is incredible were i get this lady here is from hawaii because she has a live me and she looks the wind. and i told people do you have enough. if something happens for a day have enough food if something happened for today 3 dave have you ever tried
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not eating for a day have you ever tried not eating for 2 days you know so i try to. open people's minds to the reality that you know your government is going to protect you are going to. you guys are going to be you going to die because you think i've been eating for 2 hours. and you're going to die because you're putting that in your head and you're going to eventually die. i am the 1st one to dedicate to doing something like this. i feel this is my calling. i feel this is what i've been preparing for my life. so i took the chance then. moved here you know you can stay here you work on your bunker every day.
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and we got this light color right here when you come into the door here and the closet i'm going to be putting out here is actually a mirror and it's actually a tan colored mirrors kind of a copper colored mirror and that we can see yourself when you come in or see yourself leaving and a mirror gives its respective. perspective for. you here you know it's a small room. right now i have 40 foot floor down sub floor. the com past it would compress the wood floor. once i get phase one done. that would mean the great room the kitchen in there the galley the vents. a pantry room. the bathroom now my bathroom actually will have
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a 12 volt. as it cost me $11.00 or knowledge toilet. itself composites to your waste the grey water goes out down this way. and you take that waste your bottom waste and put it in a barrel and a year later you can use it you date it and use it later and you can use it in your gardens. we sell the bunker for $35000.00 currently and that will continue to go up as we run out of supply everybody's heard of the cold war the cold war is over but the holy war is. any big city anywhere in the world you don't know your neighbor you don't know the guy that's 5 miles down the street that has a gun and he's a criminal and he's
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a gang member and when everything happens the lights go out 1st thing he's going to do is go to the t.v. store and break in and take all the t.v.'s then after that they're going to get hungry so they're going to go 'd to the supermarkets and we're going to take everything in the market off the shelf will be nothing within 24 hours and then after about 3 days till. they're going to be very hot. and then they're going to come knocking on your door. to say what do you got whatever it is. we want it. and they're going to take it from. the old military bigger excess were they all we all used to see told people that used to the military guys used to run this town because this used to be over 1500
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military families here at one time so with big teeth we're all pyrex everyone you can there's here the streets you can be nothing but be. beautiful homes and now look it is torn. still beautiful. community. a lot of people know because this location is very filled with and it's a it's. an element that extracts nuclear. radiation you can like paper. the nuclear waste and i think that's why they put this here because it's so concentrated was very early on and if you do have an explosion the really in the new ground will get rid of it faster than is fuel word and the wood somewhere that doesn't have really.
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do believe in miracles would seem democrats to you after the joe biden surged on super tuesday for them the fear of the bernie sanders candidate seat may now be contained however this is far from over taking on trump will be no easy task. for presently sitting and central kansas which is the site. intercontinental ballistic missile base that was part of the cold war era and this particular site
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was a atlas asked missile silo which was nuclear hardened and i purchased this site in 2008 with the idea of could verdes it into a nuclear hardened bunker. the idea to go after a luxury bunker and as. facility like that became in the sas in the early on in the conceptual design phase because we realized that with the relatively small number of units that we could put into that facility they would have to be at a higher price point. in the number one criteria that came up and that was a lot of people would say why need a bunkered that would protect me and my family for 4 to 6 months and then the next guy would command and say well i was thinking that point i'd need something for at least a year and then somebody who has a what if we had
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a global climate change that wiped out crops for years and we had to be in there for years so we quickly got feedback from potential customers that had a really big span and timeframe. going qantas but we decided to make people feel comfortable there from the cups welcome to the beach. so one of the things you don't expect to see in underground bunker is an indoor swimming pool this is 75 feet long and holds 50000 gallons and it's a salt water pool it's all computer controlled and maintained. so here we have a cross-section of the this is the dome of the we just it into or the pool or ocean
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mechanical level medical and security the store level of hydroponics then are interested actually levels for 5 through 11 and then there's a library classroom an exercise and spa level theatre and pontian storage. this is the hydroponics love. the one we're on the lower level there's another identical configuration this room right above us these circular tanks all over here roughly half of the room are all for raising columbia these pie shaped lower tanks are all for growing plants this half of the floor opposite the security is our medical facility so and here we have a full pharmacy we've got everything from radiation drugs and. iodine pills and antibiotics and things like that that's what stored in here then we have a full dental office and we have a medical exam room and we even have
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a hospital in procedure him so we can actually do minor surgeries i personally think it's better to depend on yourself than the government for protection so if you can you know what we would do what's the downside here the downside is your family might not survive because you made the wrong choice of being prepared you thought that the government was in take care of you and if you make those arrangements then. you still have a backup plan if you fail then maybe the government's there but if you come in the government they fail but your backup plan so i would try to do it myself. you may be in your school yard playing in the signal out. signal means to a stop whatever you're doing it and get to the nearest safe place back. always remember the life of an atomic bomb can come at any time only know the bomb can
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explode any time of the year day or night it's ready for duck and cover. add up boy tony that means act i asked only know that it helps to get to any kind of covered sunday's holidays vacation time we must be ready every day all the time to do the right thing if the atomic bomb explodes. this family knows what to do to your own family should remember what you do now tell me right out loud what it was supposed to do when you. were not in a cold war situation anymore like we had in the 1960 s. with the soviet union back then we had what was called duck and cover and we had a mascot it was a turtle called bart the turtle and he would come dancing around and he would teach the children how to hide in case a bomb went off. and. i'm
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57 years old and i've never seen a country so divided as america is right now so divided that people are buying bunkers in record numbers to protect their family from the unknown because they don't know where their country is going they don't know where. we have a saying in america we're all just 9 miles away from anarky now what that means if you take an america and you don't see them for 3 days he will kill you for food. that has been bus travel and i said look can i. help my family.
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so i bought it in the next. day but that bunker he doesn't want to have a bunker he says oh my god we're going to wouldn't you do we're going to get termes on this is now i don't well i buy the bunker 9 and thinking i get in the ground. there's a massive. conversely. news show and. he's out of china. i put a little light. here and a little storage area here and then this has storage in here on all 4 of them. and. between 59 and 63 degrees all year round it could be snowing up i could be blazing hot and. going around. sometimes so. it's just quiet you don't hear anything at all. not even
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flies come down here is my girl cave. man has been going to let me say this. but there's a planet coming through that has its own solar system. in the sun it's got nibiru and it has its own moon it has its own. planets are going round it's supposed to pass through between the sun and us. and something as big as the earth is going to cause tidal waves earthquakes volcanoes. and it's going to. so we're in for a while right and it can happen any time so. believe it but i do. it makes them crazy not just don't believe the.
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air part skip way over there. i don't have one here at their place but their pipes are way over there they don't come straight up in most cases like most bunkers they go straight up so if you go up to me pool water and it just goes into the bunker it doesn't happen on my bunkers meyer's parts away over there so somebody comes out and finds an air pipe they try to pour gas in at our pumps smoke or even put carbon monoxide back a car up to it it's not going to get because my valves was shut off the carbon dioxide the water go in the ground now if they put in a bag over the pipe that's eventually going to tokyo so there is no bunker i make this not impenetrable but i can help the lion as long as possible so they have enough air in there to use the escape tunnel the flank the guy sitting in the back . this is a bunker but this has a like a 4 cox gun vault door inside it has the name of the guy's ranch and you come down the stairs and it has a mud room as well say i ever one of my bunkers has
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a place to shower and decontaminate before entering the bunker. the shelters we make today are identical to the shelters made for john f. kennedy. right now the people who are buying bunkers are not the liberals as the conservatives the conservatives are buying the bankers they're buying the guns they're buying the food they're buying the image that the left is and buying anything because they figure they have the police and the military and they're kind of crazy to begin with anyway if we could end up in a civil war number 2 in america it would start today it would happen the problem we can't is because we're all intermingled so it's a war of words on the news and media but this country needs to break up and people need to go to the side that the we need to split this country. this is mine this is mine. just can't teach english it's just mind useless.
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loaded and ready and indeed. this is mine she's mine. oh you were used to get a laugh now we have a. target. range. they have an area about a mile behind us it's in the no facial shooting range and everybody in the local area calls fighting practice this well so lou short walking thanks for that we practice come home and then we cleaned up and ready for the next day. so will you know it's you because you know. this is a misconception. the. problem here is that you're just
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blowing 12 to 25. shelters 400225 depending on the temperature drop here tonight deal situation because of the cool temperature. is long as you remain sealed about 20 years. but what's your biggest fear my neighbors. just in case people always ask me aren't you worried about people knowing where your bunker is i said no it's off point but the press free until. the locals here look at us. like we're crazy that that's
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a waste of money that why are you doing that but the locals also don't know that. if you live in chicago you have nowhere else to go. so why not have things like this. the good thing is everything is paid off. i don't know nobody no money the focus paid off the car the heat off the trailer it all nothing i just got to figure out oh. enough weight of pain my childhood pain my daughter's school and that's what i. am which just from lived her life without fear. then this whole world would be different but everyone skewed it in one fearful you need to break away from that fear because the only thing you have to fear is death that's the way i look at life and i think that i'll just want to enjoy my life because time is precious. time is you know that's what we have here and it's fresh
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. that's the let me. ask i would then will. take i could.
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not. show more than. can you love lose your mother. how do you make it a secret if don't want to come. to what they were all of the kook on the standards of the outer. banks. in the world of the football club. i knew of those 2 moons. much of this news tonight in 1000 from the uk so would you hire them to use in did . to me when i meet your house on the net.
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among the big stories of the week struggle in israel to get everyone to stick to the locked door and especially want to. know of virus red zone after ignoring the advice because it is not not from the minute the outcome of such a shot that was. 2 shelves. in the hotel is on the rise. there which started in mid march. with officials accused.


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