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live from the world headquarters of the r.t. america in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez i have a buddy i'm rick sanchez i want to welcome those of you who are watching us on portable t.v. or on your regular providers all over the world all right india is in the news today the country's 1300000000 people are being told that their economic lockdown is going to be extended because the coronavirus numbers there are getting much worse much worse with each passing day we're going to be all over this story for you and we're going to be covering it throughout the course of the day but we want to start with this what in the world is going on with european carmakers who are
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being caught red handed lying and cheating seems bold but that said what are they lying and cheating about car emissions it's like if i sold you a car and guaranteed you it doesn't pollute the environment and you're not going to get fined for driving it ok and then you do for example if you drive a mercedes benz right now this may have happened to you investigators say the company that produces mercedes benz that produces the 280000 seat class and eat class vehicles that they were outfitted with a trick gadget that fooled people into thinking the car was not polluting when in fact it was. what was it it was a special kind of software that allowed it to pass emissions tests by essentially
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cheating that's what it did made it think that there was no pollution coming out when there was more the maker of mercedes has recalled 700000 cars 700000 while the investigation of mercedes continues and we're going to drill down on this for you on this investigation volkswagen is still reeling after getting caught doing pretty much the same thing volkswagen controls 70 percent of the diesel market right here in the united states and this is where it was caught cheating it installed a little device in half a 1000000 cars a year another 10 point $5000000.00 caro's cars all over the world that allowed it to trick emission tests so how did they do this and what's happening now and just how big of a scandal is this we're going to drill down on this for you right here on the news with rick sanchez because we believe stories like this prove it's time to do news
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again. here's a list of the questions we think you'll be asking after watching this newscast what happens to european car companies now that they were caught cheating to pollute is the u.s. really going to lead an investigation into the world health organization and what does a lieutenant general 'd think of the government's response to covert 19 all this. but we do want you to know that all this week we are going to bring you special coverage of the corona virus with all the updates around the world and everything you need to know to protect yourself and your family we call it tracking coronavirus. ok so it began with volkswagen. you probably heard about it still hasn't really ended this scandal this controversy now
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mercedes-benz is in the mix and who knows where this thing is going to add this is a verifiable scandal that involves millions of cars and more importantly millions of people millions of drivers oh and then there is that little thing called the world's environment. we have special coverage on this story today and we're going to get with our team correspondent alex ahead of edge to set the scene. a promise we turn to black and became what is known as diesel gate one of the most trusted companies in the auto industry was caught in a lie following up on a 2014 california based study that looked into emissions discrepancies between european and u.s. vehicles in september 2015 the u.s. environmental protection agency issued a notice of violation of the clean air act to german carmaker wagon i think it's fair to say that we are quite concerned by some of the reports that we've seen about the conduct of this particular company but ultimately this is their
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responsibility e.p.a. to take a look at it and that's exactly what they're doing. that's a month get admitted to installing software and it's diesel cars that turned on pollution controls when vehicles were being tested then switch them off during every day driving the software made it look as if the course made tough u.s. limits on harmful pollutants known as nitrogen oxides in fact to be able to emitting up to 40 times more nitrogen oxides in real world driving situations than what test results showed this led to more investigations against volkswagen and other countries where similar conclusions were meat ultimately it was discovered that 11000000 volkswagen cars with worldwide misleading software installed half a 1000000 of those were sold in the u.s. according to the german media was using emissions manipulation software as early as 2005. in january 2017 why can pleaded guilty to criminal charges in the u.s.
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that same year of federal judge ordered him to pay a $2800000000.00 fine in addition both swag it ended up paying another $1450000000.00 u.s. civil penalties adding to the company's problems in september 2019 german prosecutors charged 3 of volkswagens top executives say they knew about the issues and rather than addressing the problems they kept them hidden by january of this year the number of those charged rose to $1132.00 individuals are still being investigated so far do so because cost that's right you know estimated 33000000000 dollars in fines settlements and recall costs never mind the initial hit that company stock took when the scandal was revealed something from which it is not quite recovered diesel gate has revealed that contrary to the claims of a number of auto makers diesel powered vehicles are not as green as the companies made them out to be and some car manufacturers were willing to hide that fact. and other automakers continue to be under the microscope for news with rick sanchez i'm
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alex mileage this is crazy this is not some small. shop somewhere trying to get away with free electric or free gas these are $1000000000.00 companies that we're talking about caught. redhanded we're joined now by former u.k. member of parliament george galloway also joining us is attorney greg coleman who's the founder of the greg coleman law and mr coleman are you handling some of these cases tell us just how big this is and how many there are potential car manufacturers may be involved or may have done the same thing. sure yes of thank you i am handling along with others especially in europe so what we know for sure is with respect to v.w. as we just heard from your promo that v.w. is it made it faults in the us but here's the strange saying they've done no such thing in europe where they are actually located in where they sold the fast
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majority of the cars that had the cheat emissions device is so that what i've been working with along with others to form the diesel at missions just as foundation in order to make sure that justice can be had for those consumers throughout europe and just to just to clarify i'm reading reports that not just mercedes but b.m.w. . and perhaps some other country companies may or may have been involved or done something similar is that true or absolutely as we know dispirit head if you will was v.w. but in addition to v.w. we know for example that c.i. has settled in the united states we know that. is currently in litigation in the united states we know that there are other very to our manufacturing players because this is such a widespread issue it's going to involve many many others in addition to the main
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players george galloway joining us from one of george what is your reaction and what do you think is the general reaction in europe learning that these. corporations would be trying to pull off something like this. corporate giants prepared to lie and cheat and destroy the environment to make a bit of extra profit who would have thunk it rick the reality is these people should never work again as they see every penny that they made on sales to the united states. and any of our country to which they were doing so fraudulently must be taken from the company take censure against them these people count on the fact that if the punishment will not fit the crime it will be a big fine but nothing like the find would want this this crime
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and they'll make up in profits in the future and it's up to us the public in all countries to make sure that isn't the case just perhaps it's a little unfair of me that both vote. on mercedes benz who are both of course vital organs of hitler's germany so perhaps we needn't. have expected ethical behavior from them what do you expect this is going to result in i mean is this. i guess for full disclosure mr coleman are you handling what a class action suit on behalf of whom. we have. those impacted v.w. owners for example in the netherlands and i'm glad you asked me that because there's a new law that's just come into effect in the netherlands under way. and i don't
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want to get too much into the weeds through shows. we have filed the 1st of it's trying to rig in the netherlands outlining to rescind not only the $160000.00 plus owners of these impacted vehicles but also those impacted owners throughout the entire and potentially depending on how the courts interpret our writ the entire the whole of europe it sounds like most of these companies are trying to get a quick settlement i mean i've looked at the numbers $1000000000.00 here another half a $1000000000.00 there georgie. you are a member of parliament what can the leaders of european countries like the u.k. do to punish these companies or should. they certainly should implement this is rick i grew up dreaming that i would own an american car i don't know how it came to pass that so many of your people are
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prepared to buy a volkswagen instead give me a buick or a caterpillar. the governments have full power they could sit to these corporate giants you'll never work here again unless you pay us every penny every cent of the profits you made during that fraudulent period when you were cheating from us you were cheating your customers and you were despoiling our environment titian's out of the power they just very really want to use it because they are lobbied by corporate giants and who knows what happens in the back room but the law. should be following this through with unbelievable what. go ahead want to put a punctuation on mr kind of the way to about 30 seconds. what i was going to add on
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to it george. there was a commission by it sounded exactly what george was talking about that there was a. if you will among these auto manufacturers to consumers all around the world remember this just is that america it's not just europe it's it's all straight canada so this is such a widespread thing. they do need to be held accountable this is a really important story i'm glad we're doing and i'm glad we had you gentlemen here to take us through it mr galloway mr coleman thanks to both of you. you're watching the news with us. here on your favorite provider or perhaps for free on portable t.v. our special coverage is going to be right back. says
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the unemployment rate is not projected to reach 30 percent of america higher than the great depression the stock market's up 30 percent from recent lows and the size of the central bank balance sheet has expanded by trillions so the question is which came 1st the expansion of the central bank balance sheet or unemployment what is the cause and what is the fact as we have been saying on the show for 10 years central bank balance sheet expansion causes the unemployment because it causes the deflation that causes the economic duress that creates the unemployment. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see if that.
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is a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallowness.
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of our nation's capital here in washington d.c. it's 16 minutes after the hour oh welcome back i'm rick sanchez there is a bit of a brouhaha taking place right now in the u.s. government that may end up causing a potential constitutional crisis republican governors like governor abbott of texas are arguing that they want to be able to open their state from the lockdown that's recommended by the white house meanwhile democratic governors are arguing with the white house that is wrong to suggest that they have to be ordered to end the lockdown at any time so they're trying to fight that. all of this is turning
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into a potential verbal battle with the president the governor of new york governor cuomo so all of this is going on all at once most of it centered around new york by the way so for more on this let's go to new york with our north east correspondent of the charges. today a new battle brewing between state and federal government when somebody is the president of the united states the authority is total the president taking aim at some governors about who has the authority to reopen the country amid the coronavirus pandemic the president of the united states has the authority to do what the president has the authority to do which is very powerful the president of the united states calls the shots a tariff war between the governor of new york and the president but today governor andrew cuomo striking back the president said last night that he has told with already for. determining how and when states reopen that is not
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an accurate statement the president is clearly spoiling for a fight on this issue the issue i went to scale back restrictions to get the economy up and running again as new york and other states see hospital rates go down we are reducing the rate of infection. that means whatever we do today will determine the infection rate tomorrow it is total cause and effect new york teaming up with 6 neighboring states coordinating efforts on how to reopen businesses and across the country california oregon and washington announcing they are doing the same saying that they won't let politics drive decision making we began a process of establishing more formally what it would look like and how we could begin the process of the kind of incremental release of the stay at home orders that advanced the fundamental. principle of keeping people healthy keeping people
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safe using science to guide our decision making and not political pressure this as some conservative states want to have an independent policy on covert 19 texas governor great abbott saying that he plans to allow businesses to reopen with an executive order that would lift the coronavirus lock down in a quote safe way. meantime back here on the east coast the governor say that they would ease some restrictions and expand the term essential businesses but they would also monitor infection rates to make sure areas with less infections would get more restrictions lifted reporting in new york trinity chavez r t r this is really an important conversation that we need to have and there's no better person to have it with than the guy that i'm about to enter do shoot 2 so how is our government doing right now during this national emergency the man you see right there on your screen that is general russell honore i got to know him back when i was at c.n.n. down in new orleans when we were dealing with katrina because he was the person
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that the united states government put in charge of dealing with katrina when it happened and he's good enough to join us now decorated lieutenant general in the u.s. army general thanks so much for joining us i guess take it away how are we doing this time around. well you slow still plainchant show. me. we have a lot of uscis is. not for miss red bar a. lot of our healthcare workers and 1st. you neal we cause you're under proper equipment so we're not doing as good as we could. do we had good logistics and better testing to berlin 000000 care workers in the most vulnerable population and a nursing home of bertram's all we want to do a lot of it we're going to feed your scars you say logistics is logistics the kind
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of thing the government is not so good at usually. knew that sort of off from points nobody does logistics like. you know sees military in the u.s. in this year it's a lack of focus you can be strict care but he looks at stuff you come in if you don't order. we didn't have enough and screwups and no we don't confusion in washington as it was in charge of the national sorrow and why do you see it so we as a major policy issues. that's going to be resolved but you need to are we so that's intent you have to you're going to defeat destroy our species. jared questioner is one of the guys in charge of this so as governor pat's vice president pads now so is mr trump neither none of those have military experience do you think it would serve them well if they did. i know but they've got
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a lot of freedom with you to form around it. would be elected. members to vote defeat. would be good because you've got an issue. far in addition. be chancy to united states military and the mission as opposed to giving them an answer to yes has anyone called you to ask for your advice and if they call jus to help with this like you did with katrina really well by the way would you take the job. i would. submit to you. that is. there to you know generals don't very capable of doing this many don't when i read a lot of experience would you mind spirit. but i would like to jump on or the
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middle of this is a very gentle randall's like you do this but really reach aside and let me know. yeah i mean you're here to troll wouldn't change it for me and it commands people who lose $0.03 with me now or now to try to impose our will on this. general russel honore a man who coined the phrase stuck on stupid we will never forget we thank you sir for your service for the fine job you did there and for joining us today for your comments thank you very much good to see again. thank you sir appreciate it while lots going on let's do this now let's talk about the w.h.o. we hear reports daily about the w.h.o. world health organization how's it doing while it gets all the global attention critics argue it may not truly have the interest of citizens at the core of their mission what's that mean here to explain and none other than robert kennedy jr who
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is critical by the way of w.h.o. 1st of all mr kennedy my condolences on the loss of your niece and your nephew i know that must have been very difficult for you and your family. i still feel you know i'm looking at this situation with the w.h.o. and most americans are not very familiar with it you seem to be suggesting that it may have some inherent problems what would those be sir. it has systemic structural problems and it has the same problems ascension to cæsar and some of the other health health for a good lighters in this country and europe out of. it which are which begin with the fact that those agencies rely. and a large part on their funding pharmaceutical industry and those ties other conflicts of interest has. brought those agencies very close so that they really
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have become not just kept to the agencies but almost subsidiaries of the ndaa straight to you h o gets half its money. from nations and the other half comes from industry so the single biggest. after the united states the single biggest contributor is the eights. of the bill and melinda gates foundation. which has a very close relationship to pharmaceutical industry. and has goals that are almost identically aligned with the story how are the pharmaceutical industries then given what you just said at the thought of goal or would they be opposed to things that the w.h.o. would think would be good for me as a citizen or any other citizen of the world. historically the pharmaceutical industry has used the w.h.o. the w.h.o.
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has tremendous power in developing countries and particularly there's drugs. the pharmaceutical industry wants on africa drugs that are on or stale or that are poison and don't work. they can usually persuade p.w.a. shallow to to force on african populations the way joe tests on african populations and it compels african populations to take off against the well away they do this is that the w.h.o. controls the. the funding for the health organizations and all us all nations and africa for example the program pumps millions and billions of dollars into those nations every year and if they did not have those dollars they'd
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be a deep deep trouble i give the w.h.o. tremendous leverage to make other requirements let me give you an example. 202017 the scandinavian government did a study and it's the 1st time in history that this kind of study has been done it was a study of d.p.t. vaccine. area test. as vaccine is given to urgently every child in africa under orders. this this study found with chris published and january 27th december 27th taken fallon that vaccine was killing children at 10 times the rate vaccinated children are dying as i vaccinate a child i was killing more children in the if there is a super assess. and case and the w.h.o. continue to insist that vaccine which has been completely discredited by credible
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sources and even government scientists. and used to be administered to every child africa robert kennedy jr wow you're opening our eyes to some things that i many of us did not know look forward to being able to talk to you again thank you again for sharing your time we're out of time though we'll see you again very soon i'm a rancher. thinking of getting abused by the ones we got and there she was i didn't know it still happens to you a liar people who use a crate with him he will stir freaking out didn't he want to see. freedom anywhere near. caged in the into lane conditions on puppy farm i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in a cage outside you see no protection from the weather the sheep you know the courtier the rain the snow the funder nothing they have no protection. to get you.
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to get through k. . across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies are coming from this large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold and at stores even joined a good businesses are involved like agoa mom center there has been a shocking amount of organized opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding for so many days most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with dogs don't buy dog. shows seemed wrong. roles just don't call. any. yet to shape out just they become agitated and in gains from it equals
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a trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. greetings and sell you take shouldn't. it appears my friends that the dream of the united states we all grew up learning about is now nothing more than the burning final embers.


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