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but they have gone quit if we were so invited he's filmmaker author barry sonnenfeld he is a highly regarded director in hollywood i want to talk about the cinematography these blows my mind the c.v. here known for films like the addams family get shorty men in black trilogy the cat i always think. michael bay when i think he delivers the bacon i think when they put barry in charge of a big commercial product he gets it into the barn and i'm sure they must think that a bottom but an artist's soul in the cinematography very is also an author his new book barry sonnenfeld call your mother which is a create story it's a memoir about his life it's currently available in stores and online mr sonnenfeld i assume how are you my friend good dentist how are you i'm good we were looking at each other's back drops i sometimes wish that joan rivers was still alive to go through in this raid everybody's home backdrop for their studio now like she used to with the red carpet i have to measure over my shoulder and very notice that he
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said he used to go to yankee stadium with his dad when it was more like an operating theater where they'd hang over and i have to tell you a quick story very about the dimaggio hits 56 in a row he goes into the locker room after that he gets another 18 he would've been up to 75 games in a row he goes back into the locker all these kids are like almost in tears that they got to play with the great jody a young rookie goes up so the magic is sitting in front of his locker pissed off with a telegram the kids is joe it's the greatest achievement in the history of baseball we're all blown away here come come be with us we just want to say we play with joe dimaggio and bess you is on the telegram it's from the heinz corporation and if he had hit 57 in a row you had a 10200 he was pissed off because you know joe was obvious about the money wasn't it that's larry yeah now i did not know that story that's a good one. you know what i call that
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a son and felty in story because as i look at this this book by a friend god i have to 1st thank you for i find the miller's crossing palate still resonates with me all these years brother that sort of i don't even know what channel called dark forest steve blue gray i find it absolutely lovely and brutish at the same time tell me but working is the cinematographer for that very you know i shot their 1st 3 movies blood temple raising arizona and miller's crossing you might know is crossing cuz you have a similar name i suspect is that the reason why you liked that movie. i liked the movie because i think it's a masterpiece and i'll be honest i know there are no i know there are mixed views on that film but what else are you to do with films except come down in a pronounced manner on your side of it i think it's a bit of a mentor pep banks you know it's we shot it in new orleans although it's never
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called new orleans to just called a city and joel and ethan and i got there right before a hurricane and we were saying that the canal place which is near the waterfront and the harbor and paint came and the canal place had this huge truth and huge red letters that said canal place hurricane comes through and knocks out the sea. all right so for the next 8 months and they don't repair. for the next 8 months joel and ethan and i are staying at the a no place hotel and you know like you know we finish a day's work and i'd say to joel and ethan you want to eat at you know commander's palace if you want to go here mothers and then they go out with that not just go back to the anal place. but that and that sweetie and i were married at the wrap party of miller's crossing we rent joel and ethan rented
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riverboat and sleeping and i paid for the band and the refreshments you know the food and we saw we were married at the wrap party miller's crossing surrounded by you know grips and electricians and camera systems but there's a lot of beautiful memory and the burial is your 1st as i think of how long the bear what's your actual name i'm just used or is suited for what's your actual name and how long now. well her real name is susan but everyone calls her sweetie i gave her that name and you know grips and electricians will come up to her on the set and say hey sweetie how's your uterus because have no secrets as well and april 22nd earth day will be married for 31 years and it's also my 1st anniversary of having my gallbladder removed so my 30th anniversary was spent in the hospital. well she would say you have
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a lot of gall commingling those 2 statistics and i would say that you truly met your mother earth somewhere so nice to see a man that happy with that happy with his bride so god bless you have talked about that blood simple for a 2nd too i think back on that emmett wallace thing i think that's his name where yeah yeah the one clone brother's wife i'm blanking on her name doc and i for chester a friendly tournament great at yeah yes nancy it's a remind of the in nearly seventies or was a film called the new centurions where george c. scott played kill vince and he was working like vice squad somebody exposed himself a year it'll set off any hat pin them they're like a butterfly and hannibal lecter is waste and it reminded me of that where you get stuck in and somebody can cover out of the other room i love that right that was menacing. well you know joel and ethan and i the way we raised their money for that
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movie which was $750.00 grand is we shot a trailer as if it was a finished movie and use a trailer to show it to like dentist investing groups and doctor investing groups and all that stuff and when we shot the trailer you know we didn't have actors or anything but one of the scenes we shot for our trailer was a scene where m.m.a. at walsh some day i mean. it wasn't hired yet by where he shoots bullet holes through the wall with his gun and these beams of light come in and he does it to get his hand around which you're talking about to open the window next door and fram it dormant puts a knife through his hand and slams the window it's it was the scene that that most of the investors that helped were still there when we showed them the 1st cut to leave all of our investors hated the movie well i would assume when he showed it to
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the dentists that used a drill instead of a knife right ah. sort of and dear yourself to that. i am not the much of a outgoing person so this discourse. in a weird way i'm watching films or reading my as well i love my wife we were trying to catch up on the wire which i never watched all over how is the how is the quarantine for you. you know that except for the heavy dark cloud that hangs over us because we have no outers in new york in new jersey but in terms of our daily life not thing as change we live as we do and i live on 62 and a half acres in telluride colorado where in the middle of nowhere we wake up we have breakfast i walk the dog we have lunch i walk the dog we talk about the inner i ask her why she wants to drink for dinner in the middle of the day we there nap
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or we lie you know candles are hard back book so and then at night we go down stairs we have a screening room and we watch someone who you don't watch it we watch rachel maddow and you know chris hayes and then we'll watch some movie or something but nothing has changed for us and we seem pretty safe here do you think chris hayes is glasses reason not resemble the glasses worn by farley granger's wife who he wants to divorce and strangers on a train. yes. there there is the shirt had certain i always look it does have glasses and i'd say i could 0 her off the locker choking her in the reflection on the love there connla. they're big they're substantial they're real they're important outlasts yeah well. let's talk about this book
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the book is very sort of call your mother folks i could not tell you when i saw the story on the front look so the picture on the front i should say look so extra i remember the look on my face for us 16 to 48 and frocked i would say and then what i saw the title like i had a lump of the story behind the result 40 please tell the story behind call it very spun felt call here we're now the title is based on a real incident in early january 19th 7 the i was 17 years old i was a senior in college and we went to the 1st anti-war concert at madison square garden it was harry belafonte peter paul and mary and for the 2nd time that evening jimi hendrix he had come in he was posed to do is said he wasn't feeling the vibe he walked off someone else came and so jimmy was not feeling that great and it was
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2 20 in the morning and that's important that it was 220 and jimmy was back for the 2nd time and he was warming up and tuning up and over the p.a. system came the announcement barry sonnenfeld call your mother so. a true story and fact. this. i got a letter last week from my girl. who had been at that concert with me and the reason was she would because of that 19 she had all these old file boxes and was looking through the boxes and came across a tech and stuff not from there but from gained by. at shea stadium when the mets won a world series in $69.00 we had played hooky going out to shea ort to $8.00 scout tickets for $10.00 each and so she found this ticket and was trying to
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find my address so i had written the book saw the title of the book and said in her letter that she so remembered that event that it was already was horrifying for her so she could only imagine what it was like for me because you know with the garden crowd you know sinews you stand up to call your mother because i was told barry sonnenfeld call your mother the garden's crowd starts chant that. in that you're good you know that and by standing up you've announced you are barry so it was a disaster i called my mother i saw my father had died because why else would i be pet how do you get anyone to answer the phone how do you get it to go through those layers where you finally get to the announcer and say i need to find my son so i
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assume my father had died or something like that of course that wasn't the case it was 220 and i said i'd be home by 2. i would say that mother love dictates that she had a direct line to hendrix and told him to get off track not going to have a video but i've talked to the mother love. i think if so be that that she also must've had the. way to tell hendrix to commit suicide soon after that well he didn't commit suicide but soon after that event he died and i blame for the whole kit and if you were at the garden for the. concert in the 70s i'm hoping you were there for some of the nicks that is the purest basketball ever play iced iced i saw bill bradley last night he still working off the ball for got 6 that was not. you know what i was at game i was at the
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stadium when that the garden that whole city sequence because i slept out to buy tickets for the lakers next playoffs it was the 1st night i had ever spent not with my parents i was 17 years old same's same year i was a game 5 would read got hurt and bradley the bush or has the russell all short guys listen read was 6 not now he would be a short dark prat practically. frazier and dick barnett earl the pearl hadn't joined yet and then i was that game 7 when read didn't come out of the locker room and came out at the last minute and the lakers literally stopped practicing and they all watched 3 hit these 2 short jumpers and i knew that the next would win the landing but i have a stint. and clyde has one of the greatest games ever played along with or been
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johnson the night that the big men went down and captain kareem abdul-jabbar were joined by barry sonnenfeld i feel like a good talk to this guy all day i hope i get sat next to a dinner party sometimes because he's a great sales the new book barry sonnenfeld call your mother which just heard that the like full story but i love that i love it when moms go the extra mile it's currently available in stores and online when we come back we will talk about some other stories that turn up in a book very short lived. porn career where i think he was probably the the villain most zygmunt male back in new york city i'm sure we had ended and he in the factory people were showing up at the set spec then and i want to hear about that i also want to talk to him about the great robert conrad who approximately 2 months ago today i will see if he ever met him since i know barry honcho wild wild west and that was my favorite shown as a kid will be back with a very sonic right after this on dennis miller plus one.
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as the u.s. economy was booming growing numbers of people with us. you can work 40 hours 'd in a week and still not have enough to get housing everybody believes america still is the land of opportunity the reality of the we're not financially quality and i'm not comfortable housing or living minimum wage give many people no choice. that's been a problem with the city and always turn out in the cold to stay away at a little distance. that there is no answer because yes the records resource the most vulnerable are abandoned on the streets to become the invisible cooks. geysers financial survival. when customers go by you're just. didn't help
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well reduce our. that's undercutting but what's good for food markets it's not good for the global economy. they folks welcome back to dennis miller plus one we're joined by the. convivial an area died barry sonnenfeld the new book is very sort of felt call your mother currently available in stores and online we talked about a sort of a talk her feet career there's also a bit more of a. interesting quirky chapter i know a lot of guys have to make the bonafide surprise you've got i've got n.y.u. i think you worked in porn for a brief time right. yes but not as an actor how graphic would you like me to get dennis. well you can say you know what i like to hear the graphic but it's so funny to. me by the way you hear when when they get there when very clever yes real quick
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when you're doing porn has anybody ever gotten the money shot at the golden hour or is that not as i am at a point. while you're full of references dennis you know we were shooting entirely inside so i don't know really did you ever get one very good golden hour i have to say so i get at n.y.u. graduate film school and at n.y.u. i realized i had an ability to be a cinematographer i was a good lighting person i knew lenses really well because i originally wanted to be a still photographer and i felt that maybe i would go in a direction cinematography and this is way before video video didn't exist in any form so if you wanted to be a camera man i said if i saw myself if i own a camera i can call myself a camera man without being a dilettante because i know one camera so i bought a 16 millimeter piece 16 reflex you know the vietnam cameras with the big mickey
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mouse ears yes i did my mind's eye but i don't know much about cameras but in my mind's eye i can see that yeah so i bought a used 16 millimeter camera with a buddy of mine it films. for about 4 grand and he knew a porn producer and director and he and my friend said we can get our camera on for 9 days of rental which paid for most of the camera. bob and i shot 9 feature length pornos in 9 days and it was truly truly horrible i you know everyone or most people might think. might be fun to be on the set of a porno it smells bad it's boring it's a neurotic and i write at great length and great
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specificity about what happened to me on the 9th day i was i've always been a wide angle lens guy i like to be very close to the lens i i think it gives a certain energy and in the case of horn if you're very close to the insert with a wide angle lens why that penis seems really large general really moves through space in a really interesting way so i was mary close to the action i was filming a double insertion some call it a double penetration. the actors never showed up so it dick miller of mr mustard productions. went to barney's we were shooting. we were shooting 2 blocks from barney's who went there and found a woman taylor and said would you like to be in a porno which is something you probably don't normally hear but this woman said yes
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so we were filming with an amateur than us. and so and typical of dick he always had the most under rhotic ways to shoot any scene so in the case of this double. penetration he had taken a leaf out of the middle of the dining room table. and had the woman lying on a dining room table so her ass went through the space with a little quicker so there was no listen when we make it happen her words oh. maybe not run with it quite that far let's keep it a little just for. now listen what i was a kid nothing delighted me more on friday nights. than when they would go from the matthew brady together or it would actually treason frame at the end of each act
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and go into a sort of matthew brady civil war together type of my favorite show of the wild wild west i know robert conrad past couple weeks ago tell me if it show resonated with you it meant a lot to me as a young man and a jew like it daunting was a to take the franchise in the jimmy carter congress i can answer all those stories and it's not what you expect. here we go. i love the show growing up i quit the boy scout when the boy scouts changed cub scouts change the time of the meeting that conflicted with wild wild west on friday night i quit because this is before d.v.r. to anything so i could watch wild wild west and i love the combination of science fiction and wester i think it's it was so up my alley so when i heard that the script was a valuable and i read it and i got will smith to play robert conrad for all i
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thought everything would be fine and then i get a call from robert conrad who says can we have lunch conrad meets me at the hotel bel-air in l.a. and says i just want you to know something i don't think a black guy should play jim west. and if you insist on using will smith to play. well you know who asked i am connected and will smith will be killed by my friends in the mob so you don't want will smith as jim west so i went to well and i said hey listen robert conrad threatened to have you killed i think i need to tell you this well robert conrad threatened to have you killed if you agree to play the role and that he has connections with the detroit mob and will looks at me and goes you
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kidding i'm from philip cam. philip makes to refer to troy it looks like lane castor a court court until well it does. well. well i'm so i'm disheartened but he does sometimes realize that it's in the way that as it is a young boy what would it cost what were conrad's theories are to mr gordon being played by a japanese woman not get a just kidding. we're talking to barry something. about is his new book it's called barry sonnenfeld call your mother a memoir of his life you can tell that these tidbits are well let me say did you ever read frank l'engle as dropping names and other things have you ever read them is that good this is reminding me of that a little just such a great raconteur i love how you talk about your wife it seems to me in many ways
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your mom must have been loving and you know but there are there there is the dark side of the book there's always that and i guess your mother well seems like maybe a little blanche to law in there or something but i it's not all but but how have you landed on your feet as somebody who just from afar seems to take a big bite out a life from be happy i guess yet make a decision at some point right i don't know how it happened in fact sweetie the wife. resistent marrying me because she was afraid that my role models my father or mother were so bad that i wouldn't know how to love her or know how to be a loving husband or anything and i'm surprised look i'm really surprised that i'm not in some dungeon you know with video games with my dead mother still sort of on the couch there i mean you know from the but both my parents were narcissistic my
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mother was incredibly needy on top of that you know. she wouldn't let me go to sleep away school others call it college she said that if i went away to college she'd commit suicide so i spent 3 years attending and why you living at home and then when i was a senior n.y.u. this was in the bronx and while you had another campus you know the main campus downtown and i refused to go downtown and they said are you go to any college you want as a senior and you can transfer the credits back and you can graduate from n.y.u. and i said to myself i get to go away to college and my mother can commit suicide when when 2 birds one stone i spend my senior year out now i said i now know you you you and jimmy both probably feel i'm going to go to hell because they think mean things that cat i don't very i doubt dodo dodges. it's
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the intimacy of that that makes me feign some sort of like maybe i shouldn't be privy to this huge you're just one of those guys who let your life rather you can say whatever you are not stuff when i do that i listen everybody's got a deal they've got to deal with and at some point i figure well i'm kind of torn it sounds like your mother literally was a tennessee williams are one but also the fact that she would track you down at a concert like that tells me she loved you and you know that hey there it is baby there's life there's life beyond car a lender in the middle on that trying not to go mad right i'm really impressed with your sort of relaxed attitude about parenting. well it's just everybody gets their deal the cards about this some people don't have parents some people have over over weening parents some to get on with it for god's sakes
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barry you're in your sixty's 6070 not only with the sixty's you're dead at rattle going to be oh mom of course it is it you move on i did get over it i'm very happy she's dead. that stats the sort of talk that makes sweetie so horny for you. i thought. yeah ok. now del i'm just saying i think the wrap would be out but i bet a blast but if you ever want to come on i could talk to you and it's just brits are not lunch. marius out of. all your mother it says memoir editor curly bailable in stores and online it's been a gas very take care yourself thanks mad my dentist they had a sweetie ok my back. yes
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let me see when. i was on the floor something's in my basket you know trying praying. it's just come. back. i. mean once time. it's time for us to die worms i was having children fever i don't have any sense of taste or smell from the most you know in the world would you. recently she you know sometimes you just used to say. that last time when he was on the ground for research. i have to compare. myself oh plugged it into the man in the face i'm going to.
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collapse global energy markets are in disarray over production low demand and lack of storage has witnessed some prices going to negative territory this is not just because of the pandemic this is the result of just sounds good policies the energy market may never recover. birth. she said that's. going to. walking to work don't. know what we're working till. march. what she needs to break she.
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will. live from the world headquarters of r t america in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez than i want to get i'm rick sanchez to all of you who are watching us from all over the world whether you're watching us on regular t.v. or on portable t.v. the we are so glad that you are here with us tonight we have to begin by asking a very important question one that's really dictated to us by by history and here it is with both the president's approval numbers and the u.s. economy in a freefall is it time for us to wonder about a wag the dog scenario wag the dog you know is where u.s. leaders are really.


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