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he joined by a good friend of the show jack osborne hosts a good show over on the travel channel called portals that hell and then he's got a any documentary coming out later this summer about his is that ozzy good kid we'll talk to jack osborne right after this on dennis miller plus one. day folks welcome to dennis miller plus one and we hope you're quarantine is going well and all your loved ones are are safe we are joined today by jack osborne jack of course grew up in the spotlight i'm always i always like to see people come out of the other end of that fame flume because man you know over the falls and get buried in that for all the time the water won't let it come back to the surface but he's back up and running and he's got
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a show i'm fascinated by this because i do like spooky places mandalay from rebecca and all that the host and executive producers on the travel channel called portals to hell and season 2 came out last month to get a 2nd season in anything these days good for him and jack also appeared in and serves as executive producer for the documentary the 9 lives of ozzy osborne that will air on a and e. this summer jacka sport welcome and thank you max hammond at. how how goes your corner you have 3 lovely diff 3 lovely daughters i think i do hauser. it's you know my girls are kind of homebodies they're not like be you know softball played and you know volleyball you know actually so that they are hanging out at home and so we've just been in kind of doing that flow between my house and mom's and so they're not going to hold it in it's been it's been ok like they haven't been and
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you know the old mount down here in the abbott we weathered that storm i think kind of gracefully you know jack is a father of 2 older sons who moved out a long time ago i can tell you that those melt downs are sort of a joyous could confidently that later in life you'll long for my friend just to have sent a polaroid when it's happening because he knows it or i'm the stuff of life like threat my my health this is on friday and i'm just like i mean that's just come by so quickly i might go out in another like 10 years are going to be out of the house a comedy that. your family has such so much creativity and it's a lot of them exhibit musical artistic chops yeah my my my daughter oh she's a very good piano player and she can like play just from from sounds like she can figure stuff out so she is it she can she can hammer out a way and i think it's pretty cool if you stop because that. no more appropriate
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name for tickling the ivory of the pearl so it's going to see a big cheer there. as your mom and dad good. yeah they're doing ok i mean i've barely seen him i think i've you know you know what tolkien i've been at the house to like drop off supplies and i like since the window i kind of thing but that doing ok i think it's going stir crazy you know they are both in that kind of danger category you know when i was a cancer survivor my dad got oxen's and you know he's got a he's got a mony a 2 times last year is now really you know taking this very seriously thankfully i mean i was i was yelling from you know i was going insane leading up to this being like guys got to take this seriously this is no joke this is no joke and then they were kind of like oh yeah you're right now i'm like yes it was i like to.
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it really is the lion king circle of life isn't it jack that eventually yeah your beloved parents circularize and do you go through your upbringing in the white water of youth and then all of sudden you get dumped on the other and you've got to say no take this seriously you're the for exactly yeah i mean that you know i like you know i follow the news and you know minutely you know i've got a bit of a crack and so i when i saw this talk in january i started like stocking up then and being like hey guys if i'm going to stop by and see stuff. you know they just looked at me like i was a tin foil hat wearing that and it. i when i ordered a backhoe up and brought every bag of milan i was available in southern california and elsewhere and i think it just so sad i'm saying you got all you need. let's talk about poor goes down i love you like to mention stuff like that so tell
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me about portals well my friend so you know this is we're not 2nd season and myself and my co-host a tree and you know we travel around the country we were supposed to go to europe so technically the well this season. but i got all cancelled because of well yeah well right now but. yeah we did go in trying to find the most wanted and we had a sinister doc is places we can and trying to figure out what the hell is going on . you know myself and my co-host we kind of. with skeptics who want to belief i guess is the best way to put it you know if you know if you hear a bump in the night we don't instantly go it's because of all of like you know we tend to be like well now i was away and blew the broom over and it is what made the knowings like and we call it out. when stuff happens that we con explain and that's when you know things tend to leave us with more questions than ounces.
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one things i want to probe a few incidents that have happened but i also want to ask you i do believe that there's a what do they call a closer guys which is sort of a i did they always say a happy spirit a spirit who wants to be a prankster and then i think others more malevolent things concept have your experiences been with the former poltergeist or the latter if something dark felt like it was in the room you know or both and and it's really kind of you know we have this this one place we were out in. and mineral wells texas i was told that the hell house and i genuinely believe that whatever was that was a very. dark not so friendly. and if i don't want to label it evil demonic oh you know what abacus i'm not you know i'm not an ordained priest in the catholic church of the town and demons. but it really was unlike any place i've ever been and then we go to places like i an island and
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it did whatever it was that was cowardly playful and was like turning flashlights on what we often do and it was just the with like experiences like that completely reshaped but have completely reshaped my thought and understanding of you know what what it is we're all kind of walking around in. well how were uses as a kid i was pretty disposed to saif i i loved it i didn't like it when it got too dark and on not a saw or hostel guy i come from a different era much over the yeah but i like the mysterious films i like saif i had liked the hammer films and all that so i was always predisposed i was looking for it i thought i want to sit in a tavern near loch ness and hear the cat over again as tell me his sob do you have that sort of background yourself absolutely like i grew up watching x. files i was
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a big sigh find like you know all that that's that's my bread and butter like if there's a good new site i do become it out i get very excited. but yeah i'm a same way i tend because of what you know the show been doing for 2 years now i tend to not dive too deep into like the really crazy horror. genre of entertainment because it's like i mean we i i spend weeks on end talking about dead people and it really can kind of get to you so i like i like to kind of you know hang my hat on the door and not bring walk with me sometimes but i do know that being young is confusing and dark to something it's great just because your walk interact chicken your shins all the time trying to figure out the hell to even earn being happy once you have 3 daughters and you can go in and see that be a terrific beam coming off their survival's it's a little tougher to be more but as you get older is not it's so true yeah i mean
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it's. you know the the notion of being stressed out about well when you walk in the door and you're dealing with you know one kit off in over something crazy you never want to ask you to come wipe them it's like ok like if i can't believe you have a dog there's a demon in the bottom i have to tell me more about your co-host jack you mention a young lady tell me about her guest. you know why i've been she has been a paranormal investigator. probably blown 15 years now she kind of got us qatif she was on a show comparable state i was on any back in the day and we were friends for friends and i done a parent almost show some years back and kind of put me in that well little bit. and when we were ramping up to do this you know how name came up and i knew via the internet and so we reached out and yet she's also she says you know she's like the life has been doing this her entire adult life and i kind of i think i've
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represented you know the enthusiastic to me just really interested in this and and so we kind of complement each other very well i know it's nice to have somebody in the side car who's jock can still be heard hitting the ground when something quirky happens because one of those people get so matter of fact about that if they get well it's in the room. well what do you make you know it's in the earth you still get somebody like you or i to go whoa that's the. exactly what did you learn from season one it will what at the end of season one i guess everybody's awaiting a pick up there's always the ghost of cancellation lurking it's lucky you get a nice 2nd season pick up what would you say the big take away from season one was in did you get a lot of recommendations after season a lot from fans of the shows saying hey we've got something over here you've got to look at yeah you know i think the biggest take away from season one to season 2 was
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we kind of broader. scope you know initially it was hey we have to find these places that that do they or do they not have a portal what's causing the activity and we can't realize it's kind of limiting because a lot of places are just crazy haunted because of a tragic event and maybe someone you know. it was a side of him or whatever. it's not necessarily a portal so we kind of went our let's open it up let's just find places that are really scary really sinister you know we can always ask the question what's driving that energy that and is it or is it not at all and so that was one bucket and the other side was we try to find places that haven't been on t.v. yet you know there's a lot of go shows out that and a lot of places have been investigated the t.v. so it's kind of those are our 2 buckets and as far as like. you know view of submissions yeah we actually we've got
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a lot of that and you know i kind of set of communicating regularly with a bunch of different paranormal investigators who run different groups all over the country and we've actually got some really great locations from that. we're talking to jack osborne and he holds a show now called cordle's to hell but he's also exact prod on a documentary coming up about his old man i want to talk about that and jack i would say to you here's the one thing that would scare the living hell out of me right now is if i was on about and i ran into a disembodied spirit and it was wearing it and $95.00 mask i think that scare the living hell out of. this. well revisit that after the break on dennis miller plus one with our guest jack osbourne sticker. who were all destroyed and died.
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the day or so thinks. we dared to ask. the u.s. economy was booming growing numbers of people when they need us. you can work 40 hours in a week and still not have enough to get housing everybody believes america still is the land of opportunity the reality of it is we're not financially equality and i'm not comfortable housing or living minimum wage give many people no choice. just been a problem with the city and always turn around and told me stay away i don't miss.
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the food if there is no answer because yes that requires resource most vulnerable and abandoned on the streets to become invisible becomes. thier. thing. thanks folks welcome back to dennis miller plus one the plus one today is the convivial and delightful jack osborne jack is hosting his own show portals to
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hell and he's also exec prodding a special or i guess it's a documentary i've been watching so many music documentary slightly and by the way folks if you're out there please watch the last waltz again by marx where say see about the bad absolutely mind blowing this is another want to be queuing up for because i've always been an aussie accent it's called the 9 lives of ozzy osborne gimme the 5 ws jack where when who or what but buck tell me about it. i'm so you know we don't want to look at any and it reached out to be 2 years ago now the pain we want to do it biography of your dad. and i was like ok well if we're going to do it i don't want to do the cookie cutter like traditional any of our feet like let us think outside the box and break the formula you guys always fall into. and we brought on a. guy named greg johnson who actually he was the everett one of the original the
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original executive producer they also go on see what the show did that might that will be tall and he kind of knows my family better than any producer i mean he's done hundreds of hours of t.v. with us over the years. and i basically said like greg take your gloves off like to make a music biodata you want to make because he is a. i mean this guy has a love of music mogul and you don't want to bet on that and he well i mean if i started west coast m.t.v. back in the eighty's i mean he is he lives in brazil and he just dove in and we gave him permission and access to go down the rabbit hole and get his role and as honest as possible with the right thing yes and it's a really it's a great documentary like so much so that you know my parents are really cynical when it comes to things and like all we will see in that and all of that and when we put it on for them for the 1st time they were like we don't have any notes this
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is also. and it's all and it's always a good it's a good sign you're making a good documentary when the subject being my dad gets uncomfortable and walks out the room and then comes back in 10 minutes later. that's about the right time that he doesn't come back you know you've got to focus our exact way the room you might be making you happy. yeah that's a nice that's a nice point of result you know it's funny because i often think i might have this wrong but it when you talk about showbiz family i think your mom was probably privy to a showbusiness life earlier than was in your mom's death it was to some degree so from an early age she was in it right yeah yeah and actually. that i mean my my mom did that show in england where they go back and they that's like they tell you your whole family tree my mother's great grandmother was an old like british
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like see it actress and don's. grandma that was like of old bill and to tell you know so i might my mom was like technically like i'm like 5th or 6th generation entertainment family and so she and then my grandfather was a big music manager or a promoter around record labels and so yeah it's kind of it didn't runs deep in my mother's family. and i'll tell you what obviously from the i don't know what when i 1st discovered this but what an kicker band was mad i just remember they had you know i remember was the thing from his the 1st when you 1st arrive and you hear that this is the teller voice like it's a nice dryland statute giving us a little quicker think it will look at what did this but the fairies were boots but i was such a rube i wore those records out that. yeah i mean it's funny because i
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like genuinely i'm like a big sabbath fan but it's just we did i know i can have this this switch in my admin to listen the salad to like town it ought to be my dad and just kind of enjoy it for what it is because i genuinely am a huge sabbath fan like on that last tour when they were going i was just any opportunity i could to get on the road and just you know see it for the last time i was just all about it. i just remember when i was young watching well they're so much a part of our life but at one point kids you have to remember music videos where everything not everybody at when i remember them coming over to tony iommi on a solo and he was just possessed off to the side rather get it and then they threw it i said how do you follow this cat they throw it back to the it it just tears it up it was it was the great rock n roll that great rock n roll so when you say the things are going to be brought up what do we go back
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through the whole career does an ozzie today will give it give me the lay lead track we go from being at yet young skull boy all the way up to you know his most recent diagnosis with toxins like it we you know that him being in sabbath 5 from sabbath his relationship with my mom you know rats you know the alcoholism drug addiction i mean we go through it all i mean and it's a really you know we cram in. we did a good job filling the 2 hours and not having it still. overloaded but yet not not go down and get those fraction want to go out so it's it's a great i think example i think it's a great preview of hey this is what this guy 71 years on kind of consisted of. you know jack i you mention your father's parkinson's and i believe do you have
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emissaries i did yes and you explained it. i'm sorry i to be a media fight here but can you tell me the intricacies of that because obviously it's a situational thing does it lie dormant does it flare up tell me so i have a loss of a meeting at math and so i get flare ups and then it goes away. now as disease progresses you know people go to like 2nd ever aggressive and primary and and that's when you kind of in a constant state of flare up but i'm kind of on me the the if on the scale i'm like a level one of having a mass so what m.s. does to your body is inflammation of the know and your body essentially will attack you know the endings breaking down the mile in chief which is like the the rubber coating on electrical wires and so it all exposed and then over time that will
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deteriorate and cease to fire. appropriately normally and that's when you know things start happening like you know you can have problems with your site your you know ability to walk smell taste any any way with there's no that control things that can be affected so it's a really. broad range of side effects of having a mass but i would say once you're pronounced with that at level one you could never have anybody in a more clear way say to you don't sweat the small stuff i would imagine you have to keep your inner health and your inner aplomb at such a degree of mellow to a large or oracles that several of the other thing right apps that i mean yes stress they don't want leading one like kind of. can you give because it's so different with everyone but the one through line you know with the research they've discovered is that stress is leading contributed to an atmosphere of so you kind of
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have to minimise stress as much as you can. and yeah i mean i'm really lucky i'm i'm lucky because the treatment i'm on walks i haven't had a significant flare up of a years now touchwood. and yeah so i'm just i'm i'm a lucky want to show nobody gets through this thing and scraped up a little and depressions part of it but you know everybody said there are moments but then when you get into this serious depression and i've read you say one of the more dilute the billet tating aspects of this is you can sink into a well for lack of a better term or what was me i guess here you got to get out of that quickly and i would imagine those 3 lovely young ladies probably helped me in that regard absolutely it was that it you know the time when i got diagnosed the masses my daughter was 3 weeks old and so i did i did not have the ability to spiral into you know little what was being whole because i just had to take care of
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a newborn baby and i was learning how to do it and and having kids it's like hey i need to be able to participate in is in much of their life as possible so it's a constant reminder of like i do eat gotta do to get through the day and take care of yourself and maintain you know your level of health as best you can mean you know we can only do so much but you know it's kind of been you know in the great creative hands of the rest of the story you know. you can watch franz and i never ride him and. when i hear great creator i don't know exactly what your privilege and knows but i know anywhere in the program you're supposed to find some concept of a higher power and i am so proud of you jack i don't know you but obviously we've all been touched by this to some degree are you 17 years sober brother i am indeed. jack. thank you god bless you
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jack you know it's on point you just get sick of you get sick of being me meaner to yourself than you would be just tripping sure. so carry just like come on like just i just don't want to struggle through the day any more like give me give me some good play it's really happy for you jack 17 years at all the good news you got this interview that's the best this is the end of gas man we're talking to jack osborne and the show is portals to hell and as i said coming out the executive producer for the documentary the 9 lives of ozzy osborne and that all air on a and e. this summer you know jack when we said we're going to talk to you we got a whole bunch of social media questions would you mind if you direct lines from the fans to sean yeah far away. all right tiffani views on facebook out of all the paranormal locations you visit i think you might have referred to this earlier. i'm
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not completely sure which one creeps you out the most was that the one. we discussed yeah it was probably probably the hill house but then also trans allegheny lunatic asylum. west virginia that places that's a very odd place it's on that it's the craziest thing this 13 buildings and it's on 6668 has. the pride of just because i carry that place is moved. let's see how as well we just have a lot of people want to ask about your block that chuck in the lead on facebook says how's papa doing. the recent respiratory battle i guess you said that he said the money twice and hol hell if you're a stage one and your malady where is he in the parkinson's battle you know i don't
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i don't actually know how pocket since categorizes like you know the scale is you know a lot of these neurological distinct diseases you know that they have a scale you know i know that you know he's still very mobile and he walks out every day still on you know he has his good days and his bad but you know he's right now he's got a he's on a great trajectory to kind of recovering and it's you know he kind of got a double because you know he had this pockets and flare up his feet gave out and then he busted his neck so he had to recover from a sit in if it can neck injury as a result of a fall from pa can stand and so it's been a it's been an interesting kind of recovery road for him lately because it's more of a neck issue than the bottoms. well i tell you what jack your karma must be good because although we're discussing you hosting a show called portals to hell as i've spent the last half hour with you you can see
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i have been hit by a heavenly beam i feel so unit silent now after that. it's good to meet you jack. like. we'll talk down the road thank you jack osborne just been dennis miller plus one. we're sort of in the group before. we go book or birth. mother which was she. going to do it it. really walking into the word all in a we no longer know what we're walking into. march. what she needs to break
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she a little bit back. who shakes her household sensible so. somebody. goes. yes let's see i guess. i was on the floor something's in my basket or you know crying praying. it was just come. back. i want to. yes it's time for us to die worms and i was having children fever i didn't have any sense of say source now i'm the most you know in the world to the world would you. please to wish you know son to the lord to see you to. night when simon is on the
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grounds of the research. i have to do to. push myself i'll plug it into the man in the 58 i'm going to. go. live from the world headquarters of the r.t. america in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez there to load on everybody i'm rick sanchez to all be watching us from all over the world whether you're watching on regular t.v. well on your provider or on the app portable t.v. we're so glad that you're here with us within the past 24 hours the united states military has begun what can only be described as a main.


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