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tv   In Question  RT  May 4, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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hello there i'm an election and you're watching question broadcasting from our to america's news headquarters here in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world watching us on satellite streaming and our brand new app portable t.v. here are your top stories today it is like deja vu all over again the u.s. and china at odds over the so-called origins of the coronavirus president ramping up his rhetoric claiming there is significant evidence it came a loud. and while the war of words continues there's a rallying cry from a number of countries asking for an independent investigation into china's response
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to the pandemic and last but not least nationwide protesters have taken to the streets in major cities with lock down measures due to the pandemic there rallying cries demanding governors to reopen their state's alright it's time to boost their news i.q. . the trumpet ministration is ramping up its rhetoric rhetoric against china claiming a lab in rouhani may be responsible for the world wide spread of the corona virus meantime a new report claims china intentionally hid the severity of this virus rachel blevins is joining us from the news room with more of this rachel what more can you tell us well manella the trumpet administration is now doubling down on the claim of the novel coronavirus originated from a lab in ruhani china during a sunday talk show interviews secretary of state mike pompei o said he is confident the u.s.
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intelligence community will come to the same conclusion remember the streets of the world may have a history of running substandard laboratories these are the 1st targets that we've got a world exposed to viruses and. result so yours. and so while the intelligence committee continues to do its work they should continue to do that very far so that we are certain i can tell you that there is a significant amount of evidence that this came from the laboratory. or went on to say he believes the spread of the virus was the result of an accident in the lab not a deliberate act when asked about reports of the law in question receive 7400000 dollars in funding from the u.s. to study the corona virus and bats under the direction of dr anthony fauci claim that this is a normal practice meant to protect americans and he went on to say quote the united states for a long time in continuing today tries to help countries around the world who are conducting research on highly contagious pathogens we do this not only in china but
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we try to bring our expertise to precisely prevent something like this however pompei o did not explain how he believes the virus could come from a lab that was already receiving aid from washington and in response to the claims an editorial in china's global times accuse the u.s. having gaging an unprecedented propaganda warfare it argued that since pompei o said his claims are supported by enormous evidence that he should present that evidence to the world and especially to the american public now the comments from the troubled ministration come as the department of homeland security issues the new report in which it claims china is guilty of covering up the danger of the corona virus just as accusing china of downplaying the severity of the virus in early january with the goal 'd of stocking up on medical supplies before the rest of the world knew about the threat the report claims they did this by delaying transport data to cover up the fact that they decreased exports of medical supplies
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meanwhile the u.s. confirmed it has deployed 4 b. one b. lancer bombers and 200 airmen to guam as part of a new bomber task force while they say the units will be used for strategic deterrence to missions to read. enforce their rules based international order in the region concerns remain about how those missions will impact already heightened tensions in the south china sea the latest increased tensions between the u.s. and china some global stocks falling on monday as the world waits to see what the next move will be in this war of words over the coronavirus pandemic reporting in the newsroom rachel blevins archie. e.u. boss ursula vanderlei and this weekend not only called for an investigation into the origins of the deadly coronavirus but also called on china to work with the you on this investigation meanwhile today the e.u. is launching their joint effort to raise money to fight the pandemic. indeed in just 10 days on the force of me we will launch
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a global pledging effort on that day we will also announce next milestones of the global campaign this campaign is to keep an ongoing rolling replenishment because beating coronavirus really cry a sustained actions on many fronts we need to develop a vaccine. joining us for more on this one go to former u.k. employee george galloway george 1st can you address vanderlei and campaigned for this joint measure in raising funds to fight the pandemic is this the best way or do member spade states need to address the specific needs on their own country. well our army please our brief laugh at the idea of mike promptly or talking about the rules based international order when no one has done more to trash trampled underfoot every rule that has been broken over the last few years than his
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administration from venezuela to iran and everywhere else around the world i favor our individual states controlling their fundraising and expenditure for 'd reasons of transparency and accountability i'm not much in favor of pouring hundreds of millions of pounds dollars into an e.u. supra national and on transparent and accountable bureaucracy but clearly there has to be an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus it could of course of come from the you s. funded laboratory in war but cambridge university already identified the original source of the breakout of the virus many hundreds of miles to the south of war and we now have evidence from france today. the epidemic actually was
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present in france in december so it's not even entirely clear that this father's begun in china something i've been seeing right from the beginning we need to identify it came from but much more importantly andar gently know we need to investigate why our governments yours and mine have been such a disastrous failure in tackling the virus when i arrived even though we had 2 months to prepare for it and george how do you feel about her calls to launch this joint investigation into the origins would it be done fairly can it be done fairly or do you think this could spark new division across the world. for sure and it's very hard to see how it can be independent when the united states government has already tried china guilty and is now considering the punishment how you could get an independent inquiry i really don't know but china has on the
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count to the contrary of what is being claimed been absolutely drug spot on and far from stocking up on medical supplies has been flying them free gratis all over the world including to the united states of america this is a big hole it's manila and it's a look over there are whole books to divert attention from the disastrous failure of our own governments especially after the election year as you are and george lastly china's embassy in paris clapped back and now viral video that they publish to twitter now in it they mocked the u.s. response to their warnings they are stanch lee saying they remain transparent as they began to learn more and more about this novel virus but it was the u.s. and other western states who did not heed their. warning and as you mentioned my pump air the u.s. secretary of state says that you know the intel that china downplayed the
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seriousness of the virus in order to force the supplies so all in all george what do you say to all that. it's a terrific video that's the reason it's viral and everyone should watch it because it's under me it's exactly what happened and you know there's a tendency amongst people to believe lies if they're said often enough and loudly enough from a big enough podium pulpit but the truth is the truth is the truth and china's video amply demonstrates the speed with which they warned everyone and the snail's pace with which our governments responded to those warnings so i hold no brief for the american government still less frankly for george biden and the american opposition and i don't hold any brief for china i've got nothing to do with china they've never paid me
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a thin dime i haven't been there in decades but if you asked me who is information i trust on this subject donald trump and mike promptly or or the chinese government i'd have to see and i think i'm not alone are trust the chinese more all right we'll leave it right there always appreciate your take george galloway thank you. well. that was just one of many incidents that played out at state capitals nationwide this weekend over coronavirus restrictions and for many americans stand home orders have become too much of a burden they say they can no longer obey them are despairing project is joining me in studio with more on this affair and there were some cases of fully armed protesters doing what's happening so now we're talking protests all the way from california through the south the midwest and reaching the east coast the biggest
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protests happening though in california michigan and illinois and now you can see all the protests that happened across the country there on your screen now heading over to manila's hometown of southern california protesters voice their objections to the closing of all beaches after governor gavin newsome allowed beaches to be open last week but then scolded people for not adhering to social distancing rules once he opened them well then at the state capitol there was also a visible police a visible police presence and many of the protesters were not wearing face masks there despite quite a number of protesters in attendance local news reports that there were no arrests made now vera you also mention the mission michigan governor governor. gretchen whitmer actually said in her press briefing that she was very disappointed with these protests what's that mean so at her news conference she said the protesters in lansing they were actually wearing swastikas they were holding
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confederate flags nooses and automatic rifles and she said that does not reflect who michiganders or take a listen yesterday's scene at the capitol was disturbing to be quite honest we are not out of this crisis and it is important that we do. we do the next right thing and it's going to be driven by the day. and it's going to be driven by medical experts not political polls and not political pasturing and not political maneuvers like you saw yesterday at the capitol but what mary went on to say that she did understand people's frustrations and that she was working to open up this state soon but it's not going to be like flipping on a light switch and then how do you know my hometown it's a message also being echoed by illinois governor j.d. pritzker who came under fire last week after it was discovered that his wife their vacation home down in florida all while implementing a state wide lockdown in only necessary travel this only added fuel to the fire in chicago i'm following the cold of cases every single day and pritzker is using up
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broad brush over the entire state and it is wrong small businesses are going under . and then manila closer to home here dozens of truckers they parked their vehicles outside of the white house here in washington d.c. on saturday in protest of low transportation rates with drivers blaring their horns truckers say that these low rates are putting them out of business in manila these truckers say that they plan to stay parked outside the white house on constitution avenue until monday may 4th we'll see how long they stay right thank you for that update ferran from tech. elsewhere around the nation the white house is blocking dr anthony from testifying before a house committee investigating the response to the corona virus outbreak white house officials say it's counterproductive to have individuals in the task force to be involved in congressional hearings at this time instead they will hear from the
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former director of the c.d.c. tom frieden. also happening here in washington the u.s. supreme court is breaking tradition amid the pandemic announcing it will be hearing 1st arguments by telephone in an unprecedented move oral arguments will be heard by teleconference this month among the cases the trumpet ministrations changes to the 2010 health care law. and venezuela says it's a mercenary attack just one of many attempts to remove nicolas maduro from office we'll tell you who is behind this latest scheme and then over the sports h.q. we're going to hammer brings us the shocking new record set by the strongest man in the world you don't want to miss that one.
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we go to work so you could stay home full. of. people. the world is. shaped by some person of those.
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thinks. we dare to ask.
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boiled armed incursion into bed as well of played out in the early hours of sunday the venezuelan government says mercenaries supported by the u.s. and colombia came by speedboat about 30 miles out of caracas no evidence of fighting was reported in the capital or anywhere else in the nation but there's a lot of talk about who is possibly behind this and what's next so joining us now to discuss daniel mcadams he is the executive director at the ron paul institute. a retired american green berets by the name of jordan goudreau 5 came clean about his involvement on twitter let's listen to that real quick. 700 hours a daring and 5 u.s. raid was launched from the border of colombia deep into the heart of caracas our
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men are continuing to fight right now our units have been activated in the south west and east of venezuela ok you heard him right there he confirms a number of other active operations across the country but the u.s. state department discounted this report of this coup attempt what do you say to that i mean they say it's not a u.s. state operation. well we recall certainly of the $961.00 bay of pigs and that's been humorously referred to but probably accurately as the bay of piglets this is this operation because it seems to be pretty bungled involved from the beginning it seems a pretty likely in pretty impossible that the u.s. government would launch such a half baked idea but then of course when you look at the kinds of people that unfortunately president trump has directing his latin america policy you have decades long history of launching such boneheaded schemes that would be laughable if so many people were being killed let's not forget we're talking about elliot
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abrams being in charge of our democratization plans for venezuela abrams himself of course lied to congress was facing felony charges for lying to congress has a long history of a long and bloody history in latin america so i wouldn't put anything past elliott abrams now speaking of mr abrams obviously he's been spearheading this i mean it's not even a hidden thing it's a flat out removal of the duros what he wants but just last week he promoted a democratic and peaceful approach so as he calls it to this new government in venezuela so i mean what gives i mean is this is this a coup just kind of dressed up differently. well i think mr abrams has a different view of the democratic and peaceful than you and i do mellow his 2 of of peace. peace through bloodshed but you know it's clear that he's grasping at straws is this was his last hurrah he was going to bring democracy to venezuela
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it's been more than a year of absolute and utter feel your corruption on the part of the venezuelan opposition who mike pence decided was the president of venezuela it's been a long history of really a bungled policy unfortunately president trump is not seen through the fill you of these people so. abrams is is if it is a failure and venezuela obviously is denouncing what they're calling both u.s. and colombian involvement into into this plot but this isn't the 1st time there has been a failed plot to overthrow my doolittle we remember you know as he was giving a speech on stage you know there was somebody trying to parachute in and there was a bad drone attack i mean what's different about this time. well this is it goes back before my dural remember hugo chavez in the cia having him in in their sights through the use of the national endowment for democracy and others to overthrow him
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and he was successfully overthrown for a couple of days the u.s. is wanted to destabilize and overthrow the venezuelan government for many many years if this is the latest scheme i don't know maybe they're shopping at a low rent place because it doesn't look like a sophisticated plot to me you know in this in this case and lastly there's there are some reports floating around out there that there are ties between opposition leader one why go and this latest incursion into venezuela with this ex green beret do you know anything about that and does it stem from any of that money that they recently received from the u.s. for using that as well as money from citibank. well i think the opposition is good at spending money that's not there it is actually our taxpayer money that they're spending there's also some speculation as to whether the large u.s. business. interests are involved in this maybe they're hoping to get a nice big chunk of the action when it's overthrown but which probably won't happen
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but let's not forget the unintended consequences of u.s. interventionist foreign policy is that this bungled attempt actually makes madeira look a lot better certainly to his own electorate here's a guy who could take care of these these yankee's coming down to overthrow our government here's a guy who can protect us so once again they actually have the opposite effect and you'll concede the opposite effect of what they claim to be doing if there wasn't actually real lives at stake and actual blood blood that could be shed this is almost comical daniel has got to leave it right there do you like adams of the ron paul institute thank you so much. puerto rico once again rattled by another earthquake over the weekend a $5.00 quake knocked out the power on the island forcing the relocation of at least 50 families a lot of buildings were also damaged residents on the island are still living in shelters from previous quakes just earlier this year the governor there says the families that have to relocate will not be placed in the shelters because of
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coronavirus concerns. right let's head over to regina hamm with the sports h.q. were you know the rest of the world is waiting for sports to return but there is one guy out there breaking records at the gym and he's a very familiar face because you know during quarantine the rest of us are worried about fitness and were most likely sitting around bingeing for the t.v. anyway so maybe a little inspiration what better way to see the newest deadlift world record this record was set by half the better known as the mountain from game of thrones he's an icelandic strongman and he successfully deadlifted a whopping 501 kilograms or for those of you in the imperial system 1104.5 feet 2 pounds it is his 3rd attempt at doing this and he's now lifted more than any other sport i think i'm just amazed just watching that here it's a competed and won the 20000 edition of the world's strongest man competition has
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actually placed 3rd in every competition since 2012 he's been sharing his 3 regimen all going up to the record breaking lift in interesting to see if he goes for another or if someone else can challenge his numbers. the chinese professional baseball league is in full swing with all of the puns intended in a with a dynamite night for one flogger in the game between the rackets in monkeys and the china trust brothers bottom of the 1st brothers find themselves in a no 2 hole after his back all turn into a 2 run homer off the doubt an outfielder line. but they would be down for a long though as the top of the 2nd if you were you told where with the to run the long ball. zone to tie the game all of it to bottom of the 3rd though there will be a full count 2 on the ground or out to 3rd off those out of turn to do a double play to get the monkey out of the any of the 4th set this record for the quickest to 10 runs in a season just if you want to batsmen monkey up to a no defense and rather rest the game a lot of it so homers him
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a lot you can learn putting the home team up 6 to 3 and later in the 5th leashing being puts the monkeys even further ahead with this to run single to start out trying to advance they don't care because they have the lead and bottom of the 6 monkeys are just going to hammer that lead home this time an r.b.i. single off the bat. puts them ahead $9.00 to $30.00 and that would be all she wrote with the win the monkeys take the last game of the 3 game series against the brothers. and sad news though this morning from the world of professional football as we learned of the passing paul think coach don shula at the age of 90 in a statement from miami dolphins the team said quote don shula was a pitcher of miami dolphins for 50 years he brought the winning edge to our franchise and put the dolphins and the city of miami on the national sports scene our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to mary ann along with his children dave donna sharon and mike shula was the winningest coach in the history of the national football league played 7 seasons as a defensive back in the n.f.l.
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before transition to coaching he said time was several n.f.l. franchises but he was best known for his quarter century 10 year coaching the miami dolphins from 190-2995 he led the team to back to back super bowls in 72 and 73 and the head coach go also coached the n.f.l. the only perfect season going 170 in 1972. 347 career wins holding the leader spot in all time wins in the league he coached 3 hall of fame quarterbacks bob greasy johnny unitas and dolphin legend dan marino retired from the sport in 1905 it was inducted into the pro football hall of fame in 1009. 7 he had an absolutely storied career manilla everybody remembers him of the dolphins you coach dan marino your name is your cemented like you go to miami you think dan marino and you think you can sandwiches and you think don shula and 90 years on this earth his legacy is never to be forgotten and inspired coaches to come that is a great a long many years for him so that good for him that he had this wonderful life and
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i hope he went peacefully and let's not go out on that note we're going i want to go back to mr half of the mountain 1st of all i'm going to say full bore bull yeah . no he's full for the mountain if we could pull back that video real quick holy smoke 1100 or point 52 pair in the middle of training you know where i was training because the gym is not closed so where did he get there even though i am so maybe they have different restrictions you know this is so impressive i'm just. i'm he just like picked up behind a civic pretty much basically. it's really impressive that's that's pretty that's really impressive are a big you for bringing that to us regina. and don't go anywhere because we're back at 5 pm with a lot more news for you new york is now teaming up with other states to purchase p p s in bulk as the fight against kobe 1000 continues then up in canada they ban assault weapons after the nova scotian massacre now how does one country easily ban
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all of these weapons while other countries like here in the u.s. face all the backlash or just the idea we've discussed all that and more coming up at 5. here. you go with yeah you like. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision lives every day and came to a complete change the day that i was ready to be instructed you know told
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a shot of what they'd kill me and i see how it destroyed my life any screamed at me and he made me come in and you graham my arm and he write me just berthing area if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation and it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military rape is a very very traumatizing tat happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen from women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting break is more likely to get the victim punished and be offended and almost 10 year career or chose very invested in and i gave that up to report a sex offender who was not even put to justice or poor. in the registry this is simply an issue of our in violence male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's men or women. are just. what.
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the world according. to david we discussed or called global friends. right on both heels of the carolled overvalue roots. and the show starts. the war but. i am pretty to santos for our top story today the united nations food relief agency says the global food supply is in grave danger of disappearing due to the economic fallout from the coded 1000 outbreak the agency had previously sounded the alarm about a mass famine last year citing conflicts and natural disasters but the virus has further strains of global food systems the executive director of the world fruit food program says quote this is a perfect storm we're looking.


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