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tv   Politicking  RT  May 7, 2020 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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low standard but it's the standard in the civil court of law today for most things so if you raise the standard then maybe you don't have to actually prevent the lawsuit you just simply restrict it to those really bad that violations were somebodies grossly negligent or willfully 'd negligent move to other areas trump on opening up the economy send will pick movie affected yes will some people be affected badly yes but we have to get our country open art is that putting economics over health. actually i think they're both go together in this case the real reason we went to the shutdown and most of the places around the country had to go there was because we did not have the supplies the equipment the hospitals the doctors we and we didn't know how bad the virus was going to be so now we have a lot more we don't have everything we want we don't have all the to discus we don't have all the masks although they're being produced very rapidly right now but we have enough to be able to save
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a lot of lives and and handle the situation of people come you know larry this country was based on risk we all took risks as americans years ago our ancestors anyway did when the ohio territory or through his territory was settled incredible number of plagues of diseases if you read back on history that our forefathers withstood lot of people died but a lot of people lived they didn't shut down their businesses they went on they accepted some of that as a reality of life so in things true of war we don't like casualties none of us do but in a way we're in a war it's not the same exactly but we are so if we can minimize them we save every life we can we take every step we possibly can do which we're going to the process of doing i think we have to reopen the economy because otherwise we're not going to have the food supply and we're not going to have the ability to to regain the status of living to which i think all of us want to or gradually have. easiness sam listen to your father that's right and i thought about it myself. that years of it
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not as young spring chicken anymore i mean one of those vulnerable categories but the reality is that i think that's something that is difficult for everybody when when somebody passes and i had a friend a very good friend very recently who died. i read it in the newspaper didn't realize it's that happened and would do that sadly yes it did and i think all of us are going to know somebody who's been touched by the illness and probably somebody who's passed away from it and are going to be more deaths but that's inevitable that's going to happen whether to shut down or not and unless we get some miracle drug in the next few months and we hope we do we just can't sustain a shutdown for as long as it would take to get a vaccine congress has approved nearly 3 trillion dollars in code and $1000.00 relief is going to be enough do you think. i don't know what the right dollar amount is but i think the sooner we get the economy going again the less we're
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going to need the question is going to be trying to help these businesses especially the smaller was survive some of it's happen for about 3 months but if we continue to have people not go out and by the way that's really a key to open the economy again you can say we're opening it but it people don't choose to take the risk themselves and go out and do social distancing and act the right way the economies are going to come back quickly and so the answer the question is it depends if the we don't see a return at least a partial normality of the very near future there will have to be some work you know spending to help keep some of these businesses alive to do people to take money home which you know so this is only a short term gain we've done even though it's a lot of money your government dissent as has said that they will leave function not include aid to states for financial obligations that predate the pandemic. what do you think of that statement i think he's made
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a very astute statement we cannot as a nation afford to bail out all the states propose and obligations that they've had the past i what's going to happen larry is many state revenues what effected dramatically and the consequence of that means that state services some of them are going to have to be cut back many states like florida have a constitutional mandate on the legislature they have to have a balanced budget every time they can't operate like the federal government deficit so there'll be some really hard choices i notice that the budget in florida that was passed by the legislature couple of months ago has not been sent to the governor yet i think the reason they haven't said it's because they know they're going to have to go back to redress this and it may happen sooner rather than later there are some 700 license nursing homes in florida the federal government is considering rolling back infection control recommend requirements and such facilities what do you make of all that well i am one who really believes that the
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nursing home level where you've got a lot of senior citizens you've got to be super cautious and i would read by regulation a whole literacy homes strictly accountable make sure that everybody who comes into the nursing home is pre-checked make sure that every effort is made to senate ties it is absolutely essential because if you're in a nursing home you're not just elderly you've probably got real serious problems and any action of any significance is going to be potentially terminal a day after trump indicated the white house's taskforce would be winding down he tune in now and will keep working indefinitely while the make of that change. well i think that working is important and it working in definitely has had a big word to say that the reality is that i think this all right i think you know you can't know for sure about
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a lot of these things the time there may the president's going to be 2nd guessed on a lot of things he says and does sometimes he says things that are quite outrageous i know that you know that and anybody watching this those that but the question is going to be judged on what he actually does the decisions he makes and whether or not the outcomes are satisfactory to the general public they're not going to hold in my opinion accountable for being able to have kept this virus from doing the things has been doing but they're going to hold him accountable the public will for how we come out of it and what happens from here on i really think the next few months are going to decide his political fate much more than the last few he's not allowing tony foud to testify before the senate before the house for having can testify before the senate what do you make of that why can't file jesson fight anywhere well he probably should be i think best political the truth though nancy pelosi has gotten very very acid in her views with respect to the president the
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partisanship over there in the house at the moment which is my whole body is the strongest in the worst i've ever seen it that came out of the pietschmann process that way and if you recall the night of the state of the union when he basically snubbed her didn't take her hand and then she picked and tore up the the address if you remember that on national television ever since that has just been really really bad so that's probably way doesn't want to fancy over there i don't think it's to keep her out of saying anything and he simply because of the relationship and it being so harsh to control being under. under carter's riposte at the present time as speaker. what do you make of calling the senate back in the house doesn't come back with this pandemic going while what if you are a senator when you be a little apprehensive i think some are there wearing masks now which is good they should be doing that they are being cautious it is a difficult time and it's difficult to clean the whole place all the time to keep
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it that way but if you restrict the people coming in which they are right now we are having a public that visiting the capitol and you have a secure office area it is intermingling with your colleagues and hopefully the staff very limited staff i think is doable i think this is like any other business opening and we are encouraging that to happen right now in many parts of the country so i'm really not against it i think the house is going to come back in and soon probably the next month they will they'll have to. bill in closing i want to make of all this we never had to deal with that before what's it like for you your at home i guess what me and where are we going with all of this well it's going to be very dramatic larry yes i'm at home i've been at home working from home working remotely since the end of march early and mid march i guess and all of my colleagues are in a big law firm and they're doing it worldwide i think we come out of this several
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things are going to happen larry i think 1st of all that businesses law firms there are all kinds of businesses are going to do more remote working if they have that capability if they if they do the type of work you can do remotely i think a lot of office space is going to be empty which may be a difficulty for the economy i think that regulations in certain areas are going to wind up getting changed it because in order for the businesses to come back they're going to have to change some of the rules many of the state rules by the way not federal in order to let you know hair salons operate maybe somebody operate from a not one location but from their home or some other location there will be a lot of changes and for the near term i don't know what the long term is but i can guarantee you the near term it's going to be a very different world out there for us when we come back we'll be wearing face masks we should be and we should be distancing for the forseeable future now i do know there are some drugs in development that look very promising and so all the courses words that dr phil and shion dr brooks have said or are appropriate to this
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but i am an optimist and never i was a ronald reagan hopped in the sun always been that way i feel very committed to our country we're free the greatest nation is true world we're going to survive this we shouldn't be down about it we should be upbeat we should go out and do our part but do it prudently be courses but don't be too cautious go out when you need to go buy something and there's a story that's open now where you've asked distance hope with stories of biting by the rules but go go go give it you know go go pay them something and help that economy come back. very practical bill mccollum thanks so much always good seeing you bill good seeing you too early thank you. politicking right after the break. yes ding dong the witch is dead warren buffett the extortionist private equity nut job is a recorded game changing record breaking losses as berkshire hathaway is holding
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on i'll show small seems wrong when all rolls just don't hold. any new world belief yet to shape out disdainfully comes to educate and in gains from an equals betrayal. when some many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground. welcome back to politicking earlier this week i spoke with former senator joe lieberman about joe biden's assault allegations and the trumpet ministrations response to the call the 910 demick here is part 2 of that conversation where syria action toward my pompei are said there's enormous evidence that the virus outbreak occurred in a chinese laboratory. well i'm interested in it. secretary pompei
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obviously has access to classified information that you and i did and up and most others don't have access to. i think it's important to say that nobody is saying that this was an intentional bioterrorist that china or anyone else the question is. did this start with an accident in the laboratory which was experimenting where it says in a movie and there is as you know such a laboratory or it's most of the scientists and where ologists the virus experts say didn't start with with bats carrying a virus and taking away the animals in the in the wet market and then people this is one it's beyond our knowledge. of over it
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obviously can badly affect 'd us china relationships and i think i'm very careful about our acquisitions unless we know for sure. that there is a basis 'd for them i will tell you this letter when we started our commission tom ridge and i didn't start we were asked to be that it was run out of the hudson institute a think tank in washington. our church was to examine 3 different kinds of threats one from an infectious disease or the other from an actual bioterrorist attack by an enemy and the 3rd was an accidental release of a biological pathogen from a laboratory in the united states and we've had those happen so it's certainly conceivable that this happened in china even in as slade a way you would think as one person working. in the yelling and affected by
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a particular virus there are experiments with not knowing if going are spreading the virus and then it just works for so through this whole i just hope we don't get it to a shouting match with china as i could be good either country or anybody any earth or how big a. how big a portion of the election will be devoted to the cove at 19 i think a lot will. it's a but it's a really important question. i think that. right now if the election were held today. and i'm basing this on public opinion polling nationally and then some of the critical states west president biden would be president trump but the election is 6 months away and if the virus is diminished
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and people are going back to work and the economy is growing then i think it's really a jump ball and i wouldn't that it will be very close probably again a lot of it will depend on how each of them campaigns in the case of us president biden. who chooses as a vice presidential candidate which i think will be a very important. was strong statement that we had the greatest economy in the history of the world correct. i don't have it i don't know what the basis for a statement like that is i mean it was a great economy they were 'd running the markets were high look at this fascinating that and encouraging that. of the markets go up and down that they've basically going up while a lot of the economic data has been really bad but still are there are there areas
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of strength in our economy and as i say there's a lot of money out there just waiting to be used productively so i think the market is saying to us now not today but over the last month or 2. that the investors believe that the u.s. economy is going to come back and that's encouraging and i hope over the contents. you served with him in the senate. you both democrats immediate thoughts on joe biden's current situation. you know it's as though the city personally i'm not surprised 4 years of them in the senate is the strange personal to us of fate i was a state senator in the 1772 joe biden it's elected to the u.s. from though he's not even 30 when he gets elected $31.00 station will minimum age
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when he takes office in january 2 years later i'm running for reelection i have a friend in. new haven almost as a mirage harrison writes us and says how do you like to have a u.s. senator come up and campaign for it so i can't imagine who would want the lowest it's a well i wouldn't serious with a guy in a job i've ever had him up and he was very respected there together we've been friends ever since just flying human being. he knew how to make the senate the senate work i mean he he by the virtue of his personality the fact that people liked him and trusted him he has on usually strong relationships with republican senators even people like strom thurmond but certainly people like orrin hatch. who as with whom he pilapil rooted to get some
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big 'd boss passed so i have a lot of respect for him do you worry that the made to movement will now attach itself to him you know are you worried about it i mean it's look this woman terrorist made a serious a decision i mean i will say. myself from. all these decades a moment joe or particular of 24 years in the senate and there are senate is like the behavior of the user even suggestive 'd of the behavior 'd that is that hughes is a mo but she's come out and it's not easy and made them as biting them so. she deserves to be taken seriously in the investigation and the accusation investigated one of the most significant things in these cases is that is there a pattern of behavior i mean there are others who will say that joe biden did
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something similar and i'm so forward haven't seen it so. my guess is because of the 'd way politics is that this will chase him and hound him this case right through the action but i don't really think it's going to this how many people unless something more is proven about this kind of behavior by joe biden right now it's just an accusation democratic chairman tom perez says he still expects the party to hold him in person convention then milwaukee you think that was going to happen. oh 'd it would be great if it does and i guess the republicans are going to hold on i guess there isn't show in north carolina. but. you know it's day by day on a sudden to put that many people in one place if unless we are really we found the gnostic treatment medicine or by then the numbers are way down i think it's best of
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the coarseness he had no there are some people would say that the conventions of the sort of run out there effectively. and we have a plan a different way to nominate. and maybe it doesn't have to be a crowd like it's books it's an old american institution but i think that maybe a lot of people who are tired of it and accept the delegates will have a good time. do you think florida you think florida michigan pennsylvania and wisconsin are the key states. yeah they show up like that you might throw in arizona. maybe a council in ever that's it i agree and this is a strange thing we have now. going to have to refer to the 2000 election so al gore and i got 5 and 40000 'd more votes than george bush 'd and dick cheney we lost
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electoral college with 3 votes. hillary clinton got almost 3000000 more votes the tramp in 2016 i forget the numbers when he went to electoral college but 030 or 40 votes so that's the way it is that's that's the kind susan and. there are big population states in new york california which is or prove predictably democratic so that's a good head start of the numbers with those states you say are the ones that are are going to be the the the battleground states 'd and when i said before the election were held today i think joe biden would when it's based on reading polls in those states was and every one of those states to the. joe biden is ahead some are quite closely floor some like michigan is built of some one to 10 point lead well i don't know if that a whole but if it does biden is or makes president finally joe give us your outlook
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once the new normal developed like. i don't quite see it i mean i hope we were journalists march to the old normal as we as it was pretty good lawyer here in america but for some period of time. we're going to have to figure out who it's like the handshake and a go yeah we were in rafts we've got a socially distance a bit probably going to be doing interviews and meetings more on the line of doing you know for you know we used to i miss people i don't know. if there was somebody i want to be in a room with somebody i want to go out and have a drink or have dinner together and i think i'm that and you're not abnormal in there and so i think that a lot of where is this soon as we don't have a reason to be fearful about our health then we're going to go back as close to normal as we can. that may not happen so quickly if someone tells me it will
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larry's ok to go to the palm tonight not sure i want to go i know that's what separate is like that's what's happening in china is they claim they did stop the everest and they've opened up a lot of things but people are coming out very slow. so it'll happen here too thank you for joining us on this edition of politicking or money you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget use the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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he said to add to push a police so he can reach the other than. but on the but i was going to do the book on the soul that is news to me just. instead of. me emotional learning to. do i feel is totally stuck or you know settles from the course for me mrs jim but of ocean is just. if you go chill the truth. commission. we think you minds be soviet soldiers to piss off the boots she's wearing. which to the soul looks can move the opposable opinion more than with. the sure stuck to it with summarizing the police force sort of us all the.
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same wrong why don't we all just don't call. me to be yet to shape out of disdain he comes to advocate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she still looks for common ground.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports this list i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. it is the. police. operation in dying warning some of the wealthier neighborhoods it's been far more contained and the numbers are much lower than some of the more a neighborhood star city is experiencing we're working with going to source outside of the state because they're just ready so it is so unlike anything out of
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this. max kaiser this is. really poor. or. really poor yes ding dong the witch is dead warren buffett the extortionist private equity job is recorded game changing record breaking losses as berkshire hathaway is holding company goes belly up more or less stacy this episode is an exercise in bad taste well actually it's an exercise in poor taste which would be their.


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