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women airforce service panel though there's the wasp in world war 2 and she's also set to appear in the hallmarks elm j.l. ranch later this year i think with jon voight and jimmy cause that's quite a quite a duo there but all i saw before we get started i don't want to forget i saw the loveliest picture here the other day that you had posted and by the way when you follow bo on twitter she always honors the fallen troops she always talks about animal causes and then she'll put up the holes mind bending pictures and they're the one of anthony hopkins and yes this was so sweet tell me about anthony that if we were having a very troubled shoot. and he hopkins's was my that our male lead in the movie it was with shirley mcclain called change of seasons and the director i don't know he and tourney and myself everybody was having trouble with them. it was nothing overt couldn't put your
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finger on him but he drove everyone crazy is that really going to happen and that and how great he would terrorist script up into little pieces. we started spending time together commiserating about all our problems with the film and this one day off on a sunday. my husband john visited incredible photographer so he took a bunch for a search for it isn't just the 2 of us it was a really interesting day but it impressed me because i i didn't know anything about acting when i came into the business and here i am in ruby with all these great stars and to see someone like anthony hopkins suffer so much you'd think he would just be able to handle anything so it was really interesting to see but. i love him very much and we got through because director we got to the movie.
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where you know both somebody who has that sort of stranglehold on the human condition you can imagine the. bio ducks of pain that run under that's must be i think in the rear of you know the director would say things to tony like ok that was a good take now can you be more carrie grounds and that just drove him to the yes and have you ever seen cary grant by the way test for hannibal lector it's an amazing. that you just wrote him getting. the isolation itself. seems to be the guys are holding up indeed john seems to be enjoying being able to work on the plates right here we're lucky enough to have a 10 acre place and he does all the grounds work all the gardening he was my poor man and he loves that he's at for us this is what we do when we're not working we
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enjoy our home so not much has changed i still have to get out feed the horses feed the dogs take care of the property i just miss friends and family yes. seems like chico had a heavy lunch there behind you he's already picked it's good it's nap time he's my shadow chico nigerians. a lot of shelters around the country are empty right now people have adopted pets during the warranty and i think it's wonderful i just hope that they keep the docs or their cats and whatever they adopted and make them a member of the family yeah well i like the dogs getting out sometimes i wonder about the prisoners who hate to hear that richard ramirez aside because somebody sneezed on j.t. here but anyway we're talking about deg yeah dont get me started. get off tell me about this last feature film this is like an interesting little the story
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girl nook that i'm not aware of tell me about lost how can you not be aware of that i know your. knowledge of history and people are not aware there were over 1500 women who who volunteered and ferried airplanes tot fire pilots. did everything test pilots they were test pilots because it very little or too because our guys had to be over there over the seas fighting the war and so they did so much and they died they crashed. and they were finally recognized just recently with president obama well listen i like you said bo i like to read history but i'll be honest with you i did not know it must be a vastly under played part of war history since i've read a lot obviously i knew there were some women in that area but i had no idea that it
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was. that many in number it really is touching how did you come upon the project and i know you're producing it tell me what that's like. you know i knew about this i knew about the wasp was back in the eighty's someone came to me and wanted me to play a character real. aviate tricks called punch environs and i really wasn't her type she was kind of a. dark big woman and i wasn't her type but there was another one jackie collins jackie cochran who did start the wasp war president roosevelt and she still i think holds more altitude distance and speed records than anybody. there says a great human and so i knew about the project but i couldn't get made and then recently another producer came to me and asked if i would get involved b.j.
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jackie cochran anymore but i hope i find a great actress and we get it made it's an important story. we're talking about derek and she's talking about a project she's producing called wasp about women the pilot story in world war 2 and the part a play fascinating to me and i see you have a film coming out later in the year called jape. ads and i'm not what the project is i probably know about all these things we had our regular dinners but we care but i see the jimmy carter and john boyd are and that is a mensch that is tell me about this project it was great fun. jon voight now i have a producer friend in common and so this is jail ranch too and we're all hoping that her mom picks it up and and it goes to series which we all risotto but it's got such great elements jerry polo dillon was there so many great people in this in this movie and it is a it's a wonderful family film really nice really pretty busy dillon was the guy from nip
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tuck bo yeah. god what a castree god here is a fun if i saw jimmy caan one time i did a whole life fireball we met out at the hotel i was coming back to my room late at night he was sitting there and i said jimmy what a thrill for you to be out here with your son scott and and must be very exciting how niggas i'm throwing the kid a bum when it's over i'll be back stateside. he may be a splat of supposed. to make good on his abilities and that feeling yeah he's got that charm he's funny still he still of fleur he's just wonderful i love him. he's still flirting beautiful sent senos still flirting i love that but now that you know it's funny but you're one of the least hollywood people
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i know. i don't dimes a visit you up at the ranch and i think i think both be happy just never coming in from the range sometimes but it do periodically because they also know you like the craft but. you were raised a great smack dab in the belly of the hollywood b.s. they think your mom norma were for and margaret right yeah she didn't she was one of her best friends and then when my parents got divorced and margaret hired her hair and makeup for her vegas status and i do know that. somewhere along the way you decide to jump in i'm trying to think obviously the world remembers you from 10 but i think at a couple minor parts before that right something piqued your interest by being in the business that point out. i did i think i was 15 or 16 when i was backstage at margaret show in vegas and an agent friend of hers came and looked at me and said
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you know i think you would be good in films and that's about all the thought i did but i said sure and then i stayed going on interviews and i got a couple songs parts and then i met john derek for a film he was making and we ended up getting married so you got yourself a hippie when you're not quite that at that age or a surf chick or what would you do what would you emmel yourself as yes sir. dropped out of school when and i play hooky and hitchhike to school when the waves are and my aspiration at that point was probably to work going to serve shot or smoothies it just started as being a thing at all i would be a good smoothie maker mine well speaking to smoothies than john derek apples and that one i saw john recently in the broader crawford blanking right now but
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all that pleasant yet he's so freaking handsome it's funny it was you as a young person john derek coming alive you must have thought this is my knight in shining armor. it was really weird because my mom when i got the call from this agent to go meet john there for this movie. he said. i took down the information my mom said what was that i said i have an interview she said what's it for and i said it's with the who used to be an actor john terry joe my god john derek and such a crush on him because i was you know who's john derek i had no idea and when i saw . that you were so handsome even more handsome now she said and when i walked in and met him. i just had to agree but not that he anything would happen. no doubt but it's just funny young girls swoon over the kid who's the soda jerked
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out of the local you know ice cream for its much less looks like derek musta been the vapors well listen we've got up to 10 i want to talk about afterwards i also want to talk about. love with animals i want to thank you for turning to be on to one of the hippest books i've ever read. 'd dangerous friends and i think she knew peter what it's like about all that with my friend who is truly one of the great recollection i've ever met a dinner with budgets of 30 years the stories done it all seed it all and remained humble through up more with the great boat eric right after this. joined me everything on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see of and.
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good food descriptions sound up a tasing even for the owners so how to choose the pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets more based on what they want to sell us then was necessarily good for the pet turns out that food may not be as healthy as people believe and we have animals that have you know diabetes and arthritis they have auto immune disorders these type allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to very simple problem of diet and some dog owners tell heartbreaking stories about their pets last treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research.
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it's. easy to guess that if you skip the way you kiss again you think you could only take you to procedure called do it if you could. still see if. you took it on top someone's legs all its contents is what you want. them to sure his name is lisa and this is still. just the cute name you just clinking you see if they're still plonked on the islams most. people's list for curtis are you finished and. used to give suzy a couple of the notes along sure you know this new book money and companion for me my feelings for to do your job or the slow ball with them but also acknowledge.
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that folks done a similar plus one i'm joined by my dear friend both direct so bad so now we reach employed couple minor parts tell me how 10 comes apart who put you on the blank has us at all happy. that he's from somebody you would benefit hugh have nearest house over the weekend and they called and they said blake edwards is looking for a perfect woman not a scale of one to 10 it can and. and you should go in and read for the part and i remember my husband i was you know i go up and down in weight but he was very picky and very. critical of a woman's looks and. he couldn't help but he just have this photographer's eye he couldn't help it i never blamed him for it but i didn't take it too seriously also and he said you know you call yourself an actress and you do nothing to be an
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actress you don't go school you don't study you don't get yourself in shape and i'm picking on you all the time it's time somebody else tell you you're not ready so you should go in to this interview and let blake edwards tell you you're not ready and maybe then you'll get back together. so i walked in and came home with the part . i absolutely love of all that. i did not decision nothing yet. oh it's perfect incident caught explain the home you know i always think if they remade shah shack again the poster on the law would go from rita hayworth to to rock out to to you in sand and imagine you know what i saw 10 back then yes i wanna who's this beautiful young woman and there are a bunch of the rich and it's so funny how at how friendship supersedes everything
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because now it's so funny i just think of you as my dear friend you know and that a case i will pose the woman into has just so funny to me that the whole the way that the world goes like that. but has 2 projects coming out this fall one's called wasp and the other one is called j.l. ranch to look for those we're talking about we've gotten up to 10 and i've always told you that god didn't use you play that so perfectly have no actually i watched it again sometime around a year ago remember we went to great food one night on upper state straight and i just a bow i've just seen in 10 and it's cool and smooth and groovy i imagine that blake must a did he have great notes or did he leave you alone tell me tell me how you were so good and now did such a young young age. you know blake was such a brilliant director and when you look at his work you know from days of wine and roses to being bankers and everything in between. you just you automatically trust
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him and i don't think i ever did many takes on much the part was written. just kind of easy to do she was sort of it sort of a beautiful that that thing settle her fate. that you are so unaffected when he comes to your room and your role in the giant blow up. or it's hard to be that unaffected in the scene you know you know what i mean because young people try to do it's like i used to watch matt le blanc on friends and i think he has to get in 4 hours early to get his hair suitably tussled so he looks insouciance you know sometimes when you try too hard it comes off as a you know it looks labored but in that scene you're very cool man and i absolutely love how is deadly let's see as funny as i would hope or that lee was
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so great for some reason i brought out the shy serious side of him whenever i was with them i remember we i remember him going to this sat in a big dam with all the crew and they would play his then band underground. record. because at least. this copy with here comes and it was pretty raunchy and hilarious and fantastic and he was shy and then i would and get embarrassed that i would see them and never listen to them and that we had a great friendship only so we went through although devlin was already a star in the u.k. he was almost unknown here so we went through this life changing experience together and i think that's what helped make our friendship unique well if dudley
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was shy with you i imagine chris was shy with it to some degree because i always found farley in an odd way he was so bodacious but he would always subvert by gazing at some sort of you know what i'd work with him he always kind of looked away or some of the our sense that he had some hidden soft side or something or when you met him was he just a complete tell me i'm mean for him to know again i don't know why you know i'm not i'm not a prude i don't know why i have this effect on certain people especially comedians but he was very shy around me very very sweet very dear yeah that's what i always felt i thought boy for a guy who can do the greatest fake fall onto a coffee table and chatter at that i've never seen this guy feels like blanche dubois to me in a certain setting when we'd be in the writers' room or that they'd tell me a joke and he'd look at me and i say chris that's correct but he was always yeah
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like he didn't want to get bruised you wanted to bruise i'm self before you could bruise of ice at least yeah he was looking for approval. all the time on the set and he would prepare pretty hard and christine and get ready and then look around and get was it ok from everybody and he looked very genuine that it. you know when i know my wife went to portugal with bo and over the horse scene was beautiful die i can't say i know many people who are more. in stride ironically with the horses you're really find them to be amused me a catharsis a touchstone. and i feel like writing that down yes. definitely you know they're there. it's it's this one animal that we've used and abuse for sure throughout our our time on the planet together our history is made
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on the back of the spectacular animals but they're still very sensitive their prey animals are not like our dogs we communicate with dogs and cats and other predators with without any thought and but with with horses you're reaching over and crossed into a prey animal so you really have to earn their respect and attention are you writing daily bell deride daily still i'm not writing right now at all. john and i both promised ourselves in the middle of all this coronavirus that we wouldn't do anything that would end up in the e.r. profile and. so i don't need to be going there with a broken arm or something my voice is a pretty hot so it's not just a struggle when i write them. and you know it's funny as john and we're talking
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about john corbett i have got i mean ali you guys it must be close to 1718 long time you and john have been to get 18 years and job yeah john is so. there is a guy who is a big huge wad of vive he also has a score he sort of fears but he almost seems like he could end up in an e.r. at any moment because what he goes for the exit goes for them so oddly enough for a horsewoman in an unbridled manner there are times i don't even think he sees the peripheries just heading for the barn and occasionally oh he'll get this ad on the top of the barn door or something and you know yes yes or fall off the ladder or something. well that's a good bond that's a good pact you guys made because you're right unfortunately at this point you go into an e.r. and you're opening up a whole a whole pandora's box there you know bowl over the years. as the horses are
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a catharsis for you know i watch you what is the phrase pay it forward which is quite a lovely phrase which in some ways pieces become cliched but i see you pay it forward with the troops i've been with you at troop of dance and you're so lovely with that stevie nicks does that in and you know you go to certain hospice you see the same group of people who come in and bond with these guys it means a lot to you it doesn't. it does you know i i admire them so much that decision to join to me is unfathomable while i was when they were in germany not making that decision to possibly sacrifice everything i was worried about how good the waves were that day so i admire that maturity so much. and then fortunately because i was in
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a movie i've been able to have the opportunity to say thank you to so many of them in person either through us or the department of veterans affairs. you talk about self-effacement boy i visited some kids and you just think my god the i hope you realize son you're like a latter day a killie's like that everything we have in our life you know you've provided for us every protection my kids have you provided for us and the self-effacement absolutely tears tears your heart you know i i have the same feeling you mean i'm in you just saying my god what what true mythic figures and they are to me. i think sent here i'm glad that we as a nation are more thankful and let them know more because i
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came of age and i think you did too during vietnam where it was a different and my father was in the korean war and he said coming home wasn't the same as as his uncle that from. work too so i'm glad. i'm glad at least that. you know bowe and he said you were going to be on quite frankly the social media sent its little free for have a lot of questions for have so many bands and i think your soul is seem so approachable it's as well lit up our switchboard so to speak and i have a couple for you if you don't mind yeah. mark or may on facebook said how many horses to you on what's your favorite breed ball and why what do you like about that particular breed. i have 4 horses right now and they're lucid tano which are which is still fighting forces and i love them 1st of all there there are hot
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blooded horses but there are the oldest saddle horse so i think that over a century you do breed here and qualities that help them relate and trust you as a human as a species so i find them very generous and they make me look really good when i'm right. it's in their hard drive they just think that that's partially under the. their i don't know they run to it almost in such a touching way you would think geez do ever get tired of lifting me up on your back and try to go but you can see that many of them are just in the full when they're able to transcend a loving owner and there they exist for been touching way right you know if you can tap into that i you know i'm involved in horse racing also and and those trainers are egyptians because you have to tap into that quality in them so that on the day
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you take them for a ride or on the day us them to not ask them to receive allow them to race at their horses they have to feel like they're hot the greatest honor and when you get out in the it's great because otherwise it's you know you're treating them as piece of burden so. yes when they they can love it if you treat them right it can really feeling work. well listen i have to say my team right now is comprised my family and our loving dog benny and he's never looked better i'm using my boat derek chair. and any event he was to the cover boy was in the. electric electronic magazine site and i thank you for those well listen i love you and john with all my heart you're some of my dearest friends in the world and i feel. it's a joy to know you both derek i appreciate your time today you know thank you it's
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mutual i love you guys alright. and a lot of people say well you can't go negative reserve currency they also said you can ever print a negative oil futures contract they said you can never print and negative interest rate on a sovereign bond that's already happened and think about warren buffett for a 2nd i mean i pity him at this point because he says he doesn't like stocks and he's hiding out in cash but his cash is about to go negative returns but negative interest rate on his cash is going to be losing money on his cash pretty soon and he said i would never own gold and i would never own big quite so the only to life for warren buffett at this point i'm told him to coin and he's out of pride he's going to stick on his negative interest rate cash and he won't buy stocks he's
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already underperformed the s. and p. for 15 years. he's going to his career as basically a glorified money market fund that was around nowhere that everyone will just forget it. during the vietnam war. it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. well my state is officially the. country per capita. human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country. and i mean we have. even today kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for the tragedy in laos built to the people need in that little.
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live from the world headquarters of our t. america in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez hello again everybody i'm rick sanchez to all of you who are watching us from all over the world either on regular t.v. or on portable t.v. we're so glad that you are there tonight china continues to take a position front and center in u.s. and global politics so here's where we begin for its part the white house continues to suggest without any verifiable evidence by the way by the way that's important that china either through carelessness or through intent is responsible for the outbreak of the coronavirus.


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