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but i think that it was interesting. to see. european nations slowly lifting the log on so many fear that it may trigger a 2nd wave of covert 19 infections speaking live to a representative from the w.h.o. about whether people are right to be worried. germany provokes the fury of brussels after its constitutional court questioned the legality of the european central bank's monetary policy ensuring a eurozone and threatened to stop cooperation with. the 90 buffy bosses arrested across italy after a spike in criminal activity comes after convicted mobsters were temporarily released from prison on the plan to stop the corona virus spreading in jail.
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very good of you thanks for joining us here on r.t. international. and we'll start with a quick update on the latest global coronavirus figures the total number of infections around the world that us now risen to above 4300000 more than 293000 lives have been lost but more than 1600000 people have recovered. and with tight restrictions slowly being lifted all around the world people are starting to think about life after lockdown from walks in the park to perhaps the 1st vacation experts there were sounding the alarm because examples from asia show the threat of a 2nd wave of infection is indeed real for instance the chinese city of work over
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90 was 1st detected was one of the 1st to lift restrictions due to the success of its strict lockdown measures however a new cluster of cases has recently they're in emerging cities authorities are planning to test all residents with the next 10 days in a bid to stop the spread. south korea's also been praised for quickly managing the pandemic which to a large extent was due to its high level of testing however starting from last week the country will soar a spike in new cases forty's link it to nightclubs and bars in the capital seoul. i'm pleased to say i can speak live now to talk to me later version of it choose the w.h.o. representative to russia very good afternoon thanks for coming on later let's start by talking about germany recording a higher number of infections that's after they eased restrictions over the last few weeks is that a sign of what's to come in europe several european countries now looking at the
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easing things should they on to support a 2nd wave of covert 90. well look the world health organization has been saying from the beginning we do regard to the need to ease down there. is that vigilance is needed because the virus is still around us the virus is still here and it continues to propagate so. the measures will need to be taken into account for the new reality that we are having and that is the capacity to create. new cases or plus 1st quickly identify all the contact just and challenging rather caren jenning i would say a small cluster of contacts and going for full lock downs of society and unfortunately we believe that this is going to be sort of remote all operation until i. heard immunity reach 1. probably
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a vaccine i think we still have to wait or if we look at this purely from a health perspective and others lots of you know financial matters that could come into the argument how long countries can survive financially locked down but from a purely health would you preferred lockdowns to been kept for longer. that is very difficult to say because we've managed to have this is called distancing of people if people take it on their new way of living certain precautions probably we can go to a series of face is that. health. curbing the epidemic curve in the numbers and still allow. for a socio economic life of that the world needs so this is uncharted territory uncharted waters and i think jointly we have to experiment with a lot of caution and 8 a new. behavior of people and i think if we get the people on board fully
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understanding and adopting including the industries adopting an ovation i think that'll be the way forward rather than having. you mentioned how you know extra waves that come along will be dealt with by going to quickly isolating and quarantine but how will people be living these new laws will it be more of the same will be more of keeping social distancing masks and gloves a little bit new measures that will need to be brought in as people adapt to this new world i think the whole world is now working on developing that how they're going to say she has an organizational of member states is actually collecting. experiences all be positive and negative and i think to an intensive collaboration we can find the ways how to adapt to the new well the globe in strengthening our house. and resilient to any kind of emergence of
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a pathogen similar or different. if we see countries relaxing measures allowing people out in greater numbers together will people be able to maintain even just simple social distancing a bunch of people been stuck indoors for several months now the weather's getting good do you think people will be able to police them so will the temptation just to go back to their old way of living be too much well that's difficult to answer but i do believe people are as everybody knows i'm really an optimist and i think. plain what and how and why. that. well are very strong they have a doctor they have. 8 color are they have all come played they have overcome. past and various other diseases and i think hygiene as a matter that we have searched for gotten into more than well we'll get new.
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and this is a list of thing rather than social distancing and how we can do things not being heroes like going to work or meeting a man when we are 6 aged and making sure i do not infect others and also using the houses in a new way using also digital technology. conservation i think the world has so much songs available that we just need to find a way how to use it and yes i do believe in people i will be able not to police and south but to adapt to a new reality you took about the world the world had a lot of time now to kind of get to grips with what this pharmacies bring in some of the equipment needed to tackle it when we're talking about subsequent waves do we look at them as smaller fires that should be easier to extinguish or is a possible that a subsequent wave could actually be as big if not greater than the initial outbreak
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of the virus. that's very difficult to say i think that this is a question for a bit of knowledge of mathematical modeling but as i have been saying oh this demick is not something external to us it's part of us so schuman behavior will be the driver of the people who are basically transmitting the virus also of the systems that are capturing that and responding so i believe that 'd we might see a surge not so that we are going to be able to respond to it much quicker are having all the experience that behind the over the last 4 months if we look at a case like sweden where it seemed like they just convert to this virus in and tried to continue with normal life as much as possible do you think that the way of dealing with it was in hindsight the better approach. it's very difficult to say for single person and i don't think that anyone has an answer and these that have been the attic of the us article and the logical questions that have been raised by
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everybody so the world health assembly starting basically harm our virtual our platform and not be discussed and although i do believe that member states have to gather all of it all scientists some of the society civil society and discussed what have others say this is just not as indeed as it is and that it is and how do learn from there is not lasting glass. finally russia has signaled its intention to ease restrictions very much in the vein that we've seen from the likes of france and the u.k. although some people were criticizing russia's. intentions given the fact that the numbers of being kind of going up more than in other countries was russia kind of one of the latest countries to get hit hard by this virus but if we look at today's numbers number of new cases today it's the lowest seen in the country since the
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start of how would you assess russia's situation going forward what prognosis would you give. we have to know that what we are seeing today isn't actions as of 2 weeks before and let's say on average 6 days before and what we have been observing is that not russia and europe late into the epidemic russia managed to delay the spread of again time strengthening its. capacity and also of course then we were expecting that the numbers be rising there was no surprise that this is. but also because it gives a really reason for optimism because this is what we have observing over the last days the crease of me every job growth rate. given also of the stream a high number of tasks that russia has been doing and accelerations asking
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including in us and the massive all that needs to be said to believe that really are a good way many thanks for your time my guest is dr millet of we move it choose the w.h.o. representative to russia good afternoon to you many thanks for your time. here. germany's high scores is demanding that the european central bank prove its bond buying scheme designed to bring stability to the euro zone is legal otherwise it's threatened to stop any further military cooperation the moves of rage the u. commission correspondent ability to all of a takes a closer look at the spot. the coronavirus pandemic is putting pressures and strains on many relationships one of those that's feeling the pinch is not between brussels and when it comes to financial burden sharing in the eurozone germany's highest court said the european central bank's corona bond plan would need to prove it was fit for purpose if the single currency is largest economy was to tick past
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the e.u. commission boss didn't like that one bit the recent ruling of the german constitutional court to put under the spotlight to ease use of the european union the euro system and the european legal system the final word an e.u. law is always spoken in luxembourg nowhere else so with their well not quite that statement from a sort of on the line gave those that will be vying for the job of german chancellor next year when angela merkel calls it a day an opportunity to show just how tough they are the statement from the commission in particular the bar that a european law has takes precedence over national law especially in such a conditional form is simply not accurate chancellor merkel herself has said that countries needing a fiscal helping hand you to corona should rely on existing other news like the european stability mechanism despite the e.s.m. being viewed as a slap in the face by member states like italy who remember all 'd too well the
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crippling austerity that was forced upon greeks after it availed itself of the e.s.m. help there are some voices in germany including that of president of the bundestag and former finance minister of wolfgang schauble are saying perhaps this isn't the economic hayle should insist on dying on and that this whole argument puts more the national pride at risk it may well be that the existence of the euro is now also questioned in other e.u. member states because every national constitutional court can judge for itself make no bones about it eurozone economies are going to need some see. serious financial help not only in a post corona world but in the immediate short and medium term as well in order to get that help in a way that suits the likes of italy and spain bullion in brussels they're going to have to stop playing might cause it's bigger than your court which doesn't look likely any time soon peter all of razzi. the president of the geo political
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analysis organization euro continent that's here emanuel to man believes that most power needs to reside in the hands of the member states and not the e.u. as one body. this is a joke particular part of. who is in power or the european union is it. your buddies who do sions. extending there are all incompetences revolved leave meet all the member states to put silly meat to competences of european union the french and italians are such a country would like the new we give more power to e.u. to trivialize more europe in order to force germany to pay more for them but i think this is dangerous because in the end each will reduce the power of the member states to us to pose to be were masters of the treaty in this case german
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constitutional court say well ok the e.u. lol e's. above national level but on leave if e.u. low is applied in the appropriate way with a complete tense we decided from the member states. italian police have arrested more than 90 cillian murphy suspects across the country in what's being dubbed a mega raid they believe mobsters are behind a recent spike in crime rates and have been taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to increase their power comes after a number of mafia bosses were temporarily released from prison now that is part of a controversial plan to stop the spread of coronavirus and italian jails while the convicts are under supervision at home the justice minister has vowed to return them to jail as soon as possible to some though the very notion of mafia bosses being allowed out of prison is unacceptable. worse than just liberating the mafia the government have put them in house arrest back in the future where they have to
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arrest people for years. just. me it was in the government's decision the decision was based moon total memory circulated by the department of prison administration asking prison officials to list those over a certain age and with certain health conditions who might be at greater risk in case of corona virus infection the officials were then asked to send a list to the supervisory magistrates who were in italy oversee the release of inmates from prison by issuing that memo the department made a mistake as it didn't mention an article in the saudi and penal code that differentiates between common inmates and those in prison for serious crimes such as matthew activities and terrorism that article affords lawyers the opportunity to call for the suspension of special dispensations to prisoners with health conditions unfortunately this led to the release of some important matthew figures . among the senior mafia members who were released but put under house arrest was
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franco who's serving a life sentence for kidnapping the son of an informant one of italy's most infamous and traumatic murders the boy was held hostage for 2 years before being strangled and dissolved in acid tensions are up today in the country's overcrowded prisons in march italy's national prisoner rights advocate urged immediate action to prevent the spread of the virus into jails which included stopping family visits since then some 376 mafia members and drug dealers have been moved from jails to house arrest he said chief and the company foundation which studies the mafia believes that the move was a rich treat in the fight against the mob. that which was at will but. the when those who lost their loved ones in the fight against the mafia think this measure how would the victims children fail i wonder what my own daughters might have thought seeing those people set free how do i or someone from my unit be murdered by the mafia one of those nights we should always be very careful in finding the right balance between the needs of the state which would never appeared to retreat
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in the fight against the mafia and the needs of the citizens who have probably lost someone to the mafia and who should never see porton mafioso get out of prison it's on the acceptable. lathan texas with have read this and he's been told that there's no pill on clinic and russia believes that it could make a difference bring to the story after the break.
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you can't be both with the yeah you like. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. thinks . we dare to ask.
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him back for millions of americans losing their jobs during the pandemic could also be bad news for the health and you study reveals that roughly hoff of the american population has health insurance that's provided by employers and 7000000 wouldn't have access to any alternative if they were made jobless at morpeth husband. in april the united states lost roughly 20000000 jobs and a new study indicates that 43000000 americans are in danger of losing their health insurance at a time when an demick is sweeping the country and access to healthcare is more important than ever the status quo is incredibly inefficient it's incredibly unfair it's tight employment for no real reason this problem exposes a lot of the net of chrysis in our system now before the pandemic broke out roughly 160000000 americans had access to health care through their job now for those who lose their job due to layoffs they have access to health care including medicaid or
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the cobra law quite complicated polls show that 68 percent of americans don't know what their options would be if they lost their job when it comes to health insurance furthermore research indicates that 7000000 americans are unlikely to find a new health care plan if they lose their job who's going to pay for it last words i'll never forget the response my patient gasped out between labor breaths to me and my team have to explain that he needs to be intubated and placed on a ventilator and this is not just bad for individuals it's bad for the health of the entire country means people not going out to seek the help they need and staying sick one out of every 7 u.s. adults report that they would have void 2nd health care for a future and a dry cough due to concerns about their ability to pay for it when framed explicitly as believing to have been affected by the novel coronavirus 9 percent still report that they would avoid seeking care leftwing voices have certainly been
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raising the alarm to win a 1000000 people lost their jobs last month the american people do and want their health care to the employment they want medicare for all they're in a pandemic in which millions have already lost their health insurance when they'd to be guaranteeing health care for all not taking it away lack of health care of the unemployed may also explain the desk for. ration of some americans to end the lockout. and. that was. while other countries have built up bigger wealthier states the united states has long stuck to the mantra if you want things in life you've got to work for them so when a pandemic when people are actually prevented from working you can understand why
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that just for ration and fear is rising it will happen artsy new york before my acquittal president r.t. host rafael carette discussed the us health crisis with pink floyd co-founder activist and new york state president roger waters. has the new york pandemic been a shock yes but you would expect it because there's no health service in the united states for america well or israel service for it is only for the very wealthy men in consequence they're completely unprepared to really face something like that and also they're not used to acting together as a community and in consequences so it's this is hitting very very hard to expect significant changes in a post and that makes us this is the that's the big question at the beginning and i hope so i mean i hope so wouldn't it wouldn't be great this election that's coming
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up in the united states in november if it happens will be a great indication of. well let's no we can't we could go into that subject it's not much of a choice frankly. a man from texas with a red does a scant get to the only clinic offering him a potential treatment because it's in russia that the current vice having shot by sport isn't with his condition deteriorates and he has to get a rest flight which to still exist between america and russia i family and then usual disease called inclusion by my own size is relatively rare probably somewhere around 87 to 15 people out of a 1000000 happen in all likelihood birmingham are going to be somebody who has that and it is a disease that there is really no cure for in fact very little is known about it i
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was diagnosed with this is that the mayo clinic in rochester minnesota in december 2015 and essentially there's always a time there is nothing you can do for a lease ultimately to complete a permanent disability earlier end up in a wheelchair or on bed rest in fact if you were to look at my hands you'll notice that my fingers don't bend anymore and that's because what was left of the muscles in my arm and of after feet to the point where i can no longer do things like my sister time i picked out items off the ground. and also i'm very unsteady on my feet so a tremendous muscle after. the disease that alan spencer suffers from is a progressive muscle disorder that causes weakness of muscles followed by atrophy sometimes like in alan's case it also affects the ability to swallow it's still
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unclear what causes the disease in the 1st place the medical center in question in the russian city appear and is known for its expertise in dealing with complex diseases it centers its studies around the lymphatic system roughly speaking that plays a vital role in our immune response and many foreigners favor its approach. to see . what is so. as to what they have come up with a treatment plan and there's been absolutely amazing doctors here one that tell you that it is amazing they will tell you it is science but for someone who has lived with pain for 25 years it is amazing so that the core issue instead of dealing with . nationally nikka but as i knew millions of their. works with the lymphatic system has been working with it since its foundation actually has been treating many foreigners with difficult cases in recent years many of those who couldn't get treatment at home or those working in russia all of them are being provided with
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full spectrum treatment. on the wants to get to the us or soon as possible while still something for them to work with. although inclusion. it is is. slow acting disease when you get to a certain point it begins to accelerate and i hit the point where i have gotten. relatively worse since i started talking to the firm in the middle of february and so their concern is that if i lose too much muscle mass they may not have much to work with and so we were there their concern was to try to get me there as quickly as possible before i got to the point where i could no longer be health and so that was the concern we had is that with the delay. on into the future if we don't get there soon they may not have much to work with
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appreciate staying with him and continue to keep you informed website talking to various social media channels and broadcast studios in london and washington d.c. join me for. the i think. with good reason public discourse is focused on addressing and finally each containing the coby $1000.00 pandemic now the focus is on devastated economies we're in a recession will it morph into a depression will the recovery be you. or an elf.
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time after tense here we're going on the ground from a well the epicenter of coronavirus is the united kingdom splits into foreign policy while estimates of the numbers of dead rise above 50000 and the working classes are told to go back to work coming up on the show the world's international criminal police organization interpol issues a global red notice against the suspected cia spy and so clueless for an educated murdering british teenager harry dunn we speak to his family's lawyer geoffrey robertson q.c. about what happens to law during coronavirus from jury trials to the u.k. torture of julian the sun and from brazil to burning injustice and with the u.k.
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one of the world's worst hit countries is boris johnson's government following the science of following private health care and big pharma personnel we are the kings fund chief executive richard murray all of them all coming up today is going underground 1st what will the last thing human rights legacy be of coronavirus joining me now from london is the world renowned human rights barrister has defended everyone from wiki leaks founder julian assange to brazilian president lula co-founder of down the street chambers jeffrey robinson q.c. jeffrey thanks for coming back on before i even get to coronavirus actually want to talk about terrorism given you a defended people on just accused of terrorism but let's go to the cia which theoretically protects us from terrorism just take us through the interpol red notice this week on the case of a tragic killing in this country of a british subject by an alleged cia spy well that is certainly.


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