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tv   News  RT  May 14, 2020 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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destroying. with some e.u. countries easing open the doors and talking up tourism for many companies in the sector it's too late. with face masks making liberating impossible. with better ways to help death people avoid even greater isolation you talked to a woman who started losing her hearing as a child and now fears the loss of even more communication with the. u.s. sen introduces legislation to sanction china and beijing. from australia but
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has to do with calls for a full probe into the origins of the pandemic. plus the. first international visit during the pandemic he had steve israel to meet with prime minister netanyahu no peepee eat or indeed apparent reason for his trip. good to have you with us this is r.t. international. begin with an update on the latest global coronavirus figures the total number of infections that is now surpassed 4400000 more than 298000 people have lost their lives more than 1600000 have recovered.
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with summer fast approaching the european union starting to emerge from the spring nightmare that is coronavirus with countries taking their 1st steps towards normality some including germany have already begun the process of reopening borders with their direct neighbors but it might all prove too little for the vital tourism sector which has been brought to its knees by the pandemic into oliver has details. even in the midst of the corona pandemic many europeans are thinking about summer holidays but the word from brussels is that those wanting a getaway may well get their wish we are helping europe interest get back on track of all staying healthy and safe we propose a common european approach to manage for them remain a difficult transition the summer season while preparing for a more sustainable and digital tourism eco system in the future the plan is fairly straightforward member states will open up their borders gradually eventually allowing people to go on their holidays germany will lift border controls with
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looks and in denmark in the coming weeks with the plan to do the same with france austria and switzerland next month but that still leaves a number of other member states including those bordering germany with no timetable in place for the ultimate goal. to restore free travel in europe from june and that is what we're aiming for that requires the action will be on the same level as we have these days we have thousands of new infections every day now with hundreds mr z. hoffa went on to explain that how this develops would be dependent on the situation with the virus something that's been viewed with caution by the chancellor but when it comes to tourism foreign minister must seems relatively big we can surely ease the travel warning for europe sooner than for other western nations assuming the positive trend in several countries hold steady talk of tourism comes during troubled times for the travel industry holiday companies are pleading with the
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government says when it comes to what's next for them i'm going to look at my firm has been around for 21 years if nothing changes i will have to file for bankruptcy in 3 months it's not fair now. we have 11000 travel bureaus in germany where all earning no money at the moment however. i want help from the government support funds where not only us as travel dural see them that is but also promoters can get their targets the customers can get their money back and we are commission and we need immediate not through paypal aid the plan is hopeful but ultimately dependent on covert cases being on the contrary which is not an easy task when you look at 2 of europe's main tourism destinations being spain and italy 2 of the hardest hit by corona. even if sun seekers are packing the beaches it's not going to make up for losses already sustained but what it does provide is
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a glimmer of hope for an industry that's already being pushed to its limit by the virus peter all of our r.t. burley. journalist and commentator thomas fassbender believes despite the risks of a 2nd wave it's still better to work borders to try to avoid a devastating global economic crisis. but testing unchartered waters there's no object of authority that can tell us this is the right time and others the bad timing it is time to do something to open up if only the door collect experience with the virus with the coming of a 2nd wave we see now what happens in china there are the 1st signals of a 2nd wave but there is no way other than to test if you go with the of the scientists logic we also have to stay inside until we have a vaccine this will kill our economy our social lives our societies so that there
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is no alternative then try and be ready to restrict again partially reached nearly locally i see it as as equally a top down and the bottom up in the shit the e.u. was basically absent during the lockdown pew it was a very very poor performance by brussels the nation states took the initiative with closing the borders and now it is about lifting the restrictions lifting the lockdown of the e.u. or tries to or get in the driver's seat again i do not see a discriminatory approach by the side of brussels i would rather say they try to do as much as possible to avoid discriminatory situations but we in reality are of course people who wish which was very careful where they go and where they drive when they cross the border. the face mask becoming a key line of defense during this health crisis for some the covering of miles is
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proving more of a curse than a cure for death people face coverings mean they can't read lips and therefore understand speech and that's why u.k. charities are urging other ways to communicate so that no sectors of society feel even more isolated. the move to advise people to wear face coverings will create new challenges for 12000000 people across the u.k. who have some form of human loss many of these people will only prudent to communicate and this will be unavoidably impeded by face coverings this has the potential to create further isolation and monster knowledge in my gentle life community of people one firm in the united states has come up with an innovative solution making masks with a clear window to enable liberating for the british charity says as they are not available in the new europe need to come up with other ideas also the masks would be useful for health personnel as they don't provide protection from flu droppers.
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the new reality of. mining company design making. films and t.v. it is a. lot of pressure. and it's all about asking the right question. a lot of. people have no idea how to. have it i really. don't mind how if i just didn't see one place a face must become. i. have. no. time. to take
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my depends where i. think of the quite a few me. because it's different from everyone else. want people. to be. how do i see. my shot. to be trying to communicate i want. to be i don't think. i'm just quickly and i shut myself off from. you know. i'm. reading and understanding and i predict people. i can't i'm not connected to meet.
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ok riddle for you what connects china sanctions and australian led turns out that it's calls for a probe into the origins of corona virus in the morgan explains. u.s. pressure on china is rising senator graham a longtime opponent of beijing has put forward the coded 19 accountability act this is a law that it casts would give donald trump the ability to put new sanctions on china i'm convinced that without cheney's communist party deception the virus would not be here in the united states china refuses to allow the international community to go into the war hung allowed to investigate they refused to allow investigators to study how this outbreak started this hard hidden piece of legislation will sanction china until they cooperated with investigators china immediately spoke up you crying the bill may work with the bill introduced by several u.s.
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senators absolutely neglects fact they want to start the investigation with the presumption of guilt to shift their responsibility on china for the failure and incompetence in the fight against the epidemic this is not possible we express our resolute protest in my opening so i think sound fairness for all of the united states sometimes like a. paper tiger and then they just are pretended to hide and then make trying to scare the insects son off and then they don't meet here it shoots from china so i think this scene is very very obvious. now already in america they are all $80000.00 people die and in a future there will be more so this is a this is true they failed to protect people and they you want to shift at least with me so that's why they just don't want to make china to be the school and
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i think it's the equal opposite australia seems to be echoing the anti china chorus coming from the united states down under there are lots of calls for a probe into china so far the united states has only gotten warnings. of retribution from beijing but australia has already started to feel china's wrath china has suspended between imports from australia plus china is now threatening an 80 percent tariff on a struggling and barley imports both sides than the tensions are a factor in these dramatic trade moves to a high when say the chinese customs found that multiple batches of beef products exported to china by certain australian companies violated the inspection and quarantine agreed by chinese and australian authorities in order to protect the health and safety of chinese consumers china has decided to suspend taking import declarations for meat products from forest trail and company stated. i think we
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have to be careful not to draw lines between these 2 things it's an empty dumping issue from the chinese perspective they certainly haven't raised that it's connected to any other issues now big swivel disappointed that it was but there's no reason for me to think based on the way that they're approaching it that i could draw that conclusion the media has been quick to recall recent remarks from a chinese official i think in the long to if the mood is going from bad to worse maybe ordinary people say why should we drink australian wine or eat australian beef and action or not china is australia's largest export market jobs and livelihoods are on the line australia is calling for trade talks as well as an investigation into the origins of the corona virus the media now accuses china of waging a trade war amid the pandemic now australian beef may simply not be up to chinese standards however many interpret this as china reminding the world that it does not
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take accusations and sanctions lightly and it's capable of striking back if china will and it didn't stop. the conflict i think what we have become worse and worse 'd so that's allowed china keep to the street to australia it's a different austria here trying earlier she used to. it's 'd very disappointing for chinese people because it's trading. to promote the state's courts so that's why now do we just have to do something to response. the us state sector month compost taken a whistle stop trip to israel on his 1st international visit during the pandemic on wednesday he touched down in the country meeting with both prime minister binyamin netanyahu and his new ruling coalition partner benny gantz open post trip came to
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much more attention than usual because of an almost complete lack of protective equipment and the fact that the trip itself seemed an essential i guess the it has the story. a pair of gloves cost $50.00 said a mosque is about a dollar but getting in the plane in the middle of a pandemic and flying harf way across the world just so you can stand there and smile that your good friend tell him what a great guy he has and look into his eyes smile some more. it's priceless and kind of cheesy you're a great partner you share information unlike some other countries the trend of your skin and height that information now i know what you're thinking could we have just who would have saved millions of dollars and potentially even loves but here is the counter question would netanyahu specific area have felt quite as keast if he had just cool of course it wouldn't which is the point c'mon they violated almost every
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safety precaution out there just just to stand there without mosques and tell each other how nice they are and how much they missed each other and missed looking into each other's eyes how glad they are that the ayatollah isn't there to spoil the movement do something else plague in your region which is the unremitting aggression in turkey during this pandemic the iranians using using the ayatollah as the regime's resources to foment terror crossed the world when the people of iran are struggling so mightily kind of a false equivalence i mean the coronavirus is killing hundreds of israelis and their own well iran isn't iran is trying to survive a terrible pandemic under sanctions that the private of essential medical supplies but come on these days when the merican and an israeli get together in small instead logan hard into each other's eyes and the rainy and somewhere get screwed
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up. especially interesting coming from a person who has himself to weaponize the virus against the iranian people by imposing sanctions and increasing those sanctions during the corona virus pompei 0 has a very close relationship with the israeli regime and of course we we have. the deal of the century we have the increasing difficulties that the israeli regime is facing at home because of netanyahu is legal problems and the issue of forming a government and of course the virus has cause a lot of difficulty inside israel itself as usual people like pompei all are trying to scapegoat iran for all of their own shortcomings and their own
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deficiencies in addition compare reportedly discussed israel's plans to alec's a huge part of what remains of palestine's west bank territory as well as israel's business dealings with china which made compare sad and i still know what you think it could have just cool it's important for a number of reasons that we do this face to face face to face and with a smile and long stares into each other's eyes while telling each other how nice they are to hell with pandemics and viruses in danger sometimes 2 grown men who like each other just have to do what they have to do. with the ad industry plunged into crisis by the pandemic advertisers turn from t.v. to the internet in a bid to keep the money flowing into us after the break. so
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only mostly exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical. to sit down and talk. back with much of the world in lockdown to fight the spread of corona virus some safety measures are proving to be more difficult than here in russia stuff and volunteers from orphanages and hospices are going to extraordinary lengths to protect the vulnerable.
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lisa bloom you know tuesday leaving aside the facility in a family ensures minimal contact of course this is a good life it's much safer for any person to. marry thrice eruption i didn't know virus and till the day they brought him to me that was when we 1st met him and i went through the files of all the children that could be taken and vice to grab my attention than your own a stock in all of us is a very cheerful roit has fragile bones so a lot of care is required in moving him around he's a special diet through a tube in a few days the hospice and over his bad equipment and other necessities i had to learn many new skills i've never even changed diapers in anyone. in the eye level tell you an idea for a long time for years i've been working with them at the education center.
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mash some your 4 mango it's a subbranch group. the quality of communication has gotten worse not all of the children have phones. children that end up an orphan and all have a story to tell it teaches them to distrust others they have a hard time for men lost in relationships which is important for the fuchsia life the mentor brings the child the peace of the world they communicate face to face showing that they are not alone and have someone to rely on this is very important for the boss their children and those who care for them.
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we've now been living for 3 weeks and everything is going very well fassie is opening up in a whole new way i can't imagine taking a bus or back to the hospice maybe this hope and dam a cause designed so that something would change in the life of children who have never had a home. the advertising industry is often among the hardest hit during any crisis and this time is no exception despite millions of people stuck at home watching t.v. during the pandemic the revenue is in freefall sweet reports from los angeles. some of the biggest advertisers for television networks are cutting their existing deals pepsi general motors domino's pizza general mills are just some of the major companies looking to take advantage of an out in their contracts as of may 1st companies have the option of canceling up to 50 percent of their 3rd quarter ad revenue spending and now ad buyers are estimating that up to $1500000000.00 in commitments could in fact be cancelled insiders say this out if you will has always
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been in contracts but taking advantage of it is almost unheard of but the future of the pandemic a known owners of the major networks are concerned over what the future spending in could look like all the revenue for long term ads are down the last minute opportunity buying when companies purchase ads closer to the air date is also reportedly low viacom c.b.s. chief executive bob back is calling quarterly earnings on a call this week quote not pretty amc networks caution an ad revenue drop about 30 percent but it's not to say these companies in key and categories like automotive pharmaceutical food and beverage aren't spending some are taking their business elsewhere like facebook and google mexican food chain to pole is just one of many looking to shift their ad dollars into streaming videos on social media chris brandt to police chief marketing officer saying we've seen a lot of great returns with facebook and instagram serial jayanta general mills also transferring some of their t.v. advertising investments into digital video and e-commerce well some of these
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companies set up their ad contracts with networks well in advance it's certainly not business as usual during this pandemic as of right now fox is the only major network to release its fall lineup the future of ad spending could decline or shipped all depending on how the economy reacts to the effects from the corona virus. thanks thing with as we continue to keep you informed of our website r.t. dot com our various social media channels live broadcasts from studios in moscow and washington d.c. and indeed it is time now the hand over to our to u.k. bring it right up to date in 30 minutes. montes holiday international memorial awards are now open for entries the media
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professionals are eligible whether you're a freelance journalist work rule terms of media or part of a global news platform to participate send us your published works in video or written for much go to award dot altie dot com and then to now. is the in. please do you think this is. more of an operation in. some of the wealthier neighborhoods it's been far more contained in the numbers are much lower than some of the more a neighborhood star city. we think we're working with can source outside of the state is there just so it's here so i think that it is.
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welcome to them like simon chill from strucken album didn't show up today we go forth on the 4th the state of the corona virus crisis how have the media reported on the greatest health crisis from essentially on both sides of the atlantic today we asked to talk confrontational someone from the left and one from the right to give us their banal. of how the health crisis is being examined and what will the political follow be when it's over free from the united kingdom we asked the top commentator peter oborne put of the onset of the crisis will affect the head of 2
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corsi the lace and ship between the johnson government and much of the written press from the united states we asked pulitzer prize winning journalist chris hedges one of the strain of the crisis has already affected president trump's reelection prospects and not for the better the 1st to glasgow and with your tweet surely emails and your messages. thank you alex and here are some of your responses to last week's show which featured from a chief medical officer for scotland so highly burns an m.p. from fatal islands christina how forces and the m.p. for human in years. i should add to the extended interview by alex with sally burns is available alex's facebook page and on his channel katherine victor says it's not rocket science these successful countries are followed guidelines put down by people who knew how to manage the circumstances we need to get away from the westminster advice prone to new cess fascinating at the feet of islands testing
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capacity was originally developed for the fish farms he then goes on to say i like the suggestion of a tobin tax for public health care the judge is building talents as a scot in singapore i'm very proud of your dedication and sensible approach i so wish we had independence and we could be like the feeder islands david however says there are many folk more qualified to be honest and they all say that lockdown was not the way to go and finally sharmeen says this program is vitally important to watch i've 110 percent agreed with every guest on the show today. the u.k.'s press and wider media started from a position i'm early march of broad support for the johnson government's handling of the crisis but i've come progressively more critical as a realisation has dawned that the u.k. submerging as the worst country in europe i asked peter or both of them what is going on how that's going to affect the press coverage i'll eventually how will that impact on the public view of the outcome. 5th or of on the johnson
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government came into the scray service with a pretty fair wind from the press they were newly reelected most of the media in the u.k. sadly the print media are sympathetic and aware but there hasn't been coming out like or an uncritical analysis of their performance why is that well the media is very well disposed towards mr johnson and it started out being said and of course we had the drama of mr johnson's fight with death and of course quite rightly people were very sympathetic and local temp in this to johnson's illness but and ate at the same time it's right and proper that the media should inspire back and judge an expose any failings in the government response the well.


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