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tv   Politicking  RT  May 14, 2020 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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during the vietnam war u.s. forces also bombs neighboring laos there was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. how much of the. country per capita. millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country. even today kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for the tragedy and loss. to the people need in that little land of.
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workers versus employers businesses versus the government consumers versions of all of the legal aspects of the cobra 19 pandemic on this edition of. welcome to politicking on larry king according to market watch nearly 1000 federal and state lawsuits are already been filed in relation to the cole the 19 pandemic so what will legal protection for console or and employees look like and how will lawsuits against governments for force closings play out for analysis i'm joined by vinnie politan lean anchor for court t.v. emmy winning legal journalist former prosecutor and he joins us from atlanta thanks very much for being with us. but legal protection for consumers
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a workers for example can a business terminate a worker when they reopen and they worker is fearful for his help and doesn't come into work. this is i mean we are opening up pandora's box of issues with all of this larry this is going to be so difficult to ferret through because everyone is concerned about liability right and everyone's concerned about rock and eye opening and if someone's not coming in how do i get my business to run if employees more come in but the employees concerned about their own health i think we're in unchartered waters here larry because i'm only thing else that is happening and you talk about government shutdowns emergency orders and things are moving so quickly it always takes our legal system time to catch up and i don't think we know how it's going to turn out i think women have these issues got to have that and we're we have no president right nothing there or that this is never happened before and
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you know business is one and then you know they want to keep their employee safe but everyone's going to have a different level of sensitivity as to what is safe and what is not and that's really a question of fact right people can debate it people will not agree to it experts will disagree about whether it is or is not safe were reasonable to go back to work but that's ultimately the legal standard is are people acting reasonably and when you've got smart people disagreeing about what is and is not reasonable it's going to end up in a lawsuit it's going to end up in a court room another aspect of churches suing to be able to gather on sunday. this one and that there are breaking it into the 1st amendment larry which is the ultimate lout of the land and this is this is extremely difficult because any time you infringe on a constitutional right especially number one right
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a freedom of religion freedom to assemble you've got to strictly construe strictly right and narrowly right any law or rule or or ordinance that you are going to put out there that has to be the least restrictive possible because any infringement on a constitutional right is is crossing a line that you don't run across unless you absolutely have to do so the analysis will be was there did they did they go too far was there a way to stay safe and reasonable but still that completely block people from exercising a constitutional right again we're in unchartered great area but this one i'm leaning a little bit more towards the constitution that i am some of these governors get a business or an individual shoot china where you can sure can you get a can you get a lawsuit and or can you go forward with it. i think they're going to try i think
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there will be lawsuits against china 22 problems right one you you've found a lawsuit right you try to proceed with a lawsuit can you serve them number one can you get jurisdiction number 2 and then say that you are successful all across the board good luck collecting on it larry good luck collecting on that lawsuit so i think this is one that's left more for the politics and for presidents and embassadors to kind of work things out in the courtroom i think it's going to be difficult but there's going to be a groundswell for it absolutely is this a prime opportunity for lawyers to unleash litigation. or of course of course it will happen and you know people go after the plaintiff's bar which are people you know that the lawyers that you see advertising on television and they do personal injury type of work
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a lot of people attack them i always talk about you know without them you know the system crumbles around us the world becomes a much less safe place so yes those lawsuits will be filed the question is. will they win will politicians attempt to block these types of lawsuits to get the economy running that's a big issue that's going to be. you know kind of tossed around and i think anytime you have politics in the law intersecting things get a little bit up with. a majority leader mcconnell says additional coronavirus relief legislation must include liability protection for businesses and hospitals 08. well i know i know laddie saying that because right now there's a lot that is unknown so if businesses are opened right and they're trying to do everything in hospitals are doing what they can trying to serve patients and maybe
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we don't know what's going to happen a corner here and things go really bad in many some of the decisions made to open these things where the wrong decision who's going to be responsible you know those lawsuits will come down the road but the question is can you legislate away liability sometimes you can but it will be challenge larry is going to be a model of muscle who was going to be a meddling of up the 2 marys all over the place can be whilst it is the wild wild west and no anyone that says they know it's going to happen is lying to you because this is this is we don't know how this is on a turner or a bipartisan group of some 2000 former justice department officials have signed a letter calling for the attorney general william barter resign because of his intervention in the flynn case those historic 2 already changed course on someone convicted by his own admission what do you make of that. well this this is a
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a it really fascinating issue on many different levels but again i will just preface all this by saying when politics and the law collide it gets ugly but let me put it out this way you've got a man general flynn who wants to retract a guilty plea ok not the 1st one to do this but he was to retract a guilty plea if you was in state court and you went to a court room and the defendant was to retract and the prosecution doesn't want to go forward with the case if it takes 3 minutes for the judge to dismiss everything that's not happening here that's not happening here number one because we're in a federal system which is a little different than most state systems ok so the judge has the ultimate decision here but i can't imagine down the road a conviction holding up for someone who won what had to retract a guilty plea and says it was not voluntary and willful number 2 the prosecution didn't want to go forward with it which is the department of justice right and
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number 3 there is a potentially expulsion torrie information that was released that was not available at the time that he entered the plea so you put those together i can't that would set such a day's dangerous precedent larry if the supreme court upheld the conviction might that then what could happen is someone could be pressured into a guilty plea let's say someone is pressured to plead guilty to murder right and it's because they don't let their son that there were threaten that their son was going to be prosecuted right and then it turns out that the person didn't actually died at the hands of another but the person died of natural causes and that information was kept from the person who pleaded guilty are you telling me that we were not that person in prison. so it's it that the president is some dangerous i can't imagine if this thing goes up the ladder whether it's 2 appellate court supreme court riven this judge that someone who doesn't want to plead guilty and
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a prosecution that doesn't want to go forward and there is some evidence as potentially exculpatory now has now come out i can't imagine that conviction standing up but we shall see because politics are a bath and a thing can happen supreme court heard arguments or news day on the trial much to lois's from has us president kenny be sued can he be for sure lisa's taxes they seem mix in their questioning how do you think it's going to come up. all right and there's 2 separate issues right there's a there's a congress that is trying to get a hold of some financial documents and you've got a grand jury with the new york state attorney general doing an investigation looking for the tax returns and again looking for stuff from 3rd parties but obviously president trump is in the middle of all this i think that i think congress is going to have a difficult time because this is about a balance of powers and you know 2 separate branches of government and i think the
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supreme court's going to step in and ultimately say that's it's a little too far congress but on the issue of the grand jury doing their investigation i think they may get to those documents but there's 2 questions with that will those will that happen before the election which may or may not happen i think they'll send it back to the state court to figure out exactly how this how this will be done but number 2 it will probably be done under seal if it's the grand jury but once something like that is released and it's under seal in the world we live in now with with president trump and people investigating him just set the timer for how long it takes for those documents to leak and it becomes public so i think either one hand new york may be successful but will come out to the public probably not before the election the justices work by phone because of the pen demick why why oh why isn't the supreme court televised. larry
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i add i wish up at the end i asked this question a lot of people's about a fact the other day i spoke to our friend jeffrey toobin about this and he said they're they're just they're just so traditional and they're just all fashion and it takes so long for them to change i look at this is like a big step they allowed the american public to hear them argue law right the argument always against cameras in courtrooms in this country for states that don't allow them and there are still a few it is because of witnesses who have to testify right but in in oral arguments a supreme court there are no witnesses there's lawyers and justices and it's and it's the most it's the least transparent branch of our government which to me is really sad and unless you live in washington d.c. when they're actually in session it can take off from work and go down there and get in the front of the line you don't get to see it and that's
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a shame larry in the chief justice order it can absolutely. yes and when justice roberts was 1st appointed i remember all of us a court t.v. were like hey maybe things will change because maybe we think he might be a little little less sort fashion but he's been in there quite some time and i think really have to turn over another generation inside that court before it happens but that there's no reason farts are not happy larry i mean cameras they don't interfere with anything it's very simple you don't need extra lights none of that would just give the american public an opportunity to see the most important court in the land doing the people's work as it's court t.v. going to pressure for it. we have in the past you know you it's difficult i mean we went our land with these elaborate tests i mean we covered them from start to finish each and every one of them and will continue to do it if they go live. i
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think we're always doing that and it's not just the supreme court federal courts larry so big cases that happen in federal courts we don't see we never see these cases any other foreign it will but it's really unfortunate because it's our government you know that they work for us the judges the prosecutors they all work for us yet we don't get to see them do our work vinnie you're always on the mark thanks for joining us good seeing you again great to see you larry have awesome day stay safe. vinnie politan more politicking after wish.
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you cannot be both with me yet you want. to recruit them and gary and you have a lot of people where you can keep barry i'm going to remember i think that at least you have revolved you could probably. body in the creek in the birth week that was really grew are strictly. business as of when the president. was there was a new. goal ask yourself how are you going to survive how are you going to protect yourself a little bit feel foolish off your folk live go up with the flu than you have lots of fun and if you want to feel what you do you want to cause
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a lot of the little thought. his mom is using technology where they've been able to name x. people's private information on the cell phones and see what you've seen if you have crossed coughs with somebody who is positive and turn on a virus and if you're not if you had a meeting seen your message because ponce is somebody who has tested positive keys you must be in our own senior. but i think that there was an interesting piece that's all the people around them or are in the safe city said. welcome back to politicking dean cain is the actor probably best known for his starring role on the t.v. series lois and clark the new adventures of superman he's also one of the few
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outspoken conservatives in hollywood he is said to return as host of the show masters of illusion that's dalen it's 7 season on the c.w. network he joins us from los angeles why why for we get to the masses of action or why do you think you're a lone warrior in the world of politics also in california why is well i never claim to be a lone voice by any stretch of the imagination it's just that it seems that the louder voices from hollywood tend to be. far to the left and i guess my point of view seems to be. considered much farther to the right or more conservative but i don't think i'm one of the loans and i know so many people in california in hollywood in my business that really have sort of the same political views as i do sometimes though they're a little quiet about that because there are many people in hollywood who who want
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to for lack of a better word blacklists the people who who with whom they don't agree politically i've never seen that before and it's horrific. why this added to be a think president trump in particular you know that's that's one of the great questions because it is speech about president trump that's the diversity issue that really sort of sends everybody over the edge and i have sort of weighed over my head back and forth maybe because he doesn't need hollywood maybe because he comes from hollywood to some degree i don't know i don't know maybe they're jealous of him to some degree because he changed and was a billionaire here and decided to be you know politician and be the leader of the free world i just don't know what it is but it is clearly. it is clearly happening and there's clearly a huge level of hate and vitriol that i've never seen before and never want to see again how do you think he's handled covens 19 i think the president as well until
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the 19 is anybody could have hoped to do it so it's there are a lot of people he has done his presidency is marred by the the strongest opposition and i organized opposition from the mainstream media from democrats from former administration it's frightening if the man cured cancer they would be angry at him for putting doctors our work i know that's a cliche thing to say but that's the case they're yelling about him you know oh he didn't do enough to early enough he didn't stop flights in or he stopped life's right on time with everybody else the day after the the the w.h.o. issued a national global emergency i mean he has done is as good as anybody can do but he's going to be maligned by those who have an agenda to get rid. help me with it's in his current stand is he telling us to go back dork at the same time telling us that there are enough tests for everyone does he want us to be tested before we go
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back to work where where does he seems opposite every other day what he said he's getting his his getting is his scientific advice and medical advice from health care professionals who aren't always correct and they change their minds you look at the guy from the u.k. breaking his own quarantine if you look at the doctor file she got what was wonderful after interview i was lucky to interview when i was coaching fox and friends they're there their information changes their guidelines change senator rand paul had a very nice thing to say going to say with dr felt he had today which is you know everything keeps changing nobody is 100 percent correct we don't know the answers to these thanks so i think the president wants to get the economy open again because it's been his signature achievement throughout his presidency one of the many signature achievement but that's the biggest is the economy and echoes back to the clinton times you know it's about the economy stupid. not how do you think the covered 19 will affect the election. well it could do it in
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a couple to her waist if if people get back to work and the economy start booming again i think it turns out to not to be this. you know $2000000.00 people killed in the united states turns out to be something much less than that like it is now $80000.00 which is how horrible it turns out to be something much less and the economy gets back on track i think president trump will win in a landslide. when hollywood starts up again or is it going to look like it all never be the same right. i think it will be the same i think will be a period where we have this idea i think it would be the same i don't think it i don't think we as human beings are meant to you know i mean my mom doesn't like shaking hands of people but that's about it she gives of the depth of the elbow i like to shake hands people i like to hug people i'm a touch or you know so i just can't see hollywood. i mean maybe they'll be you know it'll be more accountable for the crew probably for it certainly at 1st i have seen
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tremendous guidelines at 1st but i think it's something that you know will sort of push into the background and it'll be something where you know you have to be hygenic but i don't think it'll be anywhere near the things that we're seeing now i really don't i think it'll get back to something a year from now i think will be on set and not notice the difference and people sit close together in movie theaters i believe all of that will happen because as human beings it's kind of what we do we've been through worse pandemics hopefully we will be through words again will you look at a pandemic 1950000000 we were young we were in here yes sure we're yes. you got a book last but yes or no we were here but i mean the world has been so we lost 50000000 people that's terrible it's terrible to lose you know this is part of what happens in the world we're connected world but i think i think you know we've been
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through worse i really do know that as a as a species and the be the be more but i don't think things will fundamentally change i'm an optimist. you think glos unclog could have a reunion. i would love to see lois and clark air or union because we ended we ended the season without the last series without really having an ending because we were supposed to come back for a 5th year and so we ended in this weird at the weirdest cliffhanger because we were done and then terry my closer teri hatcher got pregnant and was able to sometimes a difficult pregnancy so we ended up stopping men which was which is tough because i would have like to see us have you know sort of a closing season and wrap things up a bit but right now i'd love to catch up with loads of clark 26 years i mean how many years almost 30 years it was great fun yes sir to tell me about masters of illusion you have magicians doing their magic in front of
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a know it tell me about the mass of illusions so the 7th year of the show i don't know a whole lot about magic and i'm is in thrall and excited and in awe as anybody in our audience are magicians it's a very fast paced show and average issues are amazing now from all over the world and they view incredible close up magic big magic illusions rather this magic is supposed to be you know it's an illusion but i can't figure it out they'll do it right from my face and i cannot for the life of me figure it out drives me insane but i also get a great thrill and it's just so much fun to watch 7 seasons it does really well on the c.w. end and we got it shot before the before everything closed out so we had a good number of episodes to air to some time let's take a look at a clip from masters of illusion.
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when used when you say the word magician you think male motif male gestures and most of the magicians male well it used to be the case now we have magicians that you would never expect to be magicians whether they're women or you know people of color or whatever you know people have a street you would expect you know you see a magician kind of think they've got the sleeves of the stuff and the tuxedo or whatever it is david copperfield stuff but the stuff you've got to care jones you could be standing out of you know out of the street anywhere or hanging out in
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a. neighborhood best backcourt this guy pulls up close up magic you can't believe we have women from from everywhere you know from south korea from vietnam from paris so we have we have a real nice mix of all kinds of different magicians because you know being a magician and being interested in magic is a universal thing i go around now i'm traveling and well when i used to travel. anywhere poland israel somewhere and and magicians come up want to show me their magic and their lucian's there's been a couple that i'm like you know what we should give me your card they won't show you how they do it though right they will not show me how they do it i've caught a couple little things were cut out i see what this is or see that but it's only part of the trick and they don't tell me they do it i don't know how they do it because it takes us dexterity and they do it right from your face they're never shaky they're never nervous you know on t.v. or anything and you have to do it just right and no have never seen anybody mess up
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the trip what's the fun of hosting the show. the fun of hosting the show for me is just watching all of this stuff close up and being awed like everybody else it's kind of the way when i was doing ripley's believe it or not is that i'm just like anybody else watching the show i enjoy it i'm a fan and i miss amaze anyone else so i just have a just great fun and and i'm shocked at how they constantly come up with new stuff i think you've done everything that can be done but now. great seeing you again thanks for the time where it's a pleasure always thank you again the show is masses of illusion on the c.w. your network find more information on the show's twitter page at c w underscore a lucia and thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget use the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking
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. back in the 1970 s. i recall some blumenthal advertising was illegal you know like soft drink companies would run an image so fast on the commercial of somebody you know in a desert you know dehydrated and this was one pint of it in your unconscious mind and this was deemed illegal and. were taboo but you know we live in an age where all all communication that is supplemental internet attacks the subconscious and the unconscious in the form of mean.
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good food descriptions sound appetising even for the owners so how to choose pet food industry is telling us. what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us than was necessarily good for the pet turns out may not be as healthy as people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders these type allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to very simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets less treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. join me every thursday on the alex salmond shill and i'll be speaking to guest of
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the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. live from the world headquarters of the r t america in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez and hello again everybody i'm rick sanchez to all of you who are watching us for all over the world either on regular t.v. or on the portable up we're so glad that you're there there is a trend of thought and i'm not the only one who's recognizing this trend far from it analysts and journalists who follow military economic and geo political trends are writing about or coming out and just saying it and what they're saying is this there is a new cold war coming with china.


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