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when i get out. you know i'm going to take my song to their next deal so he can listen in the hopes of the blasts heard this. hello and welcome to redacted tonight v.i.p. i'm naomi caravan and guest hosting this week and i am totally not going to cry i'm not lonely you're lonely you know what i never liked goes before but now i would just love to have a spirit from the other world on my home i mean i've tried inviting them i've tried the weed you board candles pentagrams but i can never hear any creeks or bones or chains rattling i'm starting to wonder and my scaring the ghosts away. well we have one heck of a show for you tonight lee camp has
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a very important interview for you today you spoke with angelica joining us she's a mother an activist a sexual assault survivor a mutual aid volunteer a former bernie sanders delegate and she's running for congress in california so many important issues to discuss with her also on this episode i talk about the drug company holding the country hostage and correspondent anders we will get into some mind blowing old news about the greek revolution but 1st here's we cam with angelica duenas take a look and jellicoe thanks for being here thank you so much for having me so you've got a lot going on right now you're the mother of 5 children your husband has been laid off due to the pandemic i think for many americans you're living the common american spirit experience right now loss of income and security watching trillions of dollars go to wall street and big banks while most people don't see a dime of it can you just start off by talking about what the experience has been
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like for you and your family recently. well i would say that honestly it's been a rough i have like you mentioned 5 kids 4 of them are students and so we are doing the you know home school thing and it's been quite an experience 2 of them are in junior high and 2 of them are in elementary school and it's been quite a handful on top of that the insecurity of most this time of not having any income finally my husband got his unemployment after 7 weeks of being off work so we're hoping that battle stay steady has it was it you know all of the 7 weeks i'm not sure how that's going to work and we're still trying to figure it out thankfully also you know the stimulus package came through which still is it's a slap in the face compared to what these billionaires and billionaires and these corporations about in return. but you know i'll be honest like it kept us from you
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know 'd literally being out in the streets but that's not that's that's really a minimum standard that our country can do better i think that we are lucky too because we've got the stimulus package a lot sooner than other people there's people still today they haven't received it yet and i can only imagine how how their situation is so i feel myself that i'm fortunate because under the circumstances we were able to to make our our bills this time around but that's not going to be it i mean with $100.00 how far can that go you know so it's been quite gymnastics you know i mean we've been trying to figure out how we're going to make this work. really breadcrumbs compared to what's going through massive corporations and really it's like you said it was in the face you told me before a remailer you had to do something you never thought you would which is be in the
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bread lines to get food for your family i think a lot of americans are in that position right now and you know they've. retard their whole lives they've been an important part of their communities and i want to crisis hits everything is so tenuous it all breaks down and there's very little safety net why do you think that is why why do you think so many americans are in the same position you are. yeah absolutely this is definitely something that we didn't see ourselves that you know to be in line to wait for fox to get help from from the community and from 'd you know the government and that regard. i think it really just shows how how insecure we all really are this is something that we have been hearing for years that everybody has a check or 2 away from being 'd a food insecure for being. out in the street and i think that we're we're seeing that right now not just in the housing situation but also small businesses and how
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much of our government has not created the safety net is necessary for our for us to be safe in that regard i think that it's very clear that we need programs like medicare for all where our health care is not a tie to our jobs that we need the ability to have access to food and be able to have food security especially in times of need we're seeing is that the system is not set up to provide people with the we're seeing is that there's food banks that are are triple quadruple 5 times more capacity than they're able to handle people are in need and we don't have the ability to serve them in fact like we're seeing that here in the san fernando valley where i'm from that we have a very much a lack of food banks and services for people in need. you
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don't think you lack of food that you've helped coordinate some of the mutual aid efforts in your area i was an experience been. yes so right now we are working with ground game will sound foolish to create a match of services throughout the saffron and a valley los angeles is very very big and the staffing of a valley is you know pretty much half of the staff in that are the los angeles area and so we are hoping to be able to leave the house on the valley ranch for a ground a los angeles's outreach for mutual aid we are making connections with markets and a local church to be able to try and maximize our efforts to service our community because what we're seeing here example inside about it we have a church that does a food distribution and they're seeing about double what they're normally used to so people are in need and you know what i am seeing too is the community coming together and and stepping up and really. bringing their their
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resources in and being able to facilitate so that's what we're trying to do out here in the south of the valley. and 'd like i mentioned it was mentioned before i'm running for congress and we're utilizing our our network to be able to facilitate so we have access to folks of the attacks e-mail and phone call so we're trying to utilize those those tools to be able to access people who might need help and to see if we can facilitate coordinate and provide the assistance that they might need if there is one positive that's coming from this horrible situation is that people are realizing that there is a community around them and hopefully people are standing up and helping out with those who have the least in these in these tough times speaking of activism because we enjoy it is a form of activism in the past you've been arrested in acts of civil disobedience
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fighting against are you stand against our you know repulsive immigration policies why is that important issue to you and also why you choose arrest as a tactic why do you feel that works the status and got amnesty 'd in the mid eighty's but we live with that fear so i know exactly what it feels like to be scared that a parasite gonna come home even when they got. you know they're there and making sure that is fixed or what have you we still have that fear because it because didn't feel safe for a long time so i know the feeling the fear of being without a parent and just having bad thoughts of me being out without my children is just absolutely heartbreaking and terrifying and so we all know our most of us know that the separations have been going on for a long time this are not new to the tribe ministration were always happening during obama's administration but you know we didn't we were not aware of it so now with
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that we know we're seeing it very clearly. i felt that i couldn't just down by and i do appreciate you mentioning that. so many deportations and separations were going on under obama and of course they've been ramped up under from but like you said the mainstream media was not making a big deal out of it a lot of people didn't know that it was happening until recently. speaking of presidents the 2 presidential candidates for the 2 biggest parties are both accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment one of them has publicly bragged about it of course and the reality we're in you recently put out a statement saying you yourself are a survivor of sexual assault and you titled the post stop asking me to vote for accused of sexual predators can you talk about that post. yes absolutely 'd i think that we can all agree that donald trump is
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a sexual predator we have it on paper we have it on video and the republicans chose to have him be the nominee at this point we have and who has also been accused of being a sexual predator and rape. and i do believe that these allegations are credible we are seeing that we have. evidence coming forth really matching up with the story and i believe that. with the democratic party right now you know they actually created it within their byelaws the ability if a candidate during the primaries did not clinch the nomination did not get enough votes to get that nomination are right and the democratic party's superdelegates have the apparatus built into it to replace him don't arise grammars in the middle
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of all this what do you feel are some of your solutions as you were just listening and it was there for all the problems we've gone through in the segment yeah absolutely i mean so like i mentioned we are running for congress here in california 29th congressional district 'd and the issues that matter across the country are the issues that matter for for us here we're fighting for health care for all of medicare for all because we believe health care is a human right and it should not be tied to your job right now we're seeing that we have millions of people who have lost their health care we have millions of people who have lost their jobs and they have nowhere to go over us way too expensive even the exchange is way too expensive if. it's inhumane to not be able in the richest country in the world to be able to cover the basics of health care we believe in a green new deal well rounded to green new deal which will build up our crumbling
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infrastructure and move us from you know fossil fuels to green energy at the same time provide jobs and provide education. and the and health care to it's a well rounded bring new deal and if you have some time take a look at our web site and celexa for congress dot com and you can see what our plans are there and. jewish and free how you higher education post and job training than the trades and college and university. the and of course forgiveness of a federal school loans i think it's just absolutely cruel to have students start off their careers with such a burden such. that you know when i graduated university i had a big ole loan to pay off and i right now i actually owe more than i did and
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of all the interest so it's just the basics really and i think that that's something that that we still need to keep in mind and to remember that the fight continues and it's not it was never just about bernie it was about us and changes you know happens from the bottom up and that's what we need to focus me to focus now on the local 'd races and support your leaders that you trust and that you can believe in true angelika doing young thank you so much and jellicoe for congress with the number 4 is where people can find you dot com where people can find you and learn a lot more thank you so much and keep fighting out there thank you thank you so much we have to go to a short break but if you're stuck at home looking for something to do you can check out my podcast still university and also check out the free r.c. america asked at portable t.v.
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flush out and load we'll be right back. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons
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capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. during the vietnam war u.s. forces. it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. how much it is the case the. country per capita. millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country. even today kids in a house full victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the u.s. making amends for the tragedy in laos built to the people need in that little.
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welcome back i'm naomi caravan e and i'm still not going to cry all coven 1000 drugs be available for every one ram dass of yours the drug that shows signs it could help the most severe cases of coke at 19 is made by a company with a shady history. usually it is the company known for life saving drugs that treat deadly illnesses like hiv and hepatitis c. and there are also known for charging $1000.00 for a pill for $1000.00 the pill better be saving my life and killing my worst enemy it should come with a complimentary gun and
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a hitman larry you buy a year's supply you get to larry's this time last year the maker of gucci pills gillie it was facing a congressional hearing investigating the exorbitant price of their hiv drug truvada or perhaps treats in preventing hiv making it a manageable illness and stead of a death sentence but it was also so expensive only $1.00 in 10 patients in need could get it so the list price is almost $2000.00 the united states why is it $8.00 in australia. truvada is still has patent protection in the united states and in the rest of the world it is generic i can't comment on the price in australia of the generic medicines but it is generically available in other parts of the world why are we in the us paying retail prices what we invented cosco this is america it's one nation under a rebate but i guess not when it comes to drugs we are paying 350 times the price
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of australia for of life saving medication this is because of patent protections and what are we protecting these corporations from generics in other words competition this is who are pretty while fair we are shielding this corporation from the free market only how will swear the invisible hand touched you and the bigger scandal is that we helped finance the research and development of hiv drug dr lord thank you for your advocacy here today is it true that the public invested 50000000 to develop prep. that is correct so taxpayers help fund a drug that many taxpayers can't afford activists say that the number is higher than 50000000 and say we have a monopoly dominating the market and raking in money for what are actually government inventions and we're having massive access issues because of it look
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companies should be rewarded for their inventions but if the medicine is our inventions made in our laboratories and tested on our we were monkeys and it took a lot of monkeys we lock them in there and 1st agents wrote a bunch of sonnets we can use this taxpayer money has gone to waste anyways taxpayers are paying twice now for the hiv drug that isn't even going to everyone who needs it so the public is paying we paid to develop prep we paid to finance the publicly funded trials to develop this drug we also pay and foot the bill with patient assistance programs also that as you noted the existence of these existence of these programs happened because of the public and also we pay when the hiv epidemic gets spread as well very quickly mr day you're the c.e.o. of. is it true that you made 3000000000 in profits from the sales of truvada into
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an 18. 3000000000 in revenue she didn't mention the monkeys but that's ok to rein in the high price in a rare move that from administration sued the company saying the country of patents this is crazy and. agree on hating something the drug company must be just as evil as nancy pelosi. however the trumpet ministration made a deal with killian and the company agreed to donate a large supply of the drug but that still won't be enough to horn. does it trouble you that the administration's plan relies so heavily on. the donation of free drugs when we took a look at what happened where we had our major innovator manufacturers who were donating drug to low income countries that only got a so far what was really required there was
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a reduction in price it really that was spurred by robust generic competition to ensure that provoked access and affordability to our programs and so let me be clear i think the donation. will help but it is not the panacea that we require just one mr o'day to know that everybody. a fortune the donations and charity but i think we'd actually prefer to go back to old fashioned capitalism and reduce the price old fashioned capitalism is what we need not this new kind of socialism for big pharma they're trying to give us back the thing we helped create so we forget we gave it to them as we speak the company is in court defending against 2 antitrust lawsuits for keeping its hiv meds at dolce and gabbana prices while driving out competitors at the same time everyone is asking the question will gilly and prices coronavirus drugs for public good or company profit let's
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translate this will get it let people down i as it has done in the past reward their investors or will they take pity on us and give us the medication or seeing a repeat of the hiv drug history with the rollout of a crow virus drug jianli aware of negative publicity the company agreed to don't. 1.5000000 doses of ram test the fear in the u.s. which can be used for about 200000 patients and just like the highway robbery of hiv pill public citizen estimated that u.s. taxpayers contributed 70 point $5000000.00 to rem desa fear research and development overall we can't depend on the generosity of a company to get out of a pandemic as we've seen gilliam failed in the past with hiv pandemic we see no noticeable difference on the numbers of people infected with hiv in the country
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even though we have a medicine to prevent it in most other countries governments negotiate the price is a medication but in the us we don't well there's an easy solution here if you live in the us and you get sick go to canada buy your meds. come back for the freedom. and that's all i have for you right now let's go to correspondent ender's lee with a mind blowing all news. all the celebration of the 75th ve day marking the anniversary of the allied forces victory in europe is making me wish we had a v.d. day to celebrate that time america launched a cold war to achieve victory over democracy in its birthplace of greece though that wasn't exactly the way it was pitched just a couple of years after world war 2 president harry truman put forth his vision of
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the post-war world and his speech to congress in the speech he claimed that the world faced a choice nations could adopt a way of life based upon the will of the majority and governments that provided guarantees of individual liberty or they could face a way of life based upon the will of a minority forcibly imposed upon the majority this latter regime he indicated relied upon terror and oppression now it sounds like he's suggesting that we pick the will of the majority option and not the terror and oppression would but his actions would suggest otherwise in that speech he also asked congress for $400000000.00 in military aid to the greek government and the $400000000.00 doesn't sound like a lot of money for $1.00 government to give to another even in 1900 terms but this is greece we're talking about they'd be lucky if they had negative $400000000.00. the trouble in greece according to truman's ally winston churchill started in 1941 when the national liberation front known as the e.a.m. was born the e.a.m.
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and their military arm the las hard against nazi occupation one would think this would make them natural allies with none other than the allied forces were also trying to defeat hitler but the e.a.m. didn't just want to liberate themselves from the nazis they also wanted to be free from the greek monarchy. which was then an exile they wanted a chance to practice that will of the majority stuff harry truman was so fond of but instead of lending a helping allied hand churchill commanded british officers to damage the las by all means available they tried to poach its partisans by bribing them with gold they financed small competitor organizations including those who call themselves nationalist but were in fact accomplices of the germans although these operations were a serious assist to the nazis the e.a.m. an ass persisted they beat back the occupiers in many parts of greece and even formed a counter state institution known as the government of the mountains and i had
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sounds like a libertarian techno utopian village in colorado but the e.a.m. was an explicitly communist organization that one of the people of greece to control the wealth they created by september of 1904 they had forced the germans out of greece it would think such a feat would have won them independence but churchill insisted that his pick george pop and draco take over as president of greece instead while the e.a.m. were allowed symbolic post in the government at 1st they were prevented from running in elections when it became clear that they would win them and when i say prevented i don't mean they had to collect too many signatures to get on the ballot i mean the e.a.m. partisans were arrested convicted in subjected to unprecedented terror in the countryside teller that's the very thing truman asked for $400000000.00 to protect the greeks against after churchill was voted out of office in the u.k. it fell on president truman to keep greek democracy safe from itself maybe there
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was popular support for that yam but his concern was that they were under the thumb of the notorious big bad and undemocratic. oh ok just josef stalin for a 2nd i thought i'd be the mom for my big fat greek wedding anyway that must have been a difficult argument to make considering the insurgency in greece was supported not by the soviet union but by yugoslavia's tito who broke with the soviet communists within the year by $949.00 thanks to american support the greek opposition was crushed economic turmoil and political repression would rain for decades the truman doctrine speech set the stage for the cold war a 44 year old long battle between the forces of democracy and the much more powerful forces pretending to care about democracy for mind blowing old news i mean anders lee with redacted tonight and that is this show thank you for joining us watch out for
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a brand new episode of redacted tonight tomorrow night and check us out on you tube dot com slash redacted tonight or the portable t.v. app also you can check out my podcast 1000000 of versity upon cast were comedians talk about academic subjects best they can thanks for tuning and good night and keep fighting. and when else seems wrong. why don't we just don't. let me. get to seep out just to become active. and engaged with equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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you have to do it. because. you see the you do you think you could only get to go we just going to give it to you because. it's a clue to some of us not to listen that's not true when it. comes to sure these names which leads with. just the cute name you. just. on the slums listening to. you so you can't. go to lunch sure you don't waste money on the menu from new lines to get things sorted to do you know more. pleasant but i think not a. little
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. this is food bus the one business show you can't afford to miss branch of boring washington coming up markets have had it up and down day as hopes of a quick recovery are fading we analyze the numbers and how a potential recovery could look and as digital currency is seeing a ray of hope amid the outbreak telegram has halted its cryptocurrency project straight ahead we have a boom bust panel to go over what's happened plus sector after sector has faced the wrath of cope at 19 how is media consumption fair.


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