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tv   Documentary  RT  May 15, 2020 12:30pm-1:31pm EDT

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analytics across all those trusts all of the notable us bases that would provide us with enormously valuable data if we can do it correctly if we can take correctly that's the key point as it will be thank you for joining us. i want to use at the top of the hour. that's right herr h a i r is the ticker symbol for hair it's a closed end fund in the can by all of the hair flows that we feature here on this episode of kaiser report it's currently trading at a market cap of about $3900000000.00 but we're expecting the fed to come in in front run the market and take us up to a much higher capitalization possibly 7 or 9 trillion dollars. the dropping of the f.b.i. case against michael flynn tribunes with so many of us have long believed russia gate was a proven slot beach invention undermined the outcome of the presidential election
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irrespective of how you feel about the current occupant of the white house it was an attempted coup telly corporate liberal media side with the conspirators. the only constant the can be labeled coded negative beyond any doubt is antarctica coronavirus is everywhere from chicago to cape and from greenland to easter island the question trends are the same wherever you look everyone is wearing masks and gloves and person number one is hand sanitizer it's just one endless day behind closed doors but people keep working behind these closed doors the best they can during the pandemic this film is about the people whose job it is to observe and film it's about the colleagues producers and camera who help us make documentaries all over the world and as you probably understand i will have to make this film without leaving my whole. lives challenged.
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the virus is the enemy of revolution in chile the outbreak has interrupted protests that have. ration since last october i cannot ski who has lived there for many years and has often helped us organize film shoots across latin america. cheating would be usual. there you can meet your school. and they. can. be used but yes. you must the work to be an. enormous it. was a what you will i mean when you come to you know when you bullshit cherished one of the. at the surely.
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you think that you prescreening the solution must rush me. just on us would you please if you should eat any. of these are looking. at those. you put it will. lead people between. myself. and. the from the from. the from now as i have you know my road at nasa a great britain press just much better prepared just that it's not all that a matter glad. i was there saturday still that's right. and it's a right it. is that moves that are going to break bad accords just before this now we just. like we have quite a lot. of what you. want to. write right here if
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it's not important so now we have. all this my former colleague 2 years ago she married the chilean let all santiago rest and she. have hospitals are frightened of getting infected because they know the state clinics around and they can't afford treatment in the 5 spots open. stuff single not listen to you know. what is. going to probably work on proof either for example can come up something that's ok is this if you know we've. got on the 2nd of this you know maybe it's the new bill is deal and not need be t.d.c. to please teach. me and. be chilled monotheism or will be just what can we do that would lead them on the stage suki most of the bloodiest group of people she.
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just left me. chesty she stewed mr she's fluent in the 1st thing you did see here you just like big. they don't hear it at all but you know stuff that he used. to clean. up at the once like a premier league lest you may be. in for a result soon. nor. would he know what he knew. but he could teach would. be a couple of crazy meet up with me as. it's a tens of thousands of years for mankind to reach easter island a virus may get there in just a couple of months. if. you notice.
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in a moment the one. who didn't go into it but when you actually go into the light then you. will see it on looking like an animal. i mean i'm a little more still. be. on the phone and go. along with. this with me going to go own level of. the space. computer meant to be going in a live video of the person with the lower the sooner.
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we. thought something. only 19 has even spread to the isolated indian tribe. channel family he invited. join our conversation. he had traveled to see patients every. joyce's all how this committee was envisioned as a way so i didn't want to actually get. all the ma-ma to deal yanomami these are feet above he. does indigenous already national he could be the disease my family this local us owns invasion even his me was just recently died as a nation astounded and down up down he had losing you entirely bissau there wasn't
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even asked to use but i mean when you hear somebody. call a minister who he is will only see if you support on. my pain. oh it was just. easily see. my university was i was nice to me you should. be. seen and. you want to do is made. in the middle of the interview it's time down corinne's family was waiting for a doctor. but that this week. was the most.
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over. all of the really unusual. or beautiful so if you go or you just move on you. know. brazil has been in recession for the last few years and the pandemic has made the situation even worse than people have been the matter that the government adopts strong measures to curb the outbreak and financially support the population but the only thing that will see is a lockdown. as is the case all over the world the outbreaks main hotspots on the march said priyadarshan a year and sao paolo but the fires has also spread far and why the post other parts of the country discipline is will present eons are not as. you think.
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it is. or. as it was appreciated the. income you can you get when you go there is that money is made on this other show. not that we had will and yet there still we have. it with us whether they're ringback going to go to war where the couple of that i think is your impersonated not only their faces we'd see the wall mistress. you know be sure stressed or get along with. me. or see a lot all i needed to drive me to. post here. and we still be a part of a bullet or a real join. us the minute i love you with your stroke us vastly still remember who has done what you have to do you are going to use the space if you.
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are out of the beast. so what was it of each. year because ronnie. brown no need right. for i need this but why should it be slot or. to. stop it going to.
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all of. these things happened after.
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that the kids ran out of the kitchen. and. by gunfire. why akil all the commentary on the cleaning. up debris. and you have a lot of people wait in bari member i believe they have the problem. buddy in to creep in to earth do we. really need to. 50 years we have to have a lot of. public
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resources. very. private enterprise now that we have. we have seen we have not a very strong public system. since he agrees with quite high global health care system is corrupt. the. business.
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world. shaped by. the day i. think. we dare to ask.
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people. here tonight documentary on american crap is doing pretty well his holes fun place where you can hide from the war and back. and started preparing for the end of the world rather. people are concerned about they can quarantine in or out. but let's say that this continues and so what's going to happen is just enough to eat all that are totally broke only out of money have no more supplies in their house just. they're going to start losing local stores.
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and then already have the speed riots will begin and that's where people are going to start fighting each other for whatever's on the shelves. so and that's already happening people are afraid to go to work in supermarket. what's the next step. they're going to start going door to door. and they're going to get violent. talking about is all the apocalypse at that point ask yourself how are you going to survive how are you going to protect yourself even what are. these just to stop parenting all over the well. i think a good idea provided you have your own bunker the statistics show that even with foreigners who half measures the us is in a catastrophic state the us has both the most crime the virus cases and deaths in
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the world. to the sense in your story the bodies free food is considered meeting and the mayor has ordered bacon hotel rooms be used to shelter the most vulnerable yorkers the homeless survivor the so generally 6 drop it doesn't believe in entrees the motives during such trying times and in our case what is that solution what is viva. is a state haven it's it's a fortress that you can go to to ride out all of these events until it's safe to come back out again so that it will be safe to come out. you share their friends you know like. no way. oh no no no no listen let's see this virus is it really does reduce the global population. michigan. right or the aftermath from the
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marauders the coast whatever it may be. when you come out nature will be the same. scott the blue there will be unless something else you know like blood. you know it's going to be seen world waiting for you to come back home nothing and we use it only for recreational purposes but believe in. civil unrest or civil lamps will come here it will be our safe place and we will survive it's a. very tough life and i really need to get on the phone with and insurable off to next and that's when ivan and i message i received from journalists so mark up with 6 weeks ago he had returned to syria and would save himself from the pandemic there asin fond memories of my trip to syria at the dragon out of pandemic
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there yeah i guess he's the biggest optimist on my list. but the news in the film i thought it was the real you read the whole we're going to do more lawyers live at the. scene of this uniform yet of course i mean you're going to be able. to do this i told you what it is to pollute the socio you would do it so a lot of people. who spoke little of steam knew we could sort of the world socialist blogs or was before them and you couldn't you that's just not this is. something in the sequence that you're serious to this. is that all american is also going to get anywhere with us on a couple. anyway and we get it we will still move would have a. look at all of you will be able to give the middle of the novel serious i'm a look but it it's you know what we have of do with locals you looked at as a bad new deals one of the most likely reform to produce
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a lot of your go to work for my book that of. course is the problem of the little cotton india because the i'm going to give a thought 1st coca-cola with the computer political. both of those all of them in your. beautiful you're always there doing your. new label suitable for the new folks from a beautiful beautiful for co-ops of almost book food neutral and you could put through a new one a bottle do we use in school. america because that will cure funk that it will not jump on any 2 and most of what appear to see to come but all that would be a move would be thrown on of the street in input of 2 or 3 to go but up almost 2 years and you have a lot of. the proof of. the new choice to pursue the work of still so you have to be a little closer to do so with the more primitive. let's
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travel to iran virtually at least it was easy to get there even before the coins he . laid the. most interesting team you spent. all the people around him or are in the same city since then you'll travel easily to warn other countries some not with your passport. or know you can't or i can't and because of that it's on early each day any issue that i miss right then you need to eat when i want to go to the state law. so i you know it's sometimes these 3 scheming like these only. and now i think that. it doesn't mean that is it we. have your chance for. me it's a documentary maker from iran trying to finish their latest film their. life meaning
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stuff. but to all that there's. around that's my grandmother. but also i am used to another think that we are going to so many great you know because of all the untimely. that goes on. in there on the government's hasn't declared states of emergency and the spines and large number of the town a tease down protocol wasn't very strict. because of economy called by. those who want to take any response. in the door and. there must. be because they can't afford. or. you're on the side of the damage to the economy from walk down was worse than
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the harm done by coronavirus already on the severe sanctions the contract was one of the 1st quarantine restrictions will be the 1st day after. they've. locked down. or call after new york. or the koran or. the. side month. and again and see quarantine protests this time there in the israel the biggest rally against incumbents prime minister netanyahu to place. the protesters in attendance maintain social distancing of one and a half leaders charges of spreading the virus. and the doors
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having nothing to do with distancing at all the demands of the government i don't. top economic aide or allow them to reopen their business is very important to journalist policy or the pointing in israel has been extended in tights and instead . i'm walking outside with my journalist card in case i get stopped at any minute by the police but i'll just show you here just take a swing around and there is absolutely nobody on the roads and this is rush hour traffic. rushing to the studio to make a life and it's quite panicked at this point because it's only a couple of minutes i'm trying to soften and at the same time i'm talking to moscow about what needs to be to stop in life what is the latest in and sometimes if you did not make. some just about to go on and not have the notes ready i'm just going to take seat here the camera man will adjust the a.p.c.
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and as you can see that's a really moscow to get into so soon as the earpiece is in place i will go really all going live and i'll drop this in 10 seconds so that i can talk to moscow how moscow. one of most recent stories polis covered was about how israel and the palestinians have been forced to collaborate to combat cold it. really working together and it's our dream. i would say it's happening but i wouldn't say we should be too much into that it clearly is this is not going to mean it when the coronavirus pandemic is finished you suddenly got a relationship between the israelis and the gazans that's going to create a new feature not a towards i think both sides see it as an emergency so for this emergency we'll give you what you need and unfortunately my assessment is often the mergence he passes will be back to normal. israeli orthodox jews pay no heed to the lockdown restrictions clashes between orthodox jews and the police have become
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a common sight what we have seen over the last few days is an increase in the number of incidents that taking place in. cite the ultra one jewish religious neighborhoods where our units have had to patrol on foot and respond by dispersing people both people within sight the community themselves as well as find individuals who have already tested coronavirus positive and literally pull them out of those neighborhoods in order to prevent other people from getting ill from the virus you know a couple of days. that nor'easter because you are trying to get to those people to the hospital israel within the ultra religious communities the jewish culture religious communities or a certain sectors that are totally and utterly isolated we know that because they are educating themselves they don't serve in the army then nothing to do with these raids society they grow up in a closed environment inside that neighborhood and unfortunately that is the exact
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specific neighborhood that we have to focus on because they're not aware of what is going on in the outside world big brother has his all seen are on everyone in this role during the pandemic orthodox jews aren't the only ones concerned by this israel is using technology where and they being able to access people's private information on a cell phones and see what you've seen today can see it can have crossed consciousness somebody who is positive to turn on a virus and if you're not if you feel they need to be seen your message cost conscious somebody has tested positive keys you must be in i mean tina and shannon when this whole corona virus tend to make a list he's got a bill and how can you be sure this is what he was saying when he spoke to them on the streets how can you be sure that that be piecemeal parities one continue using that information or will close it down but interestingly enough most of the people he made to listen even he spoke to actually support citizen isabel seen such b.s.
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here in israel you asked me what it feels like for me it and i wanted to tell the same to you it feels like it's a bath not me and yes paula i also want to wait. so far this was all just a dream but it seems the world will never be the same after this nightmare because then it has exposed many deep rooted social and economic problems. shows seem wrong. when old rules just don't hold. any new world yet to shape out these days you can't get educated and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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it. was going to. welcoming our viewers from around the world live from central london this is r.t. u.k. . the health secretary defends the government's decision to ease the u.k. lock down as it's revealed that covert 19 transmissions is increasing. police across england prepared to disperse anti lock down protests shed to offer this weekend out of the prime prosecution service rules that all charges under the coronavirus act are unlawful. and n.h.s. breakdown reveals over a quarter of virus patient deaths in england also suffer from diabetes as the prime minister calls for more proactive campaign to tackle obesity we have the reaction
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of a cardiologist. the home office says it will not treat british and irish citizens in northern ireland as e.u. citizens after a landmark case we hear from the woman behind the legal action. on charges reported increase in elderly people struggling to put food on the table during the lockdown with food banks saying there's been a tripling into the. welcome to r.t. u.k. the health secretary matt hancock has defended the government's decision to ease lockdown measures across the country as it's revealed the rate of coronavirus transmission is rising while another study reveals the rate of infection and transmission is markedly different across the u.k. that's as police prepared to break up planned i'm t. lock down protests across the country over the weekend when maurice r.t.u. case isa rally joins me now. i there he says how it's
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a wiring isn't the transmission is a ridge is saying no see in this report or other scientific advisory group for emergencies sage which indicates that the our rate the rate of infection has gone up since last week it was between point 5 and point 9 it's now between point 7 and while. the government so there briefing was led by about hancock the health secretary earlier today and he says that because that figure is anywhere between point 7 and once it is safe for the government to ease lock down measures as they have been doing this week constantly keeping ed they are under review and it is one of our 5 tests is for our to be below one and the latest evidence that dr harris has presented is that the r. is between point $7.00 and $1.00 so we don't think that it's above one we think
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that it is in a range of between point $7.00 and $1.00 so that still meets that test but of course we're constantly looking at all and updating all of the information that we see. so as i mentioned they are right that's the average number of people one individual causes the virus until it allows the government to get a better grip as to how fossil slowly the rate of infection is or how fossil slowly the virus is spreading so for example if the number is above one then that means that the infection rate will increase exponentially to say for example the rate is 3 on average that means 8 infected individual cost tons of $3.00 people that each of those people were possible to another 3 people growing exponentially and so on but on the other hand if the our rate is lower than one then that means that it infected as vigil is passing it on to an average of less than one other person
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which means that the outbreak will flatten and benchley die out now we see those figures that by sage indicating that the numbers are at between point 7 and a point one there is however another study which has been carried out by public health england and cambridge university and according to those figures particularly in london the number is significantly lower it's 0.5 full prior to the lock down the figure was $2.00 so perhaps an indication that the lockdown is working but currently the epicenter of the virus outbreak is northeast and york shut where it's according to that study 0.8 that means that the whole of england that hasn't already according to the ph effect cambridge study all point $75.00 said a bed study and their analysis would indicate that the virus is dying out although
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the sage one again indicating that even though it is less than one it's on the rise from last week now we've seen elsewhere a study by at the university of manchester research a say that anywhere over 17000000 people in the u.k. could have already contract. virus which is a 3rd of the population and that could suggest that the the virus is some way towards dying out people build up immunity towards it and also government spokespeople saying that so with those differences between the different regions the government could ease lock down restrictions in different ways based on which regions are affected by the virus but in the meantime as well as also how the police handle the situation as well as that having a bit of a tough time on. absolutely seeing the government handing policing massive powers under the coronas coronavirus act we saw as a result of that police arresting people across the country for things like in the case of one woman being fined 600 pounds for hanging around
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a train station well the media attention some of those cases. brought has seen the c.v.s. crown prosecution as we visited and actually withdrawing charges in 44 cases. with the police having acid zealously overzealously in arresting and fining people but police are expected to be busy this coming weekend because there are protests planned against the lockdown a group calling itself the u.k. freedom movement producing flyers and social media announcing 60 anti lockdown protests across the country now out those protesters say that the lockdown is unlawful power of course according to that new legislation it's illegal to gather in groups of more than 2 people especially people from outside your own household and they say they will be breaking up dispersing and if they need to arresting people who take part in those protests without observing the correct social
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distancing and measures and there are some. for example the hope not to take a group which has suggested that these protests could just be a front for the far right and comparing them to the kind of protests against the lockdown measures that we've already seen taking place in the united states they've is i think a very much more on a mild thank you. where the meantime diabetes separatists are more likely to die from the corona virus than those with other underlying health conditions that's according to the 1st breakdown by the national health service of patients with multiple illness esque. over 22000 coded 19 patients were recorded to have died in england until mid may with over a quarter of them suffering either type one or type 2 diabetes that one in 4 figure means the 4000000 britons who have either condition are more at risk of dying if they contract the virus both conditions leave the sufferer with weakened immune systems making them susceptible to infections and organ failure this trends can be
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seen in the number of coded 19 deaths along with other conditions such as dementia breathing problems and heart and lung disease while time on diabetes is an auto immune condition time to is closely linked to being overweight switch itself ounce further risk to infection it comes as the prime minister is preparing a more interventionist approach towards tackling obesity as part of efforts against the virus the strategic use certain is attributed to johnson's recent stay in intensive care which he is understood to attribute to being overweight. or cardiologist and anti sugar campaign a doctor seen mulatto told me fast food should be considered as taboo as smoking. what the prime minister should be focusing on is really targeting the food industry in our consumption of ultra processed food which is now more than half of the british diet an unfortunate couple of issues i've been researching and been involved in looking at over a number of years one is the fact that our dietary guidelines which come through n.h.s.
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england public health in particular have been influenced unfortunately by the food industry the very industries that are kind of selling us and promoting the foods that are causing the problem in the 1st place so there needs to be a complete disarray dissociation from companies indorse and promote well to process suits from public health england and the current disagree a very basic example the current the well guide which is supposed to represent a healthy balanced diet has unfortunately has junk food on there and you know that has been exposed in the british sports medicine by the research is that we are going to be highlighted that most of the members or significant number of the members who made up that plate were members of companies that are basically you know promote fast food and junk food so there's one big issue there but actually the more important issue i think is the fact that our food environment has become saturated with these sorts of foods that make you know the junk food the default option people want on it's expensive to live a healthy life is that they say gym memberships are expensive junk food compared to healthy food has changed how does the government how do individuals address that
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case very good point so i think the 1st thing to say is we can learn from history we very effectively in this country tackled tobacco consumption and over the last 3 to 4 decades we have reduced our smoking prevalence from more than 50 percent of adult smoking you know in the sixty's and up to $978.00 so now less than 20 percent and the way that was done wasn't from educational person responsibility specifically it was tackling the availability of affordability in the acceptability of cigarettes. they want a quarter of all care home deaths over the past 2 months have been covert 19 related according to the city. mystic's watchdog the data relates to care homes in england and wales and shows that have been over 45000 deaths in care homes from the beginning of march until may the 1st of those deaths over 27 percent were registered as coronavirus related and the number of excess deaths has increased
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substantially since the end of december last year there have been over 70000 care home deaths which is over 20000 more than the year before it comes amid more allegations the u.k. government failed to prepare for the crisis in care homes the association of directors of adult social services has claimed mortal florida is about the potential risks of a pandemic 10 years ago in a series of reports they called on number 10 to provide additional p.p.a. to care homes the executive chair of the national charisse o.c.a. sion nadra thinks there are lessons to be learned for the government. certainly a challenge that they are going to have to understand where they missed the opportunities to. mitigate some of the race that they've now seen unfolding before their very armies did at the same time though no one could have actually prepared for what's really hits us this time good there. you know and i think that's that's the thing before we start to apportion blame start thinking about what we could
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have done we really need to learn from what has happened and look towards what we need to do to. make sure that it doesn't happen again looking back is always easy but i think people have tried their very best in their own way to do what they can and therefore we have to be very clear the term lessons have to be learned and it's been all over europe it's all across the world we've got the same sort of issues. and so we need to be mindful. of advices given to us which looks like it's unlikely in the short term but we must be prepared for it in the medium and long term why do you think that the u.k. care home death toll is so high i mean other countries are experiencing care home deaths as well but not to the u.k. level are they. well i think possibly because we were trying to
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mitigate the risks around the n.h.s. and the focus was me put on to our health service which are also has for years been underfunded and so therefore i think there was a there was an almighty pressure to make sure that we could support the n.h.s. scent and social care at that point was being told actually wouldn't be as bad and yet of course what happened is the very fact that trying to save the n.h.s. we started to see discharging sasso from n.h.s. beds without the testing and i think all of that a contributory factor is. the discharges into care homes which may well have escalated some of the challenges so we then faced. first take a look at how coronavirus is affecting the 4 u.k. nations and i guess england has confirmed an additional 186 hospital deaths since thursday while the scottish 1st minister reported 46 deaths across all settings
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wells' reported 9 and northern ireland 50. wells has published its long down exit plan including proposals to introduce a traffic light system but without any firm dates a poll says over 2 thirds of scots have more confidence in the scottish government to contain the the corona virus outbreak than westminster and garden and recycling centers are set to reopen in northern ireland on monday as the country begins to ease its lockdown. now let's turn to the global figures on the pandemic according to johns hopkins university which collates worldwide data over 4400000 people have been infected more than 300000 people have died and over 1600000 have recovered well schools across france started to reopen this week many parents remain divided on the issue citing concerns about the virus meanwhile french drug giant sanofi which is working on
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a covert 19 vaccine is facing pressure over which country will get priority it previously provoked anger in france after saying it would give the us 1st access and cases of children suffering from an unknown inflammatory disease have risen sharply around the world which is thought to be linked to corona virus. so to come this hour. chart is one of the elderly are struggling for food during the u.k. lock down leading to a rise in the nutrition. british and irish citizens in northern ireland will be treated as either citizens under the new u.k. home office roles following a legal battle we hear from the woman who brought forward the case.
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the dropping of the f.b.i. case against michael flynn reveals what so many of us have long believe russia gate was a crude and slide beach invention undermined the outcome of the presidential election
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irrespective of how you feel about the current occupant of the white house it was an attempted coup tellingly the corporate liberal media side with the conspirators . welcome back charities well in that the elderly a struggling for food during the u.k. long risking malnutrition and u.k. claim they deliver nearly 19000 food packages to older people every week and there's a rise in numbers who don't have food to all the necessary supports to cook by themselves there's also been an unprecedented rise in calls to its advice line seeking help with stress and anxiety when addition to those suffering from food poverty there also appears to be a stark divide between the haves and have nots when it comes to those returning to work a shot to every study has this report. this is what unlocking the lockdown looks
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like as thousands of brits head back to work in a bit to get britain moving again while the virus is still out there boris johnson the prime minister seems to believe it's safe enough to try and get the economy back on track we said that you should work from home if you can. only go to work if you must. we now need to stress that anyone who can't work from home for instance those in construction manufacturing should be to be encouraged to go to work from home when you can it's still the masses because the risk remains some can say higher than those in higher paid managerial roles in. the lower paid jobs that can't be done remotely and that's led to some to conclude it's one rule for the haves and another for the have not biologically speaking we're all in this together we know know best immunity but when you look at day to day. you know effects of the
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disease how much we're exposed there's a greater risk so there is really no sense in which we're equal in the face of disease there is a choice in fearing if workers are afraid to go when they can stay at home but the company doesn't actually have to continue to follow them if the phantasm to come in they either have to go into work of i don't get paid. it's not an option it's not i need you know i don't. think you know what the other option exists you know do you take the risk you know not shut up you train. because you have to be paid for lives but it's not an option it's not even something they think they need because they've got lung also ran their. children that needs the government advises avoiding public transport buffalo are without cost there is no other choice on day one of the return london underground numbers were up almost 10 percent on
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the very same time last week businesses have been given advice on how to be covert secure with social distancing its greens there are simply no guarantees and to some working has continued throughout the crisis long before such measures were even considered scientists say the virus itself doesn't. discriminate everyone is that risk but the statistics tell a very different story working class men in low paid jobs are more likely to die of coronavirus than anyone else between the ages of 20 and 64 most at risk are security guards taxi and bus drivers terrorism chefs all of whom are encouraged to go back to work if they haven't already and there are up to 4 times as likely to die as middle class graduates working as lawyers teachers accountants and engineers so whoever can afford to stay warm stay secluded you know who can control their interaction with others will be you know less risk is really something that depends all. right some of us cannot they have all need to go to work and be still
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exposed to the wire so in that sense i think we're not equal and when it comes to returning to work parents who can't afford a child can also struggling private schools were open back classrooms for around another 3 weeks and the government at the moment only says businesses should take as allowances a real concern for many people childcare i want to quote a mother of a young child. but it's a little but it reflects the curse that little members of this house will have to get it she says this. is boris certainly speech people are encouraged to go back to work meeting my partner as he works in construction my partner has explained to his boss this can happen because we've got no childcare you also run the nursery but then i put on my work as well but my boss is having none of it i hope i can get some advice made my partner has been so stressful. what
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advice with a promise to give her while the government has played college try to protect all black as to how the days of the virus when it comes to that were attacked by the virus itself might not discriminate the financial cost and the possible risks sadly does drive a wedge between the haves and the have nots that added stastny r t u k one. visits to accident and emergency departments across england have fallen to the lowest level in a decade figures released by n.h.s. england show that 9 100000 people visited a n.d. departments in april 2020 that's over half the number of attendances compared to last year where over 2000000 people went to a indy this number is lower than any calendar month since records began in 2010 when emergency medicine consultant dr joydeep grover told me there are noticeably fewer people with a life threatening condition seeking medical care for sun avoiding hospital care to
1:23 pm
the virus it has been a certain direction in the number or people who present with just a name or stroke symptoms and keep tug on them so we hope to see in 10 to 20 percent drop in the number of patients that we would normally expect stroke or the serious symptoms like just that it will people are worried about contract again rotavirus are either so best scared to go to hospital. well actually it's bull so they are obviously scared of coming to us it will because of or not what it is but also that if you did. the requests or previous health authorities to do only seek support when it was truly necessary and some of them have all basically been not much more conservative than they would seek emergency support well how risque are visits to engage in this pandemic. well. i suspect
1:24 pm
the there is some truth is that if you come to a hospital you're much more likely to get exposed to really as partitions of course you know india does it departments in the hospitals that have been a lot of efforts made to keep people safe to segregate them to. good old don't put them in places which are sick so we need to go all precautions which are possible you would certainly encourage people to seek support if those doctors symptoms what serious. home office rule change means british and irish citizens born in northern ireland will now be considered as e.u. citizens when it comes to immigration it follows legal action taken by dairy woman ever to say is a after her american born husband was refused a residency card because she applied with her irish passport until the change those born in northern ireland were considered legally british and the u.k. immigration even if they considered themselves as irish to say as i was told she
1:25 pm
would have to renounce her british citizenship reapply for her husband as an irish citizen which requires a face the change finally brings into line a provision of the 998 good friday peace agreement which recognizes people's right to identify as irish british or both well earlier i spoke to a d'souza herself and she told me that while she was happy with the decision more work needed to be done. hearing that these families will now be reunited some the been separated for up to 18 months comes as a huge relief for us it has been quite emotional to get the news i can imagine me you've been battling the home office for 5 years as you say was it worth it. it was worthless to see the change come through and i whenever we look back over these past 5 years whenever we got married we never set out to find ourselves and snaring a 5 year constitutional test a really good friday agreement we were just starting our my life together but that's what we find ourselves in and we made a conscious decision
1:26 pm
a number of years ago that no other family should have to go through what we went through and we are delighted to see that change happen now so that no one in northern ireland will be forced or an expertise that isn't ship or a doctor citizenship in order to access the rights well these changes as i got the logo started august and last until the end of the rex a transition period to which is at the end of the share isn't it well the back set transition period for the e.u. settlement scheme which is the route they have opened up actually goes on to gen 2021 but you're quite right this is time limited and that's the disappointment that we have been that this is only a temporary arrangement but on one hand it is on par with all of the e.u. citizens in the united kingdom it will also be losing access to that right come june 2021 and it does for me open up a route to continue to get the government to go the extra mile when it comes to the good friday agreement because whilst this address is one aspect of our case there is still wider concern or compliance with the good friday agreement and we intend
1:27 pm
to continue that challenge what do you plan to do now. we will be discussing with their legal team the next stages of our case and we'll be looking at how we can help families in northern ireland many people have already read once british citizenship in order to access rights i want that you know that those people are an answer is that ship without having to do that they should never have had to do it in the 1st place. the u.k. spending watchdog has claimed that efforts to modernize computer systems in the national health service are so far behind the taxpayer is unlikely to see any value for money backing 2016 the government sanctioned over 4000000000 pounds to digitally transform the health service however the cost soon rose to 8100000000 the national audit office has warned the system is vulnerable to cyber attacks like the one seen in 2017 what technology expert bill muse thinks the failure to upgrade n.h.s. computer systems is a symptom of a wider issue as much as people perceive the energex to be
1:28 pm
a single organization the reality is that it is a fragmented collection of different trusts all of which have spending control of what they do individually and therefore there's an enormous amount of duplication there and fragmentation across the entire system. and as much as we try and put in the art a few 1000000000 here or there we're always just spending just a little bit too little and most of the trusts are under constant cost pressures and constant pressures to spend money on other priorities as we're seeing at the moment with the current undamaged untel we actually put enough money forwards and have the right standards across the whole system and accountability in the governments to make sure that everything's a blur implement it then we're going to remain vulnerable as we were a few years ago with one across obviously the n.h.s. has always relied on actually limited funding but actually the dedication of all it
1:29 pm
starts and again at this very moment in time and it's that very dedication that we're all relying on at some point the government is going to have to put its hand in its pockets to properly fund and to provide the leadership and governance to follow through on the sort of digital transformation that it has talked about for years and time and time again i mean it is as long ago as 2005 that we were meant to have a type of us and a chest that's often are seen u.k. as the top of the hour we'll move across to. the american but from the team here in london.
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oh and you could be both with the yeah you walk. past guys or financial survival guys liquid assets not those that you can convert an insignia as quite easily. to keep in mind though as a team into a pleasure to watch because we're bored.


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