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but i think that it was interesting. in the same situation. with the failings of the u.s. health care system exposed by the former health officials warn the things will only get worse if the government doesn't bring about drastic change one doctor told us where it's all gone wrong. is that we don't have a universal health care system in the united states and that millions of people have no health insurance at all and their health care system is really based on profit and not based on. the. hundreds of protests against the lockdown violating the basic rights facebook adds fuel to the fire are removing one of the biggest communities in line with government policy it's. the u.s.
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press calls for no one to trust the house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff ever again after it was. great to have you with us this is r.t. international. ok let's begin this hour with a check on the latest global coronavirus figures total infections now stands at just the before point $7000000.00 fatalities are approaching 312000 the number of those who've recovered tops 1800000. the u.s. health care system has been inundated during the pandemic not just with patients but also criticism over the way it struggled with the crisis now the former head of a key lab is working on
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a vaccine has warned congress if the government doesn't make rapid changes things will only get worse. our window of opportunity is closing if we fail to improve our response now based on science i fear the pandemic will get worse and be prolonged there will be likely a resurgence of code 19 this fall and we greatly compound it by the challenges of seasonal influenza without better planning 2020 could be the darkest winter in modern history. meanwhile donald trump says the country's done a great job in the battle with the virus and claims that it's only the media that's saying otherwise we spoke with pediatrician and health care activist margaret flowers she says the pandemic put a spotlight on the many failings of the current system. 3 major drawbacks that it has exposed is that we don't have a universal health care system in the united states and that millions of people have no health insurance at all it also has exposed that we don't have
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a centralized health care system it's our system is very piecemeal and bureaucratic and disorganized and because of that there's been no real leadership coming from a centralized institution telling people how to behave telling health professionals what to do making sure that we can get resources to people who need them particularly our health care providers and the 3rd thing is that our health care system is really based on profit and not based on the health of people and so instead of doing commonsense things that would have enabled us to get tests out to people to get supplies to people we're seeing this whole. scurrying of various corporations trying to see how they can profit from this situation. u.s. nursing homes have been particularly hard hit by the crisis we spoke with done who lost relatives to the virus including his father who was in a new york no sicko. one week. 5 deaths for them my uncle 3
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cousins 4 of them. 3 of them god it is nursing homes so. i'm sure the fact that they didn't have enough people. people infected with the bulk of them with the patients being forced to live with the virus they had no idea whether they had it or it's something that should have been known. prepared for by like federal especially the states it's all regulated by the state and local go. talk about having a pandemic plan early march the elected officials. how could you not have a plan for our most vulnerable those that we have to honor those who are parents. the situation with nursing homes has come into sharp focus now after it turned out many had not been reporting the number of deaths there is claim or $30000.00 fatalities from america's entire virus death toll happened in nursing homes in long
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stay care facilities relatives have complained of a lack of testing and in a number of cases even if nobody informing them their loved ones had covered 9000 before they died we spoke with american healthcare representatives about how they see the situation. the government could have a 1000000 rated the extent to which so reduce the extent to which residents were affected i think it's you know unfortunately the federal government kind of ignored some of the signs of what was going on and was very very slow to react and just generally and even more so in respect to nursing or what we're hearing from families sometimes is that families don't even know that their loved one had covert nights he until the resident has died so the person they were taken to the hospital and it's too early we're hearing too often of residents and family members finding out that their resident had
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a roommate and that person was coping $1000.00 and they were separated in time and then their loved one also became kovan once he. would hearing about people not getting access the hospital because there were some you know because of their age because of its ability fortunately not seen as as being worth treating we have about 1300000 people in nursing home in the united states and i would say about a 3rd of those are over the age of 85 so it's a very large very vulnerable population people don't realize that a lot of people die in nursing home but if you just look at new york city if you say there's about 30000 who die i think after they do a good job of counting that guided nursing home it will be 60 also nationwide there's about 80000 who die that number will double and i think it will be about
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200000 people in the united states right now only 30 states are reporting but that's still 20 states that are been unwilling to count the people who are dying in nursing all. and add those numbers to their lists and i think some of that is political right the nursing homes are scared because when the word gets out about how this is there are scared about what that does to their image the governors are scared because it makes them want but finally everybody is coming around to realize that we have to know the right numbers so that we can deal with this correctly. republicans controlling the michigan legislature claim that the state's governor gretchen whitmer trampled there are 30 who stay home orders and other restrictions that as hundreds of farms protesters have defied the governor's policies outside
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the state capitol they called her a witch a nazi and even the virus itself. yes the. protests in michigan's capital lansing been going on for 6 weeks already on friday the local prosecutor's office said a man was charged with making credible death threats against governor whitman michigan still the only state where people are challenging lockdown policies in minnesota protesters rejecting their governor's measures claiming that they've caused the state to suffer even more harm with heightened suicide rates due to the economic impact of the shutdown we spoke to locals from both those states. to realize their freedoms are being taken away. in the present there won't 7 be any freedom to speed up. how many businesses in this country even. shut down for a couple 3 months and not many i know are. there's no strategy
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right now the whole thing is just a stalling and the only strategy so far is stay home. that's not a strategy for. thinking of us radians i have no worries said on the 1st week clear of any let's wait for it indeed something he just thought i don't i'm not enjoying if money was never in our anyways and so i better let me use restrictions that when i do it in any way and yet he still then open up the churches which are their 1st amendment rights. the governor was picking winners and losers because he opened a candy store allowed 250 children and they're very wrong that right the very scouts put out my eggs and the cemetery of our veterans are passed away. earlier on in an unprecedented move facebook removed 838-0000 strong anti lockdown
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community of michigan this is the young today in violation of the state order to stay at home but in the state of wisconsin the supreme court outlawed the lockdown so it's still unclear how the social network will react given the differences between states and facebook stated that events opposing the u.s. government's social distancing policies will be banned from the site it's an issue we thought we put up for debate. as a private company facebook can do whatever to ones even if it's a morally wrong idea and the situation like that the fact that facebook is shutting down political debate is taking it one step too far we're told time and time again that the arab spring was organized on base so the base book allows massive revolts in foreign muslim countries but not in america where they're based or they get massive tax credits where they were handed in with the government where they get a free pass on everything these companies are it's not it's so simple as
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a private company like you want to kick someone out of your bar i mean they get way more complicated than this and so they'll look at a group like the ones that are being shut down and say these people are dangerous they're going to upset the stability of what's happening when really is often just people who love this country love this constitution and really don't trust the government and the government doesn't give as many reasons to to trust that you have the right to choose to work rather than to choose to follow an idiotic government directive the solution is for people to voluntarily say look the government has failed to handle this at every level they've created a medical shortage where we never needed to have one they don't know what they're doing they've lied to us they've changed their story many many times so we need to do this on their own and many people will voluntarily as has happened in the states that have reopened will voluntarily stay at home we slowly reopen if we protect the people who are most vulnerable yeah of course you have some work cases you're not i don't think you're going i'm going to help expert but it doesn't seem like you're
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going to see a massive spike you can always look at countries like sweden that never shutdown so it's come to a point where you've got suicide you've got mental health issues you've got drug overdoses that are skyrocketing i think we're seeing real problems with with what the directives have done to shut down this country we've gotten occur that's what we were promised now it's time to. author and socio economic rights advocate term resurface and argues people should think like a collective fun consider others be our collective who creates the cover and right now for the safety. of people collectively it's necessary that we kind of shelter in place you're not allowed to put myself my family and myself as well because you just lied if you want to just go out and take those type of chances with a virus that's nontrivial it's not ok to use facebook to go into a group and say hey we need to hang the gov but that's exactly what was happening
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the page was shut down because. some unity guidelines facebook which john allow for in inciting by weren't towards other people but the people who were protesting came with armed weapons a k 47 s and military style weapons to stand in front of the michigan house of representatives and protest why do you need a gun for who are you shooting call the 19 is a virus what are you absolutely brilliant gun to a protest over by a stay at home arms or what are you trying to accomplish who are you threatening. now if you think the coronavirus pandemics put politics on pause think a game case in point in the us where the leading figure in the so-called russia collusion saga of them shift has been accused of being economical with the truth the charge surprisingly coming from the wall street journal which traditionally doesn't exactly have much sympathy for teen trump so scott taylor has more. once
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upon a time in a large field washington looked a man named adam schiff from his tower on the hill he spent years trying to say dryden don't trump but then one day himself and it up saying i am wants to hold the truth to release correctional testimony shows that adam schiff spread full food shamelessly about russia and double trouble for 3 years even to his own committee gathered cold 3 evidence he misled because he repeatedly on an issue that consumed american politics no one should ever believe another word he says as chairman of the house intelligence committee she fled to russia trump collusion probe back in 2017 of the 14 months 50 plus witnesses 6000 pages of testimony the contents of which has now come to light and guess what no conspiracy and our attention just lost these freshly released transcripts reveal that top intelligence
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officials who paid for question who tore holes in shit stabbing 10 of the conniving kremlin tromp for example remember when george got the doctors the jail we have some breaking news out of washington former trump campaign aide george papadopoulos has been sentenced to 14 days in jail well apparently even back then the f.b.i. director wasn't 100 percent convinced. his comments didn't particularly indicate that he was the person that had had was interacting with the russians also who could forget the infamous steel dossier used 5 russia gate is far and wide as secret proof of madeleine when you look at just what has become public some of the public information is very much in line with what is reported in that dossier and of. well as i tried to explain before there's a lot of information in this still reporting we've not been able to prove the
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accuracy of all the information in fact the messages. from the transcripts is overwhelmingly obvious i never saw any direct and perfectly evidence that the trump complainer or someone in it was plotting or conspiring with the russians to meddle with the election i don't recall intelligence that they would consider evidence to that effect that i saw prior of conspiracy prior to my departure obvious to everyone apparently except c.s. who continued to hop from t.v. channel to t.v. channel weaving tales he already knew what true we do know this the russians offered help the campaign accepted help the russians gave help and the president made for use of that help the bottom line is did the russians intervene in our election and the answer is yes i did they make outreach the trump campaign and the answer is yes and it's not just that she actively misled the public it's that she even tried to hide the evidence most of the transcripts were ready for release long
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ago but missed the shift of the refused to release them off he became chairman in 2019 he only released them last week when the intel threatened to do it 1st i mean he did make good use of that time he had the transcripts even managed to squeeze it in impeachment a tad waits just like his previous losing perot court was a bust let alone to that had the president feels vindicated so with trump kicks back in the oval office he's probably pondering the irony of ship's words the truth will come out the truth. will come out. i think it's just an absolute or a political earthquake there's no other way to put it over 3 years we see top officials including intelligence committee chairman adam schiff are the head of the n.s.a. at the time the. head of the cia all of them knew that there was no rush of collusion yet played along as if there was that it was best to gauge they gave or
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tasia and they say appeared. in an all too willing media claimed he went on television and claimed that the russians offered to help drum trump knew the russians were offering to help he accepted the russians offer and the russians got it but into office he said all of those things when he knew proved fact based on all of the interviews that he did with the people that were there and involved you knew of that it was absolutely untrue he continued to say it anyway and essentially the attempt was to overthrow would do we elected president the united states whether we like america it's immaterial this was a coup or 10 and now we know what we suspected all along that it was all made up and they knew it was. antibody testing for the coronavirus as it moans lifting restrictions in the city this comes as much of the global media is simply not buying russia's official statistics that show a relatively low death toll from the virus that story after this break.
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i. seemed wrong. to seep out. and in again. the trail. find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground. that's right here it's a i r is the ticker symbol for hair it's a closed and. the hair. that we feature here on this episode of kaiser
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report is currently trading at a market cap of about $3900000000.00 but we're expecting the fed to come in in front run the market and take us up to a much higher capitalization possibly 7 or 9 trillion. dollars is free antibody testing for the corona virus for residents of the russian capital now the results are expected to help the government decide whether to ease the existing restrictions or to extend the number of new cases reported in russia on saturday stood at $9200.00 that's the lowest in a few weeks of experts say still too early to say if the situation is improving
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well then $63000.00 people have recovered in total but 2537 have died you just on the house more on the testing and the current situation with coded in russia. so what the russian capital seems to be trying to do right now is that it is trying to figure out how many people have been under on carriers of covert 19 and how many of those might have immunity to this new coronavirus disease and so far more than 2000 people have already sees this opportunity to find this out now when it comes to russia as a whole while it is up there when it comes to the total number of those infected well it has shown some very very little mortality rates compared to the total figures and that has come into focus with some of some mainstream media outlets for instance the financial times has claimed that russia has some 70 percent more deaths than it is reporting officially the new york times and turner speculated
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that well there are more than $1700.00 of extra deaths in moscow alone but bloomberg well it has gone further than all of them because it has released an article titled experts demand to know why the coronavirus hasn't killed more russians and this wording well it hasn't been perceived well here because a lot of people have seen and this almost a direct demand of more deaths here in russia and so much so that bloomberg even had to rework the initial outline by russia's ambassador to london has commented on this judging by your reports russia's response has been to manipulate with figures at home and to spread disinformation abroad with the government act in inefficiently and doctors have an inadequate protection this distorted picture requires a refutation even by most pessimistic accounts russia's before months in terms of health care system capacity and death rate is among the best of all major countries
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your article carries inaccurate statements coupled with an unacceptable and unprofessional one sided narrative now this version has been corroborated by the world health organization who have said that russia. as board its health care system time by reacting early to this new pandemic and when it comes to 2 facts coming out of moscow the had dr of what is seen to be as russia's benchmark hospital for treating over 1000 patients dennis percent co he has in turn to explain what allows them to save so many more lives than in other countries especially the town an example has shown us the seriousness of the situation what percentage of cases in russia is here in the capital half of them so all that was happening in eataly allowed our system which took half of the patients to get ready our hospitals don't decide who needs a ventilator who can wait because we have enough of them here there isn't such a problem in moscow because we did manage to prepare but it's always easier to
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ignore this pardon start claiming your statistics are fake well one of comes to all the fuss in the western media russia's former ambassador to the u.k. says that well they just hate to see when russia does something better than their countries the choice between the economy and human lives will leave its mark on people thinking worldwide for a long time the values of any society could not be questioned more acutely and it is no coincidence that this problem has caused such a rise in undiscovered irritation in the western press in the public's opinion assessment of so-called western values will have a practical assessment in terms of how many lives have been saved and the western elites will have to answer on this soon enough and foresee the pandemic has shown another dimension of the crisis in western societies which moscow does not bear any responsibility in the past few days russia has been showing steady stable figures of new coronavirus cases some have even very very cautiously pointed out saturday's
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decline in numbers well being very hopeful that this could continue but so far this new testing for antibodies is a new measure that the russian government is taking to figure out at what pace to be open its economy and to bring life back to normality. twitter sent its employees a letter saying that they don't ever have to return to the office meaning that they are free to continue working from home for as long as they wish it was assert the company's buildings won't reopen till september and at all events are postponed to at least 2021 and shifting to remote working is becoming a why the trend among employers is not without its problems and karen explains. when our towns are finally lifted life will spring back to normal and we can all go back to work in our offices well not all of us will it has some companies have found their class prefer the need to work from home system one of their is the 20
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or so if or when police are in a room and situation that enables them to work from home and they want to continue to do so for ever will make that happen when the lonely has become an attractive new working style of the digital giants to facebook and google are already planning to give and or use the option to stay home it's a work it's not just silicon valley's it's social media heavyweights good business it's like nationwide insurance optus and j.p. morgan chase are also playing with the idea of letting their workers ditch the suits and ties to work and stay put in fact an incredible 74 percent of companies are said to be planning to permanently shift to more remote work post 90 we're an insurance company our focus is to manage risk with plan for a crisis for years you cross out gas leak and insert curve it but we knew for a long time we needed to be able to lift people out of the office and continue
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serving old man burgers it's a new corporate landscape there's also been endorsed by some politician has everyone who wants to and whose workplace allows it should be able to work in a home office even when the coronavirus pandemic is available so what's the big appeal of having more people work from home well one big bonus is it's more cost effective according to global workplace analytics a typical employer can save about $11000.00 a year for every person who chooses to work remotely just 6 months of the year the environmental benefits are also very attractive less traffic on the road yes demand for office space is sustainability at its finest studies show that people who do work from home are. actually more successful and surprisingly more productive it all sounds too good to be true maybe it is good things like a lack of structured working hours and absolutes so socialization with work
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colleagues have a detrimental effect on people could stay at home workers be as a crew great disadvantage if they don't have the cash to splash out on the latest computers and other gadgets and with office space going on the need it please how dreadful undoubtedly leaving all those who rely on office workers from cleaners to the local coffee shops also feeling the pinch regardless it seems that working from home will be even the thing and people whose livelihoods rely on those who are out of the ballots have reason to be concerned just last week 3500 employees of taxi service were swiftly laid off i have a 3 when it is soon call many trees by. someone wants to build all this and have a day when we are last for a game with you or staying indoors seems like the best option for many invite now
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our only time will tell well it is the answer without the drawbacks. of other staying with us here on r.t. international look day is coming your way in 30 minutes in the meantime stay safe stay home stay with. us for another half hour. marty's holiday international memorial awards are now open for entries all media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work for alternative media or part of a global news platform to participate published works in video all written for much go to award dot altie dot com and enter now.
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welcome to the redacted tonight this is the show we're americans in america covering american news are called foreign.


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