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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 20, 2020 10:30am-11:31am EDT

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surveillance and state control of our minds and bodies in pandemic covert 19 shakes the world he joins me now via skype from the brianna thank you so much as summer for coming on i'm going to get to the book right in a moment but and they said it could be the 1st stir book on coronavirus i've got to ask you for some practical advice 1st for any of you is a health care workers key workers or workers furloughed at home or billionaires on private islands what films should people be watching right now during this period when there is a lockdown i don't think there is a universal concept i just found recently. british you can get it legally for free or if you want you it's called no escape or any whatever for an hour. of a famous cold war story. talk about a couple of pages. trickly dollar of the words where in
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a region where look you can't beat. dr drew well here in the alternate reality what i want to say is that we are now i think in a similar situation contrary to my friends who claim listen now it's your medical health care safety problem forget about. it now precisely those in power and that are operating different knew well basically most are not overseas needs even if the house and it's not the bar the capitalist machinery araby no we'd have to be mundane if what they called the police but then became just the go little stinker that you're neither trained the opposite to that which i find no less. andrew cuomo and any could meet
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so recent weeks even. promising to those who can afford isolation perfect bob as they call it no doc if you trip. you i didn't take in your actually get up i commend their own brink you go medically examined you get them digitally and show one and so on. don't do that isolation but you know what these letters are for get. that london less somebody has to be out there to prepare a package of food and so on you mentioned nurses and or death and so on and i think my american matches friend david. wrote a very good. on this how we became aware of this new working class not their classic or well at audience who work in factories but all those who take care of our daily lives even if we are isolate that cost because
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haskel function so that it very often can somebody cut your mundane electricity walk or day care takers they are those with whom it's given a chance to get to come back and meet became aware of the important of the. northeast and so on what i think lasts and although we are all celebrating them today until on and so on we nonetheless become aware of. how class struggle explode you know so many cases you know what i'm trying to state really not in an image any daintily political moment. we are good at the last think we look at economic back old future i mean diffused a real lobby our way be new eat a new what are we have to be inventive and this is despite of course elites telling
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us no we're all coming together we're all one society i should say jeremy corbyn the former british labor party leader and a host of m.p.'s of called what boris johnson's government is doing in their thinly veiled class war but all in the book you actually say that sometimes you catch yourself wishing to contract the virus what what is the nature of the barbarism in in your nightmares as you watch governments give their press conferences there will be one today here in london and of course donald trump perhaps at the white house no idea exactly right that of course i don't mean really catching the virus because i'm in an extremely risky group i'm 7th you out i hear that you beat this i think something smaller but nonetheless proclaimed and it would be elevate that lock there forever so no what i'm just saying is that you know when the outbreak began we were walking eat like a holy book
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a movie about contagion outbreak. and then something really keppen a global catastrophe or a miracle assured whatever but the still thrasher a thinker now and now and talking not as if you lost it but there's an everyday ordinary somebody part 'd think of my experience it's how. to eat meat even for a giant there is no because even in countries where thinks or appear to be getting a little beat. i think basically just the drag on there is no clear so usually it really looks that we will have to let him leave or we cover iraq how to reorganize our lives and i'm not talking only about heads and talking about do our best think 1st economy how we'll look for adoption and distribution function
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i have in the news each of these are not some i'm trying to provide got about 20 are living now in the offensive to buy enough to carry being for american you know i don't know whether they were young about small. food distribution 2nd think or. if the 1st extended the 2nd piece. every day life would be distribution possible hunger the 3rd one is mental health don't underestimate the how many people now take the knocks or whatever approach dark antidepressant we all know that don't worry we will use to disappear and what we so far state think this must be better get out of my reach oh so they contract it maybe it would be better if the radical. we don't know what will happen you remember how
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we could grow we could give dreams 1st must oh we come over here it will disappear then there will be creepy of a kid whatever it will disappear or whatever but all of this is just. then you think it directly on it and increase the change we can affect or graphs existentially of course something if you take it. to school do almost a kind of philosophical reflect imagine each of us as you say some of the antidepressant companies of course are involved in the vaccine apparently if one believes what the media are telling us he said he is trying to get to that side of capital you completely read that united kingdom and united states don't want want private property to play out over here because the only epic of think but to me is some kind of a maybe look at something reach the men so. if something real be discovered
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a bit really works the truth absolutely be broken be available to everyone it through to that's actually been an issue in the world health organization virtual meeting i'm going to ask you though about this new liberal individual ism in a time of coronavirus because you say in the book that people are mistakenly emphasizing personal responsibility they blaming us in their religion we aren't responsible but you know what somebody said barry well when. when. boys danced on replace the more. they approach we don't all talk i was the daycare or whatever stand at stay alert the basic message of the east they are lower so if you get ill it's your fault you know no bikies bit weak moment or state we need now as state.
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you should be interested for. us that's right i am deeply skeptical of the dog electorate left. all right being clear that young critics who see the fact that we bill be. where we are through our phones and so on should we don't. spread the illness your whole bit of water in your it's ridiculous that somebody chris eubank that and so on and because they. know mike from what i know i don't know how to keep not a company but about 2 states israel and united states let me know that n.s.a. collaborated with google would be great book they are already doing kate all our emails are failing but that sort of aliens but are all our problem cause i'm a liberal and so on and i'm why you. why did now on one
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particular moment we did yesterday teach our movement where it least the immense sort of a list about i should have an answer about our course if you let's go for a book cos i worry much more all of my emails scone post and show on available and i don't see any beak he can eat or be quick to act in the state close to where i'm moving and you indeed praise one of the people that facilitated our understanding of that julian a songes in jail here in aa then my other point yet where they state. we need some kind of communism i must clarify i am not talking about all of the needs nor can we identify to spend your 1020 communism and change something brand. but if i can think of people it might work you can be very pretty certain
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these if burleigh to work for entry laws are for wrote and i quote him. or another epidemic that's addressed rehearsal for future crises i'm going to be there me cause. global warming. i'm not sure i would be shocked until comments are on we should get a happy end to duke. duquesne or leave it to the market date or society has is some sense into being much more strong even if you divide us we'll keep a little beat women can't big problem. and so on week. and the number of unemployed exploding and here we cannot leave it to come out of get deep motif of economic development the basic moat got to be still need some. cannot be. capitalised or off it that i should look i hope we all
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agree urgencies nest at least 8 grand can't go out not just gonna buy a dress but i'm including many other problems including into breakdowns and so on beat to get healthy so. keep. the good and the basic social. functions of our society to fly off walk out of electricity garbage disposal and of course internet and digital space these cannot be left to the market they're what i think even if all these domains would have been more not polite by some combination of mega private companies and state security agencies. a big danger that i keep a new form of state monopoly. where they build the delete controllers dish
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can grow or about and here i mention that if i want some community address and. i quote it here by comedian simply. bob schieffer well known before me. in a communist society. i was according to. the script. and when you say i knew. even if you don't government. you can't write or do. you want that. really unsolved all our sort of every where so get. out of. the national life what are you in a race and so one subject i'll stop you there more from the ledger if i'm off for up to this short break. the collapse of the russia
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gate host has exposed yet again the unprofessionalism in the bias of the corporate media the same media consistently project their own claim values political preferences and even the truth conspicuously absent in their news reporting. during the vietnam war us forces also bombed to neighboring laos it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. how much anticipation can we back to the country per capita all human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country. we have been going to continue to happen. even today kids in laos fall victim to bombs dropped decades ago this is the us making amends for the tragedy in laos what help to the people
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need in that little land on i. don't know crap. no shots. actually don't. drive no use to. which your thirst for action. welcome back i'm still here with one of the world's most famous philosopher. off of the people in this country and now state paved here in britain do you think that i lead to understand some of what you are saying above i said hope each day defeat me to be just a nod to. that whole east oh ok we have to make these compromises for
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a year maybe here in the south and then. return to complete the least. when the u.n. secretary general says there should be a coronavirus world cease fire that hasn't happened israel has been bombing syria and as you say not only did he not only did each other down debt the most depressing scene people could only let alone but who don't really think the united nations contribution veto anything i think this will be their meaning the global thought out of. what kept me going to some strange return this very point indeed correction even d o a feat. i want now they. are made to offer he got it now did he even water between ice sheets and. all the stops and stragglers explode because leaders or really think oh now everybody
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don't go on a ride which show not attract too much attention. but i don't have a book in the book you talk about. the markets are panicking and the way the media reports this previously when we had a big depression in capitalism obviously we had wars do you not think wars may be the solution rather than. huge regulation on his own i don't you accept no no i make it very clear what i hope for some basic community backed off by this i mean you investor mender some mount your mobilized program and i even included. that i think to mobilize people for example that it's kind of that you don't get if you would read immigrants on could look around to look at congress i think that they took care of that right maybe to mobilize young people who are now unemployed and so on and so on but. these what you are saying if you want
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option. one looks nice the new digital age got people where at least the wealthy elite will eat in their own bubble in their own. safe and so one and so on and it does control it by the state will explode another version and i keep up with you believe the country's going be in that the states are not going to lead to a kind of it disintegrate of a static probably space and the corporate states will open in other states from time intelligent group will take over and they will begin to claim thought interest in children and so on it's quite possible that repeated but he could ask for some kind of a new body from you remember you got a program young mostly crap up with out of some 34 years ago like dos or
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logon so i'm with the elite leaving in that in a kind of a bubble. and people are dying in the heat out there isn't this what the ready for example of new zealand and australia on a planet it appears they are really controlling the virus should be the create an australia new zealand and leave out now i got on the ship it down but nonetheless we need. not to think in that very strong out there would be isolate ourselves crucial moment they can be close. and agricultural collaboration otherwise there will be chaos that it will be. better bill be global disturbances and it will be
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a night well the fight for intellectual property rights of a vaccine has already begin begun some a saying you also say in the book though that we should be weary of a spiritualist new age types who say that this lockdown should give us time to examine ourselves rather than that's what we should watch of the elite i claim you know if. the 1st think we should think about when we are that basic not even marxist but i left it. for some of us to be a real people it's safe isolate that in a lockdown situation plus think about all those who have to remain out there are working so that we can be isolated don't forget. if anything only in the south of italy or in after the guy left in america. now to show that you know we
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all the core of the value. that outer conduct of millions of people. who are more afraid of other thing than the virus you go. viral and so on and so on well perhaps one of the most complicated parts of the book arguably is about a cat going off the precipice of a cliff do you think that there are powers that be that are beginning to understand their lack of power amidst this coronavirus getting out you a very important it's very important what you're set now because people just have to describe the cat has described. you know a classical scene from the tombs rather a get a protester pressure piece and then i can just go on walking and although there is only air beneath it but we need to look down and notice that
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there is nothing beneath it heat only then it falls now or i believe that many of our states are still in this phrase of denial think continue to function because they didn't really look at that i'm not yet aware of or big full extent of the crisis because by we have now. in western european countries east accession we think to return to normal yet here they will return to normal but it's not clear what kind of norm and so on and so on and i should link the metaphor to another one which i think now. we can clearly see that the people and mark justified and i use did you know russia today publish this my take on coronavirus is that kill bill. you know that it's especially right i don't strike with 5 fingers
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around your heart where if you continue to feed him up like nothing you can dog go out you can start walking your gloves there we are now i think. we can shut this 5 fingers as long as we can lock it down we can go on but at some point we have to stop moving and that's the difficult moment of brother castro the old cut world capital you. will not be able to go eat even many in like new capitalists and meet what they think usually more in ukraine as young as you know immense take investment and so on and so on until one i think it's a little bit more i think that really market no longer be allowed to be the dominating principle of our social life. we need
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other not just strong state but also i don't know how it is in our shouting england but my friends probably it does spain but i feel their link me extraordinarily early of a local community. we can organize it's almost like they have the. committee for proof and of course it's not the same but the idea of people dead or in a certain local community and say ok let's organize out sets their own. needs they need company and so on and so on so we don't need just strong efficient state we can violate market principles we need state collaborating with the local community and we need state collaborating gloom click coordinate it's a big big other state and there are likenesses arguably and in the book you say
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china in some aspects is our future i don't i d.l.'s kind of that much you're one of us no indeed yes but can i just can i just finish please don't like to hear these but remember that don't botch of try not. also an excellent success story cone kong and taiwan ok so it's more important some kind of a conflict only collective spirit where people trust the state and so on we don't have to become like tried now you don't only attack china you attacked me a putin and russia severely in this book i just want to finish though since the world health organization i don't know what the stepanek that i just want that is why the sudden late that explosion you know i know it's not the same logic as in. in war 1st there is also
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a success story in complaining about interest and then but then it exploded i don't understand the situation in that i shot. my main target. romp was for an hour and so on the start of the danged war criminals they are constantly undermining their own people or didn't someone from i mean the administrators even your snow but we are now in a war we try that one but we invite the ambassadors rulers countries on the program to try and refute that of course the brazilian foreign ministry immediately slammed your work on coronavirus i'm going to just finally and if you briefly tell me about what you mean about the world health organization being a kind of template that may be useful in the future to be able to. fend off i look i'm tired of in trying to hustle that whole username i just repeat think somebody who loves company to leave them who is bill gates no. you cannot
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approach coronavirus. we didn't. coordinate showa frames of a nation state but x. . problem is work only for a set of period of time so what is absolutely necessary is god of the need for him if he prefers to explain going down. controlling the spread and. the global lebed but understand what's more universally get no we need at least some and a man and a man who are global some kind of debate heat or the nation without deeds i fear that we will effectively enter a new. thank you and i'm. thanks ready now that's it for the show will be back on saturday 22 years to the
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day that the people of northern ireland voted yes to the good friday agreement give me up to breakfast pave the way for united ireland and the breakup of the united kingdom until then wash your hands and join the only gotten you to facebook twitter sounds bad instagram. we go to work so you straight home. you are no offense but you no longer a young woman in fact you are one of the last living survivors of the nazi yellow assed i'm aware of it. leverage it all your life.
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and you can never forget america now auschwitz was really like to be in hell because he would never believe that once a human can go to as a copy of a course for 13 years and over the curb it at all seems a lot over by his side they can't kill him when i get out on the farm saw you know what it's like ma song to her next to you so he can listen and hopefully he can bless my heart hurts me. the world is driven by a dream shaped by fun person.
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no dares thinks. we dare to ask. welcoming our viewers from around the world live from central london this is all to u.k. . the government is on the far off to cope with 19 patients were discharged into care who is without proper testing now says the justice secretary of mit's there was a focus on testing n.h.s. staff over those working in the senior news of the stars of the plan to. boris johnson is forced to commit to an effective track and trace program by the 1st of june promising to put 25 finals on track is in place and says the government says the contact tracing system will launch before the warby n.h.s. sap is ready. to discover the bits that will be border checks between not only great britain breaks it despite repeated denials i'll be talking to
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a politics expert. plans to reopen primary schools in june face a growing backlash for the next 18 councils and 15 other schools adamant gates will remain shot we hear from a councillor opposed to the government's approach. on the police are accused of an overzealous use of stop and search pounds as figures reveal a 40.8 percent increase during the coronavirus crisis between the youth worker who says he was unfairly targeted. the prime minister and the leader of the opposition of clashed over the government's response to cope with 19 in care homes after the justice secretary of method that was a focus on the health service rather than the homes at the beginning of the pandemic or take a shot it was dusty joins me here in the studio with the latest so sure to follow
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works in the house of commons over homes absolutely promise a bar as johnson and opposition. not told us today and the house of commons that prime minister's questions now mostly it was regarding so i can't stomach. husing number 10 of being ignorant to the facts particularly when it comes to testing in care homes of course care homes have long been at the epicenter of concerns and criticisms against the government about how they were handling the crisis particularly in these areas long before boris johnson at the beginning of the crisis an outbreak here in the united kingdom said it would be unlikely that care homes would be affected now we know that care home deaths equate to around 40 percent of the types of deaths across the united kingdom so sickest ahmet today slammed the government over why care homes are still not able to routinely access testing kits even though the government had said that it would be able to do so and it provoked quite a response from the prime minister has a kissed on the 1st. last friday the health secretary said. right from the
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start we've tried to throw a protective ring around our homes but caused quite a reaction yesterday it was flatly contradicted by the chief executive of care england he was giving evidence the health select committee. and he said we should have been focusing on care homes from the start despite that this is evidence despite what is being said there were cases of people who either didn't have a covert status or were symptomatic or discharged into our care homes actually the number of patients to discharge from hospitals into care homes was 40 percent done in march on january the guidance was changed to reflect the change in the epidemic in that guidance we've made available to caroms and of course since the care homes action plan began we have seen a strong production in the numbers of deaths in care homes we question was whether
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people were test people were tested going back into care homes already 125000 care home staff i have been tested 118000 i actually didn't know that was because under 18000 workers have been tested. now earlier today the justice secretary admitted that the government had actually prioritize the n.h.s. over care homes particular the beginning of the outbreak due to the limited capacity of tests we needed to make a choice about testing and we decided to focus on the n.h.s. i think the issue with care homes is that we've got many thousands of different providers different sectors. it's quite a big moment really because it does mark one of the strongest admissions from a government minister that mistakes had been made at the beginning of the outbreak though he did indeed that any country across the world would be able to be in the same position to say there are things they would have wanted to do differently and
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surety of the prime minister has been boxed into another deadline absolutely boris johnson had to provide some reassurances when it came to the test track and trace strategy and it was an important commitment coming from the prime minister boris johnson to say well he will get it all up and running by june the 1st he also added that it would be world beating and involve around an army of $25000.00 truckers now it comes after launch another attack against the government regarding the lack of this system since the middle of march. despite 2000000 tests having been carried out there's been no effective tracing in place since march the 12th when tracy was abandoned that's nearly 10 weeks in a critical period without affecting tracing. there's a huge hole in our defenses isn't it prime minister but by the 1st of june already
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. 24000 tractors and by the 1st of june we will have a 25000 they will be capable of tracking to new contact of 10000 new cases a day so we're making vast progress in testing and tracing and i had great confidence that by june 1st we will have a system that will enable us oho post very great to defeat this disease. so there boris johnson committing to another deadline of june the 1st by the way that date is the date that potential we may see another set of easing of the restrictions of the lockdown measures we already know that schools up and down the country are already planning getting classrooms ready in place for primary school children to return to school also we may see the reopening of nonessential shops now councils in unions across the united kingdom are already up in arms about all
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of this they say that there hasn't been enough being put in place in terms of safety measures and it is too soon specifically speaking in regards the lack of the successful testing tracking and tracing program so far so how can they be expected to reopen now interestingly though in today's prime minister's questions there was no real mention of the absence from which has so far been described as a crucial part of the strategy yes it's been piloted in in the isle of wight but we've not really had much else from across the country but we did hear from matt hancock the health secretary that the uk in the scheme more generally would really be up and running by the middle of may here we are now then but we're still only hearing that it will be in place in just a couple of weeks time now since that the government spokesperson has said that the contract tracing system would launch before the upward somewhat changing the system from test track and trace is just become test and trace and there are indeed some issues with the uk but all of this raises many questions that all of the government
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putting in fact a place a system a target self-imposed target that they may yet again struggle to me. thank you very much indeed. politicians are looking to hong kong for advice from controlling the spread of corona virus and kill homes after recorded 0 dirs from covert 19 in its institutions lockdown in hong kong has largely been eased after recording a total of only 4 deaths from the virus outbreak feel. region employed strict measures and treat of the pandemic like some was the virus that hit back in 2003 on co nursing homes themselves simulate a pandemic response plan up to 4 times a year but professor from hong kong university told me earlier that the recent success is down to a mixture of planning and attitudes. are very rigorous in terms of we know all will be sensitive in terms of if there is a. term of the outbreak at nearby so they would put on. to get themselves and i
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think we has been we learned very quickly last in the penguins and styles that more than 60 people are with a person by and also we have a kid on die so i think dogs from expedient are still you know on my own on lots of people so once we heard that you can walk home and why was everyone become a return of our requests in tell us tragedy sasa out there why would someone coming to kill so you learned a huge amount from the sars outbreak of course here the u.k. model was based on influenza flu is a very different than. yes you know in in some house along to all got to begin with so when it has out great for a seat i doubt it was in the hospital but where he jumps on hospital hole so i think what we learned is that for us right off it and used to stop the charts we
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start from hospital to 2 to a holiday so i once we know the date was that was when we have that 1st taste of hong kong 8 on 123rd are to have the department of documents use that i've read here for a sound all day gives there will be a low long hospital we stayed for older people in care home so instead all that can lead to medical need to be taken care of by obesity. i think we ought to they came home and down that government also a lot of older to get the education we see out seeing it even not so these stop a chance me so far hospital can all and dad very good job to kong. people with means in fact up into i'm sorry to all which are that we are like the air pressure and so that we can't hold hat payson outside all sides are serious and
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won't tell us what we saw here was a low outbreak and there was actually a lot. of sunlight here work health care work and on to. the minister for the cabinet office michael gove has admitted that will be checks on certain goods entering northern ireland despite repeated denials from the prime minister himself made a statement to m.p.'s in parliament earlier today outlining the policy though will need to be declarations on goods as they move from great britain to northern ireland but these systems will be electronic and administered by u.k. authorities weak knowledge however as we've always done but on aggregate and animal movements it makes sense to protect supply chains and the disease free status of the other than has been the case since the 19th century that will mean some expansion of existing infrastructure to provide for some additional new processes for the agriculture and food sector but these processes will build on what already happens the ports and belfast. the government has consistently denied that checks
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will be necessary for goods between britain and northern ireland checks are already carried out on livestock another agriculture related goods entering northern ireland but government that the infrastructure needed for these checks will be expanded to more than on a protocol in the region of agreements set to be implemented by general next year just after the brics a transition period expires but for more on this i'm now joined by politics expert professor john tong john great to see us afternoon is this really a major change because everyone dissipate checks don't they they say they will be required anyway despite the government denials. well the government's very very anxious to water down the expensive checks that will be required this is the u.k. government position that's been outlined this afternoon it's not necessarily the east position and the e.u. may of course reject what michael gove has proposed this afternoon say that inadequate in terms of the protection of the e.u. single market as you said there are the holes being checks on the goods going
11:13 am
between great britain or now in terms of livestock what will happen under this proposal is that those checks will be extended to food i would extend it to my new factory in goats my goodness was rather less time that i think something about the need for checks on money fights in goods but basically anything that may possibly end the e.u. single market which we've been which will begin at the irish border basically will be subject to checks to northern ireland schools so in effect the will be the border between great britain and northern ireland are not seen previously the government tries to trade it. was simply an extension of existing checks and truth lies somewhere in the middle what would it mean for trade between the 2 between britain and ireland but it was very key saying that trade between great britain and northern ireland will continue as now that won't be a load of bureaucratic form filling declarations committee made online electronically and that will be it that it will be essentially business as usual
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the question back now is whether the e.u. side they say yes that's fine we'll take we'll take you on trust that they will conduct sufficient checks both on the great britain side and northern ireland ports that make sure that all goods entering the island of ireland comply with the rules of the e.u. single market will still be subject to those rules even when the rest of the u.k. is and when the transition period ends at the end of this year and john then finally what does this mean for the prospect of a trade deal by the end of the year britain is asked for an extension has had to offer an extension in june and it said it's it won't. yeah armstrongs is absolutely adamant there would be no extension even though the u.k. house got you by to request an extension which could be suitable years in the e.u. accepts what the u.k. government is arguing for in terms of great britain sonora trait that does increase slightly the chances of a trade deal on one without tariffs the question is will the e.u.
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accept what the u.k. given is proposing and a sort just another funnel for all this pandemic all of the attention diverted to dealing with that would that not be used an excuse to say look hold on to break that now that can wait until later or might have thought so well and it's 2 year extension is in some ways tempting but remember the r.'s john's in his prime minister because he won the election saying get briggs it done he wasn't saying get granted extend it for over 2 years so i think politically it's untenable even amid this crisis but boris johnson to now ask for an extension for 2 years up to 2 years for a you do fully you departure it isn't going to happen professor john paul thank you very much indeed for joining us live here in r.t. you can well still to come out of this police of london are accused over senator use of stop and search powerhouse i'll be talking to a youth worker he says he was unfairly targeted by offices in the capital.
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the collapse of the russian gay host has exposed yet again the unprofessionalism bias of the corporate looking media the same media consistently project their own play values to the little birds as in even the truth or conspicuously absent in their news reporting. seems wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out these days become active. and engaged because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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ah no no crowd. no shots no. actual news. no 1st. points your thirst for action. and. the return to school next month for some pupils is facing further resistance as ever fells and schools across england plan to keep that door shot with council
11:18 am
backing the government has insisted children a low risk need to resume their education starting with reception year one and yes 6 from the 1st of june. the best way of protecting children the best way of giving them the best opportunities in life is actually to have them coming back into school and this is a very small tentative step in was hyper leave is poor right direction despite winston's comments at least 18 councils across england have said they will defy the government's order meaning up to $1500.00 primary schools will remain closed include a swathe of labor and independent run councils across the north of england including liverpool leeds and bradford promise schools in birmingham will also remain close but so will schools in tory run councils such as neighboring somehow as well as an essex one in london redbridge along with barking and dagenham the 1st bars in the capital to keep kate shot council at
11:19 am
a book concern from all the down in west yorkshire said that they simply don't have confidence in the government so specific rate where not confident that the track interesting system that the government has spoken about is adequately in place our guy will be by the 1st situated we're not confident that the rev infection luckily is under control i. heard late we're not confident that there wouldn't be a 2nd he came in that should show up schools would turn on the best where the government's. i accept that we are likely to be living with a starbucks for a long time and a people talk about a new normal we are asking to adopt the ways that we all work and schools are no different and not respect and that is why we're still all in all of our schools to carry out various their risk assessments so don't take out and get. back into schools as quickly as possible but what we're saying is that we don't want to rush
11:20 am
that and we think that the situation is just an artificial and that we shouldn't be rushing things and we should be cautious. it had been suggested that non-compliant councillors could face financial penalties or legal action from the government but when asked on the possibility of sanctions for rebellious councils number 10 said it was working in a consultative manna to ensure schools were reopened safely meanwhile a survey has found that 80 percent of parents said they won't send their children to school if they reopen in june on safety grounds while 6 in 10 say they won't send their kids in until the new academic year in september the very earliest council wilkinson also told us that schools reopening elsewhere in europe have already run into problems. as the european countries are doing it but they're at different points. in terms of when the infection 1st became prevalent american trait i think it's also 'd important that
11:21 am
we learn lessons in france where they've had schools go back about a week arts year ago and there's been at least 70 cases written in schools. where there has been in action and i think they're very quickly out to learn to deal with that situation and that's the exact result they might want to avoid getting caught with we also have to realize that all of our schools are very different in quantities of those they doubt different cohorts and ages that you are males that are out very different buildings in terms of that is dying and the ability to adapt the way that there were. police in london have been accused of overzealous use of stop and search powers journey coronavirus lockdown here in the country over the course of last month there was a 45 percent increase in the number of searches carried out just over 20000 searches took place in april last year rising to over 30000 in april this year for
11:22 am
the more black people are now 4 times more likely to get stopped by police the metropolitan police say the use of stop and search has increased but the specific groups are not being targeted. well for more on this on now joined by campaign a sayso holmes loose founder and c.e.o. of mentoring organization meant to pretty good to see you not you yourself you've accused the police of being too heavy handed what happened to you well 2 weeks ago i was out they were going to suit you for it and so i just lost people just to cope with 191 of my friends lost his mother and i decided to cook some sort is a nice gesture and and drop a salute to the my friends on the way to the 2nd floor i was ordered by police and to get my vehicle under section 23 misuse of drugs that. were out any reason they observe me for less than 30 seconds and ascertain that i was a drug dealer and i was coming to him oh on my way back from
11:23 am
a drug deal which was ridiculous so yeah it was overzealous all wrong why do you think they stopped you. because a prejudgment. going to call it a tinted windows os where this happens one when it's a day of good beer was put out from a side road after getting some dates in the shop to break my force from it are and they just creatures that i was a criminal and after you were carrying out an act of kindness you're also a respected youth worker have the police apologized now for what happened no they haven't apologized in person after stop me if you're quite the verify who i was and of a see you see in the video i'm trying to hold on to account but not one of them a particular so sorry for the stereotype of me and racially profiling me as something i'm not and i do so much great work in the community have done for the last 21 years and of course the police are adamant they say they are not targeting specific groups of course they are and you know this word document you just stated stats at the start of this so it is overzealous it is racial profiling is
11:24 am
a lot like education a lack of empathy and stereotyping and you quote police officer as a cop and cities areas that are not built in relation breaking the relations between ourselves and the police is already broken to be honest this does nothing for us this doesn't help and i offer to train the same to police i mean can and does look at the met police now in south of making the training program a reality and get them to understand the people that they're working with what they are attacking the black british community based on a small minority of people of course and some issues yes we do have issues in our community and we're trying to so we're people are so you know it borders on money since in so many people trying to actually get to the crux of this issue and do the early intervention work that's needed. just a final thought there do you think the police have been overzealous in general since the coronavirus bill granted them new powers and of course the powers were unclear and so these are unprecedented times there are clear but this is what happening to me for 24 years up in stocks or with photons in my life of the stocks
11:25 am
in this very same manner 30 times now this is something that is known in a in a black. really you know our community in the open to new year i live in suburbs and can more and it's something that we've had to contend with for many years but the fact that i was at least a little child will is supposed to be 8 years of freedom equality and justice but you don't tear it out when you're in your daily work so you know if someone is a criminal you still have to treat and respect and this is what the police don't seem to understand so that bridge is established but i want to build those bridges and i'm in dialogue with to barack obama and logical subject and she constructs are where the costs are implemented training program and education police and how to deal with young people and people on the bridge community. go forwards well good luck with all that community work you're doing safe and thank you very much indeed for sharing your story with us live here on r.t. case thank you thanks. the british government is considering giving workers an extra day off later in the year as part of a plan to boost domestic tourism already ravaged by the virus lock down the
11:26 am
proposal aims to help get the british tourism is back on its feet especially of course the measures introduced for international visitors but in andrews takes a closer look at how coronavirus has been impacting british tourism the coronavirus crisis has had a devastating impact on the economy that will be felt for years if not decades to come but as some sectors begin to reopen very slowly others like tourism remain locked down having already seen the 1st half of 2020 officially cancelled this summer is looking just as our stress we have to be honest but we're hoping for a quick and sharp back hopefully starting with domestic travel and then the higher end smaller groups but really we're looking to next year now sadly. the government does plan to reopen the hospitality sector but it's limited to england for now with the other home nations still telling citizens to stay home and even that it's over
11:27 am
a month away well it's been tough the tourism hit hit 1st and hit how it is and most businesses have 0 cash flow now so what we hope this with the announcement at the time and we can look to see how it's housing accommodations in july and museums and some of the attractions as well but it's going to be a slow joe type is exactly what the industry doesn't have visit britain says that the u.k. could expect 22000000 fewer visitors in 2020 and losses of over $15000000000.00 pounds the sheer living areas from say ives in cornwall to kendal in the lake district almost deserted with restaurants hotels and tourist spots all off limits according to forecasts in the royal society of arts and manufacturing one in 3 jobs could be at risk. does projections are of large job losses in the industry at the moment the office for national statistics is the way to have 80 percent of people
11:28 am
working in the sector for a light at the moment i think people have a real appetite for travelling at the moment what we're going to do is make sure that we can open up as fast as possible but as safely as possible foreign holidays appear to be out of the forseeable future with borders close to browse of a quarantine measures for travelers so local tourist spots still have a captive audience but the virus is still out there and a big problem could be convincing the public it's safe to visit what we see where we ask people what they think about holidays people are very nervous about traveling so it's not just this this is a it's about stimulates him to feel that it's the right thing states child government loans and fellow schemes have helped to put that money won't last forever and while the beaches and landmarks themselves will enjoy or if the tourists don't return soon many of the businesses that depend on them might never
11:29 am
reopen martin andrews to u.k. london. and i'll be back with more news for you in half an hour from now. because 'd it. could get. down. to newcome shaving citizen who said you can go home for the loco up uk you know. that joke of one. piece in all these shows about this stuff but don't take her as a sides fake fake fake force if you could stinky everybody we know it's
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a way of normal more lepage a lot more we see of are more who are less stiff but you realize the macaques in the within families are perfectly good news unfortunately the bank levy employees in the us and i know some bunkers i could essentially teaches missions but not the middle. class for. we go to work some straight home.


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