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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 21, 2020 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the collapse of the russia gate hoax has exposed yet again the unprofessionalism and bias of the corporate liberal media the same media consistently project their own claimed values and political preferences and even the truth are conspicuously absent in their news report.
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due process up this and more i'm joined by my guests in my present in los angeles she is host of the game iverson show and in new jersey we have joe concha he is a media reporter and columnist for the hill rules and in fact that means you can jump in income what now is appreciated ok let me go to joe 1st here joe over the last 3 and a half years. we've been fed this russia gate hoax and it's been at its very basis it is leaks that are giving up given to prefer news outlets from the powers that be well we'll call it deep we have opinions a new way and. we have a lot of bloopers in retrospect the the the leaks didn't amount to anything more dead ends or basically wrong and then you know the. the flip side is over the last
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lives saved 2 weeks and we're getting real facts by even to the point of hand written notes something attached to a name a face a big here we have congressional records that is released or madam ships. investigation with all of his witnesses and the names are attached to the words under oath and never mind it doesn't make any difference it's keep moving on i mean i find it really quite astounding you know we were told that there was a grand conspiracy but now there is a grand conspiracy of silence. well you're exactly right about an un go right as far as russia reporting a lot of it was based on unnamed sources i'd love to meet this guy named a name certain crimes because he gets a lot of things wrong right it's not like he gets it wrong in reporters made mistakes i heard this analogy once that the white house press corps and political
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media in the u.s. in general it's like when you go to the beach and you throw food up the seagulls it doesn't matter if the bread is mol good or bad or pop rocks they're going to eat it gobble it up and not verify what they're being fed so you know i spoke to one emmy award winning journalist that's been in the business for a while and she said what reporters don't realize is that they're conte's pawns for political operatives trying to push a narrative out there that they know is false but they know this reporters will eat up anyway because there is no accountability when you get it wrong as we're saying right because the new cycle goes on so fast we forget about it and get the clicks and the ratings anyway so it doesn't matter that's your point around general plan there are documents here it's interesting how can we get this got a license we can prosecute him i would think that reporters would be 2 things right now pissed off and carries and when you're those 2 things that's when you're doing your reporting but instead we don't see it at all we saw them put adam schiff on the air for 3 years adam schiff isn't michael. have
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a nadi of lawmakers ok now remember have an avi you know it was on cable news hundreds of it's reported lawyer that's now angry birds yes i heard somebody call him that once on cable news hundreds of times even touted as a presidential candidate and you know what he has president right now of a cell block at rikers but still we put this guy in there all the time just like we did chef and the wall street journal editorial board give them credit because they said don't put this guy on air again it may seem to me he is not to be believed you're going to see a lot more adam schiff and anybody who reports on michael flanagan catherine herridge of c.b.s. news all now just right wing reporting and conspiracy theories and this is why i trust the media is where it is right now and american society is somewhere around where we view life's and that's not and. it's very interesting can we leave the f.b.i. knew long before to use the. dossier this new us they they knew it was make or break not using it they willingly use this document and then they did they knew it
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wasn't. actually real but they still use it for a finds of warrants i mean it's the same thing with joe if you're saying to me we have you have reporters knowingly know that this is a farce it's a hoax but they go along with it anyway because it serves a political purpose 1st and foremost so great and an ideological one on top of that ok i mean i well he's made it clear i program i don't really care one way or another about it in the white house ok they come and go ok with this type of behavior if it isn't put in check now will be common normal weight and that's certainly not what you want down so kim and i mean it again you know there's a there's no self interest action no matter what the democrats the introspect after the 2016 election they're doing it again they've been hell they've been shown to be . showing that they were brutal pursuing a hoax it's been shown to be a hoax and now they're saying they're going to bigger and us and say we're the ones that it can. aspiring to look for
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a way to protect attorney general barr i don't think any of us are doing that at all go ahead. now i mean you know what it really comes down terry is that the media is really just focused on getting clicks you know i'm not really 100 percent in the i'm not 100 percent certain that media is actually part of that in any way i mean they are part of any and that you know that when you're watching stocks are going to get a certain viewpoint if you're watching c.n.n. you're going to get another i don't know if fundamentally they're at their core partisan i think what they are is their media entertainment they're trying to get clicks they understand that they need ad revenue they need to they they need eyeballs and they know that emotion sells and so what they do is they fear monger they find a conspiracy that they can get anything salacious that they can just latch on to scandal or controversy conflict in some way and they use that in order to make gobs and gobs of money they're using our emotions and not the attention to reality hit
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him to people's lives and destroying in the process i mean and i think that's something we have to take me out on me what's going on in hollywood who sleeping with whom and you know who's getting divorced that i mean i guess that's all kind of little lady and all that you know in the end that is the sense that would be agency but there's a lot of people who just chewed up and spit it out and some people are going to prison and you know her and that's why joe i can go back to you i think that that's the difference between clip it tame it which well i know exactly what it is but at a certain point in the you devalue institutions and very ideas that like me you can't trivialize there are certain things you shouldn't trivialize because it's dangerous go ahead. let's look at michael example exactly we're talking about clinton and the team and his audience and the clinton ended up stealing that as far as just corporate for instance and make more sense and remember 20162050. when
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president trump then candidate trump announces his candidacy he's on their show on a regular basis phone interviews to the point where publications like rolling stone are calling them out for it he's interviews are way too soft they're way too friendly you're going to put this guy in the white house if you keep propping him up like that and sure enough the president captures then candidate trump captures the primary nomination and the party nomination and then suddenly joe meek a term on trump now that they suddenly change their minds now they got out of them what they wanted and then they realize are going to be ostracized the hamptons the upper west side of manhattan which if they continue to look like they're supporting him right now they're the most staunch critics on trump you just laugh at it because you know it's not serious because well why didn't they speak out against him in 20152016 then i see the never trumpeters that are on the air mccall all former all i begin joe biden ok. well there may be more actually right you see rick wellstone you see nicolle wallace you see on and of are all these
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republican strategists where i can't name one campaign they've actually ever won in the past 15 years but they're put out as so-called republicans and then what their job is to speak out against trump to give the viewer the idea that even people in his own party are against him until you look at gallup polling and he's the highest of any president in terms of party loyalty and history so that's the thing this is all a game i don't think really that the ana navarro is in the world either she was a never republican or b. now she really doesn't hate trump or nicolle wallace hate trump much as they do it just gets them to our next contract it gets them attention and love on social media so when people ask me is there bias i agree with him i think you have to probably is some bias there is some activism but in the end the end this is all bad acting like cinemax at 3 o'clock in the morning bad acting people are just doing it to get people what they want to hear instead of. really with both of you that you've been here what is the purpose of journalism i mean maybe we should just say journalism doesn't. anymore and this is only entertainment i mean that is it's
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a serious question you know because again like i said to me you have left. you're going to have the f.b.i. investigating the next presidential candidate ok i mean this is there is consequences for this behavior other than trying to garner clicks and celebrity. others absolutely really journalism is dead unfortunately there is and i mean you have to think about logistically how would you even support journalism right now with the with the media the way that they're supported is through advertisement dollars so they're looking for emotion they're looking for clicks they need salacious headlines so then your other option would be what government funding well is the government going to fund journalism that's going to be criticism criticizing the government so really a very good journalist coming to look at p.b.s. that is not you logically driven. and you go yes i agree yes so it you know where could you find a real journalist who would fund that real journalism journalism is expensive those
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of us who are in independent media it is extremely difficult for us to to manage i mean just to put on a show like i do online and and then you know i don't have journalists on the ground that are going out investigating that's a lot of money where would i get that money so the real problem with journalism and there are so many stories and so much information out there you know to try to pursue something where you're going to have a constant refreshed news cycle every single day that's a lot of people you have to support that that that that you know enter enterprise somehow so that's the big question is how do you support authentic journalism needing the amount of money that it's going to take without them turning into this the same what we're saying with every single so-called institution of journalism out there from washington post to new york times to c.n.n. to m.s. n.b.c. fox now all of them how do we do it that's the big question well you know so jim we're just stuck with tribalism trying to travel. isn't 2 that so people can
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function and support me you know look over at the intercept ok they have they have a let me well they can you know give them money to do investigative reporting and it's a real mix bag. but you know but also you know i'm going to really very tragic because we're here with a model that kim is describing which i think she's right then there is really no coming together we have to live with our conditions and unfortunately it's only getting worse go ahead i agree what can and i understand her context which is political media and she laid out the networks that we're talking about writing cable news or new york times washington post right places you could still get decent journalism now maybe not that it will go heavy on the national stories but i still think my local news is still good you know i'd still good because i don't see any of them injecting their dear diary opinions and the reporting it's this fire happened here this person unfortunately got killed here this team won and here's your weather forecast so least i know i can get a bear so that at least is comforting on some level and i'm sorry if you hear my my
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4 year old yelling she had made a comment in a shot within you know 40000 seconds i think i saw your dog running behind i don't have to speak to a villain to you it's quite possible you should know i do you know it really is it it really is the model that we're having to deal with but it is politicized and i'm really worried about that because we have to account so kind of trust in some some things that are that we all can agree upon if we can't do that we're in trouble ok we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the media landscape say.
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you cannot be both with the yeah you like. my. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safer. by salacious community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by the way. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us
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in the depths. or remain in the shallow. well the match across somewhere all things are considered i'm peter love to remind you we're discussing the media landscape. which. can let me go to you i noticed we had chris hayes from m.s.n. b.c. give a major interview it was better to be fair and then i thought it really i don't know anyone let's remember that chris hayes is supposed to be the smart one over m.s.n. b.c. you supposed to be the intellectual over there and joe. number one during all of
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this hoax you never had a confrontational guest on his program not once. not once i don't think imus and b c in general ever did ochs news doesn't all the time but i give them credit for particularly on tucker carlson is not like most of his program is about 5050 which i think he stands unique in the media landscape when it going going back to chris hayes if you if you distill his interview on what happened as an embassy in d.c. he said the russians made him do it now it's here's some context one of my favorite films is dr strangelove and remember brigadier general jack ripper remember that crazy general that you know that launches the b. 52 and he was saying that you know the russians have him over in traded in poison or bodily fluids and i couldn't believe someone of chrissy hayes or stature at
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emmis n.b.c. could say that and get away with it i mean there is no agency nobody has any agency in that's exactly with the peddlers of this hoax did they you know it's not our fault that we're reacting to what someone is doing was just exactly what is being done to them again that is such a total disservice to journalism go ahead well i didn't know chris hayes was the intellectual want to read everything they say carefully. i thought that was jose rachel maddow our somebody. you know i didn't catch his interview this whole this whole narrative that has just continued on for what now 7 days i think is where we're at with the whole u.s. russia. conflict and of course there were some points where it was very legitimate . and you know but that sense that it's just become this it's become insane i mean it's it really is truly and so. a and there's never an apology
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there's never a correction if there is a correction it's buried somewhere very small where no one's paying attention to it because everyone latched onto the salacious headline and russia hacked vermont's electricity grid or russia hacked and assist spanish you know there's all of these different hoke says that a bit that they have claimed oh you know russia did it russia made me do it russia put trump and power russia you know russia russia russia all the time. you know and there's never any any chance to look at oneself and say maybe we did something wrong maybe we're the ones that are upsetting the voters maybe maybe we no longer represent the american people and instead they're trying to paint this dichotomy well it's either you go you know you're with us because we're americans or if you're not with us then you're with russia which is not america i mean i can't you know if there is no who wants to fight on both said you know joe one of the interesting things that you know i have noticed here is that it and this is my theory about the hoax of russia gate hoax is if it was one way for the democrats
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not to have any interest section after 2016 and you're absolutely right if you want to blame someone for trump's election blame the media i mean all they did was demonize him and anyone that would vote for him well you know voters don't like to be demonized they're doing it again in this election cycle i mean they focus all their anger on the wrong issue ok because i can i was i grew up in a red state i don't like help the the national media the bi coastal media talks about middle america clinton really. condescending and rude and arrogant very very arrogant and they're doing it all over again number 2 it is to keep the left together because one of the interest things about this is if you had civil libertarians cave on this one it's very interesting we've been completely changed on this and it's i think it's really were. markable before the end of this
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big primary that the democrats said late again anonymous sources the kremlin is supporting bernie ok again they're using this to corral people and what it and of course bertie you know has no backbone at all he did fight back you would have issued as of this ounce of you to do this again to us but no he couldn't form and so it's a very interesting way they keep the left under control basically in the insurgency of the progress of which they are under control now because you have nowhere else to go which is their usual mantra it's married it is nothing as i've said many times in this program there's not much russia or russians in russia ok it's really a trying to control the political and media landscape in the us. i think about the premise of the whole russia hack the 2016 election thing for a moment ok because they bought minimal ads on facebook a fraction of what the clinton and trump campaign spent on bashing each other that
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somehow it changed the election where let's say i'm supporting hillary clinton and i'm on facebook and i'm looking at you know some my friends kids get yours and then this adds up and i say you know a lot going that ad makes a good point i like teller but i think i'm going to support from now one person does that. and no one does that i get a robo call being like you know you're making a good point here why dawkin back to me it's so that part is ridiculous and i think a lot of journalists think that their viewers are stupid and maybe they are brainwashed to a certain extent because again they want to hear what they want to hear and instead of what they should be hearing right i subjoin read over the weekend she's on m s n b c you know one of the electoral ones that said that you know we should come to the point now that we have to accept the president trump may not embrace the results of the 2020 alexion when you look at the big think that this is from 2016 because that's what i said about trump and no and who is the day who is the candidate who did not accept the results hillary clinton has. on
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a public therapy door for the last 3 years talking about how she should have won the election and instead of saying you know i probably should have campaign in wisconsin i guess my final note is dr strangelove you brought up jack tripper wasn't what i thought he was and trying to. remember where it per not tripper ok i guess dr perper was in the a.b.c. comedy three's company and eventually the spot on jack's piece trail that's a tangent i didn't mean to go off on that but one final serious point to those in middle america you grew up in a war red state the reason why the 2016 election everybody says oh my god we didn't see this coming how can that possibly be as a writer staying in their ivory towers known as t.v. studios in washington and new york and washington donald trump got core percent of the vote meant hat and he got 10 percent of the vote and that's where all political media is concentrates of course are going to hide mentality and you may miss what's happening in wisconsin pennsylvania michigan and ohio where the election was won and it's probably going to happen here again because no one learns to ken's point there's no accountability there's no introspection and i don't think it's not
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because they don't want to do it no actually they don't want to do it but i mean if they you know given the way the introspection that they the d.n.c. and the democrats had from 2016 there's one very important lesson to be drawn from that if you run for president have those macedonians on your side because it seems like they tipped it all ok. jim you know one of the bombshell over the last few days and i'm using it religion it weight not like how the word phrase was abused for 3 and a half years is that we had testimony from ships committee then the the c.e.o. of crowd strike then you know made it the russians were of behind it had on their servers well in testimony under oath facing the charge of perjury said no we don't have any evidence of it at all if that was not reported widely what so ever that is one of the triggers for what we've gone through the last rina half years. and i
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remember during the last 3 and a half years talking to people that were experts in the field and they said yeah that's probably people and it probably was a leak probably not a hack but you know we need to look at the server and now the whole basis or one of the foundations of this oh is that it can completely dispel and dismiss and there's no reaction to i mean the thing was on it obviously now is on slim because it's a very personal story but you know one of the whole foundations of it has been blown away and there is no introspection this is why they're going to continue to lose ok and i think that's objective because if you can't understand your own actions and behavior how can you navigate your way through the next presidential cycle i don't think that they have the capacity to do it go that well you know and what the real losers are everybody in america it's not just the democrats that are losing on this it's when the media and even officials and government make it sound
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like our democracy and our nation is so weak and we're so still bad in american people are so dumb that we can just allow russia russia russia. and advertisements on facebook or you know all of these were writing things that they're saying oh you know russia dead it russia debt it's just making america look very very weak it makes us look like we just you know we're just built on a house of cards that are just collapsing underneath underneath us just because somebody put a advertisement on social media or made a bot that started spreading you know that started amping up twitter or trans these things everybody in america lives and it's not just the democrats that are losing but it's all about us it's just making us look like fools you know that's exactly true and again from my bar away perch and i've often thought about how could the strongest most powerful country in the history of the world be so very vulnerable to some. teenagers in st petersburg 300 kilometers away from me here and those
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those kids were a. group when they were indicted by a loner and when the case went to court the other team walked away because these kids said well you have a judicial system we understand we want discovery what do you have on us and as soon as they were asked that they closed the case because they didn't have any discovery i mean then what this says is that it's a. make it what you will of democracy but it's the rule of law ok because when those indictments were made i remember rosen's in comes out it's a big breaking news story all the networks are covering it and it was all nonsense it was absolutely all nonsense and again how many people know that that piece was dropped no one but when it was when it was when the charges more made it was news all over the world joe so i mean the initiative for us me again but i guess i'm old
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school here i believe in some form of accountability are we going to get any go ahead 30 seconds the boat i absolutely makes rules go and i say that the most complimentary of ways believe me. to ok back quote while we were concentrating so much on russia right and then eventually impeachment as it has pertained to ukraine in january and february there were actual presidential debates a.b.c. n.b.c. c.b.s. in february only one question over hundreds of questions on coronavirus and you can hear what the democrats had to say about that so while we're focusing on something that wasn't a story we missed the big story which wasn't russia was china it was rouhani and it was the corona virus that now has wreaked havoc on this country in a way we haven't seen since the great well i'll end on this none of them are going to say oops ok unfortunately that's all the time we have i want to thank my guests in los angeles and in new jersey and i want to thank our viewers for watching us here in r.c.c. and x. i'm remember. the
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be. one else chose seemed wrong but old clothes just don't hold. the world to get to shape out just because the ticket and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. to get. 'd the credit. done but.
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to do that and she available says you do so you can only call your local office. the jolt of money. or a boost in the will ensure that all the stuff but don't take care of the slugs the fake still sticks to force you to quit stinking to go do we know it's a way to. see if we more. or less deploy your life through the weekend is a pretty good use of the. thankfully the police in the. box is likely to shrink stations it should put up a little extra little. money tears like to make your children you know when that should go. wrong since you say
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experience a corner in the way it's an experience we are now experiencing corner and sing about what you have to. defend the one business show you can't apartment on time and has failed in washington coming up to us trying to. lation strained over the course of the pandemic we have the latest for you plus goldman sachs today india will suffer its worth recession since 1990 and finally johnson and johnson announced it will discontinue tales of its health face baby powder in canada and the us you have a catch show for you today so let's go and dive right in.


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