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tv   Politicking  RT  June 2, 2020 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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yes and trump versus twitter legal scholar alan dershowitz joins us with his analysis on this edition of the taking. of the politicking on larry king it's been 10 days of turmoil for the united states protests gripped the nation the pandemic continues and all this against the backdrop of donald trump's that move twitter for analysis i'm joined by alan dershowitz constitutional scholar harvard law school professor emeritus he was a member of the defense team in the impeachment trial of trump bestselling author of the latest book the case for liberalism in an age of extremism or why i left the left but can join the right alan we'll start with the the tragedy that's occurring in america now what's your reaction to all of this who was so excuse for the police conduct in minneapolis want to person is arrested for counterfeiting money us never
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the charges were physical force of that kind is never justified if i were in a place where i could join peaceful protests against that i would do that but what i worry about is too many extremists both on the extreme extreme heart right the neo nazis the white supremacists try to hijack these kinds of legitimate demonstrations same thing with the hard hard left and and people who see this as an excuse to oppose capitalism america israel they try to hijack which internet protest so legitimate protests justify and would join but the extremists on both sides doesn't serve the interest of justice but the president never knocks the right wing. well he did win in. charlotte he did condemn the nazis he did condemn it no way to. be
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condemned he said there were good people on both sides who if she hadn't said that there are bad people on both sides i'm glad he said that yes there are bad people on both sides look i wrote a column about that which i said because he's a person of the right he should go out of his way to condemn the right more often i'm a person who was generally on the liberal side so i go out of my way to criticize the extremists on the left and i think that's a legitimate point to make. ok. there were reports that the president was asked to address the nation and he declined when we're going to pass the president's dealing with major problems we see a completely different media ship we see a man staring the country reagan with that famous speech after the astronauts will kill what's what's wrong here in washington what's wrong well i think the president
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should assert leadership i think candidates who are running for president must assert leadership we have a very important choice we have to make in the next half a year and we want to see who is the best person to lead the country during unpredictable times who could have predicted 6 months from now that we would have a pandemic that would have an economic shutdown probably we could have predicted we would have a police killing because tragically that happens every so often and there are legitimate reactions to that but we need a leader obviously who can lead to her in times of crisis and we're going to have more crises and they'll be more and predictable that's why we need to pick people who have the character and the ability to lead us during these terrible times. well you know book is the case full liberalism and then age of extremism i'm going to ask you about that a minute but one would think based on that that you would be voting against trump
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in november well i never disclose who i'm voting for or who i'm voting against i can tell you i've never voted for a republican candidate for president in my life my 1st vote was cast for john f. kennedy and then for lyndon johnson and then you were humphrey down the line till hillary clinton last time around but i made a policy of not disclosing who i'm going to vote for and so i've heard the debates in both sides but i'm a liberal democrat what do you make of the current argument between trump and twitter is twitter relevant that they get to exercise their right as a private organization to edit it. in my book the case for liberalism i argue in favor of twitter and other social media having complete freedom under the 1st amendment but they have to apply a single standard not by law but because they're so powerful social media so powerful today they can't have one rule for the right one rule for the left one
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rule for democrats one rule for republicans they should have a single standard and apply it fairly once they do that the government really has no role to play in regulating social media anymore than they have to regulate the new york times fox news washington post so the president doesn't have an argument here or they or he does well if he tries to censor he has no argument he may have a political argument and he's entitled to make that political argument but and he's entitled to seek legislation which would limit the immunity of social media those are all perfectly proper within the realm of debate but if he ever tried to censor the social media or the ordinary media then all supporters of the 1st amendment would stand in opposition to. sifting out of the corona virus has no vaccine yet to what it would be either you or appeared recently and said it would be ok for the government to force us to be vaccinated. yeah but if there are any yes if the
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vaccine is safe and effective and necessary remember the government can never force you to take a vaccine to protect yourself if they develop a vaccine against heart disease or cancer you and i larry would take that does take that back scene or because we want to do but they can make a still it because it only protects us but if the vaccine is designed to protect us against typhoid mary walking down the street and infecting us the government has the right to compel that supreme court decision 1905 jacobson versus massachusetts smallpox vaccination and the government was permitted to compel many states upon the same thing you can conditional our kids to come to public school on having been vaccinated against contagious diseases but we have to make sure the vaccine is safe effective tested and if there are exemptions for people who have medical conditions that would make them uniquely vulnerable but there's no room for religious
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objection because if a policy is universal the constitution doesn't require religious exemptions it only says you can't discriminate against religion which is why you can't order churches closed but you can order anything close that has more than a certain number of people in attendance and that would include churches. but then the supreme court ruled that the government has the right to cone share choose now they have the right to close everything including churches but if they simply said we're going to close only churches or only senate arms only mosques that would be discriminate against religion but they have a neutral law that applies equally to other institutions now the churches have a good point they say why it won't march allowed to be open and other places but not churches and the government response and they did in the supreme court saying look shoppers just move by each other very quickly they can be socially distanced in churches and synagogues and mosques they sit next to each other it's harder so
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it's a debate and it was a $5.00 to $4.00 decision not surprisingly. and the chief justice went with the with the liberals yeah i don't know which is the liberal which is the conservative side here you know in a r.s.s. yeah but this case is not a liberal conservative case i can imagine some liberals siding with the churches in this one i think justice douglas might very well excited with the churches on this one and just the lack but could undermine it deplores because could could the government forces to wear masks yes in certain contexts yes they can or they can condition you're being able to go in certain buildings look when you and i were growing up you could walk into any apartment house or any building and not have to walk through a metal detector today you have to walk through a metal detector if you want to go into certain buildings things change the constitution that's. one discussion no book. in which
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a strong defense against you or against the me to movement and the book is called let the case for liberalism in an age of extremism why i left the left but can't join the right and you deal with your own problems with jeffrey have steam and this woman who came forward and accuse you and you co-wrote a strong defense of that but now she's gone on camera to accuse you how. can you do well sewer and i well of course and i probably will sue netflix as well for having her live with netflix didn't show was she has a manuscript of a book in which she had mitch never met me never met me she has e-mails in which she essentially admits she didn't even know i was she never met me she has a tape or her own lawyer saying she couldn't have been in the places she said she met me and she is wrong simply wrong netflix had all of that and they promised me
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they would put it on as a condition for me being interviewed but they broke their promise. no i'm considering suing them for breach of contract and for defamation she is just lying through her teeth this is a woman i never met and i can prove it categorically through her own written words and yet netflix never put that on the air made it sound like it's just her word against mine it's not her wedding it's mine it's her or heard it many that she never met me and my word saying oh i have a man against her i will hurt. yeah you have no idea what he will do what they why did she go to him very simple she's made millions of dollars are already doing this she started by making $160000.00 for in part to kucing al gore and tipper gore of being on epstein's island they were never on the on they never heard of him they didn't know he was she then made millions of dollars in other lawsuits which are
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lawyers have shared it's all about the money she suing me i think for $150000000.00 so if you want to know what her reason is for making up these false stories against me against senator george mitchell against congress bill richardson against you name it she's name a who had brock the former prime minister business has accused this all for money of having sex and she just has made up the entire story in netflix knows that and they wouldn't put that on the air what it will only have a short time left what is what is this been like emotionally for alan dershowitz well you know makes me understand my life having defended people for years and years and years how it feels to be accused of something you never ever did i have had sex with one woman since the day i met jeffrey epstein my wife i don't fool around i don't fuller i don't touch people's hair i don't. i don't do any of
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that and then to be accused at the blue. purely for money by woman who has a long history of lying and then the media believes netflix puts it on the air it's absolutely shocking but look i'm a tough guy and i fight back it's been hard on my family and my wife my children my grandchildren but for me i have a thick skin i fight back it's hurt it's been very emotionally difficult this cause physical pain to me but i'm going to fight back and i'm going to win in court. we've been friends a long time and that friendship continues allan thank you so much always a pleasure larry miles same here we'll be back with more politicking after this. tease holiday international memorial awards are now open for entries all media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work for alternative media or part of
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a global news platform to participate send us your published works in video all written for much go to award dot altie dot com and enter now. so seems wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to see how this thing becomes active. and engaged me because betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe.
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isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the death. or a mate in the shallowest. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back politicking always good to see dr bob are not the award winning journalist best selling author of more than a dozen books we welcome him to this edition of politicking bob what do you make
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how well we've handled this coronavirus what was was this level of deaths inevitable. it really wasn't larry you know. back in late december paying had you know hundreds and hundreds of thousands of mass thousands of ventilators being bought up in china because they realized they were going to hit the big one you know all of the epic just all the w.h.o. c.d.c. realized we're going to get hit hit hard i think especially in new york city there are you know tens of thousands of this that need never have happened they simply closed up earlier like los angeles we could have prevented a lot of those deaths you know always tough a situation like this larry you just can't imagine it's going to be as big as it is but i would say look at what we miss we miss having any kind of testing early on so we didn't realize how many cases were coming in from new york in new york city we
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didn't realize what the prevalence was in new york city we didn't have any background testing we called logic test you know you know it's one percent of the population or 5 or 10 percent you know we had a legion numbers of doctors and nurses die because they simply didn't have the right kind of 95 masks with the wrong ventilator protocols so you had thousands of people dying on ventilators that needed if so i would say across the board we blew it in terms of those numbers of cases now where do we win i think with the ventilators we won in the sense that they did gear up they did get enough they got some from china in oregon in california new york state so there have been some wins there i think that we now have a drug does appear which is you know not great but does decrease the amount of illness for somebody who's on oxygen not someone who's sicker so it's a mixed picture but yet your question very directly i think there are tens and tens of thousands of lives they could have been saved if we were early and on it as we
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could and should have been how did in your opinion know we handling the reopening. so i think we're having a very poorly here's the reason it's quite clear that reopening is the wrong word in other words if you go industry in business by business they're credibly smart people have figured out how you can run things without an effect if you 1st i just took my 7 year olds to a camp they're meeting outdoors they're on bikes they're 6 feet apart they have masks on they're going out into the ways that's going to work we've seen you know automobile factories like we're not all that you know has people far enough apart they have the glass barriers they thought out the time and energy larry should have gone into planning on how you open up the businesses that allow the economy survive open up unfortunately has been translated into belly into the bar you saw a lick of the ozarks with hundreds of people out of the pool people who are in a car racing you know the rules of this virus are very very simple you know it's
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distance distance distance and we're not seeing that open up his come to mean some kind of political ideology or revolt against the virus instead of just being really smart about it and i think you're going to see a big a big pushback you're going to see in the southeast you know thousands and thousands of new cases and of course with these riots that we've had your life the big big burst there so i think that we've used the wrong terminology and opened up we should have just been smart about getting the economy going by just paying attention to the rules that the the virus is providing for us you expect a new wave then with based on the riots you know we'll have a new wave of. of the coronavirus back. so larry i do i think you know one mistake is that when you look at china they came all the way up to where we were they drop down although it is 0 cases before they
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open up we've only dropped about half maybe 2 thirds of the way down and then you have you have the riots you have the opening up in some of the southern states you have the active revolt there so i think we're going to see some spikes and the really smart disease modelers are saying they're going to see lots and lots and lots of mini spikes between now and 2022 so is this going to be with us for a while you know it's a coronavirus there are 4 others of those which are common for the symptoms of the common cold symptoms those circulate the globe all year every year and it's likely that this will be the 5th and will continue to circle the globe for many years to come how about the drug the president is taking hydrochloric i can't pronounce it that drug what do you make of it. and. it's only the simple way to go i've taken it you know it's an anti-malaria it's a very good drug prescribed for a lots and lots of patients who have arthritis it's a good drug so a couple things to say about it 1st of all it causes a lengthening of the e.k.g.
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called the q t part of it and when that happens it puts you at risk for sudden death so one thing hospitals are starting to see is a lot of a real b. is with that drug and its use along with azithromycin so i think you have to be careful to look at what with this study is done there's a study that's done very severely ill patients and 28 percent of them died with it and about a love percent died without it so doesn't work for severe disease mild to moderate disease they did another study looking at how fast to get rid of the virus and in that study there's no difference and seem to work you know the president was taking it for an interesting reason and that is could it prevent the virus and theoretically because the spike protein that uses 2 attaches is affected by the drug and also once it gets inside part of the cell the acidity it doesn't get as acid with the drug so it may not replicate as much theoretical reason there is
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a study now looking at prevention we just don't know but the watchword is don't just start to take this drug willy nilly wait for results on that we know there rem disappear if you're very sick is now approved by the f.d.a. is a better bet but the plaque will is something i would stay away from unless some good studies come out and you know there's lots and lots of clinical trials and we should know soon what's your bet on how soon we'll have a vaccine. you know i think we're going to have it sooner than later they bet some you know problems with the oxford vaccine i thought to be early fall but here's what they've done that's interesting 1st of all it's not they have generated as many antibodies with the vaccine already as you get with the infection which is very good news now will it be some kind of terrible side effect are they effective we don't know that piece yet but because they're investing billions of dollars and plans to be able to make these as soon as one of these really proves out they'll be able to get tens of millions of doses out so you know my bet is that
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rather than the year and a half and he talks about i think with all the unification that's going on now though you would have one i'm betting we'd have one by yours and if not earlier what do you make of the president's having a sleeve leave the world health organization. so there are 2 sides of that story side one is the world health organization really soiled itself with ebola in west africa they have a lot of political appointees out there they were early enough in warning and they did the same thing with this virus you know they probably did cozy up to the chinese we didn't get enough of a warning they talked about cutting off air travel is a bad idea so in the one hand i think that they really haven't and now they're talking about maybe mass don't work we're trying to get everyone to mask up so i think they really hurt themselves badly however the world health organization holds together much of african health where you have you know potentially hundreds of
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thousands of lives to be lost so i think it's too bad not to continue to fund that but i certainly understand the anger towards the world health organization in terms of not really warning us loudly and clearly enough to get the tests out to get all of the protective gear the vaccines and whatnot they are the early warning system and they failed like everybody else did you think there's an accurate number of cases that we know about right now. so i think that's true you know that they think that in china you may have had you know tens of thousands of more deaths than they've actually told us about you know lots of governments are going to suppress death data here in the united states you know in a place like new york city 11 day a rumor that 282 people who were pulled from their apartments dead and so there are many numbers of deaths that i think that were counted that should have been counted so i think that the absolute number of deaths is higher now there's there's an
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interesting thing though which is what is the death rate you have they would call a case fatality rate you know those you get so many people a hospital and somebody die and there are it would look like you might have 4 or 510 percent death rate but the actual death rate if you were to test everybody in the population might be as low as point 3 or point 4 percent but without that background testing we really don't know we're left with the case fatality rate that is the the numbers of people are sick and how many of them died which is that 5 to 10 percent figure rather than the overall population figure which is likely to be point 3.4 percent mental health experts say will see an increase as a result of this in depression and the like you agree. so larry already we're seeing figures that up to 80 percent of the american population is already depressed and showing signs of depression so this is a terrible era for a lot of people my me i have sons 3 sons 13125 and they're going you know what
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worse are career you know what's going to have to my job. they already had one big wham back in 20020078 with the economy failing then and this again to me people people are really concerned you have an increase in suicides you have an increase in domestic violence you have an increase in drug abuse all of this because people are desperate i mean you know there is no way for many people or service industries to to earn any money you know the is the money's going to go away from the government unemployment's going to run out so there's lots and lots to worry about and i do agree that it's a double edge sword in terms of the quote opening up on the one hand you know it's great to be able to do you know drop the overall number of cases and keep it below with the health care system can manage but on the other hand you know you are seeing increased numbers of deaths from from other illnesses people afraid to go to ers they're going to ers you know 48 hours after they've had a heart attack you know that these are violence the drug abuse the alcoholism all
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of that is going to you know basically cause a tremendous amount of turmoil and may cause as many or more deaths as the epidemic itself finally and the x. expect us to be able to see sporting events so that's a great question i do you think. larry just like after $911.00 there's tremendous innovation in terms of security we're going to see a lot of innovation in terms of bio security as soon as the test comes out that is able to detect the virus in your breath you could have sporting events you'll come up just like you go through a magnetometer now or a machine that scans you for weapons or whatever you go through you breathe a be able to say you do or you don't have a virus i think also when you look at sports stadiums you may come in 6 feet apart you may be in every 3rd seat i think that there are there are ways to game out all these into streets it's just if you think of the old way you believe that's not going to happen again more thanks bob thanks for being with us thank you larry
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great to see you as always really appreciate it great questions and we thank you for joining us on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget use the politics. and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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