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tv   News  RT  June 8, 2020 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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u.s. movement against racism has also taken hold in europe too with some protests turning ugly over the weekend as demonstrators clashed with police and looters targeted stores. the mayor of minneapolis meanwhile is had called for a fusing to defund or dismantle the police as other u.s. officials increasingly bad to pressure by black lives matter protesters and also to come this hour german police come in for criticism after it turns out and newly identified suspect in the notorious missing girl case back in 2007 has been known
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to them for 7 years. but i welcome just call me day here in moscow you're watching r.t. international black lives massive protests against police brutality that engulfed the u.s. have also swept across europe in many cities demonstrations have turned violent and ended in clashes with police and some looting. was was 1000 a lot of. what i have 1300
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wins he reports now from paris on the situation in cities across europe. well that's right across europe there were protests all over the weekend. mainly by black lives masses groups here in europe who wanted to rally against what they see as being systematic racism within the forces of rule and on saturday here in paris thousands of people came out close to the u.s. embassy which had been secured by barricades as they chanted for an end to racism within the police now there were also protests being held in other countries such as it to be spain and denmark and also in the capital old belgium in brussels where a group of around 10000 people came out to the streets many people echoing those who lost would see to exploit haunt re. haunt reads and they would
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chance a chance away hearing now in protests across the world again also heard in paris on saturday over justice peace now with the wars of violence which is in the protest in brussels with shops and being looted and there were clashes between the protesters and the police and at one point demonstrators even climbed that oen to the statue of colonial king leopold the 2nd and cried out. thank god. it was you know you.
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looking at my beautiful movie t.v. movie well both the protests in brussels and here in paris had been banned mind you . ortiz because of health concerns with the continuing fight against the coach going to her demick but that didn't stop people from coming out to the street and breaking the rules of these 2 roles which mean no more than 10 people could be gathered to public at the same time block lysimachus spokesperson called black protest in brussels said the mood and these are their words the mood of george floyd awakened many people who are fed up with police violence a system that affects black people and that was something that was echoed by the demonstrators but since i was little i was born here i've experienced racism in kindergarden i know what it is and that's why i'm here i'm not just here for me i'm here for all my black brothers and sisters and for all the others who experience
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racism i'm also here for my children. you know on the mare's it just has to stop i mean black white yellow red it doesn't matter we're all human as long as there's no respect no equality for everyone we're going to stay here i think it can make a difference but the protest movement has to last over time because one demonstration is not enough. because you know i've never seen before what i saw on the street it was a total invasion people scream and firecrackers it was all over the place the police were in full force that the interest of the street they couldn't do anything it was terrible i agree with the fact that people protest that we defend ideas i do agree but to trust stores after what happened the coronavirus all the problems we've had no it's just unthinkable. well there was much shown on social media over the aftereffects of the violence those shops it being smashed up by protesters who
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were throwing paving stones at them other stores that had been mooted in the capital city of belgium so my 150 arrests were made in the city. has said violence like that will not be tolerated the city will bring a civil action and will continue via the mechanism of administrative sanctions we do not and will never tolerate impunity in our capital we're now entering the 3rd week sings the death of george floyd in minneapolis and it looks like these protests haven't run out of steam. shot at it and that president trump has lashed out against democrat politicians for supporting the idea of defunding police departments in the wake of george throwing to death the brutal killing of the black man by offices nationwide protests and on saturday the mayor of minneapolis which has been the epicenter of the current protest movement was called for refusing to cut spending or norm foresman. i think i.
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know you and your son aren't getting out races just change i understand it the culture in portland we just have to radically shaped correct and rethink everything now before you correct you with your height ok mr starr is still have a vision of the department. of just getting rid of police officers that are city i will tell the truth and i don't agree with that. well in washington the call to defund the police was painted next to black lives matter on the street that leads to the white house and the slogan is increasingly being adopted now across the u.s. for centuries and san francisco mayor is planning to reduce their police budgets and several city council members in minneapolis and new york to call for the dismantling and reform of their police department something that's being promoted
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by progressive democrats. i will never call sign up on funding our police department that continues to brutalize out and i will never ever stop saying not only do we need to invest more in police but we need to completely dismantle the minneapolis police department. but one that i am actively engaged in advocacy for is the reduction of really truly talking about the reduction of our n.y.p.d. budget in defunding a $6000000000.00 n.y.p.d. budget that that costs us books in the hands of our children some us cities have even revealed plans on how they will read direct the money from police budgets in los angeles cops will face cuts of up to $150000000.00 instead of an increase that was promised earlier the san francisco police budget here cuts will be reallocated to social programs that benefit black communities and new york's mayor has promised
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to divert n.y.p.d. funds to youth and social services to this all comes though in stark contrast to the tendency over the gear is to boost american police for example u.s. police budgets have tripled over the past 4 decades reaching $150000000000.00 a year however according to the latest poll the majority of americans do not support any cuts we heard differing opinion and opinions on the matter from a former n.y.p.d. commander and also the head of the houston police office as you. i'm not for funding police departments all the way but i'm quite sure especially given that spending like in this recession that we're in and they can't find some way of cypriot some of that money on i think 20 years to check the real crime going down so if they really need a was so many police offices if a crime starts going up. based on find then do we pull the money and resources back
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and put it back into the police that put it number one issue we 'd need to do is be more forceful in who now what we're up to now go now cops who over who might pick out a bill lloyd bank. 18 don't place it reconfirmed shooting there is no way that that person should have that patrol of the city defunding the police is an extremely dangerous idea i think it makes for a popular hash tag on twitter and you have a lot of hollywood elites that are jumping in on this i think you've actually seen it in our major cities across the united states we need to farming police departments for years most large cities do not have in our officers are extremely understaffed and as a result you've seen crime actually go up in all these major cities and now we're going to employment up near 40000000 you're only going to see crime numbers skyrocket i think that over the last 6 years there have been a constant drumbeat in the united states of anti police rhetoric and false
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narratives and i think that most people think officers are just going out there to shoot people left and right and that there's a systemic racism within police departments but the statistics don't bear that out in the facts don't bear that out in fact there was a study done in 2015 at the university of maryland and michigan state university the found there was no racial bias in any of the shootings and in fact in over 99 percent of the time when police officers shot that person had a weapon we cannot afford to defund the police right now. now the nonprofit organization the nelson mandela foundation has weighed in on the crisis in america calling out as he sees it the structured targeting of the black community while though also adding that violence is sometimes the only way to bring about change. when communities are confronted by both resilience structural violence and attacks on their bodies violent responses will occur the use of violence can be rational
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and carefully targeted as we have seen in south africa during the democratic iraq violent protest is often the result of a careful calculation by communities who have come to see that only such action elicits the desired response from the state meanwhile twitter has been facing questions over why it failed to flag up this tweet by slate magazine where the liberal outlet does say that violence is quote an important tool for protesters last week twitter took the unprecedented step you might remember of removing a tweet by president trump over concerns it glorified violence. hate twitter support does this not glorify violence in a literal sense you forgot that they are liberals so the rules don't apply there is a fine line between journalism and incitement to riot and i think you just tripped stumbled and face planted rights across it. we heard from the political analyst and
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author resurfacing and also the social issues commentator anthony bryan no going about whether violence can indeed bring about change and what are the limits. every encounter a black person has with the state in the form of the police could very well in their life that's not a small matter that's not something to be minimized and the buy list that we see right now is the response of a people who have said enough is enough is enough is enough and we are tired and we will take no more people who are engaging in violence don't care about black lives matter they don't care about george floyd they don't care about anything relating to the black community are going to do is just smash and grab take things is engaging in general chaos all this balance is for no other reason to be so servants of those that are doing it now to help people how are you going to say you help him black folks when you're 13 black folks with to balance it doesn't make any sense we
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are not going to minimize the fact that several several 100 african-americans have come in contact with the united states in the form of local police and their lives have been extinguished let's be clear if not for the police being now here trying to calm these situations down you have a lot more black lads taking then those that were taken by the looters initiators in the rioters and the so-called protesters all the name of george floyd all in the name of that last matter if that last matter out can't say oh this is been happening for hundreds of years for black people any time blacks have economically empowered themselves or politically empowered themselves or just been doing too well in this country there has been a blow back i thought about what's going on right now though we're talking about what's happening today we've improved as a country where we are trying to break apart the police that's going to be the wrong thing because and the black community a lot of these poor low income communities the police are the last bastion of hope
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but these people that are trying to do they don't care if they're black on black murder rate quadruples they don't really care as long as they can say oh well there was no police involved shooting the person they don't care is the. homicide. never gotten some a 1000 a year to 25000 they don't care because it was all about john it was a particular. shortcoming pyramiding chaos and anger at home the streets of the u.s. at the moment joe biden here has increased support in the polls against on more trump but questionable race related remarks from the democratic presidential candidate have also come to light we'll have a look at that just after the break. if
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. you carried out the vote with yeah you know what.
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welcome back now with the current administration riding a wave of disapproval about his handling of both the black lives matter and the thing to do with the global pandemic the democratic presidential nominee joe biden has taken a significant lead over donald trump in the latest polls however biden's i'm remarks about the tricky issue of race all raising their own difficult questions this explains. the streets are full of activists marching against police brutality racism and the mistreatment of african-americans and donald trump is becoming a target for some of that anger duis harsh rhetoric against protesters that. i think this president. says the president is a racist as
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a member of that i've learned that the president is a dangerous human being who would be a dictator donald trump is being a racist that is what he's doing right kate elections are approaching in november and trump's democratic challenger job i was vice president to america's 1st african-american president is taking quite a different approach to the protesters i want traffic in syria to dish i want fanned the flames of hate. i'll seek to heal the racial wrongs that have long plague our country not use them for political gain but how much of an alternative is biden really. too near to you know the 1st coming out of. players of the heart is a very different thing so it's a question of where the police shoot people not if they shoot them at all furthermore joe biden is certainly reaching out to george lloyd's family expressing sympathy but people will recall his own series of racial gaffes.
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poor kids are just as bright and just as talons white kids. if you have a problem figuring out where you're from a or tromp and you ain't black. you got to recognize a kid were in a hoodie may very well be the next poet laureate and not a gangbanger. well for. the record you are back in case he's also been called out by police for making statements hinting that all officers might be racist. here's a quote that certainly does not go over well as about the attitude of the country
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we want our kids to repeat do we really think this is good as we can be as a nation i don't think the vast majority of people think there are probably anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of people out there than just not very good people. but that's not who we are that sounds like a lot of you know good americans out there not the best choice of rhetoric the whiteness of joe biden's inner circle has been widely criticized despite the fact that he took the lead in the primaries mainly due to african-american supporters joe biden will be the only serious contender challenging donald trump in the november elections democrats have got to be asking themselves is a guy like joe biden really the best hope for unseating the donald democratic strategists are scrambling to make it happen but it might be harder than they think hey look muffin artsy new york human rights activist and giambi baraka believes even if biden does win in november when bring a back may to change to the lives of back paypal in the u.s.
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. the least be a very close scrutiny of joe biden joe biden has a checkered history when it comes to race relations as many people know joe biden was the primary author of the 1994 crime deal of the result in. significant repression of african-americans in the united states of america so the election of a joe biden is not going to have any significant impact on african-americans the obama administration for 8 years that administration didn't see fit to engage in any kind of prosecution of killer cops even though that was happening across the country so. obama and joe biden donald trump. all of these individuals who represent concentrated power in the u.s. . are representing the same interests the only ones who thought that the u.s.
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had a mask of a commitment to do to democracy human rights. were people who were fundamentally naive who know you as a fish can never stand before the international community. to be at the through of human rights they have been exposed for. there is a good thing. in other news there has been a major twist in the notorious case of a missing british girl who disappeared in portugal back in 2007 after a new suspect was identified as a man from germany however german police are now under fire themselves after it turned that they had received tip offs about 187 years ago the new suspect is also being linked to the disappearance of another child in portugal 20 years ago peter all of our reports. after 13 years one of the most covered cases of child abduction
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could be a step away from being resolved the disappearance of madeleine mccann in 2007 saw the launch of an international search for the then 3 year old british child who went missing from a portuguese resort now those close to her parents say they have a credible lead in the search for who is behind her disappearance a german man is being questioned here in connection with her murder this lead didn't come from a whistleblower or someone looking for their 15 minutes of fame or seeking financial profit know it comes from the german police so we can say there was a certain consistency that could finally allow us to try and get the truth model of accounts parents left of attended one evening during a family holiday when we returned she was gone profiting on one of the most media intensive missing persons cases of recent times.
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these are actually the. mom is wearing when she was taken and. what we want is to get as much attention to madeleine's case as possible because what we want is to get her back certainly and we are concerned with.
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the latest information comes with a sudden and caviar if they suspect they are locally as is usual in these cases in germany as only kristie in the walls behind disappearance police knew where he was being talked about as a suspect as a lot of go 2013 didn't act on the information one person did submit it's hip about christian b. but the subsequent report from police in branch tie to the federal criminal investigation office was apparently not acted upon much to the horror of the local investigators hindsight can always be 2020 but it does seem that there was a large amount of evidence linking christie and b. to the mccann case that wasn't followed up on the suspect lived in the gulf between 995 and 2007 several years in a house between lagos and prior dilution during this period he had several casual jobs in the lagos region mainly in catering evidence suggests that he also and
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living by committing crimes including hotel burglaries and drug trafficking. so i have been deeply affected to hear that someone who did such awful things and is being accused of such awful crimes. used to live on the street often german police have been accused of not acting effectively before in cases of child safety last year the force in north rhine-westphalia admitted to losing almost all the incriminating digital evidence in a case involving the alleged rape of over 30 children for the mccown family 13 years of not knowing what happened to their daughter madeline could be about to come to an end but if it turns out that christie in b. was behind her disappearance then serious questions are going to be asked of german law enforcement why they didn't act upon information that they had soon after peter all of our r.t. early in. or german police have said they didn't have enough evidence to arrest
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christian bale we have requested a more details from the more let you know what they say as a man we get a reply so that brings you up to date so far today we're back again when you speak at the top of the. we go to work. straight home. to off running oh oh oh yeah i did it's. been a real good shots to begin murders controls all life.
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becomes our last communities young people are deciding if they want to be not like their parents not like to unlimber. always drove school. or wasn't you always have problems but your level of focus and walk is the most ubiquitous lonely out there most police departments use it almost overstayers in the school felt that they could get their hands on income as in 24 hours. we were teaching these kids about racism about police brutality taking cried of them there are these kids are a part of all history. grano
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it was hard but you gotta make the best of how you. come up and live so i mean having graduate and i showed up. my mother was a crack kid sees to do crack when i was a kid or when she had me or whatever she's she don't belittle him or my dad he was like a just a thief so you know i got like what i needed when i was a baby but i had a bad childhood from 1st grade i was a cool kid i mean i really was a 1st grade to middle with us when i left my childhood which was bad and love with
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somebody else i was a family my mom's friend and from like. every sense i left the house that i like and i went to another person and i swear i started doing bad stuff you know it's being sneaky and i jot down like down the remember i like 10th grade so i'm on say you don't have to go to school if you don't want to so i said i'm down that never wore my school and i never want to go back to school i guess is in my blood so. i mean i was always. just i beg kids and i always wanted to be better. i mean my mind's made up i want to do this for the rest of my life so you know i mean it's what i've.


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