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tv   The News with Rick Sanchez  RT  June 15, 2020 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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hello there i'm going to channel your watching in question broadcasting our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are tonight's top stories 1st up new documents revealed canadian intelligence officials sounding the alarm for the arrest of wild ways you may want to show we'll bring you those shocking details in a full report and u.s. secretary of state my pompei o is set to meet with a top chinese diplomat telling her why is our very own rick sanchez tell us what might be on that agenda and america in chaos after another black man is killed by police this time over in atlanta georgia meanwhile this latest case adding more
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anger and frustration nationwide all right let's move through news cue. the arrest of wall ways chief financial officer in canada was quote highly political that according to a recently released report from that country's spy agency the memo was written up just hours before the chinese executives arrest over in vancouver tonight her legal team says the security document is proof authorities conspired against her party's alex my hyla which brings us the story from toronto newly released secret documents maybe make one joules ticket to freedom in turn as government has called for it. on the floor you know documents. once again shows in the case of. a serious political incident which. would have been going to. suppress chinese i'm
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going to go. away. with the united states while we. c.f.o. ming one joe was detained by canadian officials in december 2018 at the request of the us government unveiling charges one showing the chinese telecom firm trade secrets obstructed a criminal investigation and evaded economic sanctions on iran. canada's government has insisted that it had stayed out of the legal proceedings against manc but newly released documents tell a different story heavily redacted report shows that canada's spy agency the canadian security intelligence service or. knew about meng's arrest ahead of time the report also shows the us federal bureau of investigation was involved in the arrest saying that it vance communication to see sis came from the f.b.i. before the arrest happened at vancouver international airport since the beginning
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many have suspected that making one shows arrest has been politically motivated some experts say the newly released documents point to coordinated state misconduct between the u.s. and canada in fact one part of the report points out that the f.b.i. didn't attend meg's arrest in an effort to avoid perception of influence with the new revelations china has repeated it's called that the entire case is political in nature and that main should be released immediately. we want to. take marcellin position. that you hear easily and immediately released that it isn't going to turn to judge and the report also predicted china's reactions to meg's detention before it even happened it warned the rest is likely to send shock waves around the world and spoke of global political ramifications here's attorney and policy analyst richard perle and but unfortunately for canada we're going to
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start paying sanctions from china forthwith. you might expect china to ratchet up trade sanctions and to introduce economic penalties to be. posed on canada the ceaseless report stated that this plant event will be of great consequence internationally in bilaterally days after the rest 2 canadians michael spot for and michael covert were arrested in china and have now spent over $500.00 days in jail without charge you know edition as predicted bilateral relations between china and canada are out a low with china stopping imports of canola and wheat from canada last month legal team lost a key battle in the extradition process after a judge ruled that the offense she's accused of in the us would be considered a crime in canada however the next stage of the fight could turn in her favor with her lawyer seeing the spy agency documents prove abuse of power in addition mings attorneys reportedly plan to use president trump public comments made in 2013 when
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he said he would be willing to intervene in this case if it would help the u.s. secure a trade deal with china or serve other american national security interests her legal team given another example to her extradition case the u.s. is tainted by politics for r t m l it's my heart with. now as voices at the white house continue to finger point at china for this pandemic china has opened up its $45.00 trillion dollar financial market to foreign investors and some of that to american express the u.s. based credit card company meanwhile another financial story is brewing but not yet getting headlines and that is where our very own rick sanchez comes in host of news the threat sanchez of course tell us what's happening behind closed doors with this upcoming u.s. china talk in hawaii. well there are 3 really important developments that have been
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taking place that i think we as americans need to know about as we look at why may be going to speak to chinese officials we may need to start thinking in terms of. what mr pompei o may need to say to try to coax the chinese kind of back into good favor and the reason i'm saying this is the things that have been transpiring over the last 72 hours 1st of all. while way it's interesting watching alex's report because i think if nothing else what you get out of that that that report is coming now is something that we at our t.v. have been reporting for the better part of the last week which is the trumpet ministration and the u.s. state department is realizing that while way either an essential part of the united states technological infrastructure that in other words it's easy to say oh wait go away we can replace you the problem is we can't and that has become evident in
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recent days number 2 the chinese government is now saying they're going to shell off the us step so the chinese own about 1.3 trillion dollars of u.s. debt they're the 2nd come tree in the world that owns the most amount of u.s. step the reason they're doing that is well multifold 1st of all you know a lot because as you probably know the u.s. economy is in shambles and we actually considered last week the fact that we would lower interest late interest rates below 'd 0 china sees this as an opening in other words the u.s. dollar can't help but. be diminished in all of this so they're going to try and sell off the u.s. debt while the selling is good sort of speak and the other thing that china is doing that we need to understand my sources of told me is they're looking toward the day when they can compete with the u.s. dollar so you right now the u.s. dollar is really the only currency in the entire world if you want to do trades around the world you have to do it in u.s. dollars what china wants to do is compete with the u.s.
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dollar and most of the people that we have talked to are saying they're probably going to make good on that they can do right now because their bond markets too weak and it's not doesn't have with the u.s. with the power of the united. in terms of what the u.s. can do number 3 and this is also a big piggy backing off of what china is doing to try and d. dollar russia announced last friday that with the help of the kremlin they're going to pass reforms so they too can start buying more gold to take the emphasis away from the dollars so it really what we have here when you consider the 3 items that i've just given you plus the alex mahal of a report and pompei a meeting in hawaii i would chinese official is that there seems to be almost a doubling down if you will on the united states because of its current financial situation and the u.s. likely is recognizing this and going there and saying please pretty please let's see if we can make this thing work out stop beating us up we'll see how it goes
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because that meeting hasn't happened yet but these are the conditions that ike that we can take you through as an advance to those meetings yeah i mean of course there's going to be a lot of stuff happening behind closed doors rick that we're never going to hear about probably but another thing we should probably point out to the viewers that r.t.d. has pretty much stayed on top of is that china is you know working on the belgian road initiative the new silk road right that's really going to fortify mayor economy while we're like you said we are in shambles. it's it's it really comes down to a couple of things because you know as you know there's also the south china sea incident that we have been seeing with no obviously is pressing the if it's let's think of it this way if the united states our government has been pressing china and trying to do so in what some would use the term bullying china doing so
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militarily in the south china sea and doing so economically with what they've tried to do with weiwei but seemed to have failed now because which was all fine by the way. i mean you have a right to be tough you have the right to be the aggressor we're going to change china we're going to put tariffs on china all this stuff that we've seen the problem is that because of the coronavirus and because of what's going on on wall street right now and because of what's going on in main street the united states has almost had to pull back its position in other words we are not as strong to make these arguments now as we were say 5 or 6 months ago yeah china has not done china realizes this and that's why they're pressing us now that's why they're selling off the debt that's why russia is pressing us to buy more gold today dollar rise even more now which is something by the way that russia is but doing since 1903 so this is not anything new what i think we're seeing changing if you were to ask me what's changed in the world that makes pompei
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a wants to go down and talk to the chinese maybe to say pretty please the conditions in the united states economy are sub that now the chinese seem to somewhat have the upper hand and it doesn't mean it'll stay there but that seems to be the case right now does that make sense i'll totally wreck i think this is a good opportunity for. sort of recalibrate i guess when you go to hawaii and you know how things out with the chinese national. and you know it's interesting because it's coming at a time when i probably why we should probably know this it's coming at a time when pompei own selves is under fire i mean pump air is getting a lot of heat right now remember pumping oil was kind of a golden boy certainly in the trump administration certainly among conservative circles but now between the push back with the protesters in front of the white house and the fact that he fired a g.m. who was investigating him apparently for something that he was doing he's not
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sitting also he personally has a right very state he's not sitting in the same position that he used to be before so that is added to the fact that we are kind of in a precarious situation economically as well. trust me i mean you would work with a long time ago and i remember brought used to always say to me watch china yeah because they take notes on you and they don't show you anything until they need it and then they have all of the a's well this may be what you have is doing right now but it might be it we will see rick sanchez always appreciate you breaking these stories that no one else is talking about thank you so much my friend. thank you. other news from around the world a russian court has found a former u.s. marine guilty of espionage and sentenced him to 16 years in prison today's ruling comes 18 months after paul whelan's arrest in a moscow hotel room after he accepted a u.s.b. device from an undercover f.s.b. officer prosecutors allege the flash drive contained information related to members
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of the russian secret service wieland a national of 4 different countries and his attorney described the trial as a sham no evidence we cited by the judge that justified the detention that he's already been subjected which is your. as you know what i did for a little cold peace closely since i write here is that. you. have destroyed these proceedings it's a mockery of justice and today just. and israel is moving forward with construction on an annex portion of the west bank on sunday prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the government had approved plans to construct a new settlement in the golan heights and adding insult to injury mainly to the muslim community and the country of syria who claim part of that land is theirs the settlement is being named after u.s. president donald trump on march 25th president trump officially recognized the
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golan heights as part of israel. and back here stateside microsoft says it will not sell its facial recognition technology to any 3rd parties especially the police company officials say it does not currently provide the technology to police and will not do so until federal laws are in place that will guarantee the facial recognition will not be used to infringe on civil liberties microsoft's moves comes right after amazon which said it would stop providing the technology to police for at least one year to give congress time to put in place stronger regulations. church bells in london rang $72.00 times to mark the 3rd anniversary of the deadly grunfeld tower apartment fire each bell toll signifying each life lost by that massive blaze the fire which started as a small kitchen fire quickly took over the public housing apartment building making
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it the worst domestic blaze in the country since world war 2 over 80 churches across london person participated in that event. and president trump is now expected to sign an executive order on police reform a full report on that straight ahead and then over at sports regina hamm brings us that race around 15 of the supercross in utah and make sure you keep up with the latest news and catch up with anything you might have missed by downloading our brand new free app portable t.v. you can catch their 247 and catch me back in 2 minutes. i like it when the hosts ask a question for the guests and then actually listens to the guests answer and moan and react to that answer a folks dentist will or hear i've got
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a new show. i'm a journalist it's all i know being a truth teller people say i make among come from good news is like a jackhammer good drill down and they find the truth movement rick sanchez because it's time to do news again and question more. listen stumbling on line algorithms dictate what you get to want to go to portable dot tv slash download to get killer television it's completely free i'm talking award winning comedy awesome sports coverage inside so fresh still tastes like raspberries on a spring day take so hot they'll burn your face off thousands of videos more added by the hour did i mention 3 it's it's yeah it's 3 go go get it portable t.v. . be your questions birth new question.
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number as star and list as the scene and bring you all insight to students death and. if drunk all that remains in question. on larry king question by listening learning you know i've always said i never learned anything when i was talking it's important to listen. questioning more. well today marks the 21st and thank you to a day of nationwide protest following the death of george floyd but now another
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deadly police shooting involving a black man in atlanta is triggering more anger and demonstrations nationwide and just moments ago the white house announced that president trump will sign an executive order on police reform artie's parent project has been following this story all day she's joining us now from the newsroom with the latest developments on this fair and what's going on in the middle of president donald trump says tuesday he's signing an executive order on police reform that would use financial incentives to encourage police departments to adhere to best practices also it calls for social workers to join officers when responding to police calls as well as having open dialogue between police departments about officers who have had complaints of excessive force this all happening again after another police shooting death this time in atlanta the atlanta police department releasing the mug shots of those 2 officers involved in the killing of 27 year old rae shared brooks in the wendy's parking lot friday night now you can see the 2 here officer garrett rolfe the man who fired those fatal shots has been fired officer devon bronson he
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has been placed on administrative duty and the atlanta police chief erica shields she resigned after serving less than 4 years in her position and i want to warn you that the view video you're actually about to see could be disturbing to some you're looking at surveillance video friday evening of those 2 officers responding to a complaint that a man was sleeping in his car outside a wendy's blocking the drive through lane now what started out as a civil conversation with brooks well quickly escalated into a scuffle on the ground with brooks grabbing a taser from one of the officers and at one point aiming it at officers as he ran away that's when officer role fired those 2 fatal. shots in his back now brooks death ignited fresh new protest saturday and sunday which were starting to die down following the protest over the death of george floyd with protesters setting fire to that wendy's where brooks was killed monday morning the family of ray shared brooks along with the family's lawyers spoke at a news conference about how the shooting of brooks almost resulted in the death of
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moore and that crowded wendy's parking lot listen here. today. his vehicle. which was hit by one of. his kids were in the car. a couple feet up and we would have had another loss of life. now the mayor of atlanta at a news conference says that after the death of george floyd and a call from former president barack obama city leaders actually met last week to review police training tactics and trying to bring about police training and how to deescalate rather than ask late situations she says days later brooks was killed which she says now she's going to be signing several executive orders on police reform uncalled for and then a police to be guardians not worriers monella and fair and also calling on police reforms is the only black republican senator who is introducing a new bill on that this week so what's in that bill well senator tim scott of south carolina he is getting ready to bring forward a package on
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a number of police changes which include restrictions on what the police can and cannot do like chokeholds for example or the bill is one of the most extensive overhauls from policing from republicans where it would create a national database for officers who have been in use of force and students require police officers to wear body cameras restrict police using chokeholds but actually holding back federal funds to police jurisdictions that continue to allow it along with deeming lynching a federal hate crime now the senate bill is expected to roll out wednesday monella the house judiciary committee is set to roll out their own bill this week as well with those house house lawmakers returning next week for a vote right there and project their thank you so much. meantime china has locked down 10 more neighborhoods in beijing following a new corona virus outbreak beijing's hospital began math testing thousands of people after china confirmed 49 new cases traced to a wholesale market the market was shut down along with several other markets in the
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area and the neighborhood school. now strict quarantine measures are in place across the district of hi done. and over to brazil where the largest cemetery in latin america palos foremost is digging up hundreds of graves to make room for more coronavirus victims brazil has recorded more than 43000 deaths to cope at 19 and is now the 2nd most country with the most confirmed cases now topping 867000 more than 5000 people have died in the city of san paulo alone since the beginning of this pandemic. all right switching gears over to regina ham at the sports h.q. regina be super crossties it is entering its final stretch believe it or not and one rider was facing more of an uphill battle than others so to speak exactly and you know there are 2 neck and neck races during round of 15 at the a.m.a. supercross event in salt lake city for one writer he had to dig deep and battle in
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illness to take the top spot starting with a 250 west main event monster racing's dillon for on this look to extend his lead but have to battle pro circuit calloused that he's awesome for right out of the gate for here playing cat and mouse the whole time for this breaks the gap around the 2nd curve and bumps him out of the way for the 1st place thought pretty clever racing on his part in that clever racing cats in there the 22 year old claimed 1st place over his rival and his 4th number one spot the 23 season while 16 year old jett lawrence around at the podium a 3rd his 1st ever podium in a supercross career pretty exciting on that one over to the $450.00 event was a completely different story red bull's a.t.m. receipts cooper led out of the gate easing himself into a comfortable lead however that would not last very long just 3 minutes later out of the gate webb would find himself battling with team honda's roxanne for the leave all the while roxanne is actually battling the shingles virus as well but
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that is not. stopping him from trying to get that 1st place spot roxanne would hold onto the leading edge at webb for the top spot by 2nd time i could bring it home in 3rd and still maintain his overall lead over roxanne by 24. crew baseball organization lead leading n.c. dynamos really needed a boost to get out of their 2 game losing streak so they hoped hosting the 4th place keep them heroes would be just a trick to end the slump some cardboard mascots here on the home team bomb occurred right fielder not some bum starting scoring home run to right field stance scoring leave. nothing lead the heroes the answer back on the top of the board runners on 1st and 2nd 3 run orion by 2nd baseman can't be sung to center field visitors draw even a 33 bomb of the diners left fielder one gone with a $360.00 foot home run that is going going gone through a field and he takes a $53.00 lead on the 6 shortstop kimchi on young with an r.b.i.
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single left center field and that will score former philadelphia philly area and all 3rd dying of the 6th really but remember that name because bubba set them all 3rd comes through with a 3 run homer to center field 9 homer of the year to give the diners a $94.00 lead they would hold onto to win $95.00 and avoid the sweep 4 games ahead of l.g. at the top of the standings. it was the final group stage a vent in the team challenger for the playoffs at the p.b.r. monsour team challenge in nevada and that means team cooper tires need to hang on every pun intended to walk with top seed all came down to the final chance for team cooper tires team cam and team wrangler to show exactly they can do last ride for world number 8 just against a bull shortstop jessie held on through the buck off time to earn him self a score of $89.00 but cooper tires kept in a world of one hold a view of contributed to his team pretty much running the table in division a here on the ball rocco and that man was not bumped off until after the. i was
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called her myself and i scored 86 unit home mortgages trying to make the playoffs any way they can american market math deliver the go ahead score above a g. earn himself 86.5 but not enough to make the trip south dakota. they came in with the young. against get so given his team a 173.521 so if you buy the edge over you know home. wait till july for the playoffs in south dakota in front of some fans and manila while we talk about the k.b. oh here in the united states we love watching it if it's 5 34 in the morning the major league baseball over the weekend had started discussing that the commissioner rob manfred might just make it ultimatum saying these are how many games we're going to play this isn't the season starting today we're finding out little by little he's like well not sure to have based on 20 twentieth's all because the players are cool with their 1000000 a little bit a little bit it comes from the players but a lot of it is the owners who put that idea forth all we need financially to make
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this decision to have the players early last summer is owners are millionaires and analysts so you don't really need to see them go they're not going to go for broke time will try millionaires exactly so they're not going to go for broke even some teams are considering cutting minor league players and nationals actually backtracked on their course on that decided well just pay them as they should so it's going to be interesting where the path of baseball goes because we're at a fork in the road and it's going to depend if we want to go to get better or the bad path that really stinks to learn that about the guys at the farm club just might get cut they might lose their jobs exactly and you know some teams have agreed to pay them through october which is great because you know minor leaguers don't make a lot of money only make 400 a week how weak thats it. well and have a 2nd job so you know hopefully more teams you're right on that but right now state of baseball is scary well otherwise we've got the korean way do we do thank you for that agenda and before we go let's remind you again to check out our brand new app it's called portable t.v. download it from your google play for apple's or whatever you use in touch there
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