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tv   In Question  RT  June 16, 2020 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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hello there i'm an english man you're watching and question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here today's top stories 1st after weeks of nationwide protest over the police killing a black men and women president trying to sign an executive order on police reform but just how far does that go and is that enough full report coming up plus the new york police department making a bold move by disbanding plain old police officers and moving them towards a different direction this as some nationwide protests are becoming more violent. and amid a pandemic and ongoing protest the u.s.
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federal government continues to ramp up its pressure campaign on little both in other countries will tell you all about that all right it's time to lose i. today marks the 22nd consecutive day of nationwide protests over police brutality and racism following the police killing of george floyd earlier this afternoon president donald trump signed an executive order outlining his administration's efforts on reforming police departments across this country. is outside of the white house right now with the latest developments fer. the media we had an idea of what trump was going to have in this executive order but critics were quick to say that trump was not going to have a ban when it comes to chokeholds in the police however we should never assume because donald trump does have a ban on police when it. so using the choke hold unless an officer's life is at
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risk now when you signed on the dotted line he was surrounded by law enforcement officials trump has put into motion a number of efforts he says to hold police officers to a higher standard 1st databases will be created to track police officers who have multiple instances of misconduct so that trump says officers just can't bounce around to different jurisdictions he also says his administration will use federal grants to encourage departments to meet higher certification standards when it comes to use of force training and finally it calls on police departments to bring in social workers and mental health professionals when it comes to dealing with the homeless mental illness and addiction not taking a look at this map here these states have already put into place their own police reforms like new york was actually shifting their funding from the n.y.p.d. to other sectors in the city's budget kentucky banning no knock warrants after the death of briana taylor portland removing officers from serving and high schools in new jersey washington d.c. california texas louisiana connecticut new mexico and illinois banning chokeholds
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now another call from use national protest is to defund the police now trump says that and no way shape or form he will be defunding the police saying actually that law enforcement is already underfunded and understaffed saying that in chicago and baltimore there was actually 68 percent citing that number of murders suspects that were never caught or arrested manila and fair and the other issue in all of this is race pacifically african-americans and and the police what did the president have to say about that issue. well president donald trump did say moments before he entered the rose garden he actually met with african-american families who had victims of police violence and police brutality one of those being met arborists family who was killed down in georgia now saying his goal is to improve race relations by holding police to a higher standard holding them accountable and also having more transparency he also took a swipe at the previous administration who trump says never fix this issue listen here. president obama vice president biden never even tried to fix this during
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their 8 year period. the reason they didn't draw is because they had no idea how to do and it is a complex situation beyond the steps we're taking today i am committed to working with congress on additional measures congress has started already. and they'll be having bills coming out of the senate and possibly out of the house . and hopefully they'll all get together and come up with. a solution that goes even beyond what we're signing today but this is a big big step step that hasn't been taken before. now truck also touted his efforts in helping the minority community like increasing the funding for historically black colleges expanding health care fighting for school choice and bringing out the lowest unemployment numbers among minorities now middle of the senate judiciary committee is actually beginning their hearing right now on
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policing a week after the house judiciary committee held its own hearing last week on police reform both the house and the senate are expected to roll out their police reform bills this week with the house possibly voting next week reporting in front of the white house there in france act r.t. . and over to new york city now where the police commissioner announced the city's anti crime unit comprised of $600.00 plainclothes officers will be disbanded instead now those officers will be moved to more community policing this major shift as a result of ongoing protests putting pressure on police officers and their treatment of mainly black and hispanic suspects meantime nationwide protests continue today and in some areas escalating violent confrontations artist trying to chavez has that report. increasing demand for action in the wake of george floyd's death and while states coast to coast are heeding calls for change still a growing divide between law enforcement and communities around the country and atlanta thousands came out in droves demanding an end to police brutality and
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changes in the state's criminal justice system. now regarding this following the death of 27 year old brooks a black man who was shot and killed by a white officer following a confrontation outside of this wendy's the protests what about. the city's police chief resigning just hours later and the officer who fired the fatal shot was terminated still some protests around the country causing concern some officers seen getting overly aggressive and pepper spraying seemingly peaceful protesters around the country video capturing the moment a 13 year old boy in seattle was sprayed in the face with mace after an officer fired it at a nearby group the boy seen screaming as he watches his father seattle activists allegedly arming minors with assault rifle is this video appears to show ross samone the so-called warlord of the capitol hill handing out well looks like a ar 15 a semi automatic weapons to kids who appear to be under the age of 2133 the banks
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are going under state law that's a felony but in new mexico weapons weren't held by police or protesters but rather civilians who say their intention is to protect the public from riots and looting the presence of militias or other armed groups sparking mixed reaction from police and demonstrators across the state and in santa fe the albuquerque police department putting out a statement saying we want to discourage groups from attempting to engage in a public safety role during protests and large gatherings they are not trained and they are more likely to escalate tensions if they are carrying firearms and dressed like military or law enforcement officers now back here in new york officials have announced that the n.y.p.d. will be moved. and the use of plain clothes anti-crime units and instead moved those more than $600.00 officers to different assignments including neighborhood policing. reporting to work trinity chavez r.t. . and the united states is ramping up the targeting of its political political foes
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and going to great lengths to push for suspects to be extradited from the u.k. canada and now even cape verde but is it worth the hassle for rivals who don't pose a direct threat to the u.s. army's rachel blevins is joining us from the newsroom with more to the story rachel well no washington is now calling on a small west african country to extradite a suspect who they say helped both iran and venezuela undermine u.s. sanctions the island nation of cape has confirmed it will hold suspect alex saab for the next 40 days after he was taken into custody on friday they say they are still waiting for a formal extradition request to be submitted by the u.s. the colombian businessman was indicted by the u.s. last year on federal money laundering charges he stands accused of funneling 350 $1000000.00 that was meant for the poor and hungry in venezuela to overseas accounts he has also been accused of helping venezuela make deals with iran to
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exchange gold for oil despite crushing u.s. sanctions on both countries now the arrest has been met with heavy criticism from venezuela where the country's foreign ministry arguing that sob should be released because he was taken into custody while on a business trip to iran to obtain food and medicine for venezuelans battling the coronavirus menace well and president nicolas maduro is facing his own battle with the u.s. and after months of trying to ministration officials increasing sanctions and pushing for the leader to be overthrown the justice department charged with narco terrorism and drug smuggling in march the state department then offered a reward of $15000000.00 for information leading to mature as arrest meanwhile the u.s. is also calling on canada to extradite wall ways cheat. financial officer after she was arrested in december 28th seen main ones though the daughter of wall ways founder stands accused of attempting to undermine u.s. sanctions by pursuing business dealings in iran but she is now fighting back and
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arguing that the case should be dropped because the u.s. abused extradition process by presenting inaccurate and false information to the canadian court in a statement a spokesperson for china's foreign ministry called the case a political plot targeting china and wall way amid increasing sions with the u.s. . the chinese government is determined to see for the legitimate rights and interests of its citizens and enterprises we once again urge canada to take our solemn position of concern seriously and immediately release. to ensure her safe return to china. also facing extradition to the united states is review expounder julian a song the publisher who stands accused of violating the espionage act is currently being held in one of the u.k.'s strictest prisons despite warnings from dozens of doctors that his health is in jeopardy but when it comes to political rivals abroad the u.s. has shown little mercy instead it seems to use these figures as a symbol to the rest of the world and to anyone who challenges us sanctions or
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policies reporting in the newsroom rachel logons r.t. . now to the latest numbers worldwide cases now topping 8000000 with about 437000 reported deaths of the top 3 countries with the most confirmed cases the us followed by brazil and then russia the u.s. still leading the way with about 2000000 cases and 816000 reported deaths and the cases up and upward trend in more than 20 states after reopening the economy. and meantime the u.s. department of transportation is now easing restrictions on flights to and from china the u.s. and china will allow each for weekly flights between the countries the decision comes after china's civil aviation authority allow delta airlines and united airlines to restart their service d.o.t. remains in open negotiations with china. and over to the u.k. where a scientist at imperial college london began in the eyes of people with their experimental
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code 19 shot that's the latest in a race to find a vaccine about a dozen vaccine candidates are in the early stages of testing with hopes that a vaccine could be ready by the end of the year the british government's goal is to immunize. 300 healthy people with 2 doses of this vaccine. and ask waiting while and along the borders of 2 different asian countries one resulting in the deaths of dozens of soldiers our panel will be here to discuss and then later in sports we're going to hand takes us to make a video where the whole heroes struggle during their latest game back home and make sure you keep up with the latest news and anything you might have missed by downloading our brand new free app called portable t.v. you can catch there 247 and you can catch us back in 2 minutes.
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picture question more. the dreams of a unified north and south korea may be dashed today as the north has renewed threats of military action after blowing up a joint liaison office in case song fortunately the office was vacant at the time and no injuries have been reported but this newly established site just from 2018 gave hope to millions in the peninsula that peace might be brokered meanwhile india and china are in a bit of a scuffle along their shared border more than 20 indian soldiers were killed along the himalayas it is region between the world's 2 most populous nations the men were killed in a brawl involving rocks and clubs so joining us to discuss these hostilities along the borders of asia former u.k. m.p. george galloway and the us india analyst j.
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cancer gentlemen good to see you both george i will start with you and in the koreas the north claims that this move came about because the south was sending propaganda over the border in the way a fly out of flyers does that make much sense to you wouldn't that be a bit of an overreaction if that was true. well certainly with my long experience of the law of the fair efficacy of fly us the idea that you would blow something up because of a flyer is clearly ridiculous i think both these conflicts are proxy conflicts for different reasons i think the north koreans are indicating they are unhappy in us the lack of progress with the united states the united states is out of reach for a variety of reasons and not just geographically so they have this empty house.
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filled with significance and symbolic sense they are screaming for attention screaming for some kind of resolution to the long running policy of sanctions containment in which they find themselves in on the india china track certainly from china's point of view manilla india as being used as a cat's paw by the united states as part of a multi dimensional pressure being brought to bear on china now hold on to that thought on an india and china george we'll get to that in just a 2nd i want to get an che's thoughts his read on this on again off again attempts at peace between the korea's. president donald trump you know did make some strides. in advance. negotiation with north korea. that as we know has been 0 for many reasons. i
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would just say that it is are inevitable for the koreas to be reunited at some point. in current and then make it into a charade bring in the pandemic. model. good governance during the pandemic. and i imagine that. it's not like that it was like you want the world and to be back on. to a child work. day you bring up president trump and kim jong il and george you also kind of touched on this they had the last summit was a failure the u.s. has continued to posture and play war games across asia how do you think that plays into the peace process along the peninsula. well there is more than one petulant
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child in this picture i can assure you the north koreans don't have any coronavirus at least that's what they say no one has produced any evidence that is untrue and if it is true then both the koreas together are a splendid success story just imagine how good they could be if the reunite but of course they'll never reunite if people are busy pursuing policies on that shuns like the afore mentioned war games which are got on t.v. to keep them apart the north none of us want u.s. intentions are and doesn't do anything to hasten the day when we both agree your other guest on. the reunification of the korean peninsula is a very very good idea and a real quickly touch on that the failed summit are they going to have to do a redo. that will remain to be seen i don't have
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a crystal ball on that however it is indicative of the president of the united states is and. expand values based world order with the invitation to russia. india and south korea and australia coming to the 7 summit. expenditure of energy a lot and i think that also makes the north korean leader nervous because. we don't want not have an opportunity that it's able because they frankly don't deserve it so i think. the hourglass arctic all right gentlemen let's let's move over to china and india this latest skirmish was described by the chinese foreign ministry spokesman like this on june 6th the order troops of 2 countries and you held a commander level military media into each and reached into. consensus on the
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situation in the border area what is shocking is that on june 15th indian troops seriously violated the consent of the 2 sides crossed the border illegally twice and carried out attacks on chinese personnel resulting in serious physical. to border. george how do you read this brawl and then jay i'll get your response after . well it's much more serious than the flyers and the empty heart in korea these are 2 nuclear on superpowers arranged against each other no killing each other as force us on a disputed border serious international crisis if ever there was one saw it's important i think that the united nations are gently convenes to try and contain this flashpoint as i said from china's point of view
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everything from taiwan to the. issue with the coronavirus and between is all an attempt by the united states to put pressure on china and now we've had on a boat turn historically once upon a time the the indian government was a great ally of russia saw itself as part of the socialist camp but now under prime minister modi is of course extremely close to the trump view of the world and the chinese suspect that modi and india are being used as a cat's or to provoke china to poke and in the eye and that would be a very dangerous thing to do any time about when there are forces arranged from the south china sea to the whole of the asian area which is now ringed by u.s.
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military bases and military activity or lame duck china it's terrifyingly dangerous and jan give you the last word on this what do you think is india's take on this i mean we haven't heard from. iran from modi the chinese are speaking out is this telling of what's to con between these 2 most populated countries of the world. well i would just say that india is not being used on by anybody. they are an independent state and they have the right to make their own foreign policy decisions and then it is within their best interest they feel to align them with a more with a more. progressive model of development than china and so therefore aligning with the united states or being more of having more in common with the united states is not an indication of being used as they are however very they have
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been the receiving end of much of china's aggression for several days. and this is also just a this is a pattern of aggression that china exact in the region in many ways are against but say taiwan they have a trade dispute with australia are getting very nasty the issue with those boils over to a point where china. or china look as if they are the be an arm democratic democratic norms and and now what we see here on reporter flash is an aggressor trying to say there are a when they themselves are the. eyes of china across the world are being renegotiated and really tough because of china's precedent for the for its axis all right very good points by both of you gentlemen george patton galloway and jay ken starr thank you both for giving us some insight into these conflicts.
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all right let's switch over to regina ham at the sports h.q. we're going to there are 2 different stories coming out of the world of baseball one good one not very good let's start with the good news so that means we're going to the k.b.'s the q. here is are struggling to get themselves out of the middle of the pack in the league and their latest game at home against giants was good for one of those 2 teams top a 2nd no score giants try to double steal in downton the throw by park get to the center field that allows dixon machado to score and kimmons through to get the 3rd the thrower from center gets away and could be able to score the giants will actually find themselves up to nothing next slide their bottom of the 2nd park don't want redeem themselves or the solo home or right center field is 7th of the season actually and he will get on the board 2 to one on top of the 4th giants 1st basemen lead a home with a soul already deep left field off of heroes starter. really a stellar night for him giants with a $31.00 lead in the 5th key woman regular he jumps up with his own homer right
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into the left field stance his 1st of the season drafted in heroes trail the giants 4 to 3 balmy the inning we go giants and field kim with a grounder into center free to run thing all scoring lead their home and machado come to the widening indo home giants are going take a 7 for lead last chance for q one by on the 9th your 2nd baseman to help it sound struck out and the line for years they fall home 75. and to a little bit of bad news major league baseball has gone through a rough couple of weeks to put it lightly on going to go she between the league and the players' association broke down after i will be commissioner rob manfred insisted that there will be baseball 2020 now after speaking during the return of sports special manford walked back those statements with a pretty ominous tone take a listen unfortunately i can't tell you that i'm 100 percent certain that's going to happen it's just a disaster. game absolutely no question about it it shouldn't be happening.
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and it's important that we find a way to get past it and get the game back on the field for the benefit of our fans you know commissioner manfred has said that this year without baseball those odds are going up on monday there's a deadlock between the commissioner's office and the end of the p.a. over an agreement back in march that agreement allows only just they get on the field that the schedule and players are allowed to come and try to receive their purpose salaries but now the proposals for the season are a hot mess manila and we have a lot more details on that to. we get so it's not looking so good right now regina i think we should probably count ourselves out of baseball season at least here in the united states we have the chinese realm of baseball here and the k b l so we have baseball just baseball here in the optics of what's happening are really that good point all right thank you for that regina and you don't go anywhere we will be back at 3 o'clock with a lot more news for you cope with a team continues to send the u.s. economy into peril leading to a new stimulus bill and new monetary policies from the federal reserve we've got
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that story and more coming up in just 30 minutes of sit tight so that's it for right now make sure you keep up with everything in question at all times find out what if you need. to take away then from this. where it's a $2000000000.00 negative net worth company whereas $400000000.00 and they're issuing international bankruptcy offering fresh deal of stock they take the way the news the information the fact is has nothing to do with the car rental company it what it says is that the dollar is collapsing the dollar has entered a high birth place nary collapse and this causes people to run into things like fictitious stock markets as we've seen in zimbabwe as we see it in venezuela this is what's happening in the united states right now and i was over today.
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he supported donald trump and now says trump is an unfit authoritarian con man former republican congressman joe walsh on this of politicking. wasn't a problem on larry king he served one term in congress as a tea party activist supported donald trump and torney 16 and then challenge them for the republican nomination joe walsh radio and podcasts host now says the president is an unfit authoritarian con man he's also the author of f. silence calling trump out for the cultish waronker of terry and con many years joe joins us from chicago joe your book was.


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