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tv   The News with Rick Sanchez  RT  June 23, 2020 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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some russian police force is with us. live from the world headquarters of the r.t. america in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez. ok hello again everybody i'm rick sanchez and i want to welcome you all of you who are watching us right now from all over the world whether you're watching on your a regular cable or t.v. provider or the portable t.v. app this is the video image that is being talked about all over the world look at that that's a statue of former u.s. president andrew jackson being lassoed by protesters in an effort to put down the white house then sent in federalized police to push the protesters back. the
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story an explanation of why andrew jackson is so reviled and all of this is coming up right here but we're going to get him with a bold declaration by china that seems to imply that it's simply had enough with quote u.s. threats to interfere and will now move forward to the dollar rise and strike back against the united states by creating a global currency to compete with the u.s. dollar china has long considered joining russia in fighting back against u.s. control of the world's ability to trade or transfer goods without u.s. interference or say so but now what china is announcing that it's actually preparing to be cut off from the u.s. financial system and they're taking what appears to be real steps to protect itself why or maybe the better question is why now ok. the reason is that while the united states has been heavy handed in the past it has
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never according to china and chinese experts and officials gone so far as to weaponize the u.s. dollar the way that the trumpet administration is doing so and threatening to do so now. see that's what china says that it's doing what it's doing even though it shakes up the entire global market it says it's necessary as a defensive move one of china's top economic officials seems to be saying that the time for talking is over and now it's time to act here's the quote. we have to make preparations early real preparations not just psychological preparations he would fashing high is expressing in that fear is that the trumpet ministration will do to them what previous administrations have done to russia with sanctions that have literally locked them out of the world community what does that mean well what
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it means is not allowing russia to exchange goods or currency with other countries that's a destabilizing thing to do to a country and that type of weapon is ation of the dollar would be tantamount figure to be speaking of course to an economic nuclear strike on that would cause unimaginable repercussions not just in china but obviously worldwide when china tries to strike back. how serious is the united states about weaponize in the dollar to punish china how serious and how capable is china in its threat to strike back this is an important story if you want to be ahead of the curve in understanding this park area scenario that could affect you me and just about everybody else on the planet then you want to stay tuned as we drill down here on the news with rick sanchez where we're committed as we often say to the axiom that it's time to do news again.
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ok here we go here's a list of the questions we think you'll be asking tomorrow after watching our newscast tonight how serious are china in the united states and their threats of economic warfare as the president rally supporters today in arizona one of a number saying has jeffrey epstein's accomplice finally been spotted found in paris has she but let's begin with china and what it's saying and drill down on whether both what they fear and what they're planning to do is real or likely is the u.s. planning to further weaponize the u.s. dollar by sanctioning china and cut them off from the rest of the global community is china capable of striking back by rally in the world around perhaps its own currency joining me now to answer these questions is the boom bust and global market analyst christy christy let's begin with what china seems to fear the
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most and that at least that's what it's saying according to these reports that are coming out it seems to feel like the u.s. is about to cut them off from the u.s. dollar much like it did to russia is that a likely scenario that china seems to be fearing. well this is currently perceived as being a real risk from china's standpoint simply because they are quite well noble the u.s. dollar is the world's reserve currency and all trade is conducted in it so as such china mainly relies on the u.s. dollar payment system and most of its international dealings and we've already seen last year china attempt to trade and settle trade with its neighbors russian india in their own native currencies i while those test runs were successful it was still on a very small scale so china now recognizes this is its big vulnerability and right now it's trying to take a proactive approach in order to shift away and be less dependent on the u.s. dollar but i think this is actually a double edged sword and more of a bluff tactic by the u.s. because this move by the u.s.
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as you earlier said this is a nuclear option one that has severe blowback not only on china and u.s. but also on the global economy because cutting china off from swept would be a complete economic suicide the u.s. currently runs $350000000000.00 in annual trade deficit with beijing and the people see hold over one trillion dollars in u.s. debt so the u.s. basically can no more do without trade with china than china can do without trade of the u.s. and the u.s. would also furthermore have to get the e.u. on board in order to endorse and follow the sanctions but why would they even do that when it hurts their economic interests china right now is a man you're actually hub of the world as we see with the coronavirus and a service that you so why would the e.u. give that up over a dispute that doesn't even involve that so it's unlikely that the u.s. can even force that you know to comply with the sanctions let me back you up just a little bit you mentioned something that i think may be lost on many of our viewers who don't understand the economic system you said that the u.s.
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could cut china or from swith much as a did to russia explain to our viewers exactly why that what that means and why it could be so per lising for the chinese economy. well the swiss network is essentially the backbone of the entire financial system everything that involves cross border international payments runs across a swiss network and the u.s. can sense it controls us of network it can easily flip the switch as it has done with russia as it is done on with iran and venezuela and history has shown the us has a habit of weaponized in the us dollar in order to inflict punishment and pressure on nations the most recent being russia and right now the misuse of the dollar hedge of money it's not entirely new but it certainly deepened under the trumpet ministration as he said so china learned from that history and right now it's being proactive and it's taking a very defensive measures and right now the world is also learning from history too and they're in agreement with the us controlling the dollar is dangerous especially among emerging economies there especially want to buy we're talking about here
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they're committed to trading a national currencies and then the latest rex meeting earlier this year it was announced that they have absolutely no intention of destabilizing the dollar but they want 50 percent of projects to be funded in local currencies as opposed to the u.s. dollar so the result is that those countries have established links with china and russia for trade and economic sustainability so if china feels like the united states is going to do this it will essentially cutting them off from being able to send goods do trade deals with other countries somewhat paralyzing the chinese economy can they as they seem to be threatening to do create their own currency to compete with the u.s. dollar and get the world to buy in on that are they capable of doing that is what i'm asking you kristie. this is not so much as creating a new currency it's a new method of settling transactions on stead of using the us dollar to settle transaction they're creating a new system a competing network to the swift network because if they're locked out of swift
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they need an alternative and that's the network that they've been testing since last year so since last year i mentioned they tested it with india and with russia and this is a gold backed r. and b. denominated futures contract and so this is a way for especially oil exporters to circumvent the u.s. dollar denominated benchmarks by trading in the r. and b. so it does currently have the potential to grow into another swatch network especially as it signs on board all of the brics nations all of the emerging nations on board in agreement that the u.s. dollar had a money is dangerous so it has the potential to not be stabilized the dollar but the destabilize the swiss network that the u.s. so have a handle well that's. i would imagine that would be leave the united states then telling itself be careful how hard and far how fast we push because there could be a backlash to something like this is a fascinating story you're so smart christine thanks so much for explaining this to us and making us understand it christiane now to the latest on the coronavirus emergency the number of cases worldwide topping 9000000 as new hotspots are
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emerging in the united states cases rising in at least 23 states florida texas arizona breaking record numbers but despite the uptick of new cases states are barreling ahead with reopening plans and the president holding a rally in one of those states arizona tonight to charges has the latest. today the u.s. seen dangerous increases in cold in 1000 cases now half of all states are averaging more new cases each day than they have in weeks now experts are warning that this could have implications on the rest of the country. today experts reporting the largest single day increase in code in 1000 cases worldwide since may 1 out of every 5 new infections globally from the u.s. now we going up a couple of days ago there were 30000 new infections that's very troublesome to me 25 states averaging more new cases each day at least 10 states that saw weekly new
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infections rise by more than 50 percent florida in texas setting new records texas reporting one of the largest rises in cases at 24000 for the week that ended june 21st and 84 percent increase from the previous week and new concerns that florida may be the new epicenter of the outbreak the state reporting the number of new coven 1000 cases rose 87 percent last week to almost 22000 with a positive test rate doubling to 11 percent while in arizona the state reported 17000 new infections and 90 percent increase with 20 percent of tests coming back positive the governors of all 3 states attributing the increases in newquay. says to more testing and to younger residents not following social distancing guidelines while some experts have criticized the states for reopening too quickly without adequate restrictions and not making it mandatory to wear face masks in public we see 3 really bad trends big increases in case numbers big increases in the
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positivity rate of tests and large numbers to begin with so we're heading into big outbreaks that are going to continue for at least another couple weeks and totally do something differently all this in sharp contrast to what we're seeing in new york once the epicenter of the outbreak the state is now seeing its lowest rate of new code in 1000 cases since march with new york city stores and some businesses back in business percentage of people positive for cocaine 1000 citywide threshold of 15 percent today's report once again only 2 percent excellent excellent report today congratulations to all of you along new york was once the epicenter of the outbreak in america new york governor andrew cuomo says the state now has the lowest covert 19 transmission rate in the country however if we see a spike in cases he will put new york on paused again reporting in new york trinity child as r.t. good stuff 30 thank you so much this is the news with rick sanchez you're watching our special coverage i'm going to be right back with a follow up story to one that we brought you just
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a couple of weeks ago concerning iran and what it's doing right in our own backyard will be back. bank. tower read out read i turn on the t.v. on the about the world of what's happening around me i see shows on the screens but in last every day because the fake news narratives that a state lead to maybe cooling his clock building up prisoners would harm f. the barbara fabric cool to listen to make you smile how plenty off that in this war but i found a network that will question science great news that space civil strife climate
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change stop it will be a cool simpler lists all the mainstream wants to do was keep us quiet you watch the right you can't keep a stylist critical point says cold perspective question inside direct we don't take sides we walk the dog artsy america of me real talk. you cannot be both with me yeah you're right.
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i'm holland cook i invite you to climb with me above the main stream media empire and from that higher fantods to glimpse the big picture question more. hey welcome back you know we hear on the news with rick sanchez generally stay away from quoting tabloid sources but because of the depth of the nature of this particular story we've decided to share with you this report that is 'd being purported by tabloids both in london and in new york and it is this you know glenn maxwell right she's the woman who knowingly provided geoffrey epstein with introductions to young female victims who he was later accused of raping well she's
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been spotted hiding out in paris and according to the reports she's been moving periodic lee to avoid capture avoid confrontations i guess with the f.b.i. wow joining us now lionel of legal media to take us through this story line of always good to see you what is your take on this story 1st of all the i guess look given the fact that it's being put out there by tabloids the veracity of the story . 1st my dear friend i would like to really imagine as they say they want to defund the police what are we imagine what are we imagine the usual and historic bifurcation rick i think between tabloid and broad sheet or mainstream media news because we live in a new world record believe or not some of the best journalism by a guy with an i phone so this tabloid stuff maybe if i very very good maybe how much much better than one would think initially so that being said well by the way
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by the way just just to touch on that a little bit i agree with you that there have been stories broken by tabloid publications are i could name several of them but i would bore you are that the. general media never touched on stay away from and kind of got their butts kicked on and then later had to pursue those stories point being generally speaking tabloid organizations don't adhere to the same journalistic principles and qualifications that most of us do. now let's move well right what are the things in 37 years of practicing law i've never seen anything like this the question that i don't understand from people rick from usual conventional major media is when they get the chance to talk to bill barr the question is is general bar has to lay maxwell been offered or given immunity from prosecution yeah number 2 can you
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explain to me why she has not been given why she has not been indicted why she has not been even in custody as a material witness you know rick if you are not necessarily a subject or a even a target or a. grand jury but you are a material witness and you are likely to flee likely to go elsewhere there are ways in which your. attendees can be secured the looks identical to being imprisoned or being incarcerated and that has even been done for get my do when i'm at it for get material witness my did i say even right what do i get a week we've got witnesses saying that she was their ship participated sure were crude exactly she practically held the girls down while she was being way she my goodness she was and she was an accomplice she was a codefendant but in my hypothetical yeah my psycho drama that i did with you might hear in great esteem a friend my edmar know what i'm saying was if i was asking bill bar something i say
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look a judge general even if you didn't want to do that even as a material witness how is this woman traipsing about parang relating the world now what's interesting is now this is what i would tell you if i represented you and i would tell you as my client rick they are she is cooperating this is so far up in fact our friend mr accosted who was east the u.s. attorney for the southern district of florida it was alleged and purported in her absence maybe another tabloid when he was asked why did you go along with that deal with epstein and others including granting immunity to every codefendant he said they are higher up the food chain it's intel there and intel now that doesn't preclude them from being prosecuted elsewhere that is that so rick i want to be cloak and dagger a conspiracy theory but if i represented you and you were just
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a garden variety mobster i'm saying this woman has flipped because as you know and it's only now this rolled over us the people who don't get arrested are the ones who are cooperating so come clean then she's not hiding she's being protected by sources who are going to use her and i'm kind of case wow great stuff going inside school insights good and thank you sir thank you lionel always a pleasure thanks for the laughs thank you my friend. there. braun is back in the business of rubbing modern the eyes of the united states to firing all sorts of sanctions by sending a new shipment of goods and supplies to the people of venezuela unlike the previous cargo which were mostly in fuel the latest shipment is food some of which will be used to open but as well as 1st iranian supermarket r.t. correspondent john hardy filed the story. the iranian cargo ship gold sun shown here in this photo that the iranian embassy in caracas released over the weekend arrived to the port of la it on venezuela's coast sunday bringing with it food
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medical supplies and reportedly even coded 1000 testing kits the iranian embassy in caracas tweeted that the food will be used to open the quote 1st iranian supermarket in venezuela adding that it will be another success in friendly and fraternal relations between 2 countries perhaps but it's certainly likely to irk u.s. officials including secretary of state mike pompei oh and president trump the u.s. continues to sanction both iran and venezuela and this past march the troubled ministration also indicted venezuelan president nicolas maduro and several of his current and former top administration officials on drug trafficking charges even sending u.s. navy ships to the caribbean to intercept cocaine smugglers from south america and according to administration officials venezuela so far u.s. officials haven't commented on the iranian cargo ship arriving in venezuela to reportedly set up the 1st iranian supermarket in the country but president trump continues to take aim at madeira tweeting this june 22nd unlike the radical left i
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will always stand against socialism and with the people of venezuela my administration has always stood on the side of freedom and liberty and against the oppressive madeira regime i would only meet with madeira to discuss one thing a peaceful exit from power so far that meeting has yet to take place and more than likely will not happen anytime soon we'll keep you posted on that but back to the iranian cargo ship which. can carry up to $23000.00 tons well was also said to be carrying parts to help repair venezuela's collapsed or oil refineries earlier this month the trump administration threatened to sanction as many as 50 iranian oil and fuel tankers in an effort to cut off trade between iran and venezuela after ronny and cargo ships delivered 1500000 barrels a field of venezuela this past may for the news with rick sanchez john honey there's also a political tide of this story great report there john but you know what i want to do i want to bring him m.p. former m.p.
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george galloway into this conversation because boy wouldn't you know if there's an election coming up in the united states and apparently mr maziar is a trump are. poking each other on the issue of it as well about who will be tougher and more anti-communist when it comes to. when it comes to venezuela things sometimes never change george what do you make of this. well it so for show donald trump is the peace candidate we know from john bolton and we now know from joe biden. both of those are much hungrier for a hard on line against america's enemies president donald trump. disappointed with trump he hasn't started any new wars he has withdrawn forces from several theaters and they are in a 2nd term he would live up to his pre-election promise of ending america's
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everlasting never ending entanglement in foreign wars and john bolton's been presented with is to see how he's now or fish really in the liberal camp who'd have thunk it. let me let me tell you something about american politics that maybe you don't know material a bit about my backyard i'm from south florida being miami fort lauderdale that region the only way that you can become pretty united states these days is to win the state of florida to win the state of florida you have to win south florida to win south florida you have to convince the venezuelans and the cuban exiles who left cuba and venezuela and el salvador and nicaragua all who live there that you are more anti communist than anybody so clinton did it bush did it. this this want to be president biden is now doing it trump did it when he ran for president they go to miami and they give a stump speech saying i will free your country i'm more anti communist than anybody
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else vote for me and then they never go back there again except one month until the next election that's just the way it works george i mean some of this is just politicking right. yes but what you've just demonstrated is the law of unintended consequence the sanctions against iran have pushed iran into the russian orbit the sanctions against russia pushed russia closest can be treated d. and tweedle dum with china no the sanctions on iran and venezuela have pushed iran venezuela together and you are not have the delights to look forward to of shopping in another indian supermarket in downtown caracas the plan to come out of the swift system will swiftly lead to china and russia coming up with a new payment system which cuts the dollar on the united states careful what you
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wish for about something the island did in politics a long long time ago you know it's interesting when you were saying that i was almost going to say you know you missed one the sanctions an embargo against cuba pushed cuba into venezuela embracing arms which is what started the triad that you just explained what a wonderful conversation as usual with my friend george galloway thank you george appreciate it be careful what you wish for finally the image that is being seen and talked about around the world and here it is once again that's a statue of andrew jackson a u.s. president known as much of anything for his cruelty to native americans last night protesters threatened and actually attempted to tear his iconic statue in front of the white house until federal police were sent in to push them back in the end a small but vocal crowd dispersed however by then the video of these protesters again threatening the statue of former president near the white house seemed
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obvious to the entire world now i want to give you a little context here's a historic point about andrew jackson despite the fact that he was renowned for his skills as a war general. courageous indeed he was also responsible when he became president for the trail of tears as it was called which was a forced removal of cherokee creek and summon all indians from their lands when gold was found there it was horrible it was mean it was nasty jackson was responsible for the deaths of thousands when he sent in federal troops to push them out even though the supreme court had ruled against it saying it was illegal to do so but he did it anyway. that's the history that's the situation i'm rick sanchez and that's our news stay safe stay connected stay with us here on portable t.v. or you can download the app and track the very latest and take us with you on your phone wherever you go and we'll see you again when it's once again time. to do
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an underwhelming campaign rally in tulsa of foot drum what does this mean for his campaign restart former trump insider anthony scott i will she is on this addition to. the politicking on larry king a scathing bestseller by former national security advisor and underwhelming campaign rally in tulsa rattles the president and his feeble will get a shot from the hip perspective for financiering and them a scout he lasted less than 2 weeks is that from white house communications director and now he's pushing disaffected republicans to elect joe biden and the nice guy mochi former trump white house communicate.


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