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tv   News  RT  July 1, 2020 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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yeah you like. deciding rush's next chapter it's the final day of voting on changes to the constitution we look at what's being offered and bring your reaction throughout the day. because the current constitution is out of date i think it is nonsense according to all legal and ethical to. all of that. there is intense scrutiny for germany huge processing industry after a major covert among the biggest shines a light on working living conditions for the mean low paid migrants. and also ahead on the program modern slavery in focus police bust another human
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trafficking ring with authorities saying the victims are increasingly from eastern your. story. than usually pulled me. live from moscow this is r.t. international my names you know me 30 minutes of news and views start. it's the final day of a week of voting that's been taking place in russia on proposed changes to the country's constitution while many have already had their say by voting online president putin has the 3rd today a national holiday to a lot of voters who haven't yet gotten so the chance to cast their ballot.
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list weapons that is the culminating point of russia's nationwide vote on amendments to its constitution and snow into the final number of followers here in moscow about russian citizens. ballots and some people who poured on to the streets really to voice their concern over the proposed changes well to keep it all in for us this hour our correspondents. here taylor so let's kick off with you lovely throw in there as well what's been the sunny day so far in moscow the polls are close though in other parts of the country aren't they in the far east and the idea of venture shipping up to date. while all you need to do is take one quick glance at a map and realize the extent of russia's territory it's close it's enormous and it's got numerous times and that's been in total so whilst here in the capital
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there are a still a couple of hours for you to take in the far east polls have closed on results are starting to trickle and at this stage they are indicating that with just a 5 percent told it's counted in nine's regions 69 percent of people voted in favor of the constitutional amendments not those numbers such a tiny quite closely to what independent pollsters predicting last week but of course the far east is just one part of the much bigger picture so we are going to have to sit tight and wait to see why though those fellow russians in all the corners of the country feel the same way what is clear is that even with the clock running down rapidly people are still very active voting in fact time out is up almost 20 percent since end of day yesterday we're now looking at around 63 percent so all those last minute photos of rushing to the polls to have that say in the future of this constitution in the future of this country. should run off is not so
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far away from. central moscow igor you're there where there have been some protests i believe in moscow also sent petersburg as well maybe more demonstrations are expected what's know and what's happened. well you know indeed we're about a few 100 meters away from the red square here that the push is sort of a traditional venue for the members of the russian opposition to come to and a vent their anger and we've been here for the past hour or so and i have seen people coming here gathering there over the next to the statue and largely so far. the feeling has been that there have been more bloggers and journalists just people who have come here to protest to though some bloggers are of course they share the opposition view but here so far it looks like there's a few dozen people in the century the something of an improvised platform for those
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who are unhappy with the incoming results of the of the vote on the amendments to the constitution is just over there you can see hopefully you can see a lot of cameras a lot of people with mobile phones and essentially anyone who's very vocal who's very passionate in their opposition to the amendments they can stand in front of that semicircle of journalists and vent their feelings and talk about talk about the reasons as to why they are opposed to these amendments there's a girl right there with her with a. roughly translate as i am but we are the constitution is something of a support the don't touch the constitution as it is but so far it is well i have to say it's far from the largest opposition rally that i have covered for instance it's not the only venue of protest even here in the russian capital just over there to the left of me as the red squares upset and several activists are there they
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laid on the ground they lay on the ground. with the bodies' forming that number 2036 it is essentially what the potential yaz to the amendments into the russian constitution will allow vladimir putin the russian president to stay in power and order 100 people showed up in st petersburg. to show their opposition to the amendments as well one person was arrested was detained i should rather say they're all activists on the red square detained as well but right now all of them have already been released and now why most people are angry with the constitution there are more than 200 amendments but mostly it's the amendments that would allow essentially would allow vladimir putin to stay in power to get reelected for 2 more terms as things are right now this would be his last day this will have to be his last term as the
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russian president the new amendments the most controversial ones the people that are speaking out against about are the ones that would allow glad i'm a putin to stay in power for longer. thanks for that just bringing some of those points that igor was going through. the amendments the main points is there a feeling among those who've been hitting the polls today about the the there is one overwhelming issue the voters are getting behind or it's a generally this is the constitution this is the package this is what we want to say all. while there is definitely a white consensus here in russia that reform of some kind is necessary i mean the current constitution dates back to 9093 and russia of course ups evils and it's changed dramatically since that. people recognize that the constitution is a document it needs to be malleable it needs a bit of give and take you know you need to change and adapt to new realities
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political. realities but do you think it was an easy decision for everyone precisely because of this all or nothing 13 steve so people lost either to vote for or against the entire package of amendments and there are an astonishing 147 of the dots quite a tool you want to people what do you do if you really pocket 145 of them but you really dislike 2 of them i think that led to a lot of in tunnel deliberation a lot of to ing and fro ing in fact let's hear it from the people themselves and see what they have to say on the matter. i think that it's needed because the current constitution is out of date it is a modern time and even the view is that as far as new. why have i come here to vote because i'm a citizen of russia and a green light all of them men mints and you know i am not ok with them and about 0 out the presidential term absolutely do not agree with. i became familiar with all
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of the amendments in the constitution of. the most important measure the prevalence of russian you know over international the head of the central election commission of said something about voting being like a meal deal you either take everything or you do not take it at all and i already do not like one dish in this meal deal so i will not take everything else i think it is nonsense according to all legal logical and ethical norms i love my country and in sync everything that has been done is right i am going with pleasure to vote and i am recommend everyone to do the same. so what could have swayed it full of those 6 yes votes says in the end it's the package of social a bad mix that really have got wide appeal things like making sure that the minimum wage never floors below the cost of living adjusting pensions in line with inflation of thought during financial support for low income families and then of course you've got things like preserving historical memory and reiterating
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traditional family. those things would be particularly popular among the more conservative sectors of society and i think these were popular because they really have an impact on the way people live on a daily basis so that's what really pulled people to the polling stations and actually talking all paid to polling stations as we await for some more results to come through let's take a look at some of the more exotic was most adults locations that people have been going to in order to cause that ballots over the past week. the actual thing is to do just the absolute please please please please. please please. lose sleep
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lose lose. lose. lose lose lose lose lose lose lose. lose lose sleep sleep. sleep. sleep. sleep. sleep. sleep. sleep. sleep. sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep.
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sleep sleep sleep or to incredible scene. well the current constitution was adopted almost 30 years ago a time of great people with the remnants of the u.s.s.r. on course for some big changes. power.
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i remember the maine constitution provisions have been generally approved so the state is a living organism and it is developing a country that moves and develops and has gone through the traumatic and tragic changes that our country has gone through this requires that the laws existing as the basis of the state also undergo changes in the public interest how many of you thought when the constitution was adopted in 1993 about the modern challenges like the emergence of i.t. technologies the possibility of information was such threats exist today now most of society believes that there is a need for such amendments and they are more than justified. oh yes we have been going through there's a long list of proposed changes in the package being voted on but it's just one element that's got much of the foreign media fired up. russia's parliament
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basically paving the way for vladimir putin to potentially stay on as russian president he's the longest serving russian leaders and joseph stalin a lot of the acute him wants to stay in power even longer addressing lawmakers abdu words saying he backed the amendment allowing him to seek another term in office. so that's not a cross live to notice mario a former european parliament member professor of a human institutions at the university of create wealth come how significant is today's vote for russia and its people notice. well i think it's very important because so many changes have taken place in the world and it's very obvious and that not only russia but also other countries are a changing the constitution is very important also what they call it the social agenda we see is included in the amendments russia and the rest of the world
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are going to phrase. the economic consequences of. 4 coronavirus and it's very important for a country like russia to have social protection for its own citizens i understand that there is an amendment which guarantees that the minimum wage that should not go below the living of standards also that is an index. of 4 of the pensions these are very important i think privileges for it's a citizen not only in russia but also another countries and they understand the source. of the constitution is very important as it also guarantees the public health access to education so i understand that this is something that might also inspire other countries because in europe as. you know.
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we are facing now. and many governments are taking measures which restrict the were the rights of the working classes and this is not something that will be accepted by the people in western europe you touched upon some of the economic amendments the government will be obliged to support entrepreneurs on help develop private business initiatives how significant is that you're seeing across europe of course but for russia now and 2020 how important is that. while of course russia should face the challenges of new technologies or for the globalisation a new let's say start 2 so forth between the us the china europe saw russia must pave which way
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for investment for modernization and the core poor with the challenges you the global jews should understand that also russia supports intrapreneur but at the same time i think it's satisfying it brings a social network network for its own people so i think we'll see in the future because nobody knows what's going to have been with these big races that has hit the global but they understand it's very important kind of for all the countries to prepare themselves we just have a little bit of time but i just wanted to mention that another amendment secure is an annual adjustment to maintain the value of pensions and allowances there have been some frustration over the raising of the retirement age here so this i would suggest is aimed at the older generation in particular. who are led. to every country there is a range send their players also in greece i think it's very important to give some strengths. to social security systems and i
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understand that this might face some criticism. about culture in other countries and something to. understand is very important for the russian constitution it is that it's very important for strengthening the sovereignty and independence of russia at least in 2 issues 1st of all i understand that now the russian constitution is going to take. it's going to take supremacy over international law which is very important and also that there is a bar no one giving away any territory of russia i think these are very important issues in terms of for strengthening the sovereignty and independence of russia notice moreas former member of the european parliament thank you for joining us on the program. thank you very much.
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the primary purpose of history is to understand the past as a guide to understanding the present and future history should not be deemed is feeling goodness knowledge it because a lot of history is painful and shame so how should we find the right now let's establish you side the life. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. the isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led. direct. what is true what is faith.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallowness. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. let's start back in germany where the covert locked on has been extended on a meet factory and surrounding ton in the west of the country after
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a huge number of workers came down with infections there have been smaller i breaks in similar types of workplaces unions on the officials concerned over safety concerns for a stop here all of us got down story. germany was quite rightly praised for how it handled the initial wave of coronavirus now although it's dealing with something but hops a little more tricky isolated localized spikes of covert 19 we're on our way to a meat processing plant in the city of get it's law which has been the epicenter of one of those outbreaks over $1500.00 workers tested positive at this facility the factory is currently closed down with the workforce in quarantine since corona was confirmed a lockdown that was imposed on the local area last week has been extended by a further 7 days the federal government's in its calling on people to be age
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this is feeling mentioned it's not a hard situation for many people the restrictions cause a burden in the chancel thinks all people who take the situation with patients and follow the necessary restrictions they are all helping now to prevent the virus from spreading the reason for the extension of this local lockdown is 100 cases of corona in the last week detected in people that have no connection whatsoever with this meat factory the working and living conditions of staff at the other 2 are have been brought under the microscope low paid workers from eastern europe often living in cramped conditions with social distancing is nigh on impossible by being seen as the unfortunate catalyst for this spike people living in this area on top either workers were forced to continue in these conditions during a pandemic. management should have been more careful these are people who came here to work they should have been tested before they were hired but when the virus was
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already in the factory and you don't know who has it then you cannot stop it. we have guest workers from romania and sometimes they live 10 people in this same apartment they were. as for nothing and that's the problem. they are blaming the meat factory but the virus is still everywhere one of the reasons could be that people are working there in close proximity without maintaining the necessary save distance officials in berlin and local governments say this is the responsibility of business owners. the company must have civil liability through behavior where people obviously do not abide by rules corp took an entire region hostage it is currently being about he waited very carefully whether and against which rules the company has violated and where it can be held liable for those tasked with looking after workers rights of buying the german government saying they're willing to open
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a dialogue on improving conditions they accused of being all talk no action they have already been enough in nonsense and promises who heard it all before but nothing ever happens the company operating this plant of refused all requests for comment when it comes to working conditions they cite but this isn't the only coded spike in germany right now.
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this type of localized outbreak has been noticeably absent from germany's blue chip manufacturing the auto industry is back to. with the correct precautions being taken in a normal working week 1000 pigs assaulted here every day and while the low paid staff living in quality. may allow for cheap schnitzel it also provides coronavirus with the optimum conditions to spread peter all over r.t. . germany. you'll know there's a lot of focus right now on coming to terms with slavery throughout history but it's also something that causes very real suffering for victims today 10 people are currently being sheltered for instance after police found them living in a farm building in central england all had travelled from romania 4 people have been arrested on suspicion of human trafficking it's not an isolated case either
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the church based charity best salvation army says it helped almost 10000 in modern slavery victims between 2011 and one team they originated from 1900 in recent years the biggest number came from albania and vietnam modern slavery victims are being made to work in grueling factory or farm jobs as well as car washes on the sex industry one anonymous victim told the salvation army about his experience. or advice from tory meet fuck tory put to much of shall do more. i will to do just to leave but i'm usually pulled me. on you cannot buy a. plot solely. to get it back in the midst of. a.
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more really startling figures in 2014 the british home office estimated there were between 10 and 13000 potential victims in the u.k. last year police for. put it around $5000.00 cases that was twice as many as the previous year and it one of the largest cases ever brought to trial around $400.00 people were trafficked for forced labor from poland the director of anti trafficking and modern slavery up the salvation army say slavery is an issue not yet consigned to history when somebody comes in trust service we obviously need to assess and and and support them you know with regard to the conditions they've been in you can see the physical signs of them back haven't been you know beaten they want to have bruising and scarring from the stiffness the physical disability of that but we also find that there's the emotional mental scarring as well on the whole they will be living in in has with multiple doctor can see so the conditions
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are good and they're crowded in some cases they're not finest in the right way that they haven't got he's saying i think what's happening now is it it's reminded people that you know we thought over 600 years ago through william wilberforce that the days of slavery it ended that happens you know there's still with us the still current here in modern slavery and i think it's really important that it's hi nice seeing that you know we are living in a world and we're living in communities where next door to us that could be somebody who has kept captive in slavery. some stories in brief no starting in hong kong rupert 300 people have been arrested in 24 hours following the implementation of new protest laws. i the demonstrations occurring just after china passed its controversial hong kong security law under the new rules those following guilty of crimes such as secession and collusion with foreign forces may face life in prison among those the tangles of teenager who was seen
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leaving a hong kong independence. in the us police helping fearing the self the current autonomous zone in seattle the area known as child or chelas so officers equipped with heavy weapons and protective gear move in before the raid protestors some armed to were warned they could face arrest if they don't leave as a result dozens of demonstrators helping to taint according to the place the zone near capitol hill in the city has been occupied since june the residents there have been demanding the abolition of the police following the death of george voids. switching gears to punish disney house reopened its 2 worst to visitors the theme park was shut for 4 months due to corona virus there's now a back up and running with safety measures in place the attractions restaurants will serve fewer people while shows remain suspended japan has so far confirmed 18000 covert cases with the death toll surpassing it. or at more great
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programs coming right up out artsy international and you can catch the very latest developments as russia goes to the polling booth and this is where we'll stay with me right in the evening in your seat at the top of the hour. we go to work. straight home.


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