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this thursday the 2nd of july on our 2 international all ballots now counted after a week long vote on changes to the russian constitution with nearly 80 percent backing the amendments also. good. enough is enough police clearing now the self-proclaimed thomas protests in seattle after a series of shootings and repeated violence. popular pro trump forum is banned from the discussion website read it over 20 to hate speech look at how the social network has been pulled in public and political scrutiny. and in the question is chess racist because the white pieces move 1st illustrators national broadcaster is
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accused of trying to stoke an inflammatory debate on it a former chess official tells us the networks are exploiting the racial debate though. we can wish them democracy is there is an agenda to push for increased racial tension and the a.b.c. tried to jump on the bandwagon by including. it after being for russia for me and the team here at r t so world the center is kevin with this hour's update so 1st of all votes counted following a week of polling across russia to decide on a raft of wide ranging amendments to the constitution the electoral commission declared the final result just last hour with nearly 80 percent voting in favor from a turnout of around 65 percent a correspondent saskia taylor is across the she saw the crowd really get hi there so tell us what moral. the vote. while
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voting on changes to the russian constitution has wrapped up and the results are in with rules so it's counted 78 percent of people voted in favor of the constitutional amendments 21 percent against and that was a pretty high turnout of 65 percent so really a testament to how engaged people was with this issue now this really was a vote of the fos time people were in mosques and gloves the past time they were using disposable pens wilson through temperatures sconce voting online for some it was also the fust time that someone voted from space a vote should cosmonaut who is currently on the international space station cos his ballot on law and so he might be 400 kilometer says above us but he still wants to have his say and what's happening down here on so with part about how thing now approved the amendments on the people have been given thera proof they will come into force as soon as flag to make signs to create us for the voting process itself
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and while that was the situation west security footage allegedly caught a woman stuffing the ballots now that counting in that area of moscow has been suspended pending an investigation otherwise the central editorial commission says that it found no irregularities but you know that commission itself did actually come under a bit of criticism for posting the preliminary results while searching was still underway now they say that they did this in the interest of transparency that the situation in the fog east which is of course several hours ahead for example mosco was already clear and that they wanted to be a reliable and constant source of information which of course they have a legal right to do so so. the amount of people who voted for or against didn't go pretty much as the government may want to go no.
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well there are so many and many months on the table $140.00 stuff but in total that i don't think the government could have guessed what it was that would have secured the public back but undoubtedly i think it's safe to say that the pockets of certain amount of it's found really broad appeal so things like ensuring that the minimum wage would never fools below the cost of living adjusting pensions in line with inflation giving more financial support to low income families these things proved popular because they have such a tangible effect on people's day to day lives that is not to say of course that it was an easy decision or that there was no control a couple of amendments proved to be particularly polarizing and one that gained a lot of media traction was the one concerning the so-called searing out of president putin's previous terms paving the way for him potentially if he wanted to do so run again for the post twice some of the of the more conservative amendments
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also approved quite divisive things like defining marriage so we as a union between a man and a woman mentioning god's even though russia is a secular nation and really reiterating traditional family values so it was a bit of a mixed bag in tom's reaction and people decide to show that disapproval not just at the polls but also protests peaceful ones both hit in the capital and also in the us and petersburg troops 2020 fold it was safety fust. foreigners it is not. right on a plane or. ultimately many who put a tick in the yes box with dogs here but the russia of 1993 when this current constitution was born was full of political and economic instability it was still finding its feet after the collapse of the so if you you know i'm not russia is not the same as the russia of $22.00. when together with entirely different countries
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so i think this yes to the changes was born from a desire for the country's top document to move with the times just sat russia on a new course and shape its future as envisaged by russians now today and not as envisaged by russians almost 30 years ago so i. think you will you know picking up on what i was talking about the one part of it the reset of the current presidential terms it means that vladimir putin could potentially run for another 12 years after his current ends something that both were in the western media quite a lot in fact they picked up on much more than any of the other proposed amendments . he's the longest serving russian leader since the dictatorial days of stalin and should he decide to run again it's looking like further 16 years you know for much of us many of us observing this from around the world that's what the russians are voting on today do they want putin basically forever or do they want something different there is this feeling that it doesn't make any difference your vote
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counts for nothing there's nothing written can do if you wouldn't like to see him stay on in power some observers told 'd that you can just see from the results from the central action committee where people went for the right to vote for him terribly that turnout was about 30 percent and where people were made to go to the to cast their ballots and that turnout was about 70 percent that's just not normal maybe at are attracted by the easiest message the electronic good message is all the president want to stay here for 2030 seats and sometimes they are not so many enter starting complex framework legal framework like a constitution to find what really is important for the future of the country and for the society the normal people living in russia
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i found many many points well you know the social reforms they're all in them and also the new balance of power would that deserves more attention but that the it's you know the good news is no news that some used to say i reject these i started your project our constitution then i found something very interesting. elsewhere police have cleared other celtic lead autonomy as protest zone in seattle activists occupied the area which become most chop after police moved out of their precinct bill. and the campaign is hope that it be setting up a peaceful police free utopia but that peace didn't last very long in the last 3 weeks the zone saw 4 shootings 2 of them fatal there are also reports of a sulzberger reason even rape the protestors were warned that they could face arrest if they didn't leave over 30 were detained seattle police released videos of
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some of the violence. go. for a smoke. but 1st the mayor wanted to leave the activists to their protest but she was later forced to take action. how long do you think seattle in those few blocks looks like this. i don't know we could have the summer globes the deteriorating conditions and repeated gun violence required us to immediately address public safety concerns it was clear that many individuals would not leave and public safety could not be improved until they did leave the mayor's decision came off the protesters marched on her home demanding police funding be cut by half throughout all this last couple of weeks local activists that but since he's been taken
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assumed was happening there well most laughed and then he watched the police move those protesters all. outside of the pine street entrance of chop right now where a bunch of police have set up a barricade and the protesters are now beginning to gather you know just. you know they're. blocking the street trying to cause a little bit more awareness and the officers took that as an opportunity to complete enforce their version of law oh yeah i don't know where you are you know well. the police came into a shop and ousted the remaining people who were staying there does that have around 32 arrests have been sprayed people pepper spray them and aggressive from your perspective what exactly happened basically i was at our. car and. it all started when bang bang bang screams and. there were a couple individuals who were speaking loudly red megaphone switching the crowd
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energized to actually bringing people in off the streets and the cops in a little bike brigade actually charging targeted those people arresting them individually and throwing them into the back of a cop cars far end of chalk. not too long ago there were a bunch of tents in these areas there were people hanging out just living. in 5 hours everyone has been evacuated you know like you had a right. to do. anybody except that you know. my next friend and her other friend you know i don't think anybody in seattle did not see this coming ever since the string of 4 to 5 shootings that have. recently found out that the last shooting there was a 14 of a 16 year old kid who were killed so child has actually been relatively empty and relatively quiet past couple days but i think that it was. the cops decided it was
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time to put an end to it there's a lot of the moralization right now especially in the crowd of protesters because i think a lot of people are taking this is a bit of a loss because baby we're. 2 told. this entire idea. seems to have not only failed but come to an end. the social networks $110.00 sole round scrutiny right now and getting a handle on hate speech so the discussion website read it is the latest to make a move it's banned the large pro trump forum saying it violates the rules modesty of takes a look next than it whether the axe is falling because of a public offense sold may be political pressure. it's a sad state of affairs isn't it what's happening to the internet to the discussion increasingly no one month stay here an opinion that isn't theirs or that they don't
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agree with even recognize it specially the ed who changed by that is reddit which has just ban the internet's largest community of donald trump's supporters as a place for community and belonging not through attacking people who don't hold has been in violation of that one could direct reddit see to take a look at the hundreds of ads he trump groups a tidal wave of bile but what's the point it isn't hate if they agree with it which is what users are now saying this ban wave that included the donald targeted mostly conservative voices read it's been a bunch of mostly irrelevant sub thread it is just a cover to ban the donald which was the largest cro-magnon community on the internet reddit just banned 2000 separate it's almost exclusively right leaning channels censorship is very real i don't support trump but censorship hate speech
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is subjective you know what that's ok right it isn't public property it's a private enterprise they can do whatever they want bad whoever they want at the same time radical left sub right it's where people can organize harassment and attacks and pump out vile hate those communities thrive the way conservatives see it what reddit and other tech companies are doing isn't about protecting minorities it's about using minorities as an excuse to shut up trump and his predominantly white american supporters you can't make this monstrous. prejudice up big tech is roll out of control twitter and other social media platforms targeting their bias against president trump and conservatives on line big tax is out of control filled with hubris and flagrantly silencing
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those with whom they disagree from conservative media organizations to the president of the united states senator cruz by the way along with millions of conservatives of looking to paula a website that dubs itself as an unbiased alternative to leftist run bread it's an twitters and facebook's and some trump officials are ditching twitter for a new social media platform which is called pala so paul i'm a big waves claiming to attract $2000000.00 freedom and free speech loving uses in just over 2 weeks what you think happened next that the right wing platform embrace leftist views of the pinions or immediately start banning them exactly like left wing platforms that are battling conservatives. ringback
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the donald on reddit was a cesspit of barely concealed prejudice that's what i've always see that that is but so is so many radical left soubrette it slike adze fascists of read it the way i see it the right in the left they deserve each other 2 sides of the same chord both con stand hearing opposing views both con stand a chronology that there are opposing views and big day where it should moderate and help it capitalizes and mona. sizes and peoples prejudice and division is a safe space they say apparently a little universe where you can move will only with people like you and be served ads tailored to you and your browsing history and after years and years of this how
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can people find that surprising that the right and the left simply hate each other isn't a good thing if people running to their corners if you believe the poor. were public in social networks. this is not a good little bit of an echo chamber they want to be where the action is and they want to be able to debate the other side everyone has had it up to their necks with silicon valley we are buyers other territory of americans their attempts to. frame public discourse in this country is a cold war we aren't we are and and we have been and a 2nd cold war in this country for a long time it's internal now is this a decision completely different chests maybe a game of strategy skill and patience but for australia's national broadcaster
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seems just another poor in the global racism debate the a.b.c. than planned to ask radio audiences is chess racist because white pieces move 1st is the question didn't go down well with the former stay in chess federation representative it was asked to take part in said debate john adams refused and then took to twitter to rebuke the a.b.c. saying the taxpayer funded national broadcaster is raising irrelevant topics during a pandemic his anger was echoed by world chess players like the russian grandmaster anatoly karpov to. a period of total insanity has begun what does it have in common with the centuries old game. john adams who set tweet propelled the rhone to the open then says that the order of who goes 1st has got nothing to do with race and called out the a.b.c. from flaming racial tensions i was on the phone call the a.b.c. wanted to have a discussion about whether they should change the rule because of the current racial context i think it's a big scandal the fact that what goes 1st has nothing to do with race. it all comes
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down to a convention established in the late eighty's i think in western democracies there is an agenda to push for increased racial tension and the a.b.c. tried to jump on the bandwagon by including chance the fact that the a.b.c. decided to pick chess as a topic i think of fully exposed what their agenda is and we don't need more tension would only to divide people i think it's dangerous if we allow games that have nothing to do with race to be politicized as a footnote to this the a.b.c. says its aim has been misunderstood here and the radio host whose show planned to hold the discussion insists they weren't looking for people to say chess is racist and said jones valentine says they were simply looking to create a fresh conversation about our world which is what we aim to do too on this channel just ahead an anniversary in hong kong blighted by violence over the new beijing imposed security law we're going to tell you about that and get reaction from
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inside the region to her back after this break. her. seemed wrong. wrong just don't. get to shape out just a become educated and gauge equals betrayal. when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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we go to work so you straight home. story very much to keep an eye on next what's happening on in hong kong on wednesday the place mark 23 years since control of the territory was handed from britain to china but it was marred by violence against the own set of a big new security law passed by beijing amid some of the ugliest scenes disturbing video emerging of a riot officer being stabbed in the arm by a protester. the officer was
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apparently trying to subdue a rioter before being restrained by a protester and then stabbed by another suspect was a raid arrested the small apparently around 300 were detained on wednesday as protests erupted into clashes 9 arrests were made for violating this new law. the law is a brutal sweeping crackdown against the people of hong kong intended to destroy the freedoms they were promised free hong kong was one of the world's most stable prosperous and dynamic cities now they'll be just another communist rhone city were its people we subject to the party elites wimps we will continue to implement president trucks directive to and hong kong's special status. issue concern a national security law not a human and if we should all should not the police if you took full force of. interfering in china's internal affair. so this law's been condemned by u.s. officials have been taking swift action just before it was passed the u.s.
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and there was tong called a special trade status and the house of representatives approved sanctioning banks which cooperate with officials who implemented the hong kong security law let's get a view on what's happening here and go to hong kong and live on the line with us says hong kong an asia specialist benjamin cho professor of the paris school of business in china southwestern university of finance and economics at the photos take the time to be with us so more violence where does this leave the one country 2 systems principle as of today. i think one country 2 systems has rather been damaged by the riots in the recent years now the chinese is trying to fix it according to their brights china it's given in hong kong as many constitution called the basic law article 18 clearly specified that the national laws in china can be applied in any hong kong is listed and next free as long as
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they standing committee of the national people's congress just at the end next after consultation with the hong kong government and you don't move many many more such countries like 53 of them supported china's national security law on tuesday in united nations the number of countries against such laws only 27. but how is charlie going to react if this violence there is a lot of resistance that this of the place is split very much as you saying but if this resistance continues is china going to continue to take a heavy hand is going to cause a lot of a long run the rest of the world when it. looked to leaders of the opposition parties almost all of them have already. announced before the law was announced yesterday that they would no longer be more in political activities so these are only the receipt of all activities some youngsters going out to the streets and i think there was no doubt that did the new law enforcement entity make
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special specifically for business or sacred law in hong kong right now they were not disappointed they would prosecute those who continue to violate but i mean the u.s. house of representatives is very concerned for one there approving sanctions against on call over this new law they're not. seeing it as a problem if they go ahead with it what what's the relate was has a good effect relations between china and america. look the situation in hong kong i think is many plaited. over the expectorated so that the u.s. can have a better terms in easily go she needs negotiation with china also hong kong is an important base of u.s. intelligence for countries definitely would be simply attracted by thing for economic interests i think china still be very open to work with the u.s. to make to pick a. i hear totally what you're saying with the other side you know around the world
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as it's being seen by some of the countries ok we've covered the u.s. or about european countries the vast majority of european countries have condemned the law turn to some of taking steps which are china's calling for interference again it's another pinch point for foreign relations how's china going to deal with you or because europe's concerned to. look at this what they say we need to see what they do even with their. great britain on the case of a whale or 5 g. even. sometimes. they willingly or some other smaller countries they are unwilling need to make a joint statement or get a bit of states but when it comes to real economic interests just as the case for highway cambridge for example is allowing a far way to open a large research institute in cambridge just last week but as far as
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the bigger britain is concerned if you like as a country it's now renewing its citizenship offered to nearly 3000000 hong kong residents who might want to get out of there china's threatening counter measures how is that going to play again relations because the such a history there between britain and hong kong and china going to handle this now. i myself actually whole passports so i'm actually also entitled to what the u.k. has promised yesterday about u.k. residency so. my understanding is there was only $300000.00. people legible for that and then we have families it's you know allegedly 3000000 people but i think as many of my friends they are not going because of you're going to say the acid test i suppose is how many people will try to get out of there quickly you're saying not merely is your view the shared by
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a lot of other people in hong kong or not or could there be a mass exodus i think i do i think no absolutely not because i think the law only punish those who have my late at it and more importantly the law is not these respective that is from today almost if you do not violate the law you will not be prosecuted so. continue to be at the center of the most vibrant economic you know very possible place in the whole world which is that we are going to be area there's really not many and china and hong kong has. this kind of waves for many decades many people emigrated outside but eventually all of them in back to china hong kong and china or prefer so we believe it will follow this story closely thanks for giving us your insight as well from hong kong professor benjamin shone the line there. that's so rough of some of my new stories so far
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today all teams online and social media work around the clock of course and for now the reporter from all spoke of it all in saying thanks for watching and have a great rest of the day. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision lotos sheltered lives every song came to a complete. the day that i was right to be instructed you know told to shut up but they'd kill me and i see how it destroyed my life any screamed at me and he made me come in the gram my arm and he write me with his birth ink area if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation and it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military rape is a very very traumatizing tat happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen from
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women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished than the offender i had an almost 10 year career which i was very invested in and i gave that up to report a sex offender who was not even put to justice or put on the registry this is simply an issue of tower and violence male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's a man or women. all these people dress the way there's a lot more to swallow so people who have lost their lives early today. yeah this is from akron we're just not going to treat our way out of this epidemic the only way we're going to eradicate it is through education and prevention and stop the kids from using because we have seen people go through pro.


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