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tv   The News with Rick Sanchez  RT  July 6, 2020 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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from the world headquarters of the r.t. america in our nation's capital this is. rick sanchez hello again everybody. i want to welcome all of you who are watching us from all over the world on your regular television providers or your mobile device using the portable t.v. today we offer an exclusive interview with saudi arabia's ambassador to the united nations where the oil demand so low what will his country do that and the thorny issues but devil in the kingdom this year all that is coming up but we want to begin with new information about covert 19 there are 4 new major developments regarding the science of corona virus and i want to break this down for you because
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this is really important stuff number one number one remember how we were told that covert 19 was essentially a respiratory disease right that primarily attacked and targeted our lungs it appears that is not the case now see this is new information but 19. turns out to actually be more of a vascular disease that attaches to blood vessels and causes blood clots that means it's not confined to the longs but rather to any organ which is why people can die of kidney disease or heart disease or stroke etc in fact in autopsies when they started looking at all the coated 19 patients who obviously had died they found thousands and thousands in their bodies of little blood clots that are caused by this coded 1000 virus number 2 the virus does seem to have
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mutated as expected by the way viruses mutate the original strain or the strain based on where it was 1st detected tends to be more lethal it kills more people the 2nd strain often called the european strain or the italian strain because that's where it was detected in large measure the 2nd part it's less lethal but more transmissible which may not actually be a bad thing because that's how strains and viruses eventually die out as they create more herd immunity number 3 there's evidence that seems to suggest now that you're much less apt to catch the virus if you go outside if you go outside china studied 318 transmissions found only one of them occurred outdoors and that was apparently 2 neighbors talking to each other across a fence number 4 what's good children generally do not transmit
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1000 to adults that's really important and kind of weird right because it means schools can open in the fall with of course proper guidelines now why don't they transmit it and here's where this gets a little weird when we all know that man if you want to catch a cold go hang out with get a gardeners right children especially famous for transmitting colds and flus the answer because in this particular via. the covert my team the children are not sneezing they're not coughing like they would be with colds and flus transmissible now with all of that said at least on the science front what about the situation on the ground now not good not good it does seem that many states have in fact let their guard down and now as a result coronavirus cases are increasing nationwide we are going to take you to the newest hot spot one of several really but this one is getting a lot of attention a lot of talk miami florida my hometown this is the news with rick sanchez where we
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truly believe it's time to do news again. here is a list of the questions we think we'll be asking tomorrow after watching tonight. team is not what we thought it was but what else do we not know which giant telecom company is now carrying portable t.v. how will saudi arabia's ambassador respond to my questions about the kingdom's problems. let's get right to. what we're going to have team coverage on. we have coverage today both on the corona virus the 2nd wave sort of speak in quotations of course and then also the new science that seems to teach us a lot about how. is changing we're going to begin our coverage with correspondent natasha suite in los angeles. as a race for
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a vaccine continues scientists are realising that 19 isn't exactly what they initially predicted not to be a respiratory disease researchers have discovered it's actually a vascular disease it's different from an influenza virus and that it gets into the body via the airway but in the case of the crown of virus it touches to the blood vessels and people who are 1st good. an ammonia from the virus it appeared to be a result from attacking the lungs but now scientists say they're seeing people die of blood clots but 19 can reportedly attack any organ in the body with a significant network of blood vessels like the lungs kidney gox and even brain and because of this new findings doctors are reporting so many various types of symptoms related to the virus even ones that are not obviously tied to code 19 researchers say there is more mounting evidence the virus is much harder to transmit outdoors than indoors a recent study from japan indicates one is 20 times more likely to get the crown a virus while inside compared to an outside scientists say outside the window even
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humidity help disperse and blow away droplets coming from each person so a mask may not be needed outside health officials say practicing social distancing 6 feet apart will truly help to keep transmission rates down it's a reason why the mayor of manhattan beach said she didn't agree with shutting down the beaches for the 4th of july weekend so we agree that the young and healthy are least likely to get covert would we agree that covert is least likely to be transmitted outdoors and we know that the beach is a wide open space with lots of social distancing so to my mind it does not make sense to close the beaches where the young and the healthy do gather scientists are stressing the need to reinforce social distancing as this may only be the opening phases of this pandemic reporting for the news with rick sanchez natasha sweet r t. all right and we promised him coverage and. joins us now a lot of to talk about some of these new science developments along with
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correspondent john how do you run a thick of things i mean we're talking about florida the new hot zone all over the country i guess from what is well what's going on. drawing a picture of what the situation there is in miami. well it's changing even as we speak in fact the mare of miami dade county just announced. about an hour ago rick that restaurants bars nightclub gems are all going to be closing again as of wednesday so crazy. you know in addition to all the other things that were shot down over the weekend beach is no 4th of july celebration so it was a really you know a really muted subdued holiday weekend at least here in florida and south florida in particular get to some of that the rising number of cases and 39 states really not only here but made for a muted all of a weekend throughout the country as we know here in florida rick there were record
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number of cases of the virus on saturday in fact taking a look 1st at the national numbers and the states hardest hit right now currently there are close to 3000000 cases of code 1000 in the u.s. 11000000 globally and now just over 130000 deaths nationwide and keep in mind you know these numbers are fluid i'm seeing even these these numbers were as of about an hour ago i'm seeing possibly more than 130000 deaths and more than 3000000 cases nationwide so very very fluid as has been the case now over the last few months and as far as the hardest hit states let's start with texas where the number of code 1000 patients hospitalized rose to 7890 saturday that's a record for texas so you compare that with 3202 weeks ago and you see you know you see the surge there so much so that officials in austin he is 10 are warning about the city's hospitals and i see is running out of beds and possibly less than 10
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days if the surge continues in arizona a similar situation about 90 percent of i.c.u. beds in phoenix are now reportedly full here in florida cases have risen by 10000 in the 3 of the last 4 days with a record 11436 cases on saturday and then 9900 cases on sunday haven't seen. the latest numbers for today but the i.c.u. units had 4 hospitals in tampa in the tampa area rick were reportedly at maximum capacity over the weekend now president trump i want to shift over to what the president tweeted sunday he said this new china virus case to is because of massive testing deaths are down low and steady that fake news media should report this and also that new job numbers are setting records but here's the thing the concern is that the death rate could rise again as the surge of cases continues in many states with i.c.u. beds running out and hospitals reportedly filling to capacity and while yes testing
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has increased so have the number of people in states that are going out to restaurants bars a gym cetera and a massive surge and we talked about this on the show and younger people being affected particularly the 25 to 34 year old demographic so again here in miami dade just shutting down once again the president also this week 99 percent of all the people who have coronavirus cases are greatly affected by a. point that is absolutely not true speaking of let's go over to we she has been looking at. these new developments we're learning about the she because it seems like the more we think we know about this virus the less we know. it's really interesting that scientists 1st topic of 1000 attack the laws' when as you mentioned earlier it can and fact attack any organ with a network of blood vessels so not just the longs but the kidney and even the brain
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so the fact that it's bascule or instead of i get there influenza you know the virus can spread to attack other organs and it's obviously more dangerous than once . i'm wondering if it's possible 'd looking at this situation. we will learn more things as we look at those i. yeah you know i mean we still don't know if schools will open in the fall we did look at you know what happened in norway and sweden and supposedly that number of cases did not spying with kids as you know when they now realize that it's not an actual and. i mean yes definitely more information is coming in and that's. john hardy great job guys reporting to us from all 'd 'd sides of the country on what's going on right now here in the united states with. thanks again. and now this this newscast that you're watching right now is seen on many different platforms all
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over the world and just in recent months more than a 1000000 people have connected with us by using the portable t.v. but now there's a particular platform that has gotten our attention of late in fact it's a platform that seems to be as we say in my original language. or on fire this is a platform that many of you watching us in india may be familiar with because it's the brainchild of. arguably the richest man in asia his platform is called geo j oh it's so hot facebook just bought 10 percent share while the biggest private equity companies in the world are also buying in k k r vis general atlantic. are all getting on board as is the united arab emirates fund and the abu dhabi investment authority so what's all the hoopla is that this show well maybe we're part of it with portable d.v.d. but this platform really is blowing up here to take us through this now is our
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veteran reporter and tech nerd ben swan. all right ben tell us a little bit about gio understand that everybody and their mother out there seems to be wanting to invest or be a part of it including facebook yeah that's exactly right everybody wants a piece of this company right now rick and i think that a lot of it has to do with obviously. india is a huge emerging market especially when it comes to telecom right now and geo technologies and geo industries is essentially leading the way in india they have about 344000000 subscribers to geo platforms right now which is roughly the entire population of the entire united states as you know and so you know as you mentioned portable t.v. is now part of this but yes intel just put $250000000.00 into it facebook owns a 10 percent stake in it right now nobody wants to miss out on this and right now geos pretty much leading the way right now is kind of the hottest telecom company
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in india so there are people watching us right now in india they are with the man who started the company who is by the way arguably the richest man in all of asia and that's right we're trying to get a better handle on what exactly is this platform what would we what would we compare it to say something that we may be used to here in the states so it's a little bit of everything and i think that's why if you're watching it here in the states and you're saying what we compare it to something netflix there's a component that similar to netflix facebook their social media component to it telecom companies like viruses that because they also provide the largest amount of 4 g. telecom services in india it's a little bit of everything that's one thing that makes. you know what's really interesting about this is that the owner as you mentioned this this guy who owns essentially you know he's one of the richest men in all of asia owns other kind of industries as well he owns something called reliance industries as well right
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alliances in the oil and gas company there are about $20000000000.00 in debt so all of the selling off of a 20 percent stake in geo is essentially in order to help cover the cost of some of those losses that have occurred because of this pandemic and the fact that there's so little travel in oil prices have fallen so low now we notice this because suddenly this program has become very popular. in india and other countries but india in particular interestingly enough in just a matter of months we've accumulated over a 1000000 viewers people who are now depending on us to bring us their news which makes us feel pretty good so when we heard that we are now going to be part of the geo platform as well it made us feel pretty good what what are we taking out of that bed what does it mean it means that we're now going to be able to reach even more people oh it absolutely does i mean if you consider the fact as i mentioned reg that essentially the audience just for this one telecom company is as large as
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the entire audience of the entire united states is pretty impressive in and of itself but it's also important to note that geo is kind of leading the way towards a 5 g. revolution in india because remember wall way has been banned from being able to be a part in india of the build out and geo was trying to help to lead the way in that that's part of the reason that intel is getting in on on what's happening there as well so what you can expect is that as geo continues to grow in india so will the news with rick sanchez thank you very much glad to be able to serve by the way for those 'd of you watching at home it's not spelled g e o as we would think it's actually spelled j i o o for those of us for those of you watching with spanish background that would be he'll there you go bed so that's my friday good stuff. this is the news with rick sanchez no matter how you spell it you're watching a special coverage when we come back an exclusive interview with him facets of the
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united nations from saudi arabia don't go away. you can't be both with the yes you like. the one else chose seemed wrong when old rules just don't hold. the world to get to shape out just to become educated and in the game
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equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. welcome back i'm rick sanchez it has not been a good year for saudi arabia the war in yemen order of an american journalist tensions with iran and then the disastrous plummeting of oil demand worldwide have left the kingdom collectively having to come up with answers while collectively scratching their heads recently in a move to try and possibly quell things or maybe fight bad karma the saudi leader prince mohammed bin solomon hasn't acted to reforms banning public flogging has
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also done away with the execution of minors joining us now to discuss the situation in saudi arabia is the ambassador mr of dollah mo alimi he is the permanent representative of saudi arabia to the united nations who is kind enough to share some of his time with us to give us his perspective on all of these issues that we have been really for the last year or so talking about here in the united states let's start with oil i have read on several reports that oil is coming back to 95000 barrels a day by the end of the year but given the trend in work from home and people are going to be traveling less because of covert 19 how confident are you mr ambassador that oil demand will actually come back at some time in the beginning of next year . but senator thank you very much and let me say 2020 has not been
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a good year for many countries so. true when i. see it. and you said 95000 better to say 95000000 yes i did the. other directions are noted by the line of what a drug will. be limited. access or something anyway. we have an optimistic that oil consumption or the demand for oil is going to have to come back i think that the we have seen the us sort of a list so far out in the 1st 6 months demand has collapsed as a result of the coronavirus as a result of oversupply as it is and so lot of factors. but i think that we can safely assume that the support of the 4 schools is going to see some increase
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in economic activity its own particular levy in the united states in china and of a major consumer ups. and that will hopefully lift the prices up and for the benefit of bulls producers and consumers who don't want to have prices like we had a few years ago that's not good. plummeted prices that's would be so a few months ago. let me ask you a question before any question of yemen let's go there according to the united nations a child under the age of 5 dies every 10 minutes and yemen due to the war that's been fomented there in part by your country beginning in 1905. how do you deal with that how do you answer that and how do you substantiate a situation like that which is now going on in yemen. very very simple question the question is who let on these people that are affected by hand. and its newest
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addition and stop being a social they are intended to respond to and by the will cease and why is that because the who is the and i access to the humanitarian organizations and to the world it is a sense of that i think nations in terms. providing supply or humanitarian aid to these peace it's a look at the rest of them and the rest of it doesn't have the same kind of problem because 0 is the. presence of the coalition forces and the efforts that they have made me weep the emmen with. more supplies and more assistance then probably the best of the ones combined and it's science it's great. it is cooled by the government to the people to their people and i want it isn't science it's very tool the pockets of the leaders of the organization who. seem to hijack it stealing say surely and this was demonstrated by the e.u.
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and this was since flanked by the organisation and so forth so that's an issue of asia was not. yemen has a problem we don't like salman has a problem but we need to know who's causing that here's the problem with this situation from an american standpoint we here in america over the last year including 2 reports in the new york times and others have almost felt like we are in many ways fighting the war in yemen for your country for the kingdom and that there is an exchange between saudi arabia and the united states that saudi arabia will provide us with oil while we will then provide for their defense and a lot of people are cold aren't so comfortable with that how would you explain that to the millions of people who might watch us here in the united states to make them comfortable with that arrangement. don't need
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a little oil any more of the united states is has ringback said it fully satisfied its own demand oh boy secondly you are not doing it for the security of saudi arabia are doing it for that age and for the want can you imagine a situation in which iran would instead get saudi arabia from the north in syria and iraq and lebanon and from the south in yemen and try to to exercise a. very we have a guest going supplies that goes with the entire world. this is even without standing out on developing a nuclear weapon so so it is this is not a situation of the nicest states and doing us a favor there are mutual interests and mutual. 'd issues that we both believe in including containing it on preventing it from exercising is when you have at each end its posters that are venting it from the acquisition of nuclear weapons
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let me ask you another tough question maybe the toughest of all because show he answered apparently 5 men were found guilty and were executed but we don't know what they said they were never interviewed and for all we know they could have said i was ordered by the crown prince to do this why was that trial not publicized why wasn't it covered why was it secretive sir. let me just correct a little bit of information place around 8800 people who are convicted on that site not only 5 ok 5 percent death but the others were sentenced to various prison. corresponding to who 'd did he of that involvement. secondly in the 5 that's were condemned to death have not been executed yet because they have an appeal process and i'm exercising that right to go through the process or sadly. to say that that's why it has not been opened is actually not to though that's why it was
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attended by the present status all of the united states. major follow ups and was attended by adequate sensitives opportunity and those that are present or present tended to present to steve's or human rights organisation as well as the local and international so it's not to say that this riot has not been. transparent or i've been able to to those who are interested but were members of the media but were member pardon me for interrupting sir you're so kind to give us your time but we're running out where members of the media allowed to report on it . no members of the media are not allowed to report it focuses of protecting the privacy of their queues and the privacy of the victims who are so it is not in now on the d.n.a. it is not a military mission to have publicity tight. such as the. simpson trial at all who it also epstein that's just a post op. it's not
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a no it's an addition to that we had a $6.00 to 8 pm as to the public to limits all those who are involved and interested and then to have us in the process all right that said we're out of time stay safe we'll see again when it's time to do innit. other central bankers warren buffett are effectively playing financial russian roulette right so they have the gun and in there is one bullet of risk they spin
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the chamber they point at america's head and they pull the trigger hoping that they won't blow off the america's head and that they get to keep all the free money this day and they do that every single day and then eventually like in 2008 they blow off america's head and it will happen again and they'll say well you know we were acting in the greater good. so we was as soon as you. remember if you just came up with it because you're here that. i'm talking about is a very international community. meeting you through.
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this together that is the. need to. throw the pollution at the stupid business food or nuclear. is everything. to do with it. to do with. with effect it will be. but i decided not to take this is like. telling you that. the world is driven by a dream shaped by. the day or thinks. we dare to ask.
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hey next up what a story he's been through a lot heroin addiction at age 12 can you imagine prison onto a hollywood career in over 300 films using this testimony to help others every day of his life we're joined by next with the great danny trejo on that it's miller plus one. day folks welcome to dennis miller plus one and we're joined today you know. one of those one of those visages that you immediately clock who it is easy actor entrepreneur danny trejo danny said along all i would career i think i read over 300 phil.


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