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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 20, 2020 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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screen presence we're going underground today during the month so you must have been keeping up to date with the failure of bernie sanders to win his primaries across the democratic nominations for the november elections where i do believe that our. democratic national party. you know was a shame because he was pretty much the front runner and they all ganged up on him but in fairness to by. and by nissan has accepted the result and said you know book joe biden is going to be the candidate and joe biden is doing so well in the opinion polls well. you know i think i think you know we you have no choice you have no choice but to fall in line just like everybody else well angela davis the former black panther said she was backing biden on this program created a bit of control of a sea. back to coronavirus what is the scale of the disproportionate kovan
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impact on people of color joining this crisis where so many people are dying in your country we have a people need to educate ourselves you know especially when it comes to black and brown you know black and latino stuff like that because. food and the byproduct of food like like food. eating fried food and stuff like that we need to educate ourselves on how to eat better because our body our our our vessels and we don't take care that vessel and a virus like corona will take advantage of people who are not healthy you know and then you need system is compromised then it's a no win situation i watched i watched a documentary 10 months ago called the game changer and i kind of blew me away and i stopped eating meat back in fridge you know and i've lost 25 pounds i feel
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healthier if you could buy a mac and cheese to make mac and cheese which is not healthy for you you can buy brown rice or you could buy sweet potatoes when the coronavirus 1st hit and i went to the supermarket it was very telling to me all the spaghetti that was gone on the mac achieve that would go on when you went to the food. section that was that was from top to bottom and is that plus dimension to education what do you made of the black lies mother protests after the murder of george floyd. listen i understand that and is that where it comes from. you know. it was it was a tipping point and people went out there and they protested and i think they continue to continue to do that but i also think with that we need to take
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a deeper look within our own communities in the united states the united states of the hub for sex trafficking human trafficking you know when when when the with the outcry over that stuff and i will say this not all cops are back cops you know i have friends i have family members who work in law enforcement or decent people or listen any kind of perfection you have bad people you have back back there you have bad axes. you have you know back politicians and stuff like that and and that's not to say that everybody is a bad person and in my view in my opinion it really starts at the pac said well you got a you have a police chief you have police commissioner it's up to those people to tell their people said this man we're here to serve a community you know and this is how we need to go about it and they don't do that
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and you have a joint floyd situation you have agree on a panel a situation you know it's like i think it's going to cause chaos and it has caused chaos well you know we've covered who've come in communities of color being affected by f.b.i. programs cointelpro as to why disproportionately violence occurs in these communities where drugs were imported into those areas do you think that hollywood depictions have a have a skewed our understanding of people of color in the united states. the depictions i would say that some have some have not i mean look you know what film is a medium to be able to teach people about history. you know. i also i also believe. that. how the hell can we go to mars and talk about
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mining the moon when we can't even eradicate a. heroin use in the united states it doesn't make sense to me doesn't like it like the priorities are wrong apparently the definitely wrong you know and method on methadone is just a way of really keeping people down you know methadone messes up people's bodies there is no war on drugs there is not because if there was a war on drugs we would not be having the opiate crisis that we still have today here in america winning the war was winning the war on drugs you know pharmaceuticals people are over those in every day we are that anyone watching related drug issues can sell their medical practitioners and that social workers or whoever they're working. through that problems with them do you think because you
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were a social worker you understand and bring to your acting parts which are often in the underworld some extra gravitas you're not just being in the act and. this and when i when i was working at so short a which for me was one of the best jobs iraq because i was helping people to help themselves i was helping people to not become 3rd 4th generation welfare row clients to the system you know if we go out and get a career and learn a skill and take charge of your life i mean that that was my approach i was. and out of the front my worker and essential worker back in the eighty's. as a social worker and i just saw how the system worked missing men i was getting kids young people between 17 and 21 years old that graduated from high school and i had
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to minister from reading because i had to see. what math and reading that was i was getting to. this great mass of reading levels and this is what the system was graduating. and there was like that was so wrong you know specifically on the city specific thing on history you commented that and i don't know what you think so many years on after doing that in the eighty's so many decades when you were among the 95 percent puerto rican school and there was about a paragraph about puerto rico in a 400 pages tree book if you think that still have your. i but i but definitely believe that what happened you know listen man they don't they don't talk about the trail look piers you know that made of american this country went through you know they don't talk about you know the genocide that happened during the mexican
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american war where acts to battle the mexican war on you know they don't talk about imperialism and stuff like that as a teenager it was up to me to find out what being puerto rico was about it was about me finding out that there were native american i mean native they know indians in the caribbean and that's part of my heritage but i have to find there are a my own let's just turn to something slightly lighter though statues are being taken down in the united states that's being taken down here that was one taken down which was a defiant. criticism of having statues of slavery here in britain. you probably saw in the series community where a there's a statue of you in a community college so i think you think statues of you should replace all the statues of racists in the united states absolutely absolutely because if and i
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believe in diversity i believe that number one people should get educated it worries that oh yeah just so you know people in america should read things see this . this is the us constitution constitution states certain things are not be happy and. i'm not saying everybody should become god i think everybody should be at least knowledgeable and inspires all those that choose being taken down i never understood why we celebrate columbus day in the united states when the numbers never spend. enough america he recently went. to central central america in the caribbean and he met. with stephanie and a whole bunch and got a reason. and killed the beautiful people. like people need to understand history and know history. and why do we
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celebrate that why do we celebrate someone who came in and this joint a whole culture people be put on the fence that in this country the republican party the republican party was started by black people back in the day back in the day. people. that when there was there was a whole civil rights movement and stuff like that that. they had some kind of vote congress for some kind of civil rights law a bunch of democrats voted against that you know we need to understand. the nature of politics does have to change has to change to reflect the diversity that is. in america. because it's not black or white but it's made to be black the way i don't expect government to take can stuff. government is
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more event should be and administrator. and it's not about presidential politics it's about local politics and it's about making sure that the people put in place of the people that reflect the communities that they come from and that they represent and that they have not bought. lobbyist and my pharmaceuticals and stuff like ground because that's that's the problem here money rules. i watched the video the other day and it was it was a community school board meeting in buffalo new york. and what they were talking about was they were talking about the police and the police officers that work in those communities. and there was same here we are our tax money to pay a law enforcement department of officers and none of them
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live in our community they come and work in our community. they spend their money in their own communities that have way better schools way better teachers way better facilities for these kids here in our community we don't we don't we don't have the access to better facilities. in equity with that goes on and it's a real it's not a balance. thank you thank you brother and we have to be safe and. so we can i go again. after the break is there any point in taking part in the united states democracy or is trouble already stolen 2020 we ask you old times best selling author greg hall asked if the best
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democracy money can buy is already sold out all of them all coming up in part 2 of going on the ground. one of the greatest if not the greatest church in the history appreciate it he will soon be converted into a mosque what is the importance of the obvious obvious and for whom europe's energy security is not independence it's in the bounds.
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welcome back the 2020 u.s. presidential election is fewer than 4 months away at the end of a year that's been eclipsed by a pandemic that has taken more lives in the united states than any other country in the world a country that has also found itself at the center of weeks of luck lives massive protests the largest movement in u.s. history but if you think this will change anything of the ballot box voter disenfranchisement joy in a new york times bestselling author greg palast says you should think again because
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the next president has already been chosen without a single vote being cost he joins me now via skype from l.a. to talk about his new book out trump stole 2020 greg thanks so much for coming back on i want to get on to the main issues but you know you talk about the book being about corporate power ultimately and our al gore said we hate that son of a about you when you expose the fact that he actually should have been president not george w. bush but there's a there's an oblique reference in this book to why you knew a direct mail expert who helped you understand why trump will win in 2020 and you say something about you used him to show a corrupt the u.k. government was. because you were able to meet the alleged iraq war criminal himself tony blair just tell me about that well back in 1998 the real expert mark's wieland consultant help me set up a front for the guardian newspapers and we went undercover and basically offered to
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buy the the the blair government we were supposedly working for a company that very few people ever heard of called enron we had a massive we're right that was set up and they helped me set up this whole scheme we had offices in the tower hotel etc and we were able to. on you know on microphone hidden mikes and camera tony blair's cabinet mini and basically willing to sell policy legislation you name it for 5 grand a month so every you know it's not just i'd like to say i'm sorry to tell you in britain that i know you think you have a lot of fun talking about the corruption of u.s. government but it's there to ok but at least british voters don't move around as much as a americans so you use some of this direct mail data because direct mail is a best way to analyze people's addresses and where people live and you came out with a figure what 17000000 americans moved in the run up to the 2016
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election in the usa people still moving you doubt that. yeah as as once as a democratic supreme court justice said if all these people moving our highway should be completely shut down moving trucks where the moving trucks everyone's moving now why is this important because a new gimmick used by the republic in. voting official and understand in america we have something different very different the rest are most the rest are all we have a part party policy in partisan politicians who actually are in charge of whether you get to vote so they require removing they removed and i kid you not as has happened in china and russia well trained in russia but it's not supposed to happen in in a self described democracy we've removed 16700000 voters that by the way that is from the united states government's own figures which keep track of not only are
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voters but the people we blocked from voting because we block millions of voters this is something not known in the rest of the world so we said so these republican official said 17000000 people have hit the road in the last 2 years americans move a lot but not that much millions and millions of people the rickshaws with suitcases why is this important well obviously if you moved in for if you moved from mill say the city of milwaukee you can't vote in milwaukee you left there is real evil to to go there so i talked to some of these voters who supposedly moved so quanah taylor an african-american woman and that's important they said she moved out of milwaukee so she doesn't want to vote milwaukee flew to milwaukee i met with the quantity or said if you moved out of milwaukee she says. i'm the county supervisor of milwaukee what do you mean i moved from milwaukee but she is guilty of voting while black in an america that's almost become a crime i kid you not we had on the purge lists one in 7 african-americans are on
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the hit lists to have their votes removed in georgia alone which is an important state in this election because it has 2 senators we could have the control us senate we have the white house hinge ing on georgia which is by the way a minority a white minority state white people in minority in georgia so how do the republicans win if there are my if the white people are a minority the answer is you remove the nonwhite people may remove the 3rd of a 1000000 people for supposedly moving including christine jordan i was at the atlanta polling station you'll see in the book how trump's old 2020 get a picture. i thought you had a voting station when they threw her out and said you can't vote here you're no longer registered she's been voting at that same place for 50 years 50 years since her cousin martin luther king jr was assassinated this is her cut this is king's cousin who was thrown off the voter rolls of georgia with a 3rd of an
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a 1000000 other people mostly guess what black people and young people who are also democratic voters a 3rd of a 1000000 in a single american state we've got millions across the nation 150000 in the swing state of wisconsin now understand we have this strange electoral college system in america it's not it's not who gets the most votes well there's some similarity in terms of a parliamentary system it's it's how many people get the win certain states the number one state that will determine our presidency is wisconsin trump supposedly won that state by 22000 votes and as you'll see in my book they're removing 150000 voters for moving and our experts as you mentioned the direct mail experts the people at amazon e-bay american spreads helped us out they went through the list isn't a these people haven't moved you know it was all a party official saying they act probably the governors say they act properly wisconsin you talked to jim crow crow roona virus and horrific implications
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obviously for when a black lives matter and you use the phrase voting while black but because joe biden is running i in the polls right now and i got to ask you how is trump already one in 2020 and why is trump against postal ballots if postal ballot reading arguably is what's going to put him in the white house in november a couple things. one hillary clinton was ahead of trump in the polls which means nothing at this time in 2016 so you've got the same margin so hillary was crushing agent orange our commander in chief who's president because they didn't count on the democrats the most by the white democrats just don't think about the steel and they don't do anything about steel they do very little it's you know there's only civil rights voting rights groups black african american or his
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asian that actually fight for their vote but it's not the democratic party so hillary was ahead just like by the head again who's president now you get the mail in voting this is very important to have in how trump stole 2020 and again it's past tense your stolen but americans can take action and steal it but how he stole it understand that 1000000 votes about are you ready for this according to mit one of our major our top technical university 22 percent of all ballots that are mailed in mail in ballots never get counted one in 5 ballots now if in britain you threw in one in 5 ballots there be riots i assume and hope you never know or there were riots over breakfast arguably i mean back you know but but one in 5 ballots are lost and it's usually voters of color lose those back. and i also you talk i mean you talk disapprovingly of the supreme court if it ends up that as it has done
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before you call them a degenerate out of control republican body playhouse you don't think you can rely on the supreme court to sort these things out our supreme court is a highly highly political organization these are not like you have law lords in england you know like you know people with credentials who choose their next generation of leaders here we have an entirely crazy political process so we have these ultra political justices on our supreme court and this is been an unbelievable problem so for example this issue of have people old for example 2 weeks ago the supreme court said that the state of alabama which is a very important state that could determine the control the u.s. senate the state of alabama can require people mailing in their ballots to have a legal notarization of the ballot you can imagine how difficult and expensive that is especially during a lockdown it's charging people a lot of money to mail in their ballots so they don't have to stand in line and die
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from a virus we've got explosion a virus in alabama you need a notary public and the supreme court and so a federal judge here said oh my god that's terrible people are going to die if they have to do that so he said no you don't need that no or is a should other states don't require it but it went to the supreme court and you had these ultra right judges and again they're politicians don't think of them as judges because they're wearing black robes these are politicians and of the republicans have 5 out of 9 votes and so 5 republicans voted to say that alabama could require you to go through this whole process to cast your ballot it's up well i mean there's irony as i said trump against postal ballots but there's so many different facets in the book you talk about our direct marketing actually being used to actively encourage democrats not to vote it's as if it does. and to do that just finally i mean you talk about also about how it is liberals that in there are
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enablers of this crushing of democracy you talk about the pew trust you see the liberals are saying it's not these techniques it's facebook it's wiki leaks it's twitter over here they're talking about that and what do you how do you react to that that it's actually facebook ads that and julian assange currently being tortured here in london according to the u.n. and not the issues that you show to that how donald trump is going to win in 2020. walk america in how trump stole 2020 i have a chapter called the russians russian to judgment and you know americans like to think we didn't do it to ourselves we didn't use tactics of stopping black people and asian americans in the spanish some voting no we didn't do races tricks to get drunk elected it had to beat them russians it wasn't the russians or some kid in moscow messing with the machines we did it to ourselves through really ugly racist tactics but they're very sophisticated it's not the old system of guys in white
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robes scaring you know black people out of voting by you know by literally lynching them which is what we used to do in the u.s. we used to literally hang black people try to vote not getting and that's our history and now it's changed from jim crow to what i call dr james crow database analyst who use very sophisticated means like saying that 92 year old this is jordan had moved ursa quanah taylor removed or someone was a felon when they weren't we use these tricks to remove black voters in and the russians didn't do that the russians didn't tell hillary clinton don't campaign in wisconsin because you're going to lose the presidency because they're stealing the vote there so you know i would love to say some other country did this to us it didn't happen that way and unless americans wake up to the fact that we have poisoned our own elections with racially biased we're never going to save our democracy and that's what i'm concerned that's why or how term stall 2020 because
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there are things americans can do to change the system to protect their vote and believe me there are a lot of people who are waking up to this finally just as they're waking up to other forms of racism in america which we like to keep hidden but unless we confront it we're going to keep having elected presidents greg. jeffrey have you on before november thank you so much for going back on going on the ground that for the show we. back on wednesday on the 15th anniversary of the death of joyce alderman as as at the hands of scotland yard's police officers as they are police officers are current u.k. neighbor leading his color image of the refused to prosecute when he was director of public prosecutions to tell them what you have to join the underground by following up 100 of facebook future plans to grammont side. streets.
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i 1st heard about you know. from the helicopter folks in iraq. i think that generous people are going to be going to its military who have never forgiven. this guy for a good treatment a broken every little thing it leads to something he was really starting to happen . in the pentagon journalese that you don't. see a lot of crimes to have no one on. the idea of developing an anonymous digital trombones and applying it to the media since it makes sense that was a friend's. going to the floor and just write it would be for
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a short while. and one of the world's most powerful news overnight is very serious anderson anderson every founder julian assange given some knowing. that there was a great deal of jealousy in the brains for for the song the fake why won't the people more like they have to seem all for. instance to. smile. for. we have giuliani in solitary to. listen for terrorist oh wait you don't have a life person. i don't see him dying. and. when he speaks to. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure and i'll be speaking to get us to the
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world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you that. morning in the morning. as donald trump sends troops into the city of portland to rest we look at how his tactics echoed those used by previous presidents overseas to improve but a mexican child says. the american city is about to right the wrongs of the possibly the reparations for minority communities but not everyone who's in favor. is going to pay for our you go people reserve your own tax money album me out of momentary money be trillions of dollars to come up with the payment for people who need $1.00 and they couldn't come up with the same amount of money restore african-americans in this country.


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