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yeah you like. as donald trump sends troops into the city of portland to wash out his arrest we look at how his tactics used by previous presidents to seize twitter proves our election chances. the u.k. suspends its extradition treaty with hong kong. suspects would be made to be sad to make china beijing has granted the move brutal much leg and it's entitled. to american cities about to right the wrongs of the cost with reparations for minority communities but not everyone's in favor. we're going to pay for it or you
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go pay for a reason. to be out of montera is going to be trillions of dollars to come up with the payment for people who need it and they couldn't come up with the same amount of money to restore african-americans in this country. and protesters are blasted with little to count and. boils over at the government and they go. on the alleged corruption of the prime minister. when a woman welcome from everyone here at all h.q. in the russian capital let's take a look at what's been going on around the world and but let's head straight stateside because a police building in the city of portland has been torched as protests against
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police brutality and racial inequality continue to rage donald trump's accused. of failing to contain the rest bach he's also being slammed by them for sending in troops more i've got to have has been looking at the bigger picture surrounding the recent escalation. for 15 nights protests and riots have raged in the city of portland what began as a stand against racism is morphing into something else into wellness the scale version of the civil war except this time it is of the north against the south these top it's the right versus the left.
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and for a certain someone currently in the white house had keen to stay there that could play right into his allegedly small hands you see over the past decade american presidents have fancied military jools wars to drum up support for reelection bush with iraq a bomber with libya but trump current caddy he campaigned promising to end foreign wars foreign wars so why not imitate one of whom wealth or tearing governments not democratic republic send unmocked of thirty's off to protest is the trump bar tactics designed to eliminate any accountability absolutely unacceptable in america and must stand the senator had a point this is like something out of iraq that again trump did threaten to use the
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military to stamp out these protests he's already used the national god. trump has an election to win and trump's campaign plan doesn't seem to involve getting in his knees he will be hot he will be hosh that's what his voters expect and the authorities in portland fear that trump has begun an invasion this is an attack on our democracy president trump has used our city as a staging ground to further his political agenda igniting his base to cause further divisiveness let's be clear this is not political theater this is far more dangerous than not we have federal officers on our streets further escalating
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tensions and causing harm to portlanders right now dog trump the president of the sec i mean the right has an exact he kept his plans a secret his speech had now and rushmore the one with military jets flying overhead that was almost a textbook declaration of war there is a new far left fascism that demands absolute allegiance if you do not speak its language perform its rituals reset its mantras and follow its commandments then you will be censored banished blacklists persecuted and punished it's not going to happen to us. and as with any war you need a main bad gut so saddam's dead gadhafi is gone bin laden's been well killed so
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what about that other fella what does they do biden. you won't be safe joe buds america joe biden would be nothing more than an autopen president. a trojan horse for a radical agenda. so radical so all encompassing that it would transform this country . into something orderly and recognizable it is ironic isn't it that the country that prides itself on being the freest in the world the only country with absolute free speech they tell us all day every day how those same people can't stand free speech when it's coming from someone they don't like both are right in the left are guilty of this there's no new give no understanding no compromise in either of it's either their way or go to hell. meanwhile in the u.s. city of providence the mayor is promising reparations for minority communities in
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a bid to right the wrongs of the past the mayor claims that heralds a major step forward it will see meetings held over historically contentious issues and a review of the north's perceived to discriminate against black indigenous communities but not everybody's in favor one acknowledging that the liberal left agenda has failed black in minority communities in contemporary times by forcing their children to attend failed schools and by enacting policies that make it easy to become dependent on the government it would be and i'm president and a moral act of government to seek reparations for the horrible wrongs that were committed generations ago while reparations were also approved in the u.s. city of asheville where money will be invested back into deprived black communities heal for ages and both city safety initiatives are just the beginning of broader changes. a lot of folks are going to jump straight to the reparations question how
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much what form for how long who's eligible those are all legitimate questions but they're questions for another day and there are questions that will be answered through the process it's important to go step by step with this resolution is the 1st step in that it names that their list of historical wrongs that have been weighted against the black community into this very gay head off the way but the issue up for debate. just kind of the same thing they always do during elections or any other time or some kind of so far no rise to give this is over going to do a study ruin to figure it out i mean how is he not figured out yet slavery ended 865 to 02020 what are we really going to study what are really going to try to figure out is trying to calculate i mean you should know about now never has the government ever taken one step towards understanding and calculating and studying
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the effects and the impact of slavery on african-american people now it allows people like a.b.l. to come in and make statements oh it's not necessary oh there's no need for this are going to do it right now who's going to pay for it are you go pay for a result of your own tax money how about me out of my own tax money because the government only makes money from us when there needed to be a $1200.00 stimulus checks in doubt no one was saying oh well that comes from the taxpayer that's a refund we should do that now and so why is it that they could find money to come up with to pay $12.00 trillions of dollars to come up with a payment for people who need food when they and they couldn't come up with the same amount of money to restore african americans in this country who they actually affirmatively took actions to ha that's ridiculous to me so i appreciate why who is they who is right now be more then who is they does need to be more than lip service and right now atlanta asheville city is doing
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a resolution but here's the issue asheville needs to do more than a resolution they need to come up with an actual dollar figure of how much they won't black people were harmed by their actual city who knows how much money going to need up because all bob johnson the former owner of the $14000000.00 i mean where is it going to come from the values money was bad enough in talking about 6 to again and the reason why that was given so rhys's point is because the government say that we can that work and we can go on here and make money the actual you know. mechanism upon which the money will be delivered who do see is not going to be defined nor will it ever be because all they ever done for the pairs of underwear or so years they say we promise you do we promise you with no promises ever deliver you can't provide reparations by definition until you know what you need to repair there needs to be an assessment of what has been done what black people have suffered specifically and so that's why it's not the solution it needs
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to be but we end we don't want organizations to keep or communities to start slapping reparations on top of every community redevelopment effort and calling it reparations if it's not if it was going to happen it should have been. identified as slave master in a slave fair transaction and now when he told me it would be me pain it would be read and it makes no sense that oh. in new news the u.k. has suspended its extradition treaty with hong kong it's part of the continuing fallout over china's new national security but she will make us fair if suspects all said to hong kong they would need to be transferred to mainland china so i consulted with homesick cree the justice secretary and the attorney general and the government has decided to suspend the extradition treaty immediately and. live now to his and nandan covering this now when we've been waiting to see what
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the fallout would be from that new national security law apparently this is a so what did the u.k. foreign secretary have to say. well we've seen the u.k. responding of course to that national security deal why the chinese government and the u.k. saying that they're concerned that some of the definitions of some of the parts of not law could impact people who have been actually likes to hong kong as part of the treaty for example or seeks to redefine terrorism it seeks to criminalize session and also seeks to criminalize collusion with form forces not the chinese government long held not those many of those and chinese processes in hong kong can be including the foreign governments foreign intelligence agencies foreign n.g.o.s and others who been whipping up not under arrest particularly points taking aim at the u.k. accusing them of hankering after their old colonial possession in terms of hong
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kong and so as far as it concerns those definitions those parts of the will mean that they've had to suspend their treaty out of fear that people who are experts to hong kong can in turn then be sent to the chinese mainland. the u.k. will extend to hong kong the arms embargo that we've applied to mainland china since $1809.00. to be clear the extension of this embargo will mean they'll be no exports from the u.k. to hong kong of potentially lethal weapons that components were ammunition and it was also a very a ban on the export of any equipment already banned which might use the internal repression such as shackles intercept equipment firearms and smoke grenades. now the leader of the you chose main opposition party the liberal party's star mark as stated that was he supports the government's decision to suspend not treaty it would like to go further and impose sanctions on china and chinese individuals the
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chinese not taking to that very well with been hearing from the chinese ambassador here that u.k. saying there will be a repercussions for any british measures and the chinese government holding that the u.k. those moves are a violation of international law. gone in its recent wrong remarks and moves related to hong kong the u.k. seriously violated international law and grossly interfered in china's internal affairs china urges the u.k. to refrain from going further and further down the wrong path so as not to jeopardize chinese british relations we're already seeing the u.k. year turning on their decision with regards to why ways involvement in the u.k. is 5 g. network by the end of this year why would a technology can no longer be brought into use in the u.k. is not work and all existing technology by the chinese john has to be removed by the year 2027 leading china to say any more of these measures could face serious
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repercussions politically but also in terms of trade and that could impact the u.k. as they seek to leave the e.u. struck trade deals with countries around the world certainly doesn't look like the tensions are going to be easing anytime soon many thanks that was reporting for us from london. let's delve deeper into the topic where the benjamin child is joining him live he's professor at the paris school of business and at the southwestern of us to finance and economics welcome to the program a bunch of in this treaty has been in place for almost 30 years so is this really a dramatic move and how much will. china relations. i think if britain's striking a balance between the pressure from the united states and china. from its recent decision before quite a way we know that it is a balance. solution because it is still allowing. the
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people to use it for 7 more years now to put tolerance so opium to succumb to china's 107 years ago before it made in china and then home to what cedar to the u.k. it took more than 100 years especially after the signing of those signs of british joint declaration to return home to restore the relations so rob's actions today is no surprise because in a series of measures to condon china is i think it walked away from free trade to discourage the world to grow is economy peacefully but not by morse like the colonial power you know if the knowledge of c. colonies are intertwined in economic interests there would be no wars now the u.k. for its part the thing that worried the suspects would be sent from would be transferred later to mainland china under the extradition treaty do you think that is a valid concern. well it is a possibility but only if the charges on the 4 crimes sation subversion terrorism
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and crucially if external entity. also it is has to be under the bill criminality for any issue addition a suspect can only be extradited from one jurisdiction to and other if the person is suspected of an action that is a crime in both jurisdictions also the new law included protections they were not available in the mainland china such as references to the international covenant on civil and political rights and international covenant on economic social and cultural rights you know. a lot of that has meant a lot of u.k. intelligence officer informants in hong kong and some of them are going to the u.k. now so the issue of the tional would help the u.k. on that while it is for potentially helping other criminals who have committed murders for example who were not be extra digits to conquer anymore
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a few weeks ago a person stepped in hong kong officer and was caught the same day by the police inside the flight bound for did you came. well beijing in response or sad that it will quote what threatened a resident respondents i know it's obviously very difficult for us to say what that could be but what do you predict beijing will do will say in reaction. reciprocity is the norm in international relations countries who have helped china by sending mass in the early phase of the pend then it is now being clear but we have many times more the masses they sent for the case of the us china recently received by sanctioning several senators who push to hong kong autonomy act which the act is very misleading because under the mini constitutional enjoy a high degree of autonomy but not if the degree of autonomy benjamin chao that was
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professor a prior school of business and at the southwest union university of find out and compass many thanks for your insight and for your time. water cannon have been used to break up protests in jerusalem over the israeli government's handling of the pandemic scuffles and clashes were also seen in tel aviv as frustration with the current prime minister boiled over. thank you. so i look at what's causing the anger while protesters feel the government didn't get to grips with the coronavirus pandemic and that particularly angry with
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a return of some knockdown measures in recent days he to infection spike they also say the prime minister and his cabinet failed to manage the economic fallout of the virus now on top of all about barras the simmering anger over corruption charges against benjamin netanyahu the prime minister's trial resumes next year with the witness testimonies he's accused of fraud of breach of trust and accepting bribes despite that looming trial there netanyahu says he is focused on ending this covert crisis while we have a common goal to stop the spread of the coronavirus by various measures i remind ministers that by thursday i have requested each ministries plan for a safe exit from the coronavirus restrictions at least $28.00 people were arrested as a result of the odd rest in jerusalem and tel aviv and it's quantised mitchell account for my advisor to the president's office jason pardon shad that's cool it's on the
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current tensions but there was functioning and everything did seem under control until everything was back we celebrated too soon here and that's when you know for all the good work that he did in the 1st wave really wasn't there the 2nd time around a large group of protesters are protesting that the prime minister is sora he's in the midst of a fraud trial and he should resign protests. that really are problematic for those that are out of work those that are from industries which are not picking up the tourism industry the entertainment industry there are people that are just out of work and economically are suffering so he needs to answer those people he's going to have to come out with one of our real economic plan that is going to put israel back to a strong economy as we move through different stages both politically because we have a new government sworn in and in terms of the pandemic itself with new numbers emerge there's been a sort of imbalance between those 2 things and there's
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a genuine feeling on the street that we could be doing things differently and we could be doing things better now we have a working government there's a strong opposition and a strong opposition will voice its checks and balances on the new prime minister and on his government's policies and that's expressed on the streets as well it's pretty much part and parcel of the democratic debate around how to handle both the economic sides of the pandemic and the medical side as well. europe's continuing to wrangle over the size of a covert rescue package for the block any use summit on the issue has now dragged into a 4th day in brussels the commission's president though struck an optimistic tone ahead of today's talks. have the impression that european leaders really want an agreement which they shoulda clear will to find a solution and we need a solution to european citizens the dissolution of the european union needs a solution needs an agreement to overcome this crisis and to prepare europe for the
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future i am positive for today we are not there yet but things are moving in the right direction the main stumbling block is the total amount of aid and how it should be given out italy and spain for instance wanted most in grants but the netherlands office just 6 sweden and denmark want knowns which will have to paint on top of that the dutch prime minister wants any help conditional on accomplish it . parents to rules which is something hungry in poland claim is actually meant to target them. tonight we had a long talk about the rule of war and those discussions and we really need to push through to morrow through want to get somewhere if there is a bridge it's because of them not because i don't like blame game but the dutchman is the real responsible man for 4 months you know we're going through a phase of stalemate it looks like it's very complicated more complicated when we'd expect it we've clashed quite strongly with the likes of holland for example as
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well as with the so-called frugal countries which do not agree on the need for such a major response. for wall street and foreign minister korean can i saw believes a souring of relations in recent years between the blocs members is what actually led to the stalemate. the fact that we have a tremendous fragmentation was in the european union the fact that we use terms like renationalisation not only in political science and an academic debate but it's a common term and in this hasn't started because of the current dad blog because of their extraordinary and demick situation we have. 7 members so which on various topics tz seemingly interesting are part. of the sync collective brio center in brussels has recently it's all about us the rent is here because countries on the receiving line might have to face there is conditions which they
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will consider as an infringement of some relative and then we are in a completely different chapter and we have seen how. the e.u. mechanisms dealt with greece i don't expect in a role to accept the same conditions that were imposed on greece about 10 years ago . heading to russia vladimir putin has sacked the governor of the russian region of power bottles sergei forgot was arrested last week amid allegations he organized the martyrs of several businessman years ago but his detention has sparked outrage in the region and mass protest with all the latest details his daniel corkins. well this is another step in the saga of said again a photo girl who was of course arrested around 10 days ago on very serious charges of organizing contract killings in 20042005 in a video conference the russian president vladimir putin appointed mikail dictator
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of a liberal democrat member since 2005 an m.p. since 2011 as acting governor of the hobart of school region a post which he will retain until 2021 when the elections in russia's far east will take place for a permanent governor now he of course replaces as we said said again a full girl who was the governor of a lot of scrooge and since 2018 an election which he won beating the united russia can that. one a reputation as the so-called people's governor very quickly becoming popular passing a raft of popular measures that all turned sour very quickly 10 days ago when he was arrested by the russian f.s.b. the security service and the investigative committee and taken on a plane to moscow for questioning to face very serious charges of organizing contract killings of rival businessmen in 20042005 protesters in russia's far east
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called the charges against him politically motivated and selective with the full to go on is the fence theme of course deny any guilt they say they will appeal the detention in custody and any charges he faces however series of course they may be with today's move by mr putin to remove him from his post officially for breach of confidence and appoint a temporary governor until those elections in 21 show that the process is very much serious in motion and is likely to drag on for quite some time. and finally this here is immortal regiment march in russia commemorating the heroes of the 2nd world war has been called off due to the pandemic it had already been postponed from its traditional victory day date in may don quarter had. the details well president putin officially cancelled this year's immortal regiment march on monday after consulting with its executive committee organizers who some official statements cited the pandemic as the primary reason of course they said it would have been impossible to keep all of the marches participants safe from the pandemics
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infection and they also said that social distancing would have been contrary to the spirit of the march as usually people of all generations are marching shoulder to shoulder to commemorate veterans from the 2nd world war but this year there was an internet event held throughout much of may in which people send photos of their relatives to a special site that the government had set up now the immortal regiment marches a procession that takes place annually in cities across the world to commemorate world war 2 veterans in russia it was the 1st postponed this year until until july and then again until september but the authorities really didn't know how long it was going to take for this pandemic to die down now the parade is also associated with victory day on may 9th during which there's of a military parade on red square that was also postponed this year but the authorities did manage to see it through a month after it was it was traditionally planned for now immortal the immortal
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regiment march is already scheduled next year for its traditional day a victory day but we're going to have to see how long this pandemic continues and if it's over by that point. on cool to that well that's helping with a shaping up if you still one more call many more details medical stories to check it out at all since a. problem drugs don't do is come from unscrupulous dealers but from promises to in every state in the united states we see a very sharp increase in the number. or of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids oids invaded america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she did those after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients
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doctors manufacturers all the governments of. god no team no crowd. no shots. actually helps me and i am. going to well extract no 1st small. points your thirst for action. it's. not action rick.


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