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oh wait. i like this. i don't see. what. the greatest the greatest church in the history of christianity. what is the importance of. europe's energy security. it's in the back. live from the world headquarters of the r t america our nation's capital this is the new. rick sanchez. hi everybody i'm rick sanchez and i want to welcome all of you watching from all over the world including those of you who are watching us on your phones using the
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portable t.v. . you know there is something odd coming out of ukraine today that mandates us to ask questions about our involvement there to find out if we are our country our state department is assisting in ukraine or orchestrating is a big difference between those 2 let me 1st say this the foreign policy of our country has directed us from time to time to step in legitimately where wrongdoing is taking place in some other part of the world be it an internal civil war where atrocities are being committed let's plug in ukraine into that equation where our state department asserts that we are simply there to assist the ukrainian government with advisors and resources and military hardware but not to orchestrate or to interfere with the will of the people of ukraine. well today we
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are learning that a ukrainian military medical died and that u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh thought so much of the incident he actually commented on it saying how he regrets in this situation that this ukrainian military medic has died and he condemns his killing those are the words of. here's the problem before the man's death we have now learned that the deceased was neither ukrainian nor a medic and a further investigation reveals he was working directly with 3 american citizens inside ukraine the obvious question if not the insinuation here is that the 4 men were there secretively as a part of a. clandestine operation to try and foment more division inside ukraine possibly to favor the united states or pro western control of the country is there a precedent for that is there some kind of precedent where this kind of thing has
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happened in the past well and in steps in canadian professor even. from the university of ottawa he says that his investigation has revealed that that made on massacre which by the way you may know this or not but it's what led to the coup which kicked out the country's former president for a more nationalistic pro western leader was actually fomented by outside forces how did they do it well in his investigation detailed by studying tapes and documents says that the killing there was orchestrated by snipers who killed protesters to make it look bad to foment dissent and the roni asli blamed the pro russian government for doing so. here's how he describes it take a look. it was were escorted to the places it was planned for them to be killed and still.
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in professor could you not skis investigation that was based on scientifically organized analysis of all available video and audio recording. you reached a conclusion. in my gun. and a plan and an ongoing coup d'etat and killings were planned. a coup d'etat those are strong words now ukrainian justice has never determined who actually shot the protesters who were the snipers but now leaders like a stony as foreign minister or pyatt have come forward and said they believe he believes the snipers were actually plants so what really is happening inside ukraine we simply helping a country being bullied are we responding to division or are we causing it we
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prepared a special report we're also going to be joined by former british m.p. george galloway to tackle these questions here on the news of rick sanchez where we believe it's simply time to do news again. ok here we go with the list of the questions we think you'll be asking tomorrow after watching our newscast today is the u.s. presence in ukraine very to unify or divide. why did a man dressed as a fed ex delivery man commit murder at a federal judge's home and what does larry king have to say about the president's most recent interview with fox news. ok we begin today with a mysterious new developments in ukraine which makes us ask the obvious question about what exactly our government our state department objective is in that country are we there to bring about peace or are we there to foment division and if so why
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let's begin today with r.t. correspondent igor did of. a ukraine army soldier dies in combat is called grabs a squad of brothers in arms and ventures out on a recovery mission but in a firmer ground. with the average i don't have. much you can only refer to this video would become his last though and he key of rebel forces recovered the camera from the body of nikola after his life was ended by a landmine. and unfortunate death unlucky even he wasn't shot in combat he wasn't even a target he simply ran at the wrong time in the wrong direction and too fast in his own demise but well soldiers die it's just the gruesome nature of the ukrainian war
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zone the fighting between the states army and forces loyal to the self-proclaimed dinette skin glue gun screw public's has been going on for years yet this death caught the gaze of the united states i want to express deep sadness at the reporter killing yes to every korean military medic who joined the people have you created condemning the go improve the aggression of russia that forces in the us and pay tribute to ukrainians killed and wounded. fighting for their democracy well. got it all wrong because ellen was and is stoney and citizen not a ukrainian he was also a mercenary and had a badge reading medic his commander straight up blyde claiming that he and his squad had been dressed in white vests and helmets the footage from ellen's body can clearly shows they were indistinguishable from regular combatants here's a photo we got from the rebels it's black and white and even to
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a color blind person the vest of the medic here is not white again this green on green chevron was the only medic designation discovered on the body alongside munition a rifle and a heap of grenades and according to a conversation allegedly found in his phone dylan didn't exactly come to ukraine to save lives he listened to me there is a herd of ukrainian pigs which need to be put in the stable they are degenerates they do need a white master we will bring them to heal and then screw we we've got things to do blacks should be faced down it seems the only white thing about this medic was his racism but there could be more than simple lack of research behind condemnation of the killing the us secretary of state could be concerned of american guns for hire
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also fighting on the frontlines in ukraine in the same unit as the medic here is shown a proud texan an iraq war veteran and squad mate who even used to be presumed dead by the end of forces until verse video. still alive here it's virgil a 17. sean fuller from texas syria hard and damien gonzalez from new york just. from florida these are just some photos discovered on the phone of this stony and ukraine's front line is apparently guarded by the foreign legion 2.0 and the u.s. state department is known to do more than just track american mercs back in 2011 for instance its reach went so far beyond that it was on the verge of commanding a force made up of the likes of fool and co so no wonder really illinois death god on washington's raiders so quickly and stirred such concern not because he's
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a medic but because an american might be next and that's not all because elin wasn't some stray soldier of fortune and fighters discovered official ukrainian army papers on this story and was even eligible for benefits from the ukrainian government as a thank you for his service after all guns for free and with american mercs officially enlisted in the ukrainian army the united states might expect some security guarantees from the commander in chief from self president vladimir selenski now it's not just him and his friends in washington who know about foreign guns doing ukraine's bidding in the war and both kiev and the us would want to keep ukraine's own little foreign legion and become a flash. while put a blockbuster story that is if 110th of what he just reported is true george
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you and i citizens of the world i as an american and certainly as a journalist can't help but be troubled by that. well as the glow of greens conduct are in casablanca said when he discovered there was gambling going on in rick's cafe i'm shocked shocked i tell you this ukrainian imbroglio has been a foreign sponsor. from the very beginning sponsored the orange revolution which was designed to help the people of the grain but to cause troubles for russia to move nato closer ever closer to the borders of russia just in case any actual conflict between the superpowers should break out we knew for at least 12 months these
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mysterious snipers on the roof firing into the may done had nothing whatsoever to do with the former regime in ukraine they were foreign mercenaries and these foreign mercenaries now on mosque by your brilliant report just now sure that this is still going on that's one of the reasons why you know our great deal of attention is paid to this conflict we're happy to go on under the radar because we've got other fish to fry against china against venezuela against iran they're keeping the ukraine front on a on a low gas 5 the moment but they can turn nagasaki anytime and that requires people like these mercenaries including the one who lost his life today should still be in action up front and people like you and me to speak these truths where we see them
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but oftentimes we're told how dare you criticize our foreign policy you're being un-american or on british what do you say when people bring those that conversation that argument up to orange. well you know i've all my life been ranged against conspiracy theorists the conspiracy theorists think that i am part of the conspiracy on 911 and so many other things because i don't go in for conspiracy theory but if you'd brought this story last week before this evidence was produced you would have been called a conspiracy theorist and now it turns out the truth is stranger than fiction and that's why i question more is more to take nothing at face value nothing is true until it's been officially denied as the great journalist claude cobar once put it there's a few there are a few things more honorable but a journalist or
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a citizen can do then legitimately question his own government which is i think what we assert to do in cases like this always a pleasure george thank you for the conversation and your insight and this is the news with rick sanchez and you're watching our special coverage and when we come back a man dressed as a fed ex delivery person commits a murder in the home of a federal judge this is a crazy crime story going to have the details when we come back stay right there. thank you for finally. understand you're tired of networks. 'd
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you know 'd famous for my views. yours truly. how to read out of read turn on the t.v. learn about the world it was happening around me i see shows on the screen in last every day because the fake news narrative steady state. to maybe cool so a little to no resistance with the farm after the plum brick by brick school is the make it plenty of thing in the store but i've found that network that no question. take a live news anywhere you can cause an elegant think curated online and video library with a built in search engine it will sit right in your pocket it's free interacting just
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architectures will talk to the 1000 the percents to explore videos uploaded every hour so what are you waiting for plucked up the. the feeling of. every the world should experience. and you'll get it on the open road. the world according to a gesture. welcome to the world come along for the ride. hey welcome back i'm rick sanchez so glad that so many hundreds and hundreds of thousands of you have been tuning in to us now on a regular basis and there's this story today this is one of the weirdest crime stories that we've heard quite some time so somebody dressed as
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a fed ex delivery person knocks on the door of a u.s. federal judge get this her son answers the door and when he opens it he shot and killed the son of the federal judge then the killer show. at the judge's husband and then it just takes off why what's going on here not really sure yet because it's just happened but we have learned that the shooter now according to police has kill himself. we want to find out more about this story so here's our t.j. try to chop us. overnight tragedy struck in new york city suburb when a gunman opened fire at the home of the federal judge during her son and wounding her husband before fleeing the scene now investigators say the alleged shooter has died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound according to investigators as someone dressed as a fed ex striver arrived at judge astor solaces home in new jersey late sunday night when solace his son daniel
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a 20 year old freshman in college opened the door and was immediately shot and killed the judge's husband a criminal defense attorney was then shot multiple times investigators say judge sallis was in the basement at the time of the shooting and was unharmed solaces the 1st latina to serve on the federal bench in new jersey presiding over several high profile trials including the financial fraud case of real housewives of new jersey stars teresa and joe dice and as recent as last week a lawsuit involving sex offender geoffrey epstein stealings with deutsche bank now well the judge has received threats in the past authorities say a motive still remains unclear at this time but u.s. marshals and the f.b.i. are investigating the matter as well as whether the shooting could be connected to her husband's work as a criminal defense attorney reporting we were treating each other's r.t. thanks pretty the big story that everybody seems to be talking about today is this interview that the president did yesterday with fox news it was an exclusive
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interview with chris wallace chris wallace bored me on the fox news sunday. the whole thing went bad from the start and part of the reason was the whether it was a $106.00 degrees yesterday in washington d.c. and they did it in the rose garden and both men were pretty bad let's start by bring in my colleague larry king by showing you just a taste of the dissension between these 2 men yesterday in this interview that sparked up the media world today here it is. by the once a fuss if a bit later he does not. decide a daughter with bernie sanders i will get that one just 5 gal was right in the mortality rate did you read the chart of the he had been he says nothing about the funding hole really it says abolish it says a fund let's go all right now do you get me that you are out of place so let's see what i said is here prosecution sanctuary cities incentivize illegal alien expand
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asylum abolish immigration detention that's not what i like i will find out this thing is many pages long but. the whole thing was just. kind of appeared and larry i'm sure you had a chance to watch this you know chris wallace you've interviewed chris wallace you've interviewed his father and you've interviewed donald trump wow how did this go so sideways. was great friends with mike. was with him shortly before his death he had been proud of chris i think chris never back up took the fact right is hand i don't think it was trump's finest moment he called them and misstatements it was embarrassing even if you're a trump supporter that had to be embarrassing. chris how old is told of the fire never let up quite a minute when we're when he said we have the best mortality rate in the world
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coronavirus strong they're wrong that biden has said what he said it was incredible to see i don't i mean you blaming it on the he. have you ever done you've done more interviews than just about anybody and have you ever been on a fireman where you knew this is not a good place to do an interview there's just not going to be good karma here i mean it's all week long here in washington but 160 degrees it's uncomfortable just going outside and these guys were standing sitting here doing this interview in that environment as a as a retro an interview or what is your comment on that. occasion i've done some like that and there's very so my question is why did they do it in the rose garden. the president only plays in the white house to do it why the president wanted it in the rose garden yes twice during the interview the president kept saying oh my god it's so hot out here this is crazy and he started sweating and then chris wallace said
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and i imagine we'll take him at his word twice he said mr president this was your choice we want to go inside you want to be outside. you know or one door or let's try to delve into the mind of trump if that's possible why do you think you want it outside on 100 degree day why. i don't know. that's why we're in this business of asking why maybe he thought chris wallace would crumble in the heat. but. you know these are the kind of stories that boggle the mind i mean i would he also said that he he would question the election if he's not sure how it goes yeah. by the way on the home i think i'm not sure they could have played you know though the weather just suddenly got really crazy hot in washington prior to that it was bearable i'm wondering if it was
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planned like 3 weeks ago or something and they had just stows in that setting and it's like one of those things larry were you know your assistant says mr president what's on your calendar today 2 o'clock a meeting with chris wallace go ahead you know it was just happenstance one of those things that just have nobody stood up and i'm sure no let's go inside. it wasn't weeks in advance that was planned they will do those kind of things it was probably a couple days they didn't expect once they saw how hard it was they give us which in a 2nd this funny rooms in the white house it's well air conditioned they got to change that immediately i'm puzzled by why they allowed what chris did and i wonder if chris before began didn't ask you my we out here. i've watched many of your interviews you've done with presidents in the past some of them are right in the oval office right they go to do it oh yeah it's what was that like correction i was in the was in the oval office and i was in the map the map room and that was in the
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blue room it all depends on how they and what plan say have that day in the white house i've never done one outside never done one of the rose garden. but i think they base it on what our what do we you do it what's being utilized today how will this affect our member once i was in one of the rooms where the secret service said no one can leave this room so i couldn't get up the men's room was in that room and i couldn't go to the men's room that out of the a reason hey it's so all part of the world is a thing. limbaugh's saying there is no course there's no corner. there's almost a left there's no way there is to leave it there larry that doesn't henri about the rest room just being too far away with the president thanks larry appreciate it hang in there man always good to see you banks. wow what a legend i mean here's a guy perfect guy to talk to when you're talking about interviewing presidents he's interviewed everybody i think from from you know link it up i think you know it up
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it's hard to get it but he really have probably the most prolific interviewer in the united states maybe in the world all right so i think we're going to start talking about baseball a canadian baseball team says sorry buddy we're not going to allow you to play i mean you know the country i mean so canada is saying basically you are homeless toronto blue jays their own m.l. between the loan and mel b. team major league baseball team in canada is basically their own government is saying you can't play here at your home stadium and so they need to find a new home and really quick because opening night is thursday when the nats take on the yankees right here in d.c. so the toronto blue jays are out of a home field advantage now and you know it's different because the n.b.a. let's say for example they're all in one place in the disney bubble and the the n.h.l. for example picked to help cities which are both in canada likely because they have 7 canadian teams and canada's government deemed unsafe for the teams to go back and forth because the u.s. has handled this pandemic so poorly they don't want their players coming back and
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forth with all these different u.s. team lazy so it is right it's no use telling it's the united states we don't want our players to go there and if they do they've got to stay there and. don't want your players coming here exactly they don't want to go back and forth so now the toronto blue jays are forced to best bet is they want to find another m.l. ball park in the us to share with another team or they might have to play at their aaa stadium in buffalo new york almost embarrassed so yes i guess the really the reality of today it is. the dall and the dollar yes rafael nadal one of our favorites arguably the beverage industry where everybody yes and he's chasing federer for the grand slam record and now it's looking like he's the defending u.s. open champion but check out this footage today of him he's looking in top shape but there check out what he's playing on he's playing on a clay court as we're going to see when we why now but that is a clue that he might be skipping the u.s. open which is hard court and he won't defend his title because players there's speculation that some of the foreign national players don't want to come to the u.s. another embarrassing moment for the u.s.
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of how they handle this been depend on it because when they go back to their country they might have to misinterpret because they would have to quarantine after coming back from the u.s. and the u.s. open of his of course in new york so some people are speculating that because he's practicing on clay that he's just going to wait for the french open which here's the key point is september 27th and the u.s. open is august 31st so he would have to he wants to just prepare for that if he was going to play in the u.s. open you do your but you know he would be playing on hard court right now to prepare and most likely and finally there are people who actually called chess a sport oh yes let's get to this so today is july 20th right so for those a culture as a sport colleagues and we're used to be he's a former champion apparently and he's pretty good i've seen him play it's international chess day so and author of samir we are going to recognize international chess day now it's the 96 anniversary of d.-day the international chess better foundation federation found in 1024 but international chess has been celebrated annually since 1906 yet they say that our colleagues the mayor is one of
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the finest chess players in the world and by the way if you want to know more about that just ask him he'll tell you he will just kidding i hope he didn't take it all he won't and we have test boards all over the place so we can go see it for so i. thank you my friend good stuff thank you and they stay safe stay connected and stay with us on portable t.v. i got to keep it in your back pocket it's like having a phone to make that want to see what's going on. to see when it's time to do music .
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because there's a survival guide station just like all of the stars simply have all the services. to get a. good repatriations look at the rest of 70. delegates that's kaiser report.
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hello from rhode island where i live as we are sticking close to home to starve that virus and no matter where you are you are navigating the perfect storm the virus is resurging in places that jump the gun on reopening the economy collapsed so many people are out of work a bad cop in minneapolis opened an old wound about racial injustice and cities have seen riots so with all of this on our plate it's understandable if we are tuning out some roiling hot spots elsewhere in the world which could eventually come back to haunt us where let's ask john siddha levy's of washington based trilogy advisors he is a consultant to the us.


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