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tv   Politicking  RT  July 21, 2020 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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according to even fox news trying to is like going to the polls this is because joe biden is such a brilliant and it is or because the party consensus to tend to make has been badly handled by the president still another big. brand is a populist in 2016 he governed as one. front line burst specter of on the cold at 19 pandemic on this is politics. one of the politicking on larry king as the national death toll tops our 140000 we need all for the front line perspective on the coburn 1000 pandemic from the chief physicians of the state of delaware dr rick pesca door including what's his
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assessment of the state of testing and the effectiveness of public outrage thanks for joining us dr how do you know how do you describe the cold 19 situation in the united states right now the president said yesterday we're doing well i pushed back on that larry you know we have talked about this from the beginning that there is a need for a comprehensive nationwide strategy leveraging the resources of the federal government and bringing them to bear in situations in areas where they're needed and we're feeling that now in the southern united states in the western united states we're coping just being ruthlessly transmitted and having terrible things. not been found to said that we going to have 100000 new cases a day if this is not change you agree with that absolutely there's no question we need a nationwide strategy we need a return to the science and we need to let data drive our decisions. what's the
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condition and where we've been very fortunate here in delaware speaking to our data driving decisions our governor has really leaned into the science and allowed the science to be the overwhelming factor in what drives everything we do we've seen a decrease in cases we've seen a decrease in hospitalizations and severe illness we've seen an explosion in our ability to provide testing for our citizens and we're very optimistic as how are states doing but you know just as what happens in your state can influence what happens in my state because you can come here and i can go there to not take into context what's happening all over our country would be a mistake what are you doing right those far those doing wrong. you know i think that things are so variable and we are extremely fortunate to hear out government the citizenry that is leaning into making sure that what we do protects everybody around us our citizens have has taken to social distancing wearing masks we've had
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an absolutely fantastic contribution from all of our community and hospital partners in making sure ain't making sure that testing finds its way to individuals and those things have been absolutely paramount in helping us latin occur. and doug shows the young people are propagating the current upsurge in call the 19 gauges but he's not blaming them these young people are doing this in this innocently and in that merton lee what do you make we have one year olds getting it now what do you make of apps we've seen the same thing here in delaware where down at the beaches we saw an explosion in cases in patients who are the age of people who go to beaches and as we see people move back into day cares as we see schools begin to reopen we're going to see more cases in children and for us not to understand everything that's happening there for us not to take the science for us not to learn along the way you do everything we can to protect that really the most
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precious resource would be a travesty. i you know schools opening we are going to take a very slow systemic and data driven approach to opening schools you know i agree with what the american academy of p. the american academy of pediatrics says that schools are absolutely pivotal to social growth and that learning happens in person but then we're also going to pull on this technological pieces that allow us to deliver education to students remotely so we're going to approach a hybrid solution to opening schools and we're going to do so with having those 3 pillars in place the social distancing the masking and wide availability to fast turnaround testing here in the city nowhere. but a month ago you said there was an issue more in his form of covert 19 testing time she also said you believed we'll be seeing the establishment of high volume high volume universal testing sites combining with increasing surveillance what's your assessment of testing right now in this country testing in this country is
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a mess testing in the state of delaware is doing fantastic we have those high volume throughput testing sites and we are bringing point of care antigen testing to bear all of those things matter very much testing in the country on the broader scale lessons have not been learned the ability to get ahead of things was not taken advantage of and we're seeing slow down of turnaround in testing in our large commercial labs we're seeing redirection of resources to all the wrong places across the country and it's really disappointing that we didn t. could be any age of the lead time we had to put testing in place where we needed it all over the nation. this was supposed to go away you must go away in the summer what happened and i don't think anybody thought anybody who knew what they were talking about but that was going to appen we know that this is a respiratory virus we know that it's going to spread and speaking about sort of attenuated transmission for u.v.
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or he is important to talk about but to think that it was ever going to. away going away was i think some of us pulling the wool over our own eyes we knew that this was going to be with us we had warnings all across the world not just the country for us not to take advantage of those warrants for us not to have a comprehensive national strategy in place is a failure there's no getting around it we've been hearing about and engine testing what is that answered in testing is exciting in the past few weeks we've seen the f.d.a. authorization to antigen testing this is a direct test that looks for direct evidence of the virus the whole bothers not just that sort of r.n.a. when we talk about p.c.r. the sort of dread it needs will swap or other ways we get the specimens and to do testing can be sort of immediate turnaround doesn't have as good sensitivity as the p.c.r. testing that most commonly used testing but it has operational advantages that allow us to get information about patients in real time and i think that we're
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going to see utilization of antigen testing we've seen that the departed department of health and human services is placing it to do testing into long term care facilities across the country i think we'll see antigen testing in schools i think we'll see antigen testing in all sorts of congregate settings and i think it's a i think it's a great innovation. well i'm getting too complicated what's the difference between manned engine and the money and g.m. is the virus it's looking directly for presence of the virus antibodies looking for evidence of your body's response to the virus the sort of immune response one is direct the other is indirect but they both have a role to play. and the delaware division of public health d.p.h. is partnering with walgreens for a couple of 19 testing housing or going out it's going really well so i can't say enough states to these pharmacy partners where we make the call and the next day we're all together seeing what we can do to provide 16 reliable infrastructure for
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covert testing throughout the state for the past few weeks months we've had these massive drive up sex systems with the national guard and other volunteers and public health personnel and they've been fantastic and they've really allowed us to get the last of around this fall but they're not sustainable and they're not predictable and they're not as good a solution as being able to go to your neighborhood walgreens whenever you need to and have a test available to you that is safe it's fast it's easy and it's process for free and rapidly through our public health lab. you have also said the confusion and misinformation surrounding cloven is nearly as significant a public health concern as the virus itself what it will remain. i mean that you can't get it straight nobody can get it straight you log on to social media the lay media and there's so much information out there that it's my job to be able to sort through it and sometimes i have difficulty it's hard to know what is the science and what is the science sort of biased by politicization or or just by anecdotal or
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opinion it's extremely difficult and it's making this more difficult for everybody for me to you know to all of your viewers to everybody who interacts on social media every single day and that's dangerous not having clear concise and evidence based messages it's dangerous and it's going to cost lives. but where does the public trust more of the information now the department of health and services change the government's coma 19 data collection hospitals and now and to report data on komen 19 directly to a.j. jess when you think of that you know i wasn't thrilled with that change if only 'd for the logistical burden in place on hospitals that are fighting every day to keep people safe we need safe and reliable sources that are free of bias and rely on information and data not anecdote and opinion and there's only one place that we're going to get that it's the same place that we've always got it it's unbiased and
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that gathering journalists were able to share that information with the public which is why i think these things are so critical area i think having these conversations and sharing them with the public is one of the most important things we can do and. what's a typical day like for you i have difficult day i'm i'm up as soon as i can get out whatever my kid starts crying and i go to get or i'm all over the state i'm in the office i met testing centers i'm in the laboratory i'm meeting with partners to do everything we can set sort of tick those boxes which is again to say to flatten that curve to get testing available to everybody to have it turn around rapidly to have it accessible to everybody no matter who you are where you are what your barriers are. it's been the greatest challenge of my professional life so far and i don't know what to say i've learned more in the past few months than i have in the past years i've been an honor and it's been incredible and i work every day just like the rest of this team that's just truly fantastic to bring life saving
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interventions to people across the city. or about the lack of leadership from washington yeah you know last time we spoke i had a muted response and that you know i made i didn't say that what we all can see right now that there's a lack of response from washington there's a lack of a concerted and and sort of. approach a sort of organized approach across the country i've been extremely grateful to watch that our state has benefited from that executive leadership at stake in the science and not let the politics and not let the enemy do not let bias pull it one way or the other and allow that data to drive all the decisions. one doc in imposing what is the biggest problem with this virus what makes it so puzzling. i don't know that i have a single answer to that and i think that there's so many things that puzzle us
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again and again we started off with a relatively limited understanding of systematic and present domestic transmission and now we know that nearly half of people with the virus will be asymptomatic at time of diagnosis which is truly unbelievable we've gone back and forth about what how it's transmitted is it airborne is it droplet and what is the role of servitude in contracting the virus we learn so much every day and probably the biggest challenge i have to land on one is that we have to be open to changing how we understand the virus we have to be willing to say we were wrong earlier we have to be willing to change our approach and change our tactics based on new information and frankly i think that's difficult for a lot of us but we've learned we've learned a lot and i'm very optimistic about what's going on. dogs are always great seeing you thanks so much for joining us thank you sir really appreciate it. thanks doc
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and we'll be back with more politicking right at this break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world the politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that. you can't be both with yeah you like. in order to justify all the money printing the fed has to claim that they're
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fighting the place of. their wages go up that would be inflation and therefore they'd have to stop printing money which means i'd have to stop yelling out back and solve this ami back. by claiming that they're fighting deflation i think gives them cover to keep this continuous rolling bailout of the zombie that. syria has been engulfed in civil war through almost 10 years it cost hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions more no one foresaw the peaceful protests of 20 and is collating into a complex conflict between various armies geopolitical interests rebel groups and just. how they are on the dock on this. the far from the palace of using. in the hague because i'm so that he.
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was he of so i was in the so i suppose for example of the mess at the school the school. you know deep conflict. with. them on the field day and i was. just an ordinary has sat on ice you know the nearest athens the mother and then the shane what i miss the hague and they show up to hear. it. let's go back to politicking coronavirus and capitalism plus the 2020 campaign and
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keep being happy it's a pleasure to welcome for a wide ranging one on one the former president of the american enterprise institute author of brooks he's a harvard professor a new york times bestselling author host of the product casts the art of happiness he's also featured in the new documentary fishing with dynamite what does that mean . fishing a dynamite is a documentary i'm i'm i'm one of the people that they interviewed for the movie it's an interesting movie it's a very pro markets movie about it it recognizes that you know we can exploit the system you know we can you know we can cheat we can be corrupt if we don't use our morals capitalism isn't that savory earliest it doesn't take care of itself the bottom life it turns out that that's a way of fishing you can fish with dynamite you throw a stick of dynamite and all the fish in the lake will come to the surface you can harvest them but there's no more fish or anybody's the whole point and i guess the idea is that a lot of people are kind of fishing with dynamite these days and we should be better people. i'm anxious to see it ok let's go to recent polling shows
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a vast majority of american voters believe this country is headed in the wrong direction do you share that view. no i don't i mean people have been saying that it and mostly it's been a kind of a majority of people who thought that for a long time it's really bad right now in particular for basically 3 to 3 reasons number one is the coronavirus have a direct number 2 is the polarization in politics that's been getting worse since the 2000 a financial crisis and the 3rd is the social unrest that we see right now and so those events are making people feel really really pessimistic we have here today challenges in front of us but those are big opportunities i mean and i know you share this point of view because you're an optimist larry and i've been watching you for years and what optimists and entrepreneurs see is when everybody else sees these unfortunate circumstances whoa is me we have is a big opportunity to remember who we are as americans to make our society better and i'm kind of excited about that. my late friend the great edward bennett
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williams though i asked a month so you optimistic or pessimistic he said of course some tests no mistake i'm smart. i know it's also my dad used to say that you know he used to say you know as i said the gas tank got to halfway he said we're going to be sleeping by the side of the road and say why are you such a pessimist that he said because i like to be pleasantly surprised. you've asserted that capitalism is the greatest force for human advancement we have how's it doing in this meant that mick. it's tricky although i have to say i'm pretty encouraged by the fact that it's capitalism that's going to find the solution of this pandemic it wasn't capitalism that created it i mean the truth is is market failures and you know we have a. 4 tarion regime in china that covered up this thing and it was a real problem for a long time and we didn't actually cover ourselves in glory in the united states so well the way that we dealt with it but it's capitalism it's you know private drug
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companies that are going to come up with a vaccine that therapeutics this thing is going to going to solve this problem for us so you know capitalism isn't always fun it's not it was pretty but it's lifted 2000000000 people out of poverty since you were not were kids and it's an engine that's going to keep doing just that. concerned about post call that capitalism. i am and part of the reason i'm concerned is because we're racking up a huge bill that we're going to have to pay back and the way that we pay it back is going to be a battle ground between people who see the economic system differently and again i'm not even to take sides i just see it continuing battle you know using the coronavirus of a democrat an opportunity to change the american system of democratic capitalism and that actually does worry me we need a period of american reunification we need to actually have politicians who are willing to to make compromises minutes astounding to me that we have you know one party that says that they're willing to go hammer and tongs one says that we have
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a corporate tax rate should be 20 percent says 30 percent and and we can say look americans need a break let's have let's agree that for the next 10 years it's going to be 25 percent or just something that normal people with that you would do in a business relationship that are politicians are unable to do and that's twisting our system and hurting our country. why do you think it's so prevalent now are among the years ago when members of the senate were friends with each other they go to a weekend they would have been at a game and they would learn to compromise while we non-compromising ball. well a couple different reasons one we have not like it larry i'm going to use it from now on you know into one of the reasons is because of gerrymandering the fact that we have districts that have been gerrymandered so that there's a 0 percent chance that an incumbent won't win and so those are blood red or dark blue districts and when you do that then you get people who are the most uncompromising people that are elected so that the farthest left people the
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farthest right people are elected to those death threats the 2nd reason is that the the new media and the media landscape in i mean people with the way the cable t.v. and the internet has worked is that it's made made it so you can filter out everything you disagree with and people can cater entirely to what they already thought and so the result of that is you get you don't get rewarded as a politician by compromising you get rewarded by getting clicks and getting on the the television network that favors your extreme point of view and that's all of those things as incentives come together to make it impossible for people you know they actually do like each other behind the scenes some of them do but that to pretend like they don't assist a sad state of affairs that's because of those forces we have to solve. this coming week is the last for which the $600.00 federal unemployment enhance when is going to be paid what do you think. i think that we're coming to a cliff and i think that and it has to come to an end at some point the problem is
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that we were hoping that the coronavirus lockdown would be definitively ended by this point that we're seeing this kind of dislocation so i think is a possibility that the congress will in some way extend some of these benefits so that we don't have such a jag and drop off and i think that we're actually going to have to find some way to open up and manage the crisis notwithstanding the fact that the threat is ongoing otherwise we're going to have a big big economic problem in front of us and a number of republicans are jumping ship as as a professor of the practice of public leadership how do you a sense of how do you assess donald trump as a leader. well donald trump is like like in the case of most leaders in both democracy and capitalism they follow the demand of the public you know people say that these great corporate leaders are visionary and rolling out these new products not i mean they figure out that the something that people really really want and they respond to it in politics these politicians and i'm going to have it
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for them i mean god forbid i should have to run for office and be a politician or you larry i mean did the misery but but they're reacting to market signals and so i see the things that people complain about trump or bernie sanders or any in a populist and polarizing political figures as responding to the signals more than creating the issues so we need to solve the underlying problem such that we don't create creating market signals to have politicians that we say we don't like but at this point of the it looks like trump is out a way back with a majority of americans thinking. well trump is he's a he's a he's a cagey guy and he's figured out a couple of different things number one is by locking down a minority but potentially a plurality of the american public and making the other side look scarier in other words you like the other guys less than you dislike me you dislike them more than you dislike me and number 2 we're in
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a position the united states were the media does not have the trust of a lot of people in the american right so if you call and say i'm you know i'm i'm conducting a poll for national public radio a lot of people on the right in wyoming or somebody's going to hang up on you know and so they're getting 8 percent response rates and all trump is counting on the idea that a lot of people are going to vote for him who are not telling pollsters that and that's certainly what happened last time if we look for a classic example of the other side would it be mitt romney. which other side of it republicans that don't have this point of view say bet mitt romney is going to vote for joe biden i say yeah so there is a lot of counterexamples to what's going on in the republican party i mean maybe the most distinct counter-example to donald trump brand of republicanism would be george w. bush i mean there's a dearth of bush was a love based politician he'd love people i meet to know george w. bush is to love him i mean he's just and because he loves people he's not
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necessarily people who agree with his policies necessarily people didn't like his presidency necessarily but he is somebody who sees as his sacred duty to bring people together in the lift them up and and not everybody sees their sacred duty in that particular way and when you're in a populous time in american politics on both right left you're not going to find major politicians who have that fundamental philosophy very often what will i see you and i watch fishing with dynamite. fishing with dynamite is a is a is a wonderful documentary and i didn't make it i was just in it but i was delighted when i actually saw it at the end fishing with dynamite talks about how the capitalist system requires morals before markets it's a very pro markets movie and i'm very pro markets myself i mean capitalism is a miracle democratic capitalism in particular is just an incredible thing but but in the wrong hands were twisting and where we have have crony capitalism and where
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people are actually corrupt it could be really a curse and so it talks about morals who for markets it's actually nice thing it's on i tunes and and on apple t.v. already people can go watch it but basically it'll give you an idea of how you can support capitalism the same time you can support basic morality there's things are not dots when you look at what's going on with protests and the like that the virus in the consulate. do you see a. government possibly in turmoil if tom for a c. . chooses not to leave the white house let's say which a lot of you know so. i know but again yeah i know i've read that a lot but i just don't see it he's going to leave he's going to follow the typical constitutional process i mean he says provocative things but i don't see any indication that the people around him would suggest that we should have effective we should effectively circumvent the constitutional process of the peaceful
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transfer of power if joe biden wins the presidency trump will leave on inauguration day and all shake hands and all shall go back to new york that's that's my that's my my boring prediction larry. you don't see i'm barricaded in the office. but if i persist i mean it makes for good twitter but i mean i mean donald trump will he'll give pro hill he'll say productive things that people can over interpret along those lines but i strongly intel facing that eventuality. of thanks for your time today great having you with us great to see you larry as always. same here and thank you audience for joining me on this edition of politicking member you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget to use the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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we go to work so you stay home. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. the isolation will community. are you going the right way or are you being
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led so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a mate in the shallows. problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies too in every state in the united states we've seen the very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription. you know it's going to invade america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers the
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government. according to even fox news trying is like going to the polls this is because joe biden is such a brilliant an idiot or because the heartbeat consensus but tend to make has been badly handled by the president still another theory from rand is a populist in 2006 feet as he governed as long. as. they take russophobia russia's foreign ministry but all along the way to u.k. parliamentary reports on claimed question election into the fair and coastal storm got joined by lungs at the council most close alleged influence. i. asked donald trump that of troops on the streets of the city of portland of course i.


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