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you know deep down you look. at the moment the day runs. in order to start that nice you know to never start them as the mother and then the shooting what are the numbers that he's going to show up then you. know. the british prime minister faces a grilling in parliament over the russian report which condemned the government for the lack of action against moscow's and the influence of the u.k. politics we look at the to pay. the high ground to speak to that much to major port also claims russia remains a top security priority while we got reaction on the streets of london i just think we can't get too great so why should the need to be. based on nothing to do with
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them but their wish on the plane for sure is the just buy. a new noise proposed in the netherlands that could get people the right to euthanasia even if they are not suffering from any medical condition we debate the issue. it is for elderly people. themselves so nobody no family think their life. no worth living anymore is a compassionate society we should be making people feel loved rather than feeling like a burden so much that they would want to be put to death and see us accuses china of sponsoring caucus to spy on american companies walking on a vaccine for 19. bring you the big. stories of the day this is r.t.
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international very welcome from everyone here in moscow now for a story barstow that has come under fire in the british parliament over the newly released report into alleged russian meddling in u.k. politics while the report itself didn't look for proof all for any direct russian involvement in the british democratic process westminster was accused of failing to conduct a thorough inquiry or even to take the threats seriously while let's cross live now to london on sich a partridge for more kate it seems as we probably should have expected the report has really started some debate especially in parliament today took us through it. yes it is certainly a day after being published but highly anticipated now she said delayed report on to alleged russian interference in british politics certainly stirred up debate here and produced a very heated exchange in prime minister's questions between boris johnson and opposition labor leader. going to take this country. to leave
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because of pressure from russia russia if they voted because they wanted to take back control of our money of our trade policy of our last speaker i see the promise is already in is prepared lines this is a serious. serious question of national security the prime minister sucked on this record for 10 months and failed to plug in our little national security for a year and a half. well as you heard there said here star accusing the government of effectively sitting on this report for 10 months and compromising the u.k.'s national security well boris johnson responded by saying that effectively this is a ploy to undermine greg said and saying that the remain as we are using the so-called russian influence in the brics it goes as me to effectively say that it was russia that meant that the u.k. unless the e.u. well this comes at a time when the british government says there's no need to hash back over the vote and to look again at that particular ballot they released a statement saying
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a retrospective assessment of the e.u. referendum is not necessary following that russia report well this is the page document that was released by the intelligence and security committee made several recommendations they said that clearly the u.k. was a target for this information and suggested that there is a reinvigorated espionage act perhaps even a register that they have in the like they have in america for foreign agents so that they can state if they have an in any foreign state toys and also to work with online companies to ensure that they they act about any hostile state activity on that particular platforms what response though the u.k. government says that it's not all recognize the threat by russia and that it sees moscow as they see. a priority and has a 13 year plan for dealing with the kremlin in the meantime though the report on russia has provided as you said before little evidence for its claims and recommendations however it has stirred up debate once again and it seems that there's plenty of skepticism here in the u.k. that russia hasn't interfered in british politics while british parliament always
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that to deliver trauma on a rainy day that was reporting for us from london many thanks. well now the u.k. government as kate was telling us that in town claims that has of course recognized the threat posed by russia for a long time it also says that it has a thought here strategy for dealing with the kremlin that's despite the report accusing you k. of failing to take the threat seriously who is protecting rich public. interference in our democratic process. show. no one is the u.k. government tributes are your goal most of it's focused on the counter terrorism we found the defense of the u.k. democratic process is a hot potato the government had badly underestimated the response required to the russian threat and is still playing catch up yet rage isn't that there was interference yeah outrage is that no more want to know if there was while the
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publication of the so-called russia report had been held back by the government for 18 months now donahoe can tell us what exactly it said. to get a very brief summary of the long awaited russia report we can go straight to page 13 of the document the written evidence provided to us appeared to suggest that her majesty's government had not seen or sought evidence of successful interference in u.k. democratic processes seems to be enough so if you're short on time or don't want to read heavily redacted intelligence and political spiel stop watching now otherwise let's go on. open source studies have pointed to the preponderance of pro breaks it or anti e.u. stories on our t.v. and sputnik and the use of bots in trolls as evidence of russian attempts to influence the process we have sought to establish whether there is secret
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intelligence which supported or built on these studies in response in my 5 initially provided just 6 lines of text the report's authors were seemingly surprised by the limited response of the intelligence services but not because those agencies may have more important priorities such as protecting lives by tackling international domestic terrorism or serious crime apparently more resources are needed to keep track of social media and artie's editorial policies and coverage breaks it polarized millions with several broadcasters coming under fire but it's still russia that poses the risk and the security services that are doing their job this is about the protection of the u.k.'s democratic process and mechanism from hostile state interference which should fall to our intelligence and security agencies after all moscow has been waging influence campaigns targeting u.k. politics through digital media wealthy individuals organizations and almost any other
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means the report warns the threats of russian influence is a hot potato with intelligence and other agencies shirking the responsibility of taking the lead in tackling it and reassuring the public amid widespread allegations that again the impact of such influence remains elusive. the impact of any such attempts would be difficult if not impossible to assess and we have not sought to do so state agencies haven't looked closely enough for open source information according to the report they lacked a retrospective assessment and intelligence agencies in particular need a more important role in future the committee was struck by the relatively small proportion of work that is carried out by the agencies in relation to russia in any case should they consider other threats to be a higher priority they can always fall back on trusted russian experts to lead the way christopher steele author of the infamous anonymous golden shower dossier and
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contribute is that the institute for state craft and integrity initiative a project founded to tackle the russian threat receiving state funding to advise the states that russia is a threat and moscow's response was swift and predictable as was the final conclusion of the long awaited russia report showing yet again that any reproach went with the u.k. however small is still be on the horizon. we got reaction on the streets of london to the claims made in that report we're a nation i don't believe. the position more saddam or destruction was really go in one. and the further away shot of russia was. just by the enemy and i just think we can't get to the way should be to you and this kind of thing to do with them lately to know if they were tailing this now wait it may take a listen to beginning where. you know other countries ruined the politics of other
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people will try to influence with a road government's interest former british ambassador and human rights advocate craig mari believes the u.k. is determined to ruin any relations with russia. reporters know extremely unconvincing in itself and that it doesn't even purport to give any evidence of what it claims to be happening i think it's a you know it's fairly laughable there's nothing concrete in that the u.k. is determined to ruin. russian relations you must remember there are people in the armaments industry and the security industry who make a lot of money out of having blusher as an enemy of the the security industry of the armament industry need an enemy in order to get the best of us mugs to to pay them billions and billions in our taxes every year but they suck out of the system
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and that's what this is a bank this is. an enemy and there's no dues in the tool for enmity between the u.k. and us and certainly no immaturely between the u.k. people and the russian people. then you know has been proposed in the netherlands open up assisted suicide to people even if they are not suffering from medical conditions the netherlands is one of the few countries that has looked like it's nice out but the other people behind the bill claims the current laws don't go far enough. right now people jump into a can no put a plastic bag on their head they sometimes have to choose the most terrible ways to die that's why i want to give the possibility to die with dignity with members of their family or friends near them i think this law is important even if it's about a few people because we give them the possibility to have a say on their end of life even when they're not terminally ill or suffering
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medically but still suffering president upshall say a person is only other people think euthanasia if that suffering is unbearable with no prospect of improvement at least 2 doctors must check the patient's condition before administering a lethal injection there are * also strict requirements as to how the procedure itself is carried out and who performs it the proposed law has drawn criticism with people arguing all far it is should do more to help people that need rather than just a suicide pill we put the issue up for debate. if they spark off a policy told get aren't the people the good quality of life of course that this a bit strange to talk about lol. terminating life has being told make better quality of life but that's exactly what the law is for it is for elderly people who are themselves so nobody else no family think their life nice at
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this moment no worth living anymore not because they are ill but just because they are too holds for them selfs and in reality 98 percent of them as the study has shown if given the proper bedside manner if shown that they are worth something when we want to live so as a compassionate society we should be making people feel loved rather than feeling like a burden so much so that they would want to be put to death and i am confident stated all countries around the world doc clones are helping patients die if they really do want to die but it is done in secret and in the netherlands said east we do it in the open and so we know what the netherlands how many times doctor he's forced in his own id to assist someone to determine it's his life any time there is a debate about assisted suicide or euthanasia the opponent of this is would always point to the netherlands because there it is it is gone from bad to worse i think
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dutch doctors have gone from euthanizing the terminally ill to the chronically ill people a serious disability to the mostly and mentally ill now that it is being elderly euthanasia was a platform of nazi germany as well so we can derive it. the reality is you don't think all of us we should use our name and we should want people to look at all these efforts made with covert to keep the elderly communities safe. why would we now throw it out of the window and say at 75 your life is no longer worth living if you don't want to live it let's work with the other community to make them feel. wanted to make their lives better there are older people they must be 75 years or older or will like to terminal kill situation patients do not want to live. in that situation and they want to have to right to say all you want brother to be death to live if only this way and i want to die dignified this and that has
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nothing to do with spending in more me trying to make your life better it is what every doctor every person supervisor will fight for family will fight for it but if in the eyes of the person who wants to die there is no possibility or no real possibility then they should have the right to die in a dignified way instead of suicide to the european court of human rights has been clear that this is not a human right 15 or 20 years or euthanized in the netherlands every year and one person the correlation is buying as does the suicide with the us supported by. the 1st of all babies are not euthanized because they have a separate and it is not due to mazie are because they cannot also principle it is not euthanasia and the person that's very definitely. disorders know that this the do you have to children we do not consider them to
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have euthanasia they will have help in shortening their life. at it looks like euthanasia but it is not euthanasia it is fairly pertinent to make the difference friends with the adult euthanasia in the netherlands and the babies who are seriously ill. are helped to terminate her life. guy is still raging in the us city of portland off the president sent in troops to quash rust on armed protesters have been beaten and take asked a russian t.v. crew at the scene was also assaulted by offices and had their quittance mashed demonstrators meanwhile have been starting fawaz near the federal courthouse. thanks. thanks.
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the federal forces was sent to port and by the president to stamp out nearly 2 months of until great protests by now the rallies have changed focus with people chanting dads go home the white house claims the city's mayor has lost control of the city. the trade and doctors have proposed renaming sought in parts of the ball team claiming that the current does of nations often created by man all sexist and outdated i think we have a personal choice to decode or not is our language and these historical terms will feed the young trainee talk to some mostly keen to learn the most relevant language and often show when they hear the origins of some medical terms out of 700 parts of
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the body only one is named after a woman and critics claim using medical terms with dead men's names is their relevant on misfortune this tick some of the best known body parts all of the out and pulled the achilles heel while we go reaction from people in new york. it's completely absurd and misplaced anger and misplaced aggression toward something that is completely irrelevant to any type of movement or any type of affirmation of anytime anyone sexuality i think that especially in this country but around the world. a lot of people. believe it's been the way to stay but that's absolutely not true i don't like 3 of changing the names of. body parts you know because for example it's part of our story how to feed on it but i mean i don't really care what body parts are called i think it's fine because i think there are way more important things you know that he knew nothing about and that he really
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does and i don't want to leave it as it is it's fine it's about gender it's a ball of it. about ringing you know the gender on the wall to people what to say about their body i've never felt anything that might. well let's cross this to discuss this law but of course not lie to your and chinese john list and commentator lauren a lot of these atomic bombs have been in use for decades and now that suddenly being rejected does it make sense to replace the movie this time a. it absolutely does not make sense and like so many efforts we see nowadays to control language i think this is just about frankly activists busy bodies trying to assert their authority over other people and what does the ridiculous is like that one woman mentioned in the clip before when it comes to something like an adam's apple women don't even have adam's apples i'm sorry that's not politically correct
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to say anymore but we also have the issue of rewriting history here because as i'm sure a lot of people realize some of these body parts named after men specifically were named after the doctors who discovered them or did pioneering work on them so we're not just controlling people's language here we are also really rewriting history which i think is very very concerning do you think that some steps do need to be made to know what to to make saw and it's and indeed the language around it may be more women friendly. i don't know about you but i've never heard the phrase adam's apple or a killie's heel and felt that i was being marginalized because of my gender when hearing that and we've seen this effort to i guess insert ideological control over certain fields of studies for quite a while when it comes to things like the humanities. drama and things like that but i think it's it's concerning that we're now seeing this seep into the sciences and i think if we actually want to make science more welcoming for women in general it
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starts with seeing women not as these very delicate very easily offended creatures that can't even stand to hear the term hysterectomies i know is one of the things that activists were complaining about and i think what's happening here is we have a small group of activists who are proclaiming themselves spokesperson for the entire female gender when they are simply not not their thoughts and things for example as you mentioned adam's apple which is something that's specific to the male body but there are parts of the female reproductive system which are named. off to mt for example for a pin chip sets in an owner of the 16th century italian scientist maybe that should be a move toward something that's specific to women to feel more inclusive or to take . well i think when like you mentioned we understand the history of how this came to how the name fallopian tubes started to be use we understand it was from
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a doctor who specifically did work on it there's nothing sexist about calling certain body parts after an individual who worked on them perhaps we could say that because there are so few female doctors from that time what was sexist were the practices keeping women out of medicine during that time period in the past but that has nothing to do with how we practice now we can't go back and retroactively right the wrongs of the past and trying to control language that we use today just feels like a misguided attempt to do so i've never heard of any female a student or even dr who was put off by these names before this push i think from australia started so i think people are really trying to make a problem where one does not exist and these these scientists who claim to be doing this on behalf of all women like so many of the women in the street interview said this is just not a serious problem and there are so many larger issues that affect women day to day and i just hope we we don't get to
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a point where we all believe women are so easily offended do you think that this push to change the technology will gain traction in the medical community and what if for example some professionals decide to do it they indulge but that all this don't could lead to a potential confusion even some fatal mistakes. i was definitely for people using whatever language they feel comfortable with the last thing i would want to do is try to control someone else's language in response to this but we also have to realize that words exist for a reason especially in the medical community right if you're a doctor and so much of your job i presume would be. would involve communicating language to either your colleagues or to patients themselves so we get to a point where everyone is determining what words they would like to use and sometimes even creating new words i've heard the term you directed me to be used instead of hysterectomy which is i think frankly something that most people wouldn't understand then it starts to be a problem i think that 1st some things there are already existing names that could
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replace for example adam's apple i'm sure there is a more scientific name for it i don't have a problem with that but you know language does change of course but what we're seeing is an artificial attempt to strong arm people into using different words and i don't think that's going to catch on or at least i hope it doesn't because i think it would it would give these these people more power than they are definitely deserving of while sucking a bit of a thorny issue out one of course has called own opinion we're very glad to have had your take on our program many thanks that was your intent jonathan commentate. thank you. now the hunt for. international relations to the u.s. justice department has accused china of using hakas to spy on american companies walking on a culo becomes a week off to the u.k. canada and the u.s. made some of the claims about russia. china has now taken its place alongside russia iran and north korea and the shameful club of nations that provide
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a safe haven for some of that criminals in exchange for those criminals being cool to feed the chinese communist party's insatiable hunger for american and other known chinese companies hard earned intellectual property including 19 research china as carney walking on its own vaccine must 2nd phase of testing has started in ruhani over 500 adults took part in the new job was deemed safe found reportedly and uses the desired immune response on tuesday u.s. secretary of state might compare was in the u.k. discussing joint actions to counter the chinese threat he praised london for its tough stance on beijing and accuse the chinese communist party of exploiting the pandemic for its own interests as well as stealing intellectual property. for just we would no longer want them to steal intellectual property denying citizens of the united states who worked hard to create something to invent something to get
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a better trademark in the chinese communist party directed at state owned enterprises to seal that property from americans we hope we can build out a coalition that understands this threat will work collectively to convey to the chinese communist party that in their best interest to gauge in this kind of behavior. chinese international relations expert victor gao believes washington would be better off cooperating with other countries over a vaccine rather than making accusations of it. they should actually participate in the global initiative launched by the w.h.o. rather then backing out of the w.h.o. of this particular moment they should cooperate closely with other countries including let's say china and russia or many european countries and japan for example in jointly developing the vaccine they are not doing it with the w.h.o. the accusing others of stealing such allegations out groundless and pure
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fabrication is the data states government actually should do a better job in containing the spread of her on the virus preventing more and more american people from dying and from getting contaminated china is ahead of the united states and most likely many other countries in terms of developing the vaccine which is very very important now the chinese president xi jinping already declared that was the vaccine produced by china is fully completed china will declare that as an international public good so that people in all countries can have the benefits of the vaccine now it's a wrap for now if you still want more power had on over to our telecom all sit tight because up next.
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according to even fox news trying is like going to the polls this is because joe biden is such a brilliant end of it or because of the hardening consensus but then demi has been badly handled by the president still another the trump brand is a populist in 2016 as he governed as one.
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time after time they were going underground amid the publication of the much anticipated u.k. intelligence and security committees russia report into alleged russian meddling in the 2016 directed referendum and 2017 general election coming up in the show as nato nations pour money into big pharma to secure a vaccine for covert 19 is the real answer for now something much cheaper less sophisticated and easier to prevent perhaps 120000 dying in britain this winter the discoverer of hiv one of the world's most important biomedical punny is dr robert gallo tells us one answer to corona virus plus as u.s. secretary of state pompei or the man who defamed the war crimes publisher wiki leaks flies into london to meet boris johnson is the usa meddling with the u.k.
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justice system accused of torturing julian assange we speak to vivienne westwood after she suspended a cell phone a giant bird cage above the old bailey than we actually see that there was in the run up to the referendum a preponderance of until you pull breaks it pieces on to make what the report does not do is make any criticism of any individual. commentator a saint or that's not what this is of no mention of going underground in britain's . finally release the redacted russia reports oliseh more coming up in today's going underground a 1st as more and more people go back to a life precocious 19 or hopes for a vaccine obscuring the imminent threat posed by a so-called winter spike that could cause another 120000 coronavirus deaths in the u.k. where the world's most respected viral just dr robert gallo who is pivot.


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