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tv   News  RT  July 27, 2020 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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by golly it's time to do news again. in the headlines this monday the 27th of july now less than $100.00 days than till americans choose the next president with the country already plagued by more than months of racism unrest we assess the impact it's having. a government recommended news website british schoolchildren what it said downing article on russia and tells its teenage audience that. is the most dangerous man in the world. spain's slapped with fresh troubles traditions by several nations including britain and france coronavirus cakes and.
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i live really good morning from moscow just turned 11 am here now this is our international monitors kevin 0 in here with the latest from our world news center this hour of 1st gunshots were heard overnight steering protests in the u.s. city of portland in oregon in which 2 people were arrested no been more than 2 months of nationwide unrest over racism further north new in 59 police officers were injured in seattle as protesters attempted to blow up the wall of a police station on sunday 47 were arrested cracking down on agitated protests is also getting tougher too and a lot of risk for people involved in it for the people trying to live stream what's happening as well. i just got shot it's writing about. 2 how. i was shouting very boldly hey we're we're trying to comply with your 'd back or
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you're being and i was you know if you watch the full live stream and saying that over and over and over again it's we walk back you've been mine there are thousands it's pretty neat wrecked me and i was and at that point i cannot breathe and i cannot see and i just tried to run in the opposite direction. and when i do so i feel that same caring hands on you one more time and show me forward not me down. to which case i start shouting help help somebody anybody because i didn't completely past it in my capacity on the ground here i represent independent media i live streamer and i and there is a document no way was 'd i provoking the police officers and i've been out there with the same colorful protest jacket every city day so i imagine that the police recognize they are other independent media that are very high visibility here as well and they were also targeted be have documented evidence of seattle police department claiming things are a riot as early as this i think it was that may 30th with that bell
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a video that's now into the mess in fact what you saw was a crude folks response from the seattle p.d. targeting peaceful protesters who are just trying to make a difference in the world and they risk their responses entirely disproportionate we have you know water bottles and umbrellas and they have tear gas and weapons of war so. you know. this unless you move through crowd to demonstrate his own sunday in a suburb of colorado's state capital many managed to get out of the way but police say one protest of father weapons and the people injured as a result less than $100.00 days to go than till america chooses its next president it seems the blood lines months of protest are impacting the campaign. this was an earth. quake unlike any earthquake i've really seen as hillary clinton cannot seem to extinguish a growing firestorm over her e-mails the state department has released a giant collection of e-mails from hillary clinton's private server others from
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campaign. a number of buildings scandal of the day live and that there are so many it's hard to keep track of there have been many many historic astounding shocking moments a year remember america's crazy election year 2016 well whatever molestus and for schools that it sure has put itself on steroids since then turning the run up to this year's vote and to the plot of a biblical disaster. that
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what you just saw is only this weakens all 3 protests descended so much into chaos they gained a whole new dimension of violence they transformed america's streets into a prowling ground for militia like groups from both the political left and right brandishing their weapons in arizona an unknown arsonist torched a democratic party h q. our building has been completely ruined your storage fees are continuing their investigation and our labeling this is arson we are saddened by this act of violence but not deterred we will flip pash tag maricopa county blue this november violent attacks targeting politically vocal people were a 2016 nightmare but
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a horror on a different scale is haunting america now. stab 7 inches instead of my. luckily somehow it missed major major. ok you know this from supporter claims he was stabbed by a protest i'm in a parallel case republicans are demanding an investigation into what they call the political murder of a prominent activist like george floyd of burnout from mel was black unlike george floyd is here to inspire our work in commemoration of his exit q sion style killing because of tremendous well known political activism and the possibility that his motive could be politically motivated i respectfully request that united states attorney matthew kruger open an investigation into this heinous crime no american should fear for their personal safety because of where they live or their political affiliation. well no american should fear but many do according to a poll from
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a libertarian think tank speaking out is becoming america's newest phobia in this woke climate and while rocks are held from all sides of the political spectrum republicans seem to be scared way more than their democrat rivals we did a bit of our own polling on the streets of new york it happens that a lot of noise is everywhere on all sides because people are afraid of confrontation and people are more who are frankly not willing to listen to each other there's a lot of judgment being thrown here left and right like in at least so many people can't get their opinion including me can't deal with the bullies being so i don't know why not which of them i try not. to mind if i can avoid it in the past i would close my mouth and just but now how many people because it's time for people to have a belief 26000 people were afraid to express their views those who support
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a trial were ready to say it so they didn't say so they just voted for trump and yes you could absolutely see the same thing this year 2020 he will why in your poll are the crack down at their jobs for having views that are either politically conservative or some just for having views are politically liberal they're posting their views in ape or i have that secret facebook groups of action or their rate of very real retaliation that is happening in the homestretch to this presidential election in the us is a micro cause for the disasters of 2020 as soon as something bad happens and you tell yourself well at least that will be over soon you get floored by something even worse. it's been a cracker of the year isn't the ego's dollars reporting their political turmoil straight so it's continuing to spur on
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a profound rethink of america's past 2 as we've been reporting of late war previously lauded figures that are finding the names drugs into the dishonest list latest leading 20th century women's rights activists is up there with the 2 will tell you why in just a bit later in the program. british school pupils are getting a solid lesson in who's good and who's bad in the world least according to an online current affairs source aimed at teenagers the day web site comes recommended by the education department and guess who teams are being told is the most dangerous one of the world has can tell it's been taking a look. we try to explain events without bias we campaign for clear and balance knowledge of the world oh sorry i should explain what i'm doing introducing the day doc don't you k. a handy little website designed as a teaching aid for school children it takes current events and ties the men to school subject sounds great right well so does it slogan here it is news to open
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minds what there are lots of categories so science technology climate one conflict well take a peek how an expected there's an article about russia or let's click on that putin to be. this is shocking my mind has been truly opened what naughty things has russia been doing desired to undermine the us during the cold war. not exactly current and just opening my mind here wasn't do you was trying to do exactly the same thing us good u.s.s.r. bad silly me i forgot and look years on the same old tricks help donald trump. when the 2016 us presidential election classic began just opening my mind a little bit here what about that whole thing you know the report that took 22
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months conservative went to $5000000.00 and found 0 pieces of evidence what is the link to that whatever we've all moved on it's real tough on to the bridge with friends and yes there's a little provision about me building a mosque but you get to take over eastern europe by force that is a good offer goodness russians busy doing bad things in the u.k. to let see may also have interfered very convincing in britain's breck's at referendum on the 29000 general election but again really just opening my mind here did the prime minister publicly debug that mess there is. absolutely no evidence that either the scene of any russian in the difference in u.k. a democratic process i mean i think that this is very sure it is not russian interference in u.k. politics there is no evidence for that and deja vu moola did the ukase rush report
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also forget to provide. what's the word it's not in this article proof but then again that's optional moving on political opponents have been imprisoned on trumped up charges with violent deaths you know what i've heard about this apparently putin even admitted to it giving names receipts and not just once what would you do if someone like robert muller was investigating you obviously haven't killed this is just to hire away let's just skip to the end town putin be stopped well i hope so given all these things he's apparently allegedly seemingly by all accounts purportedly reportedly supposedly done one other question for the kiddies should russia be expelled from the united nations how wonderful shaping global policy from a young and uninformed day oh look that's recommended reading the new. times' masterpiece on how russia paid the taliban to kill u.s. troops in afghanistan i am so glad they gave the link to that because that really
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opened my mind to true john and as i'm absolutely no evidence an anonymous source is quoting other anonymous sources amazing apparently if you read that you're an expert on ruthless russia while call me an expert then i just think you know round of applause for this website founder richard artis veteran journalist and self-proclaimed fighter of fake news it is clear there are schools around eventually in encouraging children to burrow through the rubbish and routes will out the truth well thank goodness for the day doc u.k. . and balance are not on with not all of the indoctrination no no just good old opening young minds. hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers come in for a big shock at the weekend after the british government expectedly reversed rules on travel to spain will now have to face 14 days quarantine with
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a return of resurging covert cases spain though insists the situation's of the control. is safe to visit spain is safe it is safe for spaniards it is safe for tourists as in every other country we are seeing outbreaks which are perfectly under control most new cases are symptomatic. as it stands spain has had a total of more than 319000 coronavirus cases and registered more than 28000 deaths after weeks of relatively stable numbers there was a notable spike then on thursday and friday with well over 2000 new cases each day britons among 8 countries now than to re-impose travel restrictions on spaying routes made up more than a 5th of foreign visitors to that country last year making this travel eterno so quickly as well even more devastating to the hard hit tourism industry if your holiday makers arriving back are pretty pragmatic about getting caught with koren team but for many though it's made huge frustration and confusion. there's so many
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people who are just been sort of left in the lurch right now and if you're like the government isn't acting responsibly even taking. everyone into account when it's making you as you can see have come back from a really great pass. full of anxiety for the stress it's you know how it's not how we should believe you know in the sense. of. spring. summer are far greater strength going. on holiday and are a nice time and turn on not need i'm going to have to start for another to reach is really devastating because that's what i want to go out and get away from home and get away from not down either of those honorable people america you know and we want to keep them safe so carstensen regulatory. france's advisor get
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citizens not to travel to spain's northern catalonia region but it stops short of actually closing the border separately france is imposing mandatory tests for travelers arriving from 16 known countries it considers to be high risk travelers from within the e.u. and from britain won't be forced to take the test for the can't take what if they want one a spokesman for emergency doctors in france says it's a tall order. in may when the law down was ease the government promised we would be able to 700 tests a week be 2 months later we can't even manage 400 why because we lack equipment we didn't order the necessary items because labs don't have the funding for it so we have to look at alternatives and today we are asking will we be able to carry out enough tests will we have enough masks we need to make sure that we can identify credit carriers and provide test never need it but from now france is not able to. coax widing in the united states is undergoes
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a fundamental rethink of its checkered past historical figures who have long been celebrated are now out of favor when judged by today's morality and ethics and that includes now than a prominent 20th century women's rights activist as caleb maupin explains. from state to state america's entire historical narrative seems to be in the process of being reworked historical figures that have long been held up with admiration are being castigated statues are being removed. off. off. the latest to join this list is feminist icon and founder of planned parenthood margaret sanger she was on the forefront of the fight for birth control and reproductive choice she established the birth control league which today is known
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as planned parenthood and is one of the top providers of reproductive health care in the united states well now this clinic here in manhattan is a racing her name why well in addition to fighting for women's reproductive rights margaret sanger was an advocate of eugenics birth control does not mean conscious hampshire indiscriminately practiced it means the release of cultivation of the better elements in our society and the gradual suppression elimination and eventual extinction of defective stalks those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of american civilization she had a project pushing contraception in the us south here's one particular quote about it that stands out we don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the group population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever comes to any of their more rebellious members now that sounds pretty awful her supporters might argue she was simply emphasizing that she actually wanted to protect african-american lives and to be fair later on dr martin luther king did
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actually praise her for her contributions to the black community but the racist statement stands out and planned parenthood is now making amends there are talks with new york city about removing sanger's name from a street sign near these offices on bleecker street planned parenthood was founded by racist white women that is a part of history that cannot be changed. accusations of racism sexism and other isms are so widespread in america these days many people are starting to take them with a lot less weight furthermore it's doubtful that cancelling margaret sanger will result in critics of planned parenthood dropping this long standing allegation if anything it will confirm that they were right all along caleb mopp and artsy new york they say who time out to watch as they will is not a choice so this would like to all the more ahead than the hollywood movie machines
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not playing bowl at america's worst in relations with china after the break why book self is taking trouble putting political pressure on the world's 2nd biggest film market. shows seem wrong. why don't we all just don't. let me. get to shape out these days because that's ok and in detroit equals betrayal. when somebody find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the thing is that when you have to have money printers in charge the act of
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printing all that paper money to hang around guys themselves really fills their head with dream it's the primacy that's the ultimate form of the promising is i print therefore i am. if you can pull the levers of political power with their fear of money if you can acquire assets with their if you have money it gives you that god complex that we have so much of around the world and countries and big corporations and now it's all going to come crashing down. good morning us china relations may be at the lowest in decades but hollywood's not ready to turn its back on its 2nd biggest movie market from it the industry's been ineffective soft power tool for decades but studios are adapting to local sensitivities daniel holkins next then looks at other books and clever in the added sweet so their movies make the cut for chinese audiences. the u.s.
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and china have entered a cold war style standoff corp on multiple fronts is an old time low and one could assume the movie business is no exception after all law should hollywood pander to beijing hollywood now regularly censors its own movies to appease the chinese communist party the world's 'd most powerful violator of human rights even the u.s. state secretary. was scathing in a recent speech in hollywood not too far from here the epic center of american creative freedom and self-appointed arbiters of social justice. censors even the most mildly unfavorable reference to china so is it really worth it it turns out it is last year china contributed $9200000000.00 to the global box office that's almost a quarter of global mood. sales while hollywood may have limited access to the chinese market viewing figures from asia can often make or break
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a movie and the bank. is going to the world. of the. universe. but to get its hands on a slice of the money piling hollywood needs to tread carefully china is a tough client despite having the 2nd largest film market in the world beijing is protective allowing only around $40.00 foreign movies per year so hollywood has to compromise to fill all the slots but we all know that he who pays the piper calls the tune the us lets china call the shots when it comes to the fine detail in movies this could be persuading the chinese as the good guys think 2012 or gravity
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to make their way to the space station. but they. said the government is building the ships. pass or exactly. which are you. cutting out offensive taiwanese flags from the top of the sequel or making sure key characters aren't of tibetan origin beijing could simply cancel the release of a movie deemed offensive that once upon a time in hollywood was scrapped apparently because of the portrayal of bruce lee we get into a fight i accidently killed. i go to the upcoming movie has had a kissing scene cut to avoid a similar fate some even speculate that actors who displease beijing disappeared from the really big screen apparently richard gere got too friendly with the dalai lama and too involved in supporting tibet no more. with him in china perhaps you could be replaced with a chinese counterpart after all more chinese actors are being hired to satisfy the
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growing demand. of the 4th world. aleutian. really sold a. good image of every single one of the trumpet ministration has been moving away from the current order with their stand up to china slogan but there's little tyler tive how can there be one even global giants like apple have to play by china's rules that market access so it's unlikely hollywood will change any time soon when it comes to choosing between politics and profit the film industry will pick the latter every time after all show business is just that a business. the international race for covert vaccine saying russia moved towards being the 1st no to try to get a treatment out there the university behind some of the more advanced trials has
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been talking to was direct about their progress. and we should you know would use that the technology we are using has been developed over 20 years with the gamma layer sent out has created a platform that's allowed for the production of a lot of medicine in particular regarding a bowler now the availability of such vaccine technologies is making it much quicker for a new medication to be developed this made it possible to create a new medicine in a matter of a few months it's all thanks to 20 years of hard work it's impossible to do it from scratch after decoding the genome of the virus our specialists are able to create a vaccine we hope that the immune system will be able to cope with different strains of the virus to. i get and it is wrong to say that this is 1st and foremost a political challenge it's important to help people and prevent a pandemic or epidemic not only in russia but in other countries too.
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as they provoked in their acumen asleep the vaccine is actively monitored by the world health organization the results are tracked if they are positive the w.h.o. will support the use of this vaccine in various countries your fingers crossed for it is so important right now i will let you know how that gets on that's why things look in so far this late monday morning from moscow more and half an hour from me kevin now in reporting and have a great day. we
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go to work so you straight home. a dark industry comes to life in los angeles every night. dozens of women sells their bodies on the streets many of them under age. los angeles police reveal a taste of their daily challenge if you're going to exploit for a child here in los angeles they were going to come out of your busy offices going undercover as 6 workers and customers to fight the 6 trades. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i was speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm about as russia been meddling in u.k. politics according to an initial report the answer is maybe trying to and the usual highly likely. the report is that also secretary of state mike pompei o is on a crusade against china does anyone outside the beltway really care.
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cross knocking this and more i'm joined by my guest in london marcus papadopoulos he's editor in chief of politics 1st magazine and we crossed to alexander me curious he's a writer on legal affairs as well as editor in chief of the duran original across the rules in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and i was ok let's go to marcus in london mark as i read the russia report and i couldn't help but get the feeling that it was kind of a cross section of a buzz feed story and a madison avenue market proposal really kind of short on facts high on accusations and evidence free that's my conclusion go ahead marc. i have truth shall occasions paid up in a judicial way and in a way. all through law were true which allegations in that i accept don't monds in fact evidence to some of the who actually accusations.


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