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tv   The World According to Jesse  RT  July 27, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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by golly it's time to do news again. no crowd. no shots. actually felt. right no it's to. switch your thirst for action. are just. what. the. world according to assures us. today we discuss new twists in the geoffrey epstein case and america's secret police sit tight show
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starts now. the war. machine i am pretty to santas for our top story today the family of a federal judge overseeing a class action lawsuit involving deutsche bank and jeffrey epstein has been targeted by a murderous men's rights activist yeah this story is something you'd expect from a bad made for t.v. movie but as the old cliche goes the truth is stranger than fiction over the weekend the son and husband of the u.s. district judge esther sallis were shot at their new jersey home by a man disguised as a fed ex delivery driver judge phalluses 20 year old son daniel and her all died while her husband mark suffered critical injuries judged alice was reportedly home in the basement of the time of the shooting so she was not injured the f.b.i. confirms the suspected gunman is men's rights activist and attorney roy den hall and. there they say his motive may have been an active legal case that he'd been
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involved in that judge sallis oversaw but the suspect stepped back from that case because he was diagnosed with terminal cancer but they may never know for certain what the motive was because one day after allegedly shooting me and girls hollanders body was discovered in new york officials say he died from a gunshot wound to the head which they suspect with self-inflicted hollander previously published a book in which he called judge phallus quote an incompetent latina judge he was very vocal about his disdain for her but many people are not buying the narrative because judge palace is currently overseeing a class action lawsuit against deutsche bank by investors who accuse the german financial institution of failing to monitor known high risk clients including jacqui abstain now this judge was reportedly assigned to that just 4 days prior to this incident so jesse what do you think happened here. i don't want to say god on
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this one this one is so bizarre i mean i look at they're saying i'm obviously we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg you know there's got to be more to their signal and i don't know where to go with their sudden this guy allegedly there's hollander have a case in front of the judge the way i understand it 23 years ago and then he got out of the case because he said that he had a sickness cancer or whatever waters would he sit in the hold that grudge for 3 years being involved in a case for that long and then discards himself walk up and he doesn't shoot the jaw he shoots the judge's son and her husband well what what was rap for why would he do that if he was looking to simply eliminate her because her his grudge was with her then of course in comes the boyish bag of it and you don't know could. they'd
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be in that much depths if they could find a guy who who disliked the judge and could persuade him to go and commit an act like this for what to scare her off the case how would it do that necessarily in my opinion if someone killed my son that would make me a bulldog to find out who died hell did it and or seek some revenge from it it would drive me away from the case it would bring me more into it if i thought that this is so bizarre brigida we're going to have to follow this to the very end and it's going to take a while. all right let's turn to portland now where an identifiable heavily armed federal law enforcement officials and military fatigues have been tear gassing arresting and hauling demonstrators away in unmarked vans nearly 3 months after the police killing of george floyd protesters had no way to initially tell whether the camouflage forces were legitimate police officers or a random armed militia the department of homeland security has since confirmed that
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it sent several paramilitary units from customs and border protection to join the federal crackdown in portland. geoffrey what do you think about feds being deployed from customs and border protection to crackdown on civilian. well it's real strange we just had a bizarre case and this one is just as bizarre why would custom agents at the border be pulled out when we've been told that our borders are are are in deep trouble we need those custom agents at the border we're being overrun with illegal aliens and yet they're pulling illegal people i should say don't use that term alien anyway so they polled them and send them up to portland to do what guard statues they were not asked ian by the local 'd government they were not asked in by the state government by the governor what are they doing there this is such a strange thing but let's remember something. linda mcmahon vince mcmahon's wife
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used to be trump's small business head she switched to his reelection campaign committee this has w w e written all over it all over because what are trumps sad showing they're showing chaos in the streets if your boat for joe biden all you're going to see is chaos in the streets noble who we want law and order it's they're setting themselves up this looks like an angle on w w e i kid you not. except it's real now federal agents are not legally required to wear identifying markers and since early june feds without badges names or identifying insignia have been spotted at democrat demonstrations across the country a disturbing video from a june protest in fan diego has gone viral it shows federal officers in plain clothes and military style uniforms arresting a female protester and driving her away in an unmarked van take a look at him or rather we want to talk seabirds. you're going to be
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going to come look you know not. really c. you will get. one it. was you know. now as you just saw the officers refused to answer when bystanders asked them to identify themselves instead the secret police yell quote if you follow us you will get shot do you understand me just see this video is disturbing because it looks like a kidnapping several lawmakers have now introduced plans to announce plans to introduce
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a bill that would require federal agents to wear identifying markers do you think that's a good idea. yes absolutely every law enforcement person should be identified you should know who they are who they represent what they're doing out there this is really bizarre i mean sending in troops like this to pick off people and then they carry them away with you know nobody knowing what they're charged with fraud. dro troops invading other cities i'll tell you what this looks like something that you would see in a country with a dictatorship this is what dictators do they do it on their own to protect themselves this is very very bad. yeah and this dangerous new trend isn't just happening at the federal level but also at the local level videos from recent protests show city police in new york seattle and chicago obscuring badge numbers
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and names with so-called morning bans which they reportedly wear to honor fallen officers but the morning bans conveniently blackout information that civilians could use to identify police who violate human rights laws on the job and now president trump has announced plans to send more feds to patrol the country the president is currently planning to send $175.00 federal officers to chicago and has threatened to deliver additional feds to new york to train philadelphia new mexico and more jesse what do you think about this. well again you know member when i talked about linda mcmahon leading his reelection campaign and you look at all are sad t.v. are about law and order and chaos in the streets well what better way than go create the chaos yourself. but you convince the people that they're in you need law and order they're in danger i hate to go back to 1930 germany again but there was a little guy with
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a mustache over there that used the identical same scenario he ran on a law and order type saying we're going to and we're going to get rid of certain people 'd who are bad for our country it sounds familiar doesn't it back in the thirty's today in the 2020 years wow we better be read not a history people and pay attention. let's shift to health news as medical officials across the globe seek answers about the novel coronavirus answers about another infectious disease could soon emerge because of representatives has passed an amendment ordering the pentagon to investigate credible assertions that the department of defense experimented with ticks and other insects and biological weapons during the cold war at fort dietrich and plum island one of the most common illnesses spread by ticks lyme disease is suspected of emerging from the alleged program every year more than $300000.00 people in the u.s. are diagnosed with a bacterial infection which causes rashes fever headache and fatigue if untreated
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lyme disease can become a chronic illness just the investigators want to learn whether the program existed who ordered it if the disease ticks were accidentally or intentionally released in the u.s. and whether ticks at plum island and fort dietrich were involved i hear you laughing . well i'll tell you because you know they don't need to investigate they just need to come and talk to me we did it on my show conspiracy theory we did the whole saying we went out to plum our lab we got i can give you the history plum island was treated yes it is a biological warfare place where they do it with ticks and mosquitoes now in world war 2 there was a. trial that was his specialty allen dulles through operation paperclip brought this nazi to america he should have stood tried to let nuremberg instead they gave him plum island research place where his expertise was ticks and
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mosquitoes now why is it called line disease because there's a county right across the water line predicate and that's what it's main vaster disease so they did come to me i've given the background you should see what happened when we went out there unfortunately you can't get the tape. no more they've been deep sixed nobody has them can't get them although i might have one last but anyway the sides that when we went out we were immediately followed by a coast guard cutter and on the shore were 2 white suburbans who were piggybacking with each other i guess they thought i was going back to my frog man days and i was going to swim in the 5 about what goes on there but it was unbelievable when we looked at plum island the security but that's exactly what they do this they don't need to investigate it go back to my conspiracy theory show pull that episode out
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and you'll get the answers to what you're looking for it's time for a break when we return jeff and down with author and professor andrew ross to discuss the debtor's movement for debt refusal we'll be right back. the world. was a pandemic no certainly no borders and islam to nationalities. has emerged with turkey we don't have the facts in the whole world peace to be. judged. come in a crisis like this. we can do better we should.
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everyone is contributing way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges create the response has been masked so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. a duck industry comes to life in los angeles every night. dozens of women sells abilities on the streets many of them under-age. police reveal a taste of the daily challenge if you're going to exploit a child here in los angeles they were going to come out you would see officers going undercover as 6 workers enter customers to fight the 6 trade.
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shaped. thinks. we dared to ask. jesse. what. was. the world according to shush. and who ross is
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a professor of social and cultural analysis at new york university his latest book is credit ocracy that's a tough one to say credit ocracy and the case for debt refusal he joins me now from new york city andrew prior to covert 90 the majority of americans were already up to their necks and major debt from medical expenses their student law. on star wreck what have you always the pandemic made this problem worse. well char answer is yes the pandemic has magnified the problem but there are 2 different kinds of cuts that jesse run is are evolving and one is not revolve and without getting too technical about it. there's been less consumption over all during the pandemic so red valving credit has dropped some while and mostly credit card as you could imagine non revolver and that includes however markets is still loans
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. student and personal loans and that has been racking up during the pandemic largely because federal government and state have been posed marra toward him on those payments and so they have meaning being paid in the meantime when the moratorium sir listed then will see what happened and people will have less money in their pocket to do the service so i imagine that things will get a lot worse at that point and that's coming very soon now how much of our economy evolves around data collection well. you know this that this sick show that was one out of every 7 americans. it's shared by a debt collector or had been pursued by the collector which is pretty staggering. and that's the thick alone proves i think what what i what i get my book is that we
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live in what i call a credit card see where it fell apart most people are drowning and that there can never be repay never will be repaid and the pint in the creditors the creditor class if you will doesn't want us to pay off our that they want. being in debt for a long as possible until the day we die because they can continue to extract income and revenue end and that feeds from a so the point is not to get us out of that but to keep it and to make us all revolvers if you like because revolver that revolvers are the kinds of dusters that predators like they prefer that way when it comes to the congressional pandemic stimulus package can we afford to keep profiting off the economy this way
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well i would say so jesse i mean technically the government can't run out of money . least not if you're in a country that has a sound currency and we will live in that country so what happens for example when congress votes for a military appropriations bill is that the treasury then instruct the federal reserve to add some zeros to some bank accounts just create some money by adding the zeros to the bank account say a military contractor like racing on that money doesn't come out of some taxpayer dollars. it's just created and there's no limit to the creation of that money that are not political. and so they only limits really are political and this is is very interesting because only a few months ago candidates on the presidential campaign trail were being pounded over how they were going to pay for you know free college how they were going to
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pay for health care for all and so on and so forth and yet 2 months later the federal government conjures up trillions of dollars in. in the stimulus package and we'll probably pass another bill along those lines so the only limit really is alysa call in other words what will politics allow you to spend it will allow you to spend 700000000000 dollars on the military but not anything like an equivalent amount on education our health care that's the hypocrisy of the system. i think i think it speaks to or point ok now is there is any worry about hyperinflation or a major economic depression on the horizon yeah well certainly the latter i mean i think we're already in a major economic depression largely because of unemployment and and employment benefits that might be running out very soon. as friend flesh and there's no
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evidence inflation really to worry about i mean technically inflation can happen when there's too much money change things scarce resources but there's no evidence of that and recent decades and so all of that anxiety and that scares in the anik for about the deficit are just that they're just scares that's it that's it that anxiety is simply a way for politicians to argue for their idea about how money should be allocated but during their biomed ministration the republican party made a big deal about the so-called fiscal cliff we were about to fall off. because of the rising deficit and that and when they were in office john turned around and passed on of the biggest tax cuts and history adding to that that it's so again it's really just a political issue it doesn't have any grounding in real economic facts now with so
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many people losing their jobs and health care due to the pandemic is there anything they could do to break free from the credit credit ocracy is there some kind of debtor's movement they have joined to stop this assault on credit yes there is jesse and. i mean i vowed to not movement for some time at least since occupy wall street through various groups. in the current group. i'm involved with this conflict that collective are long term goal is actually to build a debtor's union. ritu a thing as essential to the 21st the economy as essential as the labor unions a word to the 20th century economy and that's why they're mostly focuses on
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that right now although not exclusively. anyone is watching or listening can gine at the collective dot org and we've been quite successful so far and. in winning that relief few years ago we threw out that strike we managed to win more than a $1000000000.00 worth of debt relief for students for profit colleges and the current secretary of education has been very reluctant to pay out money on this charge that. the federal government is on the hook to do so so we've shown that it can happen that you can win that relief through collective action and i think that proof of concept. adaptors union will be effective and in winning that really for much larger numbers of people in the future. oh what kind of alternative
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economy would we need to replace the predatory debt money system we have today that mainly benefits the one percent was a very big question for tennessee. i mean i could i would take a long time to to lay out to lay out my vision of what that would be but let's just look at the current essential work economy that we're we're functioning on there right now during the and demick. i think is actually a good example all the essential functions of our society are being montagne and looked after and in the name of care it's basically a caring economy we're looking out for each other. it's not out there really a predatory economy. so i think we should be moving in that kind of direction and taking a cue from what we've been living through in the last few months people looking out
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for one another practicing mutual aid making sure that everyone's healthy and. that's the kind of society that is the carrie kahn to me and not a predatory that economy based on you know unsustainable growth and unsustainable consumption but i could put it that way that's all we have time for thank you very much andrew for leather your expertise lending your expertise starts on the show we appreciate it we'll have you back some other time thank you thank you jesse it's a pleasure. the war. machine let's turn to the viewers we asked people on social media do you think judge esther salazar family was shot over her ties to the deutsche bank jeffrey epstein lothian or do you think they were targeted due to a personal vendetta by the alleged gunman. one user says hot take possibly bud i
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can imagine a world where people who wanted to scare her found and looked for someone with a personal vendetta against her well it's an interesting thought but would it truly scare her her son is now dead if as i said earlier if someone came and killed my son i hate to tell you about revenge would be on my mind i'm a former fraud man we don't get mad we get even patrick says a message being sent to the judge why was she fair and. that's bizarre you don't that's what's bizarre about the whole case if they were after her why would they kill her son and shoot her husband and not target her directly this case is strange and we're going to have to stay out of it and hopefully investigators will shed some light on it. thanks for watching send us your comments on facebook and twitter for a chance to be featured next week as always will be covering more stories ignored
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by the corporate media and always remember when the government larders the truth becomes a traitor stay vigilant where those rafts. the world looking for you. the sudden fullest and illegal takeover of a government by a small group. so rather than revolutionaries or soldiers conduct small groups the corporations when you have a tiny group of people who have all the power you have to have some means to make sure the rest of us don't get together and take it back. police are sacrificing. places that capitalism exploited and destroyed for profit and left behind
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misery poverty environmental devastation and so you see things like voter suppression building more prisons you seem gerrymandering all sorts of undemocratic practices for wealthy elites of that world are well focused world and there's no question that the coup d'etat. is russia be meddling in the u.k. politics according to initial reports the answer is maybe trying to end the usual highly likely report is that also secretary of state mike pompei oh he's on a crusade against china does anyone outside the beltway really care. is your media a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. tyson nation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led to some. direction. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. you
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can be bold with the yeah you want. to touch. this is boom bust the one business show you can't afford man and there monotherapy washington coming up the 1st phase 3 trial for a total of 19 vaccine and underway in the united states we have an expert panel ready to that's what that means for the economy and the billions of dollars invested at medinah the chitter chatter tensions between the united states and china leads to the closure the consulate is adding to.


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