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no no no no no it's not over it like there's nothing a high you got if i was trying to sell my parents right now and this is a fun to watch no you don't check waffle on. the young female is refusing to unlock her cell phone without a doubt so that she can protect her pamper but the tattoo on her hand has caught the detective's attention well explain to me what these that doesn't mean i mean it's i'm seeing different times out of you don't know what. if you got to. earn. their property. people don't know that's who you with. but about the crown. you know who we know that's with us now for him to like does the that's who they were for the crowd he's up there so if it was just this is common practice among pimps if they brand their girls like cattle upside down you know as pimp is called shy stevie meaning ruthless. and the whole dizzy
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20 someone who he just turned 20. this is. in tears on his head 10000 girls here life in general because they were watching the ground and they found my floor grows in the house now many girls do you think yes he did tell you all the army about it just to tell. well the same about the baby what was previously. is you know. who by choice you have my 1st now are 14 ready to do me and tell me he also focus on me and letting off our lives so when the baby comes we have the police officers now want to know how much money danielle is earning. very much as he made. over to those of you in 2 weeks we use it all week that is who we don't we bet you tell
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me you make $10000.00 and all you know is here and nails and food. those and that upset you that you're working so hard you're putting your life in danger for somebody who's promising you i don't know what that's where my frustration comes out despite danielle's statement police are enabled to read shy stevie the teen claims she is no longer working for him by this. other one i thought because i had just left the hustler and got out all she's working for herself now i think she i can just get up and get out of it if that i think because i think there are things that they've. 'd done you know has been in a foster home since the age of 13 and her mother left her and her father is a violent and and drug addict after running away she ended up in the hands of her
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1st pin the 1st child she had with her pimp was placed in care she never saw it again she's now only 16 years old but already expecting her 2nd child. being pregnant. good ok. she will be taken by social services who will try to help her out of this vicious cycle of sexual slavery her cell phone is confiscated detectives will analyze it to get more information on her pimp. and l.a.p.d. headquarters aaron has been given danios case he knows this girl very well as he
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put her 1st been behind bars. interest so this is mr. he was convicted. for the rest 2070. and so he will do is 5 years and he will be able to be released sometime in 2022. thanks to daniel's tattoo and the information on her cell phone and his colleagues sami have confirmed the identity of her new trafficker. rational in it's have a. face. consistent with the best edges yet on the net and. his criminal record is already pretty full. as human history.
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arrests for robbery it's for burglary. he has for felony arrest in the past and usually only area yes war. the man is around 21 years old their text conversations clearly show the nature of their relationship. are things you do for daddy so he's telling her that she appreciates everything that she does for him and he is refrain himself daddy which is our number one term . so he wants to know where she is why you're not responding when. very common term they never call by the 1st name they don't call him by their street names in the 1st on. the. air and now wants to know if her pimp has posted online to sell danielle services for this he uses spotlight and online database they've groups together sex ads from across the country this software was
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created by a charity that fights against the sexual exploitation of children and has identified . over 10000 under-age victims since it was created 3 years ago after putting in dunn yos phone number 3 ads appear. they sound. i found are. they some of those pictures are are also on. first in the good of this force and that's a good job so she posted her ever tell you when it's all my. name all it all me baby pimps tend to exploit minors more as they bring in a lot more money some of them are even willing to be even more money if they know that they have a grows under the age of 18 on an average night for most of our growth if they're working just the streets or us angeles they make anywhere between $11500.00 per night that's anywhere between probably 5 and 10 different clients or are johns per
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night so you have men who are purposely looking for pregnant women the reason why they are one of their fetishes are pretty women is the fact that they don't have to or a condom because the girls who are pregnant so they don't they can't have it. by having unprotected sex sex workers are at risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases shockingly despite all of the evidence build up against him police officers are still unable to arrest dunya as pimp the young woman deny still working with him probably because she fears the repercussions the case is ongoing. in 2013 police officers in the human trafficking unit dealt with 76 cases of sexual exploitation of a female minor which led to 40 arrests. to make sure the traffickers are sentenced and end up behind bars aaron and sammy often have to make witness statements during
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hearings at the courthouse. today we hear from him an airy fairy no mr mcconnell wants it. to be true thoughts of. trying. to see how. the judge wants to hear testimonies from all parties the 4 victims as well as the accused wearing the blue jumpsuit they will all be questioned by the prosecution. these issues. regarding. this issue. we are only authorized to film sammy's questioning it's a crucial testimony for the prosecution in this case. and she says she's changed.
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her as she said. as she said. king. and i think. when you all are there now. the judge will now give his ruling. proves. this man will be charged with human trafficking with increasing sentences in force here in the united states he could spend a lot of time behind bars something sammy is reassured about the case will move forward to try and ease the tension it can get there 35 years and 8 months to prison. i felt pretty comfortable because i knew that i was talking about the truth and what i was told by these victims. in 2018 erin sami and his colleagues succeeded in sending 12 sexual traffickers to prison.
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to prevent young girls. as from falling back into prostitution and to tear them away from their pimps police officers rely on the help of former victims of sex trafficking. kiko was a prostitute on the streets of l.a. during her teenage years it's a possibility that she might have a. she is rapping hits but she's not really being cooperate so what i'll do i'll contact actor today i think that sounds very promising i'll see yeah yeah hopefully on our t.k. is part of the charity journey out which is made up of former trafficking victims she comes several times a week and talks to the women in their cells about her personal experiences to help get them off the streets but when i disclose that i used to be in the life myself
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they're like they're willing to listen and i always tell them it's the very easy to change something that has been a part of you since you were a child. but i let them know that if i can do it then there's so no reason or a way that they couldn't do it because i don't want a special. 30 years old it's a miracle that has survived growing up in los angeles she was raised by a mother suffering from depression and a violent father who was addicted to crack cocaine and 12 years old after running away from home she agreed to get into a stranger's car. that he noticed that i was nervous and he offered me some marijuana i tried it for the 1st time and i i passed out or blacked out and. next thing i know i was waking up in the strange place full of pain
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because i was being raped at the time venture we managed to get away she spent. he's wandering the streets alone. at that time i was suicidal i don't want to live anymore so i knew the longer i stayed in the streets so it would take my life i knew that hopping into anyone's car drive walking around the streets a metal and i that someone would eventually abducted me and take my life she ended up under the control of a pimp who took advantage of her vulnerable state and he says oh well you've done it before now you can do it again under. with a little bit more guidance and you know and as long as you do what i tell you to do i will have to meet you. i think we need to kind of just get back to realizing that modern medicine has a few some great things but actually when it comes to what has increased our life expectancy we're getting also in the last 550 years most of these be public health
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you know modern medicine can be attributes to i mean maybe 3 in office 5 years of life expectancy over an increase of 40 years in the last century in august and that's again something that people really find quite surprising quite shocking.
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tika was only 12 years old her abuser didn't sell around the streets and she was scared of the police instead she would be sent to motels or the customer's home or her ordeal would last 2 years. one guy told me that i was too i was too old i was probably about 14 years old at the time so obviously they were in that they wanted someone that wasn't as physically mature but wanted someone to look at the young as possible so i started to go to figure our which was a famous track in los angeles and i started to work on the streets. for 4 years it was passed from one pimp to another around 10 in total she managed to get
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away by leaving california and finding love however her years of prostitution were so violent that her body has been left permanently damaged i can't have many children because of that. because of the stuff that i've been through. it's very hard for me to. you know because my harmonise are telling me that i need to reproduce but at the same time i see what i'm able to give to other people and other children and i probably wouldn't be able to do the work that i do the way that i do it if i did have children so it's a hard pill to swallow but it's it's up to. the reason so many women are falling into the hands of pimps is probably because in the u.s. pimping has now entered popular culture.
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pimps are appearing more and more on social media they show off their new recruits and tattoo their name on them to show that they are their property. tonight the hollywood vice squad are leading an operation that is turning getting sex traffickers sergeant laurie oakes has been in the squad for 13 years and knows their techniques well. these women get dropped off by men who pretty much run them and we call them because they meet their supervisors or pimps and they are the ones who pretty much stick with these women and put them on the street to work and they take the money from them. the supervisor oversees dropping off and watching the girls who are working the
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street they also collect the money to give to the pin in general they hide in darker side streets close to the intersection. so they stay out here because they have the western corridor which is to the east and then say go out which is farther west. and then i don't use both is back and forth and this is where they treat women we are going to go with sergeant laurie oh she is on the lookout for any unusual behavior coming from drivers in fact prostitutes are often followed from a distance by their supervisor or pimp to protect them. go for it. i'm not going to go on a. and i don't want. to go on the market. just a few streets away his colleagues have just stopped a prostitute who is getting into
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a car with 2 men in the front both the woman and the 2 individuals are arrested for sergeant this is unusual and they have these males driving around she made cars. don had some sense and once she got an idea. that it's not common for a female to be picked up by 2 males and. it's a safety issue for that. the driver is saying that the girl is his cousin and he's dropping her home after a family get together. he did this in fun. i . was able to visit a. young woman however gives a completely different story. i.
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think i was. present. when searching the prostitute police find several condoms in an inner bra. in the man's car they find bundles of dollar bills an empty alcohol bottle and boxes of pills which they also find the same brand of condom as the girl sergeant laurie oakes concludes that the evidence is overwhelming for these 2 guys and what they have right now basically is a supervisor and this and them being the supervising the female that she is ok and then taken a different locations that are managed by somebody gets tricky the. 3 suspects are placed into the cars they will head to the police station where detectives will attempt to clarify the specific role of each person.
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sergeant continues his patrol. another young woman has just been arrested in a street adjacent to western avenue. her supervisor or pimp has definitely just dropped her off. further away from the scene surgeon laurie is thinks he spotted a suspicious vehicle. frequency at the. pier institute in a dodge magnum i think they're. watching the whole time he took his 1st girl down and he is now going northbound on western and the number one made number to leave.
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me here and stop at the stop sign that is. so let me get units to take this guy down. you know. santa monica i've tried my western and santa monica. police going front of your name taken down. after being cheats the driver pulls over and doesn't resist. he was there he backed up watch this still. doing it and as we were driving off he was looking to make sure if she was looking so he gives it like a sort of
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a signal like don't say nothing and don't speak and then he gave me the which training and experience of so much time on the job i know what that means he's involved. in his trunk the police find items that leave no doubt about his activities. the woman told him you know there are a lot of fun. women to see other people's ladles. she just got into the fact that he was out here. working. closer ching the car they find the i.d.'s of 2 young girls one of them belongs to the blonde girl who was arrested earlier. now we also found the girls i've been in there with they did together so now we've got it all going up together so now the investigation begins about human trafficking. this expected pimp is taken to
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the police station despite the evidence he is denying everything he insists that he doesn't know the young woman. his daughter doing nothing you know. is very sort of their own daughter choose to stare at their water or at their disposal in a series that i want to say something to your marriage you know marriage is your warm enough you know you're serious i'm joe i'm in the. mirror was so rich you're doing. work for kate this. is this very.
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very big you know i mean i was going. oh here's the operation has been a success for sergeant laurie house. pimping is punishable by 6 years in prison this man who had 2 girls under his control was therefore at risk of 12 so yeah oh yeah we found learning together we called her phone this phone answers or whatever id was in her car was it is car right so we know there's stuff going on i do way she's going to go down threat the very least supervisor trust to show no i think very nice and big the feeling. in 2018 more than 106 traffickers were arrested by the l.a.p.d. . 6 i.
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chatted. with. this morning on simple vito boulevard a corner that is rife with prostitution journey out the organization that supports victims in the legal sex industry has organized its annual march tika the former prostitute is one of the protesters. behind the age of 14 i might have worked this near the street so they have found a lot under aged girls in this one just scary lot on the theory corner so that's the reason why we make sure that we think how much said the women that have been victimized in this area to let east africa this know that we're not going to take it any more. my tika several of the women here have been forced into prostitution during their teen years. they've come today to tell their stories.
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so this is a new truth that. some people say. it's a t. he says it's not. like that's not. my mother she told me i was 14 when she told me to go and full disclosure this woman that i plan to trade out to be an atom over minutely escaped silicon valley and one clue pool still remains so mental. health as a whole slew of staying safe thank you. despite the efforts made by authorities the sexual trafficking of minors continues to grow in the united states here in the most economically powerful country in the world it's estimated that 300000 children are involved in sexual slavery.
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thinking of getting a cue from the ones we got in here shows why he didn't know until he was trapped in this tiny little wired church people who needed to create with him the wall. reaching out into the wall when his freedom anywhere near and thousands of breeding dogs are caged in in human conditions on puppy farm i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in cages outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the courtier the rain the snow the funder nothing they have no protection. to get you. it's ok. to cross the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and it still has most of the poppies
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that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in stores even giant a good businesses are involved like ogling mom sent there has been a shocking a man. the organizing opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding facilities most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have to deal with jobs don't buy dog. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person or those. who dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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you how can you explain love i've been to 82 countries i've given 12 but i came here and on those 3 days i just filled with hope. and he kept pretty isn't a sick joke. i made my decision to come here because 'd i felt i knew i could build a new life suited to who should know think a prisoner. goes a free man. god decided that this money is no good to be free while pro-style it a little. kid gets you figure out where my one dream is that all my children find the same kind of happiness i do. i love my home i love cold weather i like the culture like the history i like everything about it almost at the most months in
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a special thought i know if i know that. i am a russian fall. out . hello and welcome to worlds apart these days people hold very strong opinions about wearing masks especially when it comes to others but try mentioning that what they put in the mouth behind that mask has more impact on the call that 1000 friends make and you may respond to social isolation ostracism how those who knew.


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