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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 11, 2020 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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and welcome the cross-talk were all things were considered i'm peter lavelle what is the difference between embarrassing gaffes and elder abuse joe biden certainly excels at the former and maybe is the big tim of the latter we are told mention of mental health is off limits to what degree does the public have the right to know. cross talking joe biden i'm joined by my guest jan kearns in new york she is a g.o.p. strategist contributor to the daily caller as well as founder of women for a great america in washington we have jason nichols he's a democratic political strategist also in washington we cross to walter some a lot of he is a answer coalition organizer rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate jan let me go to you 1st i mean i said in my introduction here i mean you know you have you have a lot of gaffes coming from joe biden and he's been known for it ok it's not the
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you know all of a sudden but the intensity of them are is mounting and that maybe just because of the media's watching more closely i'm trying to be really fair here but we i think we have every right to know about the mental facilities the capabilities of someone that is running for the highest office in the land i mean how do you come out on this go ahead john. well i agree i said last tuesday on super tuesday that the good news was for joe biden he won the primaries and i also said at the same time the bad news is he won the primaries and that the spotlight would soon be getting super hot on him and a his numerous gaffes i mean this is a man who wakes up and on a daily basis is not too sure what state he said he mistakenly called his wife his sister last week and the list of gaffes really go on and on and on and luckily there are always video cameras around to to record those and you're very right
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peter they have hawker see from the left is rich here because they began calling president trump then candidate trump crazy in june of 2015 shortly after his an ounce made here in new york city that he wanted to run for president of the united states and that is something that continued through his inauguration in january of 2017 and really has continued through the entire impeachment investigation you know talking about his mental faculties talking about his fitness to be president and other mental health issues and so you know what's good for the goose is good for the gander if they've called the president trump that for the last 4 or 5 years they certainly are going to get their share of scrutiny going into november of this year you know jason let me go to you in washington because the interesting thing was and i commented on at the time is that you know when they were commenting on on donald trump they all acted as if they were trained
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psychiatry's but now they say how dare you say that you're not a medical health professional how can you even make that assessment i mean you know what it's going to be one of the other here ok and is ginger said there's just ample ample video evidence here joe has a hard time string in sentences together and i think that's a pretty fair statement ok and of course we all want. be kind and gentle we've probably all known people in our family elderly people this is what happens ok sadly this is the case here but i am not going to deny reality and say well that's that's not representative i mean it's becoming the norm go ahead jason. well of 5 i would agree 1st of all we need to parse out a little bit of the difference between the twitter chatter and actual people that matter people in the media and others people who are challenge president trump usually challenge him on his outright lies rather than his mental faculties or anything like that and you know one of the things we did see that i think is an
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outright lie is talking about the fact that he was 6 foot $3.23 pounds which he's obviously much heavier than that you know so again i think we have a lot of things that we need to parse out in terms of well i mean no president should say it's more he said but i mean it's really all his whole although ok but jason i mean i think you're comparing apples here you're comparing apples and oranges lying about your weight. isn't a national security threat ok but that's a physical but if you're is the thing i know you know from his physical ok i mean and i will agree with you here's the here's here's what will agree steve is that someone who is not examined you know who is not a physician and certainly even if you are a physician a person who has an exam and someone cannot make a medical diagnosis so therefore i'm not going to say that president trump has some sort of narcissism issue when i when i'm not
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a psychologist and i haven't examined president trump same thing with. joe biden ok and say that he has dementia or all these kinds of changes that you haven't actually examined him but i think an egregious case and i think we can be fair here after there's a lot about him lying about his and i have a question and an observation hang on hold your horses here you know the go to google and type in is donald trump crazy and you get a go you get to get search results that will take you days weeks and maybe months to read i'm sorry your argument doesn't stand any scrutiny whatsoever now and. now it's unfair to say sure source let me go to let me go to walter now ok let me go to walter the crazy is not a real diagnosis either that's not a diagnosis or why don't you weigh in here ok go ahead. well sure i mean specific diagnoses aside it's clear that joe biden doesn't have the mental fitness civic of the president to carry out all the tasks that that compass says i mean not only
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does joe biden have these horrible right wing positions that have harmed so many millions of people when it comes to health care cuts to social spending the war in iraq mass incarceration not only does joe biden have all of those deficiencies as a candidate but he also he can't complete a sentence i mean the washington post just put out an article about how the longest campaign speech the longest campaign event that joe biden was capable of doing over the past few days was about 15 minutes allotted 15 minutes and this guy wants to be the most powerful person in the world but the real question is i mean sheer incompetence alone can explain the democratic party's elites decision to go with a candidate who clearly who clearly is not mentally fit however you want to frame that specifically clearly not mentally fit the reason why they've rallied around this figure who has i think after this act of god absolutely no chance of beating donald trump is because they absolutely cannot tolerate there are going to stand or
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near thought that bernie sanders would be their nominee that's absolutely true i agree with you jan i mean that leads me to believe i mean i think any commonsense person would listen to joe of their own after the array of debates that the you know it's probably good that he gets like 45 seconds or a minute because he can hang on just barely then but i mean now you got to go one on one with donald trump if he becomes the nominee i mean that's going to be more than an embarrassment given what we've seen over the last few months empirical evidence dictates that's the conclusion you will draw in a future debate go ahead jen. yeah look i'm looking very much forward to i think it's president trump has agreed to 3 general election debates and those will be i mean the popcorn guys that's going to be very entertaining to watch but they do have some time to prepare joe biden and his 1st test really is coming up this
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sunday when he goes mana against bernie sanders and and look he's got to get past bernie sanders 1st this week and if he does not do well at the sunday debate i think the democratic party goes back to the drawing board and says we may have a problem * on our hands i would not be surprised if they were able to substitute hillary clinton and substitute michelle obama and some time between now and the day that the d.n.c. convention starts which is july 13th i think it will be very unlikely but that is still a possibility and look even jason's right here in no they can't prescribe someone's mental illness to them and in fact there's even an american psychological association guideline that says if you are not a physician actually treating the individual you are not to assess their psychological association however that didn't stop him s n b c c.n.n. from having people on for the past few years talking and talking about progress and
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terms mental fitness but here's the big reckoning in the democratic party peter and that is democrats have to ask themselves you're looking at mike bloomberg us a $1000000000.00 with a b that he said he's going to spend taking down president trump well if you have that $1000000000.00 focused on president trump but you also know that your own guy probably doesn't have the juice it takes to win in november what are you really doing and i think the democratic party has some soul searching to do here they're going to take down the president of the united states but they don't have someone to back fill that position you're you're only damaging america at that point. in your opinion is joe biden your candidate the party's candidate because i tend to agree with walter is that they just don't want bernie sanders they're willing to lose donald trump to avoid seeing bernie sanders succeed go ahead jason. well i'm more in line with bernie sanders myself but the thing is the same thing in 2016
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the voters were not and you know you can talk about some of the things that the d.n.c. did in 2016 that there's no evidence that they're doing now but the fact is that you know while i have been now advocating for bernie sanders on many different outlets and saying that bernie sanders is a better candidate you know gabbert as my friend advocated for her on certain occasions joe biden is the person who's winning and that's the democratic process and it seems that he's the person that people are choosing and want to be the nominee and we have to respect that now again about joe biden's you know mental fitness and all of that and president trump people are acting as though president trump is i agree with jen that he's very entertaining but this idea 5 that he's so incredibly sharp we wouldn't be having this conversation if you if you were that sharp so i think you're going to have 2 elderly men on the stage going after one
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another and you know debates number one don't really make a huge difference in people's decisions number one and number 2 it's going to be 2 elderly old men sitting there trading barbs and it's well i mean that's going to you know that jason jason about turning points in but i have to i have. to hang on we're almost getting out to a break i just want to say something and you can kind of compare the way trumpet spoke in 2016 to now it's changed very little ok i don't i don't always agree with what he says but if you compare joe from 2016 to now there's a huge difference there ok and the fact that they keep him away from media gives gives rise for a reason to have this program in the 1st place it's not trunk trumps mental facilities that we're talking about here he's consistent all the way through all of the time remarkably so has if he doesn't even seem to put it. remember that if you just heard about is getting all right on that i'm going to have to go to a short break here we'll go back to jason after about
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a short break after the break we'll continue our discussion on joe biden stayed with our. own look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. must obey the orders given by human beings except where such conflict with the 1st law show your identification for should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point obesity is too great. to take on theories with artificial intelligence will summon. the robot must protect its own existence as.
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those books. are all. the furniture most from the. in the early ninety's seventy's how much a psychologist mixologist proposed to the west but incentive to social experiment wanted to live paedophiles and don't care for neglected boys experiment was a. good model. for girls to tend to believe that sex with older men would help with the boy's socialization over 30 years many children were handed paedophiles to raise. little heard more blogs in small groups were. were. used.
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during this year we talk about all those crazy problems out there and then during the summer we hit you with solutions that's right so today we're going to be talking with the nose of coin floor. welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter a belter mind you we're discussing joe biden. ok let's go back to jason in washington i hate cutting people off but when you have to go to a hard break you have to go to a hard break go ahead jason. yes you know i would just say that we certainly
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can't say that president trump is this incredible debater you know he's not necessarily someone who comes with facts he's somebody who repeats himself over and over and what we're going to have is 2 elderly men who are going to trade barbs one you know one after the other apologize for calling you steve peter i also want to say that debates don't really matter and the reason i say that is because of objectively speaking a little bit the war and won the democratic debates on several occasions as a matter of fact couple of hers want to debate you know early on and you didn't even make it to the program jason jason did you have the j.c. are they have but i mean that is an old myth i will give you all of that jason agreed fine but me with a cob with always the right jason all of the candidates you mention spoke
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fluently if they won or lost the debate we have one candidate that looks like the presumptive nominee they can't finish sentences jan you've been trying to get in go ahead george george w. bush had problems speaking we can agree on that peter that jawbone george w. bush looks like you know more rater george w. bush will take in or greater next of joe biden ok let's go to jan that's going to jenna new york what was hang on it's going to come on no no doesn't listen heard it was that he couldn't speak don't. go ahead. jason is absolutely wrong here if you want to suggest that debates don't matter ask mike bloomberg what happened and the bad i mean look mike bloomberg should have never agreed to be on the stage and was. very nice isn't that bad debate. look i know but look at debate that proves that debate elizabeth warren became the
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defacto moderator of that debate debates do matter if it's a it's an unscripted moment anything could happen on the debate stage i didn't write or for a presidential debate for a major t.v. network and look if you think debates don't matter look back at the august 2015 debate where meghan kelly went up against donald trump he ended up winning that he won every debate since that he became the nominee because of it so debates do matter they might not matter in a way that you can draw the dotted line from a disease but they do matter what mike bloomberg why he's not in the race today it's because it is a valid debate all right real quick jason real quickly i want to go to the area. here. real quick jason go ahead real quick go ahead. yeah i just want to say with mike bloomberg here's the issue it wasn't just a debate the problem with mike bloomberg was that whenever mike bloomberg speaks no one ever comes away liking him more he's a surly person he doesn't really have
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a whole lot of personality he has no charisma and that's whether he's on a stump speech whether he's in a church or whether he's on a debate stage it doesn't matter you never listen to him and come away like and you're more it's different with president trump it's different even with joe biden it's different with elizabeth warren ok but this guy i'm sorry doesn't have the ok i don't know i mean i've been watching reno i've been watching the judge a lot jason is gushing and he doesn't have to go ahead once or start over again well if you're going to have it so that let's let walter speak go ahead well well well this is but this is just an absurd scenario that we're talking about here i mean why does it have to be joe biden versus donald trump why does that have to be the ultimate most consequential decision that the people of the united states have to make between these 2 right wing serial liars who are in the pockets of big corporate interests joe biden somebody has been figure for decades donald trump
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somebody who's a member of the you know this hated billionaire class rightfully hated billionaire class why does it have to be like this i mean the democratic party could decide to not rig the chances it could not to not sabotage the campaign of the one candidate in the race who's left in the race who has a real shot at winning who actually stands for something who stands for so little out of the girl while carrying education for housing for a union i actually agree with that clearly have. more hang on you guys don't talk every talk over each other because viewers don't like it just raise your hand and i'll go to you jen go right ahead jan go ahead. i actually agree with walter here there is no debate i would rather see more than 2 passionate people with completely me tempus it sets of ideas and that would be bernie sanders versus i think that's the debate that americans deserve to hear unfortunately the
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democratic party disagreed with that so we're talking about with the reality of the guy that you guys are stuck with and i think that in the end alternately it's going to be joe biden unless again this coming sunday he doesn't perform well against bernie sanders which could possibly well be you know bernie sanders and joe biden currently are neck and neck there only really separated by about a 100 delegates at this point if you look at the people who've endorsed them pete amy so forth they've got about another 100 if joe biden makes a serious gaffe at this weekend's democratic debate things could change that could be a game changer and you see bernie sanders this week kind of tamping down his craziness says making and calling people mentally unfit but you see him sort of tamping down and becoming the nominee that he thinks said the establishment wants him to be showing that he's this acceptable guy and that this crazy uncle bernie out there but if he performs well at the sunday night debate which i think he could that
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could also be a game changer in the 4th quarter of this game and you know i have to wonder let me go to walter because walter has a net enough time you but i have to wonder if you did coincidence that who is running this clinton documentary because i have this really weird feeling that at the last 2nd they want to shoe horn her in i don't think it's impossible while at the same time not likely but it's like having a joke or a real joker in your hand here walter because i'm convinced the d.n.c. and c n n emissaries are going to have buyer's remorse go ahead walter. well i've given up making predictions i think i've been hearing many is not allowed to vote so who knows who knows but but i just think it's really important that that we recognize the immense institutional power that the democratic party establishment has here i mean yes people are going to the polls people are voting but that choice doesn't happen in a vacuum they have extremely important levers of power i think principally the
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media right both the pro democratic party media and the media that presents itself as being centrist or nonpartisan are all 100 percent hostile to bernie sanders and are conspiring to create this are of an envelop an avid ability around joe biden i mean people are not going to deal with the structural barriers to voting that 7 hour long lines them zion areas that were likely to favor bernie sanders if they think that that vote won't really make a difference if they are inevitability has been ridiculously build around joe biden through the corporate media through the power of incumbent politicians and so forth you know jason just a hypothetical because i know that you have made it very clear that you like bernie sanders and i respect respect that you told told us that but can you explain to me why didn't the democratic party and c.n.n. and m s n b c why didn't they say club which are ok because least he is a compelling campaigner ok i mean because joe was in the doldrums and then that's
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there was a 72 hour hiatus than all the sudden everything is transformed i've never seen anything like it in my life and it was behind the scenes ok big money obama was involved all of these things here why would they do it for a club which are she believes she presents the party is moderate she's a woman that's you guys like all that woke stuff why didn't you go with someone like that go ahead jason. well good thing about cobra char and the reason that biden was able to turn this whole thing around is because of one man. demographic that he captured that khloe bashar can't and that is african-americans particularly african-american women they are the soul of the democratic party they are the force of the democratic party bernie sanders gets a portion of the african-american vote particularly when we're talking about younger african-americans but when we saw the winds change in south carolina we
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knew that people like pete booted gedge who had you know an early bump in iowa and you know amy cold which are probably over performed in some of those early states was not going to survive going through the south particularly on super tuesday and on some of the states following that she might have some weight in the in the midwest but this election is going to be about turnout and if you can't turn out african-americans as a democrat you will not win and so that's where it comes down to these 2 particular candidates bernie sanders who as young african-americans excited about him and joe biden who has older african-americans who will come out and vote for him instead the numbers that's what you need and close which are and blue to judge and all the other people were way behind in that area and there's no way you can win a democratic way and secondly as we saw with hillary clinton you can. get on with
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their minds or turn out from african-americans jan go ahead. that is true i do agree with jason i do happen to think that african-american females are the most powerful voting bloc going into 2020 you look at their turnout they made or broke that race in alabama against roy moore at the polls and so i do believe they have that purchasing power at the ballot box like we've not seen and a very long time but i will say this the choice here did not have to be joe biden and here's why there was one key phone call made and it was by none other than president obama to intervene he was the 1st one called mare pete he called peabody gen and was the 1st one to ask him to bow out and where pete did and that began that 72 hour contagion there's another 2nd figure also an african-american and that's james cliburn and i called him on super tuesday night i called him the most powerful person in the democratic party not joe biden despite the fact that
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biden actually won and so i think you look at these 2 figures in the party they are really the power here not joe biden and whomever they would have endorsed would have carried the day and i think i think would have a good shot at it so i don't think the string care is that joe biden can attract african-americans i think you have to look at those 2 key african-americans who interjected themselves here and to the selection their followers would have followed him ever they chose and that would have been an error p. kind i don't want to run and so i want to throw the support there i want to close i want to throw your cold water on this here no one isn't mentioned the preferences of the donors and that's where most of it comes from the donor class in both parties it's all the time we have many things that my guess would want you did and didn't you york and thanks to our viewers for watching us here in our d.c. you next time and remember crosstalk rules.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped past and person. thinks . we are here to ask. you 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to
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air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on the story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. but. let's not just get up but just tell the speech that.
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the 1st human march i'm going to. put up. with. you push too much here thomas or some. one else seems wrong why don't we all just don't call. me old
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yet to shape out this day comes to cancer. and engage me equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. russia says it's developed the world's 1st coronavirus vaccine though clinical trials have yet to be completed the health minister says it's been tested and is safe hears from the head of the russian software and well fund that invests think the research. myself my wife why it would do for your. witnesses report gunfire and explosions in the capital minsk as well who sees a 3rd day of rest followed the disputed presidential election. give
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us time across a candidate for president joe biden's.


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