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tv   News  RT  August 18, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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rival rallies are held in belarus as the fallout from the country's election continues call for the president's resignation many are voicing alarm over the. situation in the country is very serious so we have come out here to show our support for the president i stand here. president. the leaders. germany reached president putin to the situation in russia called on all countries to avoid interfering in their prices. on the program
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with 1000 infections spiking in many european nations government. imposing safety and sparking widespread discontent. the president from britain's federal intervention in new york has a wave of violence sweeps the city police brutality protests. around the world from our moscow studios this is r.t. international you know me i'm with you this news hour welcome to the program. entered a 10th day of protests against the president who is accused of rigging the recent election although demonstrations were initially marred by a heavy hand. police response there are no largely peaceful the belorussian
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interior ministry has said it except some responsibility for the way the crisis has unfolded but the statement was short on specifics factories or cross the country helping brought to a standstill by workers strikes while trying to remain streets the monday in president lucas shank goes resignation and following to keep up the pressure until their demands are met this was the scene in minsk on monday evening. i was i was. i was i well several country protests are now being held across bela reuss the largest is in the eastern city of mongolia of as you can see people are waving the red and green national flying get docked in 1905 a year after alexander lukashenko came to power that's in contrast to the older red
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and white fly by opponents of the president people have been speaking out in support of mr lukashenko on saying the arrest needs to stop. the situation in our country is very serious so we have come out here to show our support for the president we are against unrest in a country. house there should be new rights we should find compromise says we do not condemn the support for the position so why should they condemn the us. and want to say one thing i stand here for belarus for our president for our prosperous and beautiful country will never give up to anyone. earlier in the day the leaders of france and germany contacted president putin to discuss the crisis in belarus here's our tease from uncle sharif. rallies in support of what's happening in belarus have been happening in front solve the country's embassy in the russian capital for 10 days straight we've seen different turnouts here with the largest
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probably the past we can probably see the protesters so will supporters of behind me carrying flowers and holding white ribbon meanwhile protests continue in belarus as well where on cheese that would seem both pro and anti look at schenkel rallies all over the country present look at held a meeting with the country's security council where he criticized like he said opposition's plans to damage their relationship with russia and its nato and e.u. aspirations however the opposition holding those statements issued their own saying that their falls have nothing to do with the reality and it sounds at manuka lation and they also said that they plan to on or all of the existing agreements with russia and other partner countries as well as here with the shanghai had to say it is statements have been made very some western countries who don't even know where
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the roof is and have no idea what is happening here but nevertheless they make these statements we have reacted to this and deployed combat o. me units on our western borders and have brought them to full combat readiness meanwhile top european political figures continue seeking the kremlin's stance in the issue in a bill or rousseau european council president charles michel said that he spoke to lead me putin on tuesday and said that the e.u. began working on personal sanctions against all those responsible for human rights violations against peaceful protesters michelle added that. should be no outside interference in this matter now in 2 separate cell phone calls and hughes day and they shaded by byrd and paris let him is good and scold to his counterparts angela merkel and emanuel mccraw on and he said that any example by outside forces to intervene in the internal political crisis in bella ruse is counterproductive
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and he stressed that placing external pressure on the officials in the bill of rights is unacceptable now a german chancellor angela merkel also outlined germany's position after the phone call with a lot of my position let's have a listen to issue and help today as spoke with russian president putin and made it clear once again that freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate must be guaranteed that's prisoners must be released and that there must be a national dialogue to settle things peacefully in belarus we will continue to discuss this to more all these talks with the russian leader are taking place as head of the european union summit on bella ruse the e.u. leaders planning to meet via video conference on a wednesday and meanwhile no matter the resolution it's clear that the european union one says is in no rush as in the internal situation in belarus.
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yet so many aspects to this story let's get on with some of them with mara marie me more is professor of eastern europe politics of the police university of genoa welcome to the program president mccraw chancellor merkel have both been in contact with vladimir putin why do you think they have reached out to him at this stage rather than engaging in talks with location. well because they understand how important is the route in surulere he is the situation so they are trying to underline defected that the situation must this must be solved peacefully and so they know that is not. waiting to see all this such a situation we doubt repression and valerie and i and so they strongly probably believe that a dialogue with the russian leader is better than with the. bellerose shares borders with 3 e.u.
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countries so clearly there's plenty at stake for europe the european council is jus to hold an emergency meeting almost situation do you expect more any unity in hard to handle the crisis there. well it's possible the closer you know the geographical the geopolitical see the position of being the roosts is very interesting for both the you and rational of course and as a consequence of both the political actors i'm trying to understand. this strategy the political strategy both of rationed of course and more than the e.u. and so it's quite possible that. stressing the fact that it's important to to sort of poor to human rights and the process of them look at these ation and get a room that could follow such an position such that 2 were set at their situation and a better in east let's say outside and external it's
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a external influence on the process of them look at these ation in general so for the euro is a strategical of course a situation and political situation which is very close to the emotion of the markets of course president lukashenko said the belarusian troops are being sent very western borders of the country and put on high alert what his motives do you think without is there any genuine military threat that he needs to counter. i hope so not to of course so i think that. is trying to implement a different policies and also the military one because of the he's. is afraid of the process of the country and probably his not so evil to to stop this process anymore so he's trying to probably use my own ends and thrust
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a use in the military service suggests to make people and also foreigners account to understand it he is still in power hand he's a strong enough said to faces such an engine we've seen crowds on the streets in several cities modern the all of. minsk itself saying that the country needs stability and the chaos the scenes that we're seeing haas to stop do such protesters have a point those essentially in support of the state because surely if mr lucas franco were to quit i would assume there would be a new year of severe instability. yes instability of course is what we expect of in such a situation of course and that if the most important thing is death to. see the society reacted. very different way than terrorism for instance in what happened in 2010 in the last election so so this is something new and probably the unexpected that
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is also due to many many political. and mistakes that he made in the last year in rule of course belorussian opposition leaders one in particular say they want to. maintain a pragmatic a friendly relationship with both russia and the e.u. no if there was a change of power in the country do you think such a bouncing would be possible. well to tell the truth possible also under look at. leadership of course it's quite difficult to and we will see these opposition leaders are able to implement such a strategy of course it depends on the capacity of this country to stress its of tanami its independence this is of course to do today and outcomes of the process of them looked at is a shining good that was it is as i said before as his subjects are taken and your
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political position so he can be important can be important both for each new and russia and he can take and then of this situation of course thanks for coming on the program and sharing your views more a professor all of eastern europe politics at the university of genoa maura murray . meanwhile the german government has confirmed that it's been in talks with the leader of the opposition to atlanta to call up sky fled to lithuania soon after the election are done and hawkins has been taking a closer look at main challenger. but the roof is at boiling point the streets and squares are main packed with thousands of voices of discontent its people determined to be heard they feel the president just isn't listening they don't mind a new leader a symbol to unite them at a time of crisis. has become this symbol yet i'm not
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a politician my husband surrogate economically wanted to become the president of valorous he's now in prison for that almost unknown at the end of may the humble english teacher and interpreter to lead a quiet life until her husband is said again to cut off ski a popular blogger presidential candidate was disqualified from the presidential race and thrown in jail in an act of protest she took up the opposition husband's name and announced she would stand she said herself that she didn't want power at one point telling supporters she's more comfortable frying cutlets in her role as stay at home mom you are just as i want to become president in order to restore justice in this country my campaign program won be familiar to everyone the main point is new honest and fair election. took off was just a woman with a grudge like many he couldn't predict the crowds would turn her into
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a symbol misconceived the project our constitution is not for women our society is not mature enough to vote for a woman but as things got heated it seemed was ready perhaps not specifically for ticking off but for change yet despite condemning the results as false protests gaining traction she fled the country putting our family 1st. i have probably remained the soft woman that i originally was i know that many will understand me many will condemn me and many will hate me but know this god forbid that you faced a choice that i had to face children are the most important thing that we have in life. yet for some in the west she really is one step away from the presidency with the german government already confirming it's held talks with the exiled opposition figure in our shoes no longer the english teacher mother or weak woman as she described herself days later she claims she's ready to step up to the plate as head
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over transitional government and get all of the. i am prepared to act as a national leader. others could have been in her shoes but as opposition figures fell out of the picture taken off her was left as the last woman standing the accidental candidate with her latest announcement she's upped the ante time will tell whether she can meet the expectations of those that want her to lead that change a. quarter of an hour into the program let's move on governments across europe are bracing for a 2nd coburg 9 dean wave again rolling on popular restrictions but the public is growing increasingly fed up as peter oliver report. as europe tries to tiptoe back to normality 2nd wave of covert 19 seems set to derail those hopes here in germany daily infections passed a 3 month peak last week the health minister in the country says this is partly due
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to in general people coming back from holidays people attending parties and other celebrations now it in spite of it and it's very difficult to make people stick to the moons after they've had 2 or 3 beers at a party such events make it especially easy could virus to spread so maybe we should stick to smaller family gatherings for a while longer germany has labeled most destinations in spain including extremely popular destination it may yorka as high risk it another blow to the already stricken spanish tourism industry but i think i mean i think the measures they're taking are a bit drastic we thought we had good prospects for september but now with travel companies sending people home it's getting very difficult it's good to be cautious but the situation here looks fine to me and now with no customers i don't know how long we can hold on you know back east at the moment is my spain has taken tough measures against condit 19 social distance in masks as you can see we don't have
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outbreaks but the virus is everywhere you never know where you will be safe and where you can catch it let people travel because here we depend on the tourism and if we don't have to or is it will sink neighboring france has also being breaking records for all the wrong reasons marking up post lockdown high of over 3000 cases seen metropolises like paris and mall say expand outdoor areas with face coverings a mandatory while work spaces are also set to become mosque zones so. it is a good idea but it won't be easy to make people respect the rules especially at work because they will have to spend the whole day there with a mosque on vision. i wear a mask to work every day and i think it's normal so for me nothing will change you know not us there's a surge of cases in france and all the other countries so i know it's necessary to wear a mask i wear one every day at work
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a spike in cases among young people has seen the italian government step in to shut down discos and night clubs they'll also be a reintroduction on rules insisting that face coverings be worn in outdoor public spaces at night it's a pity that we did not see this government response before my pig everything should have been closed sooner than we can be but i sympathize with those who own nightclubs it's not easy finding the balance between the interests of entrepreneurs and public health what will prevent going on there are no i don't think the club should have been reopened it all should have remained closed because the clubs are not essential and closing them prevented new cases both the number of cases in europe rises so does anger over covert prevention measures to the. i.
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no one wants to see a return to full lockdown and that places those in power in the own enviable position of having to try balance freedom with fighting code it as we try to work out which restrictions we want to be imposed and where the virus is determined to reimpose itself across the whole of europe these are all over our bill in. the state of emergency in the lebanese capital has been extended for another month beirut is still reeling from the devastating chemical blast that tore through the city on august. 4th just to recount 180 people were killed in the tragedy with over 5000 injured over 350000 were also left homeless the explosion ripped through buildings century old structures belonging to lebanon's cherished architectural
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heritage of all to been badly damaged the owner of one ruined historic mansion lived in by his family for generations shared with us what was lost. and i say my ancestors lived here 200 years ago and has been in the family ever since i lived dumpsters and when the explosion happened i was sitting here with my wife and daughter and 2 grandchildren i was reading a newspaper. all of the series were made of marble they don't make them like that anymore artistry went into the building everything is computerized and heartless but even the small
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things inherited from my brand grandparents one of 10 down to my children. plus how did that last night and i've never seen anything like the port explosion we have witnessed war it's. nothing like this. and if they finish their investigation and arrest people they won't rebuild my home and bring back our history is the politicians who should be held responsible for what happens. in this country and i mean to build it again like we have national unity. to the us where president donald trump has renewed threats to send federal agents to new york the city is grappling with a wave of violence amid protests against police brutality done restrictions the
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issue could get prove significant ahead of november's election and reports. new york city needs saving apparently more so than oregon and the media is now comparing new york city that got them so. however there is no batman here fact there's barely any one wave of looting crime and riots has seen many high end stores close up their windows. just. 50 people were shot over the weekend and there's been a 177 percent increase in gun violence this july compared to last year now donald trump blames local officials for this and says that soon washington may step in. if the new york city mckown do it we will after the city
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council agreed to cut the new york city police department's budget by roughly $1000000000.00 the police officers union decided to go rogue political road that is they decided to endorse donald trump now many times people say that a union like ours mourned for sprint groups give indorsements not in the new york city p.b.s. a star in the new york city p.b.s. a mr president you are in the endorsement and you've earned it indorsement i'm proud to give it no surprise it's got anger burning in the bellies of the democratic party here in new york. i am speechless new york city's a beautifully diverse working class democratic city the n.y.p.d. says clearly showing they're not interested in working with the people of our city this explains their continued aggression against innocent people it's time for dramatic change and why p.d. union endorsed trump i'm sure this is
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a part of the neighborhood outreach plan also does anyone see a potential problem with police unions enforcement arms of the state with liberal weapons promoting preferred candidates for office is that just me it's a political wrestle mania here in new york we've got trump versus the local officials local officials versus the police and vice versa at this point it's pretty clear new york city needs some kind of caped crusader to stop the wave of crime but will that savior be in washington. r.t. new york. u.s. intelligence agency is reportedly believe that iran paid bunting's to the taliban for targeting american and coalition forces in afghanistan earlier the same i.q. sation was leveled against russian double quarter picks up the story for us if you remember not too long ago the mainstream media was again citing its anonymous sources claiming that russia was somehow paying balinese to the taliban for hits on
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u.s. soldiers in afghanistan russian intelligence officers have offered to pay belmonte to taliban fighters who kill americans who kill americans their european intelligence official i spoke to says that russian military intelligence officers offered money to taliban fighters in afghanistan to kill american or other coalition fighters if this times report is correct this means that u.s. intelligence has concluded that vladimir putin. is offering bounties for the scalps of american soldiers in afghanistan now back then no evidence was provided president trump even said that the story wasn't credible enough for him to have been briefed on it and the kremlin denied any involvement it spokes person dimitri past said that it was regrettable that one of the world's most renowned international media outlets was published was publishing absolute hoaxes now fast forward to today and in the world of c.n.n.
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all of a sudden iran is also paying bounties to the taliban c.n.n. has just learned that an assessment by u.s. intelligence agencies has found that iran in addition to russia also paid bounties to taliban fighters to target u.s. and coalition troops in afghanistan all of this of course is according to anonymous sources that the channel declined to mention but who knows what will happen this time because last time a lack of evidence didn't seem to stop democrats from going berserk over the issue there's overwhelming evidence that putin has gone and he's paying significant bounties to kill american soldiers in afghanistan seems clear from what the intelligence is real i find it inexplicable in light of these very public allegations that the president hasn't come before the country and assured the american people that he will get to the bottom of whether the russians are putting a bounty on the heads of american troops now hopefully this time american officials will wait for the facts to surface before they jump to conclusions about iran but
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until then it just seems like stories such as this one only serve to make russia and iran out to be the bad guys in the in the eyes of the western public where we spoke to investigative journalist dave lindorff who believes the allegations against the run under russia are following a familiar pattern. russia and iran have both been demonized for some time by both the media and particularly in the case of a rand by the trumpet ministration you know when the media came out with this what clearly appears to have been a bogus claim about russian intelligence paying these panties to taliban fighters to do what they were doing already. you know trying to kill americans and drive them out of the country the evidence turned out to be completely wrong and so now we have the trumpet ministration supporting this claim that the. that
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it's the iranians are doing the same thing i don't think the rationale is there the taliban don't need as they have explained themselves don't need anybody to pay them for them to want to attack americans and to make the work to know so costly for the us that the us pulls its troops out so. now absent really strong evidence i think it's a ludicrous claim. mortar shell struck near a cow bull's diplomatic district on tuesday morning as afghans marked independence day several people were injured and no one has yet claim a small militancy for they talk we do know though that the strike comes a day after the government refused to release its the last $320.00 taliban prisoners it wants the insurgents to free more captured soldiers 1st. also around the world
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a 6.6 magnitude earthquake shook the central philippines on tuesday buildings and roads were damaged one person is confirmed dead search and rescue efforts are underway. firefighters in california work for them as a heat wave aggravates local wildfires there are around 30 active fires on sunday the temperatures soared to over 54 degrees celsius in one region of the state the hottest day on record since. a pretty extraordinary heartwarming i can't next of a teenage girl who found herself at the head of a family of 6 after both parents died within a year of each other stay close big sister begins in moments.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to a guest of the world of politics or business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. girl boy. this. week.


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