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tv   News  RT  August 19, 2020 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. you will convene an emergency session over the political crisis. people rally both for and against president lukashenko across the country. the situation in our country is very serious we are against the rest the dictatorship that has lasted for 26 years finally been weakened and stands here preval is our president the only way to win is to keep showing our disagreement with the results of the election to the news the u.s. senate intelligence committee releases the conclusion to its report accusing the blood even putin of personally ordering attack on the democratic party in 2016 the document uses the phrase almost certain to stop short of actually providing evidence. while
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a military uprising in mali sweeps the president from power threatening to plunge the country deeper into chaos. thanks for joining us here are not. the leader of the bell russian opposition. has called on the e.u. leaders not to recognize the results of her country's recent presidential election the block is to hold an emergency summit over the political crisis in belarus a little later on wednesday and while the country enters an 11th day of protests with more strike action and rallies expected on tuesday the opposition held another large protest in the center of ments calling on the president to go supporters of alexander lukashenko also held rallies across the country outside the capital the largest was in the eastern city of magni off. situation in our country is very
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serious so we have come out here to show our support for the president we are against unrest in our country i'm here to show solidarity with my people as i also want changes the dictatorship that has lasted for 26 years has finally been weakened and our country is now moving in and democratic direction i want to say one thing i stand here for belarus for our president for our prosperous and beautiful country will never give up to anyone there should be numerous we should find compromises we do not condemn the subpoenas for the position so why should they condemn nutz. i came here to support the protest because the only way to win is to keep getting out and to keep showing our disagreement with the results of the election i hope we will have leaders and further actions because it's not enough simply to take to the streets. for their positions coordination council for the transfer of power in bellaver is held its 1st meeting tuesday it promises to
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maintain friendly mutually beneficial relations with the e.u. russia and ukraine but also criticizes the role of the security forces in governing by the roofs as in look at showing her though has slammed the council is nothing but a new legal attempt to seize power. meanwhile a number of foreign countries have challenged lucas showing because legitimacy is president rejecting the results of the election he used confirmed that it's drawing sanctions against the russian officials who are suspected of election fraud and violence against protesters and he's done it hawkins delves into why the former soviet republic has drawn so much international attention. just a fortnight ago many western viewers may have barely heard of belarus that all changed as thousands poured out of the streets in protest over the disputed presidential election is the country's geography which between its big east the neighbor europe sees the interests of international players intertwine and clash thanks. officially use this missed the elections as neither free nor fair
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look at persona non-grata and already begun drawing up new sanctions lists citing human rights violations in the wake of police violence closer to start in humble withheld e.u. why discussions on sanctions against those responsible for human rights violations how these sanctions will be organized and whether they will be further restrictive measures depends on the further actions of the bully russian authorities. condemnation was perhaps predictable but there is no shared view of what comes next the baltic states are. poland have been the loudest critics of location while hungary has stopped short of outright that l.c.a. sion others still have sought a balancing act the e.u. can't turn a blind eye neither can it risk having it be stabilized neighbor state on their doorstep and confrontations with moscow a longtime ally of minsk are getting tiresome. so it's
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no surprise putin has been busy on the phone holding talks with merkel macron and the european council chief we all see russia as an actor that can help influence or regulate the situation a better routes is russia's closest historical alloy a vital economic and military partner and a buffer zone against nato over recent years have seen their relationship strained to say the least nevertheless moscow would surely rather put up with a look of shame goes over towards the west and risk chaos on its borders the russian side emphasized that any attempt at external interference in the internal affairs of belarus which could lead to a further escalation of the crisis would be an acceptable. for many years but it doesn't exactly been a top priority for the united states in 2006 they slap sanctions on minsk for you guessed it undemocratic elections and in 2008 the country's expelled each other's
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ambassadors but earlier this year things began to change for the 1st time since 1904 minutes got a visit from the u.s. secretary of state. generously offered to meet all of his energy needs and extended a helping hand the united states wants to help fellow troops build its own sovereign country this leaves washington with a dilemma should they carry on befriending look who may be interested or put their bets on the opposition and it's the uncertainty in minsk one thing is clear washington has its own interest in belarus the possibility of another u.s. for. the state of russia's border could be a game changer and as protests grow in a country suddenly thrown into the international limelight and with multiple interests at stake all actors involved hold their breath as they play out their next move. let's go now to our correspondent peter all of a very good morning to you peter the e.u. emergency summit then to be held
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a little later on wednesday what's on the agenda. well this e.u. virtual summit with the leaders dialing in on video conference kicks off around noon brussels time we can expect the european union leaders to come out in support of the opposition in belo roosts european council presidential michel he held talks with over the phone with russian president vladimir putin before this they agreed that they would get back in contact after the summit had taken place but the message coming from the european council president is that the future of bella roofs should be decided by the people of bella ruse the people of bill or have the right to decide on their future and freely elect their leader violence against protesters resign acceptable and cannot be allowed well another senior european leader who helped talks with putin heading into this summit
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is german chancellor angela merkel here's what she had to say to issue an operative there spoke with russian president putin and made it clear once again that freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate must be guaranteed it's prisoners must be released and that there must be a national dialogue to settle things peacefully in valerie's we'll continue to discuss this to more. well the european commission has already announced a sanctions list in fact on tuesday a spokesperson confirmed that they already started putting those in place those sanctions targeting those involved in the violent crackdown against protesters also those deemed to have been behind any type of election fraud or irregularities basically what we're going to see confirmed on wednesday is that sanctions will target belarus's security forces and the election of thora he's now alexander
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lukashenko the embattled belorussian president for his part he's blamed the own rest in the country on outside influences on foreign countries getting involved he says he's not stepping down and fact he's put the military on standby. to do statements have been made very some western countries who don't even know where billy is and have no idea what is happening here but nevertheless they make these statements we have reacted to this and deployed combat army units on our western borders and have brought them to full combat readiness. so what can we expect from wednesday from this e.u. virtual summit we can expect to hear that those people are being targeted by e.u. sanctions will be laid out clearly but not a whole lot else there will be support for the opposition in valorise but the e.u. is wanting to tread lightly at least for now and thanks r.t.
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correspondent thing to all of our with the latest. eastern europe especially spend irish police that the other race crisis is a major concern for both russia and the european union. a few days ago look at. the kremlin and said that he was going to us brits and it supports the suggestion was that the percent was reaching out to the russians or significant force the riot police beer troops in order to quell the process by brute force and it's raised the question will russia invades. russia where there's been a lot of speculation now if you 2 of the people are for the situation closely that idea has been pretty written off putin's unlike stu that the veteran population has actually warmed image of russia and see them as friends and they fought so hard to oust look the shanker that if person came in and crushed the.
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demonstrations by force and kept the percent go in office by force then the entire population with then suddenly turn against russia and putin and then you'd end up with another ukraine situation which the kremlin doesn't want so because of these fears you've got macron and merkel 'd reaching out the has been very aggressive they said they've warned russia that there should be no overt or covert interference in the domestic policies under the threat of facing new renewed extremely quote unquote heavy sanctions if it's seen to do that but i think it is going to come back with exactly the same argument in fact he did. explicitly that there should be no weston in the domestic politics of. the u.s. senate intelligence committee has released the final part of a report on ledged russian meddling in the $26000.00 election document accuses the david putin of orchestrating the hack of democratic party servers they claim the
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russian government has repeatedly dismissed takes us through the latest findings. it is the 5th and final installment from the senate intelligence committee regarding allegations of russia and trump and the 2016 elections now the report is over a 1000 pages long it takes us to quite extravagant places from the ritz carlton hotel to the miss universe pageant and the ultimate conclusion of the report the long awaited conclusion is that russian president vladimir putin himself werder the hacking of the democratic national committee server take a listen the committee found that russian president vladimir putin ordered the russian effort to hack competes networks and accounts affiliated with the democratic party and leak information damaging to hillary clinton and her campaign for president do they offer any proof well no they just simply state they have high
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confidence this is an intelligence community assertion that the russian government is responsible and that lattimer putin himself ordered the hacking of the d.n.c. and phrases like high confidence show up throughout the report for example the phrase likely is used 139 times furthermore the phrase almost certain shows up 23 times and the phrase seems shows up 39 times however despite all this high confidence and almost certainty the russian security services are blamed for the hacking of the d.n.c. server take a listen to this passage from the report beginning in march 26th seen offices of the russian main intelligence directorate the g o u successfully hacked competes networks belonging to the democratic national committee and the democratic congressional campaign committee and the e-mail accounts of clinton campaign officials and employees including campaign chairman
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john podesta the report claims that russian security services in gauged in spirit fishing and this gave them. access to the d n c server now at this point the main piece of evidence that they put forward to back up this claim is testimony from the tech firm known as crowd strike crowd strike you'll recall was hired by d.n.c. royer is to look into the matter now crowd strike has come under a lot of scrutiny crowd strikes president ex f.b.i. official shawn henry testified that they saw a quote activity that we believed was consistent with activity we'd seen previously and had associated with the russian government in the same testimony and we also testified that crowd strike never had any evidence the data was actually exfiltrate it i.e. stolen from the d.n.c. servers but regardless and not surprisingly we see wiki leaks also thrown into the
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report wiki leaks activity sort on played a key role in the russian campaign and very likely knew it was assisting the russian intelligence influence efforts from jill in a sanches long denied these allegations and said he is simply not a russian operative however the allegations persist many americans looking at this report as well as many people around the world have got to be asking themselves how much longer is this russia gate story going to keep going is this final installment really the last report or will they find a way to get it back into the news once again. by to charles will tell gave us his reaction to the intelligence report. whether one or another country may be interfering in our elections i think people are tired of that frankly and tired of the endless investigation of the same issue when it only to rush i have seen so far little evidence if not no evidence that that happened on the balance of
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probabilities again when i say the way from looking to the 16th hillary clinton ran an atrocious campaign that's why she lost you've got to look at 16 and understand that hillary clinton went out of her way to offend a large percentage of the voting population she did not get pain effectively key states she looks very ill in september 11th 2016 she was operating with her husband a corrupt foundation has been since 1997 where hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars have gone missing their similar questions about me joe biden and his family those are the big issues that are going to add a voter's in this country. speaking of joe biden he gets the democrats' official stamp of approval after being formally nominated for president but his track record of military interventions raising questions of the body's pledge to seek peace not war and bring you more details after the break.
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when i was so seemed wrong. why don't we just don't call. me while yet to see. this day become educated and endangered equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the world is driven by a dream shaped by. the dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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for. welcome back to the us democrats have officially nominated joe biden for president in a virtual votes during day 2 the party's convention despite efforts to attract younger voters with a star studded lineup for some the event is proving to be a bit of a ball. without a doubt it will be the most boring repetitive told meanspirited convention in
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history at. the d.n.c. so far feels like one long have to on you tube usually skip. this convention so far makes me think the democrats are the party ready to lead america into the. holy cow i'm dying which means instant messages goodbye to justin which 2. meanwhile both democrats and republicans are making of roughs of campaign promises including about american military interventions joe budden says he wants
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to see and to and was his track record in place so there's a lot to be desired then culture explodes donald trump surprising 2016 election victory had a lot to do with one golden promise and america's endless wars i am proposing a new foreign policy focused on advancing america's korda show interests to avoid endless wars that were caught up in the current strategy of toppling regimes with no play and for what to do the day after only produces power vacuums that are filled simply by terrorists we now know he didn't deliver on his promise but many americans still long for that a waste of peace and in 2020 the opposition understands this all too well democrats know it's time to bring nearly 2 decades of unceasing conflict to an left wing right wing it doesn't even matter polls are showing that 3 out of 4 americans want
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troops withdrawn from afghanistan and half of them want to see cuts to the military budget when it comes to u.s. foreign policy the vast majority of americans are fed up with never ending war and yet the democrats are supporting joe biden as their candidate a man with a track record of supporting conflicts. let's start from 2002 when joe biden jumped right on the weapons of mass destruction bandwagon and supported the u.s. invasion of iraq clearly be more secure without saddam hussein in position of weapons of mass destruction almost 5000 american soldiers dead thousands more iraqi civilians killed a catalyst for the rise of the islamic state i wouldn't say any of that fits into most people's definition of peace and security in my mind. we're. going to have you. know our oh you know.
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as barack obama's v.p. biden cheered on america's longest war in afghanistan he called it a success and promised to bring the troops home that strategy is succeeding and as a consequence the president is making good on his commitment to bring our young men and women home right on schedule while here we are 2020 and so little has changed it just goes to show us operations in afghanistan are more about dysfunction than success what are we trying to do here we didn't have the foggiest notion of what we were undertaking if the american people knew the magnitude of these dysfunction syria libya pakistan yemen the list of countries that were bombed while joe biden was vice president is very long so are we supposed to believe that he's going to put an end to year's event list war you decide well biden was there he was in the room where it happened as you say he was there for 8 years of obama so he can't
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divorce and so through obama's warmongering policy pretty rich for the democrats to pretend now that they're the peace part of the because we had 8 years of president obama starting more wars i think than any president in decades before hand before him more drone strikes more bombings more killings under president obama hope it was all for everyone's own good when in fact just last month when president trump announced he wants to remove $12000.00 troops from or you want to remove troops from afghanistan the democratic party that controls the house actually teamed up with liz cheney daughter of dick cheney to try to block and they actually passed legislation to try to prevent the end of the longest war in u.s. history so for them to now say we want to end endless wars it really is a farce who knows that the voters will buy us that's nonsense. until
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a developing. story now the organizers of the military mutiny in mali say that they will hold fresh elections are not polled all international agreements earlier the country's president appeared on state t.v. announcing his resignation after he was detained on tuesday during a military revolt ibrahim boubacar katie said that the decision to leave power would avoid bloodshed in the country. i would like to inform you of my decision to resign from my position with immediate effect and with all the legal consequences this entails the dissolution of the national assembly and of the government. tuesday's uprising began with a shootout at the scene military camp los to the capital group of soldiers detained senior officers before marching on bomb a car on storming the president's residence meets and he was swiftly condemned by the african union you and the head of the un neighboring countries and close the borders schooling for sanctions against the revolutionaries can follow several months of protests in mali so the opposition demanding the president's resignation
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over corruption allegations and the security situation is still in jail and home claims that the roots of mali's latest insurrection can be traced back to nato intervention in libya 9 years ago this coup accept basically a result of the 2011 tragic overthrow and murder more market off the libya engineer by the united states of america and its nato allies particularly britain france that food and murder of gadhafi led to a leakage of loans of weapons into neighboring mali which got into the hands of religious zealots who call themselves muslims who since that time have been waging a brutal and bitter war against these soldiers in bali if you've been killed as a result this in turn has led to a french military intervention backed by the united states of america and it's also hoped that sooner we underestimate instability this might be on the verge of
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seizing power in public oh which could have a negative knock on effects throughout the neighborhood not least in cote guinea. international has been nominated for an emmy the award recognizes excellence in t.v. it's a nice nomination for r.t. 7 of which were in the news and current affairs can't agree the latest is for the reporting on the deadly passenger jet crash landing at moscow's sheremetyevo airport in may last year the superjet one 'd 100 aircraft left moscow for more once go need to return 30 minutes later because of technical problems then caught fire while landing the disaster claimed 41 lives but he journalist brought views the stories of those who perished in the crash and of the brave heroes who put their lives on the line to save others. she won people have been confirmed killed off the plane file which happened on sunday evening that should have met people there were
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78 passengers and crew on board the aircraft which was due to fly to more months in the country's far north the jet bust into flames during an emergency landing shortly after takeoff and we should warn you the following video of the plays is the stressing. i. say let's have a look now at the seating plan of the plane which indicates what happened to so keep inside the inferno mostly fight to those who is sitting tools the way with the action after a few exceptions all of those tools the front end closest to the only usable exits able to escape.
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appreciate you joining us here on r.t. to nationalise morning will return with updates on our top stories in 30 minutes. old. ah no team no crowd. no shots. i actually felt. well it's true i know the 1st. point should be your thirst for action.
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and i can remember when it would flow one time in the fall and then one time in the spring you know a break up and now i mean already 3 times this year they said you know when people get nervous about the flooding of their houses and they need to stay in school or even getting out of new top because they're worried about that kind of stuff and just these last 2 storms have taken so much away you know he went measured the last couple storms and they're like knocked off 1020 feet in 11 weekend yeah and so there's a better margin and also i have to do journalism students in iraq and the kids right now journals about their worries about the floods i don't think are as a catch on fire but a fire house flat it as the very next thing they all wrote on their own was that our ass flooded we would grab and they got some of it like the box of pictures by the door and. so they.


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