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tv   News  RT  August 28, 2020 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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see modestly that i have done more for the african-american community than any president says abraham lincoln the city could know she was engulfed in black lives much of protests we examine how politicians then use the unrest in this year's election campaign. to on the 1st anniversary of the death of. u.k. officials consider a virtual trial for the wife of a u.s. diplomat accused of killing him and then fleeing the country we speak to his grieving parents. she was the last person to risk it is absolutely clear now that the united states government does not have either a legal or moral character. and
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a disturbing report finds muslims get disproportionate coverage on the u.k. news in terrorism stories despite other groups being far more likely to commit attacks. the 28th of august so good day from russia my name's kevin owen here with the latest news from o t h q for the next 30 minutes if you can stay with me to 1st then a noisy dance party slash protest held outside the white house while donald trump was giving his reelection acceptance speech with horns and chanting loudly hundreds trying to disrupt the event with some carrying black lives matter about is the law didn't stop the president from claiming he's done more for black people than all he's pretty to says as well almost. i say very modestly that i have done more for the african-american community than any president says abraham lincoln our 1st
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republican president. and i have done more in 3 years for the black community then joe biden has done in 47 years the one i'm reelected the best is yet to come with but a strong wrapped up the republican national convention with his boast on the black community fearing the protesters poured onto the streets of commotion again after sunday's shooting of a black man by police riot hit city in wisconsin remains on curfew of her office is shot jacob blake 7 times in the back with several demonstrators killed 2 in the ensuing on rest of moped next today looks how commotion is becoming a crucial pawn in the u.s. election chess game. stars bernie guns firing people looting images that have become all too familiar in the united states as of late anarky an action
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on the streets has got politicians pointing fingers at each other republicans are even staking their reelection efforts on a law and order stance saying that democratic governors have let the situation get out of hand chaos results when failed to fish rules in cities like portland minneapolis chicago and new york make a conscious decision not to support law enforcement to violence and bloodshed we are seeing in these and other cities it isn't happening by chance it's a direct result of refusing to allow law enforcement to protect our communities leftist try to turn the meant of elephants they want to cancel them but i'm here to tell you these heroes. those can't be canceled from seattle and portland to washington and new york democrat run cities across this country are
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being overrun by violent mobs those statements from the south dakota governor did not make it past leftist media which called for a reality check we will interject when we feel like there's something that's important and deliberate and very wrong that should be corrected just so that we feel responsible about our broadcast other news outlets got much the same for suggesting local authorities are responsible for the violence how shocked are we that 17 year olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would this goes beyond racism tucker carlson is advocating and defending murtha how shocked are we that tucker carlson is praising a murderer as some kind of vigilante hero democrats are taking those blame claims and throwing them right back in the face of conservatives saying that they're the ones that ferment it they hate to begin with the question for us this concern is when are we going to make republicans do their jobs or do we continue to sit idly
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by and watch the sede burn to the ground. our nation is hurting we need leadership that will heal our wounds not continue to pour salt on them peaceful protest against police violence should not be met with more violence and yet that's exactly what the president called for after the death of george floyd and here at home as george full oid briana taylor and a never ending list of innocent people of color continue to be murdered stating the simple fact that a black life matters is still met with derision from the nation's highest office as media and politicians blame each other some us citizens are taking up arms on their own in juneau shit wisconsin a teenager said to worship the police went to a protest and opened fire on the crown 2 people were killed the local police then shined in on their own saying that the victims were to blame because they were on
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the streets in violation of curfew laws this is not a police action this is not the action i believe of those who set out to do protests it isn't all it is the persons who are involved after the legal time involved in illegal activity that brought violence to this community this teenager is not the only one right wing militia groups and black self-defense organizations have sprung up across the country while politicians point to things or the situation on the streets is only getting worse across the country people are bracing for turbulent times ahead i think there's a political gain going on on the side and both sides you've got the democratic side trying to to blame the president for curing racial unrest and i don't know floyd group that and you've got you've got the republican side saying that it's actually the pin pointing the finger at democratic leaders and democratic city is that the
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leadership there is not take me appropriate action. you know law and order and so there needs to be a middle someplace we do need law and order we need to provide security and safety for families security for our businesses especially small but i feel bad for small but they were sold here by the coronavirus and those are the wondering being impacted a lot on the violence in the city unfortunately the real situation but both parties are using it as a political weapon. a year to the day now since 19 year old harry dunn was killed the u.k. attorney general says the american woman accused of running him over and fleeing abroad could face a virtual trial he died when his motorbike was hit by a car reportedly being driven on the wrong side of the road allegedly behind the wheel was answered colas the wife of a u.s. diplomat after being charged with causing death but dangerous driving she then fled the u.k. claiming diplomatic immunity done family sort of
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a private prosecution against britain's foreign secretary after it was revealed that you care fishel is let the coolest leave the country shudders daschle spoke with the victim's parents who say even after all this time they're still not giving up. the hardest thing for me is having no control over when you're going to cry to camilla big guy quite a tough guy i don't i don't show my lotions ese but since. it can take the most smallest thing and i'll just start crying or can't stop myself from doing. the frustration or fail because our current i can't control it it only feels like that with a foot. it's a 1000000. lebanese. and. i feel like it. harry's family are fighting to bring security aspect to the u.k.
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to face justice 6 months after his death she was charged with death by dangerous driving but britain's extradition request was rejected by the u.s. it's been a tough tough battle for this family we've had to not just climb mountains but move mountains because having now closed the loophole the legal loophole that allowed her to escape she was the last person to escape it is absolutely clear now that the united states government does not have either a legal or moral dog to stand on the authorities and the system completely let her respond they down this family lost their son and they were treated like dirt on the bottom of their shoe that legal loophole allowed secure les to claim diplomatic immunity as the wife of a u.s. staff member but after discussions between the u.s. and u.k. the family at the base cannot be prosecuted going forward thankfully with the harries an amendment in the treaty
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a few weeks back absolutely area shows us that the family that know what the family would have to fight the way we have nobody else now can commit the crime such as once was done and what frey is a proud thing to know that. is part of the the new ruling in history books thankfully that cherry's some of ours legacy now but despite that deborah of hope it doesn't help a charlatan tim get justice for harvey himself in the promise i made when when we lost in that night just as the desire in the pit of your stomach to complete that promise. take you tell you a poorly you look at me to get in just this twenties lay in the. new life left him . literally every bone in his body parts. every organ damage to the point we couldn't even do organ donation and someone has to be held
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responsible for that nobody in this world should be able to take a life or walk away a year on from harry's death the family is still unable to come to terms with that loss. reserves. are truly amazing rebirths special special not. just for loss he enjoyed life enjoyed meeting people he was larger than life as they say was he was he were. could have been more proud of her sloane year before last that primary school and i were 10. and this is neutral is that you can tell that. he was beat home who was beautiful let's face it in the way inside and out than. pay put.
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still not quite that it would get a hand on the wall. and you know that. it ain't cont. u.k. mass media mention muslims in terrorism stories far more than other groups who commit the most terror attacks are reported the words muslim and islam are used 9 times more in pieces on terrorism and extremism than white supremacist or neo nazi might be surprised to hear despite the latter committing more of the crimes the muslim council of britain did note though that the disbalance has improved of late since the christ church in el paso attacks where muslims were the victims we discussed the report with one of the office. what we've done is not make assumptions we have
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got very detailed analysis and statistics that we're prone from monitoring the media on a daily basis and looking at how they report on it and we've compared very similar attacks committed by so-called muslim perpetrators and those by the far right and white supremacists and found that there's been a huge inconsistency and difference in the way those attacks are are covered there's far more of a. willingness on the part of the media to use the term terra terrorist or terrorism exclusively for muslims and it's very rare that they use it for far right we see a rise of hate crimes you know even after christ's church when muslims were the victims the the rates of hate crimes increased in britain and even in the coverage of christchurch we showed you that the media tried to find an angle which brought it back to trying to blame the muslims so you know these attacks not as
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a result of muslim terrorist attacks all you know rotheram so-called muslim grouping gangs. well far right terror attacks are on the rise with muslims often the victims take for instance cross church the mall shooting there in new zealand also the el paso shooting in texas targeting ethnic minorities hanno to germany 11 killed there an attack on shisha bars at the same time the number of attacks by muslims is falling of course we're talking about western countries with experts attributing that to the recent deescalation of tensions in the middle east far right extremist corrode almost 3 times more terror attacks in the west than islamist groups whoever more than 60 percent of terrorist incidents and attributed to any group at all one of the report authors again told us the consequences of the disproportionate labeling of muslims as terrorists organizations should have clear definitions of what terrorism is make them transparent and then be consistent
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in their use of it the repercussions of this of not only in terms of hate crimes that increase against muslims but it's the impact this has on social media so when a mainstream organization makes this point it's amplified 8 you know and spread to millions and millions of people because the far right uses this kind of coverage to amplify their troops and their anti muslim rhetoric and so it's very dangerous. thousands of tourists of course found themselves stranded abroad of a covert pandemic as all flights have been counseled on mars but a bit of a happy a story for you to japanese honeymooners will talk about for a minute stuck on a tiny island it could be worse in the atlantic so there have been a great time the most amazing time of their life.
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we did expect some media attention as germany's couple stranded in cape verde but never able to dream of becoming a cape verdean a limb pick ambassadors. are invited by cape verde is an input committee to watch the tokyo games and they offered us 3 or even 4 tickets because we might have a baby or twins by then. mother . cape verde airport is still closed and even if it will reopen this month i want to fulfill my task of shooting pictures for the olympic committee before we leave because i'm not sure i ever be so lucky to be given such a job my main focus now is to make a promotional tourism video for cape verde if my work is recognised officially i mean i would love to visit other islands of cape verde and create even more videos super good onya ok what a place to be stuck a super this is or to international hi there coming up later unity takes another
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blow as turkey and greece up the ante over disputed sea borders with other major members joining in for military drills could be messy we'll tell you more.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. let it be an arms race. fearing dramatic. very. again amid the vicious exchanges on defense spending nato now as another dangerous internal conflict as members greece and turkey raise the stakes over disputed sea borders and fellow members of waiting into the as well as our europe correspondent explains. warships crossing the mediterranean with cannon volleys hurt
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though it's only drills the scenery is breathtaking. these exercises come at a time and location within the alliance a deep splits between athens and over who has the rights to underwater oil and gas deposits the same a division in nato with greece on one side backed by france italy and cyprus and turkey on the other side looking to the us to support leaving germany somewhere in the middle attempting to mediate the current situation in eastern mediterranean is equivalent to playing with fire but every little spark could lead to catastrophe the message from the new members of the alliance seems to be that this is not only
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a greek issue with the french president throwing his weight behind dolphins only to discuss the issue of the eastern mediterranean at length we have an obvious desire and solidarity with greece and cyprus but we also have the desire to ensure the region stability on all fronts the designed to respect international rights and to promote deescalation to 'd these response to this is come in the form 'd of muscle flexing over just what belongs to him and it is good turkey will take waters it's right in the mediterranean in the ija and in the black sea just as we have no wise over anyone's territory sovereignty and interests we will never compromise with what belongs to us we are determined to do whatever is necessary in political economic and military terms in washington the president seems quite happy with how uncross has. sets out its goal to present her to one was very good they started out
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as another in a long line of disputes between ankara and athens but if the oil and gas question isn't put to bed it could well end up having it impacts upon nato as an effective alliance peter all of the. political analysts use a forum told us the conflict between taking greece is symptomatic of an even wider struggle i wouldn't say it's a conflict between europe and turkey i would say it's a division inside the european union because there are countries that support turkey there are countries that are balanced between greece and turkey burgers sampled germany spain italy portugal these are all countries that are either balance or on turkey side greece is mean backers spreads france is one of the countries that is trying to lead the european union trying to take the power away from germany which has been the defacto leader of the european union over the last
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decade so inside the european union there's a power struggle and that power struggle inside the european union is being reflected in full display right now with what's going on in the eastern mediterranean as turkey and greece are butting heads and trying to defend and project their interests on one another. so other stories around the world in brief shinzo our bodies announced he's going to step down as japan's longest serving prime minister and revealed regret at not getting a peace deal with russia the states never signed an agreement because of a dispute over the coral islands is led the country since 2012 but has been battling health and. 90 people are confirmed to have been killed in pakistan's biggest city corruption after unprecedented storms in fact the highest daily rainfall ever was registered on thursday their roads flooded stores forced to shut their look at the mess and hundreds of hours of the damage with power supply disrupted. the republican national conventions
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close with donald trump's renomination speech where he pledged to make america safer and stronger but while the president's supporters hailed the event success opponents noted the current u.s. riots an economic crisis the r n c message came from an alternative reality maybe. well i think the convention to this point has been spectacular especially when you put it up against the fiasco that was the democratic convention last week i think you know i i feel for both the producers of both parties to have a virtual convention is tough to do you don't get the energy from the from the audience you don't get the applause lines you don't get the standing ovation so it's tough but i think the speakers this week have been spectacular from herschel walker on the very 1st night to the speakers last night the people that that know president trump and were able to speak directly to the american people about who he is as an individual i think that was very powerful you know if i've been on the moon for the last 2 years i just dropped in today geez i would i would never know
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that we have 11000000 people unemployed we have about 180000 people who died of this virus with 1100 a day i would not know at all that she not only were unemployed but we have about 8000000 households that face a vision or foreclosure in the next 60 days of i went to a church of scientology maybe don't ask me why i had you know i got there it was l. ron hubbard and there was apostles and you know i got to go to the moon there was an alternative reality at the same time the rodney king riots were going on in l.a. and that was perfect to me well the country is essentially facing these existential threats you hear nothing about they used the word coded 6 times in the last 2 days for all the speakers we heard nothing about 10000000 unemployed we heard nothing about these and we heard nothing about what he has done to enhance our suppress that this is bread and circus with donald trump does best he's not
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a president he's a game show reality show host and he's fabulous at it honestly i watched most of the democrat debate and i didn't hear one person talk about the riots in democrat cities the democrat states around the country i didn't hear the fact that these democrat mayors every one of them seattle portland chicago they've all endorsed joe . so if you want to talk about the devastation that's happening in america look at the democrats look at what they are doing to america by encouraging this and supporting these riots and not bringing down now working with the president to bring in national guard when the president actually wanted to help them and bring put down these riots they said no we'll take care of it ourselves and then the city councils in those democrat cities voted to defund the presidents and allow the rioters to continue to have a free wheeling. right to just go and destroy their towns that they live in that's not trump spot but interviewed donald trump many times i understand who he is what he's going to do is he's going to do some rigamarole the obvious scates everything
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that's gone on in the last 6 months and then he'll just go into the you know tantrum that works that it would all be better if i could just have more of this all would be better if i have more of this it's all the great if what we would just get rid of all these left wingers and let's forget about everything that's gone on in my career that's what he's good at let's remember double trouble recently paying a red compliment to election rival joe budden saying he did ok in his debate with democratic party candidate bernie sanders in the spring but then the twist the praise was spiced with the veil to soul demanding but take a drugs test to see whether he officially improved his performance. if you go back and watch some of those rumors debates he was so big he wasn't
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incoherent. and against bernie he would as. it were calling for a drug test. is not all there everybody knows it and i like the running it gets people that are weak mentally i think joe is the weakest up here now sleepy joe. go to joe 3033 call you soon this is great to be here. back you know it's no use for. you know we try to do nothing in iraq is not americans for an hour to try to meet in iran excuse me retried in ukraine. i am very willing to american public judge my physical mental so my physical as well as my mental field fitness why they are what i take a test. and that's like saying you know before you on this program to take a test where you're taking cocaine or not when you check out. my notes they
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now go and take a look at the bar inches on the oranges of the. investigation the trip performed $1870000.00 tests a day so that's 1000000 870000 1000000 tests. personal . woman and camera. t.v. . i want to see the opposite yet will be across to you but it bottom dollar. thank you for watching and have a great day. for
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joey a day of so being you. it's for on a. boy. or a. pretty as work to be here for just a few you know pretty good words as well yes. so you're using a good gauge just below there to get the word word for it but. these are the stories of men who can't imagine life without fashion without a sense of style without things that might be seen as weakness in this masculine world but they still demonstrate incredible strength of spirit to live as they choose. for. in the troubled 19
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seventies a group of killers rampage through parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalist attacks protect the population tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes but these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing it they were active participants in the burning of full streets in belfast at the take more than a 100 innocent civilians women. as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent. to which the inclusion was involved in some of those cases they killers would later be named the beginning i think it went to the very very top i think it was. the water where all the taste you know on the go ahead.


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