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t.v. news clip filmed in a baghdad children's shelter paper of baghdad graphically take. us take if i could. as you just. scroll put it cleaned. up again while all of that just sounds. it was a mom i know never or almost. smiling for. somebody with she lived with his. cousin an hour. here on this earth of his aunt's national food for me one of the sheets in the. room. and the style of preaching that the worst. room game on the computer there's a show for them way this way they told me that if.
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it's good employees i don't like activities and it's going to go well you. know you're still not wish that you do not agree with the pledge and that many advisers go through yes exactly of course interview now what is it that you might. be a just an essential if only evolution of the senate is not going to have it unless you know my mom a good deal of this began yet when you were trying to bring up your ability to purchase did you did you question the state of the marriage fish me yet jordan is that jenna. they simply is none of my menstrual i don't believe luka could shift and there's 3 of us fillable at the least from start to just keep going which is to do with a witch. somebody i know nationally it isn't. p.c.h. chile. c'mon we do. it to you just
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a coke closely country stunningly beautiful. this woman spent almost 3 years with the self-proclaimed islamic state she asked us not to shop for years to reveal her identity because even after returning home she still gets death threats from terrorist supporters but elite you islam vs because bush it is used in this human being use missed the gravitas of bush's the book the seaview she did those methods of mice and women did most almost it was just as moon missed the we need to shrink it up to full force as a. biologist for the new building video almost of stimulus in my new year that the foreign minister smith played she still would listen government to local. the diminished pollution isn't in a state space to me up it's about is a little odd to you that.
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you would suggest that i just bust but the brilliance of the london boy in your borders the wall blood cell that i need so c.v.t. it still means you'll win you modeled on the still spy suit you'll. still put up lodge in the. good the. standard to be just a stick without the huge of you to. be cute who would want you to bob would do and you probably blow me i knew coco with a strong beauty sheriff's you would use us yes i do put up. ledges and boast on you didn't you see me on this and you did not sabra mowen you blew. me in 2000. 17 and fancy men were returning to their grandparents who hadn't seen
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their granddaughters for 2 years they didn't even know they were still in line. with those were beautiful beaches. but i did get out room for more. she didn't do any of us up with food she's with us for that. you know. at that point but sure if there is if you compare your ship was one of those i just think the city of. dillon is because they move that most. of the rush there just as for the roads. this stuff that's. going to the time it took. you was not cuomo was the guest on the. menu i mean more toy to him i used to put on more. could also do
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a can do nation to your in view so the don't would do you good in jerusalem what do people chance to get me there you don't you consider you can we just. have a design wish you the studs it's a for almost dump and you charles woodson. washed it with the ones tonight it is the women who don't slow motion that was to give. the excuse to. miss the display video but suppose you missed the would you don't dish it's a big bushy bush. would you. be out the event coming up on going to. go to. come much if you just show up thoughts of just shout outs to call when you. really get to the new easy votes and the read me and you go at the e.q.'s keep i doubt it would put it.
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mol. you don't want. to shoot. mr evasion 'd. if you just
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ready ready. if. it is. a movie. you already had.
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it when we were in the. north pole to finish it see me here and then you spoil your feet routines my fucking wish more than one might do you well. enough slept. with it was hard especially. to learn yet. these issues for you my. oh. very last show. too i do think this is good and very true it will go live your lives if you. feel a good idea that is theirs that is really drove us here. to
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tell us to send some mild bones show is important to me is because i used to vehicle to close a horse look at the watch the park to check the plane you know its you know there's a reason for the still number you look up to the woman shouts at us go either way. i wish you nothing is going to get all of the guardian skull numbness muslim on the front we once but i didn't use that we knew in your mind which i still believe this to be a muslim to. you know this to. the i hold refugee camp has become a virtual prison for more than 70000 people who fled from the war zone. but she said to us i'm sorry it's a shot on the divide. down the ship i'm staying in seymour no we didn't see it talk to his alcoholism the media most of all that. there are shortages of food and water. and health care in the camp human rights organizations
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say that several people die here after a day. in a small. but low to. a scene. in we. just will see a shortly to be sure she. is going to release so-called the wish to. a particular store i mean you could soon be shooting you. must get into most of the my sis. in a place to live i need to keep could hear voices. telling me that one is just. less. teach.
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us a police. being is no coke will beat you know it you quit using absolute system . is use issue you know what you are going to when you put a good pull at. the monkey to new. but then the shed for that was for safety today so yes the oceans i was in shared those are strong you know even if the 3 be. true if you did you know. furnish rest from it that way. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel. the safe.
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tyson nation community. are you going the right way or are you being that some. guy would. want to strip was his fate. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the elec simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. all this insider trading and the fed's policy saying we're going to extend quantitative easing indefinitely as you are saying that's the worst kept secret in
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the history of the world because there is only one thing they can possibly do they can only print you can only you can't taper a ponzi scheme as they've often sub before they can only print then they can only expand printing exponentially like any ponzi scheme you need a bigger base of the pyramid scheme has get bigger and bigger and bigger it is showing up in prices commodity prices and we do see people now are reporting back and saying hey i can't afford food i'm starving on the street. 21 women all russian citizens have been given life sentences in iraq they were found guilty of having ties with the islamic state terrorist group and sent to prison in baghdad alone with their children because there is no appropriate treaty between the 2 countries they can serve their sentences in russia but iraqi authorities have made some concessions over the children making it possible to
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start work on bringing them home used bush. used the. usual mustache. to say you jewish. and there you go but when the push is over. because no story is right. there priscilla because it's all his with sure i need a cause and. i see it and of course he would watch. this and my. toast so i'm on your sleeve you don't go in your shoes you can still see. those.
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who says boo to pull on you. in this new nice about them is just. but that you know just so you throw in this so he made the. sim used in my book good after. he says it's. no good it's just pushing the still still it's in the ocean of the shit you look good in your book crank shifts is this you. used. to though you admit you were a ball of bullets he. was
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a good dad came home 2 years ago she's one of the few women lucky enough to avoid capture or being thrown in jail on leaving the area seized by jihadists. to show by a ghost i see. him go i don't just throw a lot of stuff and see. if i have. done this before not for to stop. you look and i knew. the new discovery.
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already gruesome it a bit ill. yeah you brought to the slum leon you brought to a league you have still so low that i know what they mean at the word but i scored zat. the above highly would be really a. good idea when the stores have. their streets on. its. stylish. which due to. its way in way due to college at the not going. to give. in for. the really huge truly. newborn that is really due.
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to the lame is. it because you know if. kids doors are 2 more. than you would switch at the. pole show us. that. being scratched. still would. you know it's a new feeling of. music the way dates of the woods is don't. miss this like you damage did it with an us name bill adama. to push the boy. is that daniels. and you come. with big. which to new. students young is not only just give us enough for yourself the insurance knowledge
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just like all the other women who came back from areas captured by ice they get that was found guilty of joining an unlawful armed group and sentenced to 8 years in a penal colony the sentence was suspended for 13 years until her youngest. turns fuld seen a couple of the 12 to win you know all the bells not a chance a smile. a tiny hint of oil and then she added. it to crush in a rock almost easier to negotiate terms for the children of people serving life sentences in baghdad to be returned to their extended family. life but you just look silly if the ticket please lift it lifts it lifts. look.
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at the fish for a little bit. and say. this is the fish being the biggest fish. lose lose lose. lose lose lose lose. sleep. over it it still.
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hurts to. swallow a little and still it does look at fifth's. which is something which. some that we should talk about just look from. this small. business which is the least little bit of it and if you think there's so much of this stuff well you know with some of the things we're putting back to you if something short of a sure thing. were sin were.
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clipped out of there. then. the 1st thing governor there are. the. 2 women. betsy. well i just in the. national scene. actually in. new zealand used to but i kind of look at my as just. to get a label or be a. still clearly know you know just visit with that which people are just coming out i need to cut the dynamics which.
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i mean that's my mum and. i do listen. to. the exact rudeness at least. for now but i. misspoke. minuteness and. and you. could go to. the sidelines consult a pizza so you somewhere you ought to go to the bombed out that the new is still up but almost. a new was more the full blast from the video to save your story if you
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could not do it. just not just a couple 1000 though it's not all the stuff you've. got today was lost but to see what was lost lost his battle. and because i did the mortal what you were doing the deal it's. in october $29000.00 the u.s. government announced that gaiety the isis leader had been killed in a raid during which his body was mutilated u.s. authorities claim that d.n.a. profiling confirmed the terrorists' identity i got his remains were disposed to see . it took to what. it would need to leave when you can use a mutual or just seems like. it will sue sue it
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is you it's. the slickest plenty to look for. it's almost a year since i mean i was taken from my bag that person along with 30 other children a freshman women serving life sentences in iraq will stay on the way i wanted it was then the scripture. for our shores. it will buy the album was the set on more and more you didn't seek appropriate and you. see it with music with a good outfit and you've said bruce lee and i need supervision and you've said that who. loves the group of the. good bits so i'm up luckily. what's up us did you and i do. you feel toward. that of the worst astonish the short for the border to treat your story and ring
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usual cheers for me a broom a hole in the night and forth a noble way you know who he don't push their story a moment 1st of all for the stupid journal for the moon or those in him and to go to all of those then most of the contents leave their nice words for peace. within but. since 2017 the human rights organization object of has helped bring more than 200 russian women and children back from syria and iraq. no my children yes just still. in syria just so full so it's. more than 2500 russian women with children are still in refugee camps or presence or being held captive by terrorists.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. who dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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elizabeth. said she stressed to make sure that the british edible of the 2 that. was set up. question was to you she didn't taste the face to she's a cia which. she never happened
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i know what you. can invest in its future for a moment a man for shit. or to go to the show to promote your bonus for should be. good to mr ellsworth support of. or does he seem to be an arguable that it's a stupid. person to be wrong or should stop him spilling. expressed . during the vietnam war us forces also bomb to neighboring laos it was a secret war and for years the american people did not know. until our thelma is officially mouth carry back country per capita. human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country so i really don't think going to concerts happening. even today kids in laos full victim
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to bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for the tragedy in laos won't help to the people need in that little land of mines. this is a disaster for the migrants are leaving because they're left alone tonight my producer assess the president on the italian island of lampedusa protests over the arrival of hundreds of migrants with the local mayor saying the region can no longer cope. europe has done nothing for lampedusa on the problem of migrants no one listens and there is a deafening silence from the european and italian institutions. trying to unveils a new export restrictions that could prevent the sale of business in the u.s. we look at how spying allegations have sparked a bidding war for the popular.


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