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ah here's a nice well there's a nice to have a great wall and nobody feels a lot better than me believe me and i'll build a very inexpensive like a great great wall. 'd and just in case you're worried about who's going to pay for it mexico will pay for . it will see what happens who knows i always say who knows what will seattle still will be successful. it's a small subset of the most of. the seems just. as you know. nothing
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about. the size of the set the subtleties the smooth matter. now the blood flow and here the wall behind it still wouldn't know the hockey of 40 feet in the process. but i guess. the motion is with the fee mr thing i think if you want to hear a lot of them of the last. 'd 20 are all shown in this hood i'm. retired and before we leave you we'll to swill fuel we believe you should fume. medical than most. whom a marshall for medical or one mother could just if you knew the connection with
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between the 2 more to whom he in this mission goes. thought of me don't need this in the disco no one need. to live in sydney would think it would be the nominee of the he. says she the thief. misled them on them so. perfectly even. sure feeling if. you have a heart. to. walk the night you know if you are sure you will have a lot of times this is a few cold drinks of course upon it i just got up with 2 suits of clothes to school
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be to the school siege north mission just have. the blessing. of the machine. for sure the result of a good number of the student bush. for the record sure the. shark attacks the right place for the most of the you. sure this loser have been a fairly good eater specific. parts of the vote for everything that could be. distributed. to the good but if you continue to ruin some more money because we moved to be. good friends who know where you're going to finish to someone you
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think systems. will do because you quoted. from the he side are the condition. i'm seeing from one who came through the. can we did they figure that bilbo been in africa or want to pretend to be a shia muslim muslim. so i handed him over me he. says what about that i'm 350 for you to see she's the one at the war the pentagon you should. know that no one wanted a different look in. the photo and the. really been that. patient is going to. infinity we.
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wish we didn't hoss planet earth i want to hear i don't know where one of my. listeners i meet. both a lot over you know. a mess and then. he'll. start. to simmer. for say it. but that it's all in the ordinary they have. it. all mediated. you. know all of the team a team of us will be making new maturity and. nursed sick in the 1st round of
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misfortune or seems well but there was. also a whole rustics were looking in. an issues not for me talk of mission of the in. year i was mostly uneasy the sincere. panelists. fergie of course some of the most but i thought over a year old maddy. i wish i sprained one more victory not me. for 5 months afterwards. so should good morning i know of some would be for me.
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to point out. she's more my maid. of the my kid gods with me it is the wal-mart mas morning when i took you to us with the words i will for you for it was with i will. as for 5 more hours i you call. somebody quote. that's a no it was a service of the stories she's magnificent and it was when i left off for nigeria. 000 villages weddings in libya while i said i. will give you all week from a good many. was the. honest i'm not
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quite the model work for pubs you walk the straw 5 most. votes my good friend to me was. a few the morning. reserved for destroying. old words of prove it. there's no for it. to do is. change. so that's. what this is all for.
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that's our loss was when. it was very bizarre since. this is in. the article you view coursed should know of many. companies. come about to my question. passports. cost. and they've asked. for asylum. for mostly group. criminal courts. as my pretty different.
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thought everyone oh. oh oh. it's. a load of. oz codes. me deeply does it involve you being on the nose you don't want to know if he's got his own local j.c. it's a problem to meet castiel. let me down yeah they miss something. assisi me or learn or love less the taba do mario for good solicit business or how would all or they'll all be this is your pool indoor the leslie you don't buy sitting there at all for a year of course well c.d.'s or don't you for listen up as a bad day. on the best sense.
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of course the book would if the church should. they have fashioned today at a valley. for high leanna of. clear conscience that are valued the sun is their favorite search it is to dance in mezzo calm stuff we never meant by the fan that the nicole comps are in there's a guy she led a dot. in news and she can now iran last for her lay on the whole issue is true for. a book or just to soften. my fear out of your lives lee my son surely. is then we need sit there to sit here as a requirement to. take a shit to just don't be arsed to make it quite enough for us that. should kick.
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in to come says eugenicist uniform wanted it to be a 1000000 a day in lead. to largely because you do see this as the big issue related to a doing more now and that issue we've really been. on where i am warning that lack in our forests that are so. wired value for our land that more or less china is there. for a certain is your book with her i remember we have to remember battles are. learned through. trusts are stressed class instead.
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of the financial one. today was all about money laundering 1st to visit this should this be different. oh good this is a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america something overseas in the cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in the kleptocracy we just have to call and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. luxury automobile again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal here for a watch guys record. my name is stuck. on little social media because jack see what i don't see it's.
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put it on everyone else is new. but you know we've got to get it out. too cause it is looks nice enough movement. from. the speech and i use down 6 to make it any very easy i know suits me school entourage used to people. who. know. who people who close to clubs do really he's trying to fit a music that. i love to jazz because he makes me copy i love to dance because he makes me and stopped playing moved. and when you go to church. because the cost is spot on fox i'm not in love with our.
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i don't. the. force on the earth is not the word. nice but but that in with a matching then with a matching this is to. learn to let. lucy move into the dizzying lachie easy. to see close ups of a good. laugh but if you just think it.
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will help. the traffic jams let me. know when it is. not. so mission to know how to feel badly if you really truly. believe it's now clear that. i have a new profit of listen let's. push. push covering him she is. just to follow him she never moves me my big one at the same bush lift at the saying that he managed to fall a female was meaning no. one element i give you shit oh my best moment is most most will be.
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determined i'm sure this afternoon as for the. fact that from thinking and see beyond the insurance you don't really have to give a reason. and soon enough and. for example you can mess for sure all muslims a land even you do need a man you should think must receive but until you. are . somewhat in me it was an impression. alone legal concept or debate.
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baldwin of the how birth rather but. what about the. wanted to become immobile. and we are they are the house of. god since we will. be a mother. really the only guys in their value kill me if you wish i were you i'd need a more mature man on the moon. then mission one although narration for national revelation to real. i know they were there goes forward a bit for them out on the road a. while to all of you know which one of them were on the shelf and what didn't. seem so.
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nice to have to be to move through. the police. if she did. see. if she can be subtle. if you put who do you move from who'd be who who want to see who want to. that headache. but didn't have to see any. little kitty things that he had they think should move him around them. and wished but of the year. ahead.
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he could have been. monday. night and have. been married to the award has you know and if it's not put in or. need to do. you good to be. with the. baby. i want you. to michel foucault i. get it. 'd if you're.
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so horny russia should promise not. when you. finish with. your sis. the 2nd for. your window.
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more it's actually guidance and for. whom to draw the bush did used to say in the face of extremist attack and this needs a few more to weed through to snuff the. little. and the mold it is for for summer. with the looking to shift some. of. them in the value. of. just for the life of. the honey and. feel my mother was. your 1st.
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clue. and you. sad sad lot of people. are. looking. to you to. be what the fuck.
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but you. left. your. shoes did you 1st wish the fish. and then he had to shave have been a. little thought have medical and have a colon next. to sort of a pillow will cost save if it's not as much. that
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she actually. be at the helm. and that's how. did that. that. as it was. clear. that. this now would not from. any mean. a lot will have. to do. you have to we can.
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learn from. some to me some seem. to me to. come out on the to the photons and the merchant not that they were. to fish not an authority. to stop them from one of them or 3 and so any. focus from this one partner was. a little bit of time a little bit. more cautious studies of the beautiful. pleasures just as quite a few to the food if you should of just. let
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them loose in a similar to us to see. bush move them to me in from the north she is. the election only weeks away the troubled ministration continues its sanctions mania against cuba venezuela and iran has never explained. the national interest
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also no matter who's in the white house. is determined to continue to avenge its defeat in syria. seems wrong. to me. to shape out these days to come to africa. and in again because of the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. always be polite never engage with a negative a good or confrontational. don't get into any conversation or start answering questions just ask for an attorney.
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survivor. definitely don't want to be going to trial. one. you're more likely to walk free if you're rich. or if you're poor. you've got 2 eyes 2 ears and one mouth. so you should be seen here and a whole lot more than you're saying if you don't take that advice easy going to dig yourself. simply find leads of new communities. i think that. is a good company with a huge culture of. money. i think.
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the future of russia there with pleasure to see you are. simply 5 lives of new communities. albinia doesn't both declared martial law or is a decades old territorial conflict between them is up again with the country's leaders laying the blame at each of the still. scrambles to react to spiralling coby 19 affection rights anger at the return of tougher restrictions also demands. i these accusations against restaurant owners have to still its mind lifesaving and now they're just taking it so i'm going to stay old going. to employees that i don't see spanish an arabic becoming the 1st foreigners to test. the job of the sputnik between vaccine currently in the 3rd phase.


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