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hasn't. been mostly funneled to defense contractors they used to make things such as jet engine parts body armor and dress uniforms yes my friends while the while most of the country was out of a job trying to make rent and just barely scraping by and trying not to get saic our good friends at the pentagon took our tax dollars our tax dollars given to them with the express intent to help us fight this pandemic and instead they splurged on themselves in their defense contractor buddies apparently the pentagon's top brass are no longer men of honor but in truth they're really just 16 year old girls on amazon with mom's amex card but it wasn't just our good friends in the war department splurging on taxpayer dollars want to be action hero but real life republican party hack and trump yes mad in the acting homeland security director chad wolf well he's under fire this week as n.b.c. news reports that the consulting firm where his wife works has meant awarded more
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than $6000000.00 in contracts from the department of homeland security since september of 2018 and then although the company has a long history of federal contracts her company did not do work for b h s until after will become the will became the t.s.a. is cheap to step in 2017 now naturally chad deflected these accusations as chad's often do with they did show a spokesperson saying quote at no time and in any of his positions since joining the department of homeland security has acting secretary will been involved in any awarding of contracts sorry chad sorry pentagon but actions my friends will always speak louder than words especially when it comes to how tax dollars are used and that my friends is why we're always watching the homes. if you want to go on a city street. see this is joyce
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state. graves see this least systemic deception is late show which. brings up the old. welcome aboard the watching the i robot and i love you yes you are all right. goodness gracious images of the pentagon took a $1000000000.00 of character money money that was supposed to go to the defense and safety of everything that could be done to keep us from getting sick with cold or help us through this pandemic and really just kind of. there should be a lot of outrage i mean we're still counting the numbers of those who've been impacted as well as those who have died from coal but 19 and looking towards this next phase of what it might look like in this country and to think that there were so many people deny people to think that there were so many organizations that had no place to turn. in the money with their supplies where they are and just seeing
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what it was used but i think that there should be a lot of outrage and a lot of upset people but also this goes to show trump's you know draining the swamp montra absolutely nothing because we see it's just a swampy now as it's ever been you know you're actually you're you're not alone in that thought dr emily porter a medical doctor who also is related to katie porter the senator you know the one who was always like. the force she actually tweeted out if you can't get a covert test or find him and 95 it's because these contractors stole from the american people to make faster jets and fancy uniforms after all trying to say we are quote unquote at war it is bad when you look at like what these people did now wasn't that these were like 16 year old kids with a charge card you know it's now it's not just the president knew just how serious they were 19 was we know that from you know the woodward tapes now it's that he was also complicit in the government taking money taking supplies that were much in.
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needed to help mitigate some of this disaster and i think that you know the further we dig into this story the more depressing it actually gets it really is a real is this the care ok so the pentagon essentially spent this $1000000000.18 the firms including rolls royce you know they needed to maintain ship building industries you had tens of millions of dollars for satellite drone and space surveillance technology well that keeps us safe you had $80000000.00 towards aircraft assembly plants $2000000.00 towards manufacturing of army uniforms so my question is is this like not earmarked towards anything they have to do a covert 19 because what is the justification we're not actively at war with anybody. to utilize those funds when you know you have cash strapped states that are begging for assistance to battle but 19 this is just a model you are you ready for the justification are you ready ok eleanor of the undersecretary for accu acquisition and sustainment defended the pentagon spending by telling journalists quote we need to always remember that economic security and
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national security are very tightly in a related and our industrial base is really the nexus of the 2 basically saying let me know you know. she's basically saying that look the military industrial complex is the fuel that runs this country if we let that die then everything dies so we need to give that money wherever it may need to go within the military industrial complex because they were dependent on that which would have only made sense if we were actively in combat. nothing about her statement i could see why she made it you got to say you got to say something and see what sticks nothing in that statement makes sense when it comes to why this was actually used again we're not in active combat we have a president who continues to say he's drawing troops back so why are we still funding funneling this money through a war machine when there's nothing there's nothing happening right now and it's sad too because congress you know they're the ones who put the care act together they're the ones who could have put those. and regulations and the how these
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department spent that money and they didn't over and over again and then i mean you know going back a little further now we have the scandal with our good buddy chad wolf. who says look i didn't do anything to get my wife's company that she works for more money from the d.h.s.s. and contracts but it's like he wouldn't have to everybody knows when when nudge nudge exactly that that name alone in his position helps her to get those contracts and he doesn't have to basically say it or call somebody else. it's just frustrating we know there's a lot of cronyism going on in the trump white house than in many white houses prior to this but this is just so blatant. the president of accountable us mr will join the d.h.s.s. began pumping millions of dollars into his wife's firm which also happens to be is the largest financial asset the arrangement is highly problematic and warrants congressional scrutiny yes it is because that is one wolf has to list like federally list his financial disclosure form his wife's $1100000.00 retirement
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account with berkeley research group the company research group that is his biggest asset so it's kind of like buddy but at least try to pretend you're above board. say her name briana taylor we've seen elected leaders activists athletes and entertainers take to the streets wear masks emblazoned with brianna taylor's name take to twitter book allies in the need for police reforms and calling which are just meanwhile keeping briana taylor's name alive they've created means and videos to remind people that 6 months after the death of unarmed young black 1st responder who died at the hands of police her murderers had yet to face criminal penalty how in america under the backdrop of covert 19 could a 1st responder emergency medical technician awarded by the state of kentucky and her hometown die and nary a charge for her murderers while that all changed today. 3 counts of one thing
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endangered were announced this afternoon these charges arguably fall below what was legally possible but charges don't even attempt to address the murder on the taylor at all there are no homicide charges and only one officer was charged leaving the other 2 completely free to recourse for their actions and just enough why the maximum punishment for wanton endangerment in kentucky is 5 years a pretty low bar for murder. in advance of the announcement kentucky attorney general daniel cameron spoke of the decision relating to the louisville metro police officers responsible for going to taylor's death and the louisville mayor declared a state of emergency mayor greg fisher implemented a curfew cordoning off the downtown area and limiting the areas where protesters could gather through a series of executive orders it seems as though the city of louisville and the state kentucky care a lot more about closing protests they do about pursuing justice but we got a pale cool justice reform clearly has
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a long way to go law enforcement agencies protect their own and people are disappointed by the charges released from the grand jury today but they're not surprised. arizonan message with that in kentucky and across america black lives simply don't matter our murders are more fully prosecuting and there is no true justice to be found when the murderers wear a badge and everything that you just said that from the shut up i couldn't agree more because that is the biggest basic problem is the if you were murdered by someone wearing a badge and you're black but now we're finding out if you're a lot of other colors to. the states i was going to side with the bad that's would have pretty much boils down to at the end of the day they might get a slap on the wrist they might you know kind of sort of maybe should have discharged his weapon blah blah blah but at the end of the day granted taylor sorry you don't exist every son and think that the most shocking part we were literally having a conversation about this earlier the most shocking part in this is the charges that were actually brought down and i think that there would be some people many
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people would have been we would have thought of it differently if there were there might as well have been no charges at all because if we're talking want on abandonment we're talking a charge that has absolutely nothing to do with the murder briana taylor but even in the listing of that charge and of itself her name is never mentioned there are actually more worried about the areas that the bullets ricocheted off while they were firing into her apartment than they're worried about the murder of an armed innocent sleeping black one there were sort of this bullet went through you and put your neighbors and their injures kind of what it's says and the fact that the officer who got charged with this wasn't even one of the true that they believe you know they didn't really say which officer i think killed or today but he wasn't even involved in the actual killing of her like he was shooting but it's because none of his bullets even came near her exactly and that's a very interesting point to make because the 2 guys who are more than likely responsible for her death contributed to it they received charges at all so today you know that that press conference was very confusing it was very frustrating and i think that rightfully so there are a lot of people in the streets protesting and
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a lot of folks on social media basically calling this out as a huge importance of justice specifically because brianna taylor was the type of victim that. that white people in white america has been contingent conditioned to believe what we're seeing equitable justice she's somebody who didn't have a criminal background she's somebody who in other terms came from good stuff and she's the one who did everything right she was a 1st responder with the backdrop of covert 19 she was a great student she's somebody who before all intents and purposes you would put forth all the effort you could to make sure that her that there was some justice brought to her and her family and that's just not what we saw it's interesting when you talk about to your perspective of this we should because you were in chicago when we call in mcdonald very similar circumstance in the game same kind of reaction from the people that are supposed to mitigate justice that basically said well we don't really want to give these people justice absolutely that and these cases are quite similar so we know that in both the brown taylor case and the
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mcdonald's case there were large settlements that were given to the family pre-hearing what the grand jury was actually going to charge an officer with in both cases the charges were very minimal and in the case 'd. donald it came down to 3 years he was only going to serve a year and a half and i don't believe he served all of that sentence but in addition to that one of the things that both cities chicago and louisville have done is put such an emphasis on the city being protected from protesters and so what i noticed in chicago and it happened in the murder happened in my community was that the streets were cordoned off the curfews were put in place you had these police officers and tanks and everything because they were waiting for black people to be in the streets going ham because of a very low rate of charges over there being an under charge in that case the exact same thing is happening right now in louisville where you see there being such a crazy amount of restrictions placed on protesters in addition to
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a state of emergency being declared and a city basically being cordoned off and there's a lot more intuitiveness put in trying to protect people from. yes and then there is protecting people from police officers who just may take their land that shows you where the government whether state local or federal kind of views these things they're more upset that people are out protesting than innocent people are getting killed by police like that what what angers them or is you standing up to them saying hey we don't we want to see justice we don't want to see injustice anymore the system is broken that upsets the government more don't protest we're going to live on our streets with militarized cops trying to keep it from protesting then innocent people getting shot at night in their apartments and i think sad we should be upset everybody should be upset and in a country that was founded on protests this push against protesting right now is just extremely active and there should be no more beyond a tailor's that should be rule number one you want to stop protests don't let any more brianna taylor's happen simple as that. all right as we go to break remember
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that you can also start watching the hawks on demand for the brand new portable t.v. which is available on all platforms coming up. body sits down with us to talk about the new round of sanctions the trumpet ministration as leverage here against iran this latest escalation focuses on arms sales among the iranian officials but how effective have sanctions ban and does truly pose a threat to the u.s. state to find out he's watching. and
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. it was a very nice so far from president. that i could have said no thank you or i could have said thank you and i said i'll take it and now it's time to introduce the light special times to mr donald trump thank you susan very much for the. name whatever you want to name i mean i don't know how would i come that news that ceasar else tell what i can do that a recorder or a network that's totally dishonest c.n.n. is you know 100 percent negative i can reverse the change fast changes so fast sometimes i'll say wow that's going to be a great story i'd be a pretty good reporter now there's good as you. can. do we'll see what happens who knows i always say who knows what we'll see on the field or will be successful.
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but there are no doing their backs or to be more positive for the future good but so. are good. people. there because the people. just should be commended for good. to see movement. putting them in a defeatist you know not just because we. will be. they are the house of the. god since we. need to learn to me and believe that getting scared or need. to give the larry the. only. video coming through the system distance between. ministers and run them still.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. this week united states president and our brand name and shiva donald trump once again escalated tensions between the united states and iran by signing an executive order authorizing sanctions on iran its officials entities and those that buy and sell arms to and from them this stems from a move at the end of august by the trump administration to reinstate all of the often brutal sanctions on iran that were lifted as part of the original iranian
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nuclear deal negotiated by the obama administration a.b.c. news reports that quote the move has been rejected by the united nations and u.s. allies like france germany and the united kingdom and adversaries such as china and russia who all remain part of the iran nuclear deal but that lack of support by the u.n. and the security council does not faze the trump administration as kelly craft the u.s. ambassador to the united states told the media quote we don't need a cheering section to validate our moral compass we do not find comfort based solely on numbers particularly when the majority 'd has found themselves in an uncomfortable position of underwriting terrorism chaos and conflict refuse to be members of that club. ok well joining us now to discuss these sanctions and the current tensions between the u.s. and iran is the president founder of the american a rainy and counsel and distinguished service professor at rutgers university who shot and amir a thank you very much sir it's not our to have you on. thank you. professor i want
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to ask you how will these latest sanctions and acted by the trumpet ministration play out how could they affect the iranian government and most importantly the iranian people. but essentially to have. that. konami out there is the message it's mismanagement and. i also have to say that the sanctions that are supposed to be really imposed trudi a snap back mechanism are they you end sanctions on iran and these sanctions are very limited indeed in a scope they were put on iran gargi on individuals for the you know it and richmond and myside the value of the month and of the what the g.d.p. harms and hurts iranian economy is american sanctions and many can.
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that you know pride in the sanctions that sanctions that are imposed on evading and medic and entities dealing with iranian entities but also american 2nd that he sanctions sanctions on other countries that may. do trade or investment with iran i think what mr trump wouldn't do because he knows that the return of the u.n. sanctions isn't that big a deal so that's why they are really using the u.n. sanction that is snap back as it as a pretext to impose more sanctions of its own that's a medic can't vote i believe privately and then later on seconded my concern is that the medical board move on to impose a secondary sanctions of. nature on the other countries
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that will deal with iran and those other countries may not have that and that much of an option because many up this countries have big days and business relations with the united states and none of them wanted to be tarnished by america. elected to bring up the compounding thanks but they don't think that that's something that's talked about enough and it's not something that all alot of individuals are going to. fully understand but you know un secretary general antonio gets here as has declared the un will not support reimposing the sanctions against iran they were originally lifted by the nuclear deal how will the lack of u.n. involvement affect trump's efforts with the sanctions is it going to matter or what do you think it's going to happen out of that. unfortunately it's the secretary. of the united nations haven't been very explicit and transparent on this interview with the media has said there is
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a lot of cotton coat and certainty about this matter he said i even don't know if. that is not back mechanism has been activated i am not even sure if that is a sanction going on or 'd left that at this moment so i'm he said i have no advise at this moment for the national security that i'm trying to deal with un security council so again does that have put the statement i believe i believe the button to garner so what the united nation does i think that emetic up will move forward with its own unilateral ok sanctions and these sanctions are the sanctions that are on iran as a set that the u.n. sanctions are largely symbolic and they are largely political and military that is to say what the united this day says want to do to the u.n.
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is basically to cripple as much as it can it in a military and political powers as a force through its economic system because you don't stick anomic system can be easily triple truly dead elected by us as you know sanctions both primary and secondary so again please understand that the did you and is there a lark. you symbolically and the purpose of the united states to involve you and is to cripple iran. that is military and economic powers that then. apply to military and political rather than economic i want to ask you this and that's a great point that you made with the look the united states foreign policy regardless of president political party in charge for a long time was function on the belief that iran poses some kind of existential threat to the united states and its people i think that's ridiculous as is iran
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actually a threat to the united states and if so the sunnis want to see peace what can they do to help dispel these tensions are got about a minute and a half left. i don't think that them and that is. to add to anybody including israel out of all of the his city up the last 42 years shows that decision speaks too much has a big mouth and very little action when it comes to hardening israel out of the united states but i believe that is a problem out there the american beauty want it on back to get over it and medical law see it on 42 years ago and i have been told many many times by people from the very top of this administration's hear from the president of secretaries and others that the just want you don back and as long as you don is not in. the will hodgman we will not let you don to live
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a comfortable life i'd love to get it is not and that. it is truly heartbreaking sitting up with us i want to thank you so much for coming on today and really educating my audience in our audience about the issues with these sanctions i want to look forward to having you back again in the future and keep up the great work sir my pleasure my pleasure. and more greed and corruption are running around. homeland security in the border patrol are running concentration camps and more than 200000 u.s. presidents have now died from cold 1000 it's still important to not lose hope because without hope we would never have gotten this good bit of news according to researchers from newcastle university since 190348 mammal and bird species including the sim atar horned oryx the california condor and black footed ferret have been saved from extinction by concert or concert conservation actions in fact between the years 93 and 2020 without conservation efforts extinction rates would have been 3 point one to 4.2 higher for birds 2.4 to 4 times higher for mammals yes
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my friends conservation efforts to save our fellow inhabitants on this small 2 blue planet do indeed actually work so come on and then the meantime let's try to can conserve 8 us and keep ourselves alive be nice that great no too many too many yes they do already that is their show for today remember in this world we're not told that we are loved enough so i tell you all i love you i am a robot into and out of the chicago logic all those talks out there and every great day and night. we just surveyed it just about a month into the pandemic and found that people said they lost 35 minutes
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a day less to unwanted interruptions at home which was kind of a surprise because you know with all the things that are going on in your own right now this is not the best of times to be to be doing it. and so that's one element the other element is they tend to give back 50 percent of the time that they would have otherwise spent commuting. as the u.s. economy was booming growing numbers of people were made homeless. you can work 40 hours 'd in a week and still not have enough to get housing everybody believes america still is the land of opportunity the reality of it is we're not financial inequality and the lack of affordable housing or living minimum wage gave many people no choice. that's been a problem with the city and all those turn around and told me stay away i'd almost . consider that if there is no answer because you have some recourse resource the
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most vulnerable are abandoned on the streets to become invisible comes. second. on the. face of jackson. to show. up at the border you know. who i know. who cause of proof of the move. the night feast gets in and i use 60. to make it very very easy and also to make school on drugs used to people. who. know. who cooks who falls through clothes because school clubs during his childhood he said it's the life in music
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but. i love to dance because he makes me copy i love he does because he makes me happy playing moved from the area. and when you go to church or. even beyond just because it's part of us who loves you they are because. i do think. that i doubt. anyone else chose seemed wrong but all quotes just don't hold. any new world view yet to shape out distinctly comes to educate and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we
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choose to look for common ground. monica has come on probably the heaviest shelling since we arrived here the main city in the. earth strikes us the conflict between armenia and azerbaijan deepens our correspondent is in the. russian francais job the militants from the middle east are being brought into the conflict zone in the south caucasus the warring sides trade accusations. also coming up on the program the white house a president trump is suffering mild symptoms after being the 1st lady tested positive for a cold night as the month heads to the u.s. and. the french. fields are planned to counter islamist separatism.


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