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tv   News  RT  October 4, 2020 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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the week of hostilities between armenia and azerbaijan brings devastation to go and i care about the region i'm beyond reports from the front line. massive explosions in the very center of the city 250 millimeter caliber it is a massive rocket. russia and france a syrian militants are pouring into that conflict zone and. trade accusations of foreign mercenaries. i'm not here to slice everybody knows he's a liar there's nothing smart about you joe what you should. know you're not. the 1st presidential debate before the u.s. election descended into name calling and interruptions the 2nd round however is now
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in the donald trump contract coronavirus. watching the weekly here on r.t. thanks for joining us. there's been a week of deadly hostilities between armenia and azerbaijan in the disputed now going to karabakh region strikes have destroyed multiple buildings with conflicting reports on casualties throughout sunday morning 2 air raid sirens were heard in the disputed regions capital this follows a number of explosions during the night. on friday a field hospital was hit in a bombing raid several residential buildings were also badly damaged it earlier the emergency ministry building was destroyed casualties have been reported as just so
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this week of thirties spill beyond the confines of the disputed territory when a bordering as a very town was bombed as a version on planes more than 2000 shells were dropped in that raid back you also says that since the start of fighting 19 is very civilians have been killed in the conflict zone 63 others injured far. the conflict itself reignited last sunday but it has roots stretching back more than 3 decades it's one of several border disputes still a result since the collapse of the soviet union during play populated mainly by armenians broke away from us of our john in 1908 but the area hasn't been widely recognized as a sovereign state. thank. you
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for. the. column and dave usually if we have only one condition that armenia leaves our lands completely and immediately this is file it if the armenian government complies with this the fighting will stop there will be no bloodshed there will be peace peace will come to a region a. lie believe the armenian army can secure country and the self-defense forces of the golden corral box are successfully protecting their region from a political standpoint i believe it's very important for us that international partners know how and who started this military action a lot has been on the ground in the conflict zone with his report on friday shelling of the karabakh capital is a good stuff. has come under probably the heaviest shelling since we arrived here
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2 massive explosions in the very center of the city usually what we could hear what we could see the smoke from the explosions which were on the outskirts in the suburbs this is the very city center and moreover this is the building of the ministry of emergencies so it has been obliterated i mean look look at this everything is gone windows are gone the whole wall there's a hole in the whole wall and it's not just this building there's a whole complex it's a large it's a large complex and it's everywhere like this obliterated not raised to the ground but it's gone i don't see any way how it can be fixed all renovated we don't know what we don't know what exactly caused the explosion but we didn't hear any sirens and sirens so probably wasn't a drone but some really heavy artillery and with a very long range as well but we have to go they are telling us it's not safe
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because sometimes as the azerbaijanis are using these so-called double tap so that they not only they destroy the building but also the kill soldiers who arrived here we've arrived here with the soldiers as well so we have to go this is the crater that was made by one of the rockets and this is a piece from a the military here is telling me that this is a 250 caliber 250 millimeter caliber so it is a massive rocket they don't know exactly what it is they're telling me these these are not laws but that this one is also israeli made. business and they don't like our backup also getting caught up in the crossfire 4 were injured in a shell strike on wednesday including 2 french reporters they were airlifted to yet of unfair treatment and have now been repatriated on thursday a cameraman from an armenian t.v. channel was severely injured during shelling from the azerbaijani side these are pictures of his car. the conflict is creating why the geo political
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tensions france and russia have accused turkey of funneling jihadi militants from syria into the combat zone i mean it also alleges ankara along with is trying to continue genocide of the early 20th century and supplies are no insistency other than using foreign mercenaries and also rejects the idea of any kind of direct military support from turkey and the senior correspondent ron christie if possible well aside from an increasingly violent and volatile situation on the ground things that heating up on the diplomatic international stage i would say at this point that they are boiling france now coming out with an increasingly hardline stance on what is happening in the region in these in this conflict and they're saying that they've come by the same intelligence as russia had that there are indeed syrian geologist mercenary fighters being transported and utilized by is headed by john in
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the fight against armenia. today we have information with certainty that indicates that militants from the had just groups who left the field of combat and syria to rejoin the field of combat and care about it we have this information regarding the transfer of mercenary fighters from the middle east to the nagorno-karabakh area the information exists and it was presented in social networks and relevant publications previously turkey and said about john had vehemently denied that they were usually using utilizing syrian mercenaries and in the fight against armenia against catabolic but in recent days that lie has changed now they're accusing armenia of itself using our ng mercenaries under the guise of them being volunteers . there is much historic evidence for medians use of terrorists and mercenaries during the occupation of nagorno-karabakh and adjacent regions of their beach on their mini and leadership continues this policy today mercenaries are pumped into
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the conflict zone disguised as mountaineers according to our information about 4 fans and militants have recently been deployed by turkey from syria to azerbaijan they are already fighting for azerbaijan they are trained in militant camps and then transferred merely calling its international concern doesn't quite do it justice there are very concrete fears that have taken root that this could be a runaway conflict the potential as collation could be catastrophic because all these powers regional powers could be pulled into this war into this conflict irregardless of what they want russia for example with its security pact defense pact with armenia iraq making it know very well that it is tremendously concerned about syrian fighters mercenaries which it has forth in syria now being flew to
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its doorstep and you know just just to show alkan they are france the united states and russia have come together in a in a comparatively rare feat addition to the joint statement calling for peace though turkey for one doesn't quite believe that that can happen you should learn the fact that america russia and france known as the minsk trio are looking for cease fire in the face of these negative developments just because they have been equipped to this problem for nearly 30 years is unacceptable. turkey's position and to a lesser degree that of john is that there have been years decades of talks and they've led to nothing they've been completely fruitless the karabakh problem is still a problem the flare ups are still happening and they say this is not the time for peace this is a time to resolve this conflict by military means because all these talks have led to nothing and if we keep talking the conflict will keep escalating and unless the
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underlying issue is resolved and that is who controls karabakh the problem will persist another allegation being thrown at azerbaijan by a media is the bank who is using cluster munitions you know venice published photographs to back up that claim as by john has not responded to the allegation. so both sides have made contradictory claims about casualties and damage inflicted releasing a string of videos to back them up on. that have this informations become one of the key weapons in the conflict. deception and full of military victories are as old as wolf heart south but in the digital age the dissent from ation can be tough charged the military propaganda machine of armenia which found itself in a stalemate after a series of successful hostilities by the johnny army began a large scale provocation in the information space though the armenian side as always presents old video of battles as new ones the goal was to present their
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failures to the population successes the ongoing conflict in the want to care about is an example of how information is deployed just as powerfully and destructively as guns claiming victory as important a role as physically claiming territory it's all about the image you project so one surprise in that just as azerbaijan tried to discredit armenians claims of success yaron shot off its own attack the enemy both at the front and in the information space is making its last efforts is running out of steam and therefore threw everything possible weapons into and even fakes and falls hoods over the past few days there has been a relentless stream of accusations from one side followed by denials from the alpha and this exchange of fire has made finding the truth almost impossible for example armenia says one of its su 25 warplanes was shot down by tucker's fighter jet
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talkie in azerbaijan denounce this is law is on with no footage or i want to says it's one side against the others so was the truth but even when evidence is put forward the truth proves to be just as elusive the car back to finance ministry sit down and sorry helicopter a photo of a burning helicopter into the ground is posted on social media a small victory is claimed it turns out the photo was actually of a helicopter shot down over syria back in february but it doesn't matter because people what he says. thought it was a sorry and that will stick as a boy john uses the same tactics to post about a successful strike bridge on his side did not publish any images of the strikes on their mean in positions of military equipment it turned out it was for those from the war in syria these videos wish i had thousands of times and so without being the truth they become a version of the truth so we're letting this has this war of information become the
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journalists have been put on high alert. is all members of the media in armenia and azerbaijan to not take part in the ongoing information war journalist should avoid when it peel asian and official propaganda. it is important to cross-check information even when it comes from official sources journalists should never become soldiers in the information war one of russia's most famous authors once compared finding the truth to looking for gold he said the only way is fast to wash away all that is not gold then you will find your shining not get well when it comes to car that's still a knot of sifting through the muddy river of misinformation to be done before we even get close to the truth. trump shared a video on twitter that says the real test is still ahead after he was moved to a military hospital after being infected with corona virus the situation has cast
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doubt on his 2020 presidential campaign the 2nd round debates with rival joe biden the 1st clash that was a chaotic affair marred by interruptions an insult my colleagues done talking to dull quarter discussed how it went. listen respectfully to each other's opinions i'm not here to call out his lies everybody knows he's a liar never use the word smart with me don't ever use that word because you know what there's nothing smart about you joe what do you she was a very experienced one who so you are number 2 he's putin's puppy i get my time back if you were interruptions i am appealing to you sir to do that and him too well frankly you've been doing more interrupting their civil rights but he just plenty well less than what he's just been why do you do it over one in the last 25 years not because i'm going to do it because you are president sure things up you are a senator and the worst were as always america is ever. going. to get any word
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with this clown directors you know now that were done were done while then the american people had big hopes for this debate after all it's happening on the backdrop of a global pandemic in a serious economic crisis but based on how both biden and trump conducted themselves. i would say most people probably thought they were watching some sort of circus. you should get out of your bunker and get out of the say entrapping get in your golf course and fund what needs to be done now to save lives he wants to shut down this country and i want to keep it open. but i had closed the greatest economy of the history of our country we handed him a booming economy he blew it was it evil who. he is where the crime bill 1904 where you call the super predators african-americans the super predators you mention the american public had high hopes for this debate what's been the reaction so far while during the debate the moderator was able to
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get in a lot of questions that the american people really want answers to how the next administration is going to handle coronavirus relief racism police brutality of the social unrest but the most important thing of all is how biden or trump actually respond to these questions and voters didn't seem to think that they did a very good job honestly is a very painful response i don't think either them one this is terrible all around this is very upsetting to watch that this is the best representation for our country right now i don't think i can say that even if you were one i think that it was a twister it was a wild ride it went right it went left there was a lot going on there was a lot of interruption it was crazy. to me that i don't think either one of them respected none of the other. and the economy seems to agree with those voters as well because right after the close of this chaotic debate we saw u.s. stock futures take a plunge and while both political camps have already started making political memes
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as if they're their guy won the debate everyday voters are really kind of taking a sort of i'd rather laugh than cry approach and. we asked former republican state senator john laird and international affairs experts a few mclendon for the thoughts on the 1st debate there's little doubt that trumps lost his composure or he was repeatedly interrupting and. seemed
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overly emotional and somewhat hysterical i was disappointed to see it in this side to sort of stoop to that kind of behavior he tends to be very dismissive been goalie and in fact you name call it's certainly not presidential it's not the kind of behavior that you really want to see any candidate match or anybody watching had their minds changed except that i do i do see that i think biden's going to have some cleanup to do with the left flank it's inappropriate he just dismissed the president as a liar i would hate to see the count on how many times he said the president just lies without backing up and being specific about what was dishonest but american politics can be pretty contentious and i think american people sadly are kind of used to it an f.b.i.
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film on the dangers of chinese intelligence recruitment has been branded cold war style propaganda details after the break. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person. thinks . we dare to ask. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be
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an arms race. period dramatic development only really. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. the. election of news vowing to see after he was accused of working for the cia the kremlin spokesperson might be striking claim after the russian anti corruption blogger has alleged president vladimir putin the blood that killed him. i claim that putin is behind the crime and i have no alternative versions of what happened
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i don't say that to flatter myself but on the basis of fact the most important fact is novacek the order to use a manufacture it can only have come from 2 men the head of the f.s.b. or of the foreign intelligence service the s.v.r. and western intelligence services are working with him and particularly of the cia we believe his accusations against the russian president are groundless and unacceptable his interview reveals that he thinks he's as important as the leader of a state but the real royals dad level are quite different people you know it's only made his allegation in germany spiegel magazine it was his 1st interview since coming out of a coma and coming just over a week after he'd been discharged from the bergen hospital that treated him for nerve agent poisoning he thanked germany and england akhil for the help he received and slammed the russian medics who 1st looked after him saying they were worse than intelligence officers who kill people something that left the doctors stunned. and
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while the international community is pressing on moscow to dig deeper into what happened to those says it can only launch a criminal case if germany shares its evidence then refused to grant consular access to the valley as well as to provide test results as directed moscow to the international chemical weapons watchdog but the o.p.c. w. is also being uncooperative telling the russians to go back and speak to the germans. with their excuses are completely contrived germany says it can't tell us anything in direct says to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons we've been to the o.p.c. w several times and they say talk to berlin we are ready to talk to anyone but not when in the absence of facts we're pressured into giving an account of ourselves but on the basis of specific clearly formulated concerns we are always ready to have a professional conversation it allows the west to say if they want to if they believe . is actually hiding something here which it may be it may not be this well then of
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course it's open to the west and many of those who of course will work for the a.p.c. to be sponsored by and supported by western governments we saw that very much during the syria series of reports of the a p c w and produced that work for any i think neutral objective investigative work questionable at best should we say that moving on to the new round of case it allows the p.c. debut and the west to call russia's bluff if that's what they believe is happening it'll be interesting to see what the o.p.c. response to this is because they don't accept an invitation of course it paints them as an organization has absolutely come to a preordained conclusion the. f.b.i. has released a short film demonstrating the dangers of chinese intelligence recruitment the propaganda style video reminded many of the methods used by the united states and u.s.s.r. during the cold war a limo but explained. it's
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the latest hollywood thriller complete with a catchy soundtrack and a script that keeps you on edge however it's meant to be informative it's not a feature film this half hour movie was created by the f.b.i. to warn you about chinese intelligence and its efforts to recruit this is someone targeted on raven who may have sent classified information to chinese intelligence . like many blockbusters it's based on a true story a former cia officer was sentenced to 20 years in prison for passing along information to the chinese now the f.b.i. says that this video is meant to educate the public and alert them about the threat of foreign intelligence recruitment as this movie highlights foreign intelligence services are posing as head hunters and consultants and professional networking
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sites to aggressively target americans we believe it's critically important to educate the public in order to need to realize this threat from foreign intelligence services well we've seen all those old newsreels talking about the red menace it looks like the propagandists are still in business years later kind of. go by i'm going to go. on and play russia had occupied many new territories bringing additional millions of people under communist control. for example. 10 percent of the. 2 average american river road worker makes $10.00 a day. times more than the used to say the chinese can't strike back they've got hollywood scenes of their own the. real ones on. the one come out on the loose on the line to do
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a little bit rude sometimes not. just listen to yourself either the usa nor china has actually declared a new cold war but everyone is buzzing about it and the issue of our cold war is the foreign minister of the suggested it's not just our writings saying that is this a new cold war we've heard for example u.k. officials are china and the united states headed for a new cold war or is it going to be a hot war the un is even getting in on the hysteria or should we call it in a stealth you must do every scene for the new. we are moving in a very dangerous direction. own world cannot afford a future where due to much as the economy is split the globe integrates fraction each with its own through those financial rules and the internet and artificial intelligence capacities yes many of us heard stories from our parents about hiding
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under their desks in school during civil defense drills the cold war has a special place in american history and now with dueling propaganda films and talk of a red menace from china it seems that the cold war is back the good old days well perhaps we've forgotten how potentially dangerous it is caleb mop and r.t. new york we spoke to politics professor joseph gregory mahoney he says that the u.s. china cole was already upon this. if we if we follow reports of majority opinions among business leaders and policymakers that there will be likely a war between china and us within the next 10 years so i think that again this is part of the. negative messaging that we see with trump but there is also some credibility that it is an issue that the u.s. wants to check ahead of future conflict we already see many people agree
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a cold war and tech a cold war growing and frictions between us and china and other countries and international organizations as the u.s. turns against multilateralism some people a lot of people in the d.c. area believe that we're already in a hot cyber war. with the banks in half an hour and don't forget you can check out more news stories he had to our website. it's an amazing country with so many friends in russia and i'm very excited to be here. i love that idea i
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think i can. make a lot of money with. hundreds of me. great nobody builds lot better than me and i'll build a very inexpensive like a great great wall. and just in case you're worried about who's going to pay for it mexico will pay for . it will see what happens who knows jose who knows what we'll see on the field will be a success. nuclear power become a battleground in the u.s. in vermont people are demanding the shut down of
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a local plant from my yankee is right now my focus because it's a very dangerous prayer power plant the owner is attempting to run the reactive beyond its operational limit this case just sort of puts a magnifying glass on where's the power in this country where is it going is it moving more towards corporate interests or is it more in the idea of a traditional participatory democracy is or powerline with the people this case demonstrates that struggle in the very real ways our struggle on oxy. a grandmother doing of life for murder was released from prison yesterday after 17 years when i judge said she did not do it.


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